The Left’s “COV-IDIOCY” Thus Far…

It’s been about a month since my last post on the COVID-19 crisis and boy have things escalated! Mandatory lock downs, curfews, prolonged closures, millions out of work, and no clear plan forward, the country is becoming more and more panicked over this pandemic. While cases have spiked in places in the US, such as NYC for example, and more have sadly died, the death toll has still not surpassed the average flu season death tolls and the flu still kills far more Americans per year. I will concede however, that it is good to take more precautions and enact some measures of social distancing such preventing large gatherings and protecting the most vulnerable groups such as the elderly and immunocompromised and those with preexisting conditions. The problem is, in addition to more legitimate public health measures, the Left has decided to piggyback other agendas onto it taking advantage of the panic surrounding COVID-19 and these are only a few examples:

Double Standards About Who Gets to Stay Open

We can all agree on reasons why places like grocery stores and healthcare facilities should counts as essential during a shutdown. Basic necessities such as food, water, sanitation, transportation, essential non-elective healthcare etc… are needed to keep the country running. However, the point has been made time and time again, with everyone crowding in a large busy supermarket, how is this different from people socially distanced in the workplace such as in office cubicles or working outdoors in the fresh air? Yes, your shift is longer than a 20 min grocery store run, but many workplaces can institute ways to screen employees who might have COVID-19 and cut off the public from coming through in certain jobs so it’s you and your pre-screened coworkers. Hospitals, which are required to remain open do such practices and even that is no way a fail safe!

Even if one could argue that still wouldn’t work, why do liquor stores for instance get to be open? Getting drunk is essential but not keeping employees employed? Alcoholics whining about their cravings counts as a need for survival? A need is not simply what you want to whine about the most, or is merely a convenience. The need to get Americans back to work and earning outweighs many of the risks of dying from COVID-19 for many able bodied healthy people. Millions die from the flu every flu season.

Unnecessary Shutdowns of Social Distancing Friendly Events

Luckily there was some reason listened to in that online events and socially distanced events were allowed. However, an incident during a socially distanced church congregation in Greenville, Mississippi showed clear bias. The congregants were all in their cars outside the church as the sermon was broadcast by radio and were socially distanced in what was effectively isolation bubbles being enclosed in their cars so they did not violate the no gatherings orders. However, police ticketed each member $500 anyways, and there is talk of the possibility of tracking down each and everyone who does something like this through their licence plates, to give them quarantine orders and even threatened the pastor with arrest! Even as a non-religious person, I can easily sense much of the bias and contempt the Left has for traditional Christians in general, and this incident showed it. Shockingly too, this took place in a more religious and conservative state. As some aptly speculate on, will there be a similar response to mosque gatherings?

Another major example is the shutdown of an entirely ONLINE class related to firearms. As there is no argument whatsoever to shut down an online course with no contact at all between people, the bias is blatantly obvious, and smells very much like an excuse for the Left to further limit legitimate firearm use. This brings up another point: Why when certain non-essential business like liquor stores and having take out get to stay open, places of worship and gun stores aren’t? To many of deep faith, their freedom to worship in their church is being impeded and they sincerely view their right to worship as essential. The means to self defense for many is an essential need as well despite not being on par with food or water…. don’t get me wrong, I’m all for as many things possible staying open, but why cherry pick when millions need to get back to work or have needs deeper than getting their next drink? Why not prioritize non-essential places to open up again rather than do so arbitrarily?

Pushing for Race Based Victimhood By Crying “Racism!”

Of course for the Left, anything and everything can be racist! Trump’s early calls for travel restrictions on China, the epicenter of this entire fiasco was deemed racist. So was shutting down our borders to not catch it from abroad. Yet look where we are now. The alleged new epicenter! Maybe if that was heeded sooner we’d all be outside enjoying life right now. Yet like when Trump called for restrictions on countries harboring the scourge of terrorism, the Left cried racist and made us vulnerable with their open border policies.

Note too, many called it the China virus or Wuhan virus before it was deemed “racist”, only later to decry those names. They argue it stigmatizes Asian Americans despite countless other diseases with place names that have not garnered cries of racism and stigma. Marburg? Ebola? Lyme disease? Spanish Flu? etc… For a group that has more wealth on average than white people as a whole, has led the way in science and technology and whose only real big stereotype is being deemed the smart “model minority”, it’s hard to sell victimhood to Asian Americans. Until now… 😉

“WHO” is Really Calling the Shots?

The World Health Organization has been trusted by many in this country to provide accurate information and top notch science to addressing major public health crises around the world. However, no one is perfect and blemish free, and the WHO is showing it’s true colors… It’s leader, Tedros Adhanom, was elected as their head despite objection from the US at the urging of China. He has made several statements slanted towards China’s interests such as there being no more cases in Wuhan, which is highly doubtful, as well as saying early on to not restrict travel to and from China and when Trump spoke of defunding the WHO, he ominously commented on the US needing “more body bags”.  Also noting the WHO does not just serve us, and yet we’re putting more money into them than China even! Their interests are not primarily with our country. At least the CDC has our interests put first, but even they are not without bias and political pressures. If the DOJ and FBI can be corrupted against Trump, why not the CDC too? Not to mention, as I researched for this post, I noticed Google censored any dissent about COVID-19 being less of a panic than the seasonal flu and it was hard to find any data about flu deaths during this past flu season or graphs comparing the case numbers and death rates side by side. Makes you wonder….

COVID-19 is Contagious, but TDS is Even More Contagious!

In addition to actual public health measures, the Left made this the perfect opportunity to further bash Trump, twist his words and continue to block his efforts to really help the country get through this. Instead of coming together as a nation, they divided it just like always between them and conservatives who also want us back on our feet again. Trump says we have enough beds, enough ventilators, enough tests, yet they continue to call him a liar. He endorses a promising drug to help treat it, and the left wants to ban it and call it pseudoscience. Acosta accused Trump of making light of the pandemic, while Trump says he has to make the “biggest decision I’ve ever had to make” and that the meetings are the “saddest” in his presidency. Instead of getting behind our president in this tough time, many want to continue to tear him down. On a fun little side note, this dip in our economy was actually the peak during Obama’s 8 years in office 😉

Let the “Woke” Social Revolution Begin!

If that wasn’t enough leftist lunacy, the COVID-19 pandemic apparently is seen as their perfect excuse to call for a total upheaval of society! Letting out prisoners due to COVID-19 is a prime example of this! Yes, prisons create close quarters, but why not then treat them like any other vulnerable population and give them healthcare in prison like normal? By that logic, all nursing homes should boot their residents out too as many have tragically seen several deaths all within one facility. Is it fair for murderers, rapists, robbers etc… to be released without having served their time? Are we safe from the now freed violent criminals? Mass ankle monitoring house arrest will NOT stop violent offenders from doing more harm if that’s their “solution”. These cries for empty the jails and prisons is a disaster waiting to happen if we lose all common sense.

Helping illegals over US citizens too is ridiculous as well. If they haven’t already been enough of a drain, they can now take away ventilators and beds from US citizens? Hop the fence over to the US to rain our hospitals further? Is that fair? It would be one thing if we had enough to go around, but since the Left argues we don’t, why are we prioritizing thousands from other places over our own citizens? Would the Left think it fair to do to any other country outside the hated West? No one wants to see people dying of any nationality, but when push comes to shove, America’s first duty is to it’s citizens, not the world at large. An article in The Atlantic, a heavily left leaning organization called for a more globalist view:

“One could also envisage a future in which America learns a different lesson. A communal spirit, ironically born through social distancing, causes people to turn outward, to neighbors both foreign and domestic. The election of November 2020 becomes a repudiation of “America first” politics.”

And yet, we need to put America first now more than ever if we’re to help fellow Americans. In times of crisis, hard choices need to be made, but putting our own citizens first should be an easier one to make.

Ben 'Sniffs the ink from his pen' Garrison's fentanyl withdrawal gets  worse. This time he's going after Dr Faucet again. : ZweiRama

To my readers and loyal followers, we must advocate for clear answers, consistency and accountability in this uncertain time…


  1. Once again we find Obama Breaking the rules as he goes ballistics, in a political rage in divisive commencement message to graduates – So Typical of a Sore-Losing Nitwit like Barrack Hussain Obama! There’s an unwritten rule that FORMER PRESIDENTS stay silent on commenting about Current Presidents. However, former Obama has his own rules, and is never concerned about “RULES”. It’s high time that for him to move on and STFU just like Pelosi and Schumer should

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  2. Trump Was Fighting COVID-19 While The Democrats Were Doing NOTHING But Spending Millions Trying To Destroy Him!

    Ever since the very first day that Donald Trump announced that he decided to make a run for the Presidency the Democrats were busy doing nothing else but tearing this country apart with their, lies about him, their phoney Hoaxes, the hearings to entrap his friends, appointees, and his business associates, and threaten them with Jail Time to get them to “Jump Ship”, and with their fake Impeachment mess….
    But even while they were spinning their lies about a phone call to The Ukraine…President Trump was busy trying to stop the spread of the virus here in America….and they were trying to stop him at every turn, and they still are at it!:

    What the new Democratic Party has become is a tragedy for America. This is NOT the same Party of our Fathers, or even of the past few Presidents like Harry S. Truman or John Kennedy .
    Some say that we need a Third Party system to end this “bipartisan” bias, but I don’t agree.
    I think that we need to be a two-party nation, with each seeking to abide by the Constitution. But over the previous eight years of the Obama administration and his commitment to “transform America”, the Democrat party was indeed transformed. It is now VERY DAMN CLOSE to Socialist and, anti-First Amendment, anti-Second Amendment, anti-freedom and ANTI-CONSTITUTION America.. The left has no tolerance for persons who are pro-life, and anit abortion, , pro-Second Amendment, pro-Capitalism, pro-Liberty. We have millions of dollars to give away to other Nations that are in need, BUT we here in this country have Millions of Americans in poverty. So where is their justice?
    They want to open our boarders, and bring in all kinds of Illegal’s who bring along Sickness, and Crime, and Drugs, and Go only know what else, only to increase the Democratic Votes, and to re-gain their Power!
    The left has been transformed into a vicious mob of anti-American fascists, with Crazy ideas, and put an end to Capitalism. And to change our American way of life. . Elect or re-elect any of them to office and we will get what we deserve, a nightmare of unimaginable proportions. We have already been seeing this, we see it with that New Face of their Party known as “The Squad”. With a lunatic like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as their leader. A former Bartender transformed into a Socialist Politician, and the author of the Green New Deal! Which is truly an INSANE plan of hers
    And this Moron is the one that their party chooses to challenge President Trump.
    Have you ever watched a Donald Trump interviewed, or speak at one of his rallies? Yes, he may have very little finesse, very little polish, and yes he may not get his point out eloquently but he surely gets his point across. Have you ever seen an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez interview? Basically Unintelligible, and to put it simple, NUTTY.

    Pelosi and her ilk are not only certifiably insane, they are truly evil. Her intentions for the wealth, and safety of this nation is ZERO. . She and her fellow elitists could not care less for the citizens that they were elected to represent. This is why they are unable to grasp why so many of us love this President; he does care about all us folks that the Progressives disregard, she couldn’t care less for all those people who are bringing food to our markets, stocking the shelves, cleaning our streets, picking up our trash, or the Doctors, Nurses, and their assistants that are taking care of those who are sick across the nation. This pandemic crisis has demonstrated for all to see that the American left is as much an enemy of America as China is.

    How do sensible people watch her on the news programs where she appears? How does anyone listen to her blather and lie? She accuses the President of “fiddling while people are dying.” What nonsense. He was on the case while she was obsessed with impeaching him! He banned flights from China in January, created a task force to address the virus but the left-media did not notice. She was encouraging the people of San Francisco to join the crowd in Chinatown to celebrate Chinese New Year in late February! She and Schiff, and Nader, and Schumer, and their Ilk were so were obsessed with impeaching him they ignored the Wuhan virus completely. It was as though they actually thought they could remove him from office! That is how deluded they are. Pelosi still is. She shows up all over able TV with her surgically-modified, botoxed face, her red lipstick reminiscent of a drag queen show and expects that Americans will pay attention to anything she has to say. She has become a joke, instead of being of any help at all she takes a Vacation when she is needed to help the people that are hurting. She loads the bills that would benefit us Americans with Pork to help the Hollywood Morons who couldn’t care less for the so called “Little people”.

    They are not only satisfied with destroying the country they want Trump out of oddice, because the DARED to destroy the Dream of Hillary Clinton of becoming the First Female President of the United States of America. And now she WON’T go down in the history books, Thank God. .

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  3. Hillary Clinton Endorsed Joe Biden. Really? Are you Surprised? What did you expect? Did you think that she was going to endorse Donald Trump? And what the Hell does that matter?

    What happened to the Democrats double standard on sexual predator’s when the Democrats presumed that Brett Kavanaugh was Guilty without his NOT even having a hearing yet? Biden is being presumed innocent WITH ALL this evidence. THIS is a Double standard if I ever saw one. And wrong.

    For many years we’ve known that creepy Joe Biden was more than a bit odd. He has a history of making odd comments, and of supporting bad policy decisions and aligning himself with corrupt politicians, even with his Son in that Ukraine Caboodle. . But perhaps the strangest element of Biden’s personality is his habitual nature of touching women in public places.

    We have not only heard of it, but we have seen pictures, video’s etc. of Biden getting away with, shall we say, inappropriate behavior involving young, and even underage girls! And why? Because, duh, he’s a Democrat and is therefore allowed to do so whatever he wants with women, and even young girls.. Yes. Creepy Joe Biden is a “Serial Young Girl Toucher”, and a “Hair Sniffer” to boot!

    Yesterday Tara Reade blasted Hillary Clinton after she endorsed Joe Biden: saying that she’s enabling a sexual predator! And Hillary should know a “Sex Predator when she sees one, after all, she ‘s married to one, so that is hardly surprising!

    You can tell what a Scumbag Hillary Clinton is when even that POS Rashida Tlaib booed Hillary Clinton at Bernie Sanders’s event in Iowa!

    Creepy Joe Biden’s own former Secret Service agent has gone on record talking about Biden’s creepy behavior, and saying that “We had to cancel the Vice President’s Christmas get-together at Biden’s house because Biden would grope all of our Wives and Grope our Girlfriend’s asses.” “He would mess with every single Woman or Teen. It was horrible,” the Secret Service agent said.

    According to the same source, a Secret Service agent once got suspended for a week in 2009 for shoving Biden after he cupped his girlfriend’s breast while the couple was taking a photo with him. The situation got so heated, the source tells Big League, that others had to step in to prevent the agent from hitting the then-Vice President

    Best-selling author Ronald Kessler wrote about Biden’s problem with female agents in his book “The First Family Detail” wrote a story that was well known for years….. About a Secret Service agents saying that, whether at the vice president’s residence in Delaware, or at the swimming pool at the White House Biden had a habit of swimming in the pool completely Nude,”. “With a Female Secret Service agent present who found that to be find that totally offensive.”

    All I can say is that if you are a woman and and you support Hillary Clinton, then you are an idiot.

    For just one moment set aside your personal political beliefs and imagine the media’s reaction if President Trump, or any Republican was accused of ANY of that!

    If Tara Reade had accused Donald Trump, instead of and not Joe Biden, it would be on the front page of EVERY magazine, and Tara Reade would have a book in the Number ONE slot in the New York Times Bestseller list by now! And she would be on EVERY TV Talk Show telling her story! But instead, he’s the front runner of the Socialist, Democratic Party!

    And as for Hillary Clinton, that Crooked Witch endorsing Biden is that really a surprise?

    Did you expect her to be voting for Donald Trump?

    In the Judge Brett Kavanagh case the wasn’t ANY evidence of ANY of Blaisey Fords accusations and they wanted to Hang the Judge just on her say so. There’s no potential misconduct, NO potential Rape, NO “Potential” Anything. She was just Dug Up, and brought forward by the Democrats to torpedo Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

    She didn’t have any answers to any of the questions that were asked! She had no idea what the hell she was talking about. She didn’t know Where, or When, or Who was there, or even what had happened! Only the end result!

    Her story was a complete fabrication and until such a time that she can produce ANY evidence to support her claims, then this whole Cocknbull story is a Complete Fabrication as it will ever be.

    I believe Ford should’ve been subjected to a civil suit by Kavanaugh, as well as federal charges for LYING before Congress, obstructing the Senate in the performance of their duties.
    So ask yourself Is Joe Biden really the Man that YOU want to be your President?

    Does an endorsement by Hillary Clinton mean anything more than a Hill of Beans?

    And when we finally come out of this Horrific State of Restrictions from this Coronavirus plague, do you really want Joe Biden to lead us back to Prosperity and have America Thriving again. Or do you believe as I do that Donald Trump is the Man to do it!
    Do you want your President to be telling you and your kids about little kids at a pool rubbing the hair on his legs, a weird guy with a track record of freaky, and kinky behavior, and who has a habit of groping females of all ages .

    Or a Man who has already proved that he knows how to get things done, and fast, who maybe brass, cocky, but has a track record of success, and a keen sense of strategy. You may dislike him, but that does not change the fact that he prevailed and continues to prevail. And will get America back on track again.

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  4. “…as I researched for this post, I noticed Google censored any dissent about COVID-19 being less of a panic than the seasonal flu and it was hard to find any data about flu deaths during this past flu season or graphs comparing the case numbers and death rates side by side. ”

    Try duckduck.

    CDC: 80,000 people died of flu last winter in U.S., highest death toll in 40 years
    (Article from September 26, 2018)

    74,073COVID-19 deaths
    projected by August 4, 2020 (The model used by Birx/Fauci)

    Wuhan Virus = Very bad flu Season

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  5. It seems like New York, and the DNC, along with the NEW Golden Boy of the Democratic party Andrew Como had decided to Call Off the New York Primary! Can they do that? Well I guess that they can because they just did it. And while doing that, the just took it upon themselves to take Crazy Bernie Sanders entirely OFF the ballet ! Well can they do that? Well, once more, I guess that they can because they just did that as well.
    It certainly appears to me that the Democrats have woken up and realized there is no strategy left for Sleepy Joe Biden to win in November. So it makes sense to me that hey want Andrew Cuomo to come to the rescue and be their candidate. But how can they manage that without shredding our Democracy and awarding delegates where none were given?
    How would they manage that?
    Well, we have seen the democrats do the other wise impossible things before haven’t we? All they need to do is to “Just Do It” Old Nanny Nancy has the power to do whatever the Hell in the world she wants to do anyway!
    We have certainly seen her doing that many times.
    But this time they would need to accomplish SEVERAL things. They would need to throw Bernie Sanders under the Bus, take Bidien’s delegates away, get Fredo to change his mind and rather wait for the next election in 2024, to run this time and beat the Big Bad Orange man.
    Well, that’s not as difficult as it sounds! Don’t forget that this time they have a secret weapon named “Coraonvirus” and an economy that’s sinking like a rock, an economy that’s just about a RECESSION, the horrible “R” word! With MILLIONS of American’s out of work, with Millions of businesses Closed, and people about to lose their livelihoods, and even possibly their homes ete., and etc. So in comes Andrew Cuomo on his White horse and his shiny white hat, to save the country! Why the Hell do you think he’s on TV every single day? He’s even being called “America’s Governor” .

    But when he was asked about the chance of running. Cuomo said NO HE ABSOLUTELY WON’T RUN. He’s going to have his hands full in New York, putting it back together. But we have heard that before, in fact we have heard it before MANY times. This all sound very familia. In fact it’s the same way Hitlery got the nomination from Bernie Sanders in 2016….just have the DNC steal the nomination right out from the voters. Don’t underestimate the Dirty Rat Bastards. They are Props at doing things the underhanded way. They will have no trouble at all ejecting Old Quid Pro Joe and bringing in Fredo’s brother
    They go to the Convention, sleepy Uncle Joe Biden and his wife are much to simple minded to even realize what’s going on when they bring in the super delegates on the second round and kick Old Biden’s dumb ass to the curb. And Cuomo gets put up , the crowd ROARS, and there you have it. Andrew Cuomo is the new Nominee and they save the party from complete destruction. It’s like killing three birds with the same stone. And It’s Party Time

    And at the same time, that might stop Andrew Cuomo from his talking gibberish on TV every day. We’ve had more than enough of that incompetent jerk’s Apex, beds, ventilators, etc. and his Curve, and his plateau’s and his latest numbers, his Bull-Shitting with is wise ass Brother And especially his attacking the President and presenting himself as a Savior. To me he sounds more like Benito Mussolini the a Candidate for the President of the United States of America.

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  6. On the topic of your update. We don’t know the death toll and never will. Cases are being over attributed in hospitals and not counted at all in nursing homes and private homes. Why? We don’t have tests. They are being rationed so the dead are not being tested. Dare I offer an explanation? Donald Trump doesn’t want accurate testing because the numbers would make him look worse than he already does.

    Regarding Grocery stores–I can’t comment on where you live but in SF they limit the number of shoppers and have marked aisle directions so that shoppers can maintain distance. Liquor store openings are based on state and local regulation. I don’t know for certain, but here in CA I think liquor stores can be open if they sell food as well.

    Regarding offices –While I cannot comment for certain I would imagine that some of the larger cities are more concerned about public transportation being overcrowded. I also haven’t heard a lot of complaining about increased telecommuting decreasing productivity. Realistically–with the internet, Fed-Ex, air travel as it was you can live pretty much anywhere and work remotely. I had a friend that was head of construction for a developer. He lived in Texas. The developer was in Chicago. He was in the office 1 day every other week.

    Regarding religious services–Did the guideline target only religious services or all large gatherings? And the one instance I heard about the service being targeted the cars were over 6 feet apart but they were passing a collection plate–which meant that people weren’t social distancing and the virus has been shown to live on surfaces. The majority of Christians in this country have been holding on-line services without concern. I could editoralize on some Christians expecting “special rights” but I will leave it to say that there seems to be a direct correlation between the minister’s outrage and the size of his personal jet….

    Some states have left gun stores open. God knows we can’t let the gun manufacturers lose a day of business. And after Trump Incited three (D) states to “Liberate” why should we be concerned about who is buying guns and why? (BTW–I noticed you forgot that incident in your update. If Obama had sent that email you’d be screaming “Sedition” but as long as Mitch is in the Senate and Roberts is running the Republican wing called the Supreme Court it a proven case against Trump wouldn’t go anywhere anyway.)

    One final thought about the naming of the virus. I don’t care what they call it. I have a problem when Trump’s insistence on calling it “China” led to a measurable increase in acts of violence against Asians, including Asian Americans with several generations in the US. Again, I don’t know where you live but on the west coast we have lots of long lineage Asians. And no one deserves to be the scapegoat to Trump’s diversionary tactics. He’s only trying to “blame the other” in order to deflect criticism from himself.


    • I could be mistaken here, but I think the overriding point of this post was that the option of deciding whether you want to stay home and self-quarantine or go on with your regular life should be left up to the individual — not state authorities.

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      • Ron–should we then say that someone who has had 3 drinks in an hour should be allowed to make the individual decision whether to drive? Not state authorities? Whether he appears drunk or not?

        If someone who makes this decision gives my spouse the disease and they die–will I have the right to sue for involuntary homocide? Will those who choose to ignore the disease refrain from going to the hospital?

        Yes people need to get back to work. But statistics show that if we open prematurely we will have a dip and a rebound.

        What we need isn’t an end to the quarantine–we need a universal minimum wage at least until this is over. But we are too busy bailing out the same mega-rich as we did in 2008. With the same lack of oversight. And at the same time Mitch it looking to kill Social Security and Medicare when we need it more than ever.

        Because what are another 10K dead as long as the market is strong–right?


      • My arguments are founded upon one premise: that no individual possesses the moral right to initiate the use of force against another person, or to forcibly compel others to act against their own volition. Nor is there any means by which we can delegate to others a moral right we do not possess ourselves.

        However, you retain the moral right to defend yourself against those who initiate harm against you or to override the decisions of those who lack the mental capacity to make an informed decision.

        So with that in mind, let’s go over your questions.

        For the drunk driving situation, the level of intoxication depends upon an individual’s body mass and habituation to alcohol. Those who are heavy or accustomed to drinking alcohol won’t be affected by three drinks nearly as much as those who are light weight or infrequent drinkers. So the decision really boils down to whether or not someone is factually too drunk to drive. If so, then overriding their decision to drive is warranted because they are (temporarily) incapable of making an informed decision about their ability to drive safely.

        The framing of your second example implies that there was malice aforethought — i.e., that someone who knew s/he was physically ill deliberately set out to make others ill — which could be argued as a direct violation of the moral principle I outlined above. However, the same cannot be said for those who show no signs of illness.

        Moreover, the statistics from the CDC and NYC Health show that the coronavirus affects primarily the very old and those with underlying health conditions. So arguing that the healthy be quarantined for the sake of the immunocompromised is an impractical request because every one of us carries a variety of germs and bacteria that could pose a potential threat to someone who is already unhealthy.

        As to the need for a universal minimum wage: it is both immoral and unnecessary. Immoral, because it compels us to act against our will in negotiating our own labor contracts, and unnecessary because there was no compelling reason to initiate, let alone continue, the economic shut down to begin with.

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      • Your drunk driving story is negated by the fact that a person cannot metabolize that amount of alcohol in an hour therefore they would be legally drunk.

        Involuntary negates the need for malice. A drunk driver can be sued for involuntary vehicular homicide.

        “Moreover, the statistics from the CDC and NYC Health show that the coronavirus affects primarily the very old and those with underlying health conditions.” Primarily but not solely. Friend of a friend just died in Oakland. 40 year old runner. No underlying conditions. And I find it interesting that in this instance the right is so quick to discount human life. I guess it only matters in the womb.

        “…because there was no compelling reason to initiate, let alone continue, the economic shut down to begin with.” So your response is to ignore the unemployment crisis because in your mind it never should have happened. OK. I’m sure that philosophy will put the country’s economy back on its feet and fill empty bellies.

        Thanks–but while your response may explain your philosophical position, I’d prefer to live in the world of facts.

        Like I said before, I could have tuned into Fox. But I don’t–so I won’t be back.


      • Fine, let’s examine the facts.

        1. According to the following chart, the BAC of a man who weighs more than 160 lb and consumes three drinks over the course of an hour falls below the 0.08 legal limit set in most states.

        2. In the state of California, you must knowingly put someone at risk in order to be convicted of exposing someone to a contagious disease. So the drunk driving example is irrelevant in this situation.

        3. The massive unemployment and business bankruptcies are directly attributable to the actions taken by state authorities. So it then follows that all compensation should be taken directly from the pockets of those who created this mess — i.e the state legislators and bureaucratic “experts” — not the employers who were forced to close their businesses.

        4. You’ve failed to address the method by which someone can obtain the moral right to initiate force against another individual and compel someone to act against their will.

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  7. This Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is setting the policy for the Democrat — Socialist — Party. She actually boasted of helping to drive Amazon out of the city because of its alleged “corporate greed” and “worker exploitation.” She is a full-blown Communist and she’s stupid

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  8. Not exactly sure how I stumbled upon your site but I did.

    I read the title of this piece, I read the piece, and I read your comment guidelines.

    Do you really think you are going to get a meaningful dialog with those of differing opinion when you call the piece “The Left’s COV-IDOCY”?

    “Of course for the Left, anything and everything can be racist! Trump’s early calls for travel restrictions on China, the epicenter of this entire fiasco was deemed racist. So was shutting down our borders to not catch it from abroad.” Not only inflammatory but inaccurate. Trump’s directive called for screening Chinese nationals arriving from China. Because, I guess, no one in the WH thinks an American can catch a virus and no one in the WH has ever ever heard of a connecting flight. These are FACTS. So the policy as put forth was racist, it was xenophobic, and worst of all, it was toothless. (If he had instituted screenings for anyone that had been in China in the last 3 months based on passport stamps that would have been a meaningful measure and he would have had no argument from me.)

    You move onto TDS and “leftist lunacy”.

    So what did I find at “A Lady of Reason”? More right wing self righteous hypocrisy; name calling; and a disregard of inconvenient facts. I could have just tuned into Fox.


    • I wanted to add one more thing. One of the reasons the death statistics are lower than projected is because one of the virus’ ports of entry to this country was California air travel and shipping. Mayor London Breed of “Pinko Gay San Francisco” read the writing on the wall and shut down the city–first in the nation. Followed shortly thereafter by Gov. Newsom closing the state. With 12% of the US population and the fifth largest economy in the world California did what was right when the rest of the country–including the Federal government–was dithering. And while the Federal Government couldn’t or wouldn’t find supplies and PPE our Governor leveraged the buying power of CA to not only purchase for us, but to help neighboring states.

      I live in San Francisco. That’s right–I live in the city that is demonized as the sodom of the west. Where the streets are supposedly lined with junkies and human excrement. A city that just happens to have the highest real estate values in the country and millions of tourists annually. I’m proud of my city and my state for looking at the facts and acting in a scientific, reasoned, rational manner. I’m proud that my state is helping others.

      I thought I’d mention it since you’ll never hear about on Fox.


  9. Trump is a business man not a politician therefore: Donald J. Trump who some of you may think of him as a jerk. BUT I think of him as being MY President, and anything BUIT a Jerk..
    He’s a New Yorker. He may be crude and can be rude at times. He gets his feelings hurt and he can become a hot head. He hits back; harder. And perhaps he should Tweet a bit less.
    But et me tell you what else he is.
    He is a guy that demands performance.
    He is a guy that asks lots of questions.
    The questions he asks aren’t cloaked in fancy “political” phrases; they are “why the hell…” questions.
    For decades the health industry has thrown away billions of face masks after one use. Trump asks, “why the hell are we throwing them away? Why not sterilize them and use them numerous times?”
    He’s the guy that gets hospital ships readied in one week when it would have taken a bureaucrat weeks or months to get it done.
    He’s the guy that gets temporary hospitals built in three days.
    He’s the guy that gets auto industries to restructure to build ventilators in a business that’s highly regulated by agencies that move like sloths.
    He’s the guy that asks “why aren’t we using drugs that might work on people that are dying; what the hell do we have to lose?”
    He’s the guy that restricted travel from China when the Democrats and liberal media were screaming “xenophobia” and “racist.” Now they’re wanting to know why didn’t he react sooner?
    He’s the guy that campaigned on securing the border – protecting America – in the face of screaming Democrats and the liberal media. When he shut down borders in the midst of the coronavirus virus, they screamed louder. Then the rest of the world followed suit, including the European Union with travel between their member countries.
    Has he made mistakes? Yes.
    Everyone I know has and does.
    The “experts” wouldn’t and haven’t done any better.
    Trump is working harder than I’ve ever seen a President work. Twenty-four hour days. He isn’t hiding in his office; he’s out front – Briefing – every day.
    When he offers hope, he’s lying and when he’s straight forward, he should be hopeful. It’s a no win situation, but he’ll not be deterred.
    I’ll take this kind of leadership six days a week and twice on Sunday over a “polished, nice guy” politician who reads prepared speeches from a teleprompter and answers pre-scripted questions.
    He is my President

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    • He’s the guy that said we had “beautiful tests” for everyone. On March 6.

      He’s a congenital liar who makes it up as he goes along and will deny it later.

      He uses other people’s money donated to a foundation for personal use.

      He marries a woman working while she is in the country on a visitor’s visa. In other words–an illegal immigrant taking a job away from an American. So should we consider Barron Trump an anchor baby? How are the citizenship of her parents any different than “chain immigration?” I thought Republicans had a problem with that?

      He’s turned every business he’s owned into garbage. His bogus university was sued out of existence.

      FDR–“We have nothing to fear but fear itself”
      Truman–“The buck stops here”
      Kennedy–“Ask not what your country can do for you….”
      Trump about Obama 2013–“Leadership: Whatever happens, you’re responsible. If it doesn’t happen, you’re responsible.”
      Trump about Trump 2020–“No, I don’t take responsibility at all”

      He’s a con man–a carnival barker. And you bought the whole bill of goods.

      (It’s your cue to accuse me of TDS)


      • You are a very angry person, Redbeard. You don’t have to be accused of TDS. You apparently performed a self-diagnosis.

        Liked by 1 person

      • @Revik345 and Lady of Reason–

        I am angry. At the stupidity of less than 1/2 the country saddling us with that lame excuse of a human being. I’m angry at the sheep that continue to follow him.

        TDS self diagnosed? No–it’s just that your lot is so unimaginative that the outcome is predictable. Ignore the facts–deflect to an insult. That’s all Trumps press meetings are–refuse to answer the question and insult the reporter. You’ve been a good little Fox viewer.

        Your lot screamed about Obama before he got into office and for all 8 years. And we all know why–because you couldn’t believe a black man with a name like Barrack Hussein Obama could actually be an American. (Let’s be honest–you didn’t allow that he “looked” the part.)

        So now have an inarticulate baboon who’s made us the laughingstock of the world. He doesn’t mind killing you for wall street–but at least he’s the correct color–right?


  10. I don’t know about you, but personally I’m as sick, and tired as hell about hearing those ignorant, birdbrained, imbecilic, empty-headed, Socialists Democratic “Progressive “ sicko’s and elitist, Liberal Holier Then Thou, Dingbats especially the New York and California, Elitists who continue to blast, and BLAME President Trump for this economic disaster caused and covered up by the Chinese, and cheered by the Leftist’s in this country.

    I don’t hear one single word, let alone an Outcry from the Left about Nancy Pelosi’s stupid idea of leading a Walking Tour along with the media down the streets of her own city’s Chinatown in San Francisco, telling everyone to come to Chinatown , and eat their wonderful food. And that it’s absolutely safe there! When we know that there was much concern traveling in Chinatown in crowds. Yes the food maybe delicious, but the danger of catching the Virus was an ENORMOUS risk!

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  11. Lady of “Reason” (I still don’t get the name. Is it irony?) If you and your mindless cohorts think it’s ok to mil around down town, by all means, help yourselves. You’re so full of right-wing crazy and talk about rational and reason as if you actually possess some. If your “Dear Leader” Drumpf would have reacted rationally instead of trusting his “gut” (which is laughable since he has never called anything well from his gut except for maybe a family size bucket of KFC) we might not be in this situation right now. Of course, I know you’ll never look into any real information sources but if you did you would find that he was told time and time again to prepare for an epidemic. He CHOSE to ignore those warnings and then said “No could have seen this coming” when, in fact, he is completely and totally full of shit, as usual.

    Go take train ride, have a huge party, go press the flesh at the airport, let’s see how it turns out since you seem to think you know so much about it. Just like “Dear Leader” who always seems to know more about everything than the experts.


  12. Good post LoR, you really hit on a lot of important points. The Left will aways take advantage of a crisis so I’m not surprised at all they are using the pandemic to further their agenda.

    What has taken me a back is how quickly so many regular citizens caved to government power and are in fact now tattling on neighbors who they feel aren’t distancing themselves well enough. That’s a really scary spot for a country to be in, reminds me a bit of Nazis occupied France when French citizens were ratting others out to the Germans and handing Jews over to them. Obviously a different scenario here, but the human instinct for survival is the same which our politicians and media are relentlessly manipulating.

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  13. Excellent post. I agree with the comments that I have read thus far as well. As you point out, one of the most disturbing aspects of the reaction to the Wuhan virus is the absurd measures various state and local governments are taking to control people.

    All too many police are going full “Barney Fife” arresting and citing people for doing things that are not likely to spread the virus and, in many cases not even prohibited. I saw a news article about a fellow in Denver who was arrested for playing with his six year old daughter in an empty park. I think that we all saw the video of the lone paddle boarder who was pursued by two police boats. We are told that the flu is seasonal partly because in the winter people are cramped together indoors. Yet, they are hassling people on the beach or in parks where they have some distance from one another, in warm sunlight so that heat and UV can destroy the virus.

    Many politicians are open in their desire to use the virus as a pretense to impose their green new deal and other leftist measures unrelated to fighting disease. I hadn’t heard of the online firearms course being banned, but I have heard of many other anti-gun measures such as forcing gun stores to close despite the Dept of Homeland Security declaring the firearms industry to be essential. The LA County Sheriff banned gun stores from selling firearms to first time gun buyers, not because of virus risk, but because he didn’t think it was a good idea for those people to obtain firearms. The whole thing smacks more of ideology than of virology.

    By their actions, many in government are showing how out of touch they are with the citizenry. Although I’m not religious myself, I understand that in times of stress, many people will seek solace and support from their religion. In light of that, banning religious services seems futile and guaranteed to alienate people. The LA sheriff, mentioned above, along with law enforcement in many other cities are letting criminals out of jail and limiting the number of 911 calls to which they will respond. Yet they are surprised at how many people are buying firearms for protection. Those officials are demonstrating their indifference to the wishes and welfare of their constituents.

    We’ve become far too accustomed to sacrificing our freedom for the illusion of security. I can only hope that the current situation serves as a wake up call for people to get rid of all the nanny state nonsense that we have allowed to accumulate.

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  14. Oh, so many points made! Too many I want to comment on. 😀 I’ll just touch on a couple.

    Re: the sale of alcohol, I’m reminded of rationing in Britain during WWII. Even at its most severe, some things were never rationed. One of those was beer. In fact, as the war dragged on, when the government discovered there was a surplus of potatoes, they ordered farmers to use the excess to brew beer, as more traditional ingredients grew scarce. It was recognized as important to morale.

    I doubt, however, morale is the motivation in current circumstances. The biggest morale booster would be allowing people to work, either as an employee or as a business. Another major morale booster would be allowing people to worship. Your example reminded me of another instance where people were fined, even though they took great care to maintain distances. For a woman’s birthday, her friends and family drove to her house, staying in the cars, single occupants only, and sang Happy Birthday to her out their windows. Then they left. I believe the fines they got (done through the collection of license plate numbers of participants) were $1000 each. In Newfoundland a woman was fined twice for breaching the stay at home orders. She was homeless. It’s gotten so insane!

    Speaking of insane, here in Canada, the news just came out that anyone who applies for emergency funding will be automatically approved and get money. The government will go through the applications later, to determine if the applicants actually qualified. This is on top of all First Nations and Metis automatically getting money. My husband never renewed his Metis card when we moved back to this province, but his disability payments aren’t affected, so he doesn’t need the bribe… er… financial aid. It’s one thing to try and get aid to people as quickly as possible. It’s quite another to engage in what is really a vote buying scheme. Our federal government already tried to sneak unfettered taxation and spending into the aid package, and still managed to grant themselves increased power.

    And yeah, even though we’ve finally, technically, closed the illegal border crossing locations between Canada and the US (where the RCMP are set up in permanent buildings to act as bellhops), exemptions were made, and illegals are still crossing.

    On the one hand, I wish we, as a culture, took the annual flu as seriously and practiced reasonable measures to prevent the spread. But people don’t see it as a serious threat, even though it kills and sickens so many, every year – and that’s WITH a vaccine available! So I’m happy to see sneeze shields and retail staff being able to clean thoroughly (I would have loved that, back when I worked as a grocery store cashier!!), and that people are keeping their distance. Shutting down the economy and forcing people to stay in ever more enclosed spaces is going to backfire, badly, and is unnecessary. We could learn from Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea.

    Oh, and regarding the double standards regarding worship, you might find this interesting.

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  15. Love your piece, as always. One correction IMHO. TDS is not more contagious that Coronavirus. On the other hand it seems to be incurable. Fortunately, I believe that both you and I have immunity. It comes with rational thought.

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  16. I think the suspension of our Civil Liberties in many cases is far more scary than the pandemic itself! And far more scary is people’s willingness to surrender those liberties in the name of “Safety”. We did it before willingly after 9/11 and, just as we got a President who was seeing to it we got back the liberties we surrendered then, here comes a most convenient disease that gives the Deep State another excuse to stomp on the populace and remove our rights. A need for quarantine is one thing, but forbidding the purchase of a baby car seat as “non-essential” is quite another altogether! The government shouldn’t have the right to tell us what we can and can’t buy at a store, especially when it comes to the safety of babies. That’s when you know your state leaders have overstepped their bounds and have become an enemy of their own constituents.

    I can only hope and pray that the end of the shut-down will find a full return of ALL our Civil Rights & Liberties and all these sadly unprepared governors will face the music come next election.

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    • I’m sorry but where did this emergency car seat incident happen? Where they not able to order one on Amazon either? Grocery stores are still open (Walmart, Target, etc) and they have car seats there as well… this just sounds like a Karen tantrum.


      • Melissa, the literal answer to your comment is Michigan. Having said that your question(s) represent a world class effort at missing the point.

        Liked by 1 person

    • And it looks like this lady is missing correct common sense interpretation skills. I googled this absolute tragedy real quick and from what it says, is that a Walmart stopped car seat sales (oh the horror!) because they themselves misinterpreted Michigan policy, and was soon corrected. A Walmart…was there no other store that carried this much needed emergency, life-sustaining car seat that was needed right that very instant? Outrage! My liberty to buy a car seat at THIS specific Walmart is being trampled on!

      Yeahhhh this has Karen and Susan written all over it with the added expired coupon being demanded to be used on said car seat.


      • Spot on. As soon as I saw “but muh car seat!!” It was automatically a Karen argument. People are dying and have died but Karen needs her car seat.


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