A Lady of Reason is a blog for women who are in the secular community as atheists, agnostics and non-religious but have socially conservative values. This might seem like a contradiction to some, as many who do hold more conservative views tend to do so from a religious standpoint. However, here at A Lady of Reason, we believe that beliefs in conservative values do not need religion to be justified.

Just what are these “conservative values” A Lady of Reason ascribes to? They are values often forgotten in the modern liberal feminist movement. Values such as modesty, elegance and feminine grace. In light of today’s political climate in regards to women, more radical strains of feminism and liberalism are influencing women and girls in our society. These strains shun traditional expressions of femininity, instead urging women to be more like men, and promoting indecency instead of modesty, vulgarity instead of ladylike grace and elegance. This is also why I deliberately chose the word “Lady” instead of “Woman”. Any female human is a woman, by definition, but it takes more effort to be defined as a “lady”. The word “lady” carries with it, a connotation of the lost elegance, modest and grace found in many women of today’s society. In a social and political climate fostering a contempt for lady-like behavior and promoting destructive traits such as promiscuity, vulgarity, indecency, and even a contempt for the other sex, (i.e. men…) The community I hope to foster on this blog is a “safe space” to use the term the liberals use, for women who agree that modern day feminism has gone too far and promoted more detrimental values than good for women, but do so from a non-religious platform.

Lastly, I wish to state that unlike many of our religious counterparts, I believe that women can occupy roles outside that of a stay at home wife and mother. Also, that traditional femininity does not mean that women cannot be deeply intellectual and openly speak their mind. This blog will engage in deep intellectual topics, as well as the more “feminine” interests such as fashion, for example. It seems inherently sexist to say that traits such as reason, intellect and an analytical mind are owned by the male sex. Also, I believe that women and men are inherently separate in nature, but equal in worth and dignity as human beings. Women can occupy more “modern” roles and have fulfilling careers, I myself have a strong passion for science, and be an intellectual equal to a man. The difference between A Lady of Reason and the radical liberal feminist women who purport to desire the same things is that to be a lady, one must also value and embrace feminine grace and behavior suiting a lady. We are a “silent majority” of women who don’t buy into the liberal feminist hype, but are not religious conservatives.

Addendum: I also wish now, to open the blog to more conservative topics in general, not just women’s issues within conservatism, although that will still be a big focus. More broadly, I am a lady who identifies as socially conservative from a secular perspective, and wants to engage fellow conservatives in the “silent majority” to uphold common sense and reason.


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  1. I appreciate your thoughtful writing. I’m a long-time classic liberal, yet raised on conservative Christian values. Although I have largely lived a longs lascivious life, I have of late, come to believe that most of what I’ve espoused has been a load of humanistic horse shit (excuse me). For reasons you’ve stated, I’ve felt less forthcoming than I normally might. People are waking up though and I am inspired to press on thanks to smart thinkers like you. Cheers

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