10 Scary Issues The Liberals Conjured Up…

Halloween is here and everyone’s in a spooky mood! Like most people, I can appreciate a good scare around Halloween. However, fact can be stranger than fiction any time of the year, and the scariness of the real world is no trick! Here are some of the scary issues going on today spurred on by radical liberals and the culture of political correctness (click on the links to read more in detail about each issue):

1. “Hook up” Culture

As said many times before, in our current culture, sex is just a handshake. Marriage is just dating 2.0. Young ladies are told they can dress like skanks for men. Traditional values of committed life long marriages, and striving for marriage as your ultimate relationship goal, not just a hook up, being a virgin on your wedding day, the things our grandparents did, is going away in our society in favor of cheap sex or instant gratification and pleasure. It’s society’s reflection of the “I can do whatever I want consequence free” attitude of irresponsibility and instant gratification. Sites like Tinder and others don’t help the matter! Nor does the mainstream media, TV and movies! Our youth is being taught this sleazy lifestyle, and many boomers are embracing it too, on to their 2nd and 3rd marriages in a culture rife with divorce, STD’s and unwanted pregnancy! When did we decide instant gratification took precedence over the desire for a better future down the road? When did it become acceptable for our daughters to fling themselves at every guy they see to be “empowered” women? When did marriage become dating 2.0? Scary if you ask me…

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2. “Any Family is A Real Family”

To add to this list of horrors, and on a related note is the disintegration of the nuclear family. In a culture that goes for cheap sex and hook ups, more and more people who start families break them up for baser urges. “I’m leaving you for my secretary!”, “I’m divorcing you because I hate you and the kids!” “She’s hotter and gives me what I like…” etc… Then, many single mothers go on and whine then, and raise sons to be weak and feminized, and daughters to hate men and reject traditional femininity and marriage. Children are the ones who pay the price on this one. Children for broken homes are much more likely to have issues such as depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, trouble in school, “daddy issues”, a promiscuous lifestyle and repeat the cycle as adults! The glorification of single parenthood and the oppression of fathers in their children’s lives is rampant, and reflected in every psychology journal, magazines, TV, movies and the media! Even events like the father-daughter dance are being eradicated thanks to bitter single mothers! That’s not all though, the concept of same sex parents, who are in essence one parent since they don’t have the perspective of the other sex are being normalized too. The politically correct platitudes of “every family is a real family” go down the drain of reality when one sees the children who come out of it.

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3. The Welfare State

Oh, this is a biggie! All the minorities and immigrants on welfare crying “victim” of past oppression and won’t better themselves or their communities but settle for government housing! They drain our school system who has to raise their children for them, drain our healthcare with all their problems and unwanted pregnancies, drain our economy, our government, our charities, our food supply, our housing, and certainly our tax dollars! Indeed, it’s you and I, the working class and the middle class, who foot the bill through our tax money. A portion of your salary goes to these leeches! And who would blame them? We enable them and they’ve been doing it for generations! Welfare should be for those who genuinely can’t work, like our wounded veterans, and respectable families who need that leg up to get back in the workforce. However, now, people are leeching off it and are they grateful? No! The people who bombed the Boston Marathon sure weren’t! Nor are the ghetto hoodlums in low income areas around the country, only bringing crime and continuing the cycle of poverty and anti-intellectualism (lest you be called an Uncle Tom). To make matters even more frightening, many literally believe WE owe THEM welfare from cradle to grave, and they reason why they have so many problems in their communities is due to white oppression! Even if that were true, why keep your neighborhood in crime and disarray? Why want nothing better for your children except to repeat the cycle and torment any good kids who want a future? Why bring nothing to this country in return for its charity? Appalling if you ask me, and guess who subsidizes all of this? (Hint: Liberal Democrats who want more votes…)

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4. “Gender Benders!”

The issue of sex vs. gender is big now, and propagandized by mainstream psychology and science! In the “before time”, gender (which now the liberals say is distinct from biological sex) was determined the same way as sex. XX or XY human chromosomes. In recent years, due to influences like radical feminism that hates traditional gender roles, they decided it’s all arbitrary, and you can be anything you want regardless of genetics or settled science! People with what used to be called gender dysmorphia, are now normalized and victims of gendered oppression! Instead of a deep mental illness, it’s now perfectly normal for little boys to want to be little girls for instance! For grown men to “transition” into women and dismantle their families! Now, I don’t demonize the transgender people themselves, many do genuinely feel that way and have a real mental disorder. However, it’s not all harmless, such as the fact predators now are enabled to merely claim to be women to enter girl’s and women’s restrooms and locker rooms! More and more young people are being brainwashed by the idea gender is merely a social construct, not a normal biological one in normal people, and decide on impulse they’re the opposite gender, or even “other” that is neither gender! Until society stops normalizing a mental disorder as being progressive from the chains of gender roles, real women will be endangered by men pretending to be women to access their spaces, little boys and girls will be confused and brainwashed, families will be torn apart, and established objective science will be thrown away for popular sentiments and subjective propaganda!

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5. The Cult of Victim-Hood

This encapsulates so many groups, minorities, women, LGBT etc… The common denominator though is the world is out to get them, and owes them compensation and reparations! They seek not to better themselves, or appreciate the work that was done to help them, but rather to constantly whine, complain and demand more and more! If you don’t comply, they go full blown tantrum, with vitriol, ad-hominem attacks, and straw man arguments! They don’t want you to speak frankly or give any honest critiques of them. They pretend to be helpless against their misfortunes, such as crime, gangs, and poverty, or “sexism” and the “patriarchy”, or traditional marriage, gender roles, biological sex, the nuclear family and such that they deem oppressive. They’re “triggered” by an opposing view, “microagressed” on by innocent people who have no clue what they said was even remotely offensive. They’re the snowflake generation that feels doomed for life and doesn’t lift a finger to build their own future because of propaganda by liberals about our doomed economy, workforce and prospects for young people. The women who cry #metoo for a sexual mistake after the fact decades from when it happened. The minorities that claim “white privilege”. The transgender people who demand science be overturned for their gender dysphoric disorder and the world cater to 1% of 1% of the population. The bitter single moms who hate men and the traditional family set up as the norm. Basically, a generation of snowflakes with no resilience and immense fragility!

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6. Uncontrolled Borders

Immigration is a huge hot button topic. So are refugees. While many of us came from immigrants, it’s fair to say these ones are a bit different from the hard working industrious ones who helped build our country! The ones coming now, are draining our welfare system, medical care, schools, jobs etc… They’re bringing 3rd world cultures over to our country and making more crime and poverty. Many of these war torn refugees also bring the threat of terrorism in addition. Now, of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Some groups do bring more industry, and technology here, working in high powered careers. Not all Hispanic or Muslim immigrants are the lazy, backwards, stereotype and do work hard and try to better themselves and their families. Many do come here through legal channels, and don’t hop our borders only to leech off our system undocumented. I do genuinely feel for many in poverty and desperate straits who were forced to leave their culture and country. However, we can’t care for every person who is in need around the world. What about our own citizens? The homeless children and veterans. The poverty in our own country. Why is it always on America to take in these people and baby sit the world? Why can’t other countries pull their fair share too? People from war torn areas who have nothing are raised to be in a dog-eat-dog world. They bring that attitude of brutality over to 1st world nations like ours. Europe is in shambles over refugees bringing violent crimes like assault and rape as well as terrorism! MS-13 gangs and others plague our country from Hispanic countries. Why can’t our immigrants bring more assets to our country, not leeches? Until we can screen them more thoroughly, the bad apples get though too!

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7. “Clash of The Cultures”

On another related note, comes the cultural clashes between 3rd world vs. 1st world values. Ones like freedom, equality and democracy! Ones where women aren’t assaulted, and people robbed at gunpoint, or killed! Ones where hard work is the norm, not victimhood and leeching off the welfare state only to bite the hand that feeds you! The extremes the PC liberals go to cater to them are astounding, with special Sharia law set up, or ethnic neighborhoods where any outsider will meet their doom, or turning a blind eye to 3rd world criminals and gangs so you can be politically correct and not face uncomfortable truths. The traditional American work ethic of the working middle class who supports themselves and brings more to the country than takes is going away for fragile snowflakes who cry oppression. Not just immigrants and refugees of course are guilty of this. Minority groups here in the US like the much of the poor black community for instance! A culture of ghetto life, welfare, crime, and poverty that hates education and intelligence is not good for the country! It’s all a slight to every one in these groups who is NOT like that and does work hard at an honest living and values our country.

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8. Radical Feminism

The “Nasty Woman” movement really showed the extremes of the radical feminists. They brainwash our daughters to hate men and cry victim too. They infantilize women through the #metoo movement, painting women as helpless and clueless little children when it comes to sexual coercion. They try to say that traditional femininity is oppressive, traditional strong men are misogynists, and women ought to take part in hook up culture to be “liberated”. They do anything but make women look dignified! They replaced feminine elegance and grace of past generations with vulgar promiscuity, loose morals and masculine wannabes who resent men. From this movement stems callous attitudes like “her body her choice”, to misguided ones like shunning traditional femininity, the guidance of fathers, feminization of men, and more scary happenings!

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9. Reverse Discrimination

White privilege and affirmative action are prime examples! It’s unbelievable what the victimhood culture has duped many to believe is right! They claim that only whites are racist, or men are sexist, due to social power, but discrimination is discrimination no matter whose side it’s on! Many white men and women too, are refused job offers, college acceptances and other opportunities like housing or even being chosen for promotions for instance due to their sex or color of their skin. Now, for some groups it’s racist or sexist, but others it’s not??? Pretty scary to think that inequality is being done in the name of equality!

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10. Censorship of Conservative Views

Lastly, but certainly not least, the most scary thing of all is you can’t publicly say ANY of the above!!! I am forced to use a pseudonym as any of this would derail me socially and career wise! Almost all mainstream news sites are liberal and demonize conservatives (minus Fox News for now…). Major search engines like Google are blatantly liberal, and censor conservative sites, and social media like Facebook and Twitter also censor conservatives, even YouTube! Which are all owned by Google 😉 Even offline, people will shun you, and spew vitriol over conservative views. You can’t speak out even in your own family many times, and indeed, at least one family member shunned me over my blog! People have lost jobs, friendships, even family over being conservative. Some were even assaulted and lost their lives over conservative views! I guess we’re “in the closet” now! It’s a scary world out there for our lot, but there’s a silent majority rising, and pushing back. We need to support each other and speak out, to make our world a bit less scary 🙂

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Lastly… Happy Halloween!

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When Denial Turns Deadly: Terrorism

In the wake of the horrors that took place on September 11, 2001, our country’s innocence was shattered for good. We thought such a drastic tragedy could not befall a country like ours, that we were too strong, and had enough of a defense to keep us safe, yet on 9/11/2001, that all changed when Al Qaeda attacked the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. No longer could we deny the possibility of a stealthy deadly attack on US soil. 3000+ lives lost proved that point. We scrambled to find out what to do to stop future attacks. We increased airport security. More places did better checks of people and tried not to let just anyone in. We sent our military over to the countries harboring terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and finally got Osama Bin Laden, who was responsible for 9/11. Our country is forever changed by the events on that day. The lesson learned is we cannot take our relative safety for granted anymore and trust everyone who comes here. We must be vigilant. “See something, say something”.

However, it’s been 17 years since that horrific day as of today. In those 17 years, I’m afraid, we still didn’t let the lesson from 9/11 sink in. More terrorist attacks are plaguing Europe especially with ISIS and even here, with the Boston Marathon Bombing. In the news there’s shooting after shooting, a new nauseating trend for mass violence in recent years. Europe is no longer all that safe to be in, with shootings, bombings, even stabbings abound! As for the US, we claim to be hard on terrorism, yet are in blatant denial of our national security in our new policies on immigration and asylum.

One thing President Trump did during his term thus far was restricting immigration, asylum, and travel from countries with known terrorist groups, like ISIS in places like Iraq, and Syria for some. He, like many, although we feel for the immigrants and refugees fleeing war torn areas, we must put our country’s safety first, and not let terrorists slip through the cracks along with the innocents. Many liberals are now decrying such a move, saying it’s not about terrorism, but racism as he would let Europeans in but not “brown people” and likened it to past discrimination of Eastern Europeans in the early 1900’s. Harsh truth is though, many refugees seem to not be the weak women and children, but able bodied men, and many come from a culture that is hostile to our country. They were taught that America caused their poverty and suffering, so no wonder if some resent us. Also, ISIS threatened to sneak people over here to do terroristic acts. While it sounds harsh to paint all refugees with that brush, the innocents coming simply to flee their own dangers, many are bringing the danger here.

Unpleasant truths include more crime when these refugees and immigrants settle here. They bring their own 3rd world culture over here, of tyranny and oppression and cut-throat survival opposed to US democratic ideals. They live in insular neighborhoods which are unsafe for any outsider to go in, creating their own slums here in the US. Many too, have connections to terrorists back in the “old country” they have incentive to help or protect, or family threatened by terrorists so they’re forced to keep silent. Even if they’re not doing crime or terrorism here in the US, many are dirt poor, have nothing and are unskilled. They have no social capital to give to our country, and are supported by our welfare state. They drain our hospitals, schools, charities etc… with their needs, while US citizens like homeless veterans, children and poor people here are not getting their needs met. Trump was accused of doing a “cultural genocide” by liberals, yet why not bar people with nothing to offer from leeching off our already broken systems?

Let’s not forget the people who bombed the Boston Marathon were on welfare and got free college, medical etc… from us! While many people from these war torn places are innocent of terrorist affiliations, they being a host of other issues, like crime, 3rd world mentalities and drain our systems. Never the less, terrorism is indeed quite a real threat, just look at Europe, who are doing it the politically correct way! Paris, Brussels, Manchester, London, Etc… The question is, do we need to take that risk? Do we need more 9/11’s or Boston Marathon bombings in our future? Which major city will be next, since if the liberals get their way, one of denial and political correctness, it’s only a matter of time…

Look, not all Muslims are Islamic extremists, not all Syrians are with ISIS etc. However, we can’t take that risk when so many are especially coming from 3rd world places into our country. Yes, the refugees have my sympathy and I don’t blame them for coming here to flee their own horrors. But, we need to put our country’s safety first, before protecting everyone else. Who said we were responsible for babysitting the world? Who said it’s all on us to take them in and give them our resources that ought to go to our own citizens? Terrorism is a real threat now and the anniversary of one of our most horrific days ought to be a stark eye opening reminder to protect ourselves first before more 9/11’s occur. How many more lives must be foolishly lost to terrorism here and abroad due to radical liberal denial? Never Forget what can happen when we let our guard down…

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“Whatever Happened To My Party?”: An Interview With The Common Man

The Common Man is a regular reader and commenter here on A Lady of Reason. I have enjoyed much of his sensible and insightful comments he’s made on the blog. He’s graciously taken the time and given me the honor of giving me an interview with him over the subject of how he used to be a Democrat, but ultimately turned away from the party. This is his perspective as a fellow conservative.

So, tell me a little about yourself first:

I’ve been a teacher for 41 years at New England schools and colleges. My family members were moderate Democrats. From a young age, I’ve been a part of the workforce and both my upbringing and my present status is that of a middle class working individual. I am married, have a daughter and am a home owner.

In your correspondence with me, you said you used to be a Democrat. Could you tell me a little more about that?

The Democratic Party has changed substantially from the 1960’s to the present. Since that time there have been many changes in the party for the negative. I’ll list some of the major points in no specific order. The continued support of a welfare system initially intended to assist persons and families who were at risk evolved into a lifestyle in poorer communities where we see individuals and families accepting welfare as a substitute for education, training, and employment which would contribute to their towns, cities, and ultimately, the country. The civic leaders of these poorer communities became part of the problem, but furthering programs that allow them to prosper, while creating a dependency in their consistency on the welfare checks, child support checks, food stamps, Section 8 housing, free medical services on and on… All of it being supported by US citizens who actually work and contribute to our society. That imputes the system, and the civic leaders. When my family members immigrated to this country, they were required to have a job waiting for them here in America. They came, they worked, and became American citizens paying taxes, and helping to build their communities as productive people. This was the American Dream. The liberal concept of uncontrolled, wide open borders with an unlimited amount of drain resulting on our schools, medical facilities, police forces, and of course, the taxpayers who pay for it all was not a reality in past years. The Democratic concept of building a voting constituency based upon people entering the country illegally, became a reality. I like all fair minded people became disenchanted with the party.

What were the first inklings of discontent for your support of the party and when did they start to happen?

It started with the Clintons. I began to recognize that Washington was operating above the law and although busy with raising a family and working two jobs, I kept my eyes and ears open for changes within the party. As I saw in more recent times that enemies of the United States, such as Al-Qaeda, became emboldened with a more far left liberal series of changes within the laws. I realized the the obvious that we were providing these types of groups with free reign to come here and make their violent statements. Global powers who seeked to benefit from the willingness of our government to make trade deals that favored them, and weakened America’s economy. When President Obama took office, I had hoped he, being a man of color, we would see a re-imagining of how America assists people of color in impoverished urban settings. In fact, he campaigned to people of color strongly indicating that he would reform their educational systems, they way that they are dealt with in criminal situations, and in general their entire socio-economic challenges. This did not happen. The facts are that he clearly emboldened through direct action, a number of countries while weakening our position militarily, and economically, resulting in huge advantages for them and putting the United States last. This is a globalist, far-left, Marxist series of actions delivered to the American people by a well dressed, well spoken, smooth talking gentleman president.

In brief, what was the eventual tipping point in leaving the Democratic party?

All of this came to a head in the Clinton vs. Trump election for the presidency. When the truth outed that the Clintons had long engaged in elitist, highly questionable practices regarding the law, their finances, fundraising, and use of what can only be termed as underhanded manipulation of the former, I started to have doubts about her as our president. On the other side, Trump, who I’ve always seen as kind of a brute, seemed to be less able to hide his past and who he was as a high powered millionaire businessman, a person who had many women and affairs, and spent time as a celebrity with men’s programming such as the Spike Channel on cable TV, etc. These weaknesses and events seemed to be while troubling, were somehow less so than the Obama-Clinton union. Let me add also that, I grew up in a household with strong women, with a father and grandfather who taught me no prejudices against women, but to admire how strong a woman can be.

The Nation has been polarized greatly since the 2016 Presidential Election. Have you been all that politically active before then? And if not, what made you now?

Here before like many working family men, I was not overly involved in politics. The culmination of all that I have stated above coming to light drew me to become involved on a level a level I had not before.

Much of the Conservative side has been unpopular and greatly censored since. I know I have struggles being a closeted conservative, yet speaking out here on A Lady of Reason. How do you deal with the backlash and vitriol of the radical liberals?

The Democratic party has enjoyed control of the greater majority of all of our media here in America for at least 25 years. Now that real opposition has taken place in the form of the election of a Republican president, the voice of the Democratic party has become increasingly far-left, radical, desperate and divisive. When I fact check what I’m seeing in magazines, newspapers, online and in 95% of the media, I find that the majority of it is untrue. Like most Americans, I will listen to the truth, regardless of what your party is. However, when I am lied to by powers who call themselves quote “news”, I am then compelled to label these entities unreliable and on the payroll of the far-left. This problem is pervasive and as a full time teacher teaching ages four though adult I have observed firsthand the teachers’ union including college professors indoctrinating young people toward an ideology that is politically Left. In essence, quote “growing” a huge constituency of future Democratic voters. It is the mandate of a teacher to instruct their students to learn both sides of any debate, ideology, or faith and then having researched these topics, make their own decisions. This has not happened! These are some of the key points to why I reached the turning point leading me away from the Democratic party and coming to the sad reality that this can no longer be my party.

Have you ever had a negative experience in person with a radical liberal?

I am smart enough and I’m old enough to know that the type of discussion that you have fostered with your important blog will when discussed face to face with this group will ultimately not lead to fair discourse. I have no desire to be accused of being a racist, homophobe, misogynist, and any other number of devices used to shout down any person that presents factual evidence contrary to this growing far left liberal ideology, and as seen in more recent times, beyond that, many if these groups have resorted to physical violence which I will not engage in unless my back is against the wall and a matter of life and death. Therefore I do not put myself in that position. May we hope it never comes to that.

Thank you for your time thus far, but I want to end with one last question: What is your advice for fellow closeted conservatives that want to speak out?

You need to invest time in researching the truth and since you will find overwhelmingly, that your magazines, newspapers, internet and TV is 95% controlled by the Left, you will have a hard time fining the facts. It takes a lot of work to shift through and filter out what is really taking place. Remember that Fascism as seen by Italy’s Mussolini and the 3rd Reich started as a controlling of all that people see and heard in their media. What we’re seeing now is a mass blanketing of all that we see and hear with a far left agenda. If a person is not willing to do the digging, they will be kept in the dark, and worse than that, likely to simply follow in lockstep with what others are doing. In conclusion I’d like to say to you, Lady of Reason, what you have provided us giving voice to topics with factual accounting is crucial. I for one know this is what all of our citizens need in order to make rational decisions for our country’s well-being.

—The Common Man

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Thank you Common Man! It was an honor getting to see your perspective! If anyone else wants to have a guest post or an interview, please contact me at aladyofreason@outlook.com and write the topic you want to talk about!

The “Privilege” Walk: One Step Forward, One Step Back…

This month, I want to shed some light on a huge issue dividing conservatives and radical liberals: race. Many liberals accuse us of not wanting to and avoiding frank discussions about race. I say “challenge accepted! ” I’m going to try to write some articles on different issues involving race this month as an overarching theme…

Many proponents of political correctness bring up a concept called “white privilege”. For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, it is the idea that white people have an advantage socially, economically, culturally, etc. based on their race, being white. Often this concept is brought up to try to get white people to acknowledge the disadvantages minorities have, but it often backfires into reverse discrimination. While race can be a factor that “privileges” people in society, white privilege ignores other factors independent of race, such as socio-economic status, family stability, the environment one grew up in, opportunities, social connections, and yes, gender, sexuality and even religion. While these can intersect to give a combo of advantages and disadvantages to everyone, focusing on white people having less adversity in their life mostly due to their race dismisses all the other factors, such as poverty and personal adversity such as a death of someone close, or another tragedy. Some say there’s no such thing as reverse discrimination because white people are the dominant group. That might have been the case decades ago, but now, we have ushered in a new age of far more equality and have tipped the scales the other way. Don’t understand? Let me use a technique PC proponents use all the time: The “privilege walk”.

  1. Take a step forward if you feel the mainstream media is bringing more and more awareness to the issues you face in society.
  2. Take a step back if expressing pride in your race can easily be misconstrued as racial supremacy.
  3. Take a step forward if your family-makeup (ie. who makes up your immediate family, especially spouses) is becoming more accepted as a norm than an exception.
  4. Take a step back if others dismiss the contributions of historical figures of your race based on their race.
  5. Take another step back if gender and race was the factor in dismissing a historical figure of your group.
  6. Take a step forward if jobs, schools, housing and other opportunities are making a special effort to represent your group.
  7. Take a step forward if media such as TV, movies and literature are becoming more inclusive towards your group and more apt to represent them.
  8. Take a step back if a cultural norm or tradition from your group is thought of as discriminatory.
  9. Take another step back if defending your desire to openly practice the cultural norm or tradition is misconstrued as being exclusionary of other’s norms and traditions.
  10. Take a step forward if you can ask for a space for your group exclusively.
  11. Take a step back if doing so is construed as discriminatory and unacceptable.
  12. Take a step forward if your political leanings are becoming more widely accepted and advocated for.
  13. Take a step back if your political leanings are attacked on a societal and personal level, and you are labeled “bigoted” or “backwards” for holding them.
  14. Take a step back if a critique of the other side’s position on an issue they feel affects them is construed as hatred and prejudice.
  15. Take a step forward if others feel special concern not to offend you.
  16. Take a step forward if you are allowed to use terminology that is only permissible by your group.
  17. Take another step forward if that also encompasses cultural practices, material culture, language, and dress.
  18. Take a step back if formerly innocuous comments and gestures are construed as racist or sexist, or even assault.
  19. Take a step back if you provide quantitative evidence for an unpopular position, but are still construed as being arbitrarily prejudiced.
  20. Take a step back if you are afraid to openly express your politics in fear of ostracism or even physical violence.
  21. Take another step back if this also includes an opinion on another group’s position.
  22. Take a step back if you have a hard time finding media such as news, tv shows, and literature that represent your views.
  23. Take a step forward if you can easily find sites online that advocate for your side of prominent issues.
  24. Take a step back if you have a hard time finding websites that advocate for your views, and are considered “fringe” or “radicalized”
  25. Finally, take a step back for each category you belong to: white, male, cisgender, heterosexual, conservative, and middle class. All those identities are limited as to what they may and may not express in regards to other groups.

You might have noticed, that many of these statements for steps forward are the “victories” minority groups have won. While discrimination is not 100% gone from our society, keep in mind the privileges minorities have “won” over the years. An egalitarian society treats everyone by the same standards, regardless of groups that separate people. If we swing the pendulum to the point where we have to guilt trip and attack the once dominant group, we are no longer treating everyone equally if that group is afraid to express any critique anymore. PC proponents, you have asked white, male, cisgendered, straight people to “check their privilege” and be aware of the advantages they take for granted in society. Many people in these categories genuinely want a more equal and just society, and are more than willing to work with you to make that a reality. Don’t alienate them by making them “the enemy”. Please return the favor and check your privilege as well.

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Breaking the Cycle

This month, I want to shed some light on a huge issue dividing conservatives and radical liberals: race. Many liberals accuse us of not wanting to and avoiding frank discussions about race. I say “challenge accepted! ” I’m going to try to write some articles on different issues involving race this month as an overarching theme…

*Trigger Warning*: Radical Liberals, you will get offended! A Lady of Reason takes no responsibility for the mind altering effects from your exposure to an actual opposing viewpoint after you read this article. 😉 Proceed at your own risk…

An issue that has been in the radical liberal agenda is the idea that since white people oppressed minorities, then they literally “owe” them reparations for the damage done. They argue minorities are held back by white oppression still, due to numerous past injustices that in my own metaphor, dug them into a pit that they now must dig out of to be on the same playing field as white people. This is one of the arguments mentioned for affirmative action is it’s a form of that reparation. But now, minorities have also demanded reparations such as welfare, food stamps, and other handouts due to white people forcing them into poverty.

Now, many conservatives and moderates pushed against this, as even though injustices happened in the past, in the present, much of the discrimination has been abolished formally, and there are plenty of resources to help break the cycles of poverty and crime. Why aren’t many minorities on the same playing field and achieve the same things as whites and a few exceptional minorities do? Some pro-reparation liberal arguments come in the form of white oppression forced them into the cycle of poverty, ghettoization and crime seen today, or white families have had centuries to build up wealth and privilege the minorities didn’t have the chance to get. Even some along the lines of we owe some minorities for stolen labor, like slavery, prison, and other exploitation from history. The issue is, what about today?

Let’s not deny it: history is full of past injustices we rightfully denounce now and have abolished, like slavery, segregation and all sorts of discrimination in housing and the job market. While no law can change all bigoted attitudes in society, it is illegal to formally discriminate against minorities or have slaves for that matter! I can understand in the immediate aftermath, people ought to have been proactive in giving minorities a leg up to catch up to where the majority was in life, but once on their feet, why haven’t they gone and ran with it?

One can try to drudge up the past ad-nauseum, but the past is past now. Yes, history affects our present, but it doesn’t have to define our future. Our present is shaped by what happened previously, but we can let the past go, and define our future on our terms the way we want it to be. Just because slavery existed for millennia through history, and much of this country’s, doesn’t mean it couldn’t be changed, and in 1865 it did for America. We had the power to say that’s no longer who we are, even if it was in our past. Our future from then on was slavery-free. The black community still cries victim over slavery and demands reparations for it today though! It’s been over a century, and yet, black people several generations removed who have never been a slave feel “victimized” by white people. They claim the legacy of slavery is still with them in poverty, crime and ghettos, but really? Why couldn’t they start to redefine their future too? They who were born free, never robbed of their labor or forced to be someone’s property have created mental chains and blame it all on white people! Why do they still need a “leg up” from slavery over a century ago? No black person currently alive today was ever a slave!

Now of course, I can hear the comeback now: “But there were much more recent forms of oppression!” The civil rights movement has been in the lifetimes of many alive today. The Jim Crow era of segregation and lynchings still is painfully, in the memories of many. But my argument applies here as well. We outlawed segregation. Lynching is called murder now. Black people can have the same jobs and housing as white people. Even a more recent painful past can be remedied by a redefined future. One can acknowledge and remember our painful past, but also look toward a brighter future now justice is being served. I am NOT denying inequalities exist to this day, but those are social biases, not legal mandates. Should those biases be addressed too? Of course! But the point is there are no laws keeping people back. Even so, the civil rights movement and the hey day of Jim Crow are fading into the memories of the elderly. In a few decades, that too, will be in the memories of those long gone. No millennial black person today can claim to be a victim of Jim Crow, or even many of their parents for that matter! Crying victim for something you never personally experienced is dishonest! “Trans-generational trauma”?(Yes, I’ve heard that term coined by the liberals!) Come on! Why can’t we acknowledge the wrongs of history, without being chained to them? Why not build the future we want to see, regardless of the past we didn’t?

Which leads me to the next argument: because of the past, the black community, for example, cannot get out of the cycle of poverty and crime, and it’s unfair to blame them as white people caused their misfortunes. However, going back to my previous argument, why not? It is one thing to say, for the sake of argument, they’re right, white people put the black community into poverty and disadvantage, but why now with help from many groups to break the cycle and anti-discrimination laws and affirmative action, can’t they help dig themselves out? It is one thing to be put at a disadvantage, forced down a deep hole of inequality one must climb out of to have a fair chance, but to passively lay there only to weep at your misfortune and demand others fix it all? Especially with the many hands to grab or ropes thrown down to you to climb out by people dedicated to help break the cycle, anti-discrimination laws, equal housing, scholarships for school, mentorship programs, or even affirmative action for starters!

The thing is, and this is pretty inflammatory to say out loud but here goes: They don’t seem to want to climb out. It’s easier to just take handouts like welfare and food stamps, never work an honest job then cry victim and have a pity party for past injustices you’ve never even come close to personally facing or being affected by. Yes, bias and discrimination exist, but I wonder honestly how much of it was influenced by a grain of truth to the hurtful stereotypes of the ghetto culture, crime, poverty, lack of respect for education or lazy welfare handouts. Playing victim you see, is the easy way out. Logic doesn’t play into any of this, just laziness and greed.

Many black people are in low income, dangerous ghettos. Gang activity is rife, people pop out kids they can’t feed, are addicted to hard drugs, drinking, on welfare from cradle to grave, for generations at a time, and don’t seem to care. Now certainly not all of them are like this, amazingly, there are black conservatives like Walter Williams who acknowledge this flaw! He even said it’s gotten worse now that welfare is so prominent. In his day, he said he knew far more respectable professional working class black people like you or I. He, like many wonder, what happened to those black people? The ones who did want to redefine their futures, not be chained to their past. Many black kids today bully fellow black kids who want to learn and go on to be professionals. They view them as a race traitor or “Uncle Tom”. Many black communities are complicit in gangs running their economy and “jobs” in town. They don’t care about having a high rate of fatherless kids who they can’t feed or clothe, and push on struggling school systems to raise. They don’t care to work even though they’re able bodied and minded to learn and earn a good salary for their families. Have you seen some low income neighborhoods? It’s a literal trashy ghetto with vandalism and filth!

Poverty is no excuse for that! Yes, you may be poor, but to trash your own home? Your own community? Plenty of white people are struggling to make ends meet, yet they keep decent tidy homes, don’t tolerate crime, work jobs to make their income, and raise their own kids! My paternal grandparents were poor blue collar folks for instance, who didn’t have much at all financially, yet they were able to keep a nice little house, raise two kids, one being my father, and valued education and sacrificed so both kids could go to college. They never once looked to crime for easy money, or took handouts when both could work. Just because you don’t have money, doesn’t mean you can’t afford some morals! Don’t say crime is for “survival” either! Plenty of people of all colors are very poor, yet only take what is absolutely necessary, and try to earn the rest. Plenty of people would rather be dirt poor, than commit crimes and lose their integrity and respectability as people.

Also, white people cannot be responsible for all of it! No white person is forcing another to trash their communities, pop out kids they can’t feed or provide for, take welfare instead of working, tolerate gangs and even welcome them, and drain the country’s resources. Believe me, that’s the opposite of what many white people, and others want! Now, the black community isn’t the only one freeloading and crying victim, but they have an extensive history of legitimate past wrongdoings they seem to not want to let go of in the present, thus making them example #1 for this article. Many look at black people with bias and stereotypes, for some who are none of what was described, unfairly, but I’d wager it’s because of the many who do drain our resources and invite crime. Black people who are decent human beings are hurt by this too. Being painted with the brush of the dysfunctional ones must hurt immensely and is a constant source of baggage they must fight against.

Let’s not forget too, other minorities were oppressed as well, yet are assets to this country, not leeches! The Asian and Indian communities are leading the way in the hard sciences and technology for instance. Why not the black (or Hispanic for that matter) community too? If we’re all equal in potential regardless of race, why can’t they? Other minorities overcame their challenges, why not them as well?

People in the black community who want a future, want to redefine their future in a positive light, must work hard to fight the stereotypes cast down by their fellows in the ghetto and in gangs just as much, and labeled as a race traitor and “Uncle Tom” for choosing success and a future over crime and poverty, just as much if not more than any white person’s bias. Many have tried to open their arms and lend those hands to help them get out of the pit of past oppression, poverty and crime, but as they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it! One must meet them halfway in actually wanting to change for the better! We need more black leaders too, to encourage people to break the cycle, not just subsidize welfare for an easy vote or to be “cool”! I apologize to those in the black community who do not stand with this bottom of the barrel lifestyle, and are taking their futures in their own hands. We need more people like Walter Williams in this world, not the next generation of welfare recipients and gang members. We don’t “owe” people like that one cent! They owe us a community who builds up, not tears down our society! Black and white together, we need to stand against this!

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I guess we haven’t changed much from the past after all 😉

Inspiration in Conservative Dress: Inspiration or Appropriation?

Inspiration in Conservative Dress is a reoccurring series of posts of various modest and feminine outfits to inspire other women to dress modestly and resist society’s pressure to dress provocatively and subscribe to “hook up” culture. Through conservative dress, A Lady of Reason sends a message of resistance to the “sexual revolution” and radical liberal feminism, and the upholding of feminine virtue. Arguably, this could also extend to the support for social conservatism in general. How we dress signals who we are in society. I also want to state that this idea is not mine originally, but done on another religious blog called The Catholic Lady. I was inspired by hers to make a secular version for A Lady of Reason. 

For many of us, it is cool to be inspired by other peoples and cultures in our fashion. From what was once an innocuous Halloween costume, to cornrows, hoop earrings, tribal prints and more, are now deemed politically incorrect by the radical liberals. While many see it as innocuous fun, they feel it has a more sinister undertone. To them, it’s “cultural appropriation”. The idea is in essence, white people are “appropriating” or “stealing” another culture’s or country’s material culture and treating it condescendingly as “exotic” and “foreign”. Also they feel it sends the wrong message of “we’re entitled to use and enjoy your cultural assets, but not face the hardships and struggles of your people. We can just take off the costume when we feel like it…” whereas real people of that marginalized group cannot and have no choice in facing discrimination. For example, it’s “cool” for white people to act hipster and have cornrows, but when black people do it, they’re thugs. Or, you can pretend to be from the Orient, all reinforcing Orientalism and Western supremacy by treating their objects as exotic, as some examples.

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Now, it’s true we shouldn’t be mocking or condescending another culture and what is important to them, but the question is, is that the intent of many who use other cultures’ styles today? The issue I have with it is, first of all, cultures have been borrowing from other cultures for centuries. In the ancient world, places like Ancient Rome, for example, were very cosmopolitan and they borrowed plenty of ideas and items, especially from the Greeks. Now, one could argue, then, as they argue for today’s cultural borrowing, or “cultural diffusion” in scholarly terms, that it’s a power imbalance for us, as the dominant group, or even Ancient Rome as the conquerors. They argue, minorities have to mimic us to be seen as valid and taken seriously, whereas we can simply choose what parts of their culture seem “cool” and imitate it without acknowledging the cultural context of it. That’s also why the liberals don’t see it as a double standard that many have adopted our way of life.

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I argue, however, that imitation can be a form of flattery too, or simply innocuous. In the historical example, Rome conquered the Greeks, and did in modern terms, “appropriate” much of their culture and ideologies, like philosophy. However, the Romans admired Greek culture, and thought much of it would help enhance Rome and make Rome better. Ancient Greek, like Latin is today, for them was the language of scholars and the well-educated. Greek slaves were prized as teachers and scholars. While there was a definite power imbalance, that did not mean the Romans looked condescendingly when they imitated the Greeks, quite the contrary, they wanted to emulate them. Now, we may not be trying to model our culture after others we borrowed stuff from time to time, but borrowing certainly does not mean condescension! I think much of the hoopla over it hearkens back to resentment over past colonialism when we were imposing our culture on theirs. Nowadays, many have a knee-jerk response to anything Western crossing their “turf” so to speak as they feel they have to be guarded and territorial over what they feel is “theirs”, like a dog guarding its food as it’s been taken away in the past. Emotion, not logic rules much of this debate. The stewing resentment of past colonialism.

Most people don’t think much of when they dress up in a cultural costume for Halloween, or decide to wear a cultural thing as a fashion piece. Condescension and Related imagedisrespect never even cross the minds of many at all, and would be horrified to think they did something disrespectful.  Sometimes, the idea to borrow something from another culture is because it looks interesting or they admire the craftsmanship, or the look. It’s something new and different, which aren’t bad things, like the snowflakes say. “Exotic” does not have to mean foreign in a bad way, or in a condescending way. It can simply mean something different, unique to what you’re used to. After all, what’s exotic is relative. Hamburgers and fries are quite “exotic” to the Bedouin nomads of Africa and the Middle East, wouldn’t you agree? 😉 Sometimes a little difference adds some flavor to life. As they say, if we were all the same, it would be pretty boring! Why not incorporate and be inspired another culture’s style sometimes? Cultures have exchanged looks, materials, technologies and ideas throughout history, why not us too?

A last point to make is also, who says certain items only “belong” to a certain group? what makes a group have the right to claim ownership of an item, such as hoop earrings for example? They’re not religious items, or some sort of medal, or even tied to one group! It’s not like a bindi dot for Hindus, or some native country’s traditional dress. Even then, there’s the hypocrisy of anyone can appropriate native European stuff, like Lederhosen, even if you’re not Germanic for example. You can dress up like a French person, or Italian, or English! It’s only for non-white peoples you can’t appropriate, but plenty of European groups faced ethnic prejudice in this country and towards each other in Europe! Why can we celebrate St. Patrick’s day if we’re not Irish when the Irish were caricatured as brutish apes by Americans only a century ago? African Americans haven’t been slaves in over a century, yet we’re not allowed hoop earrings? Or cornrows for that matter? Who said they own the concept of braided hair? A sombrero on Cinco de Mayo does not mean you’re bigoted and wish to subjugate Mexicans! It’s simply having fun sharing another culture’s tradition. I can see how some items may be best left alone if you’re not an insider, like religious-wear, ceremonies of deep significance, and such, but many things, like a fun Halloween costume, or hoop earrings, or braided hair, can “belong” to everyone. I think the key is intent: are you trying to mock another or be disrespectful? If the answer is no, I’d say it’s probably innocuous. Whatever happened to being able to laugh at yourself and letting others join in the fun? History has shown cultures can be inspired by everyone, why can’t we?

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“Whites Need Not Apply”: Affirmative Action

This month, I want to shed some light on a huge issue dividing conservatives and radical liberals: race. Many liberals accuse us of not wanting to and avoiding frank discussions about race. I say “challenge accepted! ” I’m going to try to write some articles on different issues involving race this month as an overarching theme…

Affirmative Action is a heated topic for many people. Proponents say it is necessary to give a leg up for disadvantaged group, such as women and people of color. They argue in addition to righting some of the past wrongs, like the racial or sexist discrimination of the past in the workforce and academia, it also brings fresh innovative perspectives to the table. In addition, arguments are also made to the effect of we “owe” certain groups this, due to historical injustice as well. Proponents of affirmative action present these three succinct arguments in favor of the practice:

The first one being that since minorities are disadvantaged by systematic racism, sexism, etc…, it is literally harder for them to achieve as much as white people, especially white men even if they have equal merit and qualifications. They claim the bigotry of the past has put minorities in a “hole” in the present, that they must dig out of to overcome the challenges set up by a system of racism and sexism. On its face it sound plausible, as bias can exist and people can make assumptions that are unnoticed. Stereotypes can sip in sneakily and create bias against potential candidates, such as ethnic names that don’t sound “professional”, for example, or a cultural look in an interview that doesn’t go with “professional attire”. The issue is in that case, how much should we be flexible about what looks “professional”? While some flexibility is a good thing in many cases, does that mean we must turn traditional conventions of professional attire and personal presentation on its head to accommodate someone’s “native” outfits?

The other issue with it is I think it places too much emphasis on past wrongs. Yes, the past has put others at a disadvantage, like women and minorities, but now there are many laws trying to prevent that from repeating itself. Everyone has something that puts them at a disadvantage that they didn’t earn and was never asked for. The key thing is, in the case of racial and gender discrimination in the workforce and academia, things are being done in the present to remedy that. The whole point of the anti discrimination laws based on “sex, race, religion etc…”  was to prevent special treatment, not enforce it! The idea should have been to take those factors off the table when judging who’s qualified for the job or the school, and judge their merits, not their outside appearance or things they can’t control based on stereotypes and prejudice. Affirmative action does the opposite, instead using these things as playing cards to get “a leg up” over white people now. Candidates through affirmative action, are not being hired or accepted based on past experience, training, credentials, GPAs, SATs and such, but by their race or gender. The past is past now: we can’t change what happened to minorities in the past who were unfairly denied earned opportunities, but we can, and have taken steps to level the playing field and judge merit, not skin color or gender. We ought to focus on now, not then, for judging just how “disadvantaged” these groups are today. What opportunities do minorities have now to succeed through hard work and merit? Focusing too much on past injustice distracts from an honest assessment of their equality now in society. Just because your ancestors had it bad, doesn’t mean you do just because they did!

Of course, a counterargument to that is that minorities have had less opportunity to build their skills and get the same level of education as whites. They say minorities live mostly in poorer neighborhoods with poorer families and few resources. They say they have had challenges to overcome, like juggling work and school, taking care of siblings, crime etc… that middle class whites didn’t have. Only there, you can easily see, this is more about class privilege than racial disadvantage. The blame for their misfortunes is often put upon white people though, as they blame white society for keeping them in poverty and disadvantage. Perhaps in the Jim Crow South, yes, but now? Not so much. There are plenty of organizations and legislation to try to break the cycle of poverty and crime in minority communities, but there’s the old adage, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it.”

The past may have influenced disadvantage of the present, but that is not an excuse for passive acceptance of it. Why aren’t more minorities going for higher education and jobs, bringing more wealth to the community? Why isn’t there more vigilance and less tolerance of crime such as drug deals, gun violence, prostitution, gang activity, exploitation etc.? The excuse of it’s all they can do to survive is nonsense! Would you excuse white crime as being “survival”, when people in extreme disadvantage have been able to work honest jobs and make honest lives for themselves? Thing is, crime is the easy way out for survival for many, getting an honest job and education to make more money takes actual hard work, which many don’t want to do it seems. Harsh to say, yes, but it’s true. It’s inflammatory to admit, but at least 50% or more of the ghettoized crime culture and welfare state and disintegration of the family in many minority communities are on them, not “the white man” and past historical injustices. As said, the past is past, it’s time to focus on the present. What can we do now, to make our communities better, regardless of then?

The second argument is basically tied into the first. We “owe” them affirmative action due to things like slavery, for instance. Again, the past has past. Their present problems aren’t all the “white man’s burden”. Having a culture entrenched in crime for economy, persecuting anyone wanting to “act white” by breaking out of poverty and crime, and pursuing education and career, depending on welfare and handouts from the government, not having intact families with supportive parents to help their kids succeed etc… and making it all look “cool” is at the very very least 50% of their problem. Yes, slavery put the black community at a disadvantage, for example, but slavery also ended over a century ago, and the civil rights movement passed much legislation to help give black people the same opportunities as whites. Instead of dwelling on history as one’s own pity party, why not change the present, even if the past was bad? But then again, that takes hard work, not something glorified in ghetto culture. There are even black conservatives now, like Walter Williams, who decry this “victimhood” status of his race, as it reflects badly on any minority who does indeed want to further themselves the honest way. Not all minorities are “lazy”, but the lazy ones seem to have the loudest mouth, making everyone else look bad.

Lastly, a third argument is about the fresh perspectives others can give outside of the life experience of white middle class America. It is true, different life experiences and perspectives are good for a business, or school looking to expand the minds of its students. This is probably their strongest argument. Diversity can be a good thing for broadening everyone’s minds, not just white people’s. Knowing people from all walks of life, and different cultures can enrich your own outlook on the world. After all, historically, new ideas and innovations happened due to cultural diffusion and encountering different people. The world would be dull with just a homogeneous group 24/7. The issue here, is not with the idea of being around different people than yourself, but with why they’re there in the first place. It’s an issue of merit outside race or culture. Are your coworkers or employees here because of their many talents and achievements, or their race? Do they bring new innovative ideas to the table that stand on their own merit, or were they just selected to fill arbitrary diversity quotas to gain “enlightenment points”? There is absolutely no problem at all with having a diverse workforce, the issue rests with them being there on their own merits, instead of their race or gender alone. But people will say, “It’s not just their race! They have to be qualified too! It’s to give a minority a leg up if they’re equal to a white candidate since they were disadvantaged.” Of course, the flaw in that is many places have actually lowered their standards to admit more minorities in schools and the workforce. Minorities need lower test scores, GPAs, and SATs now to get into college than white people, or even Asians! There is a double standard in qualifications now, all to admit more minorities simply because they’re minorities!

Overall, I’m against affirmative action simply because it is what it claims to prevent: discrimination. Discriminating against whites and men is no different from discriminating against minorities and women. Being judged on stereotypes and factors beyond your control instead of honest merit is unjust no matter who you are. The “equality” it presumes to enhance actually is just reverse discrimination. I feel though, the liberals are actually afraid to stop it, because it would unearth some very uncomfortable realizations about why more minorities aren’t in higher up positions, (Hint: it’s not “the white man”, it starts with a “c” ends with ‘ultre”…) not to mention votes 😉 Unlike the snowflakes would have you believe, reverse discrimination is discrimination, period. Turing the tables on the majority group and limiting them based on skin color or gender is no different from the majority oppressing the minority. The outcome is the same, only the roles are switched. “Two wrongs do not make a right”, as my parents would say. Indeed, many minorities feel insulted to think they were chosen as the “affirmative action hire” and be held in contempt by their coworkers and fellow classmates, instead of their workplace or school seeing them as bright, capable individuals regardless of what they look like. Affirmative action is a stain on minorities too who do want to live the honest way, and not be lumped in with the freeloaders. Whatever happened to honest work and merit, rather than playing the “minority card” to get ahead in life?

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