A PSA by A Lady of Reason: Fear is a More Dangerous Thing to Spread…

By now much of the world had heard of the recent coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe. What started off in Wuhan, China has now spread across many countries, including Italy, Iran, and South Korea as some of the hardest hit. Now with Italy on lock down, many events cancelled, people quarantined, it seems like the whole world is coming to a standstill! Of course, it is better to take proactive steps to control the rapid spread and contain it before it escalates further. It is also important to know just how virulent this particular virus is and who is most at risk. We can’t down play the severity of the situation at hand here or abroad. In this globalized world we have shown it’s only one flight away from an international issue.

However, what may be even more dangerous is the high risk of fear mongering and misinformation that comes with this situation. Just because something is a problem, we can’t feasibly just put the world on hold. Yes, we should make reasonable adjustments that the evidence shows has a significant decrease in risk and strong justification. People who have symptoms should get tested and the sick self-quarantined. Some moderate social distancing for those who have been exposed to somewhere or someone with the virus is reasonable.

The trouble begins when we go overboard. “An abundance of caution” can go too far as well… Shutting down places where there are populations with low risk to contract the virus, younger and healthy individuals is not as needed as of now. The news cycle constantly playing up hysteria and panic to get their ratings does nothing except exploit Image result for coronavirus mortalitya novel situation. The CDC says right now the virus affects the elderly and those with preexisting health problems and respiratory issues the most, and others are most likely to get more mainstream cold or flu symptoms, but not the more deadly version. In essence, for most of the young healthy population, this is not too different from the seasonal flus that have gone around or the common cold. Data from the CDC also indicates that the vast majority of fatalities are in elderly people which of course is worrisome to many who are elderly and care about an elderly loved one, but for those out and about the most, it’s not like the black death! Not to mention, we weathered other storms of this kind; SARS, H1N1 flu, etc…. and the country survived and didn’t go into doomsday mode or have all of the country dead or dying. Nor is this COVID-19 virus all that novel:

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common in people and many different species of animals, including camels, cattle, cats, and bats. Rarely, animal coronaviruses can infect people and then spread between people such as with MERS-CoVSARS-CoV, and now with this new virus (named SARS-CoV-2). (CDC.gov)

This is just a newer strain coming out that we need to build up an immunity to. Also as of now, the CDC gives a clearer picture of the risk for the average American.

Current risk assessment:

  • For the majority of people, the immediate risk of being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19 is thought to be low. There is not widespread circulation in most communities in the United States.
  • People in places where ongoing community spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 has been reported are at elevated risk of exposure, with increase in risk dependent on the location.
  • Healthcare workers caring for patients with COVID-19 are at elevated risk of exposure.
  • Close contacts of persons with COVID-19 also are at elevated risk of exposure.
  • Travelers returning from affected international locations where community spread is occurring also are at elevated risk of exposure, with increase in risk dependent on location.

And yet everywhere is shutting down and cancelling out of fear as if this were a higher risk and more deadly. I don’t remember the Ebola epidemic a few years back shutting down the country. It was mostly contained in Africa, however there were people suspected to carry it or have it come to the US. Believe me, those viruses have far higher mortality rates! Again, I don’t deny there is a need for enhanced cautionary measures. It’s all about a response proportional to the facts, not mainstream news hysteria and “what if” panic. America right now is a lower risk for most people, so most people should be able to still live their lives and not be panicked into going into plastic bubbles! Wash your hands thoroughly, be careful what you touch, keep clear of those who appear sick, be aware of your personal risk (ex. travel, age, health etc.) and such. But don’t stop living your life out of fear. We’re nowhere near that yet. We never have been in our history. This is not Ebola, or the bubonic plague we’re talking about here! This is a variation of a common type of virus we encounter every year. We also must look at some of the countries hit harder. Places like Korea, China, Iran and such have less than stellar medical care and living standards. Of course any disease will be more severe with less resources, technology and ways to stop it like in underdeveloped countries. Even in Europe, their public “free” healthcare system wasn’t great to start with before this! Our resources may be stretched, but theirs I’m sure is beyond the breaking point. That factor cannot be overlooked too in judging the true threat this disease poses to us here in the US.

Overall, the enhanced fear mongering does nothing to do actual help, and only creates unnecessary hurdles in our lives. Yes, this is a new virus, but new does not mean more deadly or harmful than many we encounter far more frequently and take for granted. Think of the flu that comes out as a new strain each season. Compared to COVID-19, the flu kills far more people globally than this has. And as far as risk goes, theImage result for coronavirus mortality vs flu flu also targets the elderly and infirm more than healthy young individuals. Yet people take the flu for granted and downplay its threat to our health. Why? Why isn’t there a huge campaign each year to shut down everything due to a new flu strain every flu season? My guess is it’s simply not new anymore, thus we habituated to the idea of it. We fear what is new, what is novel. However we have been in similar predicaments in previous years and made it out. Ironically, the fear over this has spread far more prolifically than the actual disease!

Could it get worse? Anything is possible and I don’t have a crystal ball nor some magical guarantee, but until it actually does, let’s just live our lives like we always have. My elderly grandmother who of course I’m concerned about, is living her life as usual and has the perspective that she must do the things she loves while she still can. Someday she won’t be able to but for now she can, so she does. We all can learn from that attitude. This may get worse. We may have to have more restrictions on our lives because of this. But for now, let’s do what we can, until we can’t. Go to work, go to class, go out to dinner, go shopping, go run errands, go have fun… We as a country have weathered two world wars, a depression, terror attacks, other pandemics and such in our history and have always pulled through as a nation. Who says we can’t weather this storm too? This won’t last forever!

One last major point to add that has to be mentioned: The politicization over this virus has reached an all new low of unethical agendas! Leftists going so far as to wish coronavirus on Trump supporters by deliberately infecting a Trump rally is beyond disgusting! I can only hope more sane Liberals can be big enough to condemn that too, however much they dislike Trump. Also, blaming Trump for the virus, calling for him to take action and when he does, condemn him for it only blocks his efforts to stop the spread. Quarantining those cruise ships then recommending that diseased people not be let into the ports is harsh, but wise. Why should we risk thousands of lives onshore until we can properly control their reentry? A few severe cases and fatalities are tragic, but it’s the lesser of the two evils compared to hundreds or thousands more. I must say too any fear mongering by the Right also is wrong, but I haven’t seen it like how Leftist sources are playing up the hysteria. Funny coincidence this is around election time too 😉 This needs to be a bipartisan issue, as the virus does not vote red or blue. Using Coronavirus as a political propaganda tool is beyond unethical! It’s time we call out the mass hysteria, panic and propaganda!

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52 thoughts on “A PSA by A Lady of Reason: Fear is a More Dangerous Thing to Spread…

  1. What a Party these Progressives have…

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the New Favorite Daughter of the Socialist Party mixes drinks at luxury home apartment while explaining how vaccines aren’t any harder to make than a Rose Spritzer, Fuzzy Navel, or Pink Squirrel, and can’t understand why it’s taking so long to find a cure.

    Joe Biden is so far Out of It that he’s talking about Donald Trump helping Iran and Hurting the USA by sending them Pallets of Cash in the middle of the night!

    Lizzy Warren says that the virus is attacking on all people with 1/1024th Indian DNA, ..

    Rosie O’Donnell claims that the virus has caused massive hair growth on back, legs, and arms, and wants to sues federal government for dealing with Corona China!.

    And Joe Biden tells us (among other things) about the Kind in the Swimming Pool rubbing the Hair on his Hairy Legs.

    And these Democrats want to Impeach President Trump? Tell me Who are the Sicko here!
    And Andrew Cuomo tells us that “Everything’s under Control” we just have to wait for the “APEX”!

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  2. The Democrats newest best friend Communist China is responsible for all of the American’s deaths, and the future death’s of American’s and the deaths of the other Nations as well.
    I’m talking about the millions of people from allover the Country, and the World, and those who will be sick or dying from this HORRIFIC Vinous that they are responsible for.
    It’s becoming pretty obvious that the Socialist-Communist Democrat party of America is very happy with more death and suffering as long as it hurts President Trump, and allows these Selfish Progressives to gain the power that they wouldn’t be able to gain otherwise at an honest election.

    Our nation is experiencing a real awful crisis and the Democrat’s choice for re-placing our President Biden is hiding somewhere in his basement cowered down in his basement so that he doesn’t have to face the public and risk saying one of his stupid remarks that would show people he is unfit to be the Democrat nominee for the Presidency, let alone the possibility of becoming the president. , His action of hiding should be more than enough to show the world just what a COWARD he is and how much he fears the possibility of avoiding, and speaking to the public. .
    You wanted him, now Deal With It.
    You Commies Really SUCK!

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  3. President Trump Shows that Fear and Hate can be Overcome by Determination, Hope, Hard Work and Correct Information. This is a President that knows how to get the job done!
    I can’t imagine Joe Biden or ANY other Democrat doing this job with these kind of barriers. Joe Biden couldn’t even pronouncing the verbiage without stumbling 6 or 7 times. Biden need to rehearse his speech 25 times a day so that he could remember what State he’s in or what Office he is running for.
    And Joe is getting worse day by day….look for Cuomo, and/or the Hildabeast to ride in on a White Horse….I can hear Hillary now coming out of the woods to save us….
    There is no way Democrats are stupid enough to put Joe Biden up against Trump.

    I ‘m also hearing that Cuomo will be replacing Creepy Joe “bin” Biden.
    The same Cuomo that asked President Trump about his claim that New York has lots of ventilators in storage: And told the President “That is incorrect and grossly uninformed.”

    And then, after he was caught lying, he said: “ Oh yes, we have ventilators in a stockpile, but we didn’t send them to the hospitals yet.

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    • It doesn’t concern you that Trump cut the pandemic response team and was claiming that this Coronavirus virus thing was no big deal until after other politicians and their rich friends sold their stock? I don’t know if a Democrat would be worse, but this administration certainly could’ve done better.

      Fear and panic are dangerous for sure, but some people are panicking now because they weren’t given enough time to prepare. Now they are out searching for basic supplies with supply chain issues making finding things difficult.


      “ Could it get worse? Anything is possible and I don’t have a crystal ball nor some magical guarantee, but until it actually does, let’s just live our lives like we always have. ”

      Is dangerous advice. People should’ve prepared for a long term emergency in January and if they haven’t by now then they are really late. If you wait for worse then you won’t be ready when it happens.

      I was also much more disgusted by coverage of this pandemic on the right than on the left. Some on the left might’ve overplayed the danger (time will tell) but the right told its older, sicker, higher risk audiences that there was nothing to worry about until the day the national emergency was declared.

      Hope that you are well and stocked up on food, masks, gloves, tp and sanitizer.


      • I have no horse in this race, but nine days after Mr. Trump banned foreign nationals who had visited China from entering the US, the NYC Health commissioner encouraged everyone to go out and celebrate the Chinese New Years parade and ignore the misinformation about the Coronavirus.

        Trump Administration Restricts Entry Into U.S. From China

        Then, less than a month later, Bill de Blasio advised people to go on with their lives and “get out on the town” despite the Coronavirus

        And the following day, Andrew Cuomo held a press briefing downplaying fears over the seriousness of epidemic. (click on the date to see the tweet and play video)

        So at very least, the blame goes both ways.

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      • NY local government has never seemed all that competent to me, but I only visit so Idk a lot about it.

        However Trump and the GOP clearly knew that there was a serious problem. You don’t ban travel from China, sell your stock, tell your wealthy friends to sell their stock because we are going to be in a Spanish Flu type of situation and invest in work from home companies when you think that there’s no problem. Trump obviously
        knew and he stood up there and said that this was no big deal was a plot by Democrats. For some reason a lot of people are handwaving that. I joined a political party, not a cult so I won’t be playing the “both sides” game on life or death issues.


      • Yet in the following video, Mrs. Pelosi seemed unconcerned and assured everyone it was safe to visit Chinatown on the 25th of February.

        “You should come to Chinatown. Precautions have been taken by our city. We know that there is a concern about tourism traveling all throughout the world, but we think it’s very safe to be in Chinatown and hope that others will come.” (1:38 – 1:54)

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      • Do you really not understand the difference? There is a difference between telling people that Chinese-Americans who haven’t traveled to China aren’t more likely to have Coronavirus while hanging out with those people yourself and telling people that Coronavirus is not a threat while selling your hotel stock and investing in work from home businesses.

        One tried to help out a group of Americans experiencing unfair discrimination and the other lied all Americans to keep the markets calm until they and their rich friends could sell stock. This is the same thing to you?


      • You can’t have it both ways. Either the Democrats were serious about the outbreak as early as January, or they were not. And I’ve now provided links to several instances in which they most definitely were not.

        In regards to the stock sales, four senators sold stock: Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., Sen. Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga., and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. And of those four, Mrs. Feinstein sold the most stocks ($6 million). So again, representatives from both parties engaged in these activities.

        And the outbreak occurred in China, so it makes perfect sense to avoid areas with the highest likelihood of having residents who might have visited that country. That’s not racism — that’s common sense. Plus, what’s up with the use of hyphenated Americans? You are either Chinese or you are American, Swedish or American, Polish or American, German or American, French or American, Italian or American, etc. — pick one or the other and stick with it.

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      • You can’t have it both ways. Either the Democrats were serious about the outbreak as early as January, or they were not.

        I didn’t claim that Democrats were all serious about the outbreak in January. The local government of NY does not sit on the Senate Intelligence committee and receive their classified briefings, and so there is no way to know for sure what they knew and when. Democrats told people that it was safe to patronize Chinatown and Chinese owned businesses at a time when all business were still open. If you are going out and about anyway it is silly to avoid people of Chinese descent, but that is what was happening. This is entirely different than what Trump and the GOP did.

        Trump and the GOP knew how serious the problem was in January /February and lied to American people about the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic while warning their wealthy friends and donors. https://www.npr.org/2020/03/19/818192535/burr-recording-sparks-questions-about-private-comments-on-covid-19

        Diane Feinstein is also on the Senate Intelligence committee. She claims to have missed the meeting on coronavirus and that her assets are in a blind trust. That might be BS, but she did not go out and tell everyday Americans that all was well while giving rich folks a “1918 pandemic” warning heads up like Burr did. Again Trump, the GOP and right leaning media lied and claimed that coronavirus was a Democrat conspiracy until very recently for personal gain. That is not something that I will be handwaving and “both sides-ing”. I know that a lot of people treat politics like a team sport, but I am not brainwashed. I want a competent government and am not happy to be governed by crooks, liars and fools so long as they have the right letter after their name.

        Now this administration is claiming that it will be some kind of victory to keep American Covid19 deaths below 100k. However Italy has about 10k deaths and 5x fewer people and most would acknowledge that it is because they handled it badly.


      • On what date exactly were the White House officials supposed to have been aware of the seriousness of the Cornavirus? Because prior to its seventh situation report the World Health Organization (WHO) gave no recommendations or advisories against it . In fact, a newsroom release dated 10 January 2020 stated:

        International traffic: no restrictions recommended

        [ . . . ]

        WHO does not recommend any specific health measures for travellers. It is generally considered that entry screening offers little benefit, while requiring considerable resources. In case of symptoms suggestive to respiratory illness before, during or after travel, the travellers are encouraged to seek medical attention and share travel history with their health care provider. WHO advises against the application of any travel or trade restrictions on China based on the information currently available on this event.


        This was reiterated in the following tweet on the 14th of January:

        And when asked about travel bans after the Senate briefing on the 24th of January, here is what Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the infectious disease unit of the National Institutes of Health, said:

        It’s not something that I think we’re even considering.


        Meanwhile, NPR ran an article on the 29th saying that the flu was a bigger threat than the Coronavirus.


        WHO Situation Reports 7 to 35 (2020-01-27 – 2020-02-04) contained the following recommendations and advice:

        During previous outbreaks due to other coronavirus (Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), human-to-human transmission occurred through droplets, contact and fomites, suggesting that the transmission mode of the 2019-nCoV can be similar. The basic principles to reduce the general risk of transmission of acute respiratory infections include the following:

        • Avoiding close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections.
        • Frequent hand-washing, especially after direct contact with ill people or their environment.
        • Avoiding unprotected contact with farm or wild animals.
        • People with symptoms of acute respiratory infection should practice cough etiquette (maintain distance, cover
        coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues or clothing, and wash hands).
        • Within healthcare facilities, enhance standard infection prevention and control practices in hospitals, especially in
        emergency departments.

        WHO does not recommend any specific health measures for travellers. In case of symptoms suggestive of respiratory illness either during or after travel, travellers are encouraged to seek medical attention and share their travel history with their healthcare provider. Travel guidance was updated on 24 January.

        And since report 36 (2020-02-25) the recommendations are:

        If you are not in an area where COVID-19 is spreading, or if you have not travelled from one of those areas or have not been in close contact with someone who has and is feeling unwell, your chances of getting it are currently low. However, it’s understandable that you may feel stressed and anxious about the situation. It’s a good idea to get the facts to help you accurately determine your risks so that you can take reasonable precautions. (See Frequently Asked Questions) Your healthcare provider, your national public health authority and your employer are all potential sources of accurate information on COVID-19 and whether it is in your area. It is important to be informed of the situation where you live and take appropriate measures to protect yourself. (See Protection measures for everyone).

        If you are in an area where there is an outbreak of COVID-19 you need to take the risk of infection seriously. Follow the advice issued by national and local health authorities. Although for most people COVID-19 causes only mild illness, it can make some people very ill. More rarely, the disease can be fatal. Older people, and those with preexisting medical conditions (such as high blood pressure, heart problems or diabetes) appear to be more vulnerable. (See Protection measures for persons who are in or have recently visited (past 14 days) areas where COVID-19 is spreading).


        So if the world’s official health watchdog got it wrong and downplayed the seriousness of the virus for over two months, how is it that Mr. Trump’s fault?

        As for the senators, Mrs. Feinstein claims her blind trust is administered by her husband, which isn’t exactly blind, or at arms length — is it? Moreover, Mrs. Loeffler and Mr. Inhofe also claim their trusts are managed by others without their involvement, and Mr. Inhofe claims he was not at the briefing either. So if you want to grant Mrs. Feinstein a pass on those grounds, fairness dictates you extend the same courtesy to the others.

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      • Why on earth would he follow the advice of his trade advisor instead of the recommendations made by the WHO and the head of the infectious disease unit of the National Institutes of Health? And had he done that, the Dems and the MSM would have been braying non-stop that he would have entertained such an idea, let alone followed through with it.

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      • That seems to be the way conservatives and repubs in general seem to deal with everything. Wait until shit hits the fan, blame it on the Democrats (equally as oblivious as them), and then proceed to make it about Trump (usually lauding him as the messiah). Then start with helping the big corporations because screw everybody else, right?

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      • Ron- here is WHO’s Covid-19 timeline


        They certainly gave plenty of early warning which was squandered by the Trump Administration.

        Here is where the Trump Administration was warned by Intelligence Agencies in November


        And here is a pretty good summary of how the Trump administration has completely bungled the response, wasting valuable time and costing a lot of American lives.


        Read the timeline and then compare it to Trump’s public statements and inaction and be honest. Is that what competent government looks like to you?


      • The Who can run whatever timeline it wants, but the daily situations reports they published downplaying the threat (to which I linked to earlier) completely contradict their current assertions that they were at the forefront in raising the alarm bells.

        And aside from the fact that the your second link cites unnamed sources, the ABC report to which it links contains this little blurb:

        The Pentagon did not comment Tuesday, but on Wednesday evening following the publication of this report, the Defense Department provided a statement from Col. R. Shane Day, Director of the NCMI.

        “As a matter of practice the National Center for Medical Intelligence does not comment publicly on specific intelligence matters. However, in the interest of transparency during this current public health crisis, we can confirm that media reporting about the existence/release of a National Center for Medical Intelligence Coronavirus-related product/assessment in November of 2019 is not correct. No such NCMI product exists,” the statement said.

        Your last link is an opinion piece, and ironically, claims that “the Trump administration received its first formal notification of the outbreak on January 3” — which contradicts the claims the administration knew about in as early as November made in your second link.

        But as I stated in my opening comment, I have no horse in this race; because I’m neither Republican, nor Democrat. If you rely on government officials of any stripe to look after you well-being, your trust is sadly misplaced. My advice is to take personal responsibility of your own welfare, because no one else will.

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      • Ron- I have no idea whether or not they knew in Nov, but I certainly think that an intelligence agency would lie. However it is indisputable that they knew January and should’ve been preparing for a pandemic, with funding and ordering necessary supplies. I bought masks and other supplies in January, why didn’t the federal government?

        The opinion piece includes direct quotes and fair timeline. You may disagree with the writer’s conclusion that the Trump administration messed up, but he isn’t wrong on the facts. I am not a Democrat or a Republican either, but as a tax paying American citizen I have a horse in this race.

        If you rely on government officials of any stripe to look after you well-being, your trust is sadly misplaced. My advice is to take personal responsibility of your own welfare, because no one else will.
        This kind of nonsense allows elected government officials to escape accountability. Trump’s job isn’t just tweeting, golfing, giving rich people tax breaks and bailouts and making liberals cry. This crisis should’ve have been managed much better. America is suffering more than any other first world country when we should have suffered less. That is the result of the Trump administration’s incompetence. Part of personal responsibility and good citizenship is acknowledging when your elected officials have screwed up and holding them accountable. The government is a reflection of the citizens who elected that government. Clearly we all need to do better.


      • The opinion piece timeline and the MSM’s partisan talking points were pretty much refuted by a video compilation documenting the timeline of their own lies at Mr. Trump’s press briefing yesterday.

        Nonetheless, I hold neither the press nor the government in high esteem because both sides lie to advance their political agendas. I subscribe to the motto “that government is best which governs least” — or perhaps, not at all. You can call taking personal responsibility for your own welfare nonsense — or old-fashioned, if you like — but the end result has been, is and always will be the same: those trusted public officials let you down just when you rely on them most and you’re left twisting in the wind wondering what went wrong. So you’re much better off to assume the worst and prepare to look after yourself right from the start. And if perchance they follow through, consider that a bonus.


      • The timeline and failures of the Trump administration were not refuted for anyone paying attention to facts.

        If this timeline is wrong please point out where.


        Personal responsibility is great and I certainly believe it is best to take care of yourself. I bought N95s and other supplies in January because I didn’t believe Trump’s lies. Many of our fellow citizens were denied the opportunity for personal responsibility in this matter because they believed the Trump administration’s lies about this pandemic. Now they are wearing masks made out of old bras and coffee filters and desperate for toilet paper. The GOP gave their wealthy donors a heads up and lied to the rest of us while failing to prepare.
        You may be fine with that kind of thing, but I am not.


      • “February 9, 2018: President Trump signs bill that cuts $1.35 billion in funding for Prevention and Public Health Fund at the CDC.”

        Refutation: https://www.factcheck.org/2020/03/false-claim-about-cdcs-global-anti-pandemic-work

        In fact according to Snopes, most of the funding cuts to the CDC either didn’t happen, were replaced by other funding, were set in motion by the previous administration, or were reallocated to other government programs and block grants.


        And this is confirmed by browsing through the last five years of congressional budgets and CDC financial statements. Moreover, the current budget proposal actually includes an increase in global disease detection.

        The timeline doesn’t include the WHO’s January 10 recommendation not to restrict travel or its January 14 tweet stating that:

        Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China

        Nor does it include or any of the other links I already provided downplaying the seriousness of the virus, or the countless media articles stating the seasonal flu was a far more serious threat than the coronavirus or the NYC officials telling everyone that everything is under control so go out and mingle.

        Like I said, to trust the government is to put your life at risk. The experts can’t even agree on whether or not you should wear a mask.

        If you do not have any respiratory symptoms, such as fever, cough, or runny nose, you do not need to wear a medical mask. When used alone, masks can give you a false feeling of protection and can even be a source of infection when not used correctly.

        — World Health Organization Western Pacific (@WHOWPRO) March 26, 2020

        Meanwhile private businesses and charities have stepped up to the plate and taken decisive action. Between the middle and end of March, most of the grocery stores I visited had installed hand sanitizer stations at their entrances and Plexiglas shields at the checkouts along with signs at along every aisle reminding customers to practice social distancing. Other companies (like Ford, Brooks Brothers, etc.) have re-purposed its factories to produce masks.


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  4. There is no question the Democrat are using federal Stimulus funding for all sorts of stuff including their New Gren Deal agenda it’s just like stealing the money.
    The Vermin don’t care at all about the Millions of Americans who are Hurting and are in desperate need of help. Pelosi’s Coronavirus Bill is stuffed with Unrelated Goodies for the Democrats agenda.
    It’s a shame, and disgusting how the Democrat party ALWAYS tries to profit from a catastrophe and from some ones misery!
    They should be ashamed of themselves…
    But then again, they have no shame..
    Including $35 million meant for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C
    Saving the Postal Service
    $300 million would be allotted for the National Endowment of the Arts and an additional $300 million for the National Endowment of the Humanities. Funding for Planned Parenthood

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  5. General Patton was a legend of the United States Army during World War II
    General Patton was a military Genius with a very controversial personality. He was both respected and feared by the German High and the field troops as he stormed across France and Germany kicking ass and taking names.

    President Trump is cut out of the same cloth as Patton, a brash genius with an equally controversial personality who never backs down from a fight and doesn’t takes any prisoners, and is never afraid of a fight. . The lefty liberals are terrified when confronted by his style of leadership. Where as someone like Joe Biden, or Andrew Cuomo, Michael Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker, or Beto O’Rourke, who were more like a modern day Gomer Pyle. Even Gomer Pyle was a lot smarter than some of them.
    Much like General Patton, our President is always on the front lines to lead, and inspire the country’s citizens, and in this case the medical community as well.
    And he is always there to calm, and reassure the fears of the Country’s citizens, and his base. We are very fortunate to have someone like Trump at the wheel during this time of crisis.

    President Trump has done Great things for this Country.. Iran, Russia, China, and many others don’t Crap allover us like they did before. And putting up that the Wall is already paying for itself .

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  6. How much longer will the Democrats try to play this Charade?

    The DNC (Democratic National Committee) will NOT run Gropin Joe and we ALL know it. We ALL know that Creepy Joe has gotta go, and that’s why they are groming Andrew Cuomo, so why are they trying so poorly to pull the wool over our eyes? We are not as Stupid as they think we are.
    These fools would not allow Bernie “The Socialist Nut) Sanders run so they certainly won’t allow Creepy Sleepy, Groper Senile, Hair Sniffing, Joe Biden to run against President Trump. . It’s incredible how neive these Socialist Democrats are. Incredible and frightening!
    Gropin Joe has been making fools out of both himself and the Democratic National Committee, and I for one have been waiting, and wanted to see him laughed off the stage by President Trump’s devastating him before the entire country, and now I am being deprived of it. .Can you have IMAGINED him debating President Trump? It would be worth the price of a ticket to see the Rolling Stones just to see that show!
    And it would have even have been better seeing him announcing Hillary Clinton as his choice for Vice President.

    Lets face it, our country is currently going through the biggest crisis in 100 years and Groping Joe Biden’s leadership strategy is to hide under his bed. What more needs to be said?
    Other than…HE WON’T BE THE NOMINEE. The DNC has Cuomo, or Clinton waiting in the wings to take over. Biden is a total disaster, and everyone knows it, even the DNC! .
    The only chance that the Democrats have left is Andrew Cuomo doing his Al Pacino imitation.

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  7. How many people have been laid off in the last three days? And without being Paid! Every day without getting paid is crucial to these people. There is no need for Democrats to delay this coronavirus response package for as long as they did. The shameless Democrats delayed in order to propose their unrelated ideological wish list, like all that crap like the “New Green Deal” etc. . There were countless hours wasted on partisan posturing served no purpose—all while resources were delayed for Americans who are sick and/or lost their jobs.
    The responsible Republicans and Democrats negotiated a deal to provide more money for Hospitals, so they can treat patients, for Individuals, so they can pay their rent. And for Small businesses, so they can keep people employed

    Now, Democrats are holding it all up. And Americans can’t wait, nor should they have to!
    Democrats wanted to use the coronavirus response package to change election law and implement parts of their Green New Deal. Republicans fought back and scrapped those things, so now it is clear Their delay achieved nothing but more pain for Americans.
    The Republicans BLOCKED a carveout that would have given taxpayer loans to Planned Parenthood. Democrats tried to sneak it into the coronavirus package.
    This is the truth, and don’t let any of those sniveling Socialists tell you differently.

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    • While I don’t disagree with what you wrote, I think it presents a false dichotomy. Because neither Democrats nor Republicans respect the constitution or the people they purport to represent. In essence, they represent the tumorous left and right wings of a diseased bird, and the only humane thing left to do as this juncture is to put that bird out of its misery.


  8. Still a total nothing burger? What would the death rate be now if we had done nothing? In the world deaths just past 20k people. Where are all you naysayers now? Maybe its time to read a book instead of worshiping your fox news idols?


    • Yes. “but until it actually does, let’s just live our lives like we always have. ” Are you serious? It’s okay to listen to medical professionals vs a business man when it comes to matters that involve medicine and health and not business. The mentality of “let’s NOT do anything until shit hits the fan! 🤩” is why Italy is the way it is. I’m an ICU nurse. I worked in the largest (most prestigious) medical center in the world. Feel free to Google what “top notch health care” this is located in. And today I just quit my job. Why? Because our top notch first world health care, along with the CDC, and Trump cronies having the mentality of “oh it’s nothing!” Is willing to sacrifice health care workers for the sake of their precious economy. Our first world, top notch medical center (it’s the best in our nation, that’s the part that should scare you) is making nurses practice unsafe and life threatening trends. It’s not just about your granny getting sick. It’s several grannies getting sick all at once. And not just grannies, Lady, the amount of people in the ICU on ventilators right now is starting to near 40%. It’s not just an “old person’s” problem. Is the survival rate higher for younger folks? Yes. With adequate support treatment like access to ventilators, hospital beds, and adequately staffed hospital staff. Which is exactly what we’re about to run short on. Our first world, top notch health care (unlike Italy’s I guess?) is making nurses use one mask for the whole shift when these are single use, as in only supposed to be used in one interaction (Ben Taub Hospita, looking at you). Our first world top notch health care, has nurses and doctors using trash bags as a contact precaution gown. Texas, out of desperation, has passed an amendment that will allow graduate nurses to begin working without a license and is calling for retired nurses to come back into the workforce. I quit this week because I have children. I need to be alive for them. I also have the luxury of being able to do so since my husband can support us until I can work again. I’m not willing to be the sacrificial lamb of corporations or a government prioritizing economy over human life. I just pray for for protection over all the other health care workers that are still on front lines, reusing the same dirty, or makeshift PPE from the day before.


  9. President Trump says, : “I Don’t Take Responsibility At All”
    Because its not his fault, Trump cant prevent lying lib reporters from asking loaded questions, or stop the anti trump networks from misinforming the public!
    The Democrats are trying to tank the economy with the coronavirus fear-mongering to defeat President Trump. And they are determined to spin whatever phony excuses, and BS stories that are necessary to put an Inept, Old, Senile, Goon in power.. Even if it it harms our country.
    I keep reading how Trump screwed-up at handling the Coronavirus pandemic and that it could end his Presidency. I am interested in seeing alternatives as to how this should be handled instead of criticizing the President when the President actually did a great job nipping it in the bud. Trump instituted the travel ban in an effort to slow the spread and give us time to react. This happened in the first 2 weeks, unlike Obama who waited until 1,000 Americans were dead and 6 months had passed.
    In fact now we are hearing that China is now blaming us for the virus, saying it began with our Army. It is interesting that the medical supplies we need so desperately and have had trouble getting are all made in China. If there was ever a time the US becomes seriously invested in American manufacturing of medical supplies and medicines. We now learned that China is not our friend. We need to be totally independent from those Lying, Cheating Bastards.

    And as for where the virus began, we know that it began in Wahun, China and the disease came to the US much later.
    Democrats and Liberals continue to show lack of leadership by bringing nothing to the table but criticism and smear of Trump. Even we are suffering as a nation from a pandemic, the priority remains: GET TRUMP
    These selfish Progressive Nuts have never accepted the FACT that they lost the 2016 election to a reality TV Non-Politician. . And now they’ve shamefully weaponized a public health issue to scare half the country to death and will wreck our economy by doing so.
    When the dust finally clears, as it eventually will, and it becomes undeniable that the coronavirus is not significantly worse or deadlier than the Swine Flu or the common Flu, And then, I will remind you and other lying Politicians about their hysteria and the lies that they concocted! It will show that President Trump actually did a heck of a good job.
    I’m not saying that there isn’t a world wide spread of this virus, but I am saying that the Democratic responses are still ignoring the fact that this virus is as deadly as they are making it out to be. And the Swine Flu death rate ranged between 1% and 4%, depending on the Country it took place in, and age group, and that the Swine Flu killed between 150,000 and 400,000 people worldwide. Yet, there were NO such Travel Bans; Sports Leagues did NOT Suspend Operations; Churches did not stop meetings; many Schools did not close, the stores did NOT have Toilet Paper shortages, the shelves in the Super Markets, and Drug Stores were not empty, the people were not as fearful as they are now. And the News outlets reported the Swine Flu very different than how they are now reporting it. And more importantly, they didn’t blame Obama for anything!

    Even though it has been announced over, and over again, the Facts have proved that someone who has the Corona virus, this does not mean you will automatically catch it, or Die from it. . The World Health Organization found that in China, where this thing started, and where it is MUCH WORSE only 5 to 10 percent of the people who had lived or worked closely with an infected person caught the virus… Think about that the next time you watch the doom, and, gloom reporting coming from the Liberal News Stations, or the Banana Republican propagandists working overtime who are desperately trying to blame Trump and cause him to lose the election!

    And Speaking about China, the death rate from the Corona Virus, or COVID-19 in China has dropped dramatically, going from around 22 percent in mid January to nearly 0% over the last two weeks. And that many of the Stores, etc that were forced to close, are starting to re-open. But we aren’t hearing that on those Liberals News Stations are we!

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    • Hence the reason Mrs. Pelosi introduced an 1119 page “Coronavirus Stimulus Bill” that also requires:

      – businesses to meet gender and racial diversity quotas (multiple pages)
      – airlines to reduce their 2005 level carbon emissions by 50% by 2050 (p. 804)
      – changes to federal employee collective bargaining agreements (p. 735)

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  10. I’m more afraid of the effects of panicking, crazy people at this point than I am of getting really sick from the virus.

    However, I’ve shifted my opinion on this from being a big nothing burger to something more serious as the CV is different from regular flu in some keys areas. The main one being it’s rate of contagion which is way higher than typical flu which brings a compounding effect to diagnosed cases. If our caseload jumps to a million in a couple of months, the number of dead older people and/or those with compromised immune systems will not be a pretty number. And younger people are not completely immune to getting the more serious type. With those numbers too healthcare providers will become overwhelmed and not be able to treat others who come in for non corona related health issues and rationing decisions will need to be made as they are now in Italy.

    We should not panic, really when is that ever a good idea? Lol. We should look at what’s going on in other countries though and be prepared for that here if things really blow up.

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  11. Yours is a voice of sanity regarding the corona virus panic. I agree with you that because this particular strain of corona virus is new, many people are far more fearful than the facts warrant. People tend to learn to live with familiar dangers and to exaggerate the risk of those that are new and unfamiliar. As you point out, the regular flu has killed far more people this year than has the new virus yet most people don’t bother getting a flu shot even though they are inexpensive and often free of charge. The more familiar the danger, the less the perceived risk. Of course those with the least understanding of viruses are the most easily panicked. I saw a poll that indicated many people stopped drinking Corona beer out of fear of the virus.

    I’m old enough to have lived through several crises each of which was advertised as likely to bring about an end to the economy, civilization etc. I’ve learned the benefits of Kipling’s advice about keeping your head when everyone around you is losing theirs.

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  12. I am so glad I am off Facebook for Lent. (Facebook is my only really active social media use) I’m missing out on all the conspiracy theories that were already popping up before I did! I still got one direct messaged to me just this morning, connecting the Covid19 with the 5G network that’s going to kill everyone.

    I’m also seeing the virus is exposing hidden racism and a whole lot of ignorance. Chinese businesses are hurting, because people are refusing to go to them. My mom has a church across one road from her place, and a Chinese restaurant across the other road. Lots of people would go to the Chinese restaurant for lunch after mass, because it was so close. Now, they’re driving well out of their way (avoiding another, closer, restaurant that was owned by a Korean family), because of the virus. This restaurant is run by a Chinese family, they’re open 7 days a week, and live locally. They’re not traveling to China and back. But somehow, people think this virus somehow magically transports itself from China to infect Chinese people in the middle of the Canadian prairies? Pathetic. There hasn’t even been a confirmed case in our province (though one person with symptoms was escorted off an international flight, which made the news).

    People will jump on any excuse to justify their actions, whether its TDS or racism or some other bigotry. It reminds me of people who, in fear and ignorance, killed cats during the Black Plague, believing the cats were evil and causing the disease. Meanwhile, the cats were killing the rats that really spreading the disease through their fleas, so these people were actually aiding the spread of disease in their fear and ignorance.

    Some things just don’t change, no matter how “advanced” we become!

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  13. I stopped by the grocery store Friday on my way home. It was nearly empty of people though the shelves were full. It was an eery calm inside. Not sure if it’s picked up or not, but I see much over reaction. Imagine if something really bad happened. This is nothing to hunker down over. Reason #307 why I don’t watch the news.

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    • I understand there’s been a run on toilet paper on the west coast. I’m not sure why you’d stock up on that rather than food, but as Jim Morrison observed: “people are strange”.

      Liked by 2 people

      • That seems to have stabilized Ron in my region of Washington state. I was at Walmart yesterday and there was no cold/flu meds left on the shelf. Most Americans now are exempt from the virus anyway because they have 200 bottles of water and ten mega packs of toilet paper. At least when we get sick we can still keep our asses clean.

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      • Although anecdotal, personal experience has led me to conclude that proper rest, nutrition and exercise go a long way towards reducing the likelihood and severity of colds and flu viruses.

        I’m usually always prepared for weather emergencies — especially in winter — but if I weren’t, I’d stock up on citrus and vitamin supplements before TP and cold remedies, because an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. And in any case, there won’t be much coming out the bottom end if you’re too sick to eat.

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