Raising Daughters to Become Ladies

Raising a daughter to turn out on the right path is hard for any parent, especially fathers! Our daughters are bombarded constantly with messages of hook up culture, promiscuity, acting “easy”, as well as the more radical feminist messages of masculinization and man-hating. Young girls are pressured to dress and act provocatively, mistake rudeness and vulgarity for “empowerment” by the feminist movement, and act unladylike and become more masculine to get ahead in life. Gone are the days of our daughters wanting to be feminine and lady like. Now, the next generation of young women are being raised to protest in the women’s rallies, believe that vulgarity equals empowerment, believe that provocative dress and behavior will “liberate” them from male tyranny. More and more girls do not want a traditional marriage, instead asking for flings and hookups, or live in boyfriends. Children out of wedlock are rampant, and sex is a handshake, not a milestone in life. Less and less girls are choosing to save themselves for marriage and value their own virtue. The “good girl” next door is becoming obsolete, and the vulgar obscene “feminatzi” the norm. What’s a parent who wants to raise daughters to become ladies and value traditional femininity to do? Even the PC liberal crowd acknowledges that girls are receiving damning messages sure to lead them to the wrong path.

I think the key to raising your daughters right is giving her your messages from day one. Don’t wait until she is a teen to start discussing such things with her, like sexuality and body image, and your values on relationships and standards. By then it’s too late. Wider society and her peer group have already infused damaging messages about promiscuity and radical feminist views. Even schools have promoted the radical liberal PC and feminist agenda! Keeping an open dialogue from a very young age is a great way to form a life long bond of trust and respect with your daughter. Don’t be afraid to address more “adult” topics and harder topics early on, such as promiscuity and the fallout, for example. Kids can handle more than we give them credit for. Hiding the hard topics only ensures you have no say in what your daughter will think, as she is already exposed to them early on. Openly sharing your own values in a non forced way will do wonders! My parents always were open about anything and everything, and did not hold the truth back . We talked about drugs, drinking, promiscuity, assault, and so on from an early age, and I was forewarned and forearmed, as they say. Because of what they talked about with me, I was able to be aware even of how my fellow peers fell down bad paths, and the sheer stupidity of many of the PC liberal ideas! It’s sad, but parents now have to talk about issues that even their child’s schools brainwash them to believe!

Mothers can teach their daughters, and be the role model early on for feminine behavior and dress. Mothers who embrace modesty in their own wardrobe will have daughters who will follow suit. Mothers who always tell their daughters the virtues of modesty, and the risks of provocative dress will more likely be taken to heart from a young age. Showing your daughters the lady you want them to be through your own action and dress speaks far more volumes than just superficially preaching it ad nauseum. Being a lady of elegance and grace yourself sets the tone for everyone in the family. Modeling healthy relationships and how a lady behaves towards the other sex will breed daughters that do the same. The vulgar women who were at the women’s rally brought their daughters, and I’m sure they’re learning how not to become ladies! Talk to your daughters about the shortcomings of the radical feminist movement, with it’s vulgarity, obscenity, and hypocrisy. Teach them not to just be passive victim, infantilized “damsels in distress”, as the radical feminists want them to believe, but to be empowered women accountable for their own actions. Speak the cold hard truth about how provocative dress invites unwanted attention, don’t just say you can wear whatever consequence free! Talk about how sex should be a milestone in a young girl’s life, not a handshake, and the value of marriage. Embrace feminine dress and actions yourself, and show them the way to becoming a lady of standards. Show your daughters femininity is not weakness, and becoming like men is not the way to “get ahead”.

Fathers too, have a very pivotal role in influencing daughters. Many who do not have a father figure in life become troubled and often go down the path into promiscuity and resenting men. The daughter looks to the father in how a man should treat her, and what men should expect from her in return. The father is often the one who helps his daughter set standards for herself in action and dress, and has a unique perspective a a man, as he can view her through a man’s perspective. Fathers who also keep an open dialogue with their daughters have daughters that learn to trust and respect men, not resent them as the radical feminists would like. Men, don’t be afraid of coming off as “patriarchal” and “sexist” for guiding your daughters towards the path of virtue as the radical feminists would like. Fathers who do not speak up when their daughters are going down the path of radicalism, promiscuity, and vulgarity are complicit in raising a dysfunctional person. Fathers also should set their own example in their own actions, as to what sort of man you want her to be with when she grows up. Fathers who embrace their manhood and are the strong man, the rock of the family teach daughters not to settle for less. Men who honor their women, protect their women and respect women in their feminine role also combat the feminization of men, into spineless sheep afraid of their own shadow! The feminist movement and PC snowflakes want all men weakened, so they can “dominate” and be “empowered” over their weak, puny husbands! A father who also stands up for his manhood and masculine roles shows that it’s okay to have different roles in a relationship, and not everyone has to be “gender neutral”. An active father in the family shows daughters that accepting the companionship and protection of a man is not a problem, but an advantage, as many of the radical feminists like to preach that a woman doesn’t “need a man”, and having one around is a sign of weakness. Actively teaching your daughters your values from a young age helps combat the detrimental messages of hook up culture and radical feminism, and shapes them into ladies of elegance and grace and one of standards in the sort of man she expects and when men ought to expect of her own conduct. Two parents who embrace traditional virtues and roles will raise children who will follow suit.

The key point for both, is an open dialogue where promiscuity, radicalism, and vulgarity is debunked, and modest and feminine behavior in action and dress is promoted. Parents, keep fighting the fight to reclaim your daughters from the clutches of hook up culture and radical feminism! Raise ladies of standards, elegance and grace!

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17 thoughts on “Raising Daughters to Become Ladies

  1. I absolutely believe that dress is important to where life will take you and wearing what is appropriate. I don’t like to use the word ‘modest’ because it’s pushed too much by Christians as a “responsibility” to people you really have no responsibility over. I prefer to advocate for professional dress! I did this from day 1 and it worked, I’m proud to say. My daughter was sworn in 2 days ago as an attorney and has taken a step closer to her goal as a hopeful future judge. Dressing for what you want to be in life is a great way to raise goal oriented young women.

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    • Why don’t you care how our children are raised??? They will run society in the not so far future! I for one encourage parents to raise daughters to embrace their femininity and have self respect!


  2. To add, mothers need to set an example in how they dress and behave. Girls need to discover their own style but be guided as to what is appropriate for any particular circumstance and be aware of staying modest. There is nothing wrong with pretty, elegant even fashionable or quirky but within those guidelines.

    It is also important to teach girls ‘how’ to wear clothes, how to sit, how to mix colours etc.

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  3. It is a terribly difficult balance to teach children in a way appropriate to their age and to equip them to have the self confidence to go against the crowd.

    It is also difficult to teach girls to go against the feminist ideology which (ironically) teaches girls that they should not value their femininity, their maternal instincts or even their own bodies but should seek to emulate a not even very good version of masculinity.

    You are right the best way is for both parents to set an example, in their relationship and in their contrasting masculinity and femininity.

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    • Thank you! I’d be greatly honored! We need more people to speak out against the radical PC liberal agenda and find our voice as the “silent majority” who advocates for a more balanced position! Sorry I didn’t get to you sooner, it went into my spam folder by mistake!


  4. ”Talk about how sex should be a milestone in a young girl’s life, not a handshake, and the value of marriage.”
    The culture REALLY does make sex like its some casual thing a boy and a girl do, just to do it and its really sad. Divorce is rampant and there’s no way I wanna be caught up in either and for sure don’t want my future kids to be believing the lies of modern raunch culture.

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    • True… this “any family is a real family” and hook up culture attitude of sex is a handshake does nothing to benefit our society. While many who agree are people of faith, I believe one does not need a higher power to acknowledge our degraded values.

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      • I don’t believe people need to believe in God to see how terrible the effects of premarital sex and broken families are. I just think the reason there are strict rules in the Bible is because God knew what would happen….without them. But, being honest, I think religion is one of many reasons to blame for the issue of premarital sex, because a lot of churches and Christians are so scared to talk about it that the kids go to google friends or their pop stars to figure it out.

        I just get so sick and tired of feminazis saying everyone is sexist when they are sexist against feminity and want women to become men. Its like a crazed gender dysphoria….epidemic with them.

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  5. BRAVO! That’s it, as a parent myself, I found your common sense points to be spot on in this important post. I appreciate the fact that you base your assertions on truths and the facts. So much of which the left /liberally biased media (and following snow flake culture ) do not want to come to light. What’s the phrase ? “The truth will come out “.

    A must read article for any parent !

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    • To add, mothers need to set an example in how they dress and behave. Girls need to discover their own style but be guided as to what is appropriate for any particular circumstance and be aware of staying modest. There is nothing wrong with pretty, elegant even fashionable or quirky but within those guidelines.

      It is also important to teach girls ‘how’ to wear clothes, how to sit, how to mix colours etc.

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