Why I Stand…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard about the “Take a Knee” movement. If you haven’t heard, I recommend you research it as it is a “hot topic” now a days. I will however, skip over the background info. and dive right into the meaty stuff I wish to express:

In most issues, I feel able to take one side or the other, and argue why I choose my position, even if I agree with certain aspects of the other side. However, this “Take a Knee” movement has got me torn as I have criticisms for both sides! This may come as a shock to many of my fellow conservative readers, as most conservatives fall on the “standing” side of the debate over the “kneeling side”. No, I have not jumped over to the liberal side of politics, hear me out! Many conservatives are offended by the idea of kneeling during the National Anthem and before the American flag, as they construe it as a sign of great disrespect to the military, and the country. Many liberals choose to kneel over the BLM movement, and feel that it is a protest against racism in America. Some also make the point of the right to peaceful protest, and a debate around civil disobedience. My issues with the whole controversy lie in two major camps: I do not agree with the BLM movement, or that kneeling actually accomplishes an articulate form of protest for their specific issues. For me, kneeling would be in solidarity with views I don’t subscribe to. However, standing comes with its own baggage for me. Standing is full of rhetoric of nationalistic fervor and in my opinion, an unhealthy obsession with the military. Standing to me, I fear may come across as “I believe in blind patriotism, this country right or wrong etc…” and is associated with those who deny their fellow Americans the right to disagree and dissent peacefully even if unpopular. In a perfect world, perhaps I would squat as a compromise, but alas, that’s just bizarre! So, I chose one side over the other.

Reading the above, many would be in shock that I made the choice to stand. On one hand, to elaborate further my own personal opinion on kneeling, I see it as a matter of choice at the heart of the issue. I do not condone the violent acts, such as rioting and hooliganism by the BLM movement. I will not kneel in solidarity with those ideas of violence as a way to get your way. However, kneeling in itself is an act of peaceful protest. If all the BLM movement ever did was kneel, I probably wouldn’t mind kneeling too, but again, they are doing far more than “taking a knee”! In our country, we treasure our right, unlike in many other countries to criticize our country and its government. In America, we are given the freedom to express our dissent peacefully, and it is protected by our Constitution, even if it is highly inflammatory and unpopular. Those who attempt to silence it and outlaw it are denying their fellow citizens to express their right to dissent. As you may stand, they may kneel. In a country founded on principles of freedom, and peaceful expression, it is hypocritical to deny our fellow citizens the very right you feel you are being grateful for by telling them they cannot “disrespect” the country. As for the argument about the military, I have elaborated more in detail on that in a different post. To paraphrase the main points, I feel that standing for our anthem, or flag does nothing in reality to help actual soldiers in need. Our homeless veterans, those with PTSD, unemployed veterans, military families etc. benefit far better by things such as job opportunities, housing, support, medical care etc. than how fervently we idolize them or the flag in the abstract. To me, this whole matter is a choice. Choose to kneel or to stand. We all have the freedom in this country to be a fervent patriot, or fervent critic. I do not stand with those who seek to impose their expression of patriotism and solidarity to our country as the only way,  or stand for idol worship of symbols and unconditional loyalty regardless of wrongs or rights. I choose to be a good person any day over being a good citizen if it were ever to come to that.

However, and this is my main point, I choose to stand personally. Why? Because the BLM adherents aren’t the only ones who feel marginalized and dismissed. As a conservative, I am bombarded 24/7 with radial liberal sentiments saying that I can’t have a voice. Radical liberals who wish to use ad-hominem attacks instead of reasoned debate have forced me into hiding on this blog. I cannot reveal my true identity because of my own set of bigots going after me, who would destroy my job opportunities, social opportunities, and demonize me.

I cannot kneel in solidarity with people who seek to impose their views on me, who attack me personally, who attack my family members and demonize them too before they even know them. I cannot kneel with people who have rioted and destroyed their own communities, who have physically attacked dissenters, who have chanted hateful slogans speaking of murdering police officers and calling them the cruelest of names. I cannot kneel with people who call me and my loved ones “racists”, “fascists”, “transphobic”, “xenophobic,” and my father and uncle “misogynists” when we all know we are none of the above. I cannot kneel with people who decide to make our argument black and white and conveniently erase all our subtle nuances. I cannot kneel with people who judge me because I choose to embrace my femininity and not desire to be like a man to be worth something. I cannot kneel with people who choose to wear “pussy hats” and call themselves “nasty women”. I cannot kneel with people who cast the finger at white people and dismiss all their hard work and achievements on “white privilege”, or  straight white cisgendered men and say they must be silenced for the world to be a just place. I cannot kneel in solidity with ideas such as “every family is a real family”, hook up culture, reverse discrimination, the welfare state, political correctness, “you can be any gender you want” etc… I cannot kneel with a society that teaches liberalism is the only right way, the enlightened way, the moral way in our school system, and dismisses and marginalizes conservative students and their loved ones, and a media that overwhelmingly takes one side to very complex issues.

will not kneel before the idol of radical liberalism any more than I will stand before the idol of unconditional loyalty at all costs. Perhaps if they were more moderate and reasoned, I’d be more inclined to kneel too, as I am a critic of fervent patriotism, but I concluded the greater of the two evils was kneeling before my oppressors in a state of complete submission! So yes, liberals, you alienated me from your cause with your violence, riots, bigotry of your own, insane political correctness, insulting my loved ones, demonizing people based on their vote, dismantling beneficial social values such as commitment in relationships, and the nuclear family among others, usurpation of the media, driving me into hiding and anonymity, and censoring and silencing my voice and voices like mine. Look, I seek to avoid this issue in my own personal life, but if I have to take sides, here’s mine. I may not stand with those who impose their idol worship and fervent nationalism on me, but I certainly will not kneel in solidarity with you! 

I stand for reason.

I stand for tolerance for other views.

I stand for peaceful protest and dissent.

I stand for common sense.

I stand for myself and my loved ones, whose voices are shunned.

I stand for the strength of my convictions.

I stand for empirical evidence.

I stand for freedom of ideas.

I stand for everyone who wants what we want: A world where everyone is heard. 

What do you stand for?…

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The Power of Words

Catcalls: Every woman’s fear. Imagine walking down the street, and men whistle and shout lewd things at you. If you are like most women, this intimidates you and makes you feel scared. Catcalls are degrading and disrespectful to women, and most people can agree that they would not want it to happen to any family members or friends. However, some blow it out of proportion. To some, such as many radical feminists, cat calls are right up there with an actual sexual assault! This however, goes too far. While cat calls are indeed quite disrespectful and should not be tolerated, one cannot compare it to a physical act of aggression. The reason why is that cat calls are words, not deeds. Unlike a man grabbing you and not letting you go, you can walk away from and choose to ignore words.

In the politically correct world, words have been given the power of real punches and assaults. Words can crush your soul and demoralize you, make you feel small and intimidated. What ever happened to the phrase “sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you?” I’m not trying to say that certain words are not meant to be very hurtful and degrading, but words are what we make them to be and nothing more. Ever heard of ignoring the bully takes its power away? All those mean girls who insulted you, calling you names, their purpose was to hurt you by using their words to wound your psyche. If they realized those words would have no affect on you, and you didn’t care, then they would stop, as it takes away their power. Words are what we make them to be, we decide how powerful a word is. Technically, all words really are is a bunch of sounds given a meaning in our brains. What we make them to mean, and the power we give words is what makes words have such sway over us.

This does not justify cat calling in any way. Men do not have the right to make women feel small and insecure and fearful. No respectable man would harass a respectable lady. Men who catcall are like the bully on the playground. He is taunting your womanhood, making you feel less then as a human being, degrading you to your sex appeal. The question is, will you let him? Will you let his lewd and indecent words into your head and erode your confidence, or just shrug them off as words from a very insecure bully? Will you let those words cut into you, or walk away knowing they come from ignorance and insecurity? What is a lady to do in the face of such ungentlemanly behavior? I propose we ignore it. Take the power back and silence the bully by making his words meaningless. I think the true fear, in catcalling, in fact, is not what is said, but what might be implied. Why I fear cat callers is because, a man so ungentlemanly and blatantly disrespectful of women to cat call could easily move into the physical domain. The bully who calls you names is just as easily likely to slam your head in to the lockers, an an analogy. A man who makes lewd remakes to women could easily grab her and assault her. Since we’re not mind readers, we simply don’t know if he will end at words alone, or have even more sinister intentions.

However, I still propose we ignore the catcalls. We just pass by with our heads held high, and ignore the words. This does not mean we can’t keep an eye out in case he makes a move, to defend ourselves, but most cat callers are too cowardly to actually do much of anything. Scarily, the quiet ones seem the most likely to be the real threat. Cat callers are insecure bullies, and we mustn’t cater to them. Ladies; we are not damsels in distress, having to be rescued from mere words. We can ignore what is thrown at us, as the words are meaningless if we make them to be. Indeed, it is noted that the worst insults men hurl at us mean simply to be a woman. Ladies of Reason take pride in our womanhood, and are not afraid to stand up for it. We do not shrink from being women, but embrace it. Not to mention, do not forget our own actions and what they tell others, (i.e provocative dress and actions of our own) . Many men who justify cat calling like the power it gives them. Shall we let them have it over us? Those ungentlemanly men are not worth a lady’s time nor thoughts.

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Inspiration in Conservative Dress: Pearls Go With Everything!

Inspiration in Conservative Dress is a reoccurring series of posts of various modest and feminine outfits to inspire other women to dress modestly and resist society’s pressure to dress provocatively and subscribe to “hook up” culture. Through conservative dress, A Lady of Reason sends a message of resistance to the “sexual revolution” and radical liberal feminism, and the upholding of feminine virtue. Arguably, this could also extend to the support for social conservatism in general. How we dress signals who we are in society. I also want to state that this idea is not mine originally, but done on another religious blog called The Catholic Lady. I was inspired by hers to make a secular version for A Lady of Reason. 

Pearls are an elegant way to embrace your womanhood! From pearl necklaces, to pearl earrings, to pearl accents on clothing such as dresses and cardigans, pearls have been used since antiquity for feminine beauty! White pearls are beautiful, and so are light pink colored ones! More colorful pearls can be used in more bold and playful outfits, while white and soft pink or ivory pearls add a touch of class to any outfit. A plain outfit is made all the more elegant with a few pearls, and a fancy one all the more stunning!

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“It’s That Time of The Month…”

A somewhat stranger position the feminist movement has taken up has to do with none other than women’s periods. Why this topic is one of contention seems to have to do with an alleged double standard between men and women’s bodily functions, in that women’s bodies are taboo, whereas men’s bodies are celebrated. Their main issue with women’s periods: It’s taboo to talk about them in mixed company. They claim that men can talk about all their bodily functions, such as getting erections and ejaculating and it’s looked upon as good, whereas women’s menstrual cycles are disgusting and off limits. I would argue that both topics are off limits in mixed company though! The radical feminists who bring up this issue think that being able to talk to men about their periods will be the egalitarian solution to this problem. However, I counter that notion with how many men openly brag about their erections in mixed company and women. For most women, talking intimately about their periods with men is seen as awkward, and for most men, talking about their erections and wet dreams with women is equally if not more awkward. In my opinion, this whole issue is one of the most superficial issues the feminist movement has come up with! The ability to complain about your periods and how unfair it is that men don’t have them too is in the larger scheme of women’s issues, pretty inconsequential.

However, I think the reason why it is still talked about so much is that the issue runs deeper than periods. It’s really about women and womanhood being seen as taboo and shameful, and men being seen as ideal in the minds of the radical feminists. They claim that stopping talks about periods with everyone around them is a “war on women” and the “patriarchy” at work. The biggest argument I can counter such an idea about periods with is that yes, it is considered a private matter between women. Also, like other intimate bodily functions, such as urinating and defecating, it is impolite to talk about in mixed company. The same for men’s special body functions. Periods are a part of womanhood, and are unique to women. Why do we need to try to bring men into the picture and experience of women’s periods at all? Ladies, do you really need your husbands and boyfriends to know all the intimate details of your period and its irregularities? How much do you want to know about his inner workings? All the indelicate things unique to the male sex? It is not misogynistic if your husband feels uncomfortable buying you menstrual products. You should be able to buy yourself such intimate needs. Adding to that point to be fair, you shouldn’t need to go out of your way to buy your husband’s viagra or whatever else… There are some things that are better off not shared between the two sexes! Men who are uncomfortable talking about women’s intimate bodily functions are no more misogynistic than than you are misandric for saying “TMI” (too much information) to a guy sharing the inner workings of his nether regions with you! While men and women can share many experiences, some are best left separate! By far, this is one of the most superficial and ridiculous topics covered by A Lady of Reason. Ladies, let’s be reasonable.

(P.S. For those who disagree, might I suggest it’s that time of the month again…)  😉

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Inspiration in Conservative Dress: Beautiful Barrettes!

Inspiration in Conservative Dress is a reoccurring series of posts of various modest and feminine outfits to inspire other women to dress modestly and resist society’s pressure to dress provocatively and subscribe to “hook up” culture. Through conservative dress, A Lady of Reason sends a message of resistance to the “sexual revolution” and radical liberal feminism, and the upholding of feminine virtue. Arguably, this could also extend to the support for social conservatism in general. How we dress signals who we are in society. I also want to state that this idea is not mine originally, but done on another religious blog called The Catholic Lady. I was inspired by hers to make a secular version for A Lady of Reason. 

In this instillation of Inspiration in Conservative Dress, I want to touch on ways to accessorize your wardrobe! One way to do that is with a beautiful, feminine hair clip to give a finishing touch to your outfit! I personally love the ones in blue, pink and purple, as they fit colors in my wardrobe well. Of course, a silver or pearl hair clip would go with just about anything and is wonderful for dressing up a plainer outfit, or for formal occasions! The best part is, accessories such as hair clips are never “indecent”, thus unlike clothes, you can choose to wear any one you want! A thing as simple as wearing a feminine and beautiful hair clip can be a silent way to fight back against the masculinization of women, and dress like a lady of elegance and grace.



Raising Daughters to Become Ladies

Raising a daughter to turn out on the right path is hard for any parent, especially fathers! Our daughters are bombarded constantly with messages of hook up culture, promiscuity, acting “easy”, as well as the more radical feminist messages of masculinization and man-hating. Young girls are pressured to dress and act provocatively, mistake rudeness and vulgarity for “empowerment” by the feminist movement, and act unladylike and become more masculine to get ahead in life. Gone are the days of our daughters wanting to be feminine and lady like. Now, the next generation of young women are being raised to protest in the women’s rallies, believe that vulgarity equals empowerment, believe that provocative dress and behavior will “liberate” them from male tyranny. More and more girls do not want a traditional marriage, instead asking for flings and hookups, or live in boyfriends. Children out of wedlock are rampant, and sex is a handshake, not a milestone in life. Less and less girls are choosing to save themselves for marriage and value their own virtue. The “good girl” next door is becoming obsolete, and the vulgar obscene “feminatzi” the norm. What’s a parent who wants to raise daughters to become ladies and value traditional femininity to do? Even the PC liberal crowd acknowledges that girls are receiving damning messages sure to lead them to the wrong path.

I think the key to raising your daughters right is giving her your messages from day one. Don’t wait until she is a teen to start discussing such things with her, like sexuality and body image, and your values on relationships and standards. By then it’s too late. Wider society and her peer group have already infused damaging messages about promiscuity and radical feminist views. Even schools have promoted the radical liberal PC and feminist agenda! Keeping an open dialogue from a very young age is a great way to form a life long bond of trust and respect with your daughter. Don’t be afraid to address more “adult” topics and harder topics early on, such as promiscuity and the fallout, for example. Kids can handle more than we give them credit for. Hiding the hard topics only ensures you have no say in what your daughter will think, as she is already exposed to them early on. Openly sharing your own values in a non forced way will do wonders! My parents always were open about anything and everything, and did not hold the truth back . We talked about drugs, drinking, promiscuity, assault, and so on from an early age, and I was forewarned and forearmed, as they say. Because of what they talked about with me, I was able to be aware even of how my fellow peers fell down bad paths, and the sheer stupidity of many of the PC liberal ideas! It’s sad, but parents now have to talk about issues that even their child’s schools brainwash them to believe!

Mothers can teach their daughters, and be the role model early on for feminine behavior and dress. Mothers who embrace modesty in their own wardrobe will have daughters who will follow suit. Mothers who always tell their daughters the virtues of modesty, and the risks of provocative dress will more likely be taken to heart from a young age. Showing your daughters the lady you want them to be through your own action and dress speaks far more volumes than just superficially preaching it ad nauseum. Being a lady of elegance and grace yourself sets the tone for everyone in the family. Modeling healthy relationships and how a lady behaves towards the other sex will breed daughters that do the same. The vulgar women who were at the women’s rally brought their daughters, and I’m sure they’re learning how not to become ladies! Talk to your daughters about the shortcomings of the radical feminist movement, with it’s vulgarity, obscenity, and hypocrisy. Teach them not to just be passive victim, infantilized “damsels in distress”, as the radical feminists want them to believe, but to be empowered women accountable for their own actions. Speak the cold hard truth about how provocative dress invites unwanted attention, don’t just say you can wear whatever consequence free! Talk about how sex should be a milestone in a young girl’s life, not a handshake, and the value of marriage. Embrace feminine dress and actions yourself, and show them the way to becoming a lady of standards. Show your daughters femininity is not weakness, and becoming like men is not the way to “get ahead”.

Fathers too, have a very pivotal role in influencing daughters. Many who do not have a father figure in life become troubled and often go down the path into promiscuity and resenting men. The daughter looks to the father in how a man should treat her, and what men should expect from her in return. The father is often the one who helps his daughter set standards for herself in action and dress, and has a unique perspective a a man, as he can view her through a man’s perspective. Fathers who also keep an open dialogue with their daughters have daughters that learn to trust and respect men, not resent them as the radical feminists would like. Men, don’t be afraid of coming off as “patriarchal” and “sexist” for guiding your daughters towards the path of virtue as the radical feminists would like. Fathers who do not speak up when their daughters are going down the path of radicalism, promiscuity, and vulgarity are complicit in raising a dysfunctional person. Fathers also should set their own example in their own actions, as to what sort of man you want her to be with when she grows up. Fathers who embrace their manhood and are the strong man, the rock of the family teach daughters not to settle for less. Men who honor their women, protect their women and respect women in their feminine role also combat the feminization of men, into spineless sheep afraid of their own shadow! The feminist movement and PC snowflakes want all men weakened, so they can “dominate” and be “empowered” over their weak, puny husbands! A father who also stands up for his manhood and masculine roles shows that it’s okay to have different roles in a relationship, and not everyone has to be “gender neutral”. An active father in the family shows daughters that accepting the companionship and protection of a man is not a problem, but an advantage, as many of the radical feminists like to preach that a woman doesn’t “need a man”, and having one around is a sign of weakness. Actively teaching your daughters your values from a young age helps combat the detrimental messages of hook up culture and radical feminism, and shapes them into ladies of elegance and grace and one of standards in the sort of man she expects and when men ought to expect of her own conduct. Two parents who embrace traditional virtues and roles will raise children who will follow suit.

The key point for both, is an open dialogue where promiscuity, radicalism, and vulgarity is debunked, and modest and feminine behavior in action and dress is promoted. Parents, keep fighting the fight to reclaim your daughters from the clutches of hook up culture and radical feminism! Raise ladies of standards, elegance and grace!

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Of “Girls” and “Women”…

Using the term “girls” to refer to women is yet another controversy brought up by the liberal feminists. An increasing number of women are beginning to argue that referring to grown women as “girls” is infantilizing and very insulting to women and sexist, as men often use the term. They argue that there is a double standard, in that one cannot call grown men “boys” anymore, and that historically, it had very ugly racial bias to it. On the surface, it sounds like they have a point, as men were often called “boy” in order to be hateful and demeaning, especially black men historically. The politically correct crowd have now made the word “girl” in reference to women to be an infantilizing, sexist and demeaning thing, like calling a grown man “boy”. However, the term “girls” in reference to women, has not had such an ugly past. No one really uses that term for women in a derogatory way, but more in a playful way, and towards young women. For example, no one has an objection to “girl’s night”, even older women can be someone’s “girlfriend”. A man could say that his sweetheart is “his girl” and it was meant to be a term of endearment, not an insult, albeit that being attacked too. It is true that older women are rarely ever referred to as “girls” at all, but for younger women, it is perfectly acceptable in society and no one took offense until recently. “Teenage girls” is still a phrase, even though they aren’t actual little girls, even young women in their 20’s might be called “girls” playfully by guys interested in flirting, ex. “Hey, you girls want a drink?” Many young women call themselves and their friends girls,  “I’m going out with the girls tonight…”. This whole new outrage over “women” vs. “girls” is over nothing. In the social contexts where it is used, it is used in either an endearing or playful way. No one who uses it in the examples above is trying to be demeaning or belittling women. Indeed, many women feel flattered to still be referred to as a “girl” in those contexts now and then, as when people stop, it often means you’ve become too “matronly” and too old to be seen as a younger woman anymore. The word “girl” can convey that the woman in question is still young and spirited.

Not to mention, we still call men “boys” in many contexts, without any offense at all! Take, “I’m going out with the boys to the game…”, or “Let’s support our boys overseas”. Does referring to military men as “our boys” insult them and belittle their service? No! The term is meant as one of endearment, and the implication that they’re like your son, to be supported and looked after. People can call their grown sons “my boy” and no one bats an eye! There are “boy’s clubs”, “boyfriends”, etc… In any thing, people can twist words around to insult people. However, in these cases, the terms “girls” and “boys” in reference to adults has many acceptable social contexts. Radical liberal feminists who decided to twist the meaning of referring to women as “girls” fail to see that one, the term “girls” never carried that ugly history of being used as a slur, and two, “boys” is still used for grown men in many contexts even today. I for one, am no fan at all of double standards, nor the infantilization of grown women, but I do not see either in the case of calling women “girls”. The new liberal feminist movement and PC snowflakes however, have done both time and time again! Before they rant and rave about supposed nonexistent double standards, they ought to check their own hypocrisy! 😉

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