Inspiration in Conservative Dress: “The Big Bang Theory” Edition

Inspiration in Conservative Dress is a reoccurring series of posts of various modest and feminine outfits to inspire other women to dress modestly and resist society’s pressure to dress provocatively and subscribe to “hook up” culture. Through conservative dress, A Lady of Reason sends a message of resistance to the “sexual revolution” and radical liberal feminism, and the upholding of feminine virtue. Arguably, this could also extend to the support for social conservatism in general. How we dress signals who we are in society. I also want to state that this idea is not mine originally, but done on another religious blog called The Catholic Lady. I was inspired by hers to make a secular version for A Lady of Reason. 

On the TV show “The Big Bang Theory”, two characters who are female scientists have displayed feminine and modest outfits through out the series. Bernadette, played by Melissa Rauch, and Amy played by Mayim Bialik, who are microbiologists are often seen in dresses, skirts and tights with wonderful cardigans! While they are fictional, their styles serve as good inspiration for modest feminine women, who are also women of science!


(Recently, unfortunately, it seems that Bernadette has been given a more generic and less feminine wardrobe like seen here. I hope they reinstate some of her gorgeous outfits!)

Related image  Bernadette Purple Cardigan  Bernadettes pink floral dress with cardigan on The Big Bang Theory.  Outfit Details: #TheBigBangTheoryRelated image   Related image


 Image result for amy big bang theory dresses

Amy and Bernadette

  Image result for bernadette big bang theory dresses

Mayim Bialik is also devoted to modesty in real life and is a great role model for young girls and women who emulate women in Hollywood where immodesty is rife and the norm!

Related image  Image result for mayim bialik red carpet

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