#NotThem, Apparently…

So I thought I already covered about every angle of the flaws of the #MeToo movement, however, there is one glaring one still left: All the women who AREN’T being heard by the Left, who purports to uphold giving a voice to vulnerable women! Who are these forgotten women one might ask?

Well for starters, there’s Kavanaugh’s wife and daughters! During the smear campaign against Kavanaugh, his wife and young daughters were the targets of death threats and vile insults! Imagine, his 10 year old daughter was mocked, derided and vilely put in the spotlight in an appalling cartoon mocking her benevolence toward of all people, Christine Ford!  Yes, Kavanaugh said his daughter said that they should “pray for the woman” before bedtime during their prayers, after she learned Ford was smearing her dad! This act of goodwill (albeit naive if you ask me) was not applauded, but used to insult a 10 year old little girl in a vile cartoon saying she also prayed to God to forgive her “Angry, lying, alcoholic father for sexually assaulting Dr. Ford”! How would any Leftist feel if that was THEIR child??? The maker of that cartoon may have been within his legal rights to create that cartoon, but that certainly doesn’t mean it was within any moral rights to… If that little girl were the daughter of any of these Lefties, and the cartoonist a conservative, it would have been decried into the stratosphere! The Left in addition, went after Kavanaugh and demonized him into this vile monster, with zero regard for his wife and daughters. His daughters had to see their father smeared as a rapist, and probably learned more about sexual assault from that incident than their parents being able to talk about it within the comfort of their own timing and pace. His wife in her immense integrity and courage stood by her husband in truth as he was lied about again and again and again. As mentioned previously, although they won, the scars from that experience I’m sure are still there. However to the Left, these were inconsequential women… They were a-okay to threaten, and vilely insult for all to see. Their feelings were never once acknowledged, that it must have been hard for them to go through this even if Kavanaugh was truly a rapist. It wasn’t like anything Kavanaugh could have done was their fault, especially his daughters, who have absolutely zero say in who they were born to as their father!!! Their suffering was unacknowledged despite their own innocence…

And let’s take a look at the women in the lives of some of the oh so righteous Lefties who smeared him! Keith Ellison has allegations out against him for beating his ex girlfriend. She alleges:

“He looked at me, goes ‘Hey you f***ing hear me … and then he looked at me, he goes ‘Bitch, get the f*** out of my house,’ and he started to try to drag me off the bed,” Monahan said. “That’s when I put my camera on to video him.” (Woman Accusing Rep. Keith Ellison of Abuse speaks Out, CBS News)

However no one on the Left believed her story! A man allegedly put his hands on a woman and violently tried to drag her, and call her vile names, yet the woman is dismissed by the Left! The party that cries the cry of “believe all women”, even to the extent to no due process for the accused, dismisses an allegation when its against one of their own??? Really telling, isn’t it? Imagine if she were the girlfriend or wife of a conservative politician! And that is just one example of allegations of violence against women with Leftist perpetrators!

Oh, and of course, there’s Bill Clinton 😉 Let’s not forget all of his exploitation of numerous women as the President of the United States no less, and although impeached, none of the Democrats voted “yes”, and he was acquitted on all charges!!! Hillary defended him (even now saying #MeToo doesn’t apply to Bill!) and threatened his victims into silence! Imagine if he were Trump! I can hear the outrage now… Impeachment would happen in a split second! Not only that, both Hillary and Bill were advocating for #MeToo, and no one on the Left ever batted an eye at a proven sexual coercer and abuser endorsing the movement to end the exact abuse he did to countless young women!!! When do those women get to say #MeToo? They try and crucify Kavanaugh, yet let a proven abuser off the hook to talk about #MeToo… What on Earth gave him of all men, the right to say one word on the movement that was founded because of men like him, and of course Hillary, defending such an abuser of women???

It’s not just partner violence or sexual violence though that is affecting women that is being overlooked when it suits the Left! Threats of violence, death threats, doxxing, are all being used against the women in prominent conservative’s lives. When the Antifa mobs surrounded Tucker Carlson’s house with his wife home alone, and “almost broke the door” and his wife fears for her safety enough to hide in her closet and call 9/11 is that not threatening a woman with violence??? Even threats on social media and in the crowd about bringing a pipe bomb were hurled at Carlson and his family! Thank goodness the children weren’t home!!! If they don’t like Carlson, fine, protest peacefully, but to harass his wife and children??? Obviously, that mob couldn’t care less about an innocent woman and her children who have zero to do with Carlson’s opinions! Some more sane Leftists may have not condoned this particular incident, but the Left turns a blind eye continually on violent mobs such as Antifa. Again, imagine this was a Conservative mob, and the family was a Liberal’s. How do you honestly think the press and the Left would react???

Women victimized by Leftist perpetrators through sexual assault, violence, and threats are constantly overlooked and swept away by the Left to protect their own, while innocent, upright conservative men like Kavanaugh were smeared to the vilest degree! When can they get justice and feel safe in their own homes and for their children! When can the Left stop making excuses for deriding a 10 year old girl because “it’s just a cartoon”? As the party of political correctness and censoring speech not to offend, quite the hypocritical position! When can the wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, etc… of conservatives be put first by the Left and their #MeToo movement and anti-violence against women movements instead of cover ups and justifications for why a little girl is morally alright to smear publicly, wives and children threatened as collateral to get to their their husbands, the partners of Leftist perpetrators of violence get justice, and why this even is a political issue at all?! I would think violence intimidation and threats against ANY woman should be decried at the human level, never mind what their politics are! However, it’s clear to see some women get to cry rape, and a man is instantly smeared before and without any valid proof, while others are silenced and threatened and swept under the rug to protect other men in power… It all depends on whose side he and she are on… For all the women victimized by the Left, through threats, intimidation, violence, even sexual assault, when do THEY get to say “MeToo”???

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(Hypocrisy at its finest 😉 )


  1. I was thrilled when #MeToo first started. As a woman, I’ve run up against male chauvinists, and was witness to a long-running affair between my boss and an employee. I don’t think she was in any way coerced, but it’s proof that it happens and it is just natural that some of those situations were/are coerced. I thought, FINALLY!! This issue will be dragged into the light of day and women would unite to say, No More. And that’s what happened…at first.

    Then things started going off the rails with the very leadership of #MeToo. First, Co-Founder Asia Argento is accused of statutory rape of a 17-year-old boy. Then it’s discovered that another co-founder actually encouraged the sexual harassment she received from the loathsome Harvey Weinstein and her part of the class action suit against him is ejected from the courts. And then their ultimate leader, Rose McGowan, allows George Soros and the Democratic Party to annex the movement and weaponize it for the purposes of destroying Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. And she totally bought into the bogus claims of Christine Blasey-Ford, jumping on the “Women Must Be Believed!” Band Wagon, ignoring the fact that there was no evidence, while Rose, herself, had provided ample evidence against Weinstein. Suddenly she was willing to ignore the actual facts, and then fell for Julie Swetnik’s completely ludicrous lies, proclaiming, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Now, a movement that was built on top of a law case, that followed the rule of law, was ready to throw out the law altogether and ruin the life of a man who was guilty of nothing more than being a Conservative Constitutionalist.

    But wait! Where is this same belief for Karen Monahan? Where’s the support for Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, and others who have claims against Democratic leaders? #MeToo has been strangely silent about them, though there were minor rumblings against Bill Clinton that went nowhere. I believe #MeToo has been so taken over by the Democratic Party, and so “charmed” by the attention and donations, that they find it impossible to “believe” that anyone in that party could possibly be domestic abusers or sexual harassers/coercers. I’m afraid they’ve taken this attention as positive, and don’t notice that they’re now enslaved to the Party of Slavery.

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    • Spot on!!! You sum it up nicely! MeToo had noble motives, I’ll give it that, but was abused and misused so now I see it with a heavily jaundiced eye as representative of the thing that infantilized women and smeared good men!!! I will never see MeToo as a positive thing for women or men again!

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    • The left often has a policy of it is too damaging to our cause to admit some rotten apples exist in our midst or that our policies may have detrimental side effects.

      So they tend to bury and deny anything can go wrong.

      It is why prominent gay pedophiles are hard to find coverage about because it is better for the left to let them continue abusing than to give ammo to anyone that is anti gay.

      They can just expose the bad few and cast them from their group and try to move on. If they would do that I could have much more respect for the way they take their movements.

      No cause is worth more than the result. It is similar to the Catholic church covering bad priests up. But they will talk about how wrong that is because they don’t really like Christianity. But change the Roman Catholic Church to the democrat party and now covering it is fine

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  2. I would assume it is because it is like in an old cop movie. If you are dealing with a strong male that can’t be intimidated attack the family. It worked for yours with the mob and criminals.

    I agree Bill is the worst hypocrite. But the Left views no male has a right to say abortion killing of a baby is right because we can’t get pregnant. Forget about the life being taken.

    But a prominent left abuser of power that used it sexually dominate women. Can talk about the evils of people like him.

    But don’t send him to prison, let’s send an old about to die man like Cosby because it makes them feel better and he hasn’t made public claims for the left.

    Laws should be laid out regardless of person when applied and no regard person race or sex. But the left that argues for those things never applies the law blindly to their friends

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  3. Oh, my, yes! Isn’t it amazing? Sets my inner psychologist into overdrive!

    It is the ultimate in “othering.” They have been able to box in their opponents (basically, anyone who doesn’t agree with anything and everything they say) into the “bad guy” box. They are the “resistance” – like something out of a Star Wars movie, fighting against eeeeevil. Anyone they can fit into that box is no longer human. No longer real, but caricatures of humans. That makes it okay to trash them. And if a woman (or a person of colour) has aligned themselves with the “other,” then it is a betrayal. They must be punished for that betrayal, therefore they deserve all of the vilification. And, because the leftists have anointed themselves as the “heroes” of the story, it’s okay for them to do that. Instant absolution in their new religion.

    Living with that cognitive dissonance must be quite the trick.

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  4. Great article 👍 I went to the links in the Keith Ellison part and I didn’t realize all the evidence she had. She had medical records, she told a bunch of people about it, she has discussed it multiple times with counselors. And the Dems claim to be for women! Only when those women are against their opponent…

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