You’re Not Alone…

Greetings loyal followers, readers, conservative allies,

This is a project where you can add your voice and encourage your fellow conservative allies to stay strong in these derisive and troubled times… Even if you take away nothing else from reading my blog but this, I hope the message stays with you that you’re not alone and there is a silent majority out there just like you waiting to find their voices too! If you want to give a word of encouragement, e-mail me at, direct message me on Twitter or write one in the comment section below 🙂

Stay strong fellow patriots!

—A Lady of Reason

“What I would like to say is not to be afraid to voice your opinions and stand up for what you believe. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Remind the Lefties who you know that it’s okay to agree to disagree. If those people in your life can’t except the differences you have politically, don’t keep them in your life. It’s a waste of time and effort and honestly it just holds you back.” —Kellison

“Dear Young Conservative, I wish your position at this time was the same as when I was your age. Back in the days of Reagan, it was actually kind of “cool” to be Republican. I was lucky to be raised by Republicans, but we also had Michael J. Fox playing the coolest Republican teen ever on “Family Ties”. He was a conservative kid living with ex-hippie, Democrat parents, and maybe some of us liked him because he was so cute, but it was his logic and reasoning that drew many of us to the Republican Party. So I had nowhere near the trouble you must be having just trying to be heard above the mockingbirds in the Echo Chamber! But I want you to stand firm by your beliefs. You have as much right to them as they do. But do one thing always – think for yourself!! Research everything. Read about both sides of the issues and decide where you stand on them. Keep your conservative ideals strong and never back down to a debate, for it is only through discourse that we change other’s minds. But don’t be closed to ideas that may seem foreign to you, as knowledge is always worth the effort. And always, always defend your right to do, say, think, and believe as YOU choose. And no matter what, don’t let anyone take away the freedoms that our Forefathers gave to you, ever! #WWG1WGA” —Love, Time Foolery

“As a woman, you are an authority in the world in your own right, with or without a career. As the one who lives and loves, spreads the beauty and joy in the world, makes a home, and shapes humanity as a mother, family member, community member, and citizen, you matter. Don’t lean in – stand tall, career or no, and stride through the world as the dynamic, valiant, worthy human being you are.”—Natalie Ritchie at Roar Like A Woman

” Beloved fellow patriots, remember always that if it wasn’t for the West, then the world would have nothing of value. The West has stood for morality, Christianity, and freedom since the beginning, and we should appreciate the privilege of living in a free, capitalist nation. May God find us worthy of living under freedom and capitalism in our glorious nation for many years to come, and let us treasure always in our souls the lessons of history as we stand allied together for liberty.” — Sam at Rebel Reformer

“I’m so glad this blog exists! Conservative views are so taboo in many situations such as work and social engagements. It’s great to have an outlet to express my views without criticism. Keep it up!” — Another Reasonable Woman

“It’s easy to think that conservatives are outnumbered and isolated because most of the media push that notion. The internet allows people to sidestep the legacy media and broadcast their views directly. Because of that Facebook, Google, Twitter and similar left oriented tech companies try to suppress conservative views. That demonstrates the left’s fear of conservatives. Why would they go through so much effort If conservatives really were outnumbered and isolated? Conservatives are less vocal than the left and violence and disruptive behavior isn’t conservatives’ style because they tend to be more emotionally mature, have jobs and lives outside of politics. They are too busy making the country and the economy work to engage in the juvenile attention getting tantrums of Antifa and similar groups. That contributes to the perception that conservatives are few in number. I generally wear NRA insignia wherever I go. Frequently, people have commented positively about that, even in generally liberal enclaves such as Boston. No one has ever criticized me about the insignia. Even if you are surrounded by liberals in your immediate vicinity, you still aren’t outnumbered because you have truth and reason on your side and that makes you a majority of one.” Dems are Dumb

“Many times, in the sea of leftist, liberal negativity, it is easy to feel like you are the lone voice of sanity… We will not allow those who wish the destruction of all that we hold dear and sacred to decide us. I can do nothing alone but together we can withstand the mightiest storm, together we will triumph. You are not alone; We ARE AMERICA. We Will NOT BE DEFEATED!” —Another Patriot


  1. I like this post about strong women.

    “No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half its citizens.” – Michelle Obama

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  2. As a non-religious conservative man, I find it quite refreshing to hear your viewpoint on feminism and how it has denigrated both genders. Of course, now this problem is exacerbated by having to deal with those who have not yet decided on their gender. Oh well.

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