Of “Girls” and “Women”…

Using the term “girls” to refer to women is yet another controversy brought up by the liberal feminists. An increasing number of women are beginning to argue that referring to grown women as “girls” is infantilizing and very insulting to women and sexist, as men often use the term. They argue that there is a double standard, in that one cannot call grown men “boys” anymore, and that historically, it had very ugly racial bias to it. On the surface, it sounds like they have a point, as men were often called “boy” in order to be hateful and demeaning, especially black men historically. The politically correct crowd have now made the word “girl” in reference to women to be an infantilizing, sexist and demeaning thing, like calling a grown man “boy”. However, the term “girls” in reference to women, has not had such an ugly past. No one really uses that term for women in a derogatory way, but more in a playful way, and towards young women. For example, no one has an objection to “girl’s night”, even older women can be someone’s “girlfriend”. A man could say that his sweetheart is “his girl” and it was meant to be a term of endearment, not an insult, albeit that being attacked too. It is true that older women are rarely ever referred to as “girls” at all, but for younger women, it is perfectly acceptable in society and no one took offense until recently. “Teenage girls” is still a phrase, even though they aren’t actual little girls, even young women in their 20’s might be called “girls” playfully by guys interested in flirting, ex. “Hey, you girls want a drink?” Many young women call themselves and their friends girls,  “I’m going out with the girls tonight…”. This whole new outrage over “women” vs. “girls” is over nothing. In the social contexts where it is used, it is used in either an endearing or playful way. No one who uses it in the examples above is trying to be demeaning or belittling women. Indeed, many women feel flattered to still be referred to as a “girl” in those contexts now and then, as when people stop, it often means you’ve become too “matronly” and too old to be seen as a younger woman anymore. The word “girl” can convey that the woman in question is still young and spirited.

Not to mention, we still call men “boys” in many contexts, without any offense at all! Take, “I’m going out with the boys to the game…”, or “Let’s support our boys overseas”. Does referring to military men as “our boys” insult them and belittle their service? No! The term is meant as one of endearment, and the implication that they’re like your son, to be supported and looked after. People can call their grown sons “my boy” and no one bats an eye! There are “boy’s clubs”, “boyfriends”, etc… In any thing, people can twist words around to insult people. However, in these cases, the terms “girls” and “boys” in reference to adults has many acceptable social contexts. Radical liberal feminists who decided to twist the meaning of referring to women as “girls” fail to see that one, the term “girls” never carried that ugly history of being used as a slur, and two, “boys” is still used for grown men in many contexts even today. I for one, am no fan at all of double standards, nor the infantilization of grown women, but I do not see either in the case of calling women “girls”. The new liberal feminist movement and PC snowflakes however, have done both time and time again! Before they rant and rave about supposed nonexistent double standards, they ought to check their own hypocrisy! 😉

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One thought on “Of “Girls” and “Women”…

  1. What a relief it is to see a fair minded , common sense point of view regarding this “Hot Button” subject. All of us find ourselves having to tolerate the non-stop barrage of edicts and pronunciations of a far left “PC”driven media.

    In this environment , any debate or discourse on this subject that does not directly support the “correct” agenda is shouted down, branded as male sexism or female gender treason and also is met with violence . Think not ? How about the misguided gun man that shot a republican congressman then killed himself. On social media he stated plainly that he followed the far left “PC” Rachel Maddow show religiously which gave him the clear impetus /message to “save the country by shooting a republican congressman. (Who by the way, was playing at a fundraising , charity baseball game.) Look these facts up for yourself. Predictably , no reporting of this fact or response from Maddow or MSNBC.

    Please continue to present your thoughtful, articulate views . We need your voice. (just keep your identity unknown ) there is an ever increasing driven, angry mob (some deranged) working against those with open minds.

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