A Tale of Two Protests…

A rally that was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration for patriots to stand up for Trump on January 6th disappointingly turned into a chaotic event. Scores of people occupied the Capitol building and some stepped over the line into fear tactics, and even violence. When the dust finally settled, 4 died, the National Guard had to be called, a curfew enforced in DC, and several arrests. I think we can all agree this violent mob chaos was a disgrace and does not represent the real patriot or mainstream Trump supporter. Indeed, many prominent conservatives, including our President openly decried and denounced the violence and chaos, reminding every fellow American that no matter what the cause, violence and fear is never the answer to create change in a democracy. Despite the widespread condemnation of the rotten apples who only hurt Trump’s cause and the conservative community, the liberal media is swarming over this as proof of “right wing” domestic terrorism and proof we are dangerous insurrectionists who need to be censored and banned. The left even went as far as to give Trump a permanent ban on Twitter, a heavily left leaning platform! In some ways not surprising, as they were looking for any excuse, and this seems to be the perfect one.

Now contrast the widespread (and justified) condemnation for the behavior shown at the Capitol Building with the BLM riots and “autonomous zones” from this past summer. Violent insurrection? Check. Calling the National Guard? Check. Curfews? Check. Destruction of property? Check. Making people fear for their safety? Check. Arrests? Check. We can go on and on… Yes, the cause may be different, the side may be different, even the scale and duration of events is different. But the chaos? The violence and fear? Nope! Those riots caused for more destruction and went on for longer and with more people in several cities across the country. Did their behavior honestly reflect the simple idea that black lives matter as much as any other life? Were their actions reflective of a movement who only wants equality and justice? No matter what your opinion is of BLM, violent riots, chaos and looting harms volumes more than it ever would help actual black lives.

Yet, there was no widespread condemnation from BLM leaders. They encouraged the riots in the name of “reparations”! The left did nothing to condemn and stop the chaos, and called anyone a racist for criticizing them. Despite it being also within a raging pandemic no one even blinked at the thought of thousands packed in the streets like sardines. As businesses shut down, they were broken into and looted while the business owners could only stand by and watch or face arrest. The famous “autonomous zone” CHAD, CHAZ, or CHOP or whatever else, stood for a whole month before being cleared out! Name a prominent left leaning politician or celebrity or any public figure who condemned the behavior shown over the past summer. Name anyone on the left who said the rioter’s behavior dishonored, not honored, the lives lost to alleged police brutality.

Now going back to the recent events on the Capitol: President Trump decried the violence. Several conservative politicians decried the violence. Fellow conservatives on social media all decried the violence. Even though we all dislike, even hate, the policies of many who work in the Capitol, we never said they deserve violence and to fear for their lives. True conservatives know a democracy and the rights we all have as Americans applies to all, not merely those who we agree with. We are deeply embarrassed and disgusted our peaceful event was corrupted into what it was. Thing is, new evidence is coming to light, (despite being suppressed by the leftist mainstream) that many of the actual rioters and violent agitators were Antifa and other far left groups disguised as Trump supporters to sabotage our peaceful event. Yes, every group has its wing-nuts and we’re no different, but the wing-nuts don’t represent the other 99%. At every other Trump inspired event, thousands of fellow patriots gathered together without incident. This is out of character with the other events led by conservatives for Trump and should have raised suspicions from the start.

Before all this, I watched a video by Vox, a heavily left leaning news site geared towards college age millennials and teenagers that argued that the news coverage of the violence in many cities over the past summer mischaracterized a vast majority peaceful movement. They argued that news often focuses on the outliers, the more extreme ends to sell a more interesting story, violence is more eye catching, and also because it can be hard to capture all nuances of the complex subjects protests can cover whereas focusing in on an extreme helps simplify it for outsiders. It wrapped up by saying not to buy into the media’s mischaracterization and oversimplification of their chosen movements by the actions of a few bad apples. Now, compare that attitude towards how the leftist media has covered this event! The left is blatantly turning a blind eye to violence from their own chosen causes, yet is quick to condemn the actions of a tiny minority within the 75 or so million who voted Trump in this past election. In contrast, as stated before, numerous conservatives including President Trump swiftly condemned the violet actions allegedly done in the name of conservatives and Trump. You can see the hypocrisy in black and white.

No one has the right to use violence and terror to get their way in this country or in any democratic society. This applies to any political party, religion, race, ethnic group, special interest groups etc… I and fellow conservatives have always upheld the rule of law for everyone, including ourselves. We aren’t justifying the violence that happened at the Capitol when we call out the utter hypocrisy of how it’s been covered compared to left leaning insurrectionists and their violence. I don’t care about your opinion on whether the election was stolen, or if BLM is a worthy movement reflective of the inherent value of black lives when you cross that line. Violence is violence no matter who it comes from, so why is one group’s violence covered up en masse, while another’s is characterized as representative of 75 million people of whom 99% are peaceful law abiding citizens? Why are our leaders condemning the bad apples in our barrel while theirs cover up, deny and then attack you for calling out their silence about theirs? Saying we condemn violence done in our name, yet we also condemn the double standards being applied to how it’s perceived compared to the left’s own share of violence and chaos is not mutually exclusive!

Patriots, we must show the country that those who took part in this disgrace were not us. This was never us. And most likely were literally not us!

Leftist Lunacy 2020!

It feels like a century ago, but 2019 was only a year ago! For those who remembered, I did a post recalling the lunacy of 2019 and closed with “here’s to an even loonier 2020…” Little did I know I ought to have been more careful for what I wished for 😉 The Left had a field day last year, but this year was their time to really let loose the lunacy…

A Lady of Reason presents: Leftist Lunacy 2020!

Ringing in The New Fear

Early into 2020 more information on the new Wuhan Coronavirus, or COVID-19 as it was named, came out. President Trump recommended shutting down travel from China to the US to get ahead of stopping potential spread before it gets too out of hand, but one can guess how that was received: Accusations of racism and xenophobia by many Leftist leaders, including Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, NY Mayor Bill de Blasio, and even Anthony Fauci, the “top authority” on Covid-19 among many others. Basically, their reasoning could be distilled into “Trump’s a racist!” for taking early precautions. Apparently early on into the Covid craziness, the real fear wasn’t about an unknown virus and a potential pandemic on our hands, but making sure no one associated the new virus with their best buddy, China… On a related note, naming the virus was an almost equally loony task for the powers that be! Unlike the Spanish Flu, Ebola, Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, German Measels etc… Calling COVID-19 the Wuhan or China virus was “racist”, “Xenophobic” and “inciting violence” against Asian Americans. That makes sense: Just like how we scapegoat everyone from Lyme, Connecticut for why we must check ourselves for ticks every summer…

Comically Incorrect: Coronavirus Fiddle : exploreVenango.com

Flattening our Freedoms

Who can forget early March when “flattening the curve” was all the rage? The idea was to take 2 weeks to self isolate so less people get sick and overwhelm the healthcare system. Instead of creating a sharp spike in cases, we would create a broader flatter distribution. Good idea right? Until one realized that 1. Until herd immunity is achieved we’re all still vulnerable, and 2. Broadening the curve only prolongs the outbreak and self isolating will not achieve herd immunity, and 3. We can’t wait years for some miracle cure stuck in our houses unable to function and support ourselves. Speaking of being unable to do anything during this period, many states imposed shut downs and mandatory isolation on their citizens. Visiting family and friends? Nope! Shopping? Nope! Travel? Nope! Playing in a secluded park with your own kids with no one else around? Nope! Paddleboarding on a beach in total isolation? Nope to that as well…

Tyrants Gone Wild! : TheRightCantMeme

Closed for Business

But, what if I own a business or need to go to work? Sorry! From the spring into late summer, stores, restaurants, recreational centers, museums, places of worship, etc… were all closed down. Only essential businesses were to be open, which apparently included the liquor stores and abortion clinics… It was okay to buy liquor but not some grass seed at Walmart (a “lived experience” of mine). Can’t work on Zoom? Sorry! You’re not elite enough for the powers that be to care. There were some relief packages, but much of it was given to the Left’s favorite businesses and not small businesses, and had many strings attached such as setting up sanctuary cities and open borders… In 2020, an unprecedented number of families struggled with unemployment and financial hardship due to arbitrary and hypocritical shutdowns.

Coronavirus cartoons: Senate OKs small-business stimulus bill

Who Killed Grandma?

Tragically, many did die from Covid, but the vast majority were the already vulnerable elderly. In most outbreaks, the very young and very old are most susceptible and make up most casualties and severe cases. Not just for COVID-19. However, many of these deaths could have been preventable, not by more shut downs for the healthy, who were needed to help the country stay afloat so the vulnerable could stay home, but isolation of the vulnerable from the outside. So why then, did governors such as Cuomo order NY to put Covid positive patients in nursing homes with vulnerable and sickly elderly people??? Wasn’t that the exact opposite of the idea to protect the elderly from catching Covid? As families were literally forbidden to be in the room as their loved ones died in hospitals and nursing homes, Covid positive patients were being shipped to nursing homes en masse.

Editorial cartoons for June 7, 2020 - oregonlive.com

Fudging the Numbers

If it’s any consolation however for some, there’s also evidence that the numbers of direct Covid casualties may have been shall we say, “inflated”. Grandpa has a heart attack and the body tests positive for Covid at the autopsy? Covid death! Someone fell off his motorcycle but tested positive? Covid death! Patient had flu like symptoms and pneumonia but it’s ambiguous? Covid! Now this may seem absurd to some, but what gets tallied for their stats and what’s on the death certificate may be entirely different things… I wouldn’t put it past them to get results they want to justify their lunacy.

Comically Incorrect: D is for Disease : exploreVenango.com

1,2,3,4… Covid Don’t Apply No More!

By the summertime, even some on the Left were getting bored of Covid news non-stop, 24/7. So when a “certain someone” had a confrontation with police and resisted arrest, and had a heart attack while being restrained, the Left had their new cause to rally around. Murder! Outrage! White supremacist tyranny! Defund the police! The claim was that the police abused their power and refused to let the man breathe, asphyxiating him and causing his death. George Floyd became the Left’s new martyr, killed due to white supremacy. Autopsy findings made no mention of asphyxiation saying it was a heart attack and there were no physical indications the specific cause of death was due to his airway being blocked. One can argue the method the police used to restrain was completely wrong in of itself, but would the same reaction have happened had Floyd been white? I think we all know the answer to that! “Inconsequential facts” aside, this sparked BLM and Antifa riots where they looted already struggling businesses, set fires and had violent riots in which a black police officer, Officer David Dorn was killed by a looter. Yet no one even blinked an eye at his death. There was no golden casket or state funeral, or international outrage. Apparently not all Black lives matter. Thousands of rioters filled the streets in cities like Minnesota, New York, Minneapolis, Chicago, etc… Wait a second! Did Covid magically go away? What about all the lock downs and social distancing? When I thought of “herd immunity”, I didn’t think it meant herd everyone within sneezing distance of each other!

GrrrGraphics Cartoons on Twitter: "#FlatScreensMatter #Milwaukee #BLM good  cartoon!… "

The Great Republic of CHAZ

Did you know in the year 2020 a brand new Nation sprung up? You didn’t? Well one did, and it was called CHOP, or CHAZ, or…. I can’t keep track! This new sovereign nation professed values of Leftist “tolerance” and “inclusion” for all, by demanding photo ID’s, setting up their own de-facto police force (in the no “racist”-cop zone), and terrorizing local businesses and inhabitants of Seattle, WA. They also had a “booming” economy which required supplies from the outside world and even grew their own mini “gardens”. Despite a less than stable government, including 4 shootings and shooting deaths of those as young as 16, CHAZ lived on: For all of 1 month…

It takes a Village | 2020 June | Cartoons | A.F.Branco | AAEC

Cutting Class for Covid

Everyone hated when summer vacation ended and school began again, but as adults, one would think that it wasn’t such a big deal to go back to your job! Cue hysterical teachers and teacher’s unions: No in person school until Covid is gone! Despite children not being a significant factor in transmission, and in-person learning being essential for the educational needs, and even social/emotional needs of many children, teachers called for schools to be shut down for everyone. Not just older more susceptible teachers, but young healthy ones too cried for no in person school. The fruits of this lunacy? A spike in D’s and F’s, students being grades behind, un-equal access to learning online, at risk youth slipping through the cracks and diminished mental health for all! What a wonderful start to the school year… Unlike all the grocery store workers, restaurant workers, postal workers, janitors, etc… who also “didn’t sign up” for battling a pandemic on the job yet keep the country running, teachers, apparently are more worthy of less risk than the rest.

Teachers don't want to go to school too | School humor, Teacher comics,  Teacher humor

“You Know The Thing…”

If 2020 couldn’t be made more nutty, 2020 was also the pivotal year for the anti-Trumpers to try and get Trump out! In addition to Covid fear, the Left also stoked everyone’s anxiety over Trump possibly winning again. And their fears may have been founded: 71 million people voted Trump again. However, Biden was declared the winner, along with his diversity-pick Kamala Harris for Vice President. Trouble is, were they really??? It sounds like a conspiracy theory, but there’s evidence the election counters were rigged. Mail-in ballots sent out for this election, using Covid as an excuse are far more susceptible to fraud. Why were mail carriers told to not deliver ballots? What about the missing ballots? More ballots than voters? Thousands of “lost” ballots all for Biden and none for Trump? The fact that Facebook and Twitter censor and block comments and likes on posts disputing their claim to victory? Hmmm…. The ultimate irony: The Left, of all people, declares we can’t get past losing the election!

GrrrGraphics Cartoons on Twitter: "The same people that told you the  "Russians and Trump" rigged the 2016 election, are telling you now that the  2020 election can not be rigged - there

Do as I Say, Not As I Do…

Who’s ready for round II…… of more shut downs?! Due to claims of increasing numbers of Covid cases, some places are re-shutting down again and instituting more lock downs and stay at home orders. However, apparently, these don’t apply to everyone. Governor Gavin Newsom and several top health officials dined at an upscale restaurant called the French Laundry, indoors, and not socially distant despite telling Californians to stay at home! Another case involved the hypocrisy of small businesses such as a woman’s restaurant getting shut down as Newsom forbid outdoor dining yet a few yards away was a tent with outdoor dining for actors on a movie set! So much for fearing Covid…

Thumbs down: Newsom undercuts his own credibility by attending French  Laundry dinner party

I’ll Be (Forced to Stay) Home for The Holidays

Last year, could anyone have guessed that deciding to celebrate the holidays with your family would be seen as controversial or some ethical controversy? In 2020, the “War on Christmas” turned into biological warfare according to the Left! Whatever your family celebrated this holiday season, for many it was pressured into being smaller to non-existent! Yes, some people may have legitimate reasons to avoid gatherings this year, but for most, the hype is well… a hype. For those like my grandma who is taking more risk, she chose to host our annual celebration with her as at her age, every day is a gift and the next is certainly not guaranteed with any more certainty than her catching Covid. For some people who chose to celebrate in person this past year, there may not be a next year to look forward to getting back to normal. Think on that before you judge any family’s decision to have celebrated in person. Social and governmental pressure to cancel plans with family in my mind at least, cross the line. My family my choice 😉

GrrrGraphics Cartoons's tweet - "#MerryChristmas 2020 #BenGarrison cartoon  #Rudolph the social-distanced Reindeer! Rudolph the mask-nosed reindeer  Forced to have a vaccine dose Dr. Fauci cancelled Christmas You could even  say it's closed..

Have You Seen The Vaccine?

On a positive note to wrap up 2020, some long awaited vaccines came out in record time! The coveted Holy Grail for the Covid panickers has arrived! Rejoice O Lefties! Now, I’m hesitant to just dive right in and be their first guinea pig, and some adverse reactions are being reported already so this may not be the miracle cure. I also think that the most vulnerable, such as the elderly and those with health issues, then healthcare workers need it first. Not young healthy individuals! At this point, I see no reason for me, for instance, to get it but the choice is yours. Some fellow conservatives have even stronger reservations, and see this as yet another way for Leftist government control and even possible coercion to get the vaccine impinging on individual freedoms. While I’m not dead set against the vaccine, I wouldn’t put anything past the Left at this point! We need cautious optimism about this vaccine and 2021. The real question in my mind is, the Left has said they’d restrict things “until there’s a vaccine”, yet their shut downs continue. So what’s their next excuse, and how long will We The People put up with this?

Dick Polman: Who's Jonesing to inject President Trump's miracle vaccine?

Here’s to a Less Loony 2021!

GrrrGraphics Cartoons (@GrrrGraphics) | Twitter

“Learned Victimhood”: A Consequence of The Left’s Indoctrination

The Left’s emphasis on constant, often ad nauseam discussions on race relations, racial bias and “systematic racism” have been only increasing in recent years, and especially in the wake of the recent turmoil this past summer. Their argument is that these frank, and often heated discussions while cringe worthy at times, are essential and long overdue for highlighting and hopefully addressing the issue of racial bias and prejudice in society. White people are often accused of being the ones who wish to silence such discussions, but I argue that is not the case. Rather, many don’t wish to be lectured and talked down to and labeled a racist and “speaking from privilege” if their views and lived experiences happen to differ and they bring a differing perspective. I wholeheartedly agree we need an open honest discussion on race relations, but one with cool heads and logical thoughts. Not a monologue on how whites are the supreme oppressors and that all views of people of color are to be declared infallible.

Never the less, the left pushes the narrative of the victim vs. oppressor instead of a cool headed rational debate. In doing so, they have set out to indoctrinate the next generation with messages that they are oppressed from birth onward and will never achieve what white people can without working extra-hard, or never even be able to attempt to reach their goals due to a myriad of systematic oppressive forces. Teachers, parents, authority figures, peers, news media, TV shows, movies, books etc… all send collective messages to youth of color that society was designed against them, to oppress and exploit them and that they are viewed as worthless in the eyes of white people who are “privileged”.

This is all under the guise of awareness and “education” and is supposed to affirm what they already know: They’re victims of systematic oppression. Studies the left cites argue they do know from a young age simply by being in society without overt messages, such as a famous doll study exploring children’s preferences for lighter or darker skinned dolls in the 1940’s. The obvious limitation now is race relations have changed drastically since the 1940’s! Even more recent replications of the study are prone to confirmation bias of the researchers and political pressures. Sadly even science is not immune from political correctness these days 😦 Other arguments the left gives for these trendy race education indoctrination sessions is to prepare children for future instances of encountering prejudice, like a birds and bees sort of talk.

At first glance, these reasons seem like reasonable ideas, but looking closer, they have a negative unintended consequence: Children can learn they are “oppressed” and victims of society not by lived experiences, but by external instruction. Basically, for some children, their encounter with a conscious sense of being marginalized is simply adults telling them they are or will be. It’s one thing to address an instance of prejudice or bias when it comes up in direct experience, it’s another thing to prime a child to actively look for signs of oppression, such as trying to figure out if the slightest thing might be a bias incident or not!

I propose we call this phenomenon learned victimhood. This is not the conventional experienced victimhood one might encounter through specific events, but learning to have a sense of victimhood even when nothing has actually happened yet to marginalize or oppress you, but others have told you you are in fact, on the outskirts of society so you must be a victim by default. You can be socially conditioned to believe what others tell you about yourself, even if you don’t experience or feel what they say is true. If everyone I trust and respect tells me something, I’m more likely than not to believe it!

A prime yet very sad example I recently saw was from a TV show: A mom explicitly telling her 5 to 6-ish year old daughter that because she is black, she will be seen as less than by white people, and will have to work 3 times as hard to only get half as far in life. Even if there is a grain of truth to it, to make such a negative blanket statement only primes the child to see her life prospects in a negative and pessimistic light. Rather than a message of empowerment and resilience in the face of adversities she may face, it was one teaching disempowerment and pessimism. Even more sad and disturbing to me was the child seemed to show no previous awareness of a sense of inferiority and oppression, and even didn’t really understand what mom was saying. She thought when mom said the word “disenfranchised” it meant she was a franchise like a business! In real life, this attitude breeds the resentment and divide in this country over race young… Obviously, this is fiction so of course it doesn’t have the same weight as a real life example, but it reflects what I’m sure many “woke” parents are teaching their kids, and the naivete of young children. Also, what about kids and parents who watched that TV show? They too absorb the message that that scenario is a normal and beneficial thing to reenact in real life! We often model what we observe…

This has tangible consequences: Those who believe themselves to be marginalized and an outsider often under perform on tasks such as academics or work. This is called stereotype threat, due to the feelings arising from perceived negative stereotypes and many studies show this is a real phenomenon going on. Now, the left cites systematic oppression from society as the main cause of this, and argues that stereotype threat is so insidious as it is often subconscious. However, could an explicitly taught sense of victimhood and marginalization also cause stereotype threat? I think the answer is an easy yes. Of course you’ll feel less confident and able to do well in school or on the job if you are constantly told people like you chronically underachieve due to forces (ex. white privilege) outside their control! A study by Walter and Cohen (2007, 2011) observed that:

“For instance, consider a Black freshman who had a bad day. Say his teacher criticized him in class or he was not invited to dinner by dorm mates. Already worried about his belonging, he is more likely than a White student to see it as proof that he does not belong.”

Why is he so worried about whether or not others see him as belonging? Yes, it could have been due to incidents where he was excluded. But could it also be because he is constantly reminded of his supposed victimhood and the idea that it is constantly ongoing and systemic by everyone all the time? What would have been isolated incidents of exclusion in his past then would be viewed as being generalized to every instance, not just a few negative experiences. Fortunately with Walter and Cohen’s interventions, in this case diary entries and other activities to counter these perceptions, these feelings decreased.

“Daily diary surveys completed in the week following the intervention showed that, in the control condition, Black students’ daily sense of belonging in school rose and fell with the level of adversity they experienced each day. To these students, negative social events seemed to convey that they did not belong in the school in general. The treatment cut off this relationship—here, Black students experienced similar levels of adversity, but adversity no longer led them to question their belonging.”

Sometimes, people just have an off day and might be short with you. A professor is simply a tough grader and it’s not about you personally at all. You may not always mesh in a particular friend group and be relegated to the outskirts as more of an acquaintance. A negative experience does not necessarily have to have anything to do with you personally, but if you are told to be on high alert for any bias incident or microaggression, or seek out evidence of this victimization others have insisted is true, then you will see it in everything you encounter! Confirmation bias is a thing, people…

I do not deny that there are some actual experiences of bias and prejudice, and even implicit bias, but I do strongly believe that actual prevalence of these incidents are fewer than what the left reports… Not every negative experience happened because of your race or any other identity! We need frank and candid discussions on race, including talking about negative experiences that people think have to do with race. However, telling our youth they are victims from the moment they’re born, unable to achieve in life due to a society stacked against them and a whole race that resents them only breeds a sense of learned victimhood, rather than affirming real victimhood.

At the very least, can we wait until someone experiences an actual incident of prejudice or bias before declaring them a victim for life?

Confirmation bias anyone???