#NotThem, Apparently…

So I thought I already covered about every angle of the flaws of the #MeToo movement, however, there is one glaring one still left: All the women who AREN’T being heard by the Left, who purports to uphold giving a voice to vulnerable women! Who are these forgotten women one might ask?

Well for starters, there’s Kavanaugh’s wife and daughters! During the smear campaign against Kavanaugh, his wife and young daughters were the targets of death threats and vile insults! Imagine, his 10 year old daughter was mocked, derided and vilely put in the spotlight in an appalling cartoon mocking her benevolence toward of all people, Christine Ford!  Yes, Kavanaugh said his daughter said that they should “pray for the woman” before bedtime during their prayers, after she learned Ford was smearing her dad! This act of goodwill (albeit naive if you ask me) was not applauded, but used to insult a 10 year old little girl in a vile cartoon saying she also prayed to God to forgive her “Angry, lying, alcoholic father for sexually assaulting Dr. Ford”! How would any Leftist feel if that was THEIR child??? The maker of that cartoon may have been within his legal rights to create that cartoon, but that certainly doesn’t mean it was within any moral rights to… If that little girl were the daughter of any of these Lefties, and the cartoonist a conservative, it would have been decried into the stratosphere! The Left in addition, went after Kavanaugh and demonized him into this vile monster, with zero regard for his wife and daughters. His daughters had to see their father smeared as a rapist, and probably learned more about sexual assault from that incident than their parents being able to talk about it within the comfort of their own timing and pace. His wife in her immense integrity and courage stood by her husband in truth as he was lied about again and again and again. As mentioned previously, although they won, the scars from that experience I’m sure are still there. However to the Left, these were inconsequential women… They were a-okay to threaten, and vilely insult for all to see. Their feelings were never once acknowledged, that it must have been hard for them to go through this even if Kavanaugh was truly a rapist. It wasn’t like anything Kavanaugh could have done was their fault, especially his daughters, who have absolutely zero say in who they were born to as their father!!! Their suffering was unacknowledged despite their own innocence…

And let’s take a look at the women in the lives of some of the oh so righteous Lefties who smeared him! Keith Ellison has allegations out against him for beating his ex girlfriend. She alleges:

“He looked at me, goes ‘Hey you f***ing hear me … and then he looked at me, he goes ‘Bitch, get the f*** out of my house,’ and he started to try to drag me off the bed,” Monahan said. “That’s when I put my camera on to video him.” (Woman Accusing Rep. Keith Ellison of Abuse speaks Out, CBS News)

However no one on the Left believed her story! A man allegedly put his hands on a woman and violently tried to drag her, and call her vile names, yet the woman is dismissed by the Left! The party that cries the cry of “believe all women”, even to the extent to no due process for the accused, dismisses an allegation when its against one of their own??? Really telling, isn’t it? Imagine if she were the girlfriend or wife of a conservative politician! And that is just one example of allegations of violence against women with Leftist perpetrators!

Oh, and of course, there’s Bill Clinton 😉 Let’s not forget all of his exploitation of numerous women as the President of the United States no less, and although impeached, none of the Democrats voted “yes”, and he was acquitted on all charges!!! Hillary defended him (even now saying #MeToo doesn’t apply to Bill!) and threatened his victims into silence! Imagine if he were Trump! I can hear the outrage now… Impeachment would happen in a split second! Not only that, both Hillary and Bill were advocating for #MeToo, and no one on the Left ever batted an eye at a proven sexual coercer and abuser endorsing the movement to end the exact abuse he did to countless young women!!! When do those women get to say #MeToo? They try and crucify Kavanaugh, yet let a proven abuser off the hook to talk about #MeToo… What on Earth gave him of all men, the right to say one word on the movement that was founded because of men like him, and of course Hillary, defending such an abuser of women???

It’s not just partner violence or sexual violence though that is affecting women that is being overlooked when it suits the Left! Threats of violence, death threats, doxxing, are all being used against the women in prominent conservative’s lives. When the Antifa mobs surrounded Tucker Carlson’s house with his wife home alone, and “almost broke the door” and his wife fears for her safety enough to hide in her closet and call 9/11 is that not threatening a woman with violence??? Even threats on social media and in the crowd about bringing a pipe bomb were hurled at Carlson and his family! Thank goodness the children weren’t home!!! If they don’t like Carlson, fine, protest peacefully, but to harass his wife and children??? Obviously, that mob couldn’t care less about an innocent woman and her children who have zero to do with Carlson’s opinions! Some more sane Leftists may have not condoned this particular incident, but the Left turns a blind eye continually on violent mobs such as Antifa. Again, imagine this was a Conservative mob, and the family was a Liberal’s. How do you honestly think the press and the Left would react???

Women victimized by Leftist perpetrators through sexual assault, violence, and threats are constantly overlooked and swept away by the Left to protect their own, while innocent, upright conservative men like Kavanaugh were smeared to the vilest degree! When can they get justice and feel safe in their own homes and for their children! When can the Left stop making excuses for deriding a 10 year old girl because “it’s just a cartoon”? As the party of political correctness and censoring speech not to offend, quite the hypocritical position! When can the wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, etc… of conservatives be put first by the Left and their #MeToo movement and anti-violence against women movements instead of cover ups and justifications for why a little girl is morally alright to smear publicly, wives and children threatened as collateral to get to their their husbands, the partners of Leftist perpetrators of violence get justice, and why this even is a political issue at all?! I would think violence intimidation and threats against ANY woman should be decried at the human level, never mind what their politics are! However, it’s clear to see some women get to cry rape, and a man is instantly smeared before and without any valid proof, while others are silenced and threatened and swept under the rug to protect other men in power… It all depends on whose side he and she are on… For all the women victimized by the Left, through threats, intimidation, violence, even sexual assault, when do THEY get to say “MeToo”???

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(Hypocrisy at its finest 😉 )


A Very Special Midterm Message…

Addendum: So the Dems got the House of Representatives, but we still got the Senate! Not the big victory we wanted, but we must be grateful for all of our parts to play in keeping the Senate, and remember: 2020 is coming sooner than we know it, and with this lunacy continued, might be a blessing in disguise 😉 Midterms may be over, but the message remains the same! Don’t break down and tantrum, try harder for 2020! 

Today is a big day for America!!! Get off the couch, out of bed, turn off your computer, put down your phone, get dressed and head out to the polls! A Red Wave can’t make itself! You may be but a drop in the bucket, but every great tsunami is made of millions upon millions of drops all put together! Let’s get out there and put our votes where our mouths are, and fight with our greatest weapon: our ballots! Whether you’re openly conservative or feel the need to stay hidden, today is your day to truly come out and shine 🙂 Today is YOUR day to let America hear YOUR voice in where we ought to go!

Do we want open borders, hook up culture, “any family is a real family” propaganda, broken homes, MeToo hysteria and witch hunts, disrespect for our country and the people who serve it, a compromised Constitution, more government interference, public school indoctrination factories, college craziness, a generation of embittered, constantly offended fragile snowflakes, political correctness, internet censorship, a one sided media, the politicization of innocuous things, transgender lunacy endangering women, the welfare state, reverse discrimination, trigger warnings/microaggressions, resentment of men as “the patriarchy”, a white privilege guilt trip as the new “white man’s burden”, where any valid critique of a group or culture triggers meltdowns, selective outrage, where a nuanced argument or critique is met with vile ad-hominem attacks, even threats of violence, where you can lose your job, your friends, even family over a political stance, where we must hide or else be ostracized by society, and much much more???

OR do we want controlled immigration, less government interference, respect for our country and its values, a fair and balanced education that shows both sides of an issue, due process and innocent until proven guilty, science to determine fact from feeling, women and girls safe in their own bathrooms and dressing rooms, upholding the Constitution, honoring our soldiers and law enforcement, equality of opportunity based on merit, not skin color, gender, etc… etc…, a culture of virtue where marriage is sacred, families are intact and our children come first, women act like ladies of elegance and grace, not “nasty women”, the rights of the people to be treated as capable adults by our government who serves us, not the other way around, an internet where ideas flow freely, where journalism covers both sides, where free speech is a key virtue of a democracy, where an uncomfortable idea makes us think not hide from it, where an unpopular opinion is not hatred and entire groups of people aren’t scapegoated as the source of all oppression, where we can all laugh with each other all in good fun and not feel slighted at every little thing, where the American Dream is real, and hard work ,not living off one’s victimhood is rewarded, A country where we don’t have to stay hidden any longer…

We need people like you, like all of us to get out there and show America what its people really stand for! Denial or fact facing? Propaganda or truth? Journalism or biased opinion pieces? Education or indoctrination? Disagreements or death threats? Investigations or inquisitions? Arguments or ad hominems? Promiscuity or virtue? Marriage or broken homes? Crime and terror, or vetting? 3rd world values or equality and democracy for all? Merit or skin color? Gender or evidence? Hypocrisy or integrity?Chromosomes or feelings? Hysteria or protection? Fragility or resilience? Handouts or hard work? Ideas or censorship? Etc… etc… It’s up to YOU! Get off your butts and take action! Vote the change you want to see in the world! 😉

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When Incivility Becomes Explosive: A Guest Post by Time Foolery

Time Foolery is a wonderful “Lady of Reason” I met through Twitter! She has insightful ideas and a talent for writing! Here’s her insightful take on the current bomb scares:

On Wednesday, October 25th, a series of non-lethal “bombs” were “delivered” to leading Democrats and, before anyone can begin looking for a culprit, CNN et al. immediately jumped on President Donald J. Trump and blamed his “rhetoric” for the event, which many see as merely a false flag operation meant to enrage Democrats and get them voting. Republicans are currently out-voting Democrats in early polling, and many Dems literally walked away in the past month with vows to vote red this November thanks to Democratic bad behavior over the Kavanaugh hearings.

Violence of any kind is deplorable, but incivility in this world is nothing new. Democrats who are holding on tooth-and-nail seem to have a serious problem equating the behavior of their leaders to what happened, if it was indeed a true terroristic threat. In the past two years, Republicans have faced harassment in restaurants and at their jobs. Cars with Trump- related bumper stickers have been vandalized. Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot. Candidates were attacked just last week. Antifa creates riots every chance they get. And WHO has encouraged such behavior? NOT Republicans.

Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, and Hillary Clinton all recently have called for incivility towards Republicans, with Holder telling his mindless followers that when Republicans go low, “we kick them!” With this truly violent rhetoric coming from the Left aimed at their less-than-intelligent base, it’s no wonder places like Berkeley became a scene of rioting, at the direct behest of Maxine Waters no less!! And they wonder why someone from the Right might do something like this??

The fact is, Republicans have been tolerating the Left and their calls for Communist-style incivility for the past two years simply because we won and saw this behavior as being to our benefit ultimately. The ongoing temper tantrums and craziness caused the #WalkAway Movement to be born, then gave it over 20,000 new followers in the short time since the Kavanaugh hearings. People who are critical thinkers saw the theatrics for what they were – a George Soros-funded “Free Fer All” designed to damage the entire legal process by trying to discount it completely. If they can’t get what Soros wants honorably, he gives them money, printed signs and his blessing to wreak havoc. This time, it didn’t work and he didn’t want to pay his minions afterward. Apparently he only pays on results, and the protesters began protesting that their checks never arrived. That certainly told the tale for anyone who was left wondering what the hell they’d just witnessed in the hearings. It was no longer a suspicion, it was a confirmation that a Hungarian outsider is, and has been, seeking to subvert the Constitution, and the United States itself.

And yet there was still no outrageous reaction from the Right. It was all “par for the course” in recent years and again, letting them misbehave did more for Republicans than it ever did for the Democrats. And early voting proves that.

So, next ploy: a caravan of Honduran and other illegals is paid to head north to invade the United States. Who exactly is footing the bill is ambiguous, but Soros’ Open Society has its name written all over it. It’s an idea – challenge immigration law and ICE by sending people supposedly looking for a better life to engender support for the abolishment of our immigration laws. But then the stories started coming to the fore that it’s mostly men on the move; that there are criminals and MS-13 amongst them; and that the few women and children on the march are being sexually attacked by men in the caravan. Nothing that wouldn’t scare the pants off any free thinker who realizes this isn’t a group who’s truly looking for a better life, but know they’ll get it anyway in return for their votes if the Democrats have anything to say about it. This was meant to drum up sympathy for illegals, but instead it has frightened Republicans and Democrats alike who realize this is a disaster walking our way. Another failed attempt by Liberals to excite their base.

So, what else to do to get sympathy and “righteous” indignation going? Trying to take out a good man and his family didn’t work. Harassing and attacking Republicans and their leaders didn’t work. And now the caravan has backfired tremendously. You can almost hear Hillary Clinton’s cogs turning, “I know! Let’s have a fake bomb scare!”

This wouldn’t be the first time in history that a political party has created a false flag operation to shore up flagging political power. Hitler himself had the Reichstag burned and blamed it on a Communist patsy to build up angst against his political enemies with those who weren’t already on the Nazi bandwagon. And it’s a play straight out of Saul Alinsky’s own directive on how to take down your opponents. In short, it reeks of Democratic desperation and very few are buying CNN’s line that Trump caused this. This isn’t to say that some less-than-normal nut job didn’t do this, and it’s certain someone has already been lined up to take the fall if not, but how long did Democrats expect Republicans to keep taking their bad behavior before clap-back commenced? How many Antifa roadblocks need to go up before normal citizens get fed up and someone less able to control themselves returns the favor? Two years almost exactly.

Whether real or false flag, this divisiveness and the violent rhetoric of the Democratic Party has the full blame for this current climate and are already receiving their punishment in having caused their Blue Wave to fizzle out. It will be interesting to see what happens after the election and the Democrats have lost yet again.

Thanks so much Time Foolery for your insightful take on the issue! 🙂 I will stress the caveat though, that until we know more we should not be too confident this was not one of our own gone rogue. However, the case she presents is a strong one for sure! If the perpetrator was a conservative all I have to say is this:

We must condemn violence on any side of the aisle including our own! No matter how loony the Left gets we must never stoop to their level and incite violence ourselves! I strongly oppose the targets threatened but I will never condone intimidating them with any violence of any kind. Ideas must be fought with ideas, not threats of violence! I am glad all are safe and unharmed! Threaten the ideas; NEVER the people holding them…

Time Foolery is an early member of the #WalkAway Movement, a life-long journalist, novelist and editor of various publications and internationally acclaimed books, and is an expert on Billy the Kid. She is a native of Texas now living in Canada. She wrote and edited for Stryker-Indigo Publishing, mostly sports books, one which disproved Canada inventing hockey.

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(Adults use their words to get what they want, not bully tactics! We must rise above this lunacy!!!)

#NotHim: Kavanaugh Is Confirmed!!!

 Judge Kavanaugh is now JUSTICE Kavanaugh!!! 

This is a huge victory for the common man and woman, to have an honorable man such as Kavanaugh in our judicial branch of government! For a man smeared so vilely, and had his family attacked, it seemed impossible for him to get in due to the paranoia of the Left! The #MeToo hysteria seemed to rage on, but evidence, facts and reason luckily prevailed in the end 🙂 The accusation of sexual assault, even gang rape of women is vile, and must be taken seriously, however, feelings must not rule the day over facts and evidence! Due process is a cornerstone of our democracy, as so many regimes can smear and punish people on whims and made up charges, whereas our nation demands more: solid proof of guilt before declaring it! “Innocent until proven guilty” in a court of law is the law of the land, but so often, it gets obscured in the court of popular opinion and the kangaroo courts of feelings! The Left has shown just how vile it can become, just to get its way, and I think that is why this political miracle, dare I say considering the rampant vitriolic Left, occurred!

You see, this is not just any supreme court nomination. No! I don’t often believe it when people say that an event is the most unique or unprecedented in history to be literally true, but I will say that Kavanaugh’s confirmation IS indeed a historic moment for the political fabric of this nation! Confirming Kavanaugh has shown that we the people, will NOT bow to the court of feelings and popular opinion. We will NOT bow to Leftist lunacy, and no due process for the accused! We will NOT “Flake” out 😉 of upholding justice and the laws of the land, and the values of our democracy! And most importantly, we WILL NOT condemn a man, or anyone without evidence and facts!

This is not just about Kavanaugh either! This was about every father, husband, son, brother, uncle, nephew, male friend, and every man in America! Men who could at the word of some spiteful accuser, have his life torn apart, attacked and decimated! Just look at Kavanaugh leading up to this monumental moment: his reputation smeared, his wife and daughters sent death threats. His 10 YEAR OLD subject of a vile, disgusting cartoon! A 10 year old little girl who was innocent of anything her father ever did!!! THAT people, is what the Left has shown us it is capable of: Attacking not only his wife, but his CHILD! And they say they defend the vulnerable…. (Grrrrr…..) This confirmation sets a positive precedent for all men in this country, one of due process, fair investigations, and FACTS over feelings! We should all rejoice, men and women alike, for you, gentlemen, are safer, and you, ladies, breathe a sigh of relief for your husbands, brothers, fathers, sons etc…. Will this stop every part of the risk towards men? No! Certainly not! We must still fight the fight. This is just one victory, in a larger war! However, we must relish in the victories, and brace for our losses. This vote has sent a message to the country, “We will not tolerate the kangaroo court of feelings and mob rule, we stand with the laws of the land and the values of our democracy”… That, for our men, is a victory! Rejoice!!!!

However, the fight is not over! Our victory must not make us blinded and lazy. We won the battle, but not the war! The Left is going insane as we speak! Just as bad, perhaps, as when Trump got in as president! They will want to impeach him now, but luckily that will be harder to do than keep him out now he’s in! Kavanaugh, although he won, still lost in many ways. He lost some of his reputation to slander. He lost countless hours worrying. He lost having joy in his home since this whole fiasco began. He lost his peace of mind for his threatened wife and children. The children lost their innocence, as yes, they know the truth of all the vile allegations! I’m sure they too, lived in fear of being hurt, attacked, slandered themselves! Imagine being 10 or 13, and having his family be YOURS at that vile time of chaos! His wife had to show an amazing depth of fortitude and loyalty. A TRUE virtuous wife ladies, we must all strive to be! Yes, today, the Kavanaugh family can rejoice with the rest of us, but the trauma they each faced personally, and as a family still must be addressed. They will always carry those wounds with them from the vile Leftist smear campaign! What can we do to help? VOTE!!! Vote for common sense and reason! Get your voices heard! Show Kavanaugh and every other man in your life that you will not stand for what happened these past few weeks, ladies! We walked a thin line today. He only won by 2 votes. A little more push, and the Left could have easily won! Rally the troops for the fight for reason, common sense and justice whenever we can, —and must! Kavanaugh’s confirmation, overall, lets us say with the greatest joy:


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Breaking News! I Think I Just Got Censored on Twitter!

UPDATE: Justice has been served! We spoke out and held Twitter accountable!!! Keep our voices heard! Score one for common sense, reason, and justice!

So, for a while now, Twitter has been a huge platform for me to get my voice out there, but as of last night, my stats have dropped significantly, and I found out no one can see my comments to other tweets, which have gotten many views in the past, including just last night! I don’t know for sure, but I fear the radical liberals on Twitter have come after me now too! I’m asking my loyal followers to please speak out for me on social media and here on WordPress, as they came for Prager U, and they can come for you next! Stay silent, and who will be there to speak up for when it happens to you? I never thought A Lady of Reason was popular enough to even be noticed by their algorithms, but I guess I was, considering no one can see my stuff now! Went down from thousands of views, to under one hundred! Radical liberal censorship is out there because they can’t handle plain facts, and the cold hard truth! Perhaps too, it’s because of the elections they want to stifle our voices before the midterms this November. It’s baffling though, because my tweets seem to be blocked to outsiders on sites like Fox News, which are conservative, so I think Twitter did a number on me, and yet scarily,  ISIS now is posting on their page and has yet to be censored! Even my old posts that got thousands of views are now no longer visible where I commented! Note this happened just overnight last night! Please spread the word, and help keep the mainstream social media accountable! It took many to speak out for Prager U, so it will take many to help me and you too! The silent majority must speak out when our fellow allies are shadow banned and censored! Some other prominent Twitter conservatives have been shadow banned too recently… I wonder if it’s a trend for the upcoming election… I will have to wait and see what there is to be done to resolve this mess! Until then, keep spreading the word, and speaking out! America needs our voices!

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An Open Letter to Recent Immigrants from A Lady of Reason

Dear recent immigrants,

I’m not your “enemy”. I’m not simply a xenophobic bigot that will spew vitriol about immigration to America while overlooking the fact MY OWN ancestors came over from poor 3rd world countries like many of yours. Having had lived lives of poverty and hoped for a better future here in America, the land of opportunity. I realize that living in this country is a privilege, and many like myself have not endured what you have in your own country to be compelled to leave or flee it, along with any good memories, your culture, your language and your heritage not to mention family and friends left behind! I don’t know what it’s like to have to live in a strange place where everyone is different no one knows you and you can’t even speak the language or know the culture. I certainly would rather live in the place I grew up and learned the language and culture of! No one wants to give up their country if they don’t have to, and I can’t imagine what it would take for me and many other Americans to abandon this country and live in a land foreign to our way of life.

I get it. You can’t just learn a new language and integrate into a brand new culture in the blink of an eye! I know from experience trying to learn Spanish and German, you won’t be able to learn it in a day! I don’t mind if you want to associate with your own communities, be around people like yourself, and remind yourself of a little bit of home. I don’t care if you talk to your fellow countrymen in your native tongue in public, or live in your own communities. There are better things to have a hissy fit about than the Spanish couple speaking Spanish in the cafe across the street for instance. I don’t care if you want to celebrate your native indigenous festival from “the old country”, or wear your own clothes, or have your own food, music, art etc… I understand everyone is on a different part of their journey to becoming an American. I’m not going to rant and rave you need to change everything you’ve ever been accustomed to “NOW!” in order to prove your loyalty to your new country, our country.

However, I do have some misgivings and hesitations to welcome everyone in with open arms, (and borders)! The goal in living in a new place is to integrate into the dominant culture as well. It’s not a black and white either or situation! You CAN keep your traditional heritage while also integrating into American culture and life by learning our language and adopting our cultural values as well. Countless Americans who came over as immigrants only a century ago have done this quite nicely. Take the many Italian Americans, for instance, who still celebrate Italian festivals, hang Italian flags up, make Italian dishes and preserve the Italian language in their homes and families and are quite proud to be Italian! However, they also can speak English, embrace American values, embrace their newfound American heritage and are proud to be Americans as well! A teacher from my high school came over here as a teenager from Italy, not knowing any English! He’s quite in tune with his Italian heritage at home and speaks Italian in his household, but he doesn’t demand others in public cater to him in having signs, TV shows, songs, businesses, schools, hospitals, translators etc… so he can only speak Italian at everyone else’s inconvenience! He took the time and effort to learn English, since he is living here, not there.

To those who would disagree with learning our language instead of demanding everyone know yours, imagine the reverse situation where an American immigrant or expatriate living in your country demands everyone speak English for them and never lifts a finger to learn your country’s language! Insulting and entitled you say? Well we feel the same when people coming to live here won’t lift a finger to integrate into our society and learn our language. Just because you know another language, doesn’t mean you can never speak your original one! There’s no law saying you can’t speak your native tongue within your own community and home! Just don’t demand everyone outside of it cater to you when you’re living in a different country with a different language! Try to learn our language and use it in our country, as I hope many of us would learn and use your language in yours. It’s only fair…

On a related note, integrating into our culture and embracing our cultural values is also only fair if you intend to live in our country. By coming here, you implicitly agree that our country was a better fit for you, and therefore, you have now joined “team USA” so to speak. By joining our little group, it means embracing what we stand for in our country, such as a democratic society and equality. Those who would seek to shun our values and bring 3rd world values that you supposedly fled from sort of defeats the purpose of a fresh start, doesn’t it? If you would rather live by the unjust values you escaped from in your old country, why on Earth did you leave it to begin with?!

If you want to treat your women as property, enforce castes and class difference no one can move upward in, shun any ethnic outsider than your own group here in this country, and live overall in a “dog eat dog” manner more appropriate to the 3rd world place you came from where you needed to to survive, as opposed to a more civilized manner in a country of plenty, then why come to a place where we shun all such things? I thought people came here to get away from the injustices of 3rd world dictatorships, not bring them with you! Can you leave those 3rd world values behind when you pack your suitcase for America? 😉 Please and thank you… If you’d give us a chance, you’d see you wouldn’t want to go back to the stone age values of your previous dictatorship! Democracy and equality are possible and do work wonders for human society!

My last concern is what you intend to do once here. Are you willing to put in hard work to better yourself, your family, and our country overall? My ancestors who were immigrants did all of the above! They came with nothing, but worked their way up to having stable homes and happy families. They built a new fruitful life with the opportunities America gave them. You can too! However, so many decide to drain our system, not get any education and be unskilled, drain our healthcare, our schools, our welfare, our police force with crime and gangs and basically expect us to carry them in their cradle to grave welfare and crime and 3rd world values instead of getting a job, being upright citizens, and contributing to America as productive citizens. Then to add insult to injury, they whine and complain about how “unjust” and “discriminatory” America is!

You should get a job to support yourself, not rely on others to pay the bill for you! Hospitals only can give so much and they’re being drained dry. Schools are there to teach your children, not raise them! Police are there to protect you, not protect others from you! In addition, are you open to all the different people here in America, or just your own insular group while excluding, even assaulting outsiders who come into your neighborhood? We welcomed you in, yet you can’t welcome any one who’s different from you? How fair is that??? How fair is it that we have to give you a free ride while the money to do so comes right out of our hard earned paychecks? If you want to come to our country, you ought to “do your bit” and give back in gratitude!

One last point to make too is, please understand if we simply don’t have room for you. We can’t have open borders and just let everyone in who wants to come! We must weed out the good from the bad, as the bad people have come into this country with every innocent person too! Is that fair? No! It’s not. I wish we could take in everyone who needs our help and are willing to contribute to our society, but we’re crammed enough as we are! We need to look out for our own citizens first, not outsiders. As wonderful as our country is, we’re nowhere near perfect! US citizens live in dire poverty, are homeless, disadvantaged, starving, need healthcare, need schooling, etc… etc… The burden of taking care of our own citizens is great, and many of us would understand if the shoe were on the other foot: if YOUR country were the place to go, yet its citizens still need help. Why help us when your own people are hurting? What would entitle us to demand your resources as outsiders? The little space we do have to give to others in need like yourself, is precious and shouldn’t be wasted on someone unworthy. A person who can give back, get a job, and live a good honest life deserves a chance at opportunity and fulfillment. I’m in no way saying I’m against them bringing their skill set and work ethic into this country! We need some fresh blood with a passion to help build us up, like many immigrants in the past did for our country! We need more scholars, scientists, laborers, etc… to run America smoothly. What we don’t need however, is a leech who will turn to crime, ghetto life, and 3rd world values of inequality and intolerance! The person you decide to be determines your worthiness to come here. We do have room for hard working, upright individuals who wish to better themselves and their families. We don’t have room for miscreants and more welfare cases! Take your pick…

Many people have come here past and present for a better life and better values. I, and many others welcome you with the open arms our country welcomed our ancestors if you’re willing to welcome our values of hard work, democracy and equality into your life 🙂

Welcome us, and I’ll welcome you,

—A Lady of Reason

(P.S. coming here illegally and then draining our resources is also wildly unfair to every immigrant who does come here through legal channels and puts in the work to become a fellow citizen! Be like the hard working ancestors who embraced America and became hard working productive citizens, not the welfare leeches and closed minded intolerant 3rd world value apologists!)

Reflections on Current Events: PragerU vs. Censorship by The Liberal Media

Reflections on current events is a new segment of A Lady of Reason. A history teacher in my sophomore year of high school would make the class write reflections on current events in the news, with the view it made us more well rounded, engaged citizens to think about what we see and hear about, and reflect on it, not just absorb it like mindless sponges! While he was much more liberal than I, I found common ground in that sentiment, as how can one make change without knowing what’s being changed? Inspired by the spirit of that assignment, I take some time to reflect on a major event going on involving the conservative community, or some liberal lunacy that has gained prominence! Part of the job of speaking out and advocating is being informed of what’s going on in the world around us. “Forewarned is forearmed!” 

The recent flurry of news over censorship of conservative voices online and on social media platforms has captured more national attention in recent days since it has come out PragerU has been censored by Facebook. However, this issue is not new and has been going on for years! The rampant culture of radical liberalism has pervaded our country, from blatant lies in politics, to propaganda and brainwashing in our schools and higher education, to most major organizations,  news outlets, TV, movies, and yes, the internet! Conservatives must fight twice or more as hard to be heard, and when they do, face intense backlash, ad-hominem attacks, and vitriol. We are reduced to backwards stereotypes such as racists, misogynists, homophobes, transphobes, etc…etc… who are privileged white males! Not to mention anti-intellectual cavemen who want to set our country back to the stone age in terms of social progress and equality!

The liberals make all sorts of excuses, for example saying that conservative viewpoints are “hate speech”. But, has anyone actually thought about what actually is hate speech? I’ll give you liberals a hint; it’s NOT simply an unflattering truth or unpopular opinion! You see, even a more bigoted opinion is not against the law. I’m not justifying making unsubstantiated claims just to incite anger and provoke outrage, nor spreading nasty lies about any group. The key difference between where it ought to cross the line is inciting violence, and threatening individuals or groups with actual credible threats (i.e. bomb threats, shootings, assault etc…). Saying an unflattering, harsh and blunt opinion or criticism of someone or some group is not the same, and if censored, will go down a very slippery slope! When did a frank but honest critique become racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic etc…? When was it decided criticizing a politician’s flaws and scandals is tantamount to hurling a racial slur? The fact is, there are many many opinions I strongly disagree with that I wish were never said in the open. However, I’d never dream of limiting their right to speak freely in this country, a democracy where the people can speak their minds about their government and anything else! I demand my rights to speak my mind, therefore, also fight for the rights of others to speak theirs, even in conflict with my own opinions. Quite a foreign concept, huh? 😉 After all, the true reason for needing a right to free speech is for just the occasion that speech is unpopular. The Nazis never came after those saying “Heil Hitler!”, now did they? Many opinions will get your goat, even anger you. They certainly do for me on occasion, but I will still uphold their right to voice them in this country.

Speaking of speech that can skirt the line between unpopular and illegal, what about some things the liberals have said? Madonna wants to “blow up the White House”! and yet, no one ever came after her for making a blatant threat against the president and the government! What about all the people who have made death threats against Trump, our president, yet let off the hook with a slap on the wrist, or less! The incidents of “stab a Trumpkin” in a college, or a grave that said “Don Trump” at an elementary school Halloween party! Not to mention YouTube videos joking about assassinating Trump, or what about Antifa inciting violence with provocative statements against their opposition? The liberals get to say all the petty slurs they want, comparing the NRA to baby killers, or criticizing Trump’s appearance, yet decrying any one else doing it to liberal politicians, like Hilary Clinton, or Michelle Obama. What about sacking conservatives for saying something unpopular and cancelling their TV show, or blackballing them, yet letting liberal actors and celebrities slander conservatives scott free? I won’t say all conservatives air their views in the most polite, professional and articulate manner, but to say we’re the hateful ones, while spewing out blatant lies, slander and hate for conservatives is complete and utter hypocrisy!

It’s scary that here in America, major corporations such as Google and affiliated social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others can censor conservatives and almost no one bats an eye or speaks up! The liberal bias is rampant online, as in every major news outlet, magazine, and media in general. They say all groups need to see themselves in the spotlight in a positive way to feel valued in our society, yet don’t bat an eye at stereotyping conservatives as backwards, ignorant hicks and bigots! When do we get our turn in the media? When do our voices get to be heard on supposedly free speech sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter? The recent incident with PragerU and Facebook and YouTube censoring, where 3 million or so viewers couldn’t access his most recent videos all overnight it seemed, really brought to light to many the extent the blatant censorship of conservatives goes! And this isn’t the first time PragerU was censored either! Countless others, many much smaller and less prominent are censored every day by these liberal corporations online, and in the media, and who’s going to speak up for them? PragerU was lucky since they are so prominent, but what about the little guy, such as my little platform to speak out? Who will protect me? The fact that this happens is an outrage, and if it were to happen to a prominent liberal organization, there would be international outrage on every major news network! Telling too how Facebook decided it was all an “accident”, but who honestly believes the fact 3 million people couldn’t reach PragerU’s videos when PragerU got thousands of views on his others? You may not agree with everything PragerU has to say, you may oppose it strongly, but you know the saying…

First they came for the — and I didn’t speak up,

Now they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me…

Image result for ben garrison censorship monopoly

There will be more stories to come of censorship until we hold them accountable! It’s only a matter of time until they come for you too unless we speak up together and fight to get our voices heard! Who will be there when they come for you if you let others be shut down?