You’ve Heard of Colorblind Racism, but What About Genderblind Sexism?

If you’ve been following the latest contradictory edicts of the “woke” crowd, then you’ve probably at least vaguely come across the term colorblind racism. For those unfamiliar, the idea is that while it seems anti-racist to say “I don’t see color”, it actually makes one blind to racial inequalities embedded in the system. According to this line of logic for an example, not acknowledging someone’s race (i.e. black) also makes one turn a blind eye to substantial inequalities they have to face specifically due to the exact racial identity you are “blind” to. To the Left, one is required to take race into consideration in treating others in order to not discriminate based on their race. (Yes, it’s quite the paradox!) 😉 In real life applications this ideology factors into affirmative action, “scaled” grading, adversity scoring, etc… You can take a guess at what my opinion on the matter is…

However, the concept brings up another idea the Left probably hasn’t thought of and certainly is doing: Genderblind sexism. Think of genderblind sexism the same way as colorblind racism only substitute gender for race. Sexism and misogyny are things the Left loves to accuse conservatives of. Conservative values oppress women, women are under a cis white male patriarchy, women are paid less for equal work, women are at the mercy of predatory men without any way to fight back, women and girls are more vulnerable to violence, being a stay at home mom is antiquated, marriage is patriarchal etc… Does sexism exist? Yes, and plenty of women face unfair circumstances in life including vulnerability to violence. However, is our country deeply entrenched in sexism against women on a systematic level? I’d argue no. Women today are more empowered than ever in this country to create their own lives and dreams. Just look at how they treat women in 3rd world countries. There are plenty of ways in which women are not the “damsels in distress” the Left loves to paint them as, needing saving from sexist microagressions!

That said, there are still ways women are not equal to men in life. Equality can come in many forms including equal opportunities and equal outcomes. Many inequalities are not socially designed or even human-made, such as physical and physiological differences between men and women. Homo sapiens is a sexually dimorphic species, which means males and females are physically and physiologically different from each other. For examples beyond “the obvious” down-below, men on average are taller, have more upper body strength, denser muscle mass and are overall stronger than women. They can run faster, farther and have more physical strength. Women on average are shorter, distribute fat differently on their bodies, don’t grow facial hair like men, have enlarged breasts for nursing offspring, a wider pelvis, and less muscle mass than men. Studies have shown women are usually more adept at subjects like reading and language comprehension from a younger age, have a higher pain tolerance in some cases (probably for enduring childbirth), better verbal fluency, and more fine motor skills. Men have been shown to do better on mathematical/scientific tasks, have greater spatial awareness, and working memory for a few examples.

Now some argue that some of these differences could be due to social influences on raising boys and girls to gravitate to certain gender roles, but it seems a stretch to imagine gender roles somehow popped out of thin air with no basis in innate characteristics. Noting these differences should not be a construed as a value judgement, or that any characteristic is more preferable. Acknowledging that men and women do have biological and physiological differences in their bodies and brains does not put one at an advantage over the other as a whole. Where one may be stronger in one area, they are weaker in another and vice versa. Nor does this mean a man or woman cannot achieve proficiency or be above average in an area usually attributed to the other sex. There are plenty of gifted male writers and gifted female scientists and mathematicians. Generally speaking though, it is foolish to deny the very real differences between men and women as a whole.

This brings us back to genderblind sexism: What happens when we choose to ignore those very real differences, such as disparities in physical strength between men and women? Many unjust inequalities that do exist between men and women are exacerbated by factors like that. Just think of the odds of the average woman fighting off the average man in a fight. What about a woman trying to get away from a male attacker? Or outrun a predator? What about a man pinning her down? Yes, weapons and self defense techniques help, but the man usually still comes with an automatic advantage from the get-go. Why are women disproportionately the victims of physical violence? The Left cites a toxic masculine patriarchal culture, but on the practical level what about the woman’s ability to fight back? Another man may easily fight back and get away whereas the average woman may literally not be able to.

The example where genderblind sexism would come in here would be in the debate on transgender access to women’s spaces where women are vulnerable such as changing rooms and restrooms. The need for separate spaces for women has been common sense up until recently. Now, a truly transgender “woman” who lives as a woman is not the main threat, but the cisgender man pretending to be a trans-woman to gain access to women’s private spaces is. If we allow anyone in who simply claims to be transgender access to women and girls in compromising circumstances like a state of undress there is a probability of some having nefarious intentions leading to potential assaults. If we ignore that unique vulnerability of women, because they are different than men, we also ignore a real threat to their safety, and their equal right to be free from danger and victimization.

For a lower-stakes but significant contributor to women’s inequality is the debate on transgender women in women’s sports. This blatantly ignores very real differences in physical strength and endurance between men and women. Male athletes outperform even the best women in many sports. A good example being a biological male up against a woman in a sprinting competition where fractions of a second mean you win or lose. Male runners outperform even the best female runners. What about women’s football and other contact sports? A biological male, even transitioning into a more female-like body after puberty still retains a higher muscle mass and physical strength. If he smashes at full speed into a woman, she’ll be the one in the hospital! The playing field with trans-women is NOT equal by any stretch of the imagination. Ignoring this reality for the sake of gender ideology ensures real women will be outcompeted by a man every time they get out and play.

Another dimension to genderblind sexism goes beyond just the physical, but also societal and cultural: The erasure of women’s unique “lived experiences” in the words of the Left. I went into this in much greater detail in my post “My Gender is Not Your Costume“, but in essence by erasing objective differences between the sexes, it erases the unique experiences of each sex/gender. A person who is male simply cannot truly know what it is like to live as a female. This is rooted in biology, but also societal experiences. There is a reason cultures have gender roles, even ones where they are less ridged. Name one human culture where men and women are treated exactly the same. Not merely in similar opportunities, or social acceptance to do what the other gender does, but a psychological blindness to men and women, boys and girls being in any way different in personalities, temperament and abilities. We learn much of our gender expression from society, but where did society learn it? It is silly to deny the nature part of the equation as well as the nurture.

I’m honestly surprised in a sense how the Left, who loves to cite all the experiences women face that men will never truly understand, like the fear of assault or violence for instance, or the pressures on women in society, say it’s okay for a man to basically appropriate the identity of a woman. Or, as some say, if gender is merely a social construct and can be dismantled, so can the voices and stories of countless women in their unique experiences as women. This cultural and societal erasure of women and their lived experience is also consequence of the newfangled gender ideology sweeping our society.

If it is sexist to deny women an equal chance at protection from violence,

If it is sexist to deny women an equal playing field in her sport,

If it is sexist to deny women their unique “lived experiences” as a valid identity rooted in biology and in our culture,

Then it is sexist to pretend gender simply a social construct and a man can choose to be a woman merely because he feels like it.

A final point to reflect on is the idea of equity vs, equality. The Left loves this one: Equality in opportunities does not always yield equality of outcome. The “equal” playfield for trans-women makes it inherently unequal to biological women because they carry physical advantages over women. However equity is giving what a person or group needs based on their actual needs, not just blindly without considering disparities in circumstance. Giving women a private space to undress away from men is equitable as women are more vulnerable to assault by men, even though it’s a form of gendered segregation. Having all gender bathrooms in the name of equality erases the very real fear women have of assault in those kinds of spaces.

Now, some may argue that since I reject the idea of colorblind racism, then why would I advocate for seeing genderblind sexism? My answer is that unlike race, where there are significantly less differences between races rooted in objective biological criteria, there is far more evidence to support the idea of innate differences between both sexes. Most importantly, unlike many racial disparities, many differences between the sexes on average, are biological and innate and cannot be changed by changing society, such as overall disparities in physical strength being my “strongest” example.

If sexism is defined as inequality and disadvantage for one sex, and privilege for the other, genderblind sexism is sexism arising due to one’s “blindness” to real disparities between genders. Contrary to popular opinion, acknowledging real differences between men and women leads to more, not less equality. Equal does not always mean identical. Seeing women as just as worthy of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” in this country as men also must mean understanding that what will make them be able to achieve that goal can and does differ from men. Women will not be equal to men in this country until gender ideologues realize the unique circumstances women face due to their gender, and not turn a blind eye to the biological and cultural differences that make it so.

Washington Post Criticized For Transphobic Mueller Report Cartoon | The  Daily Dot


  1. Rush Limbaugh is the reason I am a conservative. His voice for American ideals like patriotism, freedom and our God-given individual rights as human beings has now left us, but he will never be forgotten. Rush has now taken hold of the Golden EIB

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  2. A FRIGHTENED CHILD left alone in Texas last week told a Border Patrol official that he’d been abandoned by a larger group and was without his parents.
    The video, taken Thursday in the Rio Grande Valley, shows the boy sobbing and saying that he didn’t know where the group he was with went.

    Customs and Border Protection said that the 8-10-year-old boy from Nicaragua was found walking alone on a rural road near La Grulla, Texas.

    US Customs and Border Protection has released a video showing a migrant boy who claims he was abandoned in the desert approaching a border agent and asking for help.
    Video was captured the sobbing migrant boy begging for help from a Border Patrol officer after being abandoned in the desert.

    The little lad had apparently unlawfully entered the United States from Mexico and had been left behind by a group in Texas he had been traveling with
    In the video, the boy – whose name, age and nationality have been withheld because he is a juvenile – can be seen standing on the side of a dirt road as a border agent pulls up next to him.

    The boy tells the agent he was with a group of individuals crossing the border but was left behind near the Rio Grande in Texas.
    The Border Agent asks him: “You do not know where they are at? Did they leave you alone?”

    The visibly frightened child had apparently been sent to the United States by his parents, who were not part of the migrant group.

    The boy said: “At the end they abandoned me. I have come here to ask you for help.”
    Somebody could abduct me, kidnap me, or kill me. I am scared.”

    The heartbreaking incident reportedly took place east of Rio Grande City on April 1, the agent Anjel Hernandez said.
    In the video, which was shot on 1 April, the border agent asks if he had been left behind by the others.
    It comes as The Dail Sun has exclusively obtained disturbing footage and video

    In the heart wrenching images, Texas Rangers could be seen helping asylum seekers ashore and leading them to safety a day after two Yemenis men on the FBI’s Terror Watch List were booked for illegally entering the country.
    As of this past Monday, about 19,000 UNACCOMPANIED MIGRANT CHILDREN were in federal custody.

    And on Tuesday morning, Border Patrol agents at the Fort Brown station in South Texas found a 3 YEAR OLD BOY left alone in a cornfield. He had his name and a phone number written on his shoes. Agents said the boy was abandoned by smugglers, who fled back toward Mexico when the Border Patrol approached.

    The lone child crossing the border was not an anomaly — more than 8,900 unaccompanied children were apprehended by the Border Patrol in March, nearly twice the number seen in October



  3. Lets CLOSE the Door on that “Doctor Jill Biden” Crapola…. Lot of American’s were led to believe that Jill Biden was a “REAL” Doctor as in the media constantly referred to her as a Doctor.

    Now we are finding out she is not a Real Doctor after all. ….Oh yes, she has a PHD from a school in Delaware alright! …..but how many people with a PHD actually “DEMAND” they be called Doctor? I know a few and none of them are referred to as a Doctor nor do they “DEMAND” they be referred to as a Doctor. Anyway, I personally am not any more impressed with PHDs

    It is a insult to the Medical Community to call Jill a Doctor… Lets face it, her entire job is to Walk Gropin Joe off the stage so that he don’t fall down on the way out.
    Maybe she plays Doctor down in Joe’s Basement. And that’s why he’s always down there.


  4. BTW, Where’s Hunter and who is he selling daddy’s
    influence to this time? As you most likely know, the Crack-Head’s book
    came out yesterday..
    Thursday after falsely reporting Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop was “discredited by U.S. intelligence and independent investigations by news organizations.”

    All the BS about how great Joey is and what he has accomplished in his
    first week. But if you call giving away billions of taxpayer dollars and
    receiving not a damn thing in return, losing Thousands of Jobs, and
    treating our Nation Guard Troops like Crap, then yes, he has been successful. The
    next thing that I expect to see is his coming to to China and Bowing.
    And the same with ,Iran, North Korea, and Russia because he wants to
    look like Mister good guy

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  5. Wake up America, enough is enough. It’s time for us to stand up to the delusional people, the Socialist crowd, and the sick Progressives who want to destroy this country, and turn it into the Shit-Hole that we are already seeing in San Francisco, Portland, Chicago and other American Cities that have gone down the Leftist Tubes.
    It hight time that you ALL realize that Joe Biden lied to you when he said he was a moderate. Firstly he is a member of the “Walking Dead” and secondly he is not a moderate by any means. You would have been better with that filthy communist Bernie Sanders. At least he is not someone other than who he really is.

    It is a sad day in America when a major political party knowingly nominates and promotes a mentally impaired individual to the United States Presidency. Even sadder still when some behind-the-scene advisor shoves a note in front of a cogitatively disabled senior citizen, and he mouths words he may not know to be untrue. But the greatest sadness of all comes from the mainstream media that knowingly, and constantly repeats those lies to the American people like they did when hey held back the entire news about Hunter Biden’s Laptop . And ALL the other news, and events about that Crack-Head, and his Father Mr. “Big Guy”.

    And how about the Main Stream Leftist Media? They would be comical, if what they are doing if it wasn’t true! But it’s surely pathetic, to see these Socialist liberals pretending that they suddenly care, and “Give a Damn” about our people in uniform, especially our Brave Men and Women in Blue! Because a handful of Trump protestors and even more Antifa thugs dressed as Trump supporters assaulted 1- or 2 police officers during the January 6 riot at the Capitol building. Where Was the Liberal Concern for “Our Men in Uniform” when leftist rioters assaulted DOZENS OF POLICE OFFICERS, and even Killed a Police Officer, and Killed a Retired Police Officer while he was guarding a friends store so that those IDIOTIC “PROTESTERS” didn’t destroy his friends store and it’s contents! So they KILLED him instead! Where were all those Bleeding Heart Liberals when they Seriously Injured Dozens of Police Officers, Burned Police Cars, and Trashed a Police Building During the George Floyd Riots Last Summer? And those Democratic Mayors, and Governors told the Police to “STAND DOWN” Stand Down while they were pelted with Bricks, and other harmful Crap!

    Liberals, Why Were You Silent when your anti-American leftist buddies were Killing Cops, Wounding Cops, Burning Cop Cars, and Trashing a Police Building Last Summer? How about the 19 Other People Who Were Killed by Your Rioting Leftist Buddies During the Riots? “Acceptable Casualties for Social Justice”?.
    Are we supposed to suddenly believe that you Care about the Cops? After you voted to DE-FUND the Police?
    Now, you are the same people that are demanding that there should have been more police at the Capitol Building and every other place that any Violence occurs.
    It’s really ironic. Would you want Social Workers on the front lines to stop this Violence? Or perhaps Miss Alexandria Ocasio Cortez will come to your defense? Or maybe we could “DISMANTLE” the Police force entirely, and have Black Live Matter protect you?
    What the Hell, New York’s Mayor Bill di Blasio allow them to paint “Black Live Matter” in Large Yellow Lettering right on NY’s Fifth Avenue and he even took part in it. Only because of his Hatred towards Donald Trump!

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  6. My Dear Ms Shaw Kenawe , as I’m sure you know quite well by now, YOU are one of the most hated p[eople on the blogging boards, if not One Of Them, then the Number On e Most Hated of all of them!
    Not the entire group of bloggers has come here AS YET to express their HATRED for you as yet!
    No not everyone who feels that way about you cares to openly express their feeling here though you most certainly deserve it. And that’s only because many of these people are not aware of the posts that is expressing their Hatred towards you… But if you want to hear about the hatred felt for you then you’ve come to the right place. You may have a popular blog, but in my eyes it’s only popular to the hateful people like you and those who read and comment on it. You are only popular because of the venom you spew.. Liberals hate anyone who does not agree with their socialistic agenda.
    Actually, it’s obvious and simple: after reading your hideous blogs through the years, I have read things like, Republicans are racists, Republicans are stupid, Ronald Reagan was the worst, and you have expressed far more hatred for Ronald Reagan than for Leonid Brezhnev! You hate Mitt Romney, you called Sarah Palin an Idiot, and you seem to have a fixation of hate for her. But when compared to Joe Biden she’s more like a Brain Surgeon. Maybe she is hated because she is not at all the demon that you want her to be.
    You wanted Rush Linbaugh, and Sean Hannity to be thrown off the air and you told you readers to “write his sponsors and tell them that you will boycott their products”. The things you’ve said about Rush Limbaugh after his death I won’t even repeat because they are some of the MOST disgusting things I have ever read. .
    When your ilk express’s her wish to personally see Rush Limbaugh die a painful death, it’s way beyond political difference, it is pure hatred.
    And the things you’ve said about thr Trump’s are even worse. And Newt Gingrich, Carl Rove, Ann Coulter, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio, and Sean Hannity and lets not forget your current blog about Fox News because they dare to tell the truth about your beloved Barack Obama and his Queen, if you can call a Transy a “Queen” who has been milking this country dry! And who just recently began to be “Proud of America”!
    You even thought it was funny when Robert di Nero said those stupid jthings about President Trump… Maybe YOU hate so much because of your arrogance. The “I’m right, and everyone else is wrong, and I’m going to force this on you for your own good” attitude. But you say nothing about Bill Maher’s vulgar comments!
    I’ve never before seen one single thing you ever said about “Republicans” that was even close to being truthful. Nothing you say is even close to truthful. Everything that you have posted is pure lies. To YOU every one in the Republican party is a Racist, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black (oops sorry that’s racist isn’t it.)

    Why on earth would anyone be compassionate towards Democrat racists like the Clinton’s, Barrak and Michelle (Mitchel) Obama, Eric Holder, the BLACK PANTHERS, the Black Lives Matter thugs,etc?

    Keep posting folks, this is your chance to tell this POS just how you felt about the vile things that she has said about the people you hold dear to you all these years.
    How people like this can live with themselves is something that’s impossible for me to understand.
    I feel sick to my stomach about the ill will Barack Obama has created among most of the nations of the world by his policies, and what he has done to the image of the United States, and yet you flaunt all over this cretin, and his grubbing wife.
    Yes, indeed us Deplorables HATE! So keep posting folks, you’re in good company here


  7. The verdict is in and Joe Biden’s first press conference was a colossal catastrophe.
    To be honest, after stealing the 2020 election, there wasn’t much that Biden could have done or said to appease the 80 million Americans who he stole the election from. But then again he didn’t want to.
    Biden actually read off a pre-written list as he called on various PRE-Selected reporters, and he already had pre-written answers they he has 2-3 weeks to have one of his ADVISERS -pre written for him. during his first formal press conference in office
    As we noted already, Biden lied throughout the presser and laughed and mocked President Trump. This didn’t work for Obama who won the 2008 election, it sure wasn’t going to work for Biden who stole the 2020 election from the man he mocked:.
    And by the way, FOX News’s reporter Peter Doocy was NOT called on by Biden , and neither were ANY FOX, or NEWSMAX REPORTERS who would have given him questions that would have been much more relevant, then the Soft-Ball question he was given.

    So, Lets set the record straight:
    First of all, Joe Biden stole the election from President Trump. President Trump set a record and Biden’s gang of crooks had to steal a record to claim the White House. Biden knows it and the world knows it.?
    2. Joe Biden is unable to function on his own. He has the physical and mental abilities of a person late in life lacking the strength and wits to handle this job on his own.
    3. The social media, and the socialist media, the Democrats, and the whole administration, Department of Justice, etc. knows that Joe Biden stole the election are all fine with it. It’s all about power.?
    4. The media is a joke. They asked NO unapproved questions. They had no follow-up questions and they were happy to be Lap Dogs and praise Biden for being able to stand up for 45 minutes.
    Biden was rambling at times, but all and all, I thing that Joe did a better job than I expected, for Mr. Potato Head, it was fair. FAR from outstanding, but adequate.
    As for the future, I see a very, very dark ending for the Biden-Harris Regime and the Democrat Marxist Socialist, and the rest of the Democrat Party. Because that was probably his first and last press conference because they’ll never let him out in public like that again.

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    • Oh Yeah.. Trump’s pressers were far more substantial and detailed… delivered entirely with empathy, compassion, and human dignity… and of course, honesty. Damn Biden. :/


  8. So now that our New President, the “ Genius of Washington” and his Thugs and Circus Clowns. has put THOUSANDS of these migrant Kids into what he calls Safer, Better, “More Human” surroundings like the floors of Box Cars with NO place to sleep other than the floor, with Foil Blanket Covers and Covid spreading around like wildfire in Biden’s Border Child Camps.
    And has NO PLAN to control the spread of this Virus in our country. He’s essentially denying that Covid even exists, and the leftist media is only too happy to help him do it, but they won’t even report on the Awful, Disgusting, conditions that they are using. .
    The conditions there are SO BAD, that the U.S. Health and Human Services spokesman Mark Weber told the Associated Press they put their plans to move more unaccompanied migrant teenagers to the Midland facility on pause. The pause followed the finding that 53 of the 485 migrant teens tested positive for COVID-19 after being secretly moved by buses to Midland under the cover of darkness…. But this was ALL Hushed Up from the public, until a reporter snuck out the pictures yesterday showing these AWFUL conditions.

    Yesterday Texas Governor Greg Abbott confirmed a COVID outbreak in the facilities in Texas.
    The Governor said that “The conditions of these unaccompanied minors in these federally run facilities is UNACCEPTABLE and INHUMANE. From a lack of safe drinking water in one location to a COVID-19 outbreak in another, the Biden Administration has NO excuse for subjecting these children to these kinds of conditions,” Governor Abbott said in a statement. “President Biden’s refusal to address the border CRISIS is not only enabling criminals such as human traffickers and smugglers, but it is exposing innocent unaccompanied Children to Illness and Potentially Unsafe Living Conditions. The administration must act NOW to keep these Children safe, secure our border, and end this humanitarian crisis


    It’s amazing how a “man” who has been a Senator, a Vice President, and the President of the United States of America is too STUPID to have a meaningful diplomatic meeting with the people that want to bury us. But instead insults them. Just How Stupid Can We Be for electing that Moron?
    Those Idiots made Trump look like a GENIUS
    But what can you expect of a Delusional “President” who was “PUT” into office by a fake election, then rehires most of Obama’s old FAILED cabinet to run things?
    And by the way, yesterday a reported ask Biden when does he plan to visit the Facility, his answer was “SOON”

    Governor Abbott should activate his National Guard and the Texas Rangers, round up these facilities and start returning them back to Mexico, or to where ever they came from.
    But have NO fear Our GREAT President Joseph Biden (Trump’s replacement) will restore American Pride and Self-respect, that demolished under The Former Guy’s administration!

    Yeah Right… and the Moon is made from Blue Cheese.

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  9. This is NOT meant to Insult anybody, it is simply my opinion, and I stand by it One Hundred Percent. .
    I came across this NUTTY Progressive Blog while searching for Minneapolis immigrant issues. I then got curious about the writer of the blog so I looked her up and found the most wacky, ridiculous, absurd, idiotic, and stupid stuff that I have ever even thought of reading.. I realln didn’t think that people were capable of such immature discussion on a blog. Even her posters were Wacked out of their minds.
    As a lifelong conservative, I have to laugh when Liberal, Progressive thinks they have found the magic solution, as their solution giving away money or other things to keep the people quite. . Their notion is that “Conservative ideas are so inferior, how can any one with any sense at all have become so dumb.” Their egotism is beyond understanding. I sometimes lay awake thinking what makes them so blind. Are they not aware of the wonderful life they are living, because they are living in the United States of America? The LOONY Progressives think that it’s just fine to request an ID to by booze, cigarettes, to board planes, etc. but you won’t need an ID to vote? Does that mean ANYONE illegally in USA will vote? Well yeah! That’s their whole idea! That’s the way to Rig an election!
    Are they not aware of the millions of people who would give their tight arm to come here to live and how hard some of them try to get here. Why would anyone want to change the way of American life? Why would anyone want to change the Constitution that we hold so dearly?
    A lot of people are out for what they can get from the government these days, perhaps it’s because of this President. . And, there’s no other place in the world that has more, and is giving more free stuff than America.
    The American way of life is preferred to any other system anywhere in the world over all other systems, or cultures because it affords everyone freedom of choices
    We have liberty and can do so many things that people in other countries can’t. For example you talk about the President in a derogatory way! You can picket anyplace you care to, You can sue a person or a company if they did you an injustice. That just shows how much liberty we have because in other countries you well get killed!
    Fifty or so years ago, modern conservatism did not even exist. It has had to built against a liberal headwind, from the bottom up. Even today, we see new developments like the development of the phenomenon who follow Donald Trump against a relentless barrage of criticism thrown at him not all of which was fair, by any means.. If our way of life and our liberties is displeasing to progressives, They can and do use the election process to change things. Or better yet, they can leave the country, no one is going to stop you.
    But if we dumb conservatives decide to give in to there, brilliant progressives, we are doomed. And may I add a b it about Nancy Pelously’s so called “Covid Relief Bill” which isn’t a “Relief Bill at all, but a Pay Back bill. Nancy seem to find those Hostile and Mentally Unstable Progressive Females where ever she goes. Proof of that is the “SQUAD” a Foursome of Mentally Unstable Progressive Females , lead by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – a true Mental Midget
    As ONLY less than 9% of this COVID RELIEF BILL actually goes to COVID RELIEF… the balance goes to Nancy Pelosi’i pay-Back, otherwise known as pure Bull- Shit ..because those damn swamp creatures aka Socialist Democrats, and Progressives are pathetic anti Americans. It’s actually a $1.9 trillion dollar theft from the taxpayers.
    .Are you aware that they are sending a few million to Africa to teach those Cannibals how to properly wash behind their ears like they did with O’Dumbo
    And wnen the Republicans vote it down, the uninformed blame them for being “Mean”
    More money goes for bailouts, and paying for the Democrats failed policies.
    So let me say this to the Progressives, the Socialists, and the people who are disenchanted with this country. If you don’t like it here, GET THE HELL OUT!

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    • “This is NOT meant to Insult anybody, it is simply my opinion, and I stand by it One Hundred Percent. .”

      I suppose if anyone expresses an opinion they will generally stand by what they SAID, or stated.. would they not? After all, it’s there for the world to see. Now.. that’s a far cry from saying “I stand by my opinion 100 percent” as if it’s your personal admonishment to the world that nothing can nor will change your opinion… ever. On that score I have an opinion. If you follow your own opinions lock-step, dismissing giving critical thought toward the opinions of others, you won’t be allowing for the flexibility of personal evolutionary change or personal adaptations along the way.. allowing only your personal biases to call the shots in your life. But what do I know.. because I consider all my opinions “tentative”, and subject to change… especially political opinions.

      “So let me say this to the Progressives, the Socialists, and the people who are disenchanted with this country. If you don’t like it here, GET THE HELL OUT!”

      Um… your reply sounds as if you have a fair measure of disenchantment yourself. With all this disenchantment going around… it would be a pretty empty place if everyone left at once.

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  10. Exactly —

    My experience in the military will add a new dimension to your argument. In the early days (World War II), the purpose of female recruitment was to relieve men from rear-echelon duties so that they could participate in combat or combat support missions on the front. The ladies became administrators, supply clerks, and auto/aircraft mechanics. This remained the role of women in the services through around the early to mid-1970s.

    This was also about the same time the feminazis began taking hold of the military assignment policies — with specific reference to the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS), whose members were the born-with-a-spoon-in-their-mouths wives of cabinet secretaries, made officially sanctioned inspection trips to the major US and overseas commands (junkets, actually), where they were given preferential treatment and guided tours of base facilities. Servicewomen were chosen to “meet” with these committee members where they could answer survey questions and tell their stories about what pigs men were … the sexual harassment, the lack of proper restroom facilities, and how it was living in an “all-male” environment. Well, the all-male environment wasn’t exactly true because there were women stationed at these bases and organizations.

    To their credit, most of the servicewomen “selected” to attend these private seances only attended these meetings because their commanding officers made it an order. Most women, you see, weren’t buying into this notion that military women should be assigned to combat roles. Easily 99% of enlisted women and female officers wanted nothing at all to do with the front-line horror of combat.

    Then in the mid-1970 period, the military began to extend basic training to include infantry courses. If women are going to serve in the military services, they DO need to know how to defend themselves from armed enemy aggression because the war isn’t always a matter of fighting on the front lines. The enemy purposely tries to disrupt rear-area supply operations, too … and I have always believed that if females were going to be deployed in-theater, they must know how to fire their weapons and respond to an attack (on the ground or from the air). They need the basics of map reading and navigation. Service organizations owed these women the kind of training that would allow them to survive should combat ever knock on their door.

    But then we had films such as GI Jane that somehow put the idea into women’s minds that they too could become Rocky Balboa, grow huge biceps, beards, and speak profanely. First, though, GI Jane was an actress, and while there are a few Rocky’s in our midst, they are (a) men, and (b) few and far between. Suddenly, women were clamoring to be assigned to ships (which didn’t entirely work out all that well), as combat pilots (as opposed to flying C-130s), and then as infantry officers/NCOs. It is one thing to land a four-engine plane on a hard surface runway, something entirely different to land on an aircraft carrier’s pitching deck — after dark. It takes far more than a skill set to do this — it takes an ability to control nerves in rapidly developing situations where one split second means the difference between life and death, namely yours.

    But then the feminazis progressed even further and demanded that women be placed into the same positions as men on the battlefield. Equal opportunity, you know. Most women do no seek these kinds of assignments—those who do have not given sufficient thought to it. Here’s the mistake: (1) Most women lack the strength and stamina of men. You’ve already addressed this. What most people do not know is that many women who have served in these “manly” positions have actually incurred permanent injuries — if they get to retirement age without being in severe physical pain in lower back, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles, it will catch up to them in later life. Their “fond memories” will take a back seat to ongoing physical pain and discomforts. We aren’t getting this information; we’re getting it from women who, quite frankly, bit off more than they could chew. And they’re paying a high price for it. And so are the taxpayers, who are now funding military disability benefits. So the question remains, how did we serve these ladies’ interests by allowing them to pretend they were men?

    One male sergeant described an incident in the March to Baghdad where one of the vehicles broke down, requiring the soldiers riding in the back to have to transfer to another vehicle — to double up. Field rations are often rancid. Drinking water is not always pristine. Sometimes, soldiers develop stomach problems, diarrhea, or they throw up, often accompanied by fever, headaches, and neck pain. The sergeant told us of two women suffering thus; both of them had the runs. It was a combat assignment; no truck stops with facilities to take care of business, and the women had to go on themselves. It happens; it isn’t fun; it is embarrassing; it is putrid. Is this what the left wants for women to achieve “equal opportunity?”

    I notice that few hoity-toity leftist women clamor to put themselves in such conditions — why place other women in such conditions? Why? Sometimes, the right thing is telling women who want to become men — not only no, but hell no. This would be an example of moral courage in doing the right thing for our servicewomen because, as leaders, we care about their welfare — even if they don’t. Let’s treasure our women military personnel; they do provide a valuable service to their country. At the same time, let us respect womanhood by not allowing them to take on challenges that will only injure them and give them physical pain later in life.

    BRAVO on your excellent post.

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    • A very good reply yourself, there Mustang… and I would agree with what you have said here. In fact, in January of 2013 I posted on just this subject… women in combat. The link below will take you to a post I made on my old (and not anymore active, although it seems WordPress will keep it forever given I have long forgotten the password.) blog of pre-Trump times. If anyone feels the need to reply to that doing it in here might be better as I am not sure how stable the old blog is anymore for notifications.

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      • Your post in 2013 was spot on, Doug. The purpose of national defense is … how shall I put this? National defense, not affirmative action (social engineering), which in my view has already produced a terrible result in a wide range of critical professions.

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  11. As always, you make excellent points. The left, in its continuous competition to outdo each other in absurdity, has decided that it is racist to be colorblind. By taking that position, the left, as usual, unabashedly discards any notion of consistency and intellectual honesty. Their point of view is understandable given that particular favored groups have become accustomed to affirmative action and other such preferences. From their point of view, the denial of special treatment feels like discrimination. When you no longer have things handed to you, when the spoon feeding stops, you naturally feel that you are being deprived. As children, we all go through that transition and we call it “growing up.” Those who cannot accept it form the political left.

    The notion of “genderblindness” is more complex. The term “gender” is a grammatical term referring to the treatment of nouns as masculine, feminine or neuter in various languages. The use of it in place of “sex” is a modern circumlocution that only obfuscates. One’s sex is a biological fact. The substitution of the vague neologism “gender” attempts to evade that reality and substitute multiple “genders” based on one’s feelings in place of biological fact.

    As the lady of Reason points out, there is need to differentiate between the sexes in certain matters because, in specific respects, the sexes are not equal. When Title IX was passed in 1972, it was considered a breakthrough for women’s rights in that it required equal educational opportunity for women including equal opportunity in athletics. It is a biological reality that women cannot compete with men in many sports, so women must have their own separate athletics for them to have that equal opportunity. Modern forces of political correctness seek to reverse that with the requirement that “transgenders” be allowed to compete in women’s sports. By substituting the fuzzy notion of “gender” for the biological reality of sex, the SJWs want to allow men to compete in women’s sports making a mockery of the benefits of Title IX.

    I suggest that the issue is a women’s issue. It is for women to decide whether to exclude transgenders from women’s sports, women’s locker rooms and restrooms. It is the left that pushes for transgender inclusion and, historically, election returns, including the 2020 returns indicate that the left receives a higher percentage of votes from women than it does from men. The left cannot win elections without a disproportionate percentage of the women’s vote. If and when the issue becomes sufficiently important to the majority of women, they can easily change things at the voting booth.

    One final note, the Lady of Reason also mentioned that their lesser physical strength put women in greater fear of assault. It’s Elmer Keith’s birthday today (the inventor of the .44 magnum) so I can’t help but note that Colonel Colt solved that problem. Just ask the new Congresswoman from Rifle, Colorado.

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  12. Well said.
    Men and women ARE different, and instead of kidding ourselves, we need to face reality. I always endorse such a mindset. I don’t think men should compete in women’s sports, and I don’t think a transgender person with male features should compete in women’s sports due to the unfair advantage.
    The trouble is, I don’t know what to tell a transgender person if they ask me what they should do. I haven’t figured that out yet.
    I don’t mind gender neutral bathrooms, I actually went to a high school outside the US that had gender neutral bathrooms. Everyone unfamiliar gets over the novelty pretty quickly, and each stall had a solid door. Showers could presumably work the same way if anyone wanted.

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  13. Excellent post.

    A couple of things come to mind for me. One is the idea of “feeling” like a gender. Like when a man says he “feels like” woman, therefore he is one. What does that even mean?? I am a woman. I have no clue what it “feels like” to be a woman. I only know what it feels like to be *me*. All my life, I was a poor fit for cultural and societal gender norms. If I were a child growing up today, I’d have people telling me I was really a boy (5 years ago, those same people would have been telling me I was gay). Of course, I’m not a man. I’m a woman who doesn’t fit into stereotypical gender expectations. The entire foundation of trans ideology depends on gender based stereotypes, which are social constructs, rather than the physical realities of our bodies. The only people who can legitimately say the “feel” more male or more female are people who are intersex, because they are genetically both.

    Then there is the whole equality (the value of a person) v equal (being the same). The words have layers of meaning. A person in a coma is not “equal” to a wheelchair user who is not equal to a healthy, able bodied person. Equality means that each of these people are of equal *value*, even if they are not equal, physically. Each of them have different needs that require different treatment. To *not* treat them differently, based on their differing needs, actually denies them their equality – their value as human beings.

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  14. A well stated post.
    I think we humans spend an awful lot of time and effort trying to either control and/or outright deny our own humanity (human instincts)… when in fact we need to embrace it far more than we do. You can start with religion… which states (very generally) our mere existence is something to feel guilty about. You touched on the physical limitations of women compared to men by which they might ward off assault.. or more to the point, rape. Most living species have the female as physically equal or larger than the male, thereby being able to ward off unwanted suiters. “Rape” generally is a human description not shared by many other living things. In the world of nature “rape” does not exist. In human procreation rape is as valid as any other “consensual” act of procreation to assure continuation of our species. That does not one bit mean that it should be permissible in the social construct… but until we understand and accept our human instinctual behaviors, and only try to control it all with laws and sign-waving demonstrations of finger-pointing social equality, we will likely go nowhere beyond reluctant compliance to avoid lawsuits and jail time that itself does little in the long run.
    There are very human reasons why racism and stereotyping exits. There are very human reasons why humans fight wars. There are very human reasons why murder is committed. There are very human reasons men and women respond differently to a given environment. The list goes on and on. My point here is that until we accept who we are as humans we can’t really make great strides to control our instincts toward each other… and between each other. Which then again leads to my banging away at the need for a national mental health program that includes the science of the human mind.

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