Almost Two Years and Counting….

The last thing most people want to read more about is the incessant coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic, and yet, the hysteria is still in full swing! After promises of getting back to the old normal instead of this “new normal” once the vaccines rolled out, the goal posts have been moved once again! Now, we all are pushed to get Covid booster shots just a few months after getting the full round of the original vaccines. Talk of different mutated strains such as the Delta variant are keeping the fear going for many, and it won’t be too long before stricter mask mandates and restrictions go into effect once more if the Left gets their way! Think of it too, winter is the perfect excuse as that is naturally cold and flu season where other bugs go around so it can easily be used to inflate the numbers and keep the “what if” in people’s minds when they get a cold.

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To the woke however, they argue it’s because of conservatives who are skeptical about the push for Covid restrictions and more vaccines this has gone on for so long. They say we are blind to the science and only wish to cut off our nose to spite our face to “own the libs”. However, if they truly want to help everyone do their part to get out of this pandemic, they need to stop pushing contradictory agendas, double standards and actually have more honesty and transparency across the board.

I’ve covered this in a few previous posts, but there are many reasons for conservatives to feel skeptical about much of what is advised in regards to Covid-19. They said we needed to lock down businesses, restaurants, public venues, and about everything imaginable to “flatten the curve”. Initially, many people did comply in the hopes that a short term shut down would pay off big time long term. However, the moment these shut downs came into effect, there were clear double standards: big businesses could stay afloat while family owned businesses suffered immensely. Places of worship, AA meetings, schools, etc… were forced to close, while the liquor store and abortion clinics were allowed to remain open as “essential businesses”. Let’s not forget also, when in the middle of summer 2020 Covid was all but forgotten as thousands flocked to the streets to loot and riot! We all had to move on Zoom for events yet the elites got to have fun in person, such as Obama’s big B-day bash! Think of it: children were forced to learn from home and blue collar workers who couldn’t do work from home suffered while the elites got to bend and break every shut down rule and come out even richer!

They said we all need to wear cloth or paper mask to stop the spread of a virus that escaped one of the top bio-labs in the world. That the science said it would prevent you from spreading the virus to others, and yet, studies have shown that the usual mask everyone wears is negligible in stopping it at all. Not only that, they moved the goal posts again and again saying you should wear not one, but two masks for it to really work! So, how effective is this mask if you need more than one?

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Not to mention, the usual double standards apply to who must wear it. Politicians and even health officials can get together in the middle of a shutdown to go out to eat to celebrate a birthday party at the fanciest restaurant in town without masks. The leftist elites at the Met Gala can go without a mask while the mere peons working the event had to mask up. School boards don’t have to mask up yet school children who are at the least risk of getting or spreading the virus do. For those who must follow the arbitrary rules regarding masks, the rules aren’t even enforced in a way that would logically stop the spread of disease! For example, a rule in one school is that those who play instruments such as flutes, horns, and tubas for instance must be masked but cut a slit to be able to blow through the instrument! What’s the point of a mask if you’re blowing air (and your infected droplets) through an instrument blasting it into the room forcefully? Didn’t they say singing supposedly was worse for those reasons? Hmm…

As for vaccines, still a huge hot topic even as mask mandates and shut downs have eased up a bit, the goal posts have been moved so many times it’s hard to keep track of! Full disclosure: I chose to get both rounds of the vaccine. I had no adverse effects and it has been like any other vaccine I have gotten. I’m not necessarily concerned about getting adverse effects from a booster, but it’s not high on my priority list to jump on. Why? I just got my two shots only a few months back, and the push to keep getting boosters is suspicious this early on. Yes, many vaccines need boosters every now and then, but usually it’s a matter of a year or a few years for many, and we know there’s much for the Left and companies like Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer to be gained by hyping up the fear and urging more vaccines! I personally don’t want to be lead around by manipulation and fear, and neither do even stronger skeptics than I. Many of these so called “anti-science conspiracy theorists” have no issue getting other vaccines.

Some are, but the majority of conservatives have gotten other vaccines for many other diseases. The reason why this one has been distrusted is not a lack of reason, but the Left’s lack of transparency and honesty as well as blatant hypocrisy in this and other Covid related matters. Why should we trust you when you’ve lied to and manipulated us before? Yes, viruses mutate but this Delta variant for example that they love to hype up now is indeed more contagious, but significantly less deadly. For those who are in good health and are not immunocompromised or elderly, the vaccine will lessen the strength of the virus if you do get it, however natural immunity gained from a mild case is far stronger. It may be the hard reality is we all need a brush with Covid-19 to gain true herd immunity. A final point on vaccine skepticism is we were told we’d get back to normal after the vaccines rolled out, and yet, here we are stuck in the Left’s panic driven “normal”…

What is this ongoing “normal” since “the adults are back in charge”? Higher prices on food, and other merchandise due to arbitrary Covid related rules around shipping driving up shipping expenses. Higher gas prices too. Covid relief funds that are now just handouts incentivizing people to stay home and not work as they’re making more by staying home than working so now we have an employment crisis.

Shaun on Twitter: "big fan of this garrison cartoon titled 'why you should  ditch the masks' in which masks simultaneously deprive people of oxygen,  allow covid-19 to pass through freely, and 'collect

More inflation due to all of this as now it takes more to buy stuff and employ people. An economic crash. A shortage of affordable middle class homes. A few dollars extra on merchandise, food and gas may not put as big a dent in upper middle class/white collar wallets, just as the pandemic didn’t stop them from working as they moved to Zoom, but it hurts the blue collar workers perhaps not so coincidentally who are more likely to vote conservative. Yet, the welfare state, illegal immigration, “refugees” from terror plagued nations, sanctuary cities and such are booming! The elites aren’t affected in their walled off gated homes and communities, the illegals and welfare recipients get their handouts; it’s the middle class and blue collar workers who foot the bill! We have to wear the masks, we have to give up in person events, we have to keep our kids home from school, we have to pay more for goods due to arbitrary Covid red tape, while the Leftist elites get to live the high life with no consequences of their policies they enforce on the “little people” and the welfare and illegal voting base gets their incentives to keep voting Left.

It’s clear to see if one would only open their eyes and look, why many conservatives are DONE with this Covid-19 nonsense! You want us to go along with all your rules, mandates and restrictions? Show us real scientific evidence and stop making rules that ignore the science, such as the true effectiveness of masks, shut downs and contagion patterns. Stop the blatant double standards and hypocrisy in having two sets of rules: one for the privileged few and one for the rest of us. Give us more transparency into the true incentives for pushing so hard for booster after booster shot of vaccines and declare conflicts of interest. Tell us the risks as well as benefits of getting your vaccines. You want responses to this pandemic to not be divided along political lines in a never ending culture war? Why not simply care about everyone’s health rather than use Covid-19 to push every woke agenda in the book? Don’t lead us on, manipulate us and lead through fear, but rather honesty and transparency. If the virus is truly such a great risk, why do you need to push so hard for us to see that? Two years is enough: More have opened their eyes and will vote accordingly the next time around 😉