“Get to Class!”: It’s Time to Return to School This Fall….

I usually wait for a back to school themed post until September, but I thought in light of this current school reopening controversy now is the best time. This COVID-19 nuttiness has led to many unprecedented things from closing businesses, cancelling events, even forbidding freedom of movement and association and now, excuses not to return to school! I’ve covered before the utter hypocrisy of those who claim it’s all for public health, yet banish a multitude of non threatening and easily socially distanced activities while sanctioning events like thousands close together rioting in the streets. Businesses, schools, churches can’t open but protests can. Abortion clinics and liquor stores are open yet the mom and pop shop has to file for bankruptcy. The most vulnerable such as the immunocompromised and elderly are wielded as a catch all excuse for these draconian measures yet COVID-19 positive patients were mandated to be given spots in nursing homes where the vast majority of deaths from covid occur. Hospitals were said to be flooded and overwhelmed, yet cases dwindled lower and lower in ICU’s day by day and places like New York sent back aid such as the USS Comfort. We are told to wait for a vaccine but ignore other treatments that have been shown to work. We can wait in socially distanced lines in stores now, but not to vote? See what I’m getting at here?

Now as to these teachers who are protesting going back to school, I’d argue it resembles the whining of petulant children than educated professionals! You argue that you can’t go back to teach as it’s too risky for you, but unless you are medically fragile and immunocompromised, or you’re about old enough to retire already then most likely you won’t get covid or just have mild symptoms. Young healthy adults are not the target group for the deadly effects. These young kids out of college going to their first teaching jobs are not at the most risk, nor are older teachers who are under 60. If you’re a healthy adult this is not as big an issue anymore than your risk of getting every nasty bug that goes around. You didn’t stop showing up to work every year there was a bad flu season. You didn’t stop showing up to work when that nasty norovirus made its ways through the halls. So why now? We’re not talking about the Spanish Flu, or Ebola here!

As for those who are older and/or medically fragile, you are at risk for any disease to be more severe for you than others. The elderly can die of the common cold or a mild flu whereas a younger person may not be affected much at all. But guess what? Those bugs were circulating around school all the decades you taught. Any illness spreads rapidly in a school environment, not just covid, so overall, you are equally put at risk by any number of germs. So why panic over covid when you could be sent to the hospital for the flu just as much? And yet they don’t close school each fall and winter despite many teachers with subpar health. Immuno-compromised teachers and medically fragile teachers are also more at risk, but they are more at risk for every other disease out there as well. Not to mention, you chose to teach in an environment were there would be illnesses spreading around yet you took that risk by taking the position in a school. If you are genuinely more at risk, then why did you decide to take the risk of working in a school with many pathogens lurking around daily when you know you have a condition that puts you more at risk for dangerous effects? If you knew getting the flu or a stomach virus could land you in the hospital for weeks, and that schools often circulate these quite frequently and they are easily transmissible, then why go into teaching unless you accepted that risk to your health? Those who work with young children know all too well how “sanitary” they are, yet you chose to teach those age groups. Why is this new disease so special when you were just as at risk from plenty of others more than the average person?

Also, if you do need accommodations such as a leave of absence or some type of remote teaching, then why not pursue those avenues for yourself rather than demand every other healthy student and teacher leave with you? I’m not opposed to some compromises, such as what many colleges are doing like hybrid models or some remote classes and others in person for instance. It would be easy to have students have a remote class while in class on chrome books with you teaching from your house then simply go to their in person classes next door afterwards. Why not simply make everyone at school take a covid test and exclude anyone who tested positive until they are cleared so no known positives will be allowed on school grounds? Many colleges are doing such. There are many ways to accommodate the most vulnerable teachers if only we thought outside the box and bureaucratic tape. It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing situation.

Maybe if none are possible, you need to make a hard decision and consider leaving for the year. Many will argue they don’t have the savings to do such a thing, but what would you have done if you were out under normal circumstances due to an illness or medical condition that you are more at risk of having due to your condition or diagnosis? Those with special health concerns need to plan for these events. If you’re prone to getting various cancers and need chemo for months, if you’re diabetic and injure yourself with a chronic injury that won’t heal, if you have osteoporosis and fall and need months of physical therapy, if you have a heart condition and need major open heart surgery in the middle of the school year, if every time you get sick it lands you in the hospital etc… you need a financial plan to get you through a possible health crisis. Of course everyone should have savings for a long term health issue, but especially those more at risk for them than the average person! Why is covid special when you already needed to prepare for a myriad of other health threatening scenarios like other common illnesses or injuries just in case they should happen? This isn’t victim-blaming or “speaking from privilege”, but thinking like a responsible adult.

Speaking of thinking like an adult, much of the whining to cancel in person school sounds like whiny children and teenagers saying “But I don’t want to get up!” I mean really? Do you have to act like martyrs and drama queens, people? For every healthy teacher out there, what’s your excuse to not go back when we know covid doesn’t target healthy adults with the most deadly effects? Honestly, much of it could be construed as somewhat offensive to other people in various other jobs. How? Well think about your store clerk, the supermarket cashier and baggers, those who stock the shelves, those in processing plants, those in every essential business who remained open during the lock downs. One could argue first responders and medical professionals “signed up” for any risk including life threatening ones, but did your grocers? Your cashier? Restaurant workers? The humble janitors who clean all the allegedly infected surfaces? Your mail carriers? The garbage men and women? Did any of these people sign up for catching covid any more than you? And yet we never heard them complaining or mass strikes despite having to work so we could stay home. How are you as teachers any more special than millions of others who didn’t sign up for a global pandemic yet went to their jobs anyways without complaint or even recognition? They had just as much right to say it’s not worth our lives yet bravely did their jobs and supported themselves and their families. What’s so scary about teaching in a socially distanced classroom, or even hybrid courses? Is it any more scary really, than being a store clerk or a janitor? You’re in a building with other people for 6-8 hours? So are they. You’re breathing in potentially contaminated air? So are they. Did they think that would be part of their job any more than you did? Nope. So really, what is your excuse to say you’re more deserving than they are of taking less risk?

And what about your students? What about what you owe to them when you become an educator of young minds? Many argue that this push to get teachers back to their full capacities is rooted in sexism because teaching as associated with women and thus demand they risk their lives for “the sake of the children” whereas other careers aren’t seen as free childcare. Oh, come on!!!! Really? The gender card? What about all the male teachers? Before you cry sexism think of all your male colleagues too, ladies. I fully agree teachers should not be taken for granted, and that they deserve to feel safe at work as much as anyone else. However how safe does “everyone else” really feel in this climate of hysteria? Yet they report for their shifts as argued in the previous paragraph. Not all work can be done remotely and be efficient, and school’s one of them.

I’d strongly argue school IS an “essential” business! A proper education opens doors and breaks cycles of poverty and crime for many communities. School is a safe haven for those who are abused and neglected. Not all families have the option to home school or stay home from work all year either to watch young children at home, nor the same resources a school can give an underprivileged child. What about disparities in learning materials, internet connection etc…? Yes, teaching is a job and teachers deserve fair working conditions. But it also goes beyond just collecting a pay check, if you’re a decent teacher and person at least. It’s about inspiring your students, and going above and beyond for them, even in small ways. And doing the kind of mentorship that makes a great teacher can’t just happen behind a screen. As for fair working conditions, that apparently included being exposed to every other nasty germ out there before this. Ever caught something nasty that made you feel terrible from your students or coworkers that was going around? Probably everyone at some point, yet that wasn’t grounds for resignation or teaching remotely until that nasty stomach flu made its rounds…. If you’re a normal healthy adult, then that’s probably all it will be. What about the school shootings? That is FAR from a safe workplace and no one EVER signs up for being murdered in cold blood. Yet no cries for remote learning happened then… 😦

As for medically fragile students, another argument against reopening schools, similar arguments apply as with medically vulnerable teachers. Their vulnerability is to everything, covid is not special. An immunocompromised student undergoing chemo for one example, is just as in danger with the flu going around, that nasty norovirus, pneumonia, the common cold etc… Which are of an equal risk if not more of contracting in school as COVID-19. A student who can’t get vaccinated is in danger if unvaccinated students go to school too. A student with respiratory issues is at risk by any respiratory ailment. These issues were present before this pandemic. Covid is just one more risk in a sea of hundreds for vulnerable students. If a student is so medically vulnerable that covid is life threatening, then so is catching the flu, the common cold, a fever, a stomach virus, pneumonia, and every other pathogen that circulates in school. In that case, it’s not safe for them to attend in person school around others, which was true before this pandemic hit and will be after it’s passed. So why then, does the vast majority, like almost 99% of students not at risk of death or serious harm from covid have to miss in person school too?

Overall, there’s really no excuses not to reopen school this fall. With some reasonable precautions, like every other business that reopened has done there’s little reason why some compromise can’t be made.

Colleges and universities are reopening under modified circumstances so why can’t schools?

Thousands of protesters were allowed to be in the streets packed tightly by our leaders so why can’t schools hold classrooms of 20-30 kids?

Millions of essential employees worked in person under risks they never “signed up for” either without complaint so why can’t teachers?

Most states are allowing reopening and have been through several phases of their plans to reopen even more so why can’t schools?

If you can keep in person schools open despite numerous tragedies of cold blooded murder by gunmen that NO ONE EVER signed up to have as a risk then why not now?

Last but not least, what example does it send to our kids when teachers try every excuse in the book to get out of returning to school? What does it teach every teen who whines to sleep in and skip class that day? How can we tell our youth school is a priority when the very people who will educate them don’t want to come in themselves? Leaders lead from the front, and never ask those below them to do what they will not. So maybe the real question is, do we have any right to ask kids to prioritize attending school when the adults around them make excuse after excuse not to? What happens when the kids come up with an excuse of their own not to go back after the dust settles again now they’ve witnessed such behavior?

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These Circumstances May be New, But They Must Never Be Considered “Normal”

A full month later, the pandemic, and the even greater hysteria rage on. With the numbers of deaths and cases on a downward trend, with hospital makeshift ICU’s being reverted into regular floors, nurses and doctors having time for tik-tok videos, a hospital navy ship sent back from NY and many states starting to reopen again, it’s amazing there is still resistance to more re-openings. They say it’s for safety, and fear of a resurgence, but the data, and many of the arbitrary restrictions say otherwise.

Isn’t it odd how during previous epidemics such as H1N1 during the Obama administration, absolutely no restrictions were ever put in place? No schools shut down? Millions of workers out of jobs? Businesses shuttered? You want to talk about fatalities? What about the Ebola crisis in Africa? Those types of viruses have an over 90% mortality rate and it is indeed NOT so far fetched it could have come here. In this globalized world, you can be around the world and back again within a day. Covid-19 started in China and now it’s a  global pandemic! Yet we did absolutely nothing aside from isolating some people returning. Why was a virus which kills almost everyone infected basically ignored throughout the developed world whereas a more virulent strain of a flu like virus which still has a low mortality rate and only affects already vulnerable people to disease treated as if it were Ebola?! What about the flu which kills millions worldwide despite having a vaccine each year yet the word has not shut down?

You want to argue it’s still too dangerous to resume our lives again? Ok, but then why are Covid positive people being shipped to nursing homes where the one of the most vulnerable populations resides? Many of the death clusters have been in these exact facilities all over the country! You want to protect the elderly? Then why on Earth are you creating literal death traps by putting infected Covid patients there to recover and infect the most vulnerable? That of all the illogical and arbitrary moves is the most vile and reprehensible at least to me. Why shoo away the USS Comfort, who came to NY to help share the load with allegedly overcrowded hospitals if our healthcare is strained to the breaking point? Why continue to cry “flatten the curve” when as said before and told to me directly by healthcare workers, ICU’s still have empty beds, makeshift ones are being reverted back to normal, non-essential medical care is being resumed, doctors and nurses are being pulled from Covid duty to their original jobs, etc..etc…? Why are you censoring treatments that could help until a vaccine is made and labeling the researchers doing so as scientific pariahs? Not to mention the blatant censorship of doctors, epidemiologists and researchers saying we don’t need to continue the lock downs!

Also, even if enough danger is still present to lock down everything, why shut down activities that can keep the virus at bay and help kill it off such as outdoor activities? Beaches are shut down or people are told to only use it for active things, but not sitting down. But is sitting 20 feet away from someone on your beach towel less risky than running past everyone on the beach where the wind can pick up your potentially contaminated breath and spread it to everyone you ran past? Is basking in microbe killing UV light worse then being in a confined space at home with your elderly in laws all summer long? Why shut down schools when children and young people are one of the least vulnerable then force them to stay at home with more vulnerable adults? If you can open stores like Walmart and Target relatively safely why not have other stores open in a similar manner? Many are starting to so it’s already being done so what’s the big wait for other places? Why is it still allowed to buy alcohol and cigarettes and get abortions, yet AA meetings are closed and so are many real medical procedures that while not necessary to sustain life, would ease great suffering and chronic pain and improve quality of life. Even dental work has been banned in many places, yet what happens if you have a cavity, or a cracked tooth that could lead to far greater damage? What about orthodontics where many procedures are time sensitive?

I’m not saying let’s just ignore all danger and go foolishly ahead, but there is a middle ground, such as the store capacity or social distanced lines or masks that can let places reopen but with less risk. Also, being more judicious and pragmatic about what should open first. What do we value as essential when we let people buy more booze to fuel their addiction, yet shut down the places to treat their addiction? Or allow abortions to kill a life yet restrict medical procedures and check ups that will save or improve the quality of life? Who is missing out on catching their unknown cancer while it is easily treatable because their doctor’s office is shut down and it could have been seen in a routine check up like that funny mole that’s been there? Who will have to lose their tooth because they didn’t see the dentist in time and needed a trip to the hospital now it was abscessed and they can’t eat? Who’s to say we can’t stand in socially distanced lines and in booths 6 feet apart when it’s time to vote if we can to get our groceries? There is a way forward with a middle ground between safety and the fact the world can’t stop because of a chance of increased risk.

What about the fact that despite efforts to help struggling businesses by giving them more money to get by, what does that have to do with funding illegals? Letting criminals out who have committed violent crimes and re offended while jailing parents playing with their children, friends meeting up in a backyard, people doing outdoor activities alone in desolated parks, fining church services and arresting the pastor while everyone is in their cars etc…? Weren’t the jail releases due to jail being a source of contagion, so why put people back inside then? What about all the millions going to ivy league schools and big business when the cries for help have been for the small mom and pop businesses?

How much do you want to bet this has far more to do than simple public health? In light of everything, hospitals below Covid capacity, help being told to go away, all the arbitrary rules, cherry picking who gets to stay open, censorship of any other treatments or facts to support reopening, arrests over the most ridiculous charges while letting out the most heinous of offenders, stimulus packages being spent on everyone but who needs it, etc…etc… do you honestly think public health is the only motive?

Thing is, all of this isn’t the scariest thing. At some point sooner or later, these restrictions will go away. It’s what will be left behind and the implications that follow after Covid is gone is the real concern. What does it say about our personal freedoms when the government can literally tell us we can’t buy grass seed, or clothing even though the store is still open? What does it tell us when companies are offering to make drones to check people’s temperatures, or a tracker on your phone to see where you go and who you’re with in case you might be sick? What does it mean when travel between your own properties is forbidden or across state lines? Think beyond the virus for a moment! What else could these restrictions be adapted for? Once a precedent is set, once governments can see that it has been done legally before, it can be done legally again and don’t think only in case of another pandemic! what will happen when another bad flu season hits? More restrictions? The economy was booming before this, and now it’s stopped. A bad economy can sway the voting public in an election, any election, and a new flu strain might just be the next excuse in 2024 for instance for one side or the other to get the incumbent out. After all, it could be done in 2020 😉 The virus may go away, but the precedents set during its reign will not. Or what about the implications of this:

“One could also envisage a future in which America learns a different lesson. A communal spirit, ironically born through social distancing, causes people to turn outward, to neighbors both foreign and domestic. The election of November 2020 becomes a repudiation of “America first” politics.”

I cited this before from The Atlantic in my previous post, but I wanted to remind everyone again to think about what this is really trying to say. My interpretation is this statement is speaking about far more than responding to a virus…

The Left wants us to think of the post Covid-19 world as a “new normal”. But what do they mean by “normal”? Masks all the time? 6 feet away for the next century? Lines to get into stores where you can only buy certain items despite a full stock? No gatherings beyond a few of your buddies? Online work and school for the next decade? Drones taking your temperature and apps tracking your every move in case you have the forbidden temperature reading? No more concerts, block parties, large weddings, proms, graduations, games, etc… No family gatherings for the holidays? The grand kids never know their grandparents except as a face in a screen? Even if these things end within the year, is the new normal then going to be a government who is trigger happy to do it all again each flu season? Our personal liberties and millions of livelihoods destroyed on a governor’s whim for any reason they so choose? When the next bug hits? Even in 1918-1919 the world came back to normal. Not a so called “new normal” and that pandemic was far far worse! In light of all this:

We can acknowlege these unprecedented circumstances as new, but for the sake of our freedoms and livelihoods, we can never, ever decide this is “normal”.

The Left’s “COV-IDIOCY” Thus Far…

It’s been about a month since my last post on the COVID-19 crisis and boy have things escalated! Mandatory lock downs, curfews, prolonged closures, millions out of work, and no clear plan forward, the country is becoming more and more panicked over this pandemic. While cases have spiked in places in the US, such as NYC for example, and more have sadly died, the death toll has still not surpassed the average flu season death tolls and the flu still kills far more Americans per year. I will concede however, that it is good to take more precautions and enact some measures of social distancing such preventing large gatherings and protecting the most vulnerable groups such as the elderly and immunocompromised and those with preexisting conditions. The problem is, in addition to more legitimate public health measures, the Left has decided to piggyback other agendas onto it taking advantage of the panic surrounding COVID-19 and these are only a few examples:

Double Standards About Who Gets to Stay Open

We can all agree on reasons why places like grocery stores and healthcare facilities should counts as essential during a shutdown. Basic necessities such as food, water, sanitation, transportation, essential non-elective healthcare etc… are needed to keep the country running. However, the point has been made time and time again, with everyone crowding in a large busy supermarket, how is this different from people socially distanced in the workplace such as in office cubicles or working outdoors in the fresh air? Yes, your shift is longer than a 20 min grocery store run, but many workplaces can institute ways to screen employees who might have COVID-19 and cut off the public from coming through in certain jobs so it’s you and your pre-screened coworkers. Hospitals, which are required to remain open do such practices and even that is no way a fail safe!

Even if one could argue that still wouldn’t work, why do liquor stores for instance get to be open? Getting drunk is essential but not keeping employees employed? Alcoholics whining about their cravings counts as a need for survival? A need is not simply what you want to whine about the most, or is merely a convenience. The need to get Americans back to work and earning outweighs many of the risks of dying from COVID-19 for many able bodied healthy people. Millions die from the flu every flu season.

Unnecessary Shutdowns of Social Distancing Friendly Events

Luckily there was some reason listened to in that online events and socially distanced events were allowed. However, an incident during a socially distanced church congregation in Greenville, Mississippi showed clear bias. The congregants were all in their cars outside the church as the sermon was broadcast by radio and were socially distanced in what was effectively isolation bubbles being enclosed in their cars so they did not violate the no gatherings orders. However, police ticketed each member $500 anyways, and there is talk of the possibility of tracking down each and everyone who does something like this through their licence plates, to give them quarantine orders and even threatened the pastor with arrest! Even as a non-religious person, I can easily sense much of the bias and contempt the Left has for traditional Christians in general, and this incident showed it. Shockingly too, this took place in a more religious and conservative state. As some aptly speculate on, will there be a similar response to mosque gatherings?

Another major example is the shutdown of an entirely ONLINE class related to firearms. As there is no argument whatsoever to shut down an online course with no contact at all between people, the bias is blatantly obvious, and smells very much like an excuse for the Left to further limit legitimate firearm use. This brings up another point: Why when certain non-essential business like liquor stores and having take out get to stay open, places of worship and gun stores aren’t? To many of deep faith, their freedom to worship in their church is being impeded and they sincerely view their right to worship as essential. The means to self defense for many is an essential need as well despite not being on par with food or water…. don’t get me wrong, I’m all for as many things possible staying open, but why cherry pick when millions need to get back to work or have needs deeper than getting their next drink? Why not prioritize non-essential places to open up again rather than do so arbitrarily?

Pushing for Race Based Victimhood By Crying “Racism!”

Of course for the Left, anything and everything can be racist! Trump’s early calls for travel restrictions on China, the epicenter of this entire fiasco was deemed racist. So was shutting down our borders to not catch it from abroad. Yet look where we are now. The alleged new epicenter! Maybe if that was heeded sooner we’d all be outside enjoying life right now. Yet like when Trump called for restrictions on countries harboring the scourge of terrorism, the Left cried racist and made us vulnerable with their open border policies.

Note too, many called it the China virus or Wuhan virus before it was deemed “racist”, only later to decry those names. They argue it stigmatizes Asian Americans despite countless other diseases with place names that have not garnered cries of racism and stigma. Marburg? Ebola? Lyme disease? Spanish Flu? etc… For a group that has more wealth on average than white people as a whole, has led the way in science and technology and whose only real big stereotype is being deemed the smart “model minority”, it’s hard to sell victimhood to Asian Americans. Until now… 😉

“WHO” is Really Calling the Shots?

The World Health Organization has been trusted by many in this country to provide accurate information and top notch science to addressing major public health crises around the world. However, no one is perfect and blemish free, and the WHO is showing it’s true colors… It’s leader, Tedros Adhanom, was elected as their head despite objection from the US at the urging of China. He has made several statements slanted towards China’s interests such as there being no more cases in Wuhan, which is highly doubtful, as well as saying early on to not restrict travel to and from China and when Trump spoke of defunding the WHO, he ominously commented on the US needing “more body bags”.  Also noting the WHO does not just serve us, and yet we’re putting more money into them than China even! Their interests are not primarily with our country. At least the CDC has our interests put first, but even they are not without bias and political pressures. If the DOJ and FBI can be corrupted against Trump, why not the CDC too? Not to mention, as I researched for this post, I noticed Google censored any dissent about COVID-19 being less of a panic than the seasonal flu and it was hard to find any data about flu deaths during this past flu season or graphs comparing the case numbers and death rates side by side. Makes you wonder….

COVID-19 is Contagious, but TDS is Even More Contagious!

In addition to actual public health measures, the Left made this the perfect opportunity to further bash Trump, twist his words and continue to block his efforts to really help the country get through this. Instead of coming together as a nation, they divided it just like always between them and conservatives who also want us back on our feet again. Trump says we have enough beds, enough ventilators, enough tests, yet they continue to call him a liar. He endorses a promising drug to help treat it, and the left wants to ban it and call it pseudoscience. Acosta accused Trump of making light of the pandemic, while Trump says he has to make the “biggest decision I’ve ever had to make” and that the meetings are the “saddest” in his presidency. Instead of getting behind our president in this tough time, many want to continue to tear him down. On a fun little side note, this dip in our economy was actually the peak during Obama’s 8 years in office 😉

Let the “Woke” Social Revolution Begin!

If that wasn’t enough leftist lunacy, the COVID-19 pandemic apparently is seen as their perfect excuse to call for a total upheaval of society! Letting out prisoners due to COVID-19 is a prime example of this! Yes, prisons create close quarters, but why not then treat them like any other vulnerable population and give them healthcare in prison like normal? By that logic, all nursing homes should boot their residents out too as many have tragically seen several deaths all within one facility. Is it fair for murderers, rapists, robbers etc… to be released without having served their time? Are we safe from the now freed violent criminals? Mass ankle monitoring house arrest will NOT stop violent offenders from doing more harm if that’s their “solution”. These cries for empty the jails and prisons is a disaster waiting to happen if we lose all common sense.

Helping illegals over US citizens too is ridiculous as well. If they haven’t already been enough of a drain, they can now take away ventilators and beds from US citizens? Hop the fence over to the US to rain our hospitals further? Is that fair? It would be one thing if we had enough to go around, but since the Left argues we don’t, why are we prioritizing thousands from other places over our own citizens? Would the Left think it fair to do to any other country outside the hated West? No one wants to see people dying of any nationality, but when push comes to shove, America’s first duty is to it’s citizens, not the world at large. An article in The Atlantic, a heavily left leaning organization called for a more globalist view:

“One could also envisage a future in which America learns a different lesson. A communal spirit, ironically born through social distancing, causes people to turn outward, to neighbors both foreign and domestic. The election of November 2020 becomes a repudiation of “America first” politics.”

And yet, we need to put America first now more than ever if we’re to help fellow Americans. In times of crisis, hard choices need to be made, but putting our own citizens first should be an easier one to make.

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To my readers and loyal followers, we must advocate for clear answers, consistency and accountability in this uncertain time…