Taking Pride in Your Own Gender

Transgenderism is a new concept to many who are older than millennials. In today’s politically correct climate, transgender people are basically those who feel that they essentially were “born in the wrong body”. They claim that they do not feel deep down, like the sex assigned at birth, for example, a man who feels like a woman, not just as a passing phase, or feminine qualities in personality, but a literal woman trapped in a man’s body, and vice versa for women who feel they are men deep down inside. Since I have never been in such a case, I cannot say that their feelings aren’t valid, but what I can argue, and do, is that it is a sort of gender dysphoria, a deep set mental illness. Many opponents of this stance, such as trans rights groups perceive this as being bigoted, but I don’t believe so. The reason why is that, not having the personality of the sex you’re born with is not normal mentally for the majority of humanity. This is not a moral statement, as many think it is. It is not bad to feel that way, nor is it morally wrong in any way, as some religious groups have it. However, it is not normal, and detrimental to one’s psychology, as I can only imagine how difficult it must be to feel you inhabit a body that doesn’t match up with who you are inside. I wish there was a cure for it, but from what we’ve seen, trying to “convert” someone back to lining up with their own sex usually doesn’t work. I personally don’t have a moral problem with people who genuinely are afflicted with such things. My sympathies go out to them, as feeling that one is born in the wrong body must be tortuous. They’re the perpetual outcast. Not fitting in in their own sex, nor being accepted by the other one.

However, my issues start when these people decide that they can just change gender on account of their feelings. That a man could become a functional woman in society just because he feels he was born a woman in a man’s body, and a woman could be a man just by declaring herself to be one. Basic biology does not hold up that assertion, your chromosomes in every cell of your body say otherwise. Alongside that, come more detrimental social implications, for example, it undermines natural gender and the uniqueness of men and women. For everyone to say that they can switch gender at any time and it doesn’t matter which one you are biologically, it erases a key part of the human species. We are not a species, like some, that has no genders. I think part of the push for gender fluidity is that many in the feminist movement and politically correct crowd, would rather there be no genders at all! Also, while I noted that being transgender in itself is not immoral or unethical, a society that embraces such people as being full fledged members of the opposite sex, have unforeseen consequences, such as in gendered sports, for one example. Men who identify as women and play on women’s teams, since they are still men biologically, often out compete the women, and have an unfair advantage. Another example could be a transgender man, who enlists in the military, but does not have the physical strength needed for combat roles since his body is still that of a biological woman. While this issue would not be the fault of genuine transgender women, there are concerns about cisgendered men pretending to be trans gendered women to gain access to women’s spaces inappropriately to prey on women. While this sorry possibility is not the fault of genuine transgender women, a few bad apples will ruin it for everyone. Is it fair to transgender women who are as harmless as real women would be in women’s spaces, who functionally live as fellow women? No. But it’s a reality we must consider. I consider such fears as unfair as many transgender women do, but it is not worth the risk of letting pretenders prey on any woman. All that said, while I believe that transgenderism is a legitimate mental disorder, I can understand it.

What I cannot still understand, conceptually, is the concept of being neither gender. With transgendered people, it is still within comprehension that they want to be the other sex. I get that. What is still puzzling to me is the new movement to be in the “other” category, a third gender apart from man or woman. It is one thing to want to be on the other team, so to speak, but it is a far stretch to want to make one’s own group up entirely! I mean, why do they feel the need to be neither? Some of these people who are gender fluid wish to encompass both genders, but depending on mood. This seems even more bizarre than transgenderism, but I can still wrap my mind around it. The people I’m completely perplexed by are the ones who choose to be no human gender at all, and wish to use their own special pronouns other than the standard “he” or “she”. Instead, they opt for ones such as ze, or xe, or “they” used as a singular pronoun. Here’s a table showing all the cases for these new pronouns! While fascinating, it is completely ridiculous! (for the record, my favorite one is “ze” because it sounds like “sie” in German, for “she”.)

Related image

While this too, is not immoral or anything, I am frustrated that society is trying to legitimize these new non-genders. Unless you’re a genuine hermaphrodite, and are anatomically ambiguous, I don’t understand why society needs to cater to your special needs. Like transgender issues, non-gender issues, as I’ll call them, while not bad in the sense of immoral, should be considered abnormal psychological conditions. Just because individuals who have such disorders may pose no harm to anyone in doing so unlike more devastating mental illness like schizophrenia, for example, doesn’t mean the rest of us need to humor them! This is not to say we have an excuse to be intolerant and hate on these people, indeed we should show compassion and pity for those with such immense struggles in identity at such a crucial level. Nor am I saying they’re all faking it and are not genuine in their convictions. No one can tell another that their emotions aren’t real for themselves. What I am saying is that we as a society should seek to help them cope with reality, not deny it. Today’s society is helping them deny reality, instead of learning to live with their disorder as many others with psychological issues must. My heart goes out to those who struggle with gender identity in all forms. I have no hatred towards them nor malice. However, I will not deny the reality of biology based gender, nor the implications of a society that denies it either.

To the men and women who do identify as the gender they were born in, take pride in that! We take it for granted that we were born in the body that matches who we are inside. Even the PC liberals acknowledge that we have this privilege in society. Ladies, don’t try to be a de facto man. Take pride in your womanhood and embrace it. Realize that there are those who long to be women but never can be, no matter how hard they wish it to be. Have compassion and empathy with those who wish to be us, as fellow women, as they can never be what they truly feel they are inside. However, uphold genuine biological womanhood as the standard of womanhood. Women and society will be better off where true gender is respected and upheld objectively. While many things in life are subjective and open to debate, the possession of XX or XY chromosomes leave no interpretation as to who’s who. Yes, there are genetic disorders of the sex chromosomes, I haven’t overlooked that, but we call them what they are: disorders, not “other sexes”. I wish transgender and gender fluid people all the luck in the world in finding their place in life. It pains me that fellow humans have to live with such discontent in who they are, but not at the expense of biological reality, nor my own womanhood.

Image result for 18th century cartoon gender roles

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