“Lights, Camera…Liberals!”

I thought this topic is relevant since the new seasons of many TV shows premiere¬†around this time… And now the insults hurled at the Emmy Awards recently ūüėȬ†

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or are a total Luddite, it’s pretty obvious that radical liberalism is promoted as the norm throughout most of society today in our schools, our major news outlets, respected institutions in science and academia, even search engines and social media platforms now such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to name a few! All were caught censoring conservative leaning material on their sites. News outlets like CNN and MSNBC are very liberal leaning and leave no doubt as to their anti-Trump stance. Magazines such as Time, The Atlantic, The Washington Post,¬†and countless others all have made literal pledges on their pages to “keep Trump accountable” and to expose the President for what he is! All of these news outlets keep a constant drumbeat of Trump hysteria! Psychology Today,¬†once a respected scholarly journal for the field of psychology has published articles on “Post-Election Trauma” and how President Trump has “traumatized” many individuals, even claiming in their professional opinions that Trump is mentally unfit, and passes that off as legitimate scholarship instead of unethical bigotry. Today, one can’t openly express conservative leanings without major backlash from peers, coworkers, teachers, professors, bosses, authority figures, professional colleagues, etc, etc… People have lost friendships, network connections, colleagues, even jobs over conservative views!

It would come no surprise then, that another outlet for radical liberal domination is the film industry. Hollywood is smack in liberal California after all, and caters to a platform of strident liberals! Many TV shows currently on or are new to the market, movies too, often contain liberal themes, either overtly or subtly. The issue is not however, with any liberal leaning themes in a TV show for instance, but that conservative positions are often demonized and stereotyped as backwards and intolerant. The liberals have made waves trying to get more diversity into film and TV so various groups such racial minorities, LGBT individuals, transgender individuals, even people with unconventional families such as single parents, gay parents, guardians, stepparents etc… all to support the idea that people are able to “see themselves” positively in movies and TV with characters like them. But what about conservatives? When do we get to be portrayed as something other than a backwards stereotype?

Many movies and TV shows, such as Grey’s Anatomy, written by Shonda Rhimes, radical liberal black woman, or The Fosters, another very liberal leaning show, portray all sorts of characters. Grey’s Anatomy has a lot of racial diversity, but has also branched out into openly gay characters, and newly introduced a transgender man who used to be a woman! The Fosters have tackled many issues in family politics such as divorce, kids at risk, gay parent households, and issues facing foster kids like crime, deadbeat parents, a broken system and such all with liberal twist! However, in both cases, conservative leaning people are treated as religious bigots, racists, xenophobes, misogynists, homophobes and others. They are the “bad guy” or else the “ignoramus” who needs to be “re-educated” in the right way to look at the situation through liberal eyes!¬† It’s unacceptable to portray any disadvantaged group as their stereotype, yet conservatives are portrayed as bigoted and backwards for standing up for conservative issues. When do we get¬†our¬†chance to shine in the spotlight? See¬†ourselves¬†in the hero? Have¬†our¬†values be center stage for once?

It’s not only the choice of diversity in characters that leans liberal, such as adding token gays, minorities, women or transgender people, or promoting the “any family is a real family” propaganda as normal. Many individual episodes and story arcs cover wider topics from a radical liberal view such as sexism, racism, immigration, gay rights, and transgender issues now for some examples. Grey’s Anatomy serves are one prominent example for being used as a liberal political platform in many of its recent episodes.

For example, in the latest season, there was an episode covering the BLM movement where a black kid got shot by police for climbing in his own window when he was locked out. The episode could have been useful in portraying it as a moral and ethical dilemma by making it more ambiguous who was at fault, such as the police honestly misinterpreting the boy’s actions, but it set out to clearly make the police the bad guys, just short of overtly racist and full of malice. The Grey’s Anatomy doctors then go on to berate the police present for being racist and intolerant! The boy eventually dies garnering more outrage over the incident. However, the episode didn’t accurately portray the truth of the BLM movement, as the real life “victims” were often in the middle of crimes and charged at police not as kids, but as strapping young men!

Another episode tackled the #metoo hysteria by defaming Dr. Harper Avery, a prominent surgeon whose foundation owns the fictional hospital Grey’s Anatomy is set in and gives prestigious grants and awards for surgeons. They make a story arc where he has assaulted countless women who left the medical field, thus destroying his good name and the Avery Foundation. They of course, portray all women as helpless victims, without even a hint that some could have done it willingly to get ahead and knew the terms and conditions. Shocking, for a melodrama that always plays up any gossip or scandal and the “true story” is always in doubt! But of course, this was yet another cause to pander to to get more liberal viewers!

My last, but certainly not the last example covered on Grey’s Anatomy recently was on the DACA dreamers and immigration. A new intern who was “undocumented” from El Salvador but who lived in the US all her life was threatened with deportation for running a red light. The hospital staff, like Chief Bailey and others literally hid her from and stalled the immigration officials looking to investigate. While the official investigating was portrayed as professional and impartial, he was demonized by all the characters on the show as the bad guy. Also, Grey’s Anatomy endorsed the clearly illegal act, as the official mentioned in the show¬†as illegal,¬†of deliberately hindering the investigation as an act of heroism! Then, everyone went into puddles of tears over how unfair US immigration policies are. There was no room for debate, or anyone portraying the other side of he argument. Just, immigration control is bad, hiding illegals like the underground railroad hid slaves is good!¬† These episodes, also to note, aired literally in succession of each other during the last season! It’s clear to see then, they were trying to grasp at any issue at all then to get more liberal views by stoking the flames on hot topics the liberals whine about…

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The Fosters, a TV show centered around two gay mothers and their adopted and foster children and their foster friends also has a very liberal slant! They tackle topics like sexism, such as one character telling off another for “mansplaining” to her, and sexual assault from a #metoo perspective, to immigration and protesting ice and school shootings. In one episode, they protest ice coming to town to round up illegal immigrants, and even warn others about and interfere with an ICE raid at their school! Issues brought up too revolve around the “any family is a real family” propaganda, with the two gay mothers and the many broken homes the foster children come from. Everyone is encouraged to forgive and forget the dysfunction of their former families even though their former parents were ravaged by addiction, hut them and let them down. Addiction is just a “disease”, divorce is “normal” and you’re the one being intolerant if you felt let down and broken by it as a child. The two gay foster mothers portray an involved and loving home by trying to keep themselves open in communicating with their kid, but they go too far by smothering them and infantalizing their teenagers especially as uber liberal parents! Also, they portray two same sex parents the same way as a regular two parent household, while in truth, both sexes of parents give a better perspective than just one sex alone can. But we can’t admit that now can we?… One of the main characters too, the eldest daughter who was adopted later in the series goes on to study law but is an extremely liberal SJW who is morally conflicted about working for a conservative politician. There are no conservatives on that show at all, and if there are, are bigoted bad guys!

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These are just two examples out there of the many left-leaning shows than demonize conservatives and conservative view points. On a more positive note, there are a few shows that still are neutral or are more conservative! The remake of Rosanne portrayed a conservative middle class Trump supporting woman that many said got conservative women to “come out of the closet”. She was a positive portrayal for conservatives in being a person like them, middle class and hard working and multidimensional instead of just the stock character of the conservative fundamentalist bigot! Unfortunately, she said some “unwise” un-PC comments that got her show cancelled. In my mind though, they were just looking for any excuse they could find to silence her for speaking out against the radical left! Image result for roseanneAnother more neutral show is the Big Bang Theory. They do have some left leaning views, such as the hook up culture among the characters, but then again, sex sells, so it could just be the obligatory smut. However, they still poke jokes involving taboo topics like race and religion and make un-PC jokes ūüôā many are afraid to still make. Some characters, like Sheldon’s mom are conservative and southern, and not politically correct, but it’s meant to be a funny joke, as they make fun of everyone,¬†not a serious portrayal to be taken seriously!

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Overall, liberalism is rampant on TV and in Hollywood! Like other venues for liberal propaganda, the film industry is full of it! This doesn’t mean you have to boycott every TV show and movie known to man, I still watch shows like Grey’s Anatomy for elements I do like, such as the actual medical cases (not the melodrama), but I know how to spot the liberal bias. I like many others, just wish for once, the liberals weren’t such hypocrites, and let¬†everyone¬†see themselves in the characters they enjoy and their values on the big screen, not just the other side’s.



“Woke” Or Still Dreaming???

“Often in my dreams I am convinced of just such familiar events ‚Äď that I am sitting by the fire in my dressing-gown ‚Äď when in fact I am lying undressed in bed! Yet right now my eyes are certainly wide open when I look at this piece of paper; I shake my head and it isn‚Äôt asleep; when I rub one hand against the other, I do it deliberately and know what I am doing. This wouldn‚Äôt all happen with such clarity to someone asleep.¬†Indeed! As if I didn‚Äôt remember other occasions when I have been tricked by exactly similar thoughts while asleep! As I think about this more carefully, I realize that there is never any reliable way of distinguishing being awake from being asleep.”¬†‚ÄĒ Rene Descartes, First¬†Meditation¬†

If you ever had the chance to read some of Rene Descartes, the famous philosopher’s works, he makes the timeless point that often, one’s dreams can mimic the state of wakefulness and reality. Often, when you’re in a dream, and I’ve experienced this too, you feel you are indeed awake and in reality! I’ve even had a dream within a dream, and had thoughts about being consciously aware I might be dreaming! Descartes makes the very insightful point of how do we¬†know¬†we’re actually awake or simply dreaming, since dreams can mimic reality so well? Are you absolutely¬†sure¬†you’re not just dreaming right now, since your dream could seem just as real??? How can we distinguish true wakefulness from dreaming?

Look, I like philosophy, but that’s not the main topic of today’s post. No, what I’m really after, is the concept the liberals have decided was valid was this idea of being “woke”. However, what is being “woke”?

Woke¬†is a political term of¬†African American¬†origin that refers to a perceived awareness of issues concerning¬†social justice¬†and¬†racial justice.¬†It is derived from the¬†African American Vernacular English¬†expression “stay woke“, whose¬†grammatical aspect¬†refers to a continuing awareness of these issues. Its widespread use since 2014 is a result of the¬†Black Lives Matter¬†movement (Wikipedia).

Many radical liberal snowflakes claim to be “woke” in that they, unlike us who are not awake yet, are more keenly aware of issues such as inequality plaguing our society, and that we’re blinded by our “privilege” and lack of experience of their issues. They say we are ignorant, bigoted and will not listen to facts and reason on these issues. The issues of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia etc… etc… They say our opinions and our facts are merely prejudice in disguise as facts! That we being the “silent majority” is a “racist dog whistle” as someone on my Twitter page commented! However, experience and observation have shown, that many of their suppositions are actually untrue, or over exaggerated, leaving out all the nuance!

I wonder then, if this new “woke” movement of the snowflakes, one of entitlement, victimhood and being “triggered” over “microagressions” is merely in a dream! They may¬†think¬†they live in the reality of the situation, but perhaps they are still being deceived by a very lucid dream! I’ve had many a dream where in it, it made perfect sense, but when I truly “woke” from it, I realized from the moment my eyes opened, it made absolutely zero sense in the rules of logic, (and sometimes physics)!

For example, the dream of open borders, that everyone can just come here peacefully, and we have enough to help all, while an idyllic fantasy, is a beautiful dream. The dream that illegals contribute more than they take, and aren’t bringing more crime and 3rd world values and potential terrorists in through refugees. The dream that welfare is only given to the worthy, and it’s a misconception people and entire communities are dependent on it as a way of life from cradle to grave, and that the only thing holding them back is our prejudice. The dream that it’s the “patriarchy” that accounts for gender differences, and “inequalities”. That the woman must¬†always¬†be believed and will tell the truth in cases of allegations of sexual assault. That transgender people pose no threat to the order of society, and women in lady’s rooms by cisgender men under the guise of being a woman. That established science is incorrect, and there are many genders, not just XX and XY, and that any other genetic combo is normal, not an abnormal pathology. That women can do just as well in the front lines of combat as men.

That a person’s rights can be annulled in the name of female “empowerment”, and women are empowered by acting vulgar and promiscuous. That hook up culture is okay, and isn’t risky, and those who pop out unwanted children are valid to cry for out pity and charity after their little hook ups. “Any family is a real family”. That guns kill, and people aren’t the ones in charge of them! That countless children died in school due to the NRA and guns, not evil people who used them for evil. There is no “liberal” conspiracy in the mainstream media, our schools and elsewhere. There is no censoring of conservatives online and everywhere. That there is no violence against conservatives and the Left is tolerant of their freedom of speech and expression. That no student or teacher was ever retaliated against for conservative views in the classroom. That conservatives endorse hate speech and use it. That we’re racist, fascist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic etc… That we moralize too much that is merely cultural and arbitrary. That our current president Donald Trump is dirtier than the dirtiest liberal candidate. I could go on and on and on…

The facts tell a different story, however! Welfare is indeed quite misused! Many minorities have cried perpetual victim and demanded reparations. White privilege does NOT exist. Reverse discrimination is as valid as regular discrimination. It’s all the same thing! Illegals do drain our resources, and refugees bringing in the nefarious with the innocent. We don’t have room for everyone. Terror and 3rd world values in our country are real threats. Women are empowered already, and are now able to do reverse discrimination against men. Both sexes do not have to be identical, to be equal in their dignity as human beings and worth to society. Not all women are truthful about what happened “that night”. The NRA has helped defend children in schools, so does security with guns. An unpopular opinion is not hate speech. Countless conservatives ARE and were shadow banned and censored, including prominent ones like Donald Trump our president, PragerU, Michelle Malkin, and others including me for a time! The data is in, broken homes hurt our kids, and they need TWO married parents or else be at a higher risk for depression eating disorders, promiscuity etc… Trump is making America great again through the economy and social reform. The silent majority WILL speak out come voting time and will continue to fight for the reality, NOT the dream!

So, who’s truly the “woke” side now??? If you open your eyes, and get out of the cave (another philosophy reference) of denial, you will see my statements to hold true backed up with evidence! We’re losing our country to radical nonsense, and look where it got Europe! More crime, more danger, and more terror! Your dreams may be reassuring, and sometimes beautiful and the idyllic scenario. But like most dreams, they mimic reality all too well, and once you wake up for real, you realize how illogical they truly are! Descartes called our reality into doubt, as how do we know we’re not in a dream, but read further in his meditations, and he tells you how he knows what’s real!¬†I think therefore I am!¬†I know I’m not dreaming, and my reality is reality, since I can think, not just go where my feelings take me! ūüėČ

“Like a prisoner who dreams that he is free, starts to suspect that it is merely a dream, and wants to go on dreaming rather than waking up, so I am content to slide back into my old opinions; I fear being shaken out of them because I am afraid that my peaceful sleep may be followed by hard labor when I wake, and that I shall have to struggle not in the light but in the imprisoning darkness of the problems I have raised.” ‚ÄĒRene Descartes, First Meditation

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When Denial Turns Deadly: Terrorism

In the wake of the horrors that took place on September 11, 2001, our country’s innocence was shattered for good. We thought such a drastic tragedy could not befall a country like ours, that we were too strong, and had enough of a defense to keep us safe, yet on 9/11/2001, that all changed when Al Qaeda attacked the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. No longer could we deny the possibility of a stealthy deadly attack on US soil. 3000+ lives lost proved that point. We scrambled to find out what to do to stop future attacks. We increased airport security. More places did better checks of people and tried not to let just anyone in. We sent our military over to the countries harboring terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and finally got Osama Bin Laden, who was responsible for 9/11. Our country is forever changed by the events on that day. The lesson learned is we cannot take our relative safety for granted anymore and trust everyone who comes here. We must be vigilant. “See something, say something”.

However, it’s been 17 years since that horrific day as of today. In those 17 years, I’m afraid, we still didn’t let the lesson from 9/11 sink in. More terrorist attacks are plaguing Europe especially with ISIS and even here, with the Boston Marathon Bombing. In the news there’s shooting after shooting, a new nauseating trend for mass violence in recent years. Europe is no longer all that safe to be in, with shootings, bombings, even stabbings abound! As for the US, we claim to be hard on terrorism, yet are in blatant denial of our national security in our new policies on immigration and asylum.

One thing President Trump did during his term thus far was restricting immigration, asylum, and travel from countries with known terrorist groups, like ISIS in places like Iraq, and Syria for some. He, like many, although we feel for the immigrants and refugees fleeing war torn areas, we must put our country’s safety first, and not let terrorists slip through the cracks along with the innocents. Many liberals are now decrying such a move, saying it’s not about terrorism, but racism as he would let Europeans in but not “brown people” and likened it to past discrimination of Eastern Europeans in the early 1900’s. Harsh truth is though, many refugees seem to not be the weak women and children, but able bodied men, and many come from a culture that is hostile to our country. They were taught that America caused their poverty and suffering, so no wonder if some resent us. Also, ISIS threatened to sneak people over here to do terroristic acts. While it sounds harsh to paint all refugees with that brush, the innocents coming simply to flee their own dangers, many are bringing the danger here.

Unpleasant truths include more crime when these refugees and immigrants settle here. They bring their own 3rd world culture over here, of tyranny and oppression and cut-throat survival opposed to US democratic ideals. They live in insular neighborhoods which are unsafe for any outsider to go in, creating their own slums here in the US. Many too, have connections to terrorists back in the “old country” they have incentive to help or protect, or family threatened by terrorists so they’re forced to keep silent. Even if they’re not doing crime or terrorism here in the US, many are dirt poor, have nothing and are unskilled. They have no social capital to give to our country, and are supported by our welfare state. They drain our hospitals, schools, charities etc… with their needs, while US citizens like homeless veterans, children and poor people here are not getting their needs met. Trump was accused of doing a “cultural genocide” by liberals, yet why not bar people with nothing to offer from leeching off our already broken systems?

Let’s not forget the people who bombed the Boston Marathon were on welfare and got free college, medical etc… from us! While many people from these war torn places are innocent of terrorist affiliations, they being a host of other issues, like crime, 3rd world mentalities and drain our systems. Never the less, terrorism¬†is¬†indeed quite a real threat, just look at Europe, who are doing it the politically correct way! Paris, Brussels, Manchester, London, Etc… The question is, do we need to take that risk? Do we need more 9/11’s or Boston Marathon bombings in our future? Which major city will be next, since if the liberals get their way, one of denial and political correctness, it’s only a matter of time…

Look, not all Muslims are Islamic extremists, not all Syrians are with ISIS etc. However, we can’t take that risk when so many are especially coming from 3rd world places into our country. Yes, the refugees have my sympathy and I don’t blame them for coming here to flee their own horrors. But, we need to put our country’s safety first, before protecting everyone else. Who said we were responsible for babysitting the world? Who said it’s all on us to take them in and give them our resources that ought to go to¬†our own citizens? Terrorism is a real threat now and the anniversary of one of our most horrific days ought to be a stark eye opening reminder to protect ourselves first before more 9/11’s occur. How many more lives must be foolishly lost to terrorism here and abroad due to radical liberal denial?¬†Never Forget¬†what can happen when we let our guard down…

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Breaking News! I Think I Just Got Censored on Twitter!

UPDATE: Justice has been served! We spoke out and held Twitter accountable!!! Keep our voices heard! Score one for common sense, reason, and justice!

So, for a while now, Twitter has been a huge platform for me to get my voice out there, but as of last night, my stats have dropped significantly, and I found out no one can see my comments to other tweets, which have gotten many views in the past, including just last night! I don’t know for sure, but I fear the radical liberals on Twitter have come after me now too! I’m asking my loyal followers to please speak out for me on social media and here on WordPress, as they came for Prager U, and they can come for you next! Stay silent, and who will be there to speak up for when it happens to you? I never thought A Lady of Reason was popular enough to even be noticed by their algorithms, but I guess I was, considering no one can see my stuff now! Went down from thousands of views, to under one hundred! Radical liberal censorship is out there because they can’t handle plain facts, and the cold hard truth! Perhaps too, it’s because of the elections they want to stifle our voices before the midterms this November. It’s baffling though, because my tweets seem to be blocked to outsiders on sites like Fox News, which are conservative, so I think Twitter did a number on me, and yet scarily,¬† ISIS now is posting on their page and has yet to be censored! Even my old posts that got thousands of views are now no longer visible where I commented! Note this happened just overnight last night! Please spread the word, and help keep the mainstream social media accountable! It took many to speak out for Prager U, so it will take many to help me and you too! The silent majority must speak out when our fellow allies are shadow banned and censored! Some other prominent Twitter conservatives have been shadow banned too recently… I wonder if it’s a trend for the upcoming election… I will have to wait and see what there is to be done to resolve this mess! Until then, keep spreading the word, and speaking out! America needs our voices!

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Linguistic Lunacy :) Learn How to Speak “Snowflake”!

Did you ever want to learn a new language? Try your first crack at one, or add another to your linguistic repertoire? Then this is the post for you!¬†Try out the latest innovation in linguistic history: gender neutral pronouns!!!¬†You see, the standard “he” or “she” is outdated, and might offend those who decided to be “non-binary” or “gender-queer” today! After all, who says objective scientific proof of two sexes and genders or the possession of XX or XY sex chromosomes is actually valid for what we feel today, or the next??? Don’t be left behind off the PC bandwagon, climb aboard ūüôā

First off, to quell some confusion, we must go over some basic grammar. While other languages, such as Latin, Greek, etc… are highly¬†inflected (or fusional )¬†languages, which means they have different endings to show things such as case, person, number, etc… etc…, the English language has lost much of its inflected endings, but still retain some for number, (singular vs. plural) and personal pronouns for cases. For example, we say “I” as a subject, in the nominative case, but “me” as the object, or indirect object in the accusative and dative cases respectively. “My” or “mine” are in the genitive case, showing possession. Other pronouns are inflected too similarly in English. Many other languages have a much more intricate, complex and pronounced system of inflections, even for regular nouns (like Greek or Latin for example)! In German, for instance, articles are inflected for case, such as “der” in the nominative, “den” in the accusative, “dem” in the dative, and “des” in the genitive case, all the masculine form of “the”! And that’s not including the feminine and neuter ūüėČ

To sum this up very clearly:

Nominative: Subject of the sentence

Accusative: Object of the sentence

Dative: Indirect object of the sentence

Genitive: Shows possession

(Other languages extend this lunacy to cases not even found in English, like the vocative, for directly addressing someone, and the ablative, among other ones, which no one knows except Latin nerds ūüėČ )

If all that confusing ACTUAL grammar sounds like a load of linguistic lunacy, hold on to your hats for how to inflect snowflake pronouns! Here are some handy charts to memorize, on pain of offense and being accused of a “microaggression”! The charts also provide various forms of different pronouns to choose from!

First, a NORMAL English pronoun chart!

Image result for invented pronoun tables

Here comes the snowflake linguistic lunacy! Get ready…

Related image


Related image

As we know, common sense, established science, and reason have all “declined” in the radical liberal PC newspeak as well ūüėČ (Hee hee… grammar joke! Click the link to get the pun!) Better study hard! The next “pop quiz” is encountering one of these loonies! ūüėČ

An Open Letter to Recent Immigrants from A Lady of Reason

Dear recent immigrants,

I’m not your “enemy”. I’m not simply a xenophobic bigot that will spew vitriol about immigration to America while overlooking the fact MY OWN ancestors came over from poor 3rd world countries like many of yours. Having had lived lives of poverty and hoped for a better future here in America, the land of opportunity. I realize that living in this country is a privilege, and many like myself have not endured what you have in your own country to be compelled to leave or flee it, along with any good memories, your culture, your language and your heritage not to mention family and friends left behind! I don’t know what it’s like to have to live in a strange place where everyone is different no one knows you and you can’t even speak the language or know the culture. I certainly would rather live in the place I grew up and learned the language and culture of! No one wants to give up their country if they don’t have to, and I can’t imagine what it would take for me and many other Americans to abandon this country and live in a land foreign to our way of life.

I get it. You can’t just learn a new language and integrate into a brand new culture in the blink of an eye! I know from experience trying to learn Spanish and German, you won’t be able to learn it in a day! I don’t mind if you want to associate with your own communities, be around people like yourself, and remind yourself of a little bit of home. I don’t care if you talk to your fellow countrymen in your native tongue in public, or live in your own communities. There are better things to have a hissy fit about than the Spanish couple speaking Spanish in the cafe across the street for instance. I don’t care if you want to celebrate your native indigenous festival from “the old country”, or wear your own clothes, or have your own food, music, art etc… I understand everyone is on a different part of their journey to becoming an American. I’m not going to rant and rave you need to change everything you’ve ever been accustomed to “NOW!” in order to prove your loyalty to your new country, our country.

However, I do have some misgivings and hesitations to welcome everyone in with open arms, (and borders)! The goal in living in a new place is to integrate into the dominant culture as well. It’s not a black and white either or situation! You CAN keep your traditional heritage while also integrating into American culture and life by learning our language and adopting our cultural values as well. Countless Americans who came over as immigrants only a century ago have done this quite nicely. Take the many Italian Americans, for instance, who still celebrate Italian festivals, hang Italian flags up, make Italian dishes and preserve the Italian language in their homes and families and are quite proud to be Italian! However, they also can speak English, embrace American values, embrace their newfound American heritage and are proud to be Americans as well! A teacher from my high school came over here as a teenager from Italy, not knowing any English! He’s quite in tune with his Italian heritage at home and speaks Italian in his household, but he doesn’t demand others in public cater to him in having signs, TV shows, songs, businesses, schools, hospitals, translators etc… so he can only speak Italian at everyone else’s inconvenience! He took the time and effort to learn English, since he is living here, not there.

To those who would disagree with learning our language instead of demanding everyone know yours, imagine the reverse situation where an American immigrant or expatriate living in your country demands everyone speak English for them and never lifts a finger to learn your country’s language! Insulting and entitled you say? Well we feel the same when people coming to live here won’t lift a finger to integrate into our society and learn our language. Just because you know another language, doesn’t mean you can never speak your original one! There’s no law saying you can’t speak your native tongue within your own community and home! Just don’t demand everyone outside of it cater to you when you’re living in a different country with a different language! Try to learn our language and use it in our country, as I hope many of us would learn and use your language in yours. It’s only fair…

On a related note, integrating into our culture and embracing our cultural values is also only fair if you intend to live in our country. By coming here, you implicitly agree that our country was a better fit for you, and therefore, you have now joined “team USA” so to speak. By joining our little group, it means embracing what we stand for in our country, such as a democratic society and equality. Those who would seek to shun our values and bring 3rd world values that you supposedly fled from sort of defeats the purpose of a fresh start, doesn’t it? If you would rather live by the unjust values you escaped from in your old country, why on Earth did you leave it to begin with?!

If you want to treat your women as property, enforce castes and class difference no one can move upward in, shun any ethnic outsider than your own group here in this country, and live overall in a “dog eat dog” manner more appropriate to the 3rd world place you came from where you needed to to survive, as opposed to a more civilized manner in a country of plenty, then why come to a place where we shun all such things? I thought people came here to get away from the injustices of 3rd world dictatorships, not bring them¬†with you! Can you leave those 3rd world values behind when you pack your suitcase for America? ūüėČ Please and thank you… If you’d give us a chance, you’d see you wouldn’t want to go back to the stone age values of your previous dictatorship! Democracy and equality are possible and do work wonders for human society!

My last concern is what you intend to do once here. Are you willing to put in hard work to better yourself, your family, and our country overall? My ancestors who were immigrants did all of the above! They came with nothing, but worked their way up to having stable homes and happy families. They built a new fruitful life with the opportunities America gave them. You can too! However, so many decide to drain our system, not get any education and be unskilled, drain our healthcare, our schools, our welfare, our police force with crime and gangs and basically expect us to carry them in their cradle to grave welfare and crime and 3rd world values instead of getting a job, being upright citizens, and contributing to America as productive citizens. Then to add insult to injury, they whine and complain about how “unjust” and “discriminatory” America is!

You should get a job to support yourself, not rely on others to pay the bill for you! Hospitals only can give so much and they’re being drained dry. Schools are there to teach your children, not raise them! Police are there to protect you, not protect others from you! In addition, are you open to all the different people here in America, or just your own insular group while excluding, even assaulting outsiders who come into your neighborhood? We welcomed you in, yet you can’t welcome any one who’s different from you? How fair is that??? How fair is it that we have to give you a free ride while the money to do so comes right out of our hard earned paychecks? If you want to come to our country, you ought to “do your bit” and give back in gratitude!

One last point to make too is, please understand if we simply don’t have room for you. We can’t have open borders and just let everyone in who wants to come! We must weed out the good from the bad, as the bad people have come into this country with every innocent person too! Is that fair? No! It’s not. I wish we could take in everyone who needs our help and are willing to contribute to our society, but we’re crammed enough as we are! We need to look out for our own citizens first, not outsiders. As wonderful as our country is, we’re nowhere near perfect! US citizens live in dire poverty, are homeless, disadvantaged, starving, need healthcare, need schooling, etc… etc… The burden of taking care of our own citizens is great, and many of us would understand if the shoe were on the other foot: if YOUR country were the place to go, yet its citizens still need help. Why help us when your own people are hurting? What would entitle us to demand your resources as outsiders? The little space we do have to give to others in need like yourself, is precious and shouldn’t be wasted on someone unworthy. A person who can give back, get a job, and live a good honest life deserves a chance at opportunity and fulfillment. I’m in no way saying I’m against them bringing their skill set and work ethic into this country! We need some fresh blood with a passion to help build us up, like many immigrants in the past did for our country! We need more scholars, scientists, laborers, etc… to run America smoothly. What we don’t need however, is a leech who will turn to crime, ghetto life, and 3rd world values of inequality and intolerance! The person you decide to be determines your worthiness to come here. We do have room for hard working, upright individuals who wish to better themselves and their families. We don’t have room for miscreants and more welfare cases! Take your pick…

Many people have come here past and present for a better life and better values. I, and many others welcome you with the open arms our country welcomed our ancestors if you’re willing to welcome our values of hard work, democracy and equality into your life ūüôā

Welcome us, and I’ll welcome you,

‚ÄĒA Lady of Reason

(P.S. coming here illegally and then draining our resources is also wildly unfair to every immigrant who does come here through legal channels and puts in the work to become a fellow citizen! Be like the hard working ancestors who embraced America and became hard working productive citizens, not the welfare leeches and closed minded intolerant 3rd world value apologists!)

The Back to School Blues: Why Are So Many Highschoolers and College Students Depressed, Anxious and Suicidal?

For many, it’s back to school season and getting settled in now it’s September already! However, with the coming school year, many young people are facing all sorts of mental health issues at astounding rates! In fact, the level of problems facing today’s youth are almost unprecedented from past generations. Issues such as extreme anxiety, social phobias, depression and even suicidal thoughts are becoming more and more of a national concern for parents, educators, counselors, psychologists etc… The million dollar question is “Why?”.

Life isn’t always easy, and certainly isn’t fair in many cases! From bullying, to breakups, divorces to financial troubles, young people have a lot on their plate nationwide to contend with. This of course, is compounded with biological tendencies toward taking life’s trials with more struggle than stride. A chemical imbalance in the brain, or hormonal imbalance topped off with some life hardship can push many a solid person over the edge mentally! However, life has¬†never¬†been a cake walk for any generation.

In fact, historically, life for many was much harsher and unforgiving. Infant mortality rates were up, disease, extreme poverty, no safety nets, harsh and grueling working conditions and walking the tightrope between survival and death was much of reality for many families except the few privileged ones outside much of the working class. Think of many of our ancestors, dirt poor, or close to skirting the poverty line. Working on farms and factories for over 12+ hour days just to make ends meet or feed the family. Or going even more recently, what about all the young men and women who survived the depression, like my grandparents, or fought in WWII and helped the war effort back home? My grandmother didn’t have Skype or e-mail to stay in touch with my grandpa when he was off fighting! Only “snail mail” that took weeks to go back and forth and multiple years apart!

The point is, throughout history, many many people only dreamed of the comforts many of us take for granted, like the internet, financial stability, housing that isn’t a squalid tenement, minimum wages that aren’t pennies, labor laws to protect workers and children from exploitation. Not to mention all our cool and fancy technology to make our lives much easier than many of our grandparents had! We have social safety nets, charities, legislation, all to stop the injustices of the past. Contrary to what many young people believe, the gap between average blue collar people and the middle class is narrowing. We’re not in the depression of the 1930’s, we’re not in a major world war where you have to sacrifice and ration, and know all your male relatives, friends and neighbors who died. Or are forcibly drafted yourself! The world isn’t perfect, life isn’t all unicorns and rainbows now in the least. But compared to other eras, ours is one of much luxury and comfort. Even many of our poor have TV’s and internet and cars in America!

Despite all our progress though from the hardships our ancestors faced, where childhood wasn’t a thing really, and people couldn’t afford a youth, why are millennial young people getting depression and anxiety and becoming suicidal in record numbers? Yes, your breakup was devastating, but your beau didn’t die fighting in the War. Someone called you a “slut” online or in the hallway, but you weren’t driven out of town, disowned and forced to wear “the scarlet letter”! Your parents are going through financial hardship, but what about your grandmother having to drop out of school to work 12+ hours a day in a factory to feed the family of 8 children? Have student loans and debt? What about all your peers for whom college is only a pipe dream?

Even for less dire mental issues, or physical for that matter, I personally experienced my classmates in college cutting classes if they had the sniffles and whine to the health center to reduce their course load for the week! Now, I was homesick for about two months and cried every morning for about that time. I even got a nasty feverish cold on top of that! Throughout all of those hardships though, I never missed a class due to my homesickness, and only when I was feverish did I miss class. That hard first semester of college, I ended up earning three A’s despite all my struggles. My classmates? One flunked out and one struggled all the way though! Their friend group wasn’t much better! All, every one but me had depression and anxiety and was on medication. No one was being bullied, no one was in danger of losing their home, or disowned by their families. All of their upsets the whole year were due to relatively trivial incidents they blew out of proportion in their heads as “life altering”, and they considered medically withdrawing for the year, and a few dropped out of multiple classes and flunked some and were about a year behind each!

Even in high school and junior high, kids were on anti-anxiety meds and anti depression meds. The neurosis couldn’t go as far with the more structured environment there, but it certainly took off once the adults weren’t forcing them to keep up their schooling! My classmates were privileged to be in a school as nice as ours with the opportunities right outside our doors. However, they squandered and took for granted that all to whine and cry and tell themselves they couldn’t do it because they’re having a bad day, or have the sniffles! All while I’m sure their grandparents and ancestors didn’t have nearly the life they all had. Certainly mine on both sides didn’t. Mine had to work and didn’t go to college. My paternal grandmother had to drop out of high school! My great grandfather had to fight to keep my maternal grandmother in high school to graduate. And all the while, college was simply expected of me by my parents who went due to the sacrifices of their parents who didn’t have the opportunity. Why couldn’t my peers and classmates “fight” their own obstacles to get their butts to class each day across the street from their dorm rooms?

Image result for 1940's working girl¬†When did this…¬†Image result for sjw cartoon ben garrison¬†become this?!

I think the reason for this unprecedented frequency of these issues has to do with the lack of resiliency many young people seem to show. The snowflake generation who is “triggered” at an opposing opinion in class, or the “microaggression” in the cafeteria cries at the drop of a hat over anything and makes it ten times its actual severity. Even older millennials, are guilty of this, not just teens and people in their twenties. The ones raising families, but whine and complain about actually raising their own children are rampant in the parenting magazines, while people in my grandparent’s generation took it all in stride and accepted it took extra work and sacrifice. What was once simply growing up is now “adulting”, with the implication it’s some extra-hard thing and they’re overgrown children playing “pretend” at growing up.

They say depression isn’t due to a lack of character to overcome it, but a chemical imbalance. If that’s the case then, other people in the past would have had it too, and yet, were they in their beds for weeks on end? Not going to school or work, not even grooming themselves??? There was no safety net to cry “mental illness” and take weeks off work and not provide in generations past! As for anxiety, I’m an anxious worry wart by nature, but I’ve never let it cripple me so bad I lost every opportunity given to me. I worry incessantly sometimes, obsess over things, but I’ve never cried victim over it!

Bullying is wrong, and always will be, but how you respond decides if the bullies win. Letting insults get to you, regardless now if online or not, only gives them more power. Killing yourself over them gives them the ultimate victory! Despite all the horrors of bullying today, many were bullied far worse before more anti-bullying measures were taken by schools for the better. My father was bullied relentlessly and the school blamed HIM for it and punished him! My grandmother, his mother, was bullied for being ethnic and a child of recent immigrants at the time by bigoted neighbors who called her as a child and young teen, horrible names and ethnic slurs. School was worse! And yet, neither ever thought suicide as the answer! They knew better things were ahead. If my grandmother could withstand ethnic slurs, taunting, by adults as well as her peers, being physically beaten, pushed, and even had her head smashed on her desk by a teacher in 6th grade, and not want to kill herself, why would our youth being called a “slut” online by a few malcontents trigger them to think it’s all over?

Look, no one is perfect. It’s okay to need help when you struggle, and it’s okay to struggle and lose some footing before regaining it. I’ve cried many times, gotten homesick, struggled with loss, worried my brains out, had sadder moods on occasion. However, the key is I’ve never cried helpless victim over it and did nothing to help myself. I went to class between my tears. I went and took my midterms in high school after my maternal grandmother died of a long illness and I got a nasty fever being weakened by my grief. So many others had it much worse than I did and yet they persisted in scenarios I honestly believe I couldn’t have taken so well. My ancestors, and many of my peers! I won’t condemn anyone for a chemical imbalance they were born with. I won’t say bullying is justified and you ought to “just suck it up”. But a bit of resilience and thicker skin doesn’t hurt while trying to fight your demons.

This epidemic of struggling youth in our schools and higher education is reflective of an attitude of victimhood and fragility! If our ancestors had our same conditions, yet soldiered on to productive lives, why can’t we? Let’s not clog and flood precious mental health resources with trivial 1st world problems!

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The New Slogan:¬†We CAN’T do it!!!