Leftist Parental Fears in Their Own Societal “House of Horrors”….

In keeping with a spooky theme of the Halloween season, I wanted to bring light upon this very pertinent, and honestly sad and disheartening observation: The Left sees everything that was once innocent or innocuous as sick and perverted in some manner or another! From extreme examples in parenting, to aspects of our #MeToo culture, to the Left, the world is a scary, predatory, unforgiving place! Ironic much of their fears revolve around sexual matters, when they advocate for sexual anarchy and hook up culture! The innocent is now perverted, and the perverted is now innocent! Thus, the paradox of the Left…

My first example, which inspired to to write on this comes from the many parenting forums and magazines I’ve read over the years. See, there seems to be this sense of moral panic, especially about raising girls. Questions of modesty, sexuality, and such are hotly debated, which seems appropriate for concerned parents, but many of these discussions take on paranoid extremes. For example, and I’ve written on this in specific detail before, the topic of little girl’s kitten heels and standard summer wedges are now seen as a way of exploiting and over-sexualizing girls. I’m not talking stripper stilettos mind you, but shoes such as these:

Image result for girls kitten heels rachel shoes      Image result for girls kitten heels rachel shoes

Now, do any aspect of these shoes scream “sex kitten” to you??? Are they the shoes you would imagine on a prostitute or stripper, or a little girl in a poofy flower girl dress??? If you’re like minded and reasonable, your answer would probably also agree with mine being the latter conclusion… 🙂 However, many of these “woke” mothers, radical feminists, look at such shoes in disgust, only seeing the worst possible interpretation, that they make girls look at themselves as sex objects and have low self esteem! Whatever happened though, to the image of the little girl wanting to look like mom and look like a grown up lady and that’s literally it? How exactly does 2 inches of kitten heel make you magically turn into a sex object???

Another example goes of course, with lightly padded bras for tweens and teens. Some parents literally sought out to decry a lightly padded training bra accusing it of over-sexualization, but the padding was merely to cover indecent nipples on a developing girl!  Or panic over the lace underwear that looks regular, not lingerie mind you, just plain old panties! I don’t understand this immense fear, as underwear is UNDER your clothes! The point for a modest girl is to NOT see it in public! Ergo, it makes ZERO difference if it’s plain white, lacy or leopard print. It will not be seen by anyone but you!!! Also noting, push up bras are not the path to promiscuity, I’ve worn them for years in my teens, with no thought of hooking up, nor unwanted advances. Your brain, not your boobs, ladies, decide how you act 😉 I’m so grateful my parents did not let such paranoia cloud their judgement, and raise a rebellious girl who was starved for autonomy, but instead one who thought for herself, and chose to be modest in action and dress as her own intrinsic choice!

Related image
Oooh!!! So sick and perverted! The Horror!!!

Parents, there are FAR bigger battles to pick than underwear and 2 inch heels! I honestly  feel sorry for the parents, who parent in such extreme fear. I mean, what made you feel that the world is so sick and perverted, that a little girl’s kitten heel signals a toxic view of her sexuality she doesn’t even have yet?! I’m inclined to think some of these pearl clutching parents have had some traumatic experience of their own, by the level of fear they write with in discussing these issues. Perhaps it’s also radical feminist brainwashing that anything feminine is oppressive to women. Hook up culture is real, but kitten heels and training bras are not the path to it…

On a related note, comes the paranoia of the #MeToo era. I’ve written about this in great detail too in several posts already, however, I wish to bring to light the paranoia it spawned in what many would have seen as completely innocent and innocuous things even a year or so ago! The Girl Scouts, for example, told parents to stop having girls hug their relatives, or else it would set them up to take sexual favors in the future! I mean, seriously??? Hugging grandpa will send signals of sexual coercion being permissible? Is that the message YOU got from your childhood??? What about the idea that a fairy tale with the prince kissing Snow White or Sleeping Beauty sends a message of male sexual aggression and rape? Now a fairy tale must be “unpacked” to uncover its dangerous rape apologist side? Now think back: as a child, growing up with these stories, did you truly believe it was okay for a man to forcibly kiss or touch a woman because prince Charming kissed the princess awake? What about the idea that a little boy being a boy was a sexual threat if he kissed a girl on the cheek and she said “Eew! Cooties!” or a 5 year old boy being seen as a sexual assaulter because he hugged his teacher? Does this seem even remotely realistic, that a child who is years away from puberty could be some perverted sexual predator? What sort of sick perverted, twisted view of the world does one need to think on such terms? A world where a hug from grandpa is a set up for accepting sexual coercion.  A world where a little boy, in kindergarten is a sexual predator for kissing a girl in an innocent way as children do. A world where hugging your favorite teacher is an assault of the vilest degree. A world where the innocent is now evil, and the evil now innocent (as in many Leftist agendas)… What a strange paradox!

Hook up culture, promiscuity, immodesty, are all a-okay now and promoted. Broken families, divorce, sub par parenting, a consequence free attitude of entitlement are all perfectly acceptable to the Left, but heaven forbid a child hug her grandpa, kiss a girl, wear 2 inch heels to a party, try on her first training bra, enjoy a fairy tale, just be a little boy even! Such things that were once innocent and innocuous are now seen as perverted and damaging! I ask again: What leads a parent, or anyone really, to have such a distorted view of the world and society??? Things a generation ago were perfectly okay, and a part of everyone’s childhood!

Is our world really so perverted and disgusting, a cesspit of toxic sexuality and promiscuity hiding behind every corner, that a kitten heel is the same as the stripper’s stiletto, or the innocent elementary school crush toxic masculinity at work? That hugging your relatives on the holidays will lead to a life of sexual abuse by men? If they are indeed correct, maybe it’s their own fault we have fallen so far! A society where hook ups are handshakes, girls sleep around, and not save themselves for marriage, women are told they can dress as sleazy as they please, and are “empowered” to do so, divorce is normalized, broken homes rife all for the thrill of the next partner, I guess we have fallen far from being a more virtuous society!!! Thing is though, it is not us conservatives stirring that pot. We want a world where girls cherish their purity, and have self-respect. We want a world where every billboard has something else than a half naked lady on it. We want a world in which girls can be girls, and boys can be boys without some Freudian fantasy of sick perversions and uncontrolled ids!

The Left, and radical feminism has told lies of sexual anarchy equals empowerment though. Hook up culture is on them, not us! All the Leftist parents cowering in terror for their children’s innocence have played a part in creating this monstrosity by drinking the radical feminist kool aid about hook up culture as empowerment while sending mixed signals to repress one’s sexuality or see adult themes in innocuous things! Good news is though, I don’t think our world has indeed fallen as far was we think. Hugging grandpa is still just hugging grandpa. A playground kiss is a playground kiss. A little girl’s party shoe is for a party, nothing more. A training bra for tweens is a rite of passage, not a passage into promiscuity. Stop cowering in fear, people, and just see innocent things for what they are, not what your fears tell you they are. This sick perverted worldview is unhealthy and mentally damaging for you just as much as your children! Often, there really is nothing to fear but fear itself…

Related image
“Woke” cave parents!…

15 thoughts on “Leftist Parental Fears in Their Own Societal “House of Horrors”….

  1. What about the idea that a little boy being a boy was a sexual threat if he kissed a girl on the cheek and she said “Eew! Cooties!”

    Could you clarify what you mean by a “little boy being a boy”? I’m an Elementary teacher and at the beginning of the year, I establish the “classroom laws” and my expectations of every one of my students. First and foremost NO ONE is allowed to touch anyone else in anyway without permission. I personally wouldn’t want anyone kissing me on the cheek whom I wasn’t previously okay with. Especially anyone in a classroom I was in, so I don’t see why if a little girl felt uncomfortable with it, I would expect her to just accept “the little boy being a boy”. Unfortunately, yes, as a result of “boys will be boys” we have sexual assailants and rapists (BROCK TURNER) being allowed to walk free after a 3 month slap on the wrist for raping someone. Consent starts at a young age. “Did you ask him first if you could borrow your crayon?” “Did you ask her first if you could touch her hair?” Are all questions I will continue to instill in my students. No one owes anyone a hug, kiss, sex, or heck, even a smile and I don’t want any of my kids feeling like that is an obligation they must do if they don’t feel compelled to do so on their own.


  2. Have to compliment you for the attempt to breakdown and build up to then understand better the incoherent and nonsensical we see expressed. I must say though that it is easy to make the mistake to overgeneralize in the attempt to create order out of the mountains of different ideas and claims and objections especially from leftist feelers whom, driven by postmodernism – are not held even if they could – to coherent fact based reasoning. The overgeneralization caused you to assume that the objection against sexy clothing for young girls is a leftist parent issue. It is not I can tell you from my own experience. Nor does the objection have to driven by angst rooted in a sexualization phobia; objection can also come from the idea that popular culture sexualizes and so the fashion industry is in tandem, catapulting teenage girls into womanhood ie prescribing at what rate they are to grow up and become coquetish at their own pace. It is in fact stealing the puberty years and teaching girls to tart themselves up. Those who do not want to join the tits and ass culture its difficult to find cute things.

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    • I see your point, especially as conservatives like myself value modesty and decry hook up culture, but hopefully we aren’t the ones who twist the image of a little girl’s heel as sexual or the teen’s training bra as immodest. Skanky styles and behaviors are out there surely, but let’s not see it in every little thing that was innocuous a generation ago… as for finding cute and modern looking modest styles it is possible! More mainstream stores such as JC Penny, and H and M are selling tops and dresses with higher necklines and a nice selection of midi skirts despite some immodest items. 😃

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  3. Whilst I agree with most of what you said in this article I do want to take issue a little with what you say about how we dress little girls.

    I do completely agree with the idea that we should not sexualise girls un-naturally (which feminists do in some quite disgusting ways) but I am very much of two views:

    1. That modesty needs to be an absolute given – from infancy. This idea that because girls (and boys) are innocent means that it is acceptable for parents to allow them to run around improperly dressed even naked is wrong. Not because we should have to assume that every onlooker is a pervert. But because it encourages the wrong attitude in the child and does not instil within girls especially the consciousness that their bodies are special, private and to be held in respect. Or ultimately (as they grow up) that they are to be saved only for one other person.

    Also that the private parts of their bodies are for very particular purposes, should only be used for those purposes and should otherwise always be covered.

    My particular bugbear on this is people who allow daughters (of any age) to run around without a top !

    2. And this goes for women in general. Clothes can be pretty, fun, fashionable, expressions of your personality and especially your femininity, but they should always be modest and should not be deliberately ‘sexy’ in that they should not be designed to physically arouse men. The only exception to that last rule being what you may where for your husband in private and with his approval, which clearly cannot apply to any unmarried woman let alone a child. For that reason I have no problem with pretty dresses and specifically feminine shoes (yes with a modest heel etc) on girls, but underwear, night dresses etc should be simple modest and practical not designed to ape something you might wear for a husband.

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    • I agree… Modesty should be paramount at any age, but the question is not about girls dressing half naked as toddlers, but the unnecessary sexualization of padded bras meant to conceal the immodest, and small heels being construed as sexual when they’re innocent….


  4. Thank you for saying this out loud. Another aspect of this is the outrage that happens every time a girl is sent home from school for wearing a miniskirt. This too, (the being sent home part, not the wearing the miniskirt part) is considered sexualising girls. They can’t make up their minds.

    I think the reason is, as you pointed out, that ” The innocent is now perverted, and the perverted is now innocent!” It seems that everything humans once did is considered bad, and everything that was considered bad before is now fine, and good.

    It’s not okay for boys to want to be strong leaders–this is toxic masculinity. And it’s not okay for women to want to be loved and protected, for them to want to have babies, and homes and all the things that women enjoyed for centuries–this is giving into the patriarchy… Human nature is under attack…

    What do you think we can do to make it better? How do we activate the silent majority?


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  5. A few years ago I came to the conclusion that SJWs and religious puritans share the same mindset; the same views when it comes to human interaction.

    The same obsession with sexualising children can be found in Saudi Arabia, for example, where girls have to wear the veil as soon as they start puberty. That implies that the men around them are likely to look at them inappropriately, which should not be the case at that age. Suddenly, a non-related man and woman being alone in a room, hugging or sharing any affection seems suspicious to the far left; motives and possible consequences are analysed. Where else is that an issue? Iran.

    Exactly as you said; they can’t get out of paranoid mode. They see the world as a hostile place (projecting their own hostility, I suppose).

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  6. An irony I see, too often, is that the same people who project sexual interpretations onto children and decry the “hypersexualization” of children where it doesn’t exist, are also okay with their very young children being taught about masturbation, being told that “experimenting with your sexuality” is something they should do (but only if it’s same sex experimentation), and forcing kids to write “gay” love letters as a school assignment.

    Adults need to stop projecting their issues onto kids!

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  7. I think it says a lot about the perversions these people secretly harbour, that they project onto children attributes that most “normal” people wouldn’t think of seeing in a child! Indeed, it’s contrary to all sense to harass little girls for perceived sexuality, then give women the carte blanche to dress provocatively and engage in promiscuity, often leading to STD’s and unwanted pregnancies. Children may not be sexual, but they can certainly internalize this discrepancy and begin delving into behaviours they might not ordinarily seek out because it’s been set up as a big “No-No”, which basically makes it an attractive nuisance. Kids already grow up way too fast – telling them they are sexual at a young age will only accelerate that process further.

    As to fairy tales, I think it’s a bit presumptive of pundits to address ancient stories, handed down for generations, and attack them with modern mores.

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    • Amen!!! They hold little children to the standard grown women should be held to, while treating grown women like naive little children! ANOTHER Leftist paradox! The Left abhors slut shaming, while doing that exact thing to children!

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  8. Your paint a largely true picture of society in the richer nations but the reasons are complex. You ask the question is the world so perverted?
    The answer is most people are quite normal but the perception of the world is that it is that perverted? It is the perception as supplied by the popular media that people take to be completely widespread. We can add to that the greater transparency into the lives of the perverted ; it is splashed everywhere and we have developed a taste for such stuff. The control of what can be censored has slowly slipped away and we can watch chain-saw massacres and all sorts of sexual activity at the flick of a switch.
    Sexual crimes have been shown to be committed by all sorts including priests , so everyone is a suspect , just as everyone carrying a weapon must be intent on using it.
    The Evangelical Christians believe the answer is a return to the Bible yet they admit that man is essentially a sinner and will behave as such.
    I fear the media have come too strong to combat and people have got used to what they dish out for daily consumption, add to this the internet and you have a deadly potion that maybe the ruin of us all.

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