We Need A Strong Defense…

Veteran’s day is a day to remember the valiant defenders of our country! Through their sacrifice and bravery, we can enjoy the freedoms that we as Americans cherish and are able to set as an example to the world! Our armed forces have defended us on land, sea and in the skies to ensure each and every one of us is safe and protected! We must not take that for granted, as in many other places, safety, as we can well see just by turning on our TV’s, is not a guarantee for most of the world!

The have-nots want what others have, it’s just human nature. It’s also human nature however, to take what one wants by any means possible, often unethically and through force. “Might makes right” for the majority of the world is the rule of thumb. However, in countries such as ours and others, diplomacy and democracy are the better path of choice. We strive for peace, but go to war to defend ourselves against others who want what we have. Our riches, our goods, our technologies, our job opportunities, our social advancement etc… but ironically often not our values! No, they seek to impose their own values, ones of “dog eat dog” and inequality and “might makes right”, while reaping in the spoils of what our values enabled to happen such as our groundbreaking technologies, the strong rule of law, our better standards of living, our job opportunities, and yes, annoying to admit: our welfare handouts and resources! The splendor and opportunity, the “American Dream” is seen by some as something not to work for and earn, but to take by force! To reap the spoils without working to sow the seeds (such as democratic values and creating higher standards of living) themselves!

Yep, we are not safe unless we have a strong defense! Something to say to the have-nots “You can’t just come in and take what is ours and spit on our values in the process, you have to WORK to achieve what we have. You have to make your own country a better place, not take ours and what WE worked hard to earn!” A message must be sent that America will not tolerate others just coming in, whether illegally or militarily to invade and leech or destroy us! This is where our armed forces come in: to send just that message! A skilled formidable army with the latest in military technology deters weaker countries and would be attackers to think twice before messing with us šŸ˜‰

Before you say we’re not being threatened, and not in some major war, just look at what has happened recently! Acts of terrorism, ISIS on the rise and threatening to invade us any way possible! The whole region of the Middle East despises the West and America and couldn’t care less about our welfare, though many Lefties go out of their way to take pity on them! Telling huh? That we’re the ones concerned about the less fortunate around the world, yet they can spit on us and our values the minute they step into this country and no one bats an eye! They can live off welfare, drain our schools, take our jobs, and bringing more 3rd world lifestyles of “dog eat dog” leading to more crime, treating women and children and anyone who is different from their group as badly as they may have been treated back home, demanding their own laws to live by etc… and we’re supposed to tolerate that in order to be a benevolent nation! By being eaten from the inside out so to speak, or that “Giving Tree” in the famous novel that gave its entire self away! Why do you think people could pull off 9/11? The Boston Marathon Bombing perpetrators were on welfare and were given free handouts! Just take a good look at Europe being invaded already by 3rd world migrants being all the above mentioned, plus even more acts of terrorism from groups like ISIS!

Don’t think for one moment we as a country can be complacent! Europe is just like us in many ways! Good economies, good standards of living, good values of democracy and equality as well. Their countries are our allies! But that didn’t stop them from being invaded. Women being raped, jobs being taken, crime up, people stabbed, shot and even run over in many cities across places like England, Belgium, Germany, France etc… It’s no longer truly safe to visit these beautiful countries anymore šŸ˜¦ They can easily be us in a heartbeat if we do as they did and became complacent in their take over. Our military is on the front lines (literally) watching for and stopping threats!

And I almost forgot, it’s not just little 3rd world nations out for us! Powerful nations, such as Russia, north Korea, China even, are watching us very closely. We’re a “frenemy” at best, and a rival! They may not invade like WWIII, but we grow weak, and they will take advantage. They may not be out for us because they have not, rather they are not democratic, and view us as weak and they can push us and take what they wish from us if we let them! Corrupt dictators and regimes are like that for the most part… If we don’t show them they are meeting their match, that we are their equals, they will not respect us. Trump luckily, is making progress diplomatically rather than military because of this principle! Indeed, showing our strength will not automatically lead to wars, but can prevent them, letting diplomacy take the lead instead!

A show of strength in our military does not lead to an overbearing military state and martial law! No! In just the right amount, not too little, but not too much either, we can show the world we want peace and diplomacy, but will fight the fight if needed and have what we need to crush our enemies! Sadly, some people just understand brute force… Diplomacy doesn’t work and is construed as weak. Negotiation is also weakness and groveling to some. For those narrow minded people who cannot be reasoned with, we must sadly show force to stop force. Luckily, many nations will listen to diplomacy and negotiation as long as they know we are formidable and this is the best, most efficient way to deal with us. It’s when we weaken and feel like we’re too big to be touched, too safe, it couldn’t happen here, does disaster strike! It CAN and DOES happen here! Just look at 9/11!

Those who say our military is too strong, that we must scale back, disarm and live in a pacifist way are dangerously naive to how the world works! Do I want us to be war-mongering militants??? No! Certainly not! I’d choose every possible option for a peaceful outcome to solving disputes over war any day and use war only asĀ the last resort! I’m NOT advocating for a trigger happy country where we push the nuclear button over trivial matters! I agree war is an ugly ugly thing and is a lose-lose for all sides’ people. However, as long as there are war-mongers, who hate us, and want what we have by force, we must be ready to defend ourselves! As we ought to defend our homes from a burglar in the night by any means necessary, why not our country, as is it not all our home collectively??? Empowering our military does just that: protecting our country from those who would take everything we have and hold dear!

My final message to everyone is, never take for granted how lucky we are, and that there are millions who want it and will take it if we don’t stop them! Thank, appreciate, and honor every soldier for their service in helping us stay American! Trump may make America great, but our military truly KEEPS America great šŸ˜‰

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The Common Man Gets a Rebuttal Part I: Dems are Dumb Responds

The Common Man got a rebuttal for his article “Whatever Happened to My Party?”Ā from a Left leaning detractor. As A Lady of Reason welcomes civil debate, I posted her comment in the comments in the article itself, but Dems are Dumb offered some counterarguments to her rebuttal. Here is Dems are Dumb’s rebuttal to her points… The original headings from the detractor have been preserved. Dems are Dumb does not address two points, so I chose to omit them. His rebuttals are in RED:

On accepting welfare as a substitute for education, training, and employment:
Have you been on welfare? I was for a brief period in the late 1990ā€™s. Applying for, receiving, and keeping welfare is a full-time job. You have to show up with a list of every job you applied to, and the contact person so they can call to make sure youā€™re being honest. And they do. Our government does not offer low-cost job training, employment opportunities, or low-cost education via the welfare office. I thought welfare was only slightly harder than completing a Masterā€™s thesis. (Interesting that the writer found a welfare application more difficult than a Master’s thesis. Considering that many people on welfare in the U.S. are functionally illiterate, one must question how challenging this commenter’s Master’s program was.) The cycle is, the person works 1-2 jobs at minimum wage and canā€™t afford to live. If the person has kids, itā€™s worse. They have to take sick days for their child, they have to have access to medical care, they have to pay for childcare before and or after school. They put their low paying job at risk because they do not have a lot of rights within the parameters of their job. They want to get a decent paying job, but education seems out of their reach. Maybe they can get financial aid, a pell grant, etc. Maybe even a scholarship, but what about food, housing, books, supplies, etc. They have to continue to work a lot of hours at the minimum wage job, letting their school work take a back seat, thus perhaps losing a scholarship due to harsh life situation. Student loans today are out of hand largely due to the sharp increase in college tuition. College is no longer a place where anyone can go. It is becoming more and more elite. (Doesn’t this contradict the earlier comment that a welfare application is more challenging than a Master’s thesis? Wouldn’t that seem to imply that the average welfare recipient is educated to the point of being capable of post graduate level work? If that’s the case, it would appear that economics have not been a bar to education. Another issue with the above paragraph is the commenter’s assumptions about minimum wage jobs. Most minimum wage job holders are teenagers and others with minimal job skills. One takes a minimum wage job to acquire basic job skills. As people gain experience and skills they generally progress to higher paying jobs. The economist Thomas Sowell and others have cited IRS figures that show those at the lowest level of income usually progress to a higher level within a decade and often reach the highest quintile (20% of income earners) during their earning career. Those who choose to start a family and raise children while they are still at the minimum wage level create problems for themselves because they did not build a stable economic situation before taking on that added responsibility. Sowell also points out that the poverty level for married couples with children is in the single digits. Given all that, I would suggest that someone who has earned a Master’s degree in some marketable field and has not been able to find work paying more than minimum wage and nevertheless chose to raise kids is a bit of an anomaly.)
I live in Norway now (moved here 4 years ago). We are a welfare state. Our unemployment benefits feature free job re-training into a new field of work if desired, or if necessary. Weekly job fairs that are easy to attend. All jobs here pay at least $20/hour, meaning that virtually no one can find themselves in a situation of not being able to live, making government welfare mostly only necessary to the disabled (intellectual and physical). If everyone in America had access to universal healthcare, imagine how much medical costs would drop. I paid 24% taxes in the US, plus I had an insurance premium, co-pays, and deductibles, had to save for college for my boys, and for my retirement. This put me up to at least 40% of my salary if not more. Now I pay 32%. University will be tuition-free for my boys (they will need to buy books, and a living space). My pension comes out of my tax, plus My job puts in an additional 5%. I pay a co-pay every time I go to the Dr. Once I hit about $350, everything is free including prescriptions until Jan 1st. Prescriptions are cheap because the government does not allow drug companies to set the prices. I can buy private insurance as well, and it is very affordable due to the low-cost of medical services. I have found I do not need it though. Imagine how much cheaper healthcare would be if 300 million people paid $30 a month out of their paycheck, had to meet a $350/$400 cap, etc. The cost of medical care and procedures would drop because everyone would be covered and paying. In the long run, it would be so much cheaper than medicare and medicaid which are a joke. Every sick person that goes into an emergency room uninsured gets medical care, which is then charged back to the state. This stuff is coming out of your taxes, yet you are not benefiting for it, and it is not helping the greater good of society. (And here I thought all the issues with healthcare in the U.S. were resolved by the Affordable Healthcare Act, silly me. One factor that a quick Google search indicates is that Norway is a country with a small population that is able to subsidize welfare programs via oil revenues. That allows the government to provide education and healthcare below cost. It isn’t a question of how efficiently the Norwegians are able to organize a welfare state but rather how much a county with a small population can distribute oil revenues. I know very little about the Norwegian health care system. I can say that in countries such as Great Britain and Canada where the government provides health care they have longer waiting periods for that care and fewer available options for treatment. Such health care isn’t free, the system just separates the price of it from the actual cost. Aside from what one pays in taxes, one pays in terms of those longer waiting periods and fewer choices.Hidden costs have a habit of coming back to haunt you. I also know little about the Norwegian university system but I have some experience with the German system which is also government funded. Although admission is free, it is also very competitive depending on the field of study. My quick Google search does indicate that the more desirable fields of study, there are more applicants than places at Norwegian universities. To me that indicates that those who are able to attend pay only part of the cost through their taxes (and their share of the nation’s oil revenues) while receiving subsidies from everyone else. If the actual costs weren’t disguised in the welfare program, I wonder whether those who didn’t get to go to a university might have wanted to do something else with their tax dollars and their share of the oil revenues than paying for someone else’s education.)

The borders are wide open:
How do you think most illegal immigrants get to the United States? Over half of illegal immigrants arrive on a travel visa and just never go back, or arrive via border crossing cards and never go back. Our borders are more secure than they have ever been, and this is backed by statistical scientific findings. Also, illegal immigration has been steadily decreasing since 2005. Immigration from Mexico has decreased by 57% from 2008-2012 (Pew Research). Fact: The borders have never been so secure. There is no indication that people coming illegally are being allowed to vote. If and when this is happening it is a clear case of voter fraud. A more serious issue is Russia hacking into our voting machines, and influencing our political discourse. (I agree that a significant part of illegal immigration is from those who overstay their visas. I question those studies that indicate they outnumber those who cross the border illegally because I am skeptical of our ability to determine the latter figure. Ranchers who have land on the border and others see illegals crossing in significant numbers regularly but achieving a reasonable estimate of their number is guesswork especially given the active attempts to cover up their presence in sanctuary cities and elsewhere. If we can’t count them, how can we tell how many there are? As for the numbers going down, doesn’t that reduction in illegal immigration cited above coincide with the rise of sanctuary cities and other efforts to frustrate the counting of illegals? It reminds me of the famous “body counts” in the Vietnam war that proved to be wildly inaccurate. One other distinction between those who overstay their visas and those who enter illicitly is that there is some vetting as part of the visa process to exclude dangerous criminals and terrorists. Even if someone so vetted overstays a visa, they pose less danger of crime or terrorism because of the vetting. Regardless of the relative numbers, the potential risk increases with the lack of vetting. As for the claim that there is no indication that illegals are being allowed to vote, anyone claiming that hasn’t been following the reports of the many instances where they have been allowed and indeed encouraged to vote. As for Russia hacking into our voting machines, then President Obama stated just before the 2016 election that it hasn’t happened and couldn’t happen. If the FBI knew of it, I find it difficult to believe that they didn’t bother to inform the White House and I am skeptical that there exists evidence of it and the special prosecutor just hasn’t decided to announce it yet. As the saying goes: “You’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.”)

Enemies of the state emboldened by the left:
Like Russia is emboldened to meddle in our democracy and has not been condemned by the current administration? Like pandering to Kim Jong Un and treating him with more respect than our European allies? Like pandering to the Prince of Saudi Arabia, and just taking his word? When Saudia Arabia has produced those members of Al Qaeda that our government sanctions and gives a free pass to? I would say there are plenty of enemies of state emboldened by the right as well. (As regards Russian meddling, vide supra. Now as for the “pandering to Kim Jong Un” is this coming from the same anti-Trump people who criticized Trump for calling Kim “Little Rocket Man” and reminding him that although Kim might have a button, Trump’s was a lot bigger. Somehow, I missed the reports of Trump saying anything similar about our European allies. I assume that the comments about the Saudis refer to the death of Kashoggi. The sentence immediately following the criticism of Trump’s alleged pandering to the Saudi Prince takes him to task regarding the members of Al Qaeda whom the Saudis “gave a free pass.” That seems like another attempt to have it both ways. Kashoggi was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group, an admirer of Bin Ladin. He was a supporter of Al Qaeda and ISIS. He was more than just an journalist. To me it appears that the worst that one can say about the Saudis is that they expired Kashoggi’s “free pass.” We use drones, they chose a different method. Also, the current Turkish administration has a pretty bad record regarding journalists. Is the left criticizing Trump for pandering to Erdogan? How about China?)
Obama is a far left Globalist:
I am a moderate conservative, and I was not a big fan of Obama, because I felt that he was too conservative and didnā€™t change anything very much from the Bush era. Globalist, maybe. Far left, no way. (Sorry fella, but saying that you are a moderate conservative who felt that Obama was too conservative just doesn’t pass the laugh test. If that’s your position, you obviously have a different definition of “conservative” than most of us who call ourselves conservatives use. I suspect that you are so far to the left that you think that you are in the center. I suggest that you have a few conversations with some real conservatives to get an understanding of how most of the country understands the term.)

Far left liberals resorting to increasing violence:
Factually both the far left and the far right are resorting to increasing violence. (Check out the recent riots in Portland, OR. The right has no counterpart acting on anything like the scale of Antifa. One doesn’t see the right mobbing politicians and bureaucrats at restaurants or in the halls of Congress. I would also suggest that it isn’t just the far left. People high in the Democratic party support and encourage it, for example Maxine Waters, Keith Ellison and Hillary Clinton to name just a few. In addition, the Mayor of Portland Oregon encouraged violence by preventing the police from protecting citizens from Antifa rioters. If you encourage the mob you share responsibility for their actions. You don’t see anything like that from people in authority on the conservative side.)

The nation has been polarized since the 2016 election:
Wrong. The nation has been becoming increasingly polarized over the last two decades. Some argue that it began with the 24-hour news cycle (Fox, MSNBC, CNN). (I agree that it has been increasingly polarized over the last two decades however the rate of increase has gone up dramatically since the 2016 election. Where was Antifa in 2008 and 2012?)

Democratic party controls the media:
No, they do not. News can show a definite bias, and that is something the reader needs to be aware of. One thing I think is really great here in Norway is that a newspaper or tv news has to pay a fine if they print/broadcast anything that cannot be factually backed up. Maybe try reading foreign press in regards to the US. Most of Europe is strict about reporting factual based news, and calling out non factual. (While the party might not actually control the media, the media is dominated by those who share the Democratic party’s agenda. During the Obama administration, they were caught agreeing to use administration talking points for their news stories. As for Norway’s fining the media for what they publicize if they can’t back it up factually, doesn’t that indicate a degree of government control over the media? Who decides if it is backed up? How many stories critical of the government are killed because the media is afraid to tangle with bureaucrats who have the power to fine them. From my own experience working in a (non-media) business highly regulated by the government I know how much power the threat of sanctions gives those bureaucrats. Consider this, a media outlet might be able to challenge government fines in court but they still lose because the government attorneys are paid for by the government but the media outlet must hire their own attorneys. That means that even though you beat the fine in court, you are still out the legal fees which often are more than the fine. ( if you don’t believe that, you’re lucky because you’ve never had to hire a lawyer.) Such control can be insidious. While the government might be inclined to fine someone for a news story critical of the government, they would have less incentive to do so with a story critical of the opposition. Similarly, they would have incentive to go easier on a newspaper or broadcast station that generally supports the government than one who is more often critical of it. Although you can readily see where the government chose to impose a fine, the cases where the government could have imposed a fine but didn’t are less apparent. Reasons for that forbearance generally are invisible because such cases are unlikely to be challenged in court, but those regulated will get the message. It’s like having a baseball umpire that is part of the home team. It’s hard to avoid the suspicion that whether he calls a pitch a ball or a strike isn’t influenced by his support for his hometown.)

The Third Reich started controlling what people saw and heard:
This only happened after the Reich won the peoplesā€™ trust. Before they were able to control it, they had to poison the peoplesā€™ minds against the press (hence the use of LĆ¼genpresse, or lying press). Hitler launched a huge campaign to his rabid followers that they couldnā€™t believe what they were seeing, hearing, and reading (fake news). He told the truth, everyone else was lying. He was charismatic enough and had a following that had blinders on to everything besides him as a leader. Only then was the Reich able to actually control the media for propaganda purposes. (Hitler’s voter support peaked around 36-37%. He came to power in a coalition and he had street thugs similar to Antifa to support him as well. Once he controlled the police, he could let those thugs attack anyone who spoke against him (by the way, similar in kind though Hitler’s SA acted to a much greater degree than Portland Oregon let Antifa run wild.) Also, the concentration camps for political opposition opened early in his rule. It’s questionable how much he won the people’s trust and how much he won their fear. He promised much to the German people as well as made sure that they, disarmed and helpless to oppose him, knew that there was a stick as well as a carrot. That didn’t require general trust, just control over the government. If you don’t believe that the threat of violence can inhibit the press, I suggest that you ask your local paper to put on a “draw-Mohammad” contest and see what their reaction is.)
Anyway, I wanted to point out that by seeing one side as being inherently right/good and the other side as being inherently bad/wrong, you are a part of the problem and not the solution. (I agree that neither side has a monopoly of being right, but then again, you can say that about most any conflict. I suggest that the question isn’t who is 100% right but who is better at transferring power from the government back to individuals. After all, the individual is the ultimate minority.)

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Stay tuned for The Common Man Himself!!!

10 Scary Issues The Liberals Conjured Up…

Halloween is here and everyone’s in a spooky mood! Like most people, I can appreciate a good scare around Halloween. However, fact can be stranger than fiction any time of the year, and the scariness of the real world is no trick! Here are some of the scary issues going on today spurred on by radical liberals and the culture of political correctness (click on the links to read more in detail about each issue):

1. “Hook up” Culture

As said many times before, in our current culture, sex is just a handshake. Marriage is just dating 2.0. Young ladies are told they can dress like skanks for men. Traditional values of committed life long marriages, and striving for marriage as your ultimate relationship goal, not just a hook up, being a virgin on your wedding day, the things our grandparents did, is going away in our society in favor of cheap sex or instant gratification and pleasure. It’s society’s reflection of the “I can do whatever I want consequence free” attitude of irresponsibility and instant gratification. Sites like Tinder and others don’t help the matter! Nor does the mainstream media, TV and movies! Our youth is being taught this sleazy lifestyle, and many boomers are embracing it too, on to their 2nd and 3rd marriages in a culture rife with divorce, STD’s and unwanted pregnancy! When did we decide instant gratification took precedence over the desire for a better future down the road? When did it become acceptable for our daughters to fling themselves at every guy they see to be “empowered” women? When did marriage become dating 2.0? Scary if you ask me…

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2. “Any Family is A Real Family”

To add to this list of horrors, and on a related note is the disintegration of the nuclear family. In a culture that goes for cheap sex and hook ups, more and more people who start families break them up for baser urges. “I’m leaving you for my secretary!”, “I’m divorcing you because I hate you and the kids!” “She’s hotter and gives me what I like…” etc… Then, many single mothers go on and whine then, and raise sons to be weak and feminized, and daughters to hate men and reject traditional femininity and marriage. Children are the ones who pay the price on this one. Children for broken homes are much more likely to have issues such as depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, trouble in school, “daddy issues”, a promiscuous lifestyle and repeat the cycle as adults! The glorification of single parenthood and the oppression of fathers in their children’s lives is rampant, and reflected in every psychology journal, magazines, TV, movies and the media! Even events like the father-daughter dance are being eradicated thanks to bitter single mothers! That’s not all though, the concept of same sex parents, who are in essence one parent since they don’t have the perspective of the other sex are being normalized too. The politically correct platitudes of “every family is a real family” go down the drain of reality when one sees the children who come out of it.

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3. The Welfare State

Oh, this is a biggie! All the minorities and immigrants on welfare crying “victim” of past oppression and won’t better themselves or their communities but settle for government housing! They drain our school system who has to raise their children for them, drain our healthcare with all their problems and unwanted pregnancies, drain our economy, our government, our charities, our food supply, our housing, and certainly our tax dollars! Indeed, it’s you and I, the working class and the middle class, who foot the bill through our tax money. A portion of your salary goes to these leeches! And who would blame them? We enable them and they’ve been doing it for generations! Welfare should be for those who genuinely can’t work, like our wounded veterans, and respectable families who need that leg up to get back in the workforce. However, now, people are leeching off it and are they grateful? No! The people who bombed the Boston Marathon sure weren’t! Nor are the ghetto hoodlums in low income areas around the country, only bringing crime and continuing the cycle of poverty and anti-intellectualism (lest you be called an Uncle Tom). To make matters even more frightening, many literally believe WE owe THEM welfare from cradle to grave, and they reason why they have so many problems in their communities is due to white oppression! Even if that were true, why keep your neighborhood in crime and disarray? Why want nothing better for your children except to repeat the cycle and torment any good kids who want a future? Why bring nothing to this country in return for its charity? Appalling if you ask me, and guess who subsidizes all of this? (Hint: Liberal Democrats who want more votes…)

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4. “Gender Benders!”

The issue of sex vs. gender is big now, and propagandized by mainstream psychology and science! In the “before time”, gender (which now the liberals say is distinct from biological sex) was determined the same way as sex. XX or XY human chromosomes. In recent years, due to influences like radical feminism that hates traditional gender roles, they decided it’s all arbitrary, and you can be anything you want regardless of genetics or settled science! People with what used to be called gender dysmorphia, are now normalized and victims of gendered oppression! Instead of a deep mental illness, it’s now perfectly normal for little boys to want to be little girls for instance! For grown men to “transition” into women and dismantle their families! Now, I don’t demonize the transgender people themselves, many do genuinely feel that way and have a real mental disorder. However, it’s not all harmless, such as the fact predators now are enabled to merely claim to be women to enter girl’s and women’s restrooms and locker rooms! More and more young people are being brainwashed by the idea gender is merely a social construct, not a normal biological one in normal people, and decide on impulse they’re the opposite gender, or even “other” that is neither gender! Until society stops normalizing a mental disorder as being progressive from the chains of gender roles, real women will be endangered by men pretending to be women to access their spaces, little boys and girls will be confused and brainwashed, families will be torn apart, and established objective science will be thrown away for popular sentiments and subjective propaganda!

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5. The Cult of Victim-Hood

This encapsulates so many groups, minorities, women, LGBT etc… The common denominator though is the world is out to get them, and owes them compensation and reparations! They seek not to better themselves, or appreciate the work that was done to help them, but rather to constantly whine, complain and demand more and more! If you don’t comply, they go full blown tantrum, with vitriol, ad-hominem attacks, and straw man arguments! They don’t want you to speak frankly or give any honest critiques of them. They pretend to be helpless against their misfortunes, such as crime, gangs, and poverty, or “sexism” and the “patriarchy”, or traditional marriage, gender roles, biological sex, the nuclear family and such that they deem oppressive. They’re “triggered” by an opposing view, “microagressed” on by innocent people who have no clue what they said was even remotely offensive. They’re the snowflake generation that feels doomed for life and doesn’t lift a finger to build their own future because of propaganda by liberals about our doomed economy, workforce and prospects for young people. The women who cry #metoo for a sexual mistake after the fact decades from when it happened. The minorities that claim “white privilege”. The transgender people who demand science be overturned for their gender dysphoric disorder and the world cater to 1% of 1% of the population. The bitter single moms who hate men and the traditional family set up as the norm. Basically, a generation of snowflakes with no resilience and immense fragility!

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6. Uncontrolled Borders

Immigration is a huge hot button topic. So are refugees. While many of us came from immigrants, it’s fair to say these ones are a bit different from the hard working industrious ones who helped build our country! The ones coming now, are draining our welfare system, medical care, schools, jobs etc… They’re bringing 3rd world cultures over to our country and making more crime and poverty. Many of these war torn refugees also bring the threat of terrorism in addition. Now, of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Some groups do bring more industry, and technology here, working in high powered careers. Not all Hispanic or Muslim immigrants are the lazy, backwards, stereotype and do work hard and try to better themselves and their families. Many do come here through legal channels, and don’t hop our borders only to leech off our system undocumented. I do genuinely feel for many in poverty and desperate straits who were forced to leave their culture and country. However, we can’t care for every person who is in need around the world. What about our own citizens? The homeless children and veterans. The poverty in our own country. Why is it always on America to take in these people and baby sit the world? Why can’t other countries pull their fair share too? People from war torn areas who have nothing are raised to be in a dog-eat-dog world. They bring that attitude of brutality over to 1st world nations like ours. Europe is in shambles over refugees bringing violent crimes like assault and rape as well as terrorism! MS-13 gangs and others plague our country from Hispanic countries. Why can’t our immigrants bring more assets to our country, not leeches? Until we can screen them more thoroughly, the bad apples get though too!

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7. “Clash of The Cultures”

On another related note, comes the cultural clashes between 3rd world vs. 1st world values. Ones like freedom, equality and democracy! Ones where women aren’t assaulted, and people robbed at gunpoint, or killed! Ones where hard work is the norm, not victimhood and leeching off the welfare state only to bite the hand that feeds you! The extremes the PC liberals go to cater to them are astounding, with special Sharia law set up, or ethnic neighborhoods where any outsider will meet their doom, or turning a blind eye to 3rd world criminals and gangs so you can be politically correct and not face uncomfortable truths. The traditional American work ethic of the working middle class who supports themselves and brings more to the country than takes is going away for fragile snowflakes who cry oppression. Not just immigrants and refugees of course are guilty of this. Minority groups here in the US like the much of the poor black community for instance! A culture of ghetto life, welfare, crime, and poverty that hates education and intelligence is not good for the country! It’s all a slight to every one in these groups who is NOT like that and does work hard at an honest living and values our country.

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8. Radical Feminism

The “Nasty Woman” movement really showed the extremes of the radical feminists. They brainwash our daughters to hate men and cry victim too. They infantilize women through the #metoo movement, painting women as helpless and clueless little children when it comes to sexual coercion. They try to say that traditional femininity is oppressive, traditional strong men are misogynists, and women ought to take part in hook up culture to be “liberated”. They do anything but make women look dignified! They replaced feminine elegance and grace of past generations with vulgar promiscuity, loose morals and masculine wannabes who resent men. From this movement stems callous attitudes like “her body her choice”, to misguided ones like shunning traditional femininity, the guidance of fathers, feminization of men, and more scary happenings!

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9. Reverse Discrimination

White privilege and affirmative action are prime examples! It’s unbelievable what the victimhood culture has duped many to believe is right! They claim that only whites are racist, or men are sexist, due to social power, but discrimination is discrimination no matter whose side it’s on! Many white men and women too, are refused job offers, college acceptances and other opportunities like housing or even being chosen for promotions for instance due to their sex or color of their skin. Now, for some groups it’s racist or sexist, but others it’s not??? Pretty scary to think that inequality is being done in the name of equality!

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10. Censorship of Conservative Views

Lastly, but certainly not least, the most scary thing of all is you can’t publicly say ANY of the above!!! I am forced to use a pseudonym as any of this would derail me socially and career wise! Almost all mainstream news sites are liberal and demonize conservatives (minus Fox News for now…). Major search engines like Google are blatantly liberal, and censor conservative sites, and social media like Facebook and Twitter also censor conservatives, even YouTube! Which are all owned by Google šŸ˜‰ Even offline, people will shun you, and spew vitriol over conservative views. You can’t speak out even in your own family many times, and indeed, at least one family member shunned me over my blog! People have lost jobs, friendships, even family over being conservative. Some were even assaulted and lost their lives over conservative views! I guess we’re “in the closet” now! It’s a scary world out there for our lot, but there’s a silent majority rising, and pushing back. We need to support each other and speak out, to make our world a bit less scary šŸ™‚

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Lastly… Happy Halloween!

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Leftist Parental Fears in Their Own Societal “House of Horrors”….

In keeping with a spooky theme of the Halloween season, I wanted to bring light upon this very pertinent, and honestly sad and disheartening observation: The Left sees everything that was once innocent or innocuous as sick and perverted in some manner or another! From extreme examples in parenting, to aspects of our #MeToo culture, to the Left, the world is a scary, predatory, unforgiving place! Ironic much of their fears revolve around sexual matters, when they advocate for sexual anarchy and hook up culture! The innocent is now perverted, and the perverted is now innocent! Thus, the paradox of the Left…

My first example, which inspired to to write on this comes from the many parenting forums and magazines I’ve read over the years. See, there seems to be this sense of moral panic, especially about raising girls. Questions of modesty, sexuality, and such are hotly debated, which seems appropriate for concerned parents, but many of these discussions take on paranoid extremes. For example, and I’ve written on this in specific detail before, the topic of little girl’s kitten heels and standard summer wedges are now seen as a way of exploiting and over-sexualizing girls. I’m not talking stripper stilettos mind you, but shoes such as these:

Image result for girls kitten heels rachel shoesĀ  Ā  Ā Ā Image result for girls kitten heels rachel shoes

Now, do any aspect of these shoes scream “sex kitten” to you??? Are they the shoes you would imagine on a prostitute or stripper, or a little girl in a poofy flower girl dress??? If you’re like minded and reasonable, your answer would probably also agree with mine being the latter conclusion… šŸ™‚ However, many of these “woke” mothers, radical feminists, look at such shoes in disgust, only seeing the worst possible interpretation, that they make girls look at themselves as sex objects and have low self esteem! Whatever happened though, to the image of the little girl wanting to look like mom and look like a grown up lady and that’s literally it? How exactly does 2 inches of kitten heel make you magically turn into a sex object???

Another example goes of course, with lightly padded bras for tweens and teens. Some parents literally sought out to decry a lightly padded training bra accusing it of over-sexualization, but the padding was merely to cover indecent nipples on a developing girl!Ā  Or panic over the lace underwear that looks regular, not lingerie mind you, just plain old panties! I don’t understand this immense fear, as underwear is UNDER your clothes! The point for a modest girl is to NOT see it in public! Ergo, it makes ZERO difference if it’s plain white, lacy or leopard print. It will not be seen by anyone but you!!! Also noting, push up bras are not the path to promiscuity, I’ve worn them for years in my teens, with no thought of hooking up, nor unwanted advances. Your brain, not your boobs, ladies, decide how you act šŸ˜‰ I’m so grateful my parents did not let such paranoia cloud their judgement, and raise a rebellious girl who was starved for autonomy, but instead one who thought for herself, and chose to be modest in action and dress as her own intrinsic choice!

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Oooh!!! So sick and perverted! The Horror!!!

Parents, there are FAR bigger battles to pick than underwear and 2 inch heels! I honestlyĀ  feel sorry for the parents, who parent in such extreme fear. I mean, what made you feel that the world is so sick and perverted, that a little girl’s kitten heel signals a toxic view of her sexuality she doesn’t even have yet?! I’m inclined to think some of these pearl clutching parents have had some traumatic experience of their own, by the level of fear they write with in discussing these issues. Perhaps it’s also radical feminist brainwashing that anything feminine is oppressive to women. Hook up culture is real, but kitten heels and training bras are not the path to it…

On a related note, comes the paranoia of the #MeToo era. I’ve written about this in great detail too in several posts already, however, I wish to bring to light the paranoia it spawned in what many would have seen as completely innocent and innocuous things even a year or so ago! The Girl Scouts, for example, told parents to stop having girls hug their relatives, or else it would set them up to take sexual favors in the future! I mean, seriously??? Hugging grandpa will send signals of sexual coercion being permissible? Is that the message YOU got from your childhood??? What about the idea that a fairy tale with the prince kissing Snow White or Sleeping Beauty sends a message of male sexual aggression and rape? Now a fairy tale must be “unpacked” to uncover its dangerous rape apologist side? Now think back: as a child, growing up with these stories, did you truly believe it was okay for a man to forcibly kiss or touch a woman because prince Charming kissed the princess awake? What about the idea that a little boy being a boy was a sexual threat if he kissed a girl on the cheek and she said “Eew! Cooties!” or a 5 year old boy being seen as a sexual assaulter because he hugged his teacher? Does this seem even remotely realistic, that a child who is years away from puberty could be some perverted sexual predator? What sort of sick perverted, twisted view of the world does one need to think on such terms? A world where a hug from grandpa is a set up for accepting sexual coercion.Ā  A world where a little boy, in kindergarten is a sexual predator for kissing a girl in an innocent way as children do. A world where hugging your favorite teacher is an assault of the vilest degree. A world where the innocent is now evil, and the evil now innocent (as in many Leftist agendas)… What a strange paradox!

Hook up culture, promiscuity, immodesty, are all a-okay now and promoted. Broken families, divorce, sub par parenting, a consequence free attitude of entitlement are all perfectly acceptable to the Left, but heaven forbid a child hug her grandpa, kiss a girl, wear 2 inch heels to a party, try on her first training bra, enjoy a fairy tale, just be a little boy even! Such things that were once innocent and innocuous are now seen as perverted and damaging! I ask again: What leads a parent, or anyone really, to have such a distorted view of the world and society??? Things a generation ago were perfectly okay, and a part of everyone’s childhood!

Is our world really so perverted and disgusting, a cesspit of toxic sexuality and promiscuity hiding behind every corner, that a kitten heel is the same as the stripper’s stiletto, or the innocent elementary school crush toxic masculinity at work? That hugging your relatives on the holidays will lead to a life of sexual abuse by men? If they are indeed correct, maybe it’s their own fault we have fallen so far! A society where hook ups are handshakes, girls sleep around, and not save themselves for marriage, women are told they can dress as sleazy as they please, and are “empowered” to do so, divorce is normalized, broken homes rife all for the thrill of the next partner, I guess we have fallen far from being a more virtuous society!!! Thing is though, it is not us conservatives stirring that pot. We want a world where girls cherish their purity, and have self-respect. We want a world where every billboard has something else than a half naked lady on it. We want a world in which girls can be girls, and boys can be boys without some Freudian fantasy of sick perversions and uncontrolled ids!

The Left, and radical feminism has told lies of sexual anarchy equals empowerment though. Hook up culture is on them, not us! All the Leftist parents cowering in terror for their children’s innocence have played a part in creating this monstrosity by drinking the radical feminist kool aid about hook up culture as empowerment while sending mixed signals to repress one’s sexuality or see adult themes in innocuous things! Good news is though, I don’t think our world has indeed fallen as far was we think. Hugging grandpa is still just hugging grandpa. A playground kiss is a playground kiss. A little girl’s party shoe is for a party, nothing more. A training bra for tweens is a rite of passage, not a passage into promiscuity. Stop cowering in fear, people, and just see innocent things for what they are, not what your fears tell you they are. This sick perverted worldview is unhealthy and mentally damaging for you just as much as your children! Often, there really is nothing to fear but fear itself…

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“Woke” cave parents!…

All Cultures are Valid… Except Ours!

So, an academic topic I really enjoy is cultural anthropology. I find it extremely fascinating to study what makes up elements of culture, and the cultural variation around the globe. Perhaps the most fascinating thing to me, and I’m sure many anthropologists is the idea that an idea or concept in our worldview, can seem so “normal” we take it completely for granted and feel it’s just the way the world works, not culturally bound. For example, our idea of time as linear, we can go forward in time, but not back to most, including me is just another law of the universe. However, some cultures see time as cyclical, which to many of us in the West, is a completely foreign concept! Even things such as a shared word meaning between two languages that can be translated the same, can have different definitions to different cultures! Confused??? The word in each language would be translated the same such as “bara” in Ancient Hebrew, is “to create” in English, but in the West, we think of creation as “ex-nihilo”, out of nothing, you create something by putting materials together for instance, whereas in the Ancient Hebrew conception of creating, it really meant more in the sense of everything is there, but they reorganize it all to bring order from chaos. Think of this analogy: We can “create” a closet out of wood and plaster, or we could “create” order within the closet by rearranging all our misplaced junk inside of it! Point is, much of what is true in people’s worldviews areĀ relative, not always the same objective way of thinking. I love studying these cool differences, and appreciate the wide variety of thought within the human species! It would be quite boring if we were all the same!

However, issues do arise when cultural differences are more of a moral and ethical nature. Values we reject as deeply unjust and unfair do not sit well with our cultural view of the matter. It’s hard to be the objective anthropologist when you’re morally offended! Therefore, they came up with the principle ofĀ cultural relativism,Ā which basically is the idea we should’t judge other cultures for their way of life, nor feel ours is “superior” and we’re above the rest of the world. This is all fine and dandy, within scholarship and objective study, but what about when cultural clashes happen in our own lives???

Many cultures coming over to this country are in opposition to many of our values, such as a more egalitarian, democratic society. They are more hierarchical and rigid, whereas we want more social mobility and equality. They want to treat women as property, and we strive for a more egalitarian view of them as fellow humans, endowed with the same rights as we have and ought to have the same autonomy. They don’t want a sense of cultural relativism, and feelĀ theirsĀ is the only “right” way of doing things. We try to Related imageembrace more differences between peoples. They want unquestioned authority, whereas we want the ability to hold our leaders accountable. They want only one faith, while we enshrined separation of church and state. They want to speak their native language, yet demand we accommodate them instead of learning ours too to integrate with us. They want only to have their own ways, never thinking they could embrace both our waysĀ andĀ their own. They want to use brute force and fear, rather than diplomacy to settle disputes. They want to treat their children as property as well, while we want to nurture them into becoming autonomous adults. This isn’t the whole of the matter, but many examples of how Western values and other values don’t quite mix as well… Many speak of a “culture war” between the West and many other 3rd world countries, and its true, we want one thing, they want another.

The defenders of such 3rd world values say, but, isn’t much of this culturally relative? Who’s to say who hasĀ  the “better” values? Aren’t we just being bigoted when we impose our ways onto others? Those points would be valid, except that our way HAS shown to be more beneficial in objective, not just moralistic or culturally dependent terms. Think of it: more 3rd world immigrants come to the West, not their own fellow 3rd world countries. People have given up the culture and language they were born into, lost everything just to come over to the West! Why??? What would make us take such a drastic leap of faith? Our science has lead to technologies, medical care, and progress that has decreased mortality rates across the board at all ages! We now can treat disease and illness. People have a much higher standard of living over here. Compared to countries where slavery is still around, ethnic and cultural minorities and women are 3rd class citizens, a disease can kill you, infant mortality is sky high, people are slain for being “heretics”, dictators rule with an iron fist over the helpless people, corruption is rife, and so on and so on, Western values of democracy and equality and more technology to better people’s lives sounds a lot better for everyone! The data is in, and shows a thriving culture based on Western values here and abroad! This isn’t merely a moral argument on how things should be because I said so, but based on human quality of life supported by data!

The radical left, however, is not swayed. They still want to drudge up some of our more unflattering past of being imperialist and intolerant ourselves towards other cultures, but that has PAST! We’re far more tolerant and aware of being culturally relativist now more than ever! They want to claim that we must be “tolerant” of these 3rd world cultures coming into the West, but create a double standard when it is applied to our own culture!Ā  Think of it:

  • We’re not allowed to say we want our culture to remain governed by our values, yet the people coming here from the 3rd world are allowed to live by theirs over here!
  • We are not allowed to proselytize our values over in THEIR country, yet they are free to do so in OURS!
  • We can’t impose our morality on them, yet they can on us when it’s convenient!
  • They can live by their own laws, in their own insular communities, and be governed by their own values, but when we demand that too, we’re “white supremacists”…
  • They can worship their own faith exclusively without criticism in their community, yet we’re held to the higher principle freedom of religion for all, yet they are exempt!
  • We must accept that cultural differences do exist, and are equally valid as ours, yet they are allowed to degrade ours!
  • Even a more innocuous example, other cultures all over the world are allowed their own standards of beauty for men and women, yet we are criticized for having our own cultural ideal of beauty because that’s not “body positive”!
  • They can think freely whatever they want, and be defended by “cultural relativism” while our cultural ideas are scrutinized and nit picked to the max!
  • When they treat others, women, minorities, those of lower social status, etc… as 3rd class citizens and property over here, we are supposed to shut up and accept that as “their way’, yet if we ever tried to pull a stunt like that, we’d have to answer for it!
  • The “West” is intolerant, rigid, and moralistic, yet other Non-Western cultures are put on a pedestal of resistance to the West and portrayed by the Left dare I say, as “noble savages” (which is ironic since that’s an imperialist stereotype in itself!)
  • Western medicine and science is devalued for more “natural” cures from 3rd world places which have no scientific basis!

When do we get our share of cultural relativism??? The principle goes BOTH ways, people! If we have to tolerate them, and all we disagree with culturally of theirs, why aren’t the same arguments made in our defense too when we’re criticized? Overall, the radical liberal snowflakes only have “tolerance” and relativism for what they pick and choose! Our culture is a-okay to bash, degrade and deride! It’s also amazing, I’ll add as my final point, that many 3rd world values are exactly what the Left accuses us of having that is immoral, which for rabid liberals, is quite the irony!!! šŸ˜‰

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The hypocrisy of the Left is astounding when it comes to cultural relativism!

“Lights, Camera…Liberals!”

I thought this topic is relevant since the new seasons of many TV shows premiereĀ around this time… And now the insults hurled at the Emmy Awards recently šŸ˜‰Ā 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or are a total Luddite, it’s pretty obvious that radical liberalism is promoted as the norm throughout most of society today in our schools, our major news outlets, respected institutions in science and academia, even search engines and social media platforms now such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to name a few! All were caught censoring conservative leaning material on their sites. News outlets like CNN and MSNBC are very liberal leaning and leave no doubt as to their anti-Trump stance. Magazines such as Time, The Atlantic, The Washington Post,Ā and countless others all have made literal pledges on their pages to “keep Trump accountable” and to expose the President for what he is! All of these news outlets keep a constant drumbeat of Trump hysteria! Psychology Today,Ā once a respected scholarly journal for the field of psychology has published articles on “Post-Election Trauma” and how President Trump has “traumatized” many individuals, even claiming in their professional opinions that Trump is mentally unfit, and passes that off as legitimate scholarship instead of unethical bigotry. Today, one can’t openly express conservative leanings without major backlash from peers, coworkers, teachers, professors, bosses, authority figures, professional colleagues, etc, etc… People have lost friendships, network connections, colleagues, even jobs over conservative views!

It would come no surprise then, that another outlet for radical liberal domination is the film industry. Hollywood is smack in liberal California after all, and caters to a platform of strident liberals! Many TV shows currently on or are new to the market, movies too, often contain liberal themes, either overtly or subtly. The issue is not however, with any liberal leaning themes in a TV show for instance, but that conservative positions are often demonized and stereotyped as backwards and intolerant. The liberals have made waves trying to get more diversity into film and TV so various groups such racial minorities, LGBT individuals, transgender individuals, even people with unconventional families such as single parents, gay parents, guardians, stepparents etc… all to support the idea that people are able to “see themselves” positively in movies and TV with characters like them. But what about conservatives? When do we get to be portrayed as something other than a backwards stereotype?

Many movies and TV shows, such as Grey’s Anatomy, written by Shonda Rhimes, radical liberal black woman, or The Fosters, another very liberal leaning show, portray all sorts of characters. Grey’s Anatomy has a lot of racial diversity, but has also branched out into openly gay characters, and newly introduced a transgender man who used to be a woman! The Fosters have tackled many issues in family politics such as divorce, kids at risk, gay parent households, and issues facing foster kids like crime, deadbeat parents, a broken system and such all with liberal twist! However, in both cases, conservative leaning people are treated as religious bigots, racists, xenophobes, misogynists, homophobes and others. They are the “bad guy” or else the “ignoramus” who needs to be “re-educated” in the right way to look at the situation through liberal eyes!Ā  It’s unacceptable to portray any disadvantaged group as their stereotype, yet conservatives are portrayed as bigoted and backwards for standing up for conservative issues. When do we getĀ ourĀ chance to shine in the spotlight? SeeĀ ourselvesĀ in the hero? HaveĀ ourĀ values be center stage for once?

It’s not only the choice of diversity in characters that leans liberal, such as adding token gays, minorities, women or transgender people, or promoting the “any family is a real family” propaganda as normal. Many individual episodes and story arcs cover wider topics from a radical liberal view such as sexism, racism, immigration, gay rights, and transgender issues now for some examples. Grey’s Anatomy serves are one prominent example for being used as a liberal political platform in many of its recent episodes.

For example, in the latest season, there was an episode covering the BLM movement where a black kid got shot by police for climbing in his own window when he was locked out. The episode could have been useful in portraying it as a moral and ethical dilemma by making it more ambiguous who was at fault, such as the police honestly misinterpreting the boy’s actions, but it set out to clearly make the police the bad guys, just short of overtly racist and full of malice. The Grey’s Anatomy doctors then go on to berate the police present for being racist and intolerant! The boy eventually dies garnering more outrage over the incident. However, the episode didn’t accurately portray the truth of the BLM movement, as the real life “victims” were often in the middle of crimes and charged at police not as kids, but as strapping young men!

Another episode tackled the #metoo hysteria by defaming Dr. Harper Avery, a prominent surgeon whose foundation owns the fictional hospital Grey’s Anatomy is set in and gives prestigious grants and awards for surgeons. They make a story arc where he has assaulted countless women who left the medical field, thus destroying his good name and the Avery Foundation. They of course, portray all women as helpless victims, without even a hint that some could have done it willingly to get ahead and knew the terms and conditions. Shocking, for a melodrama that always plays up any gossip or scandal and the “true story” is always in doubt! But of course, this was yet another cause to pander to to get more liberal viewers!

My last, but certainly not the last example covered on Grey’s Anatomy recently was on the DACA dreamers and immigration. A new intern who was “undocumented” from El Salvador but who lived in the US all her life was threatened with deportation for running a red light. The hospital staff, like Chief Bailey and others literally hid her from and stalled the immigration officials looking to investigate. While the official investigating was portrayed as professional and impartial, he was demonized by all the characters on the show as the bad guy. Also, Grey’s Anatomy endorsed the clearly illegal act, as the official mentioned in the showĀ as illegal,Ā of deliberately hindering the investigation as an act of heroism! Then, everyone went into puddles of tears over how unfair US immigration policies are. There was no room for debate, or anyone portraying the other side of he argument. Just, immigration control is bad, hiding illegals like the underground railroad hid slaves is good!Ā  These episodes, also to note, aired literally in succession of each other during the last season! It’s clear to see then, they were trying to grasp at any issue at all then to get more liberal views by stoking the flames on hot topics the liberals whine about…

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The Fosters, a TV show centered around two gay mothers and their adopted and foster children and their foster friends also has a very liberal slant! They tackle topics like sexism, such as one character telling off another for “mansplaining” to her, and sexual assault from a #metoo perspective, to immigration and protesting ice and school shootings. In one episode, they protest ice coming to town to round up illegal immigrants, and even warn others about and interfere with an ICE raid at their school! Issues brought up too revolve around the “any family is a real family” propaganda, with the two gay mothers and the many broken homes the foster children come from. Everyone is encouraged to forgive and forget the dysfunction of their former families even though their former parents were ravaged by addiction, hut them and let them down. Addiction is just a “disease”, divorce is “normal” and you’re the one being intolerant if you felt let down and broken by it as a child. The two gay foster mothers portray an involved and loving home by trying to keep themselves open in communicating with their kid, but they go too far by smothering them and infantalizing their teenagers especially as uber liberal parents! Also, they portray two same sex parents the same way as a regular two parent household, while in truth, both sexes of parents give a better perspective than just one sex alone can. But we can’t admit that now can we?… One of the main characters too, the eldest daughter who was adopted later in the series goes on to study law but is an extremely liberal SJW who is morally conflicted about working for a conservative politician. There are no conservatives on that show at all, and if there are, are bigoted bad guys!

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These are just two examples out there of the many left-leaning shows than demonize conservatives and conservative view points. On a more positive note, there are a few shows that still are neutral or are more conservative! The remake of Rosanne portrayed a conservative middle class Trump supporting woman that many said got conservative women to “come out of the closet”. She was a positive portrayal for conservatives in being a person like them, middle class and hard working and multidimensional instead of just the stock character of the conservative fundamentalist bigot! Unfortunately, she said some “unwise” un-PC comments that got her show cancelled. In my mind though, they were just looking for any excuse they could find to silence her for speaking out against the radical left! Image result for roseanneAnother more neutral show is the Big Bang Theory. They do have some left leaning views, such as the hook up culture among the characters, but then again, sex sells, so it could just be the obligatory smut. However, they still poke jokes involving taboo topics like race and religion and make un-PC jokes šŸ™‚ many are afraid to still make. Some characters, like Sheldon’s mom are conservative and southern, and not politically correct, but it’s meant to be a funny joke, as they make fun of everyone,Ā not a serious portrayal to be taken seriously!

Related image

Overall, liberalism is rampant on TV and in Hollywood! Like other venues for liberal propaganda, the film industry is full of it! This doesn’t mean you have to boycott every TV show and movie known to man, I still watch shows like Grey’s Anatomy for elements I do like, such as the actual medical cases (not the melodrama), but I know how to spot the liberal bias. I like many others, just wish for once, the liberals weren’t such hypocrites, and letĀ everyoneĀ see themselves in the characters they enjoy and their values on the big screen, not just the other side’s.


“Woke” Or Still Dreaming???

“Often in my dreams I am convinced of just such familiar events ā€“ that I am sitting by the fire in my dressing-gown ā€“ when in fact I am lying undressed in bed! Yet right now my eyes are certainly wide open when I look at this piece of paper; I shake my head and it isnā€™t asleep; when I rub one hand against the other, I do it deliberately and know what I am doing. This wouldnā€™t all happen with such clarity to someone asleep.Ā Indeed! As if I didnā€™t remember other occasions when I have been tricked by exactly similar thoughts while asleep! As I think about this more carefully, I realize that there is never any reliable way of distinguishing being awake from being asleep.”Ā ā€” Rene Descartes, FirstĀ MeditationĀ 

If you ever had the chance to read some of Rene Descartes, the famous philosopher’s works, he makes the timeless point that often, one’s dreams can mimic the state of wakefulness and reality. Often, when you’re in a dream, and I’ve experienced this too, you feel you are indeed awake and in reality! I’ve even had a dream within a dream, and had thoughts about being consciously aware I might be dreaming! Descartes makes the very insightful point of how do weĀ knowĀ we’re actually awake or simply dreaming, since dreams can mimic reality so well? Are you absolutelyĀ sureĀ you’re not just dreaming right now, since your dream could seem just as real??? How can we distinguish true wakefulness from dreaming?

Look, I like philosophy, but that’s not the main topic of today’s post. No, what I’m really after, is the concept the liberals have decided was valid was this idea of being “woke”. However, what is being “woke”?

WokeĀ is a political term ofĀ African AmericanĀ origin that refers to a perceived awareness of issues concerningĀ social justiceĀ andĀ racial justice.Ā It is derived from theĀ African American Vernacular EnglishĀ expression “stay woke“, whoseĀ grammatical aspectĀ refers to a continuing awareness of these issues. Its widespread use since 2014 is a result of theĀ Black Lives MatterĀ movement (Wikipedia).

Many radical liberal snowflakes claim to be “woke” in that they, unlike us who are not awake yet, are more keenly aware of issues such as inequality plaguing our society, and that we’re blinded by our “privilege” and lack of experience of their issues. They say we are ignorant, bigoted and will not listen to facts and reason on these issues. The issues of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia etc… etc… They say our opinions and our facts are merely prejudice in disguise as facts! That we being the “silent majority” is a “racist dog whistle” as someone on my Twitter page commented! However, experience and observation have shown, that many of their suppositions are actually untrue, or over exaggerated, leaving out all the nuance!

I wonder then, if this new “woke” movement of the snowflakes, one of entitlement, victimhood and being “triggered” over “microagressions” is merely in a dream! They mayĀ thinkĀ they live in the reality of the situation, but perhaps they are still being deceived by a very lucid dream! I’ve had many a dream where in it, it made perfect sense, but when I truly “woke” from it, I realized from the moment my eyes opened, it made absolutely zero sense in the rules of logic, (and sometimes physics)!

For example, the dream of open borders, that everyone can just come here peacefully, and we have enough to help all, while an idyllic fantasy, is a beautiful dream. The dream that illegals contribute more than they take, and aren’t bringing more crime and 3rd world values and potential terrorists in through refugees. The dream that welfare is only given to the worthy, and it’s a misconception people and entire communities are dependent on it as a way of life from cradle to grave, and that the only thing holding them back is our prejudice. The dream that it’s the “patriarchy” that accounts for gender differences, and “inequalities”. That the woman mustĀ alwaysĀ be believed and will tell the truth in cases of allegations of sexual assault. That transgender people pose no threat to the order of society, and women in lady’s rooms by cisgender men under the guise of being a woman. That established science is incorrect, and there are many genders, not just XX and XY, and that any other genetic combo is normal, not an abnormal pathology. That women can do just as well in the front lines of combat as men.

That a person’s rights can be annulled in the name of female “empowerment”, and women are empowered by acting vulgar and promiscuous. That hook up culture is okay, and isn’t risky, and those who pop out unwanted children are valid to cry for out pity and charity after their little hook ups. “Any family is a real family”. That guns kill, and people aren’t the ones in charge of them! That countless children died in school due to the NRA and guns, not evil people who used them for evil. There is no “liberal” conspiracy in the mainstream media, our schools and elsewhere. There is no censoring of conservatives online and everywhere. That there is no violence against conservatives and the Left is tolerant of their freedom of speech and expression. That no student or teacher was ever retaliated against for conservative views in the classroom. That conservatives endorse hate speech and use it. That we’re racist, fascist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic etc… That we moralize too much that is merely cultural and arbitrary. That our current president Donald Trump is dirtier than the dirtiest liberal candidate. I could go on and on and on…

The facts tell a different story, however! Welfare is indeed quite misused! Many minorities have cried perpetual victim and demanded reparations. White privilege does NOT exist. Reverse discrimination is as valid as regular discrimination. It’s all the same thing! Illegals do drain our resources, and refugees bringing in the nefarious with the innocent. We don’t have room for everyone. Terror and 3rd world values in our country are real threats. Women are empowered already, and are now able to do reverse discrimination against men. Both sexes do not have to be identical, to be equal in their dignity as human beings and worth to society. Not all women are truthful about what happened “that night”. The NRA has helped defend children in schools, so does security with guns. An unpopular opinion is not hate speech. Countless conservatives ARE and were shadow banned and censored, including prominent ones like Donald Trump our president, PragerU, Michelle Malkin, and others including me for a time! The data is in, broken homes hurt our kids, and they need TWO married parents or else be at a higher risk for depression eating disorders, promiscuity etc… Trump is making America great again through the economy and social reform. The silent majority WILL speak out come voting time and will continue to fight for the reality, NOT the dream!

So, who’s truly the “woke” side now??? If you open your eyes, and get out of the cave (another philosophy reference) of denial, you will see my statements to hold true backed up with evidence! We’re losing our country to radical nonsense, and look where it got Europe! More crime, more danger, and more terror! Your dreams may be reassuring, and sometimes beautiful and the idyllic scenario. But like most dreams, they mimic reality all too well, and once you wake up for real, you realize how illogical they truly are! Descartes called our reality into doubt, as how do we know we’re not in a dream, but read further in his meditations, and he tells you how he knows what’s real!Ā I think therefore I am!Ā I know I’m not dreaming, and my reality is reality, since I can think, not just go where my feelings take me! šŸ˜‰

“Like a prisoner who dreams that he is free, starts to suspect that it is merely a dream, and wants to go on dreaming rather than waking up, so I am content to slide back into my old opinions; I fear being shaken out of them because I am afraid that my peaceful sleep may be followed by hard labor when I wake, and that I shall have to struggle not in the light but in the imprisoning darkness of the problems I have raised.” ā€”Rene Descartes, First Meditation

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