A Very Special Midterm Message…

Addendum: So the Dems got the House of Representatives, but we still got the Senate! Not the big victory we wanted, but we must be grateful for all of our parts to play in keeping the Senate, and remember: 2020 is coming sooner than we know it, and with this lunacy continued, might be a blessing in disguise 😉 Midterms may be over, but the message remains the same! Don’t break down and tantrum, try harder for 2020! 

Today is a big day for America!!! Get off the couch, out of bed, turn off your computer, put down your phone, get dressed and head out to the polls! A Red Wave can’t make itself! You may be but a drop in the bucket, but every great tsunami is made of millions upon millions of drops all put together! Let’s get out there and put our votes where our mouths are, and fight with our greatest weapon: our ballots! Whether you’re openly conservative or feel the need to stay hidden, today is your day to truly come out and shine 🙂 Today is YOUR day to let America hear YOUR voice in where we ought to go!

Do we want open borders, hook up culture, “any family is a real family” propaganda, broken homes, MeToo hysteria and witch hunts, disrespect for our country and the people who serve it, a compromised Constitution, more government interference, public school indoctrination factories, college craziness, a generation of embittered, constantly offended fragile snowflakes, political correctness, internet censorship, a one sided media, the politicization of innocuous things, transgender lunacy endangering women, the welfare state, reverse discrimination, trigger warnings/microaggressions, resentment of men as “the patriarchy”, a white privilege guilt trip as the new “white man’s burden”, where any valid critique of a group or culture triggers meltdowns, selective outrage, where a nuanced argument or critique is met with vile ad-hominem attacks, even threats of violence, where you can lose your job, your friends, even family over a political stance, where we must hide or else be ostracized by society, and much much more???

OR do we want controlled immigration, less government interference, respect for our country and its values, a fair and balanced education that shows both sides of an issue, due process and innocent until proven guilty, science to determine fact from feeling, women and girls safe in their own bathrooms and dressing rooms, upholding the Constitution, honoring our soldiers and law enforcement, equality of opportunity based on merit, not skin color, gender, etc… etc…, a culture of virtue where marriage is sacred, families are intact and our children come first, women act like ladies of elegance and grace, not “nasty women”, the rights of the people to be treated as capable adults by our government who serves us, not the other way around, an internet where ideas flow freely, where journalism covers both sides, where free speech is a key virtue of a democracy, where an uncomfortable idea makes us think not hide from it, where an unpopular opinion is not hatred and entire groups of people aren’t scapegoated as the source of all oppression, where we can all laugh with each other all in good fun and not feel slighted at every little thing, where the American Dream is real, and hard work ,not living off one’s victimhood is rewarded, A country where we don’t have to stay hidden any longer…

We need people like you, like all of us to get out there and show America what its people really stand for! Denial or fact facing? Propaganda or truth? Journalism or biased opinion pieces? Education or indoctrination? Disagreements or death threats? Investigations or inquisitions? Arguments or ad hominems? Promiscuity or virtue? Marriage or broken homes? Crime and terror, or vetting? 3rd world values or equality and democracy for all? Merit or skin color? Gender or evidence? Hypocrisy or integrity?Chromosomes or feelings? Hysteria or protection? Fragility or resilience? Handouts or hard work? Ideas or censorship? Etc… etc… It’s up to YOU! Get off your butts and take action! Vote the change you want to see in the world! 😉

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20 thoughts on “A Very Special Midterm Message…

  1. Goodness, it sounds like some closeted conservatives want a public “space space” to peddle their ideas publicly. Isn’t it amazing that what you speak out on has consequences? If you treasure and value your ideas so much, go ahead! Say them out in public! Be proud and loud! In your job, school, social media page for the more cowardly etc. If they’re “correct” and “represent American values” then America should clap right along with you, no?


    • You should be able to, but alas, one group decides to “disagree” by firing, ostracizing, even threatening those they disagree with! Every idea has the right to be challenged, but the Left out and out demonizes the people who hold them so many feel forced into silence. “Consequences” for ideas don’t include violence, threats and ostracism! That proves about zero of your point’s validity….😉


  2. Regarding Kavanaugh and Ford, I think Reflectory and I watched different hearings because Kavanaugh seemed quite composed even when he expressed his anger at the spurious allegations. On the other hand, I see that two of his accusers have now admitted that they fabricated their charges. Ford has not, but the holes in her story make that unnecessary in my mind. Her corroborating witnesses have either denied any knowledge of the event or have refuted her story. Her alleged fear of flying was belied by her frequent plane trips. I found her testimony regarding her lie detector test to be enlightening. During that part, she sounded like a shy teenaged girl rather than a sophisticated university professor. She professed ignorance of who paid for the test and was unable to clearly describe the test while testifying in her “intimidated teenaged girl” mode. Perhaps I’m cynical but hearing that from a professor of psychology of whom it was later discovered that she had previously helped a friend prepare for a lie detector test, points more to her skills as an actress than her reliability as a witness. The utter disregard for due process in the matter indicated that the Democrats goal was to stir up hysteria rather than to assess Kavanaugh’s judicial qualities.

    The Democrats claimed that his angry response to the charges indicated a lack of proper judicial temperment. I think the opposite. We want justices on court who are outraged at injustice and who know how feels to be the target of it. It should be a requirement that anyone who sits on the Supreme or any other court have sympathy for the individual who is the target of venal allegations and who is being crushed by the grandiose plans of big government advocates. Because of that, I find Kavanaugh’s expression of outrage justified and an indication that he is well qualified for the court.

    Reflectory believes that the only speech censored on the Internet is hate speech and “demonstrability fake news”. The “star chamber” process that Twitter, Facebook etc use to make those determinations means that there hasn’t been much “demonstrable” about it. They have been forced to backtrack in several instances including recent cases where they censored the political ads of one party and not the other. A look at the original post and Reflectory’s comments indicate two very different view of the facts as well. Wouldn’t the disparity of viewpoints make it difficult to objectively determine what is “demonstrability fake news?’ If the Internet censors are so objective about censoring hate speech why are there so many death threats against the president still posted and why are Louis Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic diatribes still available on the net? If these “objective” censors consider Republican campaign ads to be hate speech while death threats and Farrakhan’s rants are not, then I can’t take any defense of those censors seriously.

    Both the post and Reflectory’s comment covered too many issues for me to address in this format, so I will close with the issue of Trump and the immigrant caravans. First, illegal entry into the U.S. is a crime. Those claiming that it shouldn’t be treated that way are, in effect, arguing for open borders. In addition, we have evidence including admissions made in interviews with people in the caravans that some in the group have committed other crimes including attempted murder. Also, there is evidence of ISIS and Hezbollah terrorists in South and Central America. It would be naive to assume that they wouldn’t try to infiltrate the U.S. through immigrant caravans. I do not argue that all or even most of these illegal immigrants are career criminals or terrorists but one reason that the immigration laws are there is to keep out those criminals and terrorists.

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    • Dems are Hearing Impaired:

      As a veteran Army Military Police Investigator (31BV5) and having interrogated countless suspects, Kavanaugh’s testimonial behavior struck me as guilty but as one feeling justified in their behavior. His anger stemmed from being caught. I saw it numerous times.


      • Correction:
        As a veteran conservative I’ve heard ridiculous nonsense from countless conservatives. If Kavanaugh was the type to indulge in and feel justified in such behavior the Dems wouldn’t need to go back to his high school days to find someone who would make such accusations nor would the accusers either recant or come up with stories so fill of holes. A competent police investigator would realize that.

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      • Dems are Hearing Impaired:
        Re: “Correction”:
        You are 1) rebutting a point I didn’t make. I said his behavior had all the tell-tale signs of a guilty but justified person, i.e. he felt no regret. I did not say his accusers had adequate prosecutable evidence or that the other accusers besides Ford were credible. A person with competent reading comprehension would have realized that. But I understand the dodge. You needed a rebuttal and you didn’t have a direct one. And 2) in your attempted and failed rebuttal you are indulging in the genetic fallacy i.e “because Kav has been good for the past few decades that means he was a model of moral behavior when he was “boofing” with “Squee.” In summation: You dodged and failed in the dodge, like a boxer who misses a punch and then falls on his face from the momentum. *Slow clap*


      • But instincts are only so good. Otherwise to save money we could try toss out the entire legal system and let the police interrogate the truth out of people.

        My uncle was a police officer and a judge and he could admit he had a tendency toward believing guilt in an investigation because he would see so many of liars

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  3. Using bullet points and sayings off meme and left websites as a way to prove that view is not an argument. It requires actual facts.
    For example prove to use the gov’t can have infinite money for socialism and just print money without causing hyperinflation.
    On the right we have numerous attempts as example of degraded and worthless money because gov’t tried to print money to buy their way out of bad fiscal policy. I am still waiting for the example of when it has worked

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  4. A fair minded, rational person need only read the critical rebuttal by “Reflectory” to this forum’s timely voting day message to understand exactly how a generation of people , through our leftist controlled media, social networks and school educators K through college have been indoctrinated into an all consuming cult like , far Left, globalist ideology.

    The Common Man

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    • I got “unfriended” by a couple of the few leftists still on my friends list on Facebook because I insisted that we have to rely on evidence, not just believe accusations. The sad thing is, now that these accusations are verified as false, I know they will still believe he’s a rapist.

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  5. Do we want open borders,

    Pray tell, what Democratic politician advocates for open borders?

    hook up culture,

    Pray tell, what legislation advocated by a Democratic politician encourages “hook-up culture”?

    “any family is a real family” propaganda,

    So, I guess according to the “conservative” definition, family is predicated on the presence or absence of penises, vaginas, and biological lineage rather than loving personal relationships. Noted.

    broken homes,

    Pray tell, what legislation advocated by a Democratic politician encourages “broken homes”?

    MeToo hysteria and witch hunts,

    Hysteria? The most notable recent example of Kavanaugh and Ford featured a calm and collected, rational accuser and a blustering, rage-filled, conspiracy-theory referencing, hysterical denial.

    disrespect for our country and the people who serve it,

    Oh. Like disrespecting POWs for “being captured” and publicly belittling gold star families as Trump did?

    a compromised Constitution,

    When is this Constitutional Convention scheduled to “compromise” the Constitution? I haven’t heard about it.

    public school indoctrination factories,

    Pray tell, what is this “indoctrination” you speak of? You mean stuff like those pesky scientific facts that point to AGW that conflict with the conservative narrative?

    a generation of embittered, constantly offended fragile snowflakes,

    Oh, like the fragile snowflakes that meltdown and say there’s a “war on Christmas” when someone says “Happy Holidays”?

    political correctness,

    Political correctness is contextual. It is politically correct within conservative circles to be “politically incorrect.” So what someone is actually saying when they deride “political correctness” is that they wish to have a hegemony on the culture and political conversation.

    internet censorship,

    The only “censorship” that I am aware of involves hate speech and demonstrable fake news. So, which are you for? Hate speech? Or fake news? Or both?

    a one sided media,

    Fox news is the number one cable news network. Conservative propaganda sites like Breitbart and Gateway Pundit have millions of readers. Talk radio is dominated by blowhard right-wingers like Rush Limbaugh. So it’s hilarious to hear “conservatives” play the victim when it comes to media.

    the politicization of innocuous things,

    Like saying “Happy Holidays”?

    transgender lunacy endangering women,

    Heaven forbid someone use a public restroom!

    the welfare state,

    What, specifically, are you deriding here? Medicare? SNAP?

    reverse discrimination,

    Loss of privilege is not “reverse discrimination.”

    trigger warnings/microaggressions,

    What legislation is proposed that would enable “trigger warnings”?

    resentment of men as “the patriarchy”,

    What legislation is proposed that would empower resentment of “the patriarchy”?

    a white privilege guilt trip as the new “white man’s burden”,

    What legislation is proposed regarding this?

    where any valid critique of a group or culture triggers meltdowns,

    I actually agree with you here. But the “meltdowns” are hardly one-sided. I witnessed it first hand on another blog when I pointed out that lack of education was one of the strongest predictors for a Trump vote in 2016. A Trump supporter who was apparently triggered by this fact lost his mind over it, screeching and whining trying to make that fact go away.

    selective outrage,

    Like when a caravan of refugees that are among the over one hundred thousand that come to America each year is made into a scary band of criminals and pirates coming to eat your kids? Like that?

    where a nuanced argument or critique is met with vile ad-hominem attacks, even threats of violence, where you can lose your job, your friends, even family over a political stance, where we must hide or else be ostracized by society, and much much more???

    Funny, a few posts below you deride the “cult of victimhood” yet here you claim to be the victim when “conservatives” control the entire federal government (but probably not after today).

    What you’ve actually assembled here in this catalog is not one of political policy. It is rather what you think constitutes the “liberal identity”. There’s absolutely no policy substance underlying most of your claims. You’ve contrasted that with what you consider to be the “conservative identity” that is equally disconnected from actual policy.

    And “conservatives” accuse liberals of playing identity politics. As is almost always the case with “conservatives” in the age of Trump: every accusation is an admission.

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    • Someone got triggered 😂 Read my blog if you want my more detailed reasoning behind these points… Also, while some as you say are more social than political, a blue wave will set a precedent for the detrimental values listed above. Politics reflects the culture too, not just dry policy. Oh, and a question for you: Would you have let me post a comment in complete disagreement with you on your blog??? Can’t say we’re the party of censorship 😉

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      • Triggered and thoroughly indoctrinated!

        Looking forward to when we, in Canada, can get rid of our accidental Prime Minister. Lots of us are wishing we had more Trump and less mini-Obama right now!!

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      • So writing a response constitutes being “triggered”? On that definition, every post of yours is when you’ve been “triggered.”

        However, I realize the “triggered” label is not supposed to be logical or consistent with you guys: it’s just a rhetorical ploy used to dismiss views so you do not have to uncomfortably critically examine your own.

        Also note here: such a tactic is a form of the ad hominem fallacy that you reference. The ad hominem fallacy doesn’t mean “name-calling” as it is most commonly misunderstood by people who don’t understand logic (but realize they sound “logical” if they use the term “ad hominem”). The ad hominem fallacy constitutes attacking a person in order to discredit their arguments or claims without having to deal with the arguments or facts themselves–exactly as you have done by labeling me “triggered”–and then running away from the argument.

        And yes, I would have allowed a post in disagreement.

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      • I would. Conservatives don’t need anyone else to make them appear the way they appear. I don’t need to go out of my way to make fun of Trump. Up until whoever is his social media nanny now, he was doing a MARVELOUS job of showing his intellect, wisdom, and poise all by himself with the help of Twitter. Same concept here.


      • Re-Farmer,

        PLEASE. It would be our great PLEASURE and a kind service to our citizens and nation if you took our president.

        The people under 30 and the future of our country


    • Keith Ellison had a shirt that said he supported open borders (It was in spanish).
      Welfare and child support contribute greatly to non-wedlock and hookup culture.
      It isn’t healthy for a child to be in a same sex parent family because there are things you can’t learn from 2 mothers that you can from a father (like being a real man). Jordan Peterson talks about this alot. Once again, Welfare contributes greatly to broken homes. This is why mostly black women will have children out of wetlock.
      Ford had no evidence and 2 of the other “allegations” are being investigated because they were entirely false.
      Kneeling during the anthem, burning American flags, shall I go on?
      The Dems deliberately attempt to defy the constitution.
      In public schools, children are being taught only parts of history, they are taught that socialism is okay (especially in college).
      And yes snowflakes, the ones that scream and throw trash cans because they don’t get what they want, the ones that attempt to drown out others free speech while using their own, these snowflakes are nothing but spoiled brats.
      Political correctness is when you can’t make any kind of joke because it’s “offensive”, it is basically a nice way of saying, “you can’t say that”.
      Hate speech does not exist, period. You can say what you want short of yelling fire in a building or calling for direct violence against someone.
      One sided media as in CNN, they lie and get away with it.
      If you are a man pretending to be a woman, you shouldn’t use the women’s restroom, period. Basic biology is being ignored since you want to talk about science.
      Welfare is now a hammock instead of a safety net, it doesn’t need to be specific, it is all being used by too many people (especially single mothers which are encouraged to get on Welfare).
      It isn’t legislation but it sure is a basic part of the lefts narrative.
      Reverse discrimination is live and well, I am not going to feel guilty because I am white.

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      • Kellison:
        RE: Welfare contributes greatly to broken homes. This is why mostly black women will have children out of wedlock[sic].
        Invalid reasoning: post hoc ergo propter hoc.
        RE: Kneeling during the anthem
        Need I point out that Kaepernick consulted an Army Ranger to ask for a respectful manner in which to raise awareness of an issue? Patriotism is taking the position that our county can do better. Blind nationalism desires lockstep approval. We see what side “conservatives” landed on.
        RE: Dems deliberately attempt to defy the constitution.
        Examples please.
        RE: Political correctness is when you can’t make any kind of joke because it’s “offensive
        You completely missed the point of political correctness being contextual. Take the phrase: “Black people should be treated equally.” Utter it in a college classroom and utter it at a KKK rally. It is innocuous in one setting and offensive in the other. “Political correctness” is defined by the social group that constitutes the audience. Therefore when people complain about “political correctness” they are simply lamenting the fact that THEIR “political correctness” is not the social paradigm.
        RE: Hate speech does not exist, period.
        Nonsensical statement. Hate speech exists. It is largely protected as free speech from government action under the 1A as it should be. It doesn’t get a free reign in the private sphere (the “censorship” originally referenced) on (Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc.) as you seem to think it should.
        RE: One sided media as in CNN, they lie and get away with it.
        Funny. There was a non-partisan study of media bias conducted a few years ago. CNN tested the least biased. MSNBC was skewed left. The furthest from center and most biased was FOX, obviously to the right. When the Right says the “MSM” is biased, they mean the “MSM” isn’t right-biased. By any objective standard, right-wing sites like WND and Breitbart are largely propagandist infotainment. To be fair, the left has their versions, but they are far less prevalent and popular.
        Furthermore, it is hilarious that conservatives deride CNN for their few documented lies but praise Trump who is over the 4,000 count mark on documented, demonstrable lies (just during the presidency). It’s confirmation bias on steroids: CNN’s few lies are seized upon as “proof” their reporting is “fake” while Trump’s documented, demonstrable, voracious lying about things trivial and fundamental is given free pass because it comports with the “conservative” narrative.
        RE: Basic biology is being ignored since you want to talk about science.
        Biology encapsulates psychology and basic psychology shows us that sex and gender are not necessarily the same thing.
        RE: Reverse discrimination is live and well
        Evidence please.
        RE: I am not going to feel guilty because I am white.
        Nobody told you to.

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      • So if a father leaves a woman pregnant, he shouldn’t have to forced to support it? What should be forced? Marriage? That’s the magic want to fix instability in homes? I’m assuming just because a man is married tha magic want also makes him into a wonderful husband and provider? Lori Alexander sure has many opinion pieces (let’s face it, you can’t call them an article or any other type of literature) about excuses for incompetent providers and husbands. Save yourself the trouble if looking, all of her grammatically incompetent writings can be concisely summarized to “It’s all the women’s fault”.


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