My Womanhood is NOT Your Costume…

Transgenderism is a hot and contentious topic for the Left, with many angles at play! The part I want to focus on in all this lunacy though, is on the premise the Left has put out in that since gender is a mere social construct, it justifies the legitimacy of recognizing transgender people, especially women, as being entitled to be treated as if they were actual biological women (or men, but I’ll focus on women for the scope of this article)! Their argument is that gender is a social construct, something society raises you to be, rather than an innate quality. They further add the confusion that the undeniable biological aspect is now written off as its own separate thing as one’s “sex”, but “gender” is the purely social aspect, such as wearing certain clothing, or liking certain things over others. In essence, it really comes down to a nature vs. nurture debate, and how fluid these concepts really are.

Now, I will say up front, I don’t think that many people who label themselves transgender are being insincere or that they just want to be say, a woman on a superficial whim. I think many truly do feel they were born in the wrong body, and have sympathy for how much that must hurt and how utterly confusing that must be. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone! However, society deciding that this is normal for a person to feel about themselves is absurd, not just a normal biological variation! I also argue that the idea of “gender as a social construct” brings with it many detrimental and frankly insulting implications that many take for granted and completely overlook!

First off though, what are we really saying when we say that? It’s not just a neutral statement of a proposed fact. No! It’s the logical flaw that by implying it’s not a natural trait, and it’s not innate, it doesn’t matter at all. The real idea behind this is that gender should be obsolete, and because it’s not something we consider natural anymore, it’s completely outdated and irrelevant! What we really mean by “gender is a social construct” is that “gender is something artificially imposed and needs to be gotten rid of”.  That statement is loaded, and carries a very heavy value judgement! If it were natural, in Left’s mind, they couldn’t undermine and de-legitimize it as easily..

But, you know what also is a “social construct”? Race! That’s right, the Left now says race too is not grounded in biology, but in society’s whims! However, can we be trans-racial??? Heck no! Just ask that woman who was ousted for being biologically white, but identified as black! If a white person tries to do so, they are automatically being racist, and appropriating someone’s race! One may argue, “but racial differences are very obvious, so you’d know someone cannot be another race…” but don’t men and women look different? And not just clothes, make up and hair! Men grow beards, women don’t. Men’s bodies are bigger, stockier, stronger, differently shaped. Not to mention what’s down below! 😉 Humans after all, are a sexually dimorphic species! The argument against racial appropriation by the Left, that especially if white, you can’t just wear say, a black person’s styles, appropriate their music, their traditions, their food, their heritage and claim you’re one of them, is based on the idea that you haven’t been through their struggles. You want the “fun” aspects of being them, but you haven’t faced their hardships. Haven’t faced their struggles, their obstacles, and to add insult to injury, you’re part of why they have those struggles. Yet, you want to claim their unique heritage as your own??? The nerve!

Well, guess what? This should apply to gender too! If what the Left says is true, about women being disadvantaged, then what gives a man the right to appropriate what belongs to women? If women are living in fear of being assaulted by men, raped by men, paid less than men, devalued as lesser, then why on Earth should a man get to appropriate their unique heritage, in other words, as women? If it is true, as many Leftists believe, that men have male privilege, just like whites have white privilege, then isn’t it privilege to be able to just pick and choose to express one’s self as the female gender but have the option of going back to being a man when convenient? It’s just like a white person wearing blackface! They can take off the color at the end of the day. A person of color has to live with it, and the stigma it allegedly brings. Well same for gender! A guy can take off the dress, the heels, the make up, shave his head again. A woman, however, cannot just transform into a man and all her troubles will go away! She cannot take off her “costume” so she won’t be assaulted, raped, paid less, devalued. She has to live with the struggles too, not just the perks. The man in the dress can punch the attacker, throw off the rapist, while she is helpless to throw off someone twice her strength! Even if he decides to never live as a man again, he still can get the upper hand with his physically stronger body! Also, in line with the Left’s concept of privilege, isn’t it a form of privilege to be able to just throw away your privilege??? A man choosing to be a woman gives up his “male privilege” and swapping it for vulnerability and scorn. However, as “oppressed” as he then makes himself, he chose to take on that. A real woman didn’t. She was born with the fact she would have far greater chances of being assaulted, raped, devalued. She does not have the luxury to throw away privilege wantonly, nor gain it by becoming a man!

No. It’s NOT a two way street. Transgender men are not just “one of the guys”. They do not have extra “privilege”. However, a transgender woman now must be treated as a full woman by Leftist decree! Even if he genuinely feels like he wants to live his life as a woman and never go back, he can. That’s the thing. And that he had the choice to give up his “privilege” of being a man in the Left’s allegedly “patriarchal” society. Real women never have those luxuries. Just like a white person can impersonate, and maybe even genuinely feel like a black person, but has the choice to go back to being white and on top, to take off the “costume”. If a guy wanting to be a girl wants to wear the pretty dresses, the heels, curl his hair, go to the girl’s nights as one of the girls, hang at the mall, do all the fun things women like to do, he should also have had to face her struggles. To be afraid to walk alone at night. To carry pepper spray. To know the fear of being harassed on the street. To be held back on the job. Underestimated, viewed as weak, a victim. Why should someone get to reap in the rewards, without having to go through the struggles? Do I believe the world is really so bleak for women? Not as much as the Left certainly does! But by the Left’s own logic and views on women being oppressed, this is a logical argument…

Also, and less obvious, is a quite insulting implication inherent in this argument: That womanhood, as a social construct, is merely just a superficial costume that anyone can put on… The idea that all womanhood really is, is putting on a dress and heels and make up, styling your hair, and doing “girly things”. As long as you do those, you’re a woman! However, I and many other women would disagree! There’s so much more than superficial looks or going through the motions involved in the intangible parts of womanhood.  The sisterhood all women share together in their deep experiences, and very natures runs far deeper than our make up, our heels, or dresses and hair. Liking shopping and fashion and traditional womanly things is not all there is to our very essence, our unique humanity as women. See, also like one’s race, one’s sex does indeed affect how you perceive the world, and how the world perceives you. Women do not have the same upbringing, the same experiences as men, not because there’s a mass conspiracy that half of humanity wants to oppress us, but because of the simple fact we are NOT men!

Our trillion or so cells speak the plain and simple truth: we are different in our very core. Study after study shows girls consistently play in a more nurturing way than boys. We evolved to nurture, to be more gentle, to be social. We evolved to be the child bearers, and experience the wonders of motherhood, which no man will ever experience. Even the Left acknowledges this in its anti-man “you can never have an opinion on women’s issues because you aren’t a woman!”. See? Even they know, deep down men and women are innately different! That our experiences differ. Our challenges differ. Our womanhood runs far deeper than any costume, any “social construct”, yet, the Left argues implicitly in the idea that a man can put on a dress, heels, inject some hormones, that he can be a woman through superficial behaviors alone, that womanhood is just an actor’s role to play and our feminine style a mere “costume” that can be taken on and off. Oh, and by the way, doesn’t the use of hormones help point to our biological differences too??? 😉  One can’t say hormones our bodies we’re genetically programmed to release upon puberty that make us different are a “social construct”!

Ladies, we are NOT just a costume that anyone can just put on and pretend to be! Our womanhood, our shared experiences, our challenges, the deep bond rooted in womanhood we share with our mothers from day 1 cannot be replicated in someone who is biologically, and socially, raised as a man! Even those who were raised to be men from infancy, but were biological women always felt “different” and not like just another “guy”… Same for girls who were guys inside… To say that womanhood is something anyone can be on a whim, on a feeling, is gravely belittling and insulting to women everywhere! It’s like a woman saying she can just experience every aspect of manhood, without his struggles, his upbringing, his innate nature.

Yes, I know people literally feel they were born in the wrong body, a woman’s soul/mind in a man’s body, but if you were raised as a man, are biologically a man, then no you can’t truly feel like a true woman, know what it is to be one, anymore than one can truly, intrinsically perceive the world like someone who’s a native speaker of a language can versus someone who happens to speak it fluently but was not raised from day 1, in the culture of the speaker! Yes, you can learn a language quite well, but you can never truly perceive the world and be a native speaker within their cultural matrix and have their exact perception of the world though their native tongue. That’s my analogy for experiencing the opposite sex’s world… You can play the part well, but you cannot truly be the real deal unless you are!

Look, I don’t demonize transgender people for wanting to be the other sex. What I do heavily criticize though, is the idea that they can be the exact same, and be entitled to the exact same treatment as a real woman in this case, because they never truly can be. And they know that themselves! Indeed! No matter how much they “transition”, they know in their heart of hearts they are not a woman in the same way as real biological women! They can come mighty close, even look like a woman, sound like one, like in the case of Jazz Jennings, maybe you can’t even tell just by looking. But do you honestly feel “women” like “her” truly, honestly, and 100% believe they are indeed women in every single sense of the word??? I’m not out to say she needs to switch back, or she’s out to hurt anyone personally. She’s probably just trying to genuinely live out “her” life as a woman.

However, she and the others set a precedent where society devalues our essence, our very humanity as women that only a real, biological woman can ever truly know. The inherent sexism in the idea that men can just be women upon their choice devalues our womanhood into a superficial acting job! If a person’s race is not your costume, a person’s culture is not your costume, why should a person’s gender or sex be someone else’s to appropriate? This is heresy for the Left to say, but I will say it loud and clear guys, : My womanhood is NOT your costume! 

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  1. Humans are a sexually dimorphic species. Presently in our society, we are instructed that any male or female may change their sex at will and back again if it suits them. We find this indoctrination on an ever increasing basis in our educational systems, in our pervasive media, in the legal arena and in politics. I wish no ill will toward the transgender community however this movement like many before it, demonizes anyone who presents an opinion that subscribes to what true . unbiased science tells us is accurate.

    How the Liberal Agenda ties in: Also, these people only have to look at political history to understand that the Democrats are sponsoring and indeed , enabling their movement in order to gain another voting constituency. Thus, stay in government positions which allow them to dictate which laws are passed, what taxes the working class must pay and of course, fringe groups to sponsor to insure an ever widening sphere of Democratic voters. All of this sadly, is about staying in power at all costs. What negative fallout the transgender orientation of confused young people brings about is simply not relevant to them.

    My bottom line: I wish that no one has ever had to endure the life altering experience of being unsure of which gender they are. A nightmare to my mind. Teaching young people who by nature, can become confused at different stages of their development that being transgendered is a healthy life choice is steering someone into a painfully difficult life . If you can research accurate outcomes , many of these people fall prey to alcoholism , drug addiction and all too often , commit suicide . Finding accurate data is not easy as this information is not something the left sponsored media want broadcast . I tracked this global information via physicians and therapists who set me straight on the painful realities involved. They spoke with me with the caveat that their findings had to be off the record as should it be known that they were speaking truthfully (rather than repeating what the public are told,) they would certainly face tremendous pressure .

    My career holds with it the responsibility of mentoring people.They trust that I will always speak truthfully. With that, I will not call a person who was born male now identifying as a woman, a female. I cannot bow to pervasive liberal pressure to state that what amounts to a social construct or an individual’s state of mind, is factual reality.

    The Common Man

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  2. If you haven’t seen the case of the extreme leabian feminist that is against the trans community pushing what they see as lesbians to transition to a man.

    Also in sports there is the doling issue or be addressed if you let them pick a gender. No amount of drugs can u do the physical advantage of a male body and the build and strength of the body. Pump them full of testosterone blocking drugs if they ever make those or more estrogen and they are still at an advantage.

    But trans athletes want to pick a sex for their sport.

    I can’t argue against the idea that if you are on a drug like that you should be banned from competitive sports under doping regulations.

    A cold is no reason to allow banned drugs in an athlete’s body so it likely should be sex of genetic makeup and you have it test clean of all drugs to compete

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  3. Before government became involved in the issue the transgender lived among us. If they looked and passed as a certain sex and respectfully didn’t disrobe in front of general public people didn’t know.
    Now it is also the few trans that in any activist group love to make trouble for others that will cause an issue.
    In any group there are always those that love to cause controversy and try to offend others so now they have a new protected means to do this.
    Gone is respect for others in Society, because most normal people don’t want to actively cause trouble they just want to live there own life.
    But now becaue the new group of untouchables is made people will be harmed. The cases of young girls that didn’t want to see the naked male body in a shower are told to tolerate it or they can just no go in the change room.

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  4. You make an excellent point that womanhood is not a costume to be donned at convenience, but a natural, biological state. We should address the elephant in the room, that the real issue is government requirements that everyone treat a man as a woman just because that person chooses to masquerade as such. Without government power behind it, transgenderism would be nothing but a harmless nuisance. A man wearing a dress might be guilty of ostentatious ugliness but aesthetics are a private matter.

    The problem is that government increasingly requires us to accept the masquerade as real. It’s important to keep in mind that a right is a limitation of government power not an extension of that power. For example, the right to free speech limits the government’s power to interfere with a person’s free speech. It isn’t a grant of power to the government to require us to subsidize an individual’s speech. The notion of transgender rights turns that notion on it’s head by extending rather than limiting government power. I might have the right to hold the private opinion that monopoly money is real money, but the government has no business giving me the so called “right” to require the local grocery store to accept my play money as legal tender. A male might have the right, privately, to self identify as a woman, but “transgender rights” are a grant to the government of the power to require the rest of us to treat a fugazi female as real.

    Several jurisdictions require private entities such as stores and restaurants to accord transgenders access to the restroom of their choice rather than permit those entities to restrict access according to a person’s actual biological sex. Among other matters, gender self identification gives rise to the issue of the guy who says that he is transgender so that he can watch your daughter pee. Thus governments sacrifice the right to women’s privacy on the alter of political correctness. Biological males, regardless of how they self identify, have an inherent advantage in most sports events. If governments require that we allow transgenders to compete as women it means that men will come to dominate women’s sports. That would contradict the Title IX requirement that colleges and universities provide women equal access to sports. Another issue is that several jurisdictions have decided to criminalize the failure to honor a person’s choice of pronoun, achieving a new level of PC absurdity at the expense of the first amendment.

    If we do allow self identification of race, gender etc. doesn’t that make a joke of discrimination, affirmative action and diversity requirements? If race and gender are fluid social constructs that are subject to change depending on a individual’s preference, those categories would no longer constitute “discrete, insular minorities” a concept that the supreme court used to justify affirmative action and other so- called anti-discrimination requirements. Discrimination based on a fluid social construct would not be one of the “badges and incidents of slavery” a concept that gave congress the power under the 13th amendment to ban race discrimination. Indeed, if race and gender are fluid social constructs , how can there be such things as racism or sexism? Several of the Democratic front runners for the 2020 presidential nomination have embraced the notion of slavery reparations. Do they intend to award such reparations based on a fluid social construct? Can I self identify as a beneficiary race and claim my reparations? Can we resolve the so called “glass ceiling” and “equal pay” issues by having men self identify as women? If a company doesn’t have enough women on its board of directors to meet diversity goals, can we resolve that by having several board members put on wigs and self identify as women? Will all you social justice warriors accept that given your commitment to gender self identification?

    One final thought for those SJWs who haven’t dirtied their diapers already, the post mentions the very real fear that many women have of being assaulted and raped. Perhaps it might help if more women took the advice of Dana Loesch, a real, biological woman and recognize the benefit of Colonel Samuel Colt’s invention from back in the 1830’s. Old Sam Colt made us all the same size. “Fear not any man, not matter what his strength or size. When danger threatens, call on me and I will equalize.”

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  5. It’s 2189… chromosomal engineering has advanced very far indeed… karyotypes can be changed with self-propagating chromosomes causing the body to reconstruct itself in accordance with new information…

    Then what?

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  6. Ooo… Once again a meaty post, with lots to unpack!

    I am so grateful for not growing up as a child in our current culture. A few years back, when being gay was the big trend, I was saying the same thing. If I where a child growing up a few years ago, I would have had the adults around me, telling me I was “gay, and that’s okay”. In the blink of an eye, that has changed. Today, I would he told I was a boy in a girl’s body, and pressured to transition. The reasons for that are the same; as a child, I hated all things “girly”. Dresses, dolls, frilly things, pink and pastel colours, and all those gender based expectations. But not once did I think I was anything other than a girl because I preferred playing with “boy” toys, wearing “boy” clothes or doing “boy” things. Back then, the term “tomboy” was still being used – a term that simply meant girls who liked to do “boy” things. Why did we move away from that?

    In your post, you talk primarily about adult men who decide to live as women, and I completely agree that it is just like putting on a costume. The contradiction under all this is that, after all those years of insisting things be “gender neutral” in clothing, careers, etc., then moving on to “gender is a social construct”, or “gender is a spectrum”, once transgenderism usurped homosexuality as the latest fad, the only way for transmen or transwomen to *be* trans, is to insist there are two genders, and those genders are defined by the costume. It actually reinforces binary gender while attacking it at the same time. Even “gender neutral” only works if you assume there are two genders to begin with.

    What adults do is one thing; what really concerns me right now is what’s happening in our schools. There have always been “trans” people – it shows up in the history of many cultures, in one way or another. The vast majority of the time, this has meant men thinking they are women. Right now, there is a sudden and massive reversal, among children. The school systems have bent over backwards to promote trans ideology, and as a result, the numbers of children identifying as trans has skyrocketed, especially among girls. I read not long ago that, in the UK, the number of young children now identifying as trans jumped 1400% between 2015 and 2017. And now, these kids are being pushed into taking puberty blockers and surgery, even against the wishes of the parents, because this is somehow “helping” the kids. Heaven help you if you point out that the evidence shows these actions do NOT help at all. This is child abuse. Full stop.

    An extra bit of irony. Not all that long ago, BPA was banned because it might leach into our food and, because it was so similar to a human hormone, was said to cause issues with fertility and reproduction, therefore it was too dangerous to allow. Especially when used in baby’s bottles. Aside from the fact that the evidence showed it to have been safely used for more than 50 years (opponents of BPA finally got the results they wanted by injecting massive amounts of BPA directly into the stomachs of mice), there was a reason it was used; it made our food safer. The replacement chemical isn’t better. But just the possibility that this chemical might cause problems resulted in it being banned. Yet the same people who were up in arms against BPA because of how it might affect our kids are now eagerly pushing to have children pumped full of hormones to deliberately fool their bodies into behaving as the opposite sex. How does this make sense?

    One last thing; a question that comes to mind whenever I hear someone say that they “feel” like a woman. I don’t care if it’s another woman, or a guy, who is saying this. My question is, what does it “feel” like to be a woman? I am biologically female, but I couldn’t even begin to tell anyone what it “feels like” to be female. I can only say what I feel like being *me*. I am female because that’s my biology, not because I eventually learned to like dolls, or would sometimes wear dresses, make up or jewelry. I’m not even female because of my fertility, giving birth and breastfeeding. There are plenty of women who can’t have children. That doesn’t make them any less female.

    Years ago, I used to joke that I was really a “man” – I hate shopping, rarely dress up, love tools and fixing things – and my husband was a “woman” – he loves shopping, dressing up, and is all thumbs when it comes to tools and fixing things. I can’t make that joke anymore, because these days, it would be interpreted as something else entirely!

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  7. However, she and the others set a precedent where society devalues our essence, our very humanity as women that only a real, biological woman can ever truly know.”
    To the point where they normalize the assault on one of our most gifted and basic assets; the bearing of children from the slaughter of millions of pre-born, to making the excuse of mental illness as “post-partum” depression in the slaughter of our off-spring.
    THAT is the real war on women!

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  8. From a scientific standpoint, has anyone (in the transgender community) considered that no alternatives to sexual reproduction have been found to be tangible for furthering Homo Sapiens? Is it wrong, from a population standpoint, that most of what is presented as normal in their community is actually aberration?
    I don’t hate anyone, either. I think that mental illness and physiological issues account for a large portion of how they feel but society is starting to believe largely made up things.

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    • Exactly. I think that they’re not bad people, but just very troubled and misguided. The issue starts for me when society accepts it as normal just to make them feel good, versus sticking to reality and when their influence brings harm to real women!

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  9. You spell out a pretty complex issue. Some years ago.. some race-based organization favoring Hispanics in the acting profession being treated equally, was making their own case, as black Americans have, on having equal representation in Hollywood and having the more meatier roles. It was pointed out that the Sheens (Martin, Charlie, Emilio, etc.) were Hispanic and had great careers in TV and movies. A spokesman for the organization then stated.. they don’t count because they “look” white. Kinda suggests it’s not your race but what race you look like. The more popular widely accepted black sex symbol stars, of either gender, have physical features with a strong Caucasian influence in their appearance. I can’t recall any mainstream sex symbols with strong traditional African traits. So to assume many folks are swapping genders simply to be chic as a kind of fashion trend.. there has to be some merit.
    Again just a few years back I heard that in high school social circles it was “cool” for young girls to portray some level of manic depression to gain some social prominence. Regarding this concept of Leftists favoring the “be all you can be in the gender you want” social construct… well, I’m not so sure this is a purely Leftist-only concept. So much of transgenderizing is in fact, all about sexual “alignment” of nature assigning you one way.. and your sexual attractions taking you somewhere else. I’m not so sold on the idea that defining one’s personal sexuality is all about political ideology. Has anyone done stat research to determine how sexual gender preferences align with political ideology? Likely so. I just recently heard of a research stat that measured the speed at which semen is ejaculated (I hope that wasn’t done on taxpayers dollars.. but I wouldn’t be surprised).
    My point here is that I acknowledge your thoughts that indeed people can change themselves for some non-sexual (strange… my own judgement term) reasons.. but I am not sure if political ideology has some influence because how we look to others, how we want to be perceived by others, is a human condition and not one of political preference. But you never know.
    Good presentation.

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  10. Great article. What came to mind for me, for some reason, was that old song with the lines, “thank heaven, for little girls, for without them what would little boys do”. Sung by Maurice Chevallier in some movie from long ago, when the world was a little saner and entertainment was just that, entertainment.
    For me, I’ve always been in awe of women and who they are. The present crop of activists seem to be trying to give it all away, making themselves irrelevant, or a construct of something they can never truly be. I don’t think its a large portion of the females who want all this nonsense, just the ones with the loudest voices.
    Want to be something you’re not? Go for it, just don’t expect me to accept your choices as being normal. Cuz they’re not. But, hey, everybody is welcome to live their life as they see fit. As long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. And, I am allowed to find it funny or sad or interesting.
    Which is why I find myself chuckling a lot these days when watching all these different factions clamoring for attention.

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