What Does it Mean to Be “Affirmed”?

I’ve been thinking on this a while: What does it mean to be affirmed? You know, like the buzzword the Left loves to use to get everyone on board with one of their latest agendas. The official definition from the Merriam-Webster dictionary is:

Affirm (verb)
af·​firm | \ ə-ˈfərm \
affirmed; affirming; affirms

He was affirmed as a candidate.
b: to state positively
He affirmed his innocence.

2: to assert (something, such as a judgment or decree) as valid or confirmed
The court affirmed his conviction.

3: to show or express a strong belief in or dedication to (something, such as an important idea)
laws affirming the racial equality of all people

I think the closest definitions the Left uses is #1. to validate someone, such as their identity. The Left loves to speak of how the “affirm” this group or that group based on identity, or “affirm” their commitments to diversity and the like. Now, I think we can all agree that affirmation of identities we hold personally significant, or the affirmation of a fair minded principle is no cause for objection. By human nature, we all want to feel welcomed and respected by others, and feel included. We want our values and choices affirmed by others. If that is all affirmation is, then why hold objections or reservations? Thing is of course, there’s always a catch 😉 Perhaps the better question is what isn’t affirmation?

For the first common use of what it means to be affirmed in the eyes of the Left, affirming one’s identity, they make it sound like one can only be “affirmed” in society if their group is given complete deference free from any sort of criticism or critique and that their opinions are treated as infallible edicts! A common example is the use of “affirm” in relation to LGBTQ groups. Many people and institutions declare they’re LGBTQ affirming, and most moderates interpret it to simply mean that LGBTQ people are welcome there, and won’t be discriminated against and treated with respect. Now the majority including myself, have absolutely no objections to that definition of affirmation for any group. I don’t object to same-sex marriage or to the existence of LGBTQ people and believe they deserve the same respect as everyone else. However, I draw the line at special privileges such as taking affirmation to mean that if someone has a criticism of the LGBTQ community, such as the nature of its often far left-leaning political activism for one example, they are automatically “homophobic” and non-affirming! Just because someone critiques LGBTQ as an identity to use in identity politics doesn’t mean they’re against people choosing same sex relationships or marriage as a personal life decision.

On a related note, regarding the “T” for transgender in LGBTQ, affirmation should not mean bending biological facts or enacting laws that disregard physical gender differences or the opportunity for non- transgender people to take advantage of trans-friendly laws for their own nefarious intentions (i.e. women’s bathrooms opening to biological males). Transgender people deserve respect and compassion and the right to be free from harassment and persecution as much as anyone else. I am not arguing for segregation or ostracism of transgender people from society. However, affirming their “right” to deny biological, physical and physiological realities as genetic males and females despite their new gender identity is where I draw a line. Sure, many transgender men and women can live lives that for the most part, harm no one or impede upon anyone else’s freedom. That does not mean issues such as bathroom access, or sports for trans women, or certain careers for trans men that require increased physical strength and stamina don’t exist and whose implications and unintended consequences can be denied. Do I think genuinely trans men and women have some nefarious intent in pushing for breaking these boundaries? No. They want a life according to their gender identity and I can understand that. However unintended consequences such as non-transgender (regular old cis-gender) men taking advantage of transgender laws to gain access to women’s spaces, or be able to beat every other female in an all women’s sport are still here regardless of intent. What about a trans man wanting to be in an elite SEAL unit but not having the requisite physical strength and stamina as other men? Must we admit him or lower the bar so “he” can get a spot on the team? Does affirming the transgender community mean we must affirm even the unintended consequences of their desires? Can we show them respect and affirmation without infringing on other’s rights?

What about affirming the “lived experiences” of many minority groups most often, that claim we live in a country steeped in white supremacy and racism? Do I think everyone who has had a bad experience is lying or wrong? No, certainly bias and prejudice does exist! However, there can be other explanations, other factors for why someone had a negative interaction aside from racism and bias. For a few examples:

Someone could have had a bad day and took it out on you unintentionally.

Someone was in a rush so they didn’t see you when you said hi.

Someone had a completely different reason for a disagreement or conflict with you that had nothing to do with your race or ethnicity.

Someone said a comment they had no idea would come off as offensive or insensitive to you.

You weren’t truly qualified for the job you interviewed for or they hired someone they knew or came more recommended. Same for higher education acceptances, scholarships, internships etc… Same for most opportunities. That has happened to everyone including white males…

Your teacher or boss criticized your work because it actually needed improvement, not because you look different than the rest of the class.

You didn’t feel welcome at work or school because maybe, the dynamic between those coworkers or other students/professors didn’t fit your style of socializing or learning. Not every workplace or school is right for you and you should find a better fit. Not that anyone specifically had an agenda against you, but your style of relating just didn’t mesh with theirs. I think everyone has experienced this at least once in their career/education. You won’t instantly connect with everyone you meet.

In the course of your life, you will be in situations where you feel more apart, or even alienated from others around you. Sometimes they are being exclusionary and closed minded and unwelcoming. Other times, you and they simply don’t relate to each other as well. Not every workplace is for you. Not every school is for you. Not every friend group will be yours. Not every opportunity will be yours. Often times, this will have nothing to do with your race or any other identity but is simply one of the many setbacks in life. When we affirm the more identity-oriented interpretations of these events/experiences, to the exclusion of considering other factors before jumping to the worst interpretation, is this what affirmation should mean?

It can be hard as many, including me, genuinely don’t want to invalidate or belittle what others say were painful experiences. We wouldn’t want others to do that to us either! Many who cite negative experiences at school, work or socially are genuine in their pain. I think we should acknowlege that they feel that way, but at the same time, not be obligated to take their every word as infallible truth! How many times have we been upset due to a misunderstanding? That did not make what we felt any less real, but the facts surrounding the feelings were misperceived. Is that distinction, while a delicate balancing act especially when we ourselves don’t know the full story, too hard to understand? We can affirm someone’s emotions as genuine, but not blindly affirm their conclusions. Hear them out, but then seek out the facts before passing judgment.

A final thought, what about affirmation for my identity? Affirmation of my identity as a conservative and other fellow conservatives? In most major institutions such as schools and our workplaces, the mainstream media, much of government, family and friends etc… there is little to none. I and many others have had the “lived experience” of feeling uncomfortable to express our views in the classroom or at work while those around us express their freely. We’ve endured snide remarks from professors, teachers, bosses, even “friends” about how backward people like us are. We see every other group be treated as if they were untouchable, free from any criticism or reproach while we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Don’t call out for affirmation if you happen to be white, male and especially both! Don’t call out for affirmation if you’re a minority who is also a conservative since the Left thinks they own you and you’re a “race traitor”. No professor’s office or boss’ office ever had a “(insert group here)-friendly” sticker for conservatives to show that they too are welcome. The Left thinks of us as a malignant majority, but how can that be when the mainstream media, every school and work place, every authority figure, tv show, movie etc… are all affirming of the Left but not of us?

So, one can safely conclude like all the buzz words they like to use to sway the moderates on the fence who haven’t looked deeply into them, “affirmation” for the Left translates to “agree with our select groups and causes or else you’re a big meanie!”

SJW University | Ben Garrison | Know Your Meme


  1. Look at the Fear on this Woman’s Face as Andrew Cuomo Makes Unwanted Sexual Advances, as some of you Biden Freaks can’t get over your Hatred Donald Trump

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  2. Lets face the Facts! If President Obama was a Zero , the President Biden is a Zero 2..1
    After all what has that Traitor ever done or intends to do to benefit to the American people? And the answer is NOTHING!.

    There sure isn’t much in that ridiculous, and ludicrous Chinese Virus Relieve Bill that warrants a whopping $1.9 trillion dollars . But there is loads of pork in it thats for sure. .
    President Biden’s, and Nancy Pelosi’s $1.9 Trillion Coronavirus-relief Clunker is full of items with ridiculous incentives (long-term unemployment top-offs and blue-state pension-fund bailouts) and others that are just obviously injurious (a federal minimum-wage hike which the Congressional Budget Office says would cost 1.4 million jobs). But nothing quite compares to its “Emergency Federal Employee Leave Fund” for the righteous indignation it should arouse in most Americans.

    The provision sets aside money for a leave program that would allow any federal employee not working for the military to take up to 15 weeks of paid leave and collect up to $21,000 ($1,400 a week) between whenever the bill is passed and Sept. 30, 2021, if the pandemic has had certain deleterious effects on their lives.

    Some of the effects in question aren’t entirely unreasonable. For example, you can access the leave fund while you are bedridden with the disease itself, or if you are caring for a family member who is. Others are worthy of a squint and head shake — employees could conceivably take the day to get vaccinated while pulling in a cool $35 an hour.

    And then there is the pièce de résistance of these goodies. The paid leave also applies to any federal worker who “is caring for a son or daughter of such employee if the school or place of care of the son or daughter has been closed, if the school of such son or daughter requires or makes optional a virtual learning instruction model or requires or makes optional a hybrid of in-person and virtual learning instruction models, or the childcare provider of such son or daughter is unavailable, due to COVID-19 precautions.” Why should Federal workers get paid leave at our expense?

    For as long as schools remain closed — and remember, the Biden administration’s kind-of-sort-of, wishy-washy contention is that they should until more money is spent, even though there remains over $100 billion in unspent education appropriations from the last relief bill — bureaucrats whose paychecks are provided by John and Jane Q. Taxpayer would be able to collect from the comfort of their own homes, where they supervise their children and catch up on their favorite shows. Again, it would be difficult to devise a targeted giveaway more likely to inspire wrath and resentment. American Families across the country have the costs of the pandemic passed down to them by the Democratic Party and the Teachers unions. American children are suffering and losing very valuable time away form school. And the Teachers don’t seem to give a damn. And all we hear from Biden is that he’s going to open schools in his First 100 days! Just like he’s going to get rid of the Virus in his “First 100 days”.
    I don’t know how he’s going to be able to do anything when he’s always sleeping!

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  3. LoR,

    First, I want to thank you for your “Happy Darwin Day” contact via my blog’s email/Feedback (form) and the prose that followed. I really enjoyed it. 🙂

    Regarding this particular blog-post, I really liked what you wrote here:

    We can affirm someone’s emotions as genuine, but not blindly affirm their conclusions. Hear them out, but then seek out the facts before passing judgment.

    That is a very wise suggestion LoR. Though I am by no means perfectly thoughtful 24/7, 365-days a year I sometimes forget this wisdom to acknowledge or empathize with someone’s emotions. Emotions always play a significant part in our interactions. Therefore, I wholeheartedly endorse this wisdom, or should I say “I Affirm it!” 😉

    However, I think and feel that only considering other’s emotions, valid as they are, human interaction must also consider human perception. These two variables are often fluid and/or flawed. After all, we are ALL only human. Yes? 😉 On certain occasions one component is more dominant than the other. Sometimes they will be reversed and one component is recessive instead of dominant. Why? In simple terms all humans are emotional to some degree on any given day, perhaps any given hour—which was often the case with Psych/A&D patients when I worked for years as an Intake Coordinator and Crisis Manager/Counselor at Charter Hospital. The spectrum of human emotions and behavior in those environments was perhaps much wider than some could imagine, to put it lightly, conservatively! HAH! 😉 😛 My primary point is that human interactions always involve, to a degree, imperfect conveyance AND to another degree, imperfect perception. I am not sure that either component of human interaction is always appropriate, correct, or completely factual… 24/7, 365-days. Why? Because we are all human. All of us are remarkably unique, none purely identical to ourself, and yet, we essentially communicate with UNIQUE—one in approx. 7.6-billion to be more exact—in both expression and perception. So… WHAT could possibly go wrong, huh? 🤣

    And therein lies the beauty and the challenge of all human interaction. Expression and just as much…PERCEPTION. Sometimes eloquent, sometimes ugly. But in one fluid way or another we are all very invested in each other because we are all Homo sapiens on one very LARGE planet. 🌎 🌍 🌏

    To conclude, it may surprise you LoR that I do not consider myself a Leftie. That label simply does not and cannot fully describe, WHO I am, or accurately. It’s merely a label others choose. And that’s fine. But it doesn’t define me as a whole. 🙂 Furthermore, if I stepped outside of myself, I think it would be enormously unrealistic of me to be overly sensitive about affirmation… being one in 7.6+ billion other emotional, perceiving humans. Those odds are astronomical aren’t they? 😉

    Again, thank you for that “Happy Darwin Day” wish and poem/prose. ❤️

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  4. The latest Craziness is that New York City Wants to Terminate the Donald Trump Organization’s Contracts For the Central Park, Skating Rinks, as well as ALL of his Golf Course’s to “Punish” him..
    Yes, You read that correctly.
    The absolute WORSE Mayor that New York City has EVER had Bill de Blasio tweeted. “We’re NOT going to do business with insurrectionists.” So he is taking steps to TERMINATE agreements with the Trump Organization to operate the Central Park’s Two Skating Rink, the Carousel,, and the Ferry Point Golf Course” in the Bronx.

    Lets see now, Just WHO Is Getting Punished?? Donald Trump, or the thousands of New Yorkers who use ALL of these wonderful facilities?

    The Central Park attractions are being used not only to residents of New York but visitors to the City as well, including many of the Skating Pros who use the Skating Rink for their practicing.
    The Skaters at Central Park’s two rinks are devastated that this weekend will be their last season on the Ice. — And are VERY angry at Mayor de Blasio for closing the Trump-run rinks early to spite his political nemesis!
    So much for caring about Kids! Actually the real people they’re hurting are the 2,500 CHILDREN, along with their Parents, that have been benefitting from the skating program this season and 250 INNOCENT EMPLOYEES who have been keeping this going, and who will be losing their jobs. But I guess that Ice Skating must be Racist. Or Deplorable, or a WHITE SUPREMACY thing!
    This is the same Failed Mayor that frequently clashed with Trump over the past four years.. Last summer, after Trump had moved his main residence to Florida, Bill de Blasio ordered the street on Fifth Avenue in front of the Trump building to be painted with large, yellow letters spelling out “Black Lives Matter.”. And he the Mayor even took part in the Painting of the disgusting Graffiti, that messed up the otherwise beautiful Fifth Avenue.

    This “Mayor” is just putting another nail in his own coffin, I keep wondering why the citizens of New York City continue to put up with this Creep.. Much like, I also can’t understand why they don’t Impeach Andrew Cuomo, they should also recall deBlasio and clean up the city, but they keep re-electing both of these losers instead. .
    NOT re-electing this mayor for depriving children and adults from the little fun they can have outdoors is a No Brainer. .
    It takes someone truly deranged to think that hurting Children, and others is punishment to someone else. Besides Trump no longer lives in New York..

    The increase in Crime, and putting people out of Businesses is the reason why people are fleeing this City. And all of this has happened under De Blasio, and Cuomo..

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  5. Lock-Downs
    We have seen our Sporting events seasons shortened , and being played without Fans in the stands, Our Restaurants have been either Closed, Gone Out Of Business, their amount of Occupancy cut into a fraction, Disallowed indoor entry, as well as just Shut Down with-out any explanation Period.
    Our Hair Cutters, Salons, etc were Shut Down for Hald=f the year, as well as our Gyms, and many other Businesses have gone out of Business because of one regulation or another st forth by the Democratic Governor. People are unable to pay their rent, put food on their families table and many have been Committing Suicide because they just can’t take it any longer.

    And 96.4 million people have been hunkered down in their homes under house arrest, grateful for being thrown a crumb of entertainment, and pretending how we’re living is normal. Does it get anymore depressing than that?
    And after a year of this, we are suddenly being allowed by our Dictating Officials that Restaurants can open with 25 Percent of their allowed Occupancy, and with ALL other restrictions in place. And that NEXT summer the Sports stadiums can open with 10 percent Occupancy, and ALL othee rules, and regulations in place.. VACCINE OR NOT, this will be our New Normal for the time to come.

    What did you expect, when you voted President Trump Out? You expected to see Biden making the decisions? Well how did that work out for you?
    We now have a bunch of Leftist Socialist’s, and Hollyweird people that are running the show, comprised with many others that hate America because “We ARE TO ARROGANT” Sound familiar, remember that speech in Egypt 16 years ago? We have advertisers who despise you, and millionaire entertainers who insult you and think you’re stupid, and who give you new names Like Deplorable’s, and Chump’s!.

    Seriously folks?

    These are the same people who are backing this dog and pony show going on in Washington DC. Were these fools that you wanted to be elected, and getting paid over 200K a year to waste their time trying to destroy the best President this country has ever had? Who put the Chinese, and the Russians, and the Iranians in their place! And now with a stroke of the Pen, it’s Apparently Over.

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  6. May I suggest a post on “accommodation”?

    Leftist not only want us to “affirm” their choices but “accommodate” them with OUR money and by reducing OUR freedom.

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  7. I listened to 10 mins of the pregame show and it’s one motherfucking black cause after another.
    We don’t give a shit about slavery….that shit ended in 1865.
    The only people I see being oppressed in America today are White Male Republicans, you motherfuckers.

    STFU already about racism and talk about the teams.
    Who gives a fuck about diversity, Biden’s Unity is Bull-Shit.

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  8. Interesting post. Living in the backwoods as I do, I’m not current on the latest trends. This is the first that I’ve heard of “affirming” as a buzzword. To me, it just illustrates that the jargon might change but leftist silliness remains the same.
    From reading your post, I gather that one says that one is “affirmed” to indicate that they don’t dare think for themselves and, instead, follow whatever nonsense is popular with the PC crowd. Such things are common with religious hysteria and the quasi religious hysteria of the modern left. The SJWs require that we constantly signal belief in prevailing socialist dogma no matter how often and how arbitrarily it changes. Any who dare deviate are branded as heretics and persecuted.

    Dissenting views, regardless of how well supported by facts and logic are to be discounted and and those who assert them are to be maligned and marginalized. Reality is optional with the left because it is the dogma and the control that the SJWs attain by forcing their beliefs on us that is important. Indeed, socialism is inherently dishonest and depends on the suppression of objective reality that threatens PC falsehoods.

    That there are two sexes is an obvious biological reality confirmed by X and Y chromosomes. The powers that be can force a person to recant that view and “affirm” otherwise but, as Galileo said of the planets “It still moves.” A man might put on a dress and proclaim himself a woman and that’s his business. But, he has no more right to require others to cater to his delusion than he has the right to demand a storekeeper accept payment in monopoly money regardless of his claims that it “self identifies” as legal tender. A fugazy is still a fugazy no matter how you dress it up.

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    • “Living in the backwoods…” Did you jest get Internet access?

      “Affirmation” has been around for a very long time. They way it is twisted by today’s Leftists is only a bit unique.

      There is nothing new under the sun… Ecc. 1:9

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  9. I appreciate your well-thought out and well-written position. I agree to the letter. I really wish people could see that it’s less likely that we are a nation of racists and more likely that we are just a nation of poorly formed humans who are selfish, thoughtless, and rude! (That’s not very politically expedient, though) And also it’s impossible to legislate morality even though it’s been tried countless times throughout history.

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    • You actually can legislate morality. Murder, theft, and assault are all moral acts, and there is legislation that regulates them.
      Oh, alright. I think I confused morals and ethics yet again.
      Morals are “personal and normative”, whereas ethics are public standards.
      So while you can “legislate” ethics, you can’t “legislate” what someone believes.
      Remember, always define your terms.

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  10. “A final thought, what about affirmation for my identity?”
    End of Comment 7 which probably should have been the first and only comment I made.

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  11. “affirmation” for the Left translates to “agree with our select groups and causes or else you’re a big meanie!”
    Again, you are not quite correct. (That’s me being nice.)
    Leftists today do NOT think we are “meanies”, they think we are criminally insane and should be arrested, tortured and executed. (That’s my Trumpesque starting position for this discussion.)
    PS – They want to cancel us. Permanently.
    End of Comment 6

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  12. “Birds of a feather flock together.”
    “…the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘It is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is 11 o’clock on Sunday morning’”
    Leftists want us to “affirm” their point of view by FORCING us to associate with those we do not wish to.
    If Leftists don’t have to attend a Fundamentalist Pentecostal White Church EVERY Sunday, then why do I have to hire someone that does NOT have the skills my company needs because of their skin color or gender identity? (I shudder at even having to use that phrase.)
    End of Comment 5

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  13. “lived experiences”? What about mine?
    I’m a non-Hispanic Caucasian, cis-male Christian (raised in a church) with severe allergies (constantly blowing my running nose) who grew up in East Los Angeles. I was incessantly bullied (by Hispanics) throughout my K-12 education (including my one year at a Christian school) and because I am not overly athletic, was always the last to be picked for any team.
    So, why aren’t MY “minority” lived experiences valid?
    “I think we should acknowlege (sic) that they feel that way, but at the same time, not be obligated to take their every word as infallible truth!” Amen.
    I read that after I wrote the paragraph above it. “Trust but verify.” I once heard the EXACT same FIRST-person story from THREE preachers in ONE week. Ever since then I believe no one until I get to know their STYLE.
    And I’m a racist by definition because of my skin color or point-of-view?
    One day in the locker room after gym, someone made a comment about a classmate. My reply, “Randy is Black?” I truly had no concept of race growing up. All people, Red and Yellow, Black and White, were not only all precious in His sight (curse the Politically Correct Cedarmont Kids version) but were equal in mine.
    I didn’t even perceive differences in skin color until I went to a Christian college that was over 95% White. Even then, all were equal to me, it was just obvious.
    You do NOT have a right to not be offended. Suck it up and move on. If you have to interact regularly with the person that offended you, PRIVATELY tell them they did. Allow them the curtesy to change their behavior.
    End of Comment 4

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  14. Transgender ALL people deserve respect and compassion and the right to be free from harassment and persecution as much as anyone else.”
    “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” Seems appropriate here.
    Remember, Leftists have a Relativistic/Materialistic/Naturalistic Worldview. While they will never admit it, they must borrow from a worldview that includes a supernatural objective truth in order to make sense of how the world really works.
    Trust me, you can’t convince them that their worldview doesn’t work. I debated full-time with a co-worker for nine months on that.
    “Why is murder wrong?” “Because society says so.”
    “How did ‘society’ decide that?” “The majority says so.”
    “So, if I can get 50% plus one to say murder is OK, then murder is fine?” “No, murder is wrong.”
    And so it went on for nine long months.
    To a Leftist there are no objective absolutes, only their own subjective ones.
    End of Comment 3

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  15. While “live and left live” is a bit trite, it quickly defines how I approach those that disagree with me.
    All “…are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
    Live YOUR life the way that you want.
    Rights (Big R and little r) end at your fingertips. (I always thought this was the quote, but it actually is more like “My right to swing my fist ends at the tip of the other person’s nose.”) That means that YOU are free to do what YOU wish as long as it doesn’t affect me.
    So, if you want to marry someone but the government doesn’t recognize that “marriage” then go ahead and live with that person as if you are married and use the legal avenues the government does offer to afford your spouse legal rights similar to what a government sanctioned married couple has.
    BUT, you may not force me to pay for that. I’m not going to get into the technicalities of insurance, etc. Just pay for it with YOUR money and let me do what I wish with mine. I don’t believe government should be involved in 90% of the stuff they are in to begin with.
    NOR, may you force me to assert that what you are doing is valid because based on MY worldview (which I am entitled to have) it is not.
    If YOU may have a worldview that differs from mine, then YOU must affirm that MY worldview is valid.
    End of Comment 2

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  16. Forgive me for this. I’m in brain dump mode and should probably just start my own blog, but if I don’t force (/s) you to read my thoughts, nobody will.
    I too have thought about what the Leftists demand from those that disagree with them.
    I’m working through your well thought out article and will offer up my thoughts on the subject.
    My usual style is to begin with the negative. I am trying to not do that but in this case, I disagree with your premise so I need to start there.
    Leftists actually use definition #2 while pretending to use #1. They want us “to assert” that THEIR viewpoint is valid and confirmed. They do NOT care about “facts” only their “truth”. They have a Relativistic Worldview.
    “…the relativistic thinking (worldview) is the belief that the reality and its cognition is relative, depending on the adopted perspective. The reality is naturally variable, dynamic. Points of view are determined by culture, language, cognitive abilities of the entity, circumstances, situational context.”
    I’d like to hear your thoughts about that.
    End of Comment 1

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  17. Very good article; it describes the problem quite well. It is true that nearly all of our intelligentsia have gone over to what is in essence a subtle form of religion that has no sovereign Creator God; we can write long about it when time permits.

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