Addendum: I also wish now, to open the blog to more conservative topics in general, not just women’s issues within conservatism, although that will still be a big focus. Also, want to note that many of my followers are conservatives of faith, and they are more than welcome in my community here on my blog as we share many common values. More broadly, I am a lady who identifies as socially conservative from a secular perspective, and wants to engage fellow conservatives in the “silent majority” to uphold common sense and reason.

A Lady of Reason is a conservative blog but from a secular, or non-religious perspective. I am a conservative woman who wanted to speak out on issues from a conservative perspective like many others in the “silent majority” of this country. However, I saw a gap in the conservative community for those who are conservative, but aren’t religious and are not conservative based on religious reasons.

I however, share many values with the religious conservative community albeit from a secular perspective such as traditional family values of the intact nuclear family, common-sense politics, purity instead of promiscuity, the traditional feminine woman among many other things.

I also am not shy about frankly addressing the big issues in an intellectual manner, hence the “reason” part of my blog name. I have a love for intellectual topics and am eager to learn from my readers.

I hope you find something that resonates with you on my blog, or at least gives you something to think about. Not all will agree with me and I don’t try to change the already firmly set opinions of many, but I only ask that you read and think about what I have to say as it may give you a better perspective on why people like me believe as they do on the issue at hand.


  1. As a free thinker and conservative, I really appreciate that there are others like you who use good common sense free of religious dogma. The fact that you articulate it so well is icing on the cake.

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  2. Thank you for your voice of reason! We out in “reality ” are happy for it. I need proof of one person’s claim of reality to make an honest decision. Your clear description & explanation of the leftists thought patterns is necessary

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  3. I love and respect your expression and rationale. Being conservative doesn’t always tag along with the coat tails of Christianity, altho, myself I am both Christian and conservative; but not a far-right conservative. I know plenty of Christians who lay claim to the faith that are quite left of center as well!
    I will never understand the aspects of “feminism,” that confuse being equal to men to being LIKE men. What an oxymoron that is! lol!

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  4. Wow, read your blog here. I hope that it helps open eyes, even if just a few. Very well written! I’m an ex yellow-dog union democrat that walked away. I was a useful idiot until I educated myself. Thank you!

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  5. We’re going through a critical time for Men and masculinity. Young men are clueless how to handle life, relationship, responsibility and authority. Men have subconscious understanding of these in their mental firmware but upbringing is the issue. It’s a pleasure to see some women who actually want to see where the problem lies. I’m not into ‘fixing’ women, I’m into fixing the upbringing of men. Blogs like A Lady of Reason could be a good place for mothers/women who are raising young boys/seeing them raised, to make sure their sons/those boys ” ‘just’ get it.”

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  6. I’ve read several good stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. I’m surprised how much effort you place to make the sort of wonderful informative site! 🙂

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  7. I’m not American so I wouldn’t dream of commenting on your political battles and stances. We have enough internal, destructive, political battles of our own.
    I entirely agree about femininity and ladies powerful Minds, and their/our awareness of self.
    Sibyl X

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  8. I appreciate your thoughtful writing. I’m a long-time classic liberal, yet raised on conservative Christian values. Although I have largely lived a longs lascivious life, I have of late, come to believe that most of what I’ve espoused has been a load of humanistic horse shit (excuse me). For reasons you’ve stated, I’ve felt less forthcoming than I normally might. People are waking up though and I am inspired to press on thanks to smart thinkers like you. Cheers

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