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  1. Hello LoR! 😊

    You haven’t posted a blog in some time now, since Feb. 5, 2021. Hope things are well, or well enough in these COVID-19 trials and calamities. 😬

    Also, I’ve submitted some comments and corrected or re-comments with errors, as well as one on your Feb. 5th post. They used to show up immediately, but now they… IDK, go into Spam or Moderation? I’m not told where once submitted. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

    I do hope things are okay with you, maybe very, very busy? Nevertheless, take care, be safe, and return soon to WordPress. πŸ’•

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    • Hey! Just busy that’s all but am meaning to post again this month! I usually shoot for 1 per month now… Just resubmit your comment with corrections… Copy and paste then make corrections. I’ll delete the incorrect version.

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  2. I stumbled onto your site by accident and read a lot of what you posted here. I hope it gets widespread as a lot if not all of them are very valuable to readers.

    I’m a Buddhist, came to the US in 1975, at the age of 22, with 5th grade education. Married to an American vet, Went to evening ESL, then studied to get GED. Became American citizen on May 1st, 1980 after vigorous study and passed the test. I applied to bring my late Mother to come to the US under family reunification. It took from 1980 after I became American citizen, till August 1989 before I was able to get my mother to the US. While waiting, I found out my mother diagnosed with cancer, As I was working in a hospital, I knew a few good doctors and one of them is a very good oncologist so I tried to request for emergency to bring my late Mother here for treatment to no avail. By the time she got here, her medical conditions gotten worse, I took her to multiple treatments including multiple cancer recurrent surgeries. Not one cent paid by government as my late husband and I signed affidavit of support before she was approved. Took us years to pay off all the bills, but I was thankful for having my mother here. She was stable after that for 15 years, then passed away with metastatic cancer. I applied for my sister family to join me in the US, took 6 years, and the same promised not to burden the government. She and her family has been here since 1997, she, her husband and two sons are working, only the youngest son is in college. After became American citizen, she applied for her daughter’s family, in 2008. My niece and her family finally got approval and will be here in December 15, 2018, that’s 10 years. It really bother me a great deal seeing illegals came, jump ahead of legal immigrants, and get all the benefits that we, the American people working hard and pay taxes but get no benefit.

    I finally retired early from the hospital where I worked due to disability a the age 49. Tried to claim under my late husband’s SS. He passed away with only 4 months of retirement which he had to take after found out he had cancer. I was made to wait until I turn 50. When I turned 50, I reapplied, and was approved, but because my pension higher than their allow, so they start paying me less than $50.00 a month, stating “wind fall elimination”. I slowly got my SS increased now I got up to $122.00 a month. I wrote them multiple times and was told the same, as long as I get pension from the university where I retired from I won’t get the due SS I was entitles to. Now at the age of 66, my medical and prescription bills sky high, my pension alone would not cover all of it, and $122.00 a month from SS hardly much. This, is another reason that really angers me. I worked most of my life after came to the US. Paid taxes for years until I was hired to work at the university. I received SS benefit report that shown I would get $1,100.00 a month of SS when I retired, if I no longer put in anymore money. It never happened. Your ” Open Letter to Recent Immigrants” is what intrigued me to check out your website. Thank you for being a voice or voices for too many, me included. Socialism/communism, are not good, but too many believed they are. It’s a shame so many are indoctrinated from grade school through college, by most who were from Vietnam war protesters who groom them for today. If this country turns into socialism, I afraid there will be no America as we know it.

    Thank you for letting me voice my frustration.

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  3. I just stumbled across your blog, via one of your responses to Chuck Woolery on Twitter. You included your post named: “All Cultures are Valid… Except Ours!” What an excellent read! You’ve got your head on straight and I completely agree with your piece and your replies to some responders.
    Not sure how many males are here, reading, replying etc., but I’m one. I’ll be back to read more!
    Keep up the good work.
    (FYI, in the time it took to read your piece, your tweet response to Chuck seems to have disappeared; does not exist… odd).
    Paul W.

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