Picking Your Battles…

I’m sure many fellow conservatives feel the same way, but often times, it can feel like you against the world! The constant drum-roll of Leftist lunacy, from all different issues, can feel quite overwhelming! So much lunacy, so much denial, so many lies, ad hominem attacks, intimidation, ostracism, it can get to be insane! Indeed, I’ve noticed many fellow conservatives are getting intensely fed up with the insanity, and are going half out of their minds themselves… From the media, public schools, about every news source, TV show, movie, magazine, celebrity, companies, even family and friends, it’s easy to feel surrounded deep behind enemy lines! There are so many fronts, it’s impossible to fight them all at once, but there is a glimmer of hope for reason and common sense to prevail: Picking your battles…

Every parent knows what I mean! Your children will push your buttons, test your patience, surround you on all sides with needs, wants, demands etc… You’re only human, so you have to let some things go! The key is to prioritize; What is important and what isn’t and can be compromised on. That mismatching outfit? Won’t matter in the long run. Running into the street? Yeah, kind of an issue… Dyeing a streak of hair pink? Not so bad… Planning to get wasted at that party? More of a pressing concern… See what I mean? Now, apply the same idea to the Left’s frankly childish demands fit for a toddler! The snowflakes out of touch with reality and how their decisions affect others around them are basically like a small immature child’s, and there are many! Therefore, my motto is “pick your battles” 😉

We can’t always put 200% into fighting every single issue. We can’t always have exactly our way, no one can. We do need to bend, and be flexible on some stuff, but firm on others. Bending does NOT mean giving into every ludicrous demand, but prioritizing what we need to stand our ground, versus what isn’t as pressing an issue for the country. Every conservative will have their own issues they feel they should hold their ground, and those they’re less involved in. This doesn’t mean some issues will be neglected, because there will be others to fight for that issue. We don’t need to overtax ourselves trying to be the advocate for literally every controversy there is! Pick a few important ones to you, and put your energy into those! Let me share with you some of where I bend and stand my ground:

  • Open borders, unvetted immigration and letting in refugees from countries which sympathize with anti-Western religious extremism and terrorism? Nope! Allowing hardworking immigrants who come through legal channels who embrace America while also keeping the harmless parts of their heritage, such as food, clothes, music, traditions that don’t impede on others’ freedoms? Sure! 
  • Allowing consenting adults to marry who they choose even if it’s the same sex? Fine by me… Never being allowed to critique anything whatsoever lest you be labeled “homophobic”? No!
  • Turning a blind eye to broken homes, divorce “just because” and society making excuse after excuse to disregard the children’s emotional trauma, and promoting “any family is a real family” single mothers are just as good as two parent families, children don’t need a father figure, etc..etc…? Heck no! Divorce between childless couples who are adults and aren’t shattering anyone’s foundation for development? Sad, but their call… 
  • Empowering women to help hold coercers in positions of power accountable for unethical coercion? Good idea… Turing that into a political weapon to wield against an opponent, smear every boy and man as  “guilty until proven innocent” on an unsubstantiated word or rumor, casting women as damsels in distress vs. the “predator man”, and ignoring women who allege victimization if not on your side of the aisle? #NotMe!!! 😉
  • Accepting cultural differences in food, music, clothes, different holidays, traditions, etc… that don’t infringe on others? Not an issue… Allowing another culture to overrun our own, denigrating ours while reaping its benefits, setting a double standard where they are immune from criticism, get to create their own laws, treat other minorities, women, children and such as 3rd class citizens, and are romanticized while our own culture, who hosts theirs, is demeaned and cast as the bad guy??? Not in my country!
  • Letting others have the personal freedom to dress and act like the opposite sex? Odd, but okay…. Letting them redefine biological science, teaching children that a man dressed as a woman is a woman merely because he said so, letting biological men go into women’s restrooms and changing areas also allowing perverts to take advantage, ostracizing, persecuting, even making it illegal if someone questions the validity of them being considered an actual man or woman or uses the wrong pronoun, labeling kindergarten age children as transgender because they try on mommy’s lipstick or daddy’s tie one day, and rewriting the rules in sports, the military and in science, and disregarding the experiences of REAL men and women that can only be experienced through that gender??? Not until I gain a Y chromosome!!!
  • Acknowledging the privileges we all have been lucky to have been given in this life, even ones we haven’t earned and realizing some are less fortunate? Not a bad thought… Being guilt tripped into believing it’s YOUR fault others don’t have your same privileges and having the onus put on you to remedy their problems via welfare, reparations, affirmative action etc…etc… simply because you were born with something they don’t have, socially, economically, racially, sexually, gender-wise and while disregarding everything you DID earn…? No! No more fair than blaming them for what they were born with!
  • Having an honest dialogue where all parties can voice their concerns and be taken seriously even if those views seem silly to you? Absolutely! Having one side stereotype the other in vile, condescending, demeaning caricatures and using ad hominem insults to shut them up, deny them jobs, ostracize them from social groups, even family, vilify them in the media and TV, make straw men out of their positions then mock them? Nope! 

And in the spirit of the holiday season…

  • Having “Happy holidays” over “Merry Christmas” on public municipal buildings, or businesses wanting to get as many customers as possible as opposed to just Christian ones, having more generic decorations for winter versus explicitly Judaeo-Christian ones in the public square and in businesses, the work “holiday” party instead of the Christmas party, etc… etc…? Fine by me, I prefer it in a country of separation of church and state, and understand why a business would want to keep its advertising open to everyone or a workplace not making assumptions about the religions of their employees… Freaking out like a triggered snowflake if someone says “Merry Christmas”, trying to push “inclusivity” on private citizens and businesses who do choose to say “Merry Christmas”, throwing a hissy fit over red and green decorations and diving into complete over the top paranoia where any decorations now must be forbidden in the name of separation of church and state and “inclusivity”??? NO!!! There is a healthy middle ground between “Christian theocracy” and “Anti-Holiday PC dictatorship”! 😉

Those are some, but certainly not all of my examples of where I bend and stand firm! What are yours?

Also, an important tip, don’t try to expend all your energy at once into one thing!  Sometimes, letting some things go, can give you the strength to go all out when you really feel you should speak up! Yes, we have had losses, but don’t let the losses make you forget the wins! See, the Left wants us to feel we’re beat, wants us to feel like we’re exhausted and should just give in, but we shouldn’t and aren’t! There is a silent majority out there. They may not blog about it, tweet, post on Facebook, or even talk politics openly with friends or even family. But they spoke loud and proud at the polls in 2016 😉 The “silent majority” however, must no longer be silent, and we must encourage fellow conservatives to come out of the shadows and be heard! Now that IS something worth fighting for 😉

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  1. To all my liberal friends, please accept, with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasion and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all. I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling, and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2019, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great. Not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country nor the only America in the Western Hemisphere. Also, this wish is made without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability, religious faith, or sexual preference of the wishee.

    To all my conservative and libertarian friends, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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  2. Women being beaten as an excuse to say all divorce is ok morally is a red herring in the topic. It is used to make it so men or women that choose to end a marriage with kids becaue they want to have sex with others or use drugs drink more. In some cases they are just depressed at the moment.

    It is a serious decision that affects many people for life but socially it is expected to be made with a very light attitude. Almost like how if you want to try a different car well there is no harm in that.

    Trying to find the people defending that women or men should stay in an abusive relationship is hard to do, I can’t even think of a person I met that even proposed defending that view.

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  3. I think this is your best article yet. It really made me think about my own moments when I have had to stop and say. “Should I even bother?” Keep up the great work.

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  4. I have had Hindus and Muslims wish me merry Christmas.
    Because they moved here from other countries and know about various festivals as a concept.
    And it would not offend them to see a big celebration that wasn’t exactly of theirs. They knew I would be seeing family and wished me Merry Christmas.
    So in my own experience it isn’t that from the other regions that mind about Christmas, it is just those annoying politically correct people that everyone else in society is annoyed by.

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  5. Wow. For an atheist conservative, your do have a judgemental, holier-than-thou attitude.
    Every liberal I know not only claim to be Christians, but live a life of live and acceptance towards all, regardless of race, gender, creed, religion, country if origin, skin color…
    They do not necessarily not want open boarders, but acceptance of immigrants who are truly seeking asylum. As for accepting other cultures, I hope you don’t eat hamburgers, tacos (burritos, tortillas, wraps….), pizza, pasta… Or do many other things that immigrants brought to the US.
    Culture and society define men’s and women’s clothing. You say that it is not okay for men to go to women’s restrooms. Is it okay for women to go into men’s restrooms?
    Yes, divorce is common, but so is being human.
    Evidently, you ate not familiar with 1942 movie “Holiday Inn” and the song “Happy Holidays”. That, and the separation acceptance of others have been around for as long as I can remember and I am 41.

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    • Sorry I guess we have different definitions of “being human”… Destroying your children’s foundation for life long stability because you got tired of your partner is selfishness, ( not counting genuine abuse) not a human imperfection! A couple who is childless and wants to break it off? Fine by me! Adults can do what they want… It’s when children who didn’t choose to see their families split in two does it matter to me… Sad a generation was raised to think broken homes are the norm! I’m ever so grateful I was raised in an intact 2 parent home built on generations of loving and lasting marriages. It was they who taught me the value of the intact home…

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      • # Destroying your children’s foundation for life long stability because you got tired of your partner is selfishness
        oh sure having Drunken Pa beat mom bloody every day because divorce is frowned upon contributes greatly to stable childhood development. you sure have got this one figured out havent you, Lady of Reason?

        # Sad a generation was raised to think broken homes are the norm!
        How many wives has Trump had vs Obama? Face it your family values are less important than your white supremacist ones.

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      • @sniffy; LOR clearly cited that abuse was a valid reason for divorce. And you contradicted yourself. Just because Obama and Michelle remain together doesn’t mean a good thing or a bad thing; as far as we know it’s a great thing. It’s great they have no issues that would call for a break-up! At the same time just because people get a divorce doesn’t mean they’re bad people. Many times the women initiate it because they’re tired of being doormats. Trump isn’t the first powerful and successful man to have issues with morals. King David, and JFK, RFK, and other assortment of men smattered around the world are just as guilty. But did they not do other great things? Maybe they just made/make lousy husbands. I wouldn’t want to married to any one of them. Also, people can change. This might be a secular page but I myself being Christian do believe in lives changed and miracles.

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      • The parents MIGHT BE wrong for divorcing. If one spouse leaves the other due to verbal and/or physical abuse, neglect, adultery…. Then the children are better off.

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      • That’s exactly my caveat… Many leave though just because they view marriage as dating 2.0 and get tired (i.e, think the spark has gone out in their marriage) or are too impatient to work out differences. Which is fine except when it shatters the worlds and stability of any children involved. Abuse is never acceptable though… It’s those who could stay together safely and suck it up that they may not be young lovebirds anymore to give their children the stability they need, but choose their WANTS over their children’s NEEDS whom I stridently criticize… I can’t believe we actually agree on something… I’ll take it 😉

        On the flip side, I find it completely morally bankrupt and appalling if a parent stays with an abuser who would hurt their children out of cowardice. The protection of children, physically and emotionally is a sacred parental duty! Countless women who stayed for themselves, fled for their children the minute that line was crossed…

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    • I find the post “Picking Your Battles,” expressing temperance and truthful absolutes. What part of we will not be assimilated do you not understand? Your judging by the accusing someone of being judgmental because they don’t line up with your concepts of truth and reality!
      Just because some liberal Christians are “living a life of live and acceptance towards all, regardless of race, gender, creed, religion, country if origin, skin color…” doesn’t mean they’re living a life honoring God in His entirety. You DO realize God is not accepting of just any religion or life-style? Creed, color, race, etc..have nothing to do with anyone being “judgmental.” Those things aren’t against the law of man or God.
      John 14:6, Romans 1, 1Corinthians 6,
      Oh and didn’t we mention that we are more than appreciative of the contributions made by all immigrants? It is unfortunate that the legal process is arduous but the alternative of open borders is unacceptable and dangerous.
      On the matter of divorce, we can all agree that outside of the reasons of abuse and infidelity; marriage is not a game to be played lightly like children playing house and requires commitment and mature love beyond carnal desire, secular success, and fairy-tale romance.
      Marriage is a covenant between one man, and one woman, designed by God. Just because human nature trashed it over the centuries and yes even in the bible doesn’t give us license with Grace.

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    • Sooo, your Christian liberal family and friends wouldn’t have a problem if I came in their midst wearing a MAGA cap? They wouldn’t tell me I’m enjoying my “White Privilege” (even though I’m Jewish and not Caucasian)?? Or call me a all sorts of ugly names because I support Trump? I somehow doubt that. Liberals have all been emboldened to try and shove their views down Conservative throats by seeing idiot women with menstrual blood running down their legs screaming about how all white men are evil, and by the way Antifa has taken over the streets of Portland and turned it into another street toilet like San Francisco, and think (because the MSM certainly isn’t showing our side, which is ALWAYS behaving itself) that everyone thinks the same and therefore anyone who disagrees just HAS to be racist, bigoted, misogynistic, etc. etc. ad nauseum. Why? Because Don Lemon the Racist said so, or Whoopi the Racist said so. I didn’t see Joy Behar showing Meghann McCain much love on a daily basis, and Whoopi threw off the stage AND spat in the face of Judge Jeanine Pirro just because they disagreed. I somehow don’t believe for a second that your Leftist Love-In would commence if this Jewish Conservative came to visit in my pink “Women For Trump” shirt.

      What does consuming food invented by immigrants got to do with anything? Those immigrants were likely LEGAL, which is the point. Most Americans have no problem with immigrants who come here LEGALLY and contribute to our society as a whole. It’s the ones who want to jump the line in front of others who have applied for legal immigrant status that worry us. Having wide open borders is like leaving your door wide open when you leave to go to work. Am I free to go in and steal all your candy because I think you’ve got plenty of candy and should give some to me, and I leave you none? Because that’s what illegal immigrants do. They walk in and begin taking money and resources that should be going to support Americans. I emigrated to Canada and waited until they told me I could come up before I dared make a move toward that border, even though I was married to a Canadian. I also had to have monetary support because I wasn’t allowed to work until my Permanent Residency came through. I respected Canada’s sovereignty and laws. So should these Caravan people.

      No, women shouldn’t be going into men’s bathrooms unless they don’t mind getting a view of what goes on at the urinals.

      What’s your point about “Happy Holidays”? The phrase came about as a way to encompass whatever a person might celebrate, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, New Year, etc. It wasn’t invented as a way of circumventing Christmas, merely as a way of including all in the season, which is a very Christian thing to do.

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    • You seem to have a very narrow group of liberal acquaintances if they all are loving and accepting and all are Christians with none being Jewish or of other non-Christian religions. Indeed, as a straight white male NRA member, I can say from experience that one does not consistently find love and acceptance from liberals. I’ve often heard the most terribly unloving, non-accepting and quite judgmental nonsense from the left such as “toxic masculinity”; “all whites are racist” and “NRA members are terrorists and child murderers.” If all of our commenter’s liberal friends are into love and acceptance, I suggest they spread the word among liberals in general because the Antifa viewpoint seems to have the upper hand among their side of the political spectrum.

      Although your spelling of the word as “boarders” instead of “borders” is probably a typo, it does address, albeit inadvertently, the concern about the high percentage of immigrants on some sort of welfare and the use of asylum as a facade to escape the economic mess of their home countries. How many immigrants are would be boarders, coming because of the generous welfare benefits rather than from a burning desire to be Americans? The point about eating hamburgers etc is a straw man argument because the issue is about accepting other cultures in ways that are manageable. While tacos, pizza and pasta are just a few of the many advantages of a cosmopolitan society, we should be able to pick and choose what we find good in other cultures and not have them imposed on us. By the way, one of the latest bits of whining absurdity from the left is that we shouldn’t adopt other cultural practices because it is “cultural appropriation.” Given the contradictory viewpoints from the left that we must accept others’ customs but we mustn’t engage in cultural appropriation, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that the left just wants to bellyache and be controlling.

      Immigrants are and should be free to eat what they like, practice their own customs and religion providing those practices respect the rights our society recognizes. For example there is no reason for us to be required to tolerate honor killings and female circumcision. In addition, regarding interaction between society and immigrants, it is up to the newcomers to adapt to society rather than the other way around. If you are the new kid on the block, you don’t have the right to expect everyone else to cater to you. One practical reason for that is the concept of “social capital” that is, the customs and attitudes that make for success in a particular environment. Immigrants desperate to flee the economic mess of their dystopic home countries don’t have the right to bring those customs and attitudes that caused the problem in the first place. There is no reason why the U.S. should be required accept immigrants in numbers so large that they dramatically alter that which makes the U.S. such a great place to live. (Those who disagree about the U.S. being such a great place to live are urged to advise the caravans of immigrants coming through Mexico of their mistake in trying to come here.)

      Regarding the restroom issue, I doubt many men really care if a woman wants to pee with the guys, although they might have some difficulty with the urinals. In effect, allowing restroom choice based on one’s professed gender rather than biology really is about biological males who claim to be transgender using the women’s instead of the men’s rest room. I said “who claim to be transgender” because there are those fellows who aren’t really transgender but just want to watch your daughter pee. We men really won’t miss either type. It is the biological women who will have to put up with the gamut of gender variations turning the ladies’ room into something resembling the bar scene in Star Wars.

      Lastly, although I agree that “Happy Holidays” is not a liberal neologism (nor is “Season’s Greeting for that matter, President Eisenhower used that on his Christmas cards.) I find the point disingenuous because it is a straw man (or should we say “straw person”) argument. The issue isn’t that we want exclude those greetings but rather that we resent the pressure the left exerts to require their use to the exclusion of “Merry Christmas.” For reasons discussed above regarding immigration, I am utterly indifferent (also an an atheist in fact) to those who feel that “Merry Christmas” is inappropriate because it doesn’t cater to those who don’t celebrate Christmas. Perhaps with such a narrow circle of liberal and uniformly Christian acquaintances, you haven’t encountered the liberal push to exclude Christmas from our society, banning Christmas celebrations, calling Christmas trees “Holiday trees” and badgering businesses to substitute more generic greetings for “Merry Christmas.” Many of the rest of us resent liberal social engineering and the attempt to relegate Christmas into a holiday that must not be named for fear of excluding those who demand society adapt to them. By the way, much of the how we celebrate Christmas in the U.S. including Christmas trees, comes from Germany so we pro-Christmas conservatives are the multi-cultural ones in that regard. You are free to use whatever greeting you want or none at all as your prefer but, with apologies to Dickens, we are not inclined to put up with your demand that anyone who says”Merry Christmas… should be boiled in his own pudding with a stake of holly through his heart.”

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    • A predictable post with comments and accusations directly from the far Left doctrine. Check your facts “Existing on Empty”, A Lady of Reason called it honestly right down the line with “Picking Your Battles” .

      The facts are on her side, you just cannot acknowledge them and still call yourself a loyal Globalist Liberal . Your indoctrination via our Leftist educational systems and Liberal/Marxist controlled media have mandated that you do as you are told and should reality get in the way of what you have been fed, just attack those presenting the facts.

      Respond anytime, like shooting fish in a barrel….

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  6. I do have one question about the substitution of “Happy Holidays” for “Merry Christmas.” To what holidays does “Happy Holidays” refer except for Christmas and New Year? Does our desire to be tolerant and inclusive mean that we must treat Christmas as the Lord Voldemort of holidays so that must never speak it’s name. Are there other holidays that we might celebrate but not name?

    One commenter questioned the notion that “one is not allowed to criticize a group” and implied that such prohibitions are limited to prisons and hospitals. The commenter implied that the only consequences are social ostracism from the left in the sense that they won’t invite you out for drinks if you don’t hold the correct opinions. A quick look at current headlines shows that there more material consequences for failure to tow the politically correct line. Recent examples include the fellow who was slated to host the oscars and the candidate for the Heisman trophy who is being haunted for his tweets back when he was 14 years old.
    I recall earlier this year reading of a Nascar racer who lost a sponsor because of something the racer’s father had said 30 years before.

    In the past few years I’ve read of corporate executives who have lost their jobs because of politically incorrect statements including one fellow who had the temerity to donate to a leftist disapproved political campaign. Most college professors tend to lean to the left. Although there are several reasons why that could be, one reason likely is that political correctness is one unspoken criteria for tenure. The dramatic disparity between liberal and conservative professors would meet the criteria for prima facie discrimination in other areas such a race of sex, so we cannot dismiss the notion out of hand. One also reads of conservative speakers barred from speaking in colleges as well as verbal and physical harassment of conservatives in colleges. We also see recent examples of Antifa’s “kinetic” forms of social ostracism in their violent attacks on those with whom they disagree. Even worse, one sees that city government in Seattle and Portland depriving dissenters of police protection in the face of Antifa violence.

    Sadly, the above mentioned examples are but a few of the instances of leftist censorship. Conservatives experience consequences for their opinions all the time.

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  7. Most male children go through a short period of same sex attraction which diminishes over time. “most sexual confusion in school children clears away if left to itself. It doesn’t need therapy or counseling. It is a passing phase.” Others not. It’s important not to identify during critical development years because for most, things change.
    It is important to allow for natural development for healthy, stable, and loved children no matter the outcome.

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      • Religion is the grand expert at deciding who the kids will be before they even read. Same application. Good points, although I have to disagree a little on each one. Only because there are so many variables, and ultimately the judge is the individual. Or at least ought to be.

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  8. Your comparison to the behaviour of children is very apt. As is the tendency for leftist to shut down opposing views, by any means. Which tells me they know they’re in the wrong and therefore cannot allow actual debate that would prove it.

    There is one thing on your list that I would put differently, and that’s same sex marriage (SSM). When Canada was first looking into legalizing it, a number of potential problems was brought up (and anyone who did was immediately attacked and shut down for being a homophobe). One of them was changing the legal definition of marriage. Most people didn’t have a problem with couples having a legal domestic partnership. In fact, most recognized a need for it. Nothing was stopping any couple from going to a lawyer, having a contract drawn up regarding division of property, health care decisions, any children that might be involved, etc. They could even have their own commitment ceremonies, if they wanted to have the whole wedding package. Personally, I think there is still a need for domestic partnership agreements. If siblings or friends decide to share a home, buy property together, share the raising of children – having a legal document would be very helpful should something go wrong (someone ending up in the hospital and unable to voice their own decisions, for example). These sorts of domestic partnerships don’t need to be defined by who is having sex with whom. But redefining the legal definition of “marriage” did a number of things. Word definitions typically change from the bottom up; as cultures change, the meanings of words change. This was a top down change, forced onto the culture by the government, which is, frankly, tyrannical. The change also took something that equally applied to all people to something that created a special class of people; it forced inequality. It also forced the government to validate a sexual relationship. Where government validation of marriage once served to keep government OUT of marriage, by assuming things like parental responsibility for any children that might be born, as well as things like property ownership and division, and decision making during medical emergencies, the government is now in bed with every couple. And finally, there was the recognition that this was a slippery slope, where people would be forced to validate and accept sexual unions, regardless of personal beliefs and experiences. It could also be seen that people would be forced to conduct SSM ceremonies against their will. I was told, flat out, that no one was going to force a church or priest to perform SSM, etc. And yet, that is exactly what’s being pushed now, and in some countries, is already happening.

    So while most people really didn’t care if a same sex couple shacked up together, SSM laws affected everyone, and are now being used as weapons against those who dare think differently. And, of course, to brand those who question it as haters, homophobes, etc.

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    • You raise some good points about that issue too. My big beef is not about them being married per se, but them using their private personal choice as a political platform and the idea that two same sex parents could provide the insight of a parent if the opposite sex…

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  9. Good post. And to me the “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays” outrage is laughable given that the etymological origin of the word “holiday” literally meant “holy days” (although it now includes secular festivities as well).

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  10. People may disagree with your points of view but that is no reason to say you are “not allowed” to criticize a group. I can point you to some countries where you *really* are not allowed.

    Unless you are writing this blog from a prison, you are allowed to speak your mind. It seems that other people’s disagreement bothers you a lot. This is not the same as being forbidden or persecuted for speaking.

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    • No indeed. However social pressure has and does silence people, even more so at times than legal prohibitions. I don’t mind mere disagreement. (As evidenced by letting you and others comment) What I mind is the Left socially blackmailing and ostracizing anyone who dares disagree with them. Try saying anything the critical of Islam, immigration, transgenderism, etc… and see how well you make out 😉 Criticism is also not bigotry…

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      • Why do you even care if the left ostracizes you?

        “See how well you make out”–what does this mean? Are you in prison? In the hospital? What have the negative repercussions been of having this blog? It seems to be (correct me if I”m wrong) that you are expressing your views quite freely.

        Yes, some people won’t like what you say. That has been true since the beginning of time. It is true no matter what opinion you have. Do you want everyone to agree with you? Not going to happen.

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      • I just want people to disagree in a civil non coercive manner… And why do you care so much that you feel compelled to comment to challenge my views of it’s not supposed to bother you if the other side disagrees? Why not just think “I disagree with her…Moving on…” People can challenge eachother’s views and express a polarizing opinion and it doesn’t mean they feel triggered by the disagreement… I argue that much of the Left pressures anyone without their views to confirm or be considered a bad person, a bigot and be denied friendships, jobs, even family connections over their politics. THAT’S what will happen to answer your question…Oh, and did you notice I’m anonymous to avoid the above?! 😂Let’s take your advice and agree we disagree on the matter…

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      • So when you speak your mind you are. . .

        “Denied friendships”? That is hardly persecution. Do you even want to be friends with a feminist?

        “Denied jobs”? You are not entitled to a job, and a boss can to choose whoever he wants
        to work for him. It’s his money. The truth is, you can’t say whatever you want to a potential employer, anyway. You are not entitled to a job.

        “Being considered a bad person”? Why do you care if a feminist or a liberal considers you a bad person? You consider them bad people, anyway.

        I still don’t see how you are suffering by holding a conservative viewpoint. Not seeing the persecution here.

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      • Wow… So I guess you hire or fire based on an employee’s private politics, not their skill set for the job or lack of? Having political opinions in one’s personal life is not the same as political statements while representing the company… Many were fired over the former. I’m sure you’d change your tune if a conservative employer denied you a job for being liberal instead of not meeting the qualifications for the position… Oh, and also, I’m still not seeing the lack of conservatives being discriminated against. As you also said, you want everyone to agree? Not going to happen 😉 Unless you want to add something new to this conversation, I think we made our positions clear. You’re not going to “convert” me over to your side nor you to mine. Comment what you like on my blog, but don’t expect further responses unless it’s something noteworthy….

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      • People hire and fire based on whatever they want. It’s their money. They can hire their incompetent nephew. They can hire the son of a rich family, hoping it will draw in more business. They can hire someone they find attractive. They can hire a friend who belongs to the same church.

        Do you want government intervention in this area?

        As for firing. . . I can’t tell my boss I think his wife is annoying. I can’t tell him I hate his kid’s artwork. I can’t tell him that his choice of office decor is tacky. Well, I CAN tell him these things, but I can expect to be fired shortly thereafter.

        That’s the way it is. You can say whatever you want, but people are going to disapprove sometimes. I don’t know why you expect special treatment. Everyone is not going to clap their hands in agreement over what you say.

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      • What don’t you understand about the difference between spouting your private politics inappropriately at work and having PRIVATE not mentioned at work nor to your boss, views you never actually will bring up at work? And be fired or not hired if your boss just happens to see them on a personal page or hearsay for instance? If you genuinely believe it’s fair for an employer to weed out people based on ideology instead of skill set, don’t complain if it happens to you because of your private personal politics. This discussion is over…See you on my next post 😉

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  11. I just finished reading the picking your battles article and it’s great! I did want to bring something up about the man pretending to be a women thing. This guy who went to prison for serial rapes of women was put into a female prison because he said he wanted to be female. You can guess what happened…

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    • Yup. And right now, there is a man who claims to be a trans woman, suing a total of 16 women for refusing to wax his genitals. With one of them, the salon didn’t even refuse him, but didn’t have someone on staff that day who could do it. Waxing the hair off a scrotum is very different. It sounds like vexatious litigation, to me.

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