Linguistic Lunacy :) Learn How to Speak “Snowflake”!

Did you ever want to learn a new language? Try your first crack at one, or add another to your linguistic repertoire? Then this is the post for you! Try out the latest innovation in linguistic history: gender neutral pronouns!!! You see, the standard “he” or “she” is outdated, and might offend those who decided to be “non-binary” or “gender-queer” today! After all, who says objective scientific proof of two sexes and genders or the possession of XX or XY sex chromosomes is actually valid for what we feel today, or the next??? Don’t be left behind off the PC bandwagon, climb aboard 🙂

First off, to quell some confusion, we must go over some basic grammar. While other languages, such as Latin, Greek, etc… are highly inflected (or fusional ) languages, which means they have different endings to show things such as case, person, number, etc… etc…, the English language has lost much of its inflected endings, but still retain some for number, (singular vs. plural) and personal pronouns for cases. For example, we say “I” as a subject, in the nominative case, but “me” as the object, or indirect object in the accusative and dative cases respectively. “My” or “mine” are in the genitive case, showing possession. Other pronouns are inflected too similarly in English. Many other languages have a much more intricate, complex and pronounced system of inflections, even for regular nouns (like Greek or Latin for example)! In German, for instance, articles are inflected for case, such as “der” in the nominative, “den” in the accusative, “dem” in the dative, and “des” in the genitive case, all the masculine form of “the”! And that’s not including the feminine and neuter 😉

To sum this up very clearly:

Nominative: Subject of the sentence

Accusative: Object of the sentence

Dative: Indirect object of the sentence

Genitive: Shows possession

(Other languages extend this lunacy to cases not even found in English, like the vocative, for directly addressing someone, and the ablative, among other ones, which no one knows except Latin nerds 😉 )

If all that confusing ACTUAL grammar sounds like a load of linguistic lunacy, hold on to your hats for how to inflect snowflake pronouns! Here are some handy charts to memorize, on pain of offense and being accused of a “microaggression”! The charts also provide various forms of different pronouns to choose from!

First, a NORMAL English pronoun chart!

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Here comes the snowflake linguistic lunacy! Get ready…

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As we know, common sense, established science, and reason have all “declined” in the radical liberal PC newspeak as well 😉 (Hee hee… grammar joke! Click the link to get the pun!) Better study hard! The next “pop quiz” is encountering one of these loonies! 😉


Just for Laughs :)

The absurdities of the radical liberals and radical feminist movement have become more unhinged nowadays than in previous generations! From extreme paranoia and hysteria over smaller issues, inconsequential actions, ridiculous political correctness, “safe spaces”, “trigger warnings”, (insert your group here)- phobia etc… more and more people are speaking out as the pendulum is swinging too far. Even though the majority seems to be with the more radical liberal crowd, with control over most of the mainstream media and social controls such as jobs, schools, and such, there is a silent majority who are more moderate, and acknowledge even their own side as having gone too far off the deep end! More optimistically too, although many conservatives still face stigma in openly expressing their views, there has been a conservative backlash against some of the more radicalized parts of liberalism. The issues we face and fight back against are heavy, and have wide reaching social implications. However, this does not mean we can’t get a chuckle out of issues at hand in their complete and utter lunacy! 🙂 Many braver conservative voices than I have made some hilarious cartoons lampooning our current society’s liberal bias! Have a laugh, (and possibly cry at the same time at the state of our society too…)!



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A Modern Update on Plato’s Allegory of The Cave


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