The Party of “Tolerance”

Ahh…. The Left! The party of tolerance! The party that’s accepting of every color, gender, religion, sexuality, etc… The party who fights against racism, discrimination, white supremacy. The party who believes both sexes are equal in every way and should be treated as such. The party who says “love is love”. The party who says “be whoever you feel like being” and not be boxed into what you were born with. The party who accepts all cultures, all religions, all sorts of people, not just one way of life. The party that is generous and giving to the needy. Who advocates for the underdogs of society. Or so they think 😉 But anyone who can see and has a brain knows the reality:

How the Left has demonized the white race, made it acceptable to mock white people, stereotype them as bigots, and claim they have unearned privilege and it’s on them for all the problems of the world.

How they can weaponize race as a political tool, and pit one race against another, tearing each other down rather than bringing each other up. Not to mention the bigotry of lowered expectations with every student of color they pass along, every employee they hire for their skin color, not their merit. The idea that the Left is the minority’s savior, not the minorities empowering their own communities.

How they also demonize men as the enemy of women. The oppressor, the rapist, the wife beater. How they teach a generation of girls and women to look at boys and men as predators, just waiting to grab them. To fear a hug from grandpa or an uncle. To see their one true worth as a human being as being gained only through being like a man in every way. Telling wives and mothers they need more than being “just” a keeper of the home and nurturer of their children to have any sort of life.

How they weaponize the vile assault of women to come after their political enemies by getting women to claim “MeToo” with no evidence making it much harder for REAL victims to get the belief and justice they so desperately deserve. Taking advantage of everyone’s outrage as the thought of such heinous crimes to smear an innocent man for life.

How they will turn a blind eye to the wrongs of other cultures, while only seeing wrong within our own. To hate the West and America for its past imperialism, while ignoring the imperialism in many other countries and cultures today.  To say we oppress women, while women in the 3rd world are mutilated, imprisoned, abused, beaten, raped, trafficked, made child brides, etc..etc… To shun democracy because of some flaws, while seeing none in socialism which has wreaked havoc on many countries from Russia to Venezuela today! To teach our children that the West is the great evil, while every other culture gets a free pass on their flaws.

How they blame a race for horrific acts of mass shootings, while denying a religion has become radicalized and perpetuates terror here and abroad.

How they say “love is love”, but have none for anyone who dares criticize their politicization of the gay community, or chooses to have religious objections.

How they champion themselves the protectors of women, while letting predators get a free pass in the name of transgender acceptance.

How they can pick and choose groups at will to be immune from criticism, while making others the targets of nothing but criticism.

How they can mock one’s faith, but make it heresy to do so for another’s.

How they “care” for everyone in need abroad, yet turn a blind eye to the countless Americans here that need our resources first. The homeless veteran. The starving family with children. The people who truly NEED welfare to get a leg back up in life once more instead of the cradle to grave leeches pandered to for votes. Or value the rights of an illegal who has a lengthy criminal record or even kills an American citizen by harboring them in sanctuary cities.

How they condemn alt-rightwing violence and hatred while creating violent mobs to harass families inside their homes, elderly in the streets, trashing neighborhoods, terrifying communities, while claiming a MAGA hat is a “threat” and scares them… How they see a smirk as a hostile act, but not someone inches from one’s face banging a drum loudly while others scream slurs at you. 

How they preach “acceptance” of all people, yet those with different ideas, perspectives, and experiences are labeled bigots, racists, homophobes, sexists etc… How they say that everyone is welcome on the job or in school, but truly mean just their own cohort. Conservatives can be shunned, mocked, ostracized, censored and even targets of threats and violence.

Now does any of this scream “tolerance” to you???

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25 thoughts on “The Party of “Tolerance”

  1. I was recommended this blog by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody
    else know such detailed about my difficulty. You’re incredible!


  2. The far left are masters at manipulating people in to thinking those that hold positions different from them are evil, toxic, xenophobic, etc….It still works well for them as a strategy but luckily more and more people have caught on to their tricks. Hopefully this will produce better candidates down the road.

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  3. Who’d of guessed that George Orwell’s 1984 would one day become an instruction manual and a template to denounce others for committing “smirk” and “hat” crimes?

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  4. “How they champion themselves the protectors of women, while letting predators get a free pass in the name of transgender acceptance.” This is a big issue with TERFS – Transgender Exclusionary Radical Feminists. But it is not only the radical feminists that are realizing this. Many mainstream as well. How this plays out will be very, very interesting. No doubt, though, that ultimately, it will be due to the “Patriarchy!”

    We need to learn how to communicate better — perhaps that will help solve the divide.

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  5. The Party of “Tolerance” only does that, they tolerate the groups they pretend to protect as long as it can fit in their narrative otherwise they are against everyone including themselves. As a WHITE gay Jewish REPUBLICAN, I don’t fit this narrative so I don’t count, they would burn me at the stake if they had the chance.

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  6. You are spot on, once again. I have been saying for many years, that there are none so intolerant as those who demand tolerance! Things have only been getting worse, and in the last few years, the speed of it has increased dramatically. Like some sort of mass psychosis.

    I just went through several days on a Facebook comment thread that exemplified this. Someone I know shared one of the original stories portraying the Covington teen as a MAGA hat wearing racist abuser. People had already made negative comments based on the link’s narrative. The person sharing it is one of those in the peace and love crowd, but also older and not online much, so I figured she missed the stories that were just coming out. It was just being revealed that not only was the original interpretation wrong, but that the truth was turning out to be the exact opposite of the narrative. So I made a comment, suggesting she might have missed this new information coming out, then backed up my comment with a couple of links. This resulted in someone commenting about how much they hated seeing someone they love being attacked by “divisive” people. Meaning me. I also responded to someone else’s comment about how “deplorable” the situation was. Before I knew it, I had several people attacking me, attacking the Covington teens, putting the NA protestor on a pedestal, and when I was able to counter their claims with actual facts, based on video, they just doubled down. Gaslighting. Moving the goal posts. Ad hom. More gaslighting. Red herrings. Then the original poster got in, and tried to say she never shared the link as a criticism of the kids, but to spotlight lack of communication in the media.??? And on it went. More gaslighting. Endless logical fallacies. End result, the peace and love crowd had no problem with attacks on me, the kids, etc., even though what they were attacking me (and the kids) for did not actually happen. The very fact that I tried to point out that the videos showed the truth to be the opposite of what they were claiming was, to them, an attack on them and their entire existence. It was bizarre and surreal. Yet oh, so typical.

    As an aside, I just want to say, I’m kinda tired of people on all sides referring to the kid as “smirking.” He wasn’t smirking. He was just smiling. It may have been a tense smile (after all, he was in an uncomfortable situation, with a drum being banged in his face), but it was still just a smile. Nothing more.

    I at least see a bit of a silver lining on the dark cloud. The more the leftists double down on their hate, while claiming to be all about love, the more people #walkaway It’s starting to backfire, and it’s about time. Unfortunately, a lot more people are going to be damaged, likely permanently, before the pendulum finally swings back.

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  7. I like your article. I think that we both agree on the points that you made. I’m reminded of William F. Buckley’s comment that the left prides itself on taking all view points into account and then is astonished to learn that there actually are other view points. I think that the left has become even more sanctimonious since Buckley’s time and more resistant to facts and logic where they contradict leftist dogma.

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  8. The left might start with ‘race’ to spotlight whatever, but if that doesn’t work, they go for some other characteristic that might catch hold and get the attention of the ignorant masses. Or they start the demonizing with gender, social status, wealth, imagined privilege of some sort, etc. All in an effort to get us to all become more like Cuba or Venezuela, chaotic, non-productive and repressive.
    Those who seem to think America is at fault for the ills of the world, need to study world history a little closer. History is full of oppressors and slavery and nastiness due to the human condition of wanting to have power over other humans. Not that we should overlook it, just learn from it and recognize it when it raises its ugly head. Then end it before it has a chance to spread and gain control.
    Maybe its just me.

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  9. The Party of Tolerance of course here in NYC everyone preaching tolerance while they are spitting in your face. I always put them to a test. Then I walk away saying; tolerance, inclusion, diversity and integrity! Stop lying! I have a walker because I have Vertigo to keep my balance. I have attached my American Flag to the walker. American Patriots are really not welcomed here in NYC.

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  10. I don’t really see them as demonizing the white race. I do understand the frustration of knowing our history as white, and sugarcoating it with thanksgiving tales of coexistence and harmony. Its 75million dead in the America’s, erasing their histories, cultures, and language through colonialism and brutality and pretending now to be the good guy. This happened, and certain people want to pay reparations and end the damage. No more special laws to protect those that still oppress. Those that cause civil wars over rubidium deposits so you can have a cell phone…The list is pretty long, but the interesting part is we all have to participate whether we like it or not. That’s the travesty of the system.

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    • People also confuse the far left with the same left. As the far left uses the far right to demonize the right and even those on the left that don’t fully agree with a progressive view.

      I can find people that I know are left of centre and on many topics I may disagree with them. But I have more in common with them because a libertarian, for example is mocked by the far left becaue they don’t want to attack ever view they disagree with.

      And it tells you how far the party on the left has moved when even central and left of center political ideology is given over to evil right thought.

      The difference to many is has your particular thing you care about been demonized yet by the far left because they get more radical all the time

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      • Demonization is as old as religion, really. Both parties are pretty far left of even 20 years ago. The entire political paradigm has shifted. Basically the right is exactly what they hated when I was younger.

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