I Don’t Need “Black Lives Matter” to Tell Me That Black Lives Matter….

The month long unrest that BLM has stirred up over the death of George Floyd and others has made the Left’s true agenda stand out crystal clear: It’s never really about what the Left tells us it is, from the BLM movement to the recent COVID-19 hysteria for instance. Conservatives condemned Floyd’s death just as liberals have, but don’t cover up and pretend that he was a saint when he had a lengthy criminal record including assaulting a pregnant woman. We can acknowlege the misconduct and abuse of power that officer who knelt on him had and condemn it without making him into a martyr with a state funeral. We can support black lives without twisting facts to suit a narrative rather than focusing on real instances of police misconduct and brutality or any number of substantive issues facing the black community. We can stand against racial bias and injustice without demonizing all white people, which in itself is a racist act. We can say the names of victims of black on black crime, and fallen black police officers such as David Dorn whose name was barely even mentioned when he died during the BLM riots, bleeding to death on a sidewalk as people filmed that too. We can stand with black conservatives and listen to their voices. We can learn from the wisdom of black intellectual leaders such as Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams.

The Left argues that they’re saying “black lives matter”, but actions speak louder than words, and what exactly are they doing? Burning down black communities. Looting businesses that keep the economies going in poorer neighborhoods including black owned businesses. Dismantling and demonizing the police force that keeps communities safe from criminals who tear down their prosperity. Silencing anyone who dares to ask for dialogue and debate, even to the point of violence. Shutting down major cities and terrorizing those living in them. Creating more racial tension and division by pitting whites vs. people of color rather than promoting mutual understanding and respect. Censoring anyone who dares contradict their “facts” and with it, actual ways to help the black community prosper. Calling people of color race traitors for daring to go against the Left’s ideology. Looking the other way at issues that hurt far more people of color than so called “white privilege”. Worst of all, cherry picking which black lives did matter. Are all these actions really saying “black lives matter to us”?

The Left is flat out lying to say conservatives don’t care about black lives, when many stand with people of color who want to better themselves and avail themselves of the opportunities America has to offer. Not to mention many black conservatives such as Candace Owens out there who are saying the exact same quote on quote “racist” things like personal accountability, the importance of education, the intact family etc… as non-black and brown conservatives. While the Left has been rioting and looting all in the name of BLM, black conservatives like CJ Pearson have raised thousands of dollars to rebuild and support black businesses.

You want to be a real ally to black communities? Why not volunteer to mentor an underprivileged youth? Why not support black businesses regardless of how “woke” they may be or not? Why not give hand ups rather than supporting handouts? Why not hold students of color to the exact same standards as everyone else so they can learn they can succeed despite the obstacles they may face? Or hire a person of color for their skill set and not just to fill a diversity quota? Why not teach the message to the next generation that you are more than just a victim, helplessly battered by a society working against you? Why not see the people of color in your life as more than just some underprivileged victim you need to be “woke” enough to help? As they say, the soft bigotry of low expectations is often the most damaging.

I don’t need to loot a store to realize black lives matter.

I don’t need to burn down my community to realize black lives matter.

I don’t need to demonize another race to realize black lives matter.

I don’t need to idolize someone with a violent past to realize black lives matter.

I don’t need to condemn the police (including the many police officers of color the Left has overlooked) to realize black lives matter.

I don’t need to support white guilt to realize black lives matter.

I don’t need to disrespect the flag and those who served to realize black lives matter.

I don’t need to hate the country to realize black lives matter.

I don’t need to choose between blue lives and black lives especially when many are one and the same.

And I certainly don’t need the Left dictating to me what I’ve always been raised to believe: ALL lives matter. Including black lives.

One other major point in all this: Whatever happened to COVID-19??? You know? The no large gatherings? Social distancing? Curfews? etc… Businesses can’t reopen or even defend themselves from looters using COVID-19 as an excuse, but “protesters” can come together in the thousands? President Trump can’t have a rally as he might spread the disease, but woke SJW’s are magically immune? Medical professionals who were stressing the importance of social distancing now say covid is no excuse to stay home from protesting? Is it just me, or does it reek of hypocrisy to you too?

Don’t believe me? Educate yourself with these resources I compiled in my previous post

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Don’t #BlackOut the Facts…

The unjust death of George Floyd as many now know, has sparked intense protests and many violent riots. Sadly, while the nation has come together to collectively condemn the officer who abused his power and is now charged with murder, many have taken the opportunity to exploit this injustice by using it as an excuse to create mayhem and loot  even black businesses! For those who support the more violent rioting, what does taking a flat screen TV out of Target or an expensive purse have to do with honoring George Floyd? What does destroying whole communities including black ones do for the black community? And not to mention the double standard as usual for the Left, why does one black life matter but not another, such as the murder of retired officer David Dorn whose killing was live streamed as he lay dying on a sidewalk. Has anyone in the midst of their call for the blood of police ever think about all the black officers who are putting their lives on the line for our protection? We can all come together to demand accountability for the death of George Floyd and others, but to exploit tragedies by rioting, calling for violence and death against police officers, and cherry picking whose life matters enough to talk about only hurts the cause. What is supposed to be about unity, accountability and basic rights for all has been made into yet another partisan agenda.

However, moments like these also give opportunities for a discussion on important topics like race. Believe it or not, there is one aspect of the protests that I was inspired by: Not in that I personally agreed with the content of what they were saying, but I’ve noticed some on social media are using a “blackout” protest to not simply put up a black square in their social media profiles, but give resources to learn more deeply about the issues (as they see them, of course) and highlight black voices (from their side exclusively). While I don’t agree with the messages they’re spreading through who and what they cite as learning tools, I thought why not do a conservative version of their far left leaning one? They want to highlight black far left voices? Why not highlight black conservative voices too? They want to spread more incendiary articles on how whites are the supreme oppressors? Why not highlight resources that debunk many of the Left’s myths on race and society? So I present to you my own list of things to educate yourself on in the midst of this chaos:

People to Know

Burgess Owens

Candace Owens

Robert Woodson

Thomas Sowell

Walter Williams


Being a Racist is Easy Today by Walter Williams

Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation by Candace Owens

Black Rednecks and White Liberals by Thomas Sowell

Demonizing White Men by Walter Williams

Discrimination and Disparities by Thomas Sowell

The Myth of Systemic Police Racism

The New Racism by Walter Williams

The Shameful Blackout of Thomas, Sowell and Williams

Rotten Education isn’t Preordained by Walter Williams

Unpacking Peggy McIntosh’s Knapsack








The Candace Owens Show


Learn About

The 1776 Project Founded by Robert Woodson

Unbiased statistics on white on black shootings by police:

Police Violence against Black Men Is Rare

Don’t Blame Police Racism for America’s Violence Epidemic


Oh, and one more thing: Whatever happened to that oh so deadly virus which warranted months of shutdowns huddled in our homes and destroying the economy? 😉

The Thought Police – Grrr Graphics

What other resources would you recommend? Comment below!

These Circumstances May be New, But They Must Never Be Considered “Normal”

A full month later, the pandemic, and the even greater hysteria rage on. With the numbers of deaths and cases on a downward trend, with hospital makeshift ICU’s being reverted into regular floors, nurses and doctors having time for tik-tok videos, a hospital navy ship sent back from NY and many states starting to reopen again, it’s amazing there is still resistance to more re-openings. They say it’s for safety, and fear of a resurgence, but the data, and many of the arbitrary restrictions say otherwise.

Isn’t it odd how during previous epidemics such as H1N1 during the Obama administration, absolutely no restrictions were ever put in place? No schools shut down? Millions of workers out of jobs? Businesses shuttered? You want to talk about fatalities? What about the Ebola crisis in Africa? Those types of viruses have an over 90% mortality rate and it is indeed NOT so far fetched it could have come here. In this globalized world, you can be around the world and back again within a day. Covid-19 started in China and now it’s a  global pandemic! Yet we did absolutely nothing aside from isolating some people returning. Why was a virus which kills almost everyone infected basically ignored throughout the developed world whereas a more virulent strain of a flu like virus which still has a low mortality rate and only affects already vulnerable people to disease treated as if it were Ebola?! What about the flu which kills millions worldwide despite having a vaccine each year yet the word has not shut down?

You want to argue it’s still too dangerous to resume our lives again? Ok, but then why are Covid positive people being shipped to nursing homes where the one of the most vulnerable populations resides? Many of the death clusters have been in these exact facilities all over the country! You want to protect the elderly? Then why on Earth are you creating literal death traps by putting infected Covid patients there to recover and infect the most vulnerable? That of all the illogical and arbitrary moves is the most vile and reprehensible at least to me. Why shoo away the USS Comfort, who came to NY to help share the load with allegedly overcrowded hospitals if our healthcare is strained to the breaking point? Why continue to cry “flatten the curve” when as said before and told to me directly by healthcare workers, ICU’s still have empty beds, makeshift ones are being reverted back to normal, non-essential medical care is being resumed, doctors and nurses are being pulled from Covid duty to their original jobs, etc..etc…? Why are you censoring treatments that could help until a vaccine is made and labeling the researchers doing so as scientific pariahs? Not to mention the blatant censorship of doctors, epidemiologists and researchers saying we don’t need to continue the lock downs!

Also, even if enough danger is still present to lock down everything, why shut down activities that can keep the virus at bay and help kill it off such as outdoor activities? Beaches are shut down or people are told to only use it for active things, but not sitting down. But is sitting 20 feet away from someone on your beach towel less risky than running past everyone on the beach where the wind can pick up your potentially contaminated breath and spread it to everyone you ran past? Is basking in microbe killing UV light worse then being in a confined space at home with your elderly in laws all summer long? Why shut down schools when children and young people are one of the least vulnerable then force them to stay at home with more vulnerable adults? If you can open stores like Walmart and Target relatively safely why not have other stores open in a similar manner? Many are starting to so it’s already being done so what’s the big wait for other places? Why is it still allowed to buy alcohol and cigarettes and get abortions, yet AA meetings are closed and so are many real medical procedures that while not necessary to sustain life, would ease great suffering and chronic pain and improve quality of life. Even dental work has been banned in many places, yet what happens if you have a cavity, or a cracked tooth that could lead to far greater damage? What about orthodontics where many procedures are time sensitive?

I’m not saying let’s just ignore all danger and go foolishly ahead, but there is a middle ground, such as the store capacity or social distanced lines or masks that can let places reopen but with less risk. Also, being more judicious and pragmatic about what should open first. What do we value as essential when we let people buy more booze to fuel their addiction, yet shut down the places to treat their addiction? Or allow abortions to kill a life yet restrict medical procedures and check ups that will save or improve the quality of life? Who is missing out on catching their unknown cancer while it is easily treatable because their doctor’s office is shut down and it could have been seen in a routine check up like that funny mole that’s been there? Who will have to lose their tooth because they didn’t see the dentist in time and needed a trip to the hospital now it was abscessed and they can’t eat? Who’s to say we can’t stand in socially distanced lines and in booths 6 feet apart when it’s time to vote if we can to get our groceries? There is a way forward with a middle ground between safety and the fact the world can’t stop because of a chance of increased risk.

What about the fact that despite efforts to help struggling businesses by giving them more money to get by, what does that have to do with funding illegals? Letting criminals out who have committed violent crimes and re offended while jailing parents playing with their children, friends meeting up in a backyard, people doing outdoor activities alone in desolated parks, fining church services and arresting the pastor while everyone is in their cars etc…? Weren’t the jail releases due to jail being a source of contagion, so why put people back inside then? What about all the millions going to ivy league schools and big business when the cries for help have been for the small mom and pop businesses?

How much do you want to bet this has far more to do than simple public health? In light of everything, hospitals below Covid capacity, help being told to go away, all the arbitrary rules, cherry picking who gets to stay open, censorship of any other treatments or facts to support reopening, arrests over the most ridiculous charges while letting out the most heinous of offenders, stimulus packages being spent on everyone but who needs it, etc…etc… do you honestly think public health is the only motive?

Thing is, all of this isn’t the scariest thing. At some point sooner or later, these restrictions will go away. It’s what will be left behind and the implications that follow after Covid is gone is the real concern. What does it say about our personal freedoms when the government can literally tell us we can’t buy grass seed, or clothing even though the store is still open? What does it tell us when companies are offering to make drones to check people’s temperatures, or a tracker on your phone to see where you go and who you’re with in case you might be sick? What does it mean when travel between your own properties is forbidden or across state lines? Think beyond the virus for a moment! What else could these restrictions be adapted for? Once a precedent is set, once governments can see that it has been done legally before, it can be done legally again and don’t think only in case of another pandemic! what will happen when another bad flu season hits? More restrictions? The economy was booming before this, and now it’s stopped. A bad economy can sway the voting public in an election, any election, and a new flu strain might just be the next excuse in 2024 for instance for one side or the other to get the incumbent out. After all, it could be done in 2020 😉 The virus may go away, but the precedents set during its reign will not. Or what about the implications of this:

“One could also envisage a future in which America learns a different lesson. A communal spirit, ironically born through social distancing, causes people to turn outward, to neighbors both foreign and domestic. The election of November 2020 becomes a repudiation of “America first” politics.”

I cited this before from The Atlantic in my previous post, but I wanted to remind everyone again to think about what this is really trying to say. My interpretation is this statement is speaking about far more than responding to a virus…

The Left wants us to think of the post Covid-19 world as a “new normal”. But what do they mean by “normal”? Masks all the time? 6 feet away for the next century? Lines to get into stores where you can only buy certain items despite a full stock? No gatherings beyond a few of your buddies? Online work and school for the next decade? Drones taking your temperature and apps tracking your every move in case you have the forbidden temperature reading? No more concerts, block parties, large weddings, proms, graduations, games, etc… No family gatherings for the holidays? The grand kids never know their grandparents except as a face in a screen? Even if these things end within the year, is the new normal then going to be a government who is trigger happy to do it all again each flu season? Our personal liberties and millions of livelihoods destroyed on a governor’s whim for any reason they so choose? When the next bug hits? Even in 1918-1919 the world came back to normal. Not a so called “new normal” and that pandemic was far far worse! In light of all this:

We can acknowlege these unprecedented circumstances as new, but for the sake of our freedoms and livelihoods, we can never, ever decide this is “normal”.