The (New) Modern Woman…

The image of the “modern woman” has pervaded since the rise of all waves of feminism. She may be different depending on the era, the woman who could vote, the woman who could work, the woman who could wear pants, get dirty, own property, choose her husband, plan her family or chose not to have one, think for herself, be heard in the world, have a voice in society, etc..etc… The modern woman was one who could look to a bright future for herself, on her own terms. It’s a vision that all women like to think of themselves being able to be. However, like most idealistic visions, the reality often falls short. Am I saying that the “modern woman” ideal is necessarily bad, in the qualities listed above? No, not really. I want women to have autonomy, to get to choose her life choices, to decide who she deems worthy of marriage, to think for herself and be heard in the world, yes, all of those are not things I’m against. The problem arises though when this vision goes to extremes and becomes radicalized. The “modern woman” of today is not what our grandmothers and great grandmothers who fought for the vote pictured in their youth!!!

The “modern woman” of today is one who embraces vulgarity, loudness, and vitriol over the strength that comes from valid ideas and the feminine softness of ladies past. She is one who embraces sexual anarchy rather than sexual freedom through promiscuity and immodesty rather than tempered choices. She is one who will flaunt that sleazy vulgarity through “pussy hats”, dressing like vaginas, smearing fake blood to mimic menstruation as “girl power”, and shun all aspects of traditional femininity. To her, sex is a handshake not a milestone. A child is a burden personally and professionally to be cast aside and neglected emotionally, mentally, even physically lest it get in her way of being the “modern woman”. Motherhood is enslaving, not her highest calling as a woman. A man is the enemy, a hindrance and source of all oppression just waiting to force her back in the kitchen! Divorce is normal for the empowered woman, and marriage is merely dating 2.0. The honor and privilege of being a wife is now erased through terms like “Ms.”. Feminine dress is seen as enslaving and dis-empowering, as she must mimic a man in all aspects of her life to feel worth something as a person. She must have a career like a man does, earn like he does, dress like he does, think like he does, even talk like he does to feel worthy and empowered. A man in all but name! She must talk back, never compromise or acquiesce to her husband or father’s wishes, even partially least she be oppressed by the patriarchy! Protest male only spaces while entitled to women only spaces. Hate standards of beauty, decry make-up, bras, nail polish, beauty products, as part of the “patriarchy”. Mistakes bossiness and pushiness for healthy assertiveness and confidence. Sees perversion, injustice and oppression in girls being girls and embracing girl things such as dolls, dresses, fairy tales etc… Be the perpetual victim, damsel in distress when it suits them such as the #MeToo card, etc… etc…

That said, many reasonable women who decry the hypocrisy, inherent sexism, condescension, and vitriol of the radical feminist movement would think the notion of the “modern woman” must be thrown out! However I propose the idea can be reclaimed for the positive. There is a way, I feel to reach a healthy middle ground in this desire for more equality, while also embracing traditional feminine virtues and our womanhood as is, not feminist imposed pseudo-manhood! I propose a vision where we can be ladies of elegance and grace, like our grandmothers, while also embracing some positive aspects of the desire for increased autonomy and independence for women of today. Being a lady does not mean you have to be stuck in 1918 in 2018 😉 For example:

  • The modern woman can make her own choices, but chooses them because she should, not merely because she can!
  • The modern woman uses her freedom to enhance her life, not spite others, such as doing something specifically to “spite the patriarchy”…
  • The modern woman has sexual freedom, but not sexual anarchy! She knows with freedom comes responsibility, and embracing hook up culture only leads to danger, unhappiness, STD’s, unwanted pregnancy, etc…etc…
  • The modern woman chooses her partner freely, without being coerced or forced by her father, but honors and cherishes the man she chooses and respects his wishes…
  • The modern woman can embrace a marriage of equals in dignity and worth, with separate but complimentary roles…
  • The modern woman can give her heart and her person to one man in marriage, till death do you part, be “one flesh” with him and give yourself to him without being his “property”, as he ought to do the same for you. She knows that she is forever his, and he is forever hers… She embraces the title of wife (“Mrs.”) as an honor, not a slave-name!
  • The modern woman is not “dependent” on a man, but leans on him, looks to him in times of hardship and vulnerability for him to be her rock and protector, with the knowledge she does so freely and that she will be his rock in his time of need. She knows she can share her sorrows and joys with him, without being “dependent” and “weak”…
  • The modern woman listens to the wise counsel and guidance of her father in her younger years and as a budding woman, so that she will not be lead astray by bad people and tricked by her own naivety to the world, without feeling her father owns her and micromanages her life! She lets him give her away at the alter, in the spirit of transferring the role of his love and support to her new husband, who when he passes, will be her rock as he once was. Not in the sense it is a literal transfer of property anymore!
  • The modern woman can be a leader without leading the same way a man might go about it. She realizes that the strongest people can be the most soft spoken and gentle in nature but rise to every challenge…
  • The modern woman can embrace traditional feminine dress and styles, and live her life unhindered by that choice without the pressure to wear pants just because a man does! Her worth comes from inside her, not what’s covering her legs!
  • The modern woman can be the keeper of the home, nurturer of the family, and be worth more than anything to her family and to a wholesome society of intact families raised in love and devotion.
  • The modern woman can have a career, but values the title of M.O.M. or M.R.S. over any degree or credential or title she might earn!
  • The modern woman can speak her mind and use her voice for the betterment of her society, but does so through facts, logic and reason, not vitriol, shouting and ad-hominem attacks!
  • The modern woman defends the wronged, not as a man should through physical strength, but in her own special way, through using her voice as a woman to advocate for wrongly accused men for example in this #MeToo hysteria, or the neglected and devalued child by the ideology of radical feminism as another…
  • The modern woman can think in a deep intellectual manner, but not forget her manners as a lady in her conduct and get heated and spew vitriol at the opposition!
  • The modern woman knows assertiveness and confidence is NOT snapping orders and domineering over others, rather the persistent, quiet and reasoned assertiveness and knowledge of her skills and her worth…
  • The modern woman is responsible for her actions, and accepts the consequences with grace and understanding, not crying victim, and blaming everyone but herself for her own transgressions.
  • The modern woman is not a victim, but empowered to stand her ground in the face of injustice and unethical coercion. She has the power to choose integrity over the superficial rewards coercion has to offer her.
  • The modern woman has a voice to be heard, but conveys her ideas with elegance and grace as a lady, not a “Nasty Woman”…
  • The modern woman can be a true lady, one of elegance, refinement and grace as her fore-mothers did before her, while also embracing the modern freedoms women can have….

Overall, the “modern woman” of reason, is a lady in spirit and character, while taking the best female empowerment has to offer such as increased autonomy and independence. She is bright, driven, a victor, not a victim, a leader, a nurturer, a devoted partner, a dutiful daughter, a loving mother, a person of integrity and accountability, a deep independent thinker, a person of refinement, has strength in her quietness, embraces her traditional femininity and is above all, a LADY!

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A “Matriarchy” is NOT what I have in mind for empowering women!


Inspiration in Conservative Dress: Are Heels Too Sexy for Younger Girls?

Inspiration in Conservative Dress is a reoccurring series of posts of various modest and feminine outfits to inspire other women to dress modestly and resist society’s pressure to dress provocatively and subscribe to “hook up” culture. Through conservative dress, A Lady of Reason sends a message of resistance to the “sexual revolution” and radical liberal feminism, and the upholding of feminine virtue. Arguably, this could also extend to the support for social conservatism in general. How we dress signals who we are in society. I also want to state that this idea is not mine originally, but done on another religious blog called The Catholic Lady. I was inspired by hers to make a secular version for A Lady of Reason. 

It’s a heated topic on both sides, liberal and conservative: the sexualization of young girls. Both agree that over sexualizing young girls is detrimental to their self image and confidence, and also promotes destructive behavior such as acting out sexually too soon and running into harm. As a woman who advocates for the virtue of modesty in dress and behavior for women and girls, and condemns hook up culture, I also agree that teaching young girls to view themselves in solely sexual terms is unhealthy and detrimental. However, I believe the movement to prevent such occurrences has reached the stage of hysteria and moral panic, ironically doing what they claim to stop: sexualizing young girls and women. A prime example of what I mean is a raging debate around heels for girls and young teens. Some feel that heels are inherently sexual and over sexualizes them, while others see it as part of a harmless way to just express femininity and be girly. My personal stance is that it all depends on the shoe in question, and the context its worn.

A cute pair of little girls’ kitten heels are in no way sexual! Whoever thinks they are I believe, is sexualizing that child and being hypocritical in their aim not to. Who hasn’t dressed up in cute little heels as a child? Small, wide heels on little girls are adorable! Related imageSome arguments range from the fact that heels on adults are often viewed in a more sexualized way and women can wear them to “send off signals”, to a feminist message that it makes little girls care more about their looks than abilities, or they can’t play as ruggedly in them like boys. They claim little girls ought to be more rough and tumble than ladylike. Other concerns are about health in that wearing them constantly is not healthy for properly developing feet, and indeed, adults can have issues if they wear heels too often.

To address the first concern, I argue that unless it’s some sort of 6 inch stiletto with a pump, it’s not sexual and does not look like you’re a prostitute or any other questionable woman. Tiny wedges on little girls cannot be compared to that image and shouldn’t be! Even wedges and smaller regular heels for tweens and teens are perfectly tasteful for special occasions or school if it’s not too fancy or impractical. Sexualizing what was once innocent, like little girls in cute feminine shoes, or a cute wedge for summer only contributes to the toxic over sexualization of our culture in general. In our toxic hook up culture, nothing is ever “innocent” anymore! A hug from a male relative is dangerous, a

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Okay… these are impractical, dangerous and inappropriate for any age…

boy-girl friendship is sexualized, a note from a teacher is a come-on etc… Sexualizing moderately heeled shoes is just another thing in the list of innocent things turned sinister. While some, and I emphasize only some women might wear heels to send off indecent signals or be in questionable professions, the vast majority including myself and many other modest and upright women do wear heels tastefully to work, parties and other events in society. The key is moderation and knowing what is appropriate for when. I myself as a grown woman do not appreciate the  implication that adult women wearing heels is a sexual act in arguing that little girls shouldn’t wear them because of that. I’m sure other women do not appreciate being sexualized in that manner any more than you would want your daughter to be by others! Wearing heels as women can be simply an innocent expression of our femininity as women.

The other major concern concerns the feminist agenda. What is wrong with teaching our daughters more lady like habits and activities? While little girls should be allowed to play more roughly at younger ages, I feel as a girl grows older, they should be taught more lady like elegance and grace in their activities. While at 5, they can tumble in the mud with their brothers, at 15 I’d hope they would be more lady like! Heels are a way to teach little girls to enjoy more feminine things. While I do feel that heels should not be worn on very young girls all the time, for special dress up occasions they are a good way to teach them how to carry themselves like little ladies. As long as they can wear them safely and not trip and fall every step, it’s fine. The feminist argument that little girls shouldn’t be taught to conduct themselves more daintily on certain occasions, like parties and special events or learn to act more feminine in heels such as not running wild is mostly an attempt to masculinize them. Little girls have plenty of time where they can play outside and roughhouse alongside the boys in sneakers and overalls, even historically, but on special occasions, they were taught to act like ladies in dresses and cute shoes. Why can’t we strike that balance today? Freaking out over girls doing feminine things, like wearing light make up and cute heels crying “sexualization!” may also have the undertones of the radical feminist’s fears of traditional femininity and what womanhood used to be. For ages, little girls pretending to dress up like mommy, and envision herself as a grown up lady by trying on her mother’s shoes, clothing, and yes, makeup, was considered cute and an important part of any girl’s development towards embracing womanhood. Making it into something damaging and perverted only speaks to our sad state of affairs of how our culture handles sexuality. In this world of sexual hysteria and #metoo, where Girl Scouts are told not to hug their male relatives, women are infantilized into helpless victims, messages of vulgarity and promiscuity are labeled as empowerment, no wonder the innocence of a girl wishing to be a woman someday is also now perverted!

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When did this sentimental image of a little girl wanting to become a lady become perverted and damaging?


Hypersexualizing cute little kitten heels, or wedges, or mommy-daughter make up or nail sessions only serves to sexualize the little girls you claim to want to de-sexualize. Whatever happened to the innocence of a child wishing to be grownup? Most children are not thinking in sexual terms when they wear mommy’s dress, or try on mommy’s make up, or wear mommy’s shoes. They just want to be like mommy! If what they’re doing is inappropriate, maybe mommy needs rethink how appropriate those things are for her to wear and what kind of a role model she’s being for her daughter to imitate! Wanting to be grownup has been a part of everyone’s childhood since childhood was a thing. Why don’t we stop sexualizing childhood by sexualizing adulthood? Monkey see, monkey do…

It’s On Us: To Stop Sexualizing Childhood, We Must Stop Sexualizing Adulthood

The sexualization of childhood, especially girls has been a heated topic on both sides of the political spectrum. Many decry and argue that young girls especially are too sexualized with provocative outfits, shoes, makeup, songs etc… They claim that girls are growing up too fast, with younger and younger girls wanting to be adults or older teens. They also feel that the solution is to suppress all of the above. They say that we must teach our girls to want to just be kids, and not be obsessed with sexual things like romances, hook ups, and sending off signals. I agree for the most part that conditioning girls to act sexual is detrimental to their development into healthy adults and we should address it. However, I think they aren’t getting to the real roots of the issue: it’s not just girls who are the victims of sexualization. It’s our entire culture!

Hook up culture, which I’ve condemned before is rampant. Sex is just a handshake, a social activity rather than a milestone. Personal responsibility and accountability is gone, it’s just do whatever you want consequence free. Have sex whenever and with whomever. Dress as provocatively as you want and not be held accountable for the attention you receive. Movies, TV, books, etc… are permeated with cheap messages about “flings” rather than serious relationships, promiscuity instead of modesty in action and dress, divorce and breakups and cheating instead of marriage, commitment and loyalty. Obviously, our children are also absorbing these damning messages from society.

However, locking them up in their rooms until they’re 18 and suppressing any exposure to the outside world only raises repressed kids who will go wild and crazy once let out of the dungeon! Parents who think they’re stopping it by locking their child up and not letting them have any freedom in what they do, how they dress, or what they see at 15 for example, will only have a 20 year old who will rebel and do all those things they weren’t allowed to before! For a parent whose goal it is to raise a healthy adult who will combat those messages, I would argue promiscuous behaviors and inappropriate attire at 20 is just as detrimental as at 15. The key I believe is not hiding these thing, but exposing them out in the open for what they are to your kids. My parents always talked openly and let me be exposed to such messages, and I was forewarned, and forearmed as they say. Also, as your kids get older, you may run the risk of suppressing their own natural sexuality as they go into their teen years if you try to erase any trace of sexuality from your home! Sexual repression and zero freedom in childhood and teenage hood lead to wild behavior in adulthood! Watch out, college 😉

Another issue is also one many may have not thought about: the implicit sexualization of adulthood. Children have wanted to imitate adults and be “grownup” since children existed! Haven’t you heard the phrase “monkey see, monkey do” in regards to kids? We adults are role models for our kids, including what our culture deems to be “grown up”. Yes, kids listen to peers and the media more than parents, but the ideas don’t come out of thin air. Someone had to come up with these hook up culture messages! How did our kids get the idea that being hypersexualized was “adult” at all? I think much of a child’s desire for more provocative things is simply an innocent expression of wanting to be more grownup, as children have done since the beginning of time. After all, a child’s job is to become an adult in this world. The people who suppress “adult” things from their children in an effort to de-sexualize them only reinforce the message sexual behaviors equal adulthood. When you say that dress, makeup, heels etc… are too “grownup” for your daughter, she internalizes the message that whatever inappropriate thing is there is something to want in order to be a grownup, rather than more important parts of being an adult.

The rhetoric of this de-sexualization of children movement strongly pairs the concepts of adulthood with sexuality and sex, thereby sexualizing adulthood. This only becomes ironically, the detrimental message that to be an adult, one must be hypersexualized as a person. Dress provocatively, act inappropriately. To these girls being raised that way, with the suppression of any free choice or exposure to things in order to protect them, they learn to equate being 18 with “I can finally be as sexy as I want!”. Yeah. *That’s healthy*… Suppressing their sexual desires and want to be sexual to be grownup rather than directly addressing it with them and really listening to why they want that kind of validation at all, does not change their feelings on the subject, only hides and suppresses them until age 18 when they will act vulgarly and promiscuously once mommy and daddy let go of the reins.

The sexualization of childhood is rooted in our culture’s sexualization of adulthood. The kids follow suit because they learn that’s what adults do to be adults: be sexy. Children want to become the adults they look up to one day. Equating adulthood with sexy things will make them learn to want to be sexual. So what’s a parent who wants to raise girls with modesty and decency to do? Here’s a thought: Stop equating inappropriate things you don’t want your daughters to do with being “grownup”. For example, if your daughter wants to wear sleazy makeup and that too tight up your butt mini dress, don’t tell her it’s “too grownup’ or not “age appropriate”, or “you aren’t wearing that until you’re 18!”. That just reinforces that such things are okay for adults, the people she so desperately wants to be and be validated by. I’d argue too tight up one’s butt hooker dresses are “age appropriate” for no one, especially mature adults!

Tell her instead about the unhealthy messages it sends, the unwanted and dangerous attention it might give her, and the morals and values you want her to embrace as an adult. Make it about her image, and how she presents herself to the world as a virtuous young woman. Ask her if acting and dressing provocatively is consistent with the values she will want in her womanhood and the reputation she gives off about who she is to others. This is what the movement to dress and act modestly should be about. It shouldn’t be about having licence to act however one wants at some arbitrary age. A cheap skank at 18 is as detrimental as being a cheap skank at 15. Why not raise our daughters to embrace modesty and fight against hook up culture in all stages of life, not just her childhood? I personally don’t like the term “age appropriate”. It only sends the message that things are inappropriate at arbitrary ages, instead of in more general terms. True, some fashions are more appropriate for adults and older teens, but it goes both ways! That cute little party dress for your 15 year old I think is not “age appropriate” for you at 50! Nor is a 5 year old’s pink tutu! It’s okay to acknowledge different fashions are for different age groups, but the term is used mostly as code for “too sexy”, reinforcing the message “sexiness equals adult”.

Who’s to say values like modesty and decency are “outgrown” too? At 18, yes, you can dress as provocatively as you want, but should you? Let’s admit it: dressing like a hooker is “age inappropriate” for everyone, not just kids! Can we try to dissuade our kids from dressing inappropriately by acknowledging no one should be wearing that stuff, adult or child? We need to stop implicitly telling our kids, through saying that you can only dress that way or do that thing after age 18, is that your morals and values are simply what mom and dad impose on you, and that modesty and decency in dress and action is for children, but not grownups. After 18, modesty, self respect and decency can be dumped out the window! That’s the message it sends to our daughters when we say provocative behavior is “too adult” or “age-inappropriate”. Why not just call it out for what it is: “inappropriate”, Period. No modifier required! Don’t forget too, how you behave and dress also conveys messages to your daughter. Do you wear revealing outfits? Make comments about dressing for guys? Joke about being “sexy”? Your daughters will pick up on it! As a woman who advocates for modesty and femininity for women and girls, I hope you would agree that the values we teach our children should be the values they intrinsically will embrace in adulthood, not just thrown off at 18. Modesty and decency are “age appropriate” from age 1-100!

I also take offense too at the sexualization of adulthood. When we say it’s too “adult”, or had “adult” themes, we really mean sexually inappropriate. When parents say they don’t want their kids to be too sexy lest they be too adult like waters down adulthood and characterizes all grownups as solely sexual beings. What about things like responsibility, maturity, and accountability? The true markers of adulthood? Sure, sexuality is best expressed in adulthood and not early childhood, but sexuality is not what makes someone an adult. Anyone with part A and part B can have sex and grab sexual attention. The reason why sexuality is best left for adults is that adults in theory, should be able to conduct themselves responsibly, like driving a car or drinking. Children and teens often do not posses the maturity to do so. That’s why sex is adult, because it should be done with maturity, not because adults have some blind entitlement to fling themselves on whoever they please! Hook up culture, unfortunately tells adults the latter message… Telling our children implicitly that promiscuous irresponsible sex is what it means to be a grown up is like telling them so is binge drinking! A glass of wine at dinner is not harmful for older kids, nor is an exploration of sexuality. Binge drinking and promiscuous hookups however, are inappropriate for both parties! I am insulted at the idea that all adults are is their sex organs! Adulthood is full of so much more than who you’re in bed with. It’s about who you are as a person. Your accountability, your morals, your maturity, your obligations in life. That’s what makes a real adult. That’s the sort of adulthood we must teach our kids to want. When we try to stop their sexualization by claiming it’s too adult, we reduce our fellow adults to the level of immature teenagers looking for a fling. Kids imitate what they think will make them grown up. What will we show them grownups are? As the left says, “It’s on us!”

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I think the doll in the corner is symbolic of her desire to grow into womanhood leaving girlhood behind. The woman she will want to become is the woman she sees you being right now…

Raising Daughters to Become Ladies

Raising a daughter to turn out on the right path is hard for any parent, especially fathers! Our daughters are bombarded constantly with messages of hook up culture, promiscuity, acting “easy”, as well as the more radical feminist messages of masculinization and man-hating. Young girls are pressured to dress and act provocatively, mistake rudeness and vulgarity for “empowerment” by the feminist movement, and act unladylike and become more masculine to get ahead in life. Gone are the days of our daughters wanting to be feminine and lady like. Now, the next generation of young women are being raised to protest in the women’s rallies, believe that vulgarity equals empowerment, believe that provocative dress and behavior will “liberate” them from male tyranny. More and more girls do not want a traditional marriage, instead asking for flings and hookups, or live in boyfriends. Children out of wedlock are rampant, and sex is a handshake, not a milestone in life. Less and less girls are choosing to save themselves for marriage and value their own virtue. The “good girl” next door is becoming obsolete, and the vulgar obscene “feminatzi” the norm. What’s a parent who wants to raise daughters to become ladies and value traditional femininity to do? Even the PC liberal crowd acknowledges that girls are receiving damning messages sure to lead them to the wrong path.

I think the key to raising your daughters right is giving her your messages from day one. Don’t wait until she is a teen to start discussing such things with her, like sexuality and body image, and your values on relationships and standards. By then it’s too late. Wider society and her peer group have already infused damaging messages about promiscuity and radical feminist views. Even schools have promoted the radical liberal PC and feminist agenda! Keeping an open dialogue from a very young age is a great way to form a life long bond of trust and respect with your daughter. Don’t be afraid to address more “adult” topics and harder topics early on, such as promiscuity and the fallout, for example. Kids can handle more than we give them credit for. Hiding the hard topics only ensures you have no say in what your daughter will think, as she is already exposed to them early on. Openly sharing your own values in a non forced way will do wonders! My parents always were open about anything and everything, and did not hold the truth back . We talked about drugs, drinking, promiscuity, assault, and so on from an early age, and I was forewarned and forearmed, as they say. Because of what they talked about with me, I was able to be aware even of how my fellow peers fell down bad paths, and the sheer stupidity of many of the PC liberal ideas! It’s sad, but parents now have to talk about issues that even their child’s schools brainwash them to believe!

Mothers can teach their daughters, and be the role model early on for feminine behavior and dress. Mothers who embrace modesty in their own wardrobe will have daughters who will follow suit. Mothers who always tell their daughters the virtues of modesty, and the risks of provocative dress will more likely be taken to heart from a young age. Showing your daughters the lady you want them to be through your own action and dress speaks far more volumes than just superficially preaching it ad nauseum. Being a lady of elegance and grace yourself sets the tone for everyone in the family. Modeling healthy relationships and how a lady behaves towards the other sex will breed daughters that do the same. The vulgar women who were at the women’s rally brought their daughters, and I’m sure they’re learning how not to become ladies! Talk to your daughters about the shortcomings of the radical feminist movement, with it’s vulgarity, obscenity, and hypocrisy. Teach them not to just be passive victim, infantilized “damsels in distress”, as the radical feminists want them to believe, but to be empowered women accountable for their own actions. Speak the cold hard truth about how provocative dress invites unwanted attention, don’t just say you can wear whatever consequence free! Talk about how sex should be a milestone in a young girl’s life, not a handshake, and the value of marriage. Embrace feminine dress and actions yourself, and show them the way to becoming a lady of standards. Show your daughters femininity is not weakness, and becoming like men is not the way to “get ahead”.

Fathers too, have a very pivotal role in influencing daughters. Many who do not have a father figure in life become troubled and often go down the path into promiscuity and resenting men. The daughter looks to the father in how a man should treat her, and what men should expect from her in return. The father is often the one who helps his daughter set standards for herself in action and dress, and has a unique perspective a a man, as he can view her through a man’s perspective. Fathers who also keep an open dialogue with their daughters have daughters that learn to trust and respect men, not resent them as the radical feminists would like. Men, don’t be afraid of coming off as “patriarchal” and “sexist” for guiding your daughters towards the path of virtue as the radical feminists would like. Fathers who do not speak up when their daughters are going down the path of radicalism, promiscuity, and vulgarity are complicit in raising a dysfunctional person. Fathers also should set their own example in their own actions, as to what sort of man you want her to be with when she grows up. Fathers who embrace their manhood and are the strong man, the rock of the family teach daughters not to settle for less. Men who honor their women, protect their women and respect women in their feminine role also combat the feminization of men, into spineless sheep afraid of their own shadow! The feminist movement and PC snowflakes want all men weakened, so they can “dominate” and be “empowered” over their weak, puny husbands! A father who also stands up for his manhood and masculine roles shows that it’s okay to have different roles in a relationship, and not everyone has to be “gender neutral”. An active father in the family shows daughters that accepting the companionship and protection of a man is not a problem, but an advantage, as many of the radical feminists like to preach that a woman doesn’t “need a man”, and having one around is a sign of weakness. Actively teaching your daughters your values from a young age helps combat the detrimental messages of hook up culture and radical feminism, and shapes them into ladies of elegance and grace and one of standards in the sort of man she expects and when men ought to expect of her own conduct. Two parents who embrace traditional virtues and roles will raise children who will follow suit.

The key point for both, is an open dialogue where promiscuity, radicalism, and vulgarity is debunked, and modest and feminine behavior in action and dress is promoted. Parents, keep fighting the fight to reclaim your daughters from the clutches of hook up culture and radical feminism! Raise ladies of standards, elegance and grace!

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The Dilemma of The Lady-Soldier

Women have been serving their country in many ways through out history even before being allowed in the military. From spying, to smuggling information, to even posing as men and fighting, many women have wanted to answer their country’s call to bravery the same way as their male counterparts. I don’t dismiss in the least the bravery and sacrifice those valiant women made.

Women in the army as official soldiers is still a relatively new thing, only a few decades old. However, they weren’t in direct front line combat roles. Now though, the US government decided to let women join the ranks in elite male units, such as the marines, and in direct front line combat. I think this goes too far. Unlike the denials of the feminists, and politically correct crowd, it is plan and simple that women are physically weaker than men. Women do not have the physical strength and endurance demanded of male soldiers, in which all men are not invited either! Many men do not make the cut into the armed forces, especially elite units, so why must we delude ourselves that women can? Look, no one likes admitting women cannot do things men can, or that they are inferior. However, the cruel reality is: women are not fit to be in direct combat and only endanger their male comrades. Not to mention, many men will be distracted by seeing their female comrades injured in battle, as many men were taught to protect women. Men are traditionally the defenders of women. Wartime propaganda is rife with the call to arms to defend women! The military has lowered standards of physical fitness so women could join in too. This PC invasion of our military’s standards only makes us laughable to our enemies, and us look like a slave to societal whims than objective truths. We need our military to be based on tactical advantages, not social desires for egalitarianism. Not to mention, the sexual tensions brought up by many as a concern in coed units. Officers, and military wives alike dread such an occasion. Some criticize the military for being too macho or a “boy’s club”, but that’s what has made it so efficient in the past. The comradeship between soldiers is likened to being brothers in arms. Should they be walking on eggshells not to make some insensitive joke about women because of PC liberal feminist soldiers among them? The military has enough issues with sexual harassment/assault of female soldiers within the army, taking away focus from our enemies. Can I just say this bluntly? The military is NOT a female space! It traditionally was for guys to be guys without PC feminists freaking out at their every word. If it makes more morale, and unit cohesion leading to a better military if men do “locker room talk”, so be it. What’s more important, a well-defended country, or feminine sensibilities? If women truly had the strength and endurance needed of a solider in combat, I’d have no problem with them having a place in the army, if in all-female units. However, the reality is, women in direct combat is a danger to our military’s fighting force, and our image as a society who lets women fight while men stay home comfortably.

However, I’d be naive to think that combat troops are all our military is made of. Indeed, modern warfare has created more roles than the usual battlefield soldier. Now, we must have military engineers, scientists, espionage, people who can win the “hearts and minds” of a people as some examples. It is naive to think, in modern warfare, which often is not on a battle field, but in a community, women don’t have any place. When our enemy hides in the community, anyone including civilians like women and children could be the enemy too. A man may not be able to access the part of society women and children inhabit like a woman can. A female spy might pick up intelligence from enemy women that the men aren’t talking about. Also, a woman might be less likely to be seen as a threat, thus more discreet. There are units of soldiers whose jobs are to try to relate to the community to gain an ally against the enemy. Perhaps women can have a part to play in there. Or, perhaps in non-combat roles, such as the military engineer, who designs technology, or the scientist or medic. In modern warfare, brains has begun to be just as important as brawn. Women could help in the “brains of the operation” albeit not suited for the”brawn”. While I disagree with women being allowed to be in say, fire teams storming a building, or on the front lines killing and being killed, women may have a place in less dangerous areas of the military. The military used to realize that not everyone has the same strengths, and used to put people in the role that best suited their strengths. Women in the military should be no different. Women can add their own advantages to our military without having to be identical to their male comrades in arms. We are deluding ourselves as a country to have physically weaker women in combat alongside the strongest of the strong! We delude ourselves to think that men and women in the same unit won’t lead to scandals, pregnancies and disgrace. Why do we have women in elite marine units, for instance, when most men cannot make the cut? When will the military realize not to be “defeated” by some PC snowflakes? Look, I don’t decry women occupying more intellectual and peaceful roles in the military, but women pretending they are as strong as men is insane! Women can serve their country too, but not when it endangers everyone else! Ladies, let’s not let our pride and ego get in the way of admitting when our weaknesses make a job better suited for someone else.

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Just Because We’re Women, Doesn’t Mean Everyone Else Has To Be!

The masculinization of women is a problem in society, where women are seen as lesser than and must become like men to be empowered. At A Lady of Reason, we can embrace traditional femininity and womanhood. There is the reverse problem, however, with men these days! Men and boys, are conversely being trained to be more feminine instead of embracing the uniqueness of their own sex. Masculinity is being seen as threatening by many of the politically correct crowd. Little boys are being raised by parents, such as liberal single mothers, who do not know what it is like to be little boys, and wish to turn them into feminized men. Gone are the days of boys playing soldiers, and exclusive “no girls allowed” tree houses and rough housing and doing what boys like to, now it’s about embracing one’s inner feelings like women, and play fighting is a sign of a psychological problem. Parents are trembling in fear of their “little Johnny” becoming the next school shooter all because he wants to play Cops and Robbers or Cowboys and Indians! Boys only games? Sex discrimination!… Gone are the days of dad showing their sons how to wrestle, or use dad’s gun one day, or the art of being a man. Now, boys are raised to be just like their mothers and sisters, but not their own sex. While girls are masculinized conversely, it is not threatening for a girl to be feminine in the same way as a boy being a boy! Even the phrase “boys will be boys” is now sexist and justifies rape, in the minds of the radical feminists!

I feel that all of this social conditioning of boys and men to be feminine takes away the unique aspect that the male gender provides that the female one does not. Women and men are complementary to each other, with different perspectives and outlooks. Neither sex has all the answers to being a well rounded society. We are raising a generation of boys and men who are becoming more and more wimpy and not like the strong men of generations past. Ladies of grace and elegance men of strength and courage are going away until both genders are “neutralized”, just as one would titrate an acid with a base until the solution is neither! Image result for titrationIndeed, the metaphor is made all the funnier by the fact that when the solution is neutral, indicators turn it bright pink! “Titrating” the manhood out of men does nothing but make a generation of weak men who cannot stand up for and defend their women. Masculinity is not a psychological condition! Trying to make either gender what they are not by nature, has made women who use vulgarity and promiscuity to imitate men, and men who are sheep that are afraid of their own shadow! Each gender can have traits of each other in small amounts, and not go too extreme either way, but there is something special about the “force and firmness of a man and the gentleness and sensibility of a woman” that compliment each other when used by their own respective sex.

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(You don’t need to speak German to get the message!)

Taking Pride in Your Own Gender

Transgenderism is a new concept to many who are older than millennials. In today’s politically correct climate, transgender people are basically those who feel that they essentially were “born in the wrong body”. They claim that they do not feel deep down, like the sex assigned at birth, for example, a man who feels like a woman, not just as a passing phase, or feminine qualities in personality, but a literal woman trapped in a man’s body, and vice versa for women who feel they are men deep down inside. Since I have never been in such a case, I cannot say that their feelings aren’t valid, but what I can argue, and do, is that it is a sort of gender dysphoria, a deep set mental illness. Many opponents of this stance, such as trans rights groups perceive this as being bigoted, but I don’t believe so. The reason why is that, not having the personality of the sex you’re born with is not normal mentally for the majority of humanity. This is not a moral statement, as many think it is. It is not bad to feel that way, nor is it morally wrong in any way, as some religious groups have it. However, it is not normal, and detrimental to one’s psychology, as I can only imagine how difficult it must be to feel you inhabit a body that doesn’t match up with who you are inside. I wish there was a cure for it, but from what we’ve seen, trying to “convert” someone back to lining up with their own sex usually doesn’t work. I personally don’t have a moral problem with people who genuinely are afflicted with such things. My sympathies go out to them, as feeling that one is born in the wrong body must be tortuous. They’re the perpetual outcast. Not fitting in in their own sex, nor being accepted by the other one.

However, my issues start when these people decide that they can just change gender on account of their feelings. That a man could become a functional woman in society just because he feels he was born a woman in a man’s body, and a woman could be a man just by declaring herself to be one. Basic biology does not hold up that assertion, your chromosomes in every cell of your body say otherwise. Alongside that, come more detrimental social implications, for example, it undermines natural gender and the uniqueness of men and women. For everyone to say that they can switch gender at any time and it doesn’t matter which one you are biologically, it erases a key part of the human species. We are not a species, like some, that has no genders. I think part of the push for gender fluidity is that many in the feminist movement and politically correct crowd, would rather there be no genders at all! Also, while I noted that being transgender in itself is not immoral or unethical, a society that embraces such people as being full fledged members of the opposite sex, have unforeseen consequences, such as in gendered sports, for one example. Men who identify as women and play on women’s teams, since they are still men biologically, often out compete the women, and have an unfair advantage. Another example could be a transgender man, who enlists in the military, but does not have the physical strength needed for combat roles since his body is still that of a biological woman. While this issue would not be the fault of genuine transgender women, there are concerns about cisgendered men pretending to be trans gendered women to gain access to women’s spaces inappropriately to prey on women. While this sorry possibility is not the fault of genuine transgender women, a few bad apples will ruin it for everyone. Is it fair to transgender women who are as harmless as real women would be in women’s spaces, who functionally live as fellow women? No. But it’s a reality we must consider. I consider such fears as unfair as many transgender women do, but it is not worth the risk of letting pretenders prey on any woman. All that said, while I believe that transgenderism is a legitimate mental disorder, I can understand it.

What I cannot still understand, conceptually, is the concept of being neither gender. With transgendered people, it is still within comprehension that they want to be the other sex. I get that. What is still puzzling to me is the new movement to be in the “other” category, a third gender apart from man or woman. It is one thing to want to be on the other team, so to speak, but it is a far stretch to want to make one’s own group up entirely! I mean, why do they feel the need to be neither? Some of these people who are gender fluid wish to encompass both genders, but depending on mood. This seems even more bizarre than transgenderism, but I can still wrap my mind around it. The people I’m completely perplexed by are the ones who choose to be no human gender at all, and wish to use their own special pronouns other than the standard “he” or “she”. Instead, they opt for ones such as ze, or xe, or “they” used as a singular pronoun. Here’s a table showing all the cases for these new pronouns! While fascinating, it is completely ridiculous! (for the record, my favorite one is “ze” because it sounds like “sie” in German, for “she”.)

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While this too, is not immoral or anything, I am frustrated that society is trying to legitimize these new non-genders. Unless you’re a genuine hermaphrodite, and are anatomically ambiguous, I don’t understand why society needs to cater to your special needs. Like transgender issues, non-gender issues, as I’ll call them, while not bad in the sense of immoral, should be considered abnormal psychological conditions. Just because individuals who have such disorders may pose no harm to anyone in doing so unlike more devastating mental illness like schizophrenia, for example, doesn’t mean the rest of us need to humor them! This is not to say we have an excuse to be intolerant and hate on these people, indeed we should show compassion and pity for those with such immense struggles in identity at such a crucial level. Nor am I saying they’re all faking it and are not genuine in their convictions. No one can tell another that their emotions aren’t real for themselves. What I am saying is that we as a society should seek to help them cope with reality, not deny it. Today’s society is helping them deny reality, instead of learning to live with their disorder as many others with psychological issues must. My heart goes out to those who struggle with gender identity in all forms. I have no hatred towards them nor malice. However, I will not deny the reality of biology based gender, nor the implications of a society that denies it either.

To the men and women who do identify as the gender they were born in, take pride in that! We take it for granted that we were born in the body that matches who we are inside. Even the PC liberals acknowledge that we have this privilege in society. Ladies, don’t try to be a de facto man. Take pride in your womanhood and embrace it. Realize that there are those who long to be women but never can be, no matter how hard they wish it to be. Have compassion and empathy with those who wish to be us, as fellow women, as they can never be what they truly feel they are inside. However, uphold genuine biological womanhood as the standard of womanhood. Women and society will be better off where true gender is respected and upheld objectively. While many things in life are subjective and open to debate, the possession of XX or XY chromosomes leave no interpretation as to who’s who. Yes, there are genetic disorders of the sex chromosomes, I haven’t overlooked that, but we call them what they are: disorders, not “other sexes”. I wish transgender and gender fluid people all the luck in the world in finding their place in life. It pains me that fellow humans have to live with such discontent in who they are, but not at the expense of biological reality, nor my own womanhood.

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