When Incivility Becomes Explosive: A Guest Post by Time Foolery

Time Foolery is a wonderful “Lady of Reason” I met through Twitter! She has insightful ideas and a talent for writing! Here’s her insightful take on the current bomb scares:

On Wednesday, October 25th, a series of non-lethal “bombs” were “delivered” to leading Democrats and, before anyone can begin looking for a culprit, CNN et al. immediately jumped on President Donald J. Trump and blamed his “rhetoric” for the event, which many see as merely a false flag operation meant to enrage Democrats and get them voting. Republicans are currently out-voting Democrats in early polling, and many Dems literally walked away in the past month with vows to vote red this November thanks to Democratic bad behavior over the Kavanaugh hearings.

Violence of any kind is deplorable, but incivility in this world is nothing new. Democrats who are holding on tooth-and-nail seem to have a serious problem equating the behavior of their leaders to what happened, if it was indeed a true terroristic threat. In the past two years, Republicans have faced harassment in restaurants and at their jobs. Cars with Trump- related bumper stickers have been vandalized. Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot. Candidates were attacked just last week. Antifa creates riots every chance they get. And WHO has encouraged such behavior? NOT Republicans.

Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, and Hillary Clinton all recently have called for incivility towards Republicans, with Holder telling his mindless followers that when Republicans go low, “we kick them!” With this truly violent rhetoric coming from the Left aimed at their less-than-intelligent base, it’s no wonder places like Berkeley became a scene of rioting, at the direct behest of Maxine Waters no less!! And they wonder why someone from the Right might do something like this??

The fact is, Republicans have been tolerating the Left and their calls for Communist-style incivility for the past two years simply because we won and saw this behavior as being to our benefit ultimately. The ongoing temper tantrums and craziness caused the #WalkAway Movement to be born, then gave it over 20,000 new followers in the short time since the Kavanaugh hearings. People who are critical thinkers saw the theatrics for what they were – a George Soros-funded “Free Fer All” designed to damage the entire legal process by trying to discount it completely. If they can’t get what Soros wants honorably, he gives them money, printed signs and his blessing to wreak havoc. This time, it didn’t work and he didn’t want to pay his minions afterward. Apparently he only pays on results, and the protesters began protesting that their checks never arrived. That certainly told the tale for anyone who was left wondering what the hell they’d just witnessed in the hearings. It was no longer a suspicion, it was a confirmation that a Hungarian outsider is, and has been, seeking to subvert the Constitution, and the United States itself.

And yet there was still no outrageous reaction from the Right. It was all “par for the course” in recent years and again, letting them misbehave did more for Republicans than it ever did for the Democrats. And early voting proves that.

So, next ploy: a caravan of Honduran and other illegals is paid to head north to invade the United States. Who exactly is footing the bill is ambiguous, but Soros’ Open Society has its name written all over it. It’s an idea – challenge immigration law and ICE by sending people supposedly looking for a better life to engender support for the abolishment of our immigration laws. But then the stories started coming to the fore that it’s mostly men on the move; that there are criminals and MS-13 amongst them; and that the few women and children on the march are being sexually attacked by men in the caravan. Nothing that wouldn’t scare the pants off any free thinker who realizes this isn’t a group who’s truly looking for a better life, but know they’ll get it anyway in return for their votes if the Democrats have anything to say about it. This was meant to drum up sympathy for illegals, but instead it has frightened Republicans and Democrats alike who realize this is a disaster walking our way. Another failed attempt by Liberals to excite their base.

So, what else to do to get sympathy and “righteous” indignation going? Trying to take out a good man and his family didn’t work. Harassing and attacking Republicans and their leaders didn’t work. And now the caravan has backfired tremendously. You can almost hear Hillary Clinton’s cogs turning, “I know! Let’s have a fake bomb scare!”

This wouldn’t be the first time in history that a political party has created a false flag operation to shore up flagging political power. Hitler himself had the Reichstag burned and blamed it on a Communist patsy to build up angst against his political enemies with those who weren’t already on the Nazi bandwagon. And it’s a play straight out of Saul Alinsky’s own directive on how to take down your opponents. In short, it reeks of Democratic desperation and very few are buying CNN’s line that Trump caused this. This isn’t to say that some less-than-normal nut job didn’t do this, and it’s certain someone has already been lined up to take the fall if not, but how long did Democrats expect Republicans to keep taking their bad behavior before clap-back commenced? How many Antifa roadblocks need to go up before normal citizens get fed up and someone less able to control themselves returns the favor? Two years almost exactly.

Whether real or false flag, this divisiveness and the violent rhetoric of the Democratic Party has the full blame for this current climate and are already receiving their punishment in having caused their Blue Wave to fizzle out. It will be interesting to see what happens after the election and the Democrats have lost yet again.

Thanks so much Time Foolery for your insightful take on the issue! 🙂 I will stress the caveat though, that until we know more we should not be too confident this was not one of our own gone rogue. However, the case she presents is a strong one for sure! If the perpetrator was a conservative all I have to say is this:

We must condemn violence on any side of the aisle including our own! No matter how loony the Left gets we must never stoop to their level and incite violence ourselves! I strongly oppose the targets threatened but I will never condone intimidating them with any violence of any kind. Ideas must be fought with ideas, not threats of violence! I am glad all are safe and unharmed! Threaten the ideas; NEVER the people holding them…

Time Foolery is an early member of the #WalkAway Movement, a life-long journalist, novelist and editor of various publications and internationally acclaimed books, and is an expert on Billy the Kid. She is a native of Texas now living in Canada. She wrote and edited for Stryker-Indigo Publishing, mostly sports books, one which disproved Canada inventing hockey.

Image result for ben garrison cartoon false flag

(Adults use their words to get what they want, not bully tactics! We must rise above this lunacy!!!)

12 thoughts on “When Incivility Becomes Explosive: A Guest Post by Time Foolery

  1. I love what you guys tend to be up too. This sort of clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the amazing works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to our blogroll.
    I could not resist commenting. Perfectly written! Its like
    you read my thoughts! You seem to know so much about this, such as you wrote the guide in it or something.

    I think that you just can do with a few percent to force the message home a bit, however
    instead of that, that is excellent blog. A fantastic read.

    I will definitely be back!


  2. Re: “People who are critical thinkers saw the theatrics for what they were – a George Soros-funded “Free Fer All””

    Actually, accepting conspiracy theories without evidence is the antithesis of critical thinking.

    Re: “And WHO has encouraged such [violent] behavior? NOT Republicans.”

    Here’s a video of all the times Trump has encouraged and/or praised violent action.


  3. I recently came over this website, interested of what “A Lady of Reason” would say.
    I gave it the benefit of doubt. I haven’t read every post here, but I have read this one and “Breaking The Cycle”.

    The writing is good. I would consider this a proffesional piece of writing, I am just concerned about the information being conveyed. What I’ve seen alot here is that there is this idea that liberals and dems are conspiring with ill intent. Not only does it feed into a light-version of identity politics, where people are overly-generalized by actions done by few calling themselves the same thing, but it also distracts everyone away from talking about policies. Someone calls themselves a liberal or a conservative and alot of people these days already made their mind about what this liberal or conservative thinks, without actually asking them.

    About the conspiracy, it is a typical classification of “us vs. them”, “good vs. evil”, but by the moment you think like that, do you even have to listen to your opposition if you just think they are evil? Does that get us anywhere? What if you are wrong and generalizing alot of people unfairly? I would expect someone of reason to wait for evidence of such conspiracy, before accusing, for you are innocent untill proven guilty.
    Also the comment from Eric Holder, about “if they go low, we kick them!”, is the same as the old saying of “If they go low, we go lower!”. I can ofc not exactly know what he meant, but I am giving him the benefit of the doubt that he isn’t a bad man, as everyone deserves, plus that to me atleast it seemed pretty clear that he wanted to empower that saying, that instead of just going lower when they go low, you go harder and even lower. Tbh not a big fan of the saying, as it dosen’t raise civility, but there are not many on both sides that seem to want to resort to that, or we would have had more conversations about policies instead of “[Insert political party] has only ill intent!”.
    I can be honest to say that the democratic party contains alot of rotten eggs, and there is an internal revolution of “liberals” fighting on the inside to kick out the establishment (Hillary Clinton and many more). To restore the will of the people into the democratic party. One of these internal movements are called Justice Democrats.

    Maybe we should stop using terms for everything? Some connect “Liberals” with “Socialists”, and some connect “Conservatives” with “Fascism”. Both are unfair assumptions and generalizations. We all don’t even define these terms the same way, so why do we even use them to count? The language has made us into arrogant fools. I myself fall victim to using these terms, but I try to do my best to avoid generalizing.

    Sorry if this is bad english or hard to understand or to read. I am not good at all at writing longer texts as I many times lose the red line. I am not an american, I am a norwegian, but recently USA’s politics have been way more interesting than norwegian politics.


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    • Thanks for stopping by and engaging with my blog 🙂 I agree it’s not all black and white, nor fully us vs. them. However, politics have indeed become more polarized, and much of the Left is driving that train. For example, every prominent Conservative from the president down openly condemned the suspect of the bomb threats, however when conservative targets were hit with packages of ricin, death threats, Antifa mobs, harassment in public etc…etc… much if the Left stayed silent or only made a feeble attempt at condemnation. We should not be so polarized, and be able to collaborate on both sides of the aisle, but that cannot happen until this climate of ostracism for conservatories by a majority Leftist media, schools, institutions, social attitudes etc. ends and we can work together to solve issues.

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      • Thank you for the response.
        We on “the left” got alot of groups to settle with indeed. From those who think all white people should repair damages from the times of slavery, to people falsely accusing of rape. I just hate to see so much of that being seen as the image of the left. Violence and harassment is inexcuseable.
        It is as if I need to make more terms just to disassociate myself from them. Like for example, those feminists that do not support the “true” ideal of feminism; “equality for both sexes”, those I call feminazis.

        The polarification has spread across the globe to most democracies. It scares me.
        There is no way I will believe that it is even close to 5% of each political side of the spectrum, that realy got genuine ill intent.
        I fear this will never stop, as history shows this is happening again and again.
        Both sides will fight to the end, while some rational people on both sides are helpless to stop it.

        Atleast we can take the first step and awknownledge the problems of “our sides”, and find a middleground while the world burns.


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    • It used to be liberals if you was them on old tv shows were just. Bleeding heart person that wanted to help others. Sometimes too much and taken advantage of and they didn’t want to push their rules and morals on others.

      To that most on the right have little problem with it other than certain points and issues.

      But now the active loud left is intolerant. I doubt it does reflect many on the left either but at the moment it matters little since the militant intolerant side do the left doesn’t want any other view to exist.

      They really laws and education control will program future generations to their no like them and till that day they will act condescending to the old people on the right that are to blame for all problems.

      I would love to see the left move to a more moderate view and if they do it will be good for all. But till then we on the right will sound harsh to the left because the ones that do all the talking and much of the policy making are intolerant extremists

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  4. And rhetoric of the left and their intolerance of others outside of their rigid thought pattern is not to blame for a possible bomb either.

    Like many times on the left they are never to blame if something happens. They could drive a car and run out of gas despite the warnings of the gas light and many gas stations on the way, and somehow trump was to blame for the dilemma

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  5. I notice that people on the right are consistently calling for these “Bombs” to be investigated and for the person responsible to be held accountable no matter what his political affiliations. The Left is calling for Trump to be impeached, because his rhetoric caused this. Oh wait, they were already calling for him to be impeached anyways.

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