Lefty Lunacy 2022

Another year, more lunacy from the Left! A Lady of Reason presents another round of the craziest moments of 2022 for your reading pleasure 😉 As always, we must continue to resist and no longer be the silent majority for our new year’s resolution. Happy New Year everyone!

The January 6th Witch Hunt Continues

On January 6th, 2021, many Conservatives decided to rally together to call out the stolen rigged election of our new “Resident in Chief”. This event sadly was smeared by the Left as an “insurrection” to overthrow the country and has now led to an all out witch hunt to arrest anyone with even the slightest involvement. Many are already being held indefinitely without having had a fair trial since 2021, however the Left has stepped up its lunacy in going after Mike Lindell, founder of MyPillow and even ordinary citizens like Lisa Gallagher, a fellow conservative just like you and me!

The Ukraine’s Personal ATM

Tragically, it’s been a dark year for the Ukrainian people, who have endured having their country torn apart by Putin and his minions in his desire for conquest. No one would condemn the Ukraine for needing any help it can get, and gaining the support of many nations including our own to standi n solidarity for their freedom. However, being an ally should not mean fighting their battles for them! As tragic as it is, America needs to take care of Americans first and foremost. Our country still needs its resources to go to its own people: Us! Fellow Americans who have struggled these past years under Biden’s economy and the Covid lunacy. Giving billions of dollars to the Ukraine only takes out of our pockets and out of a struggling economy. While we can provide support, being the Ukraine’s personal ATM is not our job!

Roe V. “Whiners”

On June 24, 2022 pro-abortion women everywhere had a meltdown as if the country turned into a dystopia for women everywhere. Drowning out the more levelheaded among us who aptly pointed out that there is no federal abortion ban, just that it is now up to each state to vote on the matter at the state level, they’re acting as if women are now back in the Dark Ages! Compared to the state of women in countries like Afghanistan now under Taliban rule, not being able to have absolute freedom to dispose of another human being as you would a cancerous tumor seems like a first world problem… It was only a generation or two ago we debated if segregation was morally permissable. It was only a little over a century ago we debated if women should have the right to vote across the nation. It was only a little under two centuries ago we debated if slavery should be abolished. Now, in the year 2022, it’s debatable whether or not a human being is worth just as much in the womb as out. What will our descendants say about us?

Not In My Backyard!

The Left absolutely has hated that Conservative politicians have sent illegals into their private gated neighborhoods and Leftist cities to call out the utter hypocrisy of saddling us with them, yet living behind the walls they tell us we must condemn. No incident this year has shown that more astoundingly than when migrants were sent to Martha’s Vineyard in MA. The educated, affluent elite who live there, preaching how bigoted blue collar communities are for not wanting sanctuary cities and open borders had a total fit once they came! While they tried to cover up saying it was an enlightening cultural exchange, we’re not fooled so easily. Calling the police because the brown people in your yard aren’t your groundskeepers or maids sort of gives it away… Saying that they need to be sent to Florida to “pick the crops” also isn’t the most “woke” look 😉

A Threat to “The Soul of The Nation”

In Biden’s speech for “the continued battle for the soul of the nation”, he does not hesitate to point out who he feels is national enemy number 1: Not Russia, or China, not Afghanistan or Iran. Not the influx of illegals. Not the brainwashing of our children in schools or Covid tyranny. Nope. It’s fellow patriots like YOU! “MAGA Republicans” are national enemy no. 1, who want to overthrow American and our freedoms. Just like white males are now deemed domestic terrorists, Conservatives are labeled backwards bigots who must not only be disagreed with, but stamped out as one would a terrorist group! To add the finishing touch on this hate filled speech, Biden stood against a backdrop of angry red. Remind you of anything?…

I See London, I See France, The Cops Saw Paul Pelosi’s Underpants!

2022 wasn’t the best year for the Pelosi family: First, Nancy’s husband got busted once again for drunk driving and tried to get it covered up. Then, there’s that suspicious “incident” involving Paul Pelosi when Nancy was out of town *wink, wink*. An “intruder” came in his underwear to attack Mr. Pelosi with a hammer, while he was also in his underwear too! While the Left tried to paint it as a deranged MAGA supporter attacking him, the police who were there and the 9-1-1 call seem to differ. First off, do most burglars come only in their underwear? Secondly, would you refer to an intruder as your friend and go back inside the house with them instead of run for your life??? And why do the police keep changing their story? Hmm… Sounds awful fishy to me.

The FBI Raid That Wasn’t

Despite Trump being out of office as President, the witch hunt against him continues! The FBI decided to raid his home in Mar a Largo searching for forbidden classified documents. Of course, nothing substantial or Earth shattering turned up, and Trump is not under arrest or anything. However, the raid did serve to try and blacken his reputation further and cause low information voters to avoid him. Luckily, Trump is used to the Left’s shenanigans and is not afraid to fight back. In fact, he announced he is running in 2024!

All Atwitter Over Twitter

The Left has had a stranglehold on social media and loved to censor any opinions they didn’t deem woke enough. Not anymore however! Elon Musk has finally purchased Twitter and is opening it back up to free speech! An added bonus was the Left’s meltdown over the ensuing mass layoffs of Twitter’s dead weight of lazy employees not used to Musk’s high expectations for work ethic.

Good Riddance Fauci!

Perhaps the best Christmas gift to the nation this year is “Dr.” Fauci is finally stepping down to retire from his position as Chief Medical Advisor to the President! Most likely he’s stepping down to lay low once more and more of the truth of his corruption comes out, such as his ties to the Wuhan lab and Covid tyranny, but it’s still a win. Sad that with such an illustrious career and position of prominence someone would decide to be corrupt and push the Left’s agenda rather than follow the science wherever it leads, stand for truth, and use one’s knowledge for good. We have not forgotten the years lost in our children’s schooling, development and social lives. The years of being fired from our jobs for not getting the Fauci-approved vaccines. The years where our businesses had to shut down and go bankrupt while the liquor stores and abortion clinics stayed open. The years where we saw every elite politician and health officials not mask like the masses were commanded to, gather when we couldn’t even see our loved ones on their deathbeds, and party when irreplaceable milestones, experiences, and opportunities had to be missed. WE WILL NOT FORGET NOR FORGIVE. So many dream to be doctors yet never see that dream fulfilled. “Dr.” Fauci, you stole that dream from someone who could have made a real difference. Good riddance!

What are some events you thought were pretty loony this year? Share in the comments!


  1. The pro-life/pro-choice pictures sums it up perfectly. If you want to have and raise children, then have an raise children. If you don’t, then don’t. If you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one.


  2. We all know Democratic President Joe Biden is known to stretch the truth a bit. So, what are the chances of his State of the Union speech including more than a few?

    Well, pretty darn good, according to our fact-checking abilities.

    Here are just a few of the claims Biden tried to make and how they compare to reality.

    Republicans Want to End Social Security and Medicare
    This has got to be one of the biggest lies of the night.

    As you know, our economy is in a bit of crisis, with some major decisions to be made. For the Democrats, the idea is to simply raise the debt ceiling, just as they did last year, allowing the US to continue paying our debts.

    Republicans have a less frivolous idea: to cut out unnecessary spending where possible.

    For Biden and his cohorts, this must mean that McCarthy and his followers want to do away with all social services. But NO ONE is proposing that at present, at least not to the extent of Biden’s claim.

    A Record 12 Million Jobs Have Been Created by the Biden Admin
    Umm, considering there was a pandemic going on for the better part of Biden’s first two years in office, this cannot be true. New jobs weren’t “created.” Instead, people were just allowed to finally return to work, and businesses everywhere were hiring as a result. But Biden didn’t do squat to “create” those positions.


  3. Isn’t it funny (or is it?) how the Progressives, Democrats, Liberals seem to call everyone in the Republican party Liars.
    But it’s BIDEN who is the REAL liar? They always seem to say that Trump is a Liar, Ron deSantis is a Liar, Marjorie Taylor Greene Is a Liar, But The REAL LIAR is Joe Biden and By A LONG SHOT!

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  4. When US President Joe Biden FIRST learned a suspected Chinese spy balloon was drifting through the stratosphere 60,000 feet above Montana, his first inclination should SHOULD HAVE BEEN was to take it down.
    But NO, not China- JOE himself. He waited for 3-4 whole days and by that time China most likely already obtained all the information that they hope to get. So Biden has yet another failure to add to his list of MISERABLY HANDLING IMPORTANT SITUATIONS AS A UNITED STATES PRESIDENT SHOULD!


  5. How else can you explain the President of the United States of America , as well as the Entire Democrat Party’s knowing that they are a Corrupt, Lying, Dishonest, Dishonorable, Unscrupulous, and Hypocritical and they seem to have an extraordinary way to Deceive.
    And right now we have the Current President Joe Biden, along with his Dope Smoking Son right in the middle of the biggest corruption scandal that this Country has ever seen, And a Vice President, Kamala Harris, who is Inept, Incompetent, Unlikable, and often Incoherent as she just Jets around the world doing Nothing


  6. This one time Great Country is in the worse shape that it’s even been in IN MY LIFE-TIME. And all because of the fake President that we have currently, and his Dunb-Ass Vice President, the both of them and their entire idiotic administration are an absolute disgrace to this Country..

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  7. WHEN are these Biden Democrats going to START enforcing our laws? There are LAWS about ILLEGAL’S sneaking into America!! There are LAWS about Presidents “Welcoming” in ILLEGAL’S Doesn’t this DELUSIONAL President Know That? Don’t the Republicans who should be Hammering the Democrats on this Know that either?
    And when Biden’s Press Secretary. Karine Jean-Pierre asked about it , all she knows how to absurdly say when she answers is “I would refer you to the White House counsel’s office. I’m going to leave it there. I’m not going to go into it further”… “I’d advise you to take that up with the President’s Counsel.” or “I am going to refer you to the Department of Justice.”
    “We’re moving on. I already answered your question.”
    What happened to Transparency?
    Is she afraid that she’ll say the wrong thing? Is that the way President Trump handled the Press?
    And would the Press at a Trump Press conference allow to be treated that way?
    Even “ Circle-Back Psaki” had more Guts than this Dodo Bird has! Psaki was Dumb but not THAT Dumb !


  8. I’m surprised these Morons Kerry and Gore and their fellow climate travelers hasn’t yet blamed the rise in border crossings on extreme weather caused by fossil-fueled SUVs. Gas Stoves, or Plastic Bags, none of those few Idiots like Kerry, or Gore wouldn’t recognize truth if it were standing in the shower with him.

    When I look at Fetterman, or Schiff, or Mayorkas, or Kim Jong Un, or George Floyd, or Hillary before she goes into the makeup room my mind says “that looks like something I saw in the Horror movies when I was a kid.
    And the Biden Press Secretary — On the surface, -I feel that there that there would, or should be some one there who at least understands the harm that is going on there in that White House, but instead, we have a very confused person who wold rather just pass on the important questions, and just say “I would refer you to the “White House Counsel” like a broken record.
    How can Republicans Stand by and Watch Any of This? What Country Does This?

    Circle-Back Psaki was a total shill, a Baghdad Bob with Red hair and Freckles. But those two? . . . My God, how could anyone appoint either one of those imbeciles to represent the President? .
    And I find it personally insulting that our Commander-in-Chief considers the Press stupid as they are to even try to buy their NONSENSICAL DRIVEL.

    But, even as I say that, I know that if Joey runs for a 2nd term, millions upon millions of people will vote for him, either because of his Democratic name or the fact that he’s running to keep that other Dunce Kamala Harris away from the Oval Office at all cost!


  9. Hunter Biden is actually Claiming that his Father Joe Biden is a Tax Cheat.
    Hunter Biden Claims he paid his Father Joe $50,000 a month to rent the house…
    But Old Joe Biden Never claimed the $50k a month on his Taxes.
    So How-Come you Democrats are always asking for Trump’s Taxes, but never say a word about the TAX CHEAT JOE BIDEN!
    If it Smells like Tax Fraud, and Looks like Tax Fraud, It Must BE TAX FRAUD!
    After filling a background check during his divorce from Kathleen , Hunter Biden claimed to pay a specific $49,910 rent each month to his dad from March 2017 to February 2018. This is the same home where the Classified Documents were recently found stacked in the Garage, and the dates that Hunter lived there . Hunter Biden spent about a year during part of his drugged-out times, that he was renting from his Father Joey Biden and living in the Wilmington, Del., home following his divorce from Kathleen Biden.
    If It Smells Like Tax Fraud, and It Looks Like Tax Fraud, It MUST BE TAX FRAUD!
    Kathleen filed for divorce after learning that (Among Other Women, Including an Arkansas Stripper who gave birth to Hunter’s unacknowledged daughter in 2018) Hunter was having an affair with His Dead Brother Beau’s Widow, Hallie.


  10. The most Despicable Douchebag of All Douchebags the Progressive Communist Democrats is the Proven Liar, Leaker, and Falsifier of Evidence Adam Schiff, who should not only be Booted of of the House Intelligent Committee, but from EVERY Committee.
    Adam Shiff STILL doesn’t know who his SO CALLED WHISTLE BLOWERS are. The alleged whistle blowers that were going to show that they had the goods on Donald Trump! It now shows that those Democrats like Shiff lied all the time.
    It’s pretty pathetic you believe that a United States President should be impeached over a Telephone Call, or for colluding with a foreign power to help him defeat a political opponent which NEVER HAPPENED. Karma is finally catching up to the lying little Idiot! And I’m just thrilled that Kevin McCarthy is going to throw the little liar under the Bus where he belongs.
    In fact, it’s Music to My Ears He has his rabid followers are actually making Himself, His Party and Our Country Look Stupid.
    Schiff wants voters to think he’s a Patriot who sacrificed his career and lost his committee assignments to hold former president Donald Trump accountable.
    But his financial records tell a different story, a story that shows he profiled by this scam of his.
    Schiff, spent $134,000 on fund-raising, and poured nearly $2 million a
    Campaign to support his investigations into Donald Trump’s Alleged Dirty Deals.

    But these donations didn’t go directly into his Campaign,. Instead, they went right into Schiff’s own Campaign War Chest , which now is $21 Million


  11. In just only 2 years the Biden Administration has managed to give us….:
    Record inflation.
    Record Fentanyl.
    Record Rise in Crime.
    The Weakest Military.
    Shortages in the Stores.
    Outrageous Shoplifting.
    Record illegal immigration.
    Expensive groceries.
    Expensive gas.
    Expensive utility bills.
    Failing schools.
    Foreign policy disasters.
    High mortgage rates.
    The Highest Rent rates.
    Our 401k’s are WAY down.
    Thank Joe Biden and the Democrats for that!

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  12. Why do the Democrats, Liberal Progressives,, Liberal Fake News , Fake Media, and blindly partisan snowflakes continue to claim, that BS ‘unlike Trump’, Joe Biden has cooperated and handed over all classified documents he STOLE!

    Why did Biden, his lawyers, the DOJ, FBI, etc… Cover-up by Hiding the Scandal until after the Mid-term Elections?

    Why are Biden’s aides and lawyers FBI / DOJ STILL LOOKING FOR MORE CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS?

    Why are Biden’s aides and lawyers FBI / DOJ STILL FINDING THESE CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS, And Finding them in Pleces Like CHINATOWN?>


    Why are the DOJ & FBI not taking the lead in searching for missing Biden classified instead of Biden’s lawyers and aides?

    Why Are We Hearing That Biden’s Layers and Aides Are Turning in Found Missing Biden Classified Documents Instead of the Fbi & Doj Finding It?

    When is the DOJ / FBI Going to Conduct a Raid on Biden’s Home to Search Where Classified Is Still Being Found in Spurts by His Lawyers and Aids?

    When is the FBI going to announce they are going to release Hunter Biden’s laptop to the Special Counsel (Hur) for him to search for e-mails involving Biden aides, the Penn-Biden-ChiCom Center, & classified documents and to search for any classified info on the laptop?
    – Jordan needs to subpoena the FBI for the laptop

    The FACT is Joe Biden HAS NOT fully cooperated – nor has the DOJ AND FBI, and Biden has NOT turned over all
    And Now that We Know that Hunter Binder Has a MAJOR part in all this WHY isn’t the right thing being done. – Biden, his lawyers, and his aides DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE ALL OF BIDEN’S CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS ARE!
    We have a Trader in the White House and we are not doing enough. Put this Treasonous Trader in Jail. And Stop playing these games
    Why isn’t the FBI REALLY ? The last I heard, he was renting a $15,000 mansion in Beverly Hills with the $500,000 he gets from anonymous buyers who buy his DAM FINGER PAINTINGS.
    Biden has been in DC for nearly fifty years, he has always been notoriously corrupt, yet not a single investigation into the evil creature, until now so to speak. I do not believe this is a real investigation, I believe they were losing control of the psychopath, that he was ludicrously planning upon running again, and this sudden discovery of troves of classified documents, and the STUPID Democrats are fooling around with Donald Trump because they don’t like his Language?


  13. Yesterday the President’s Genius Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre who should be the recipient of the National Medal of Imbeciles announced that the White House will NO LONG SPEAK ABOUT THE CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS.
    And Biden’s defenders in the media are rushing to his aid, marking how the two instances “difference,” in Trump’s handling of the Classified Documents, and Biden’s are “not the same” and have “clear distinctions.”
    That is so true but not the way the MSM & democrats are trying to spin it
    Biden was Vice President whereas Trump was President & had the right & power to declassify all “ classified” documents. Biden as the Vice President, didn’t even have clearance to see, or handle them in ANY WAY!
    Secondly, the “Biden lawyers” finding & disclosing these is a complete hoax !
    These kinds of manipulations & hoaxes are common practice for the democrats.
    There is much more to this story & the actions than that which the democrats are letting on.
    There are definitely more sinister & manipulative reasons these documents came to light. I already have my suspicions as to why, but will wait.
    The truth will soon unfold, despite strong efforts to hide it


  14. CNN’s Brian Stelter is a typical Liberal Idiot, as he compared the “radicalization” of President Donald Trump’s supporters by the “right-wing media machine” to that of ISIS members.

    Stelter made the comments on his Sunday CNN show “Reliable Sources,” during which he blamed conservative media or radicalizing America. Fox News, Newsmax and One America News Network are among the networks responsible, Stelter said – Facebook, he added, harbors some blame as well.
    Oh, sure, CNNis so “Truthful” and Fox, Newsmax are Dummies. Says the Idiot that wrote this ignorant piece.
    “First, the best word for what is happening in America right now is radicalization. That’s what it is. That’s what this hyped-up, right-wing media machine is doing. That’s why it feels harder to talk about politics with other people,”
    How Stupid can these Democratic-Socialists be? Don’t know????? Look at the Current President and you’ll figure it out!


  15. When I watch or listen to the press briefings by The White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre or other Biden administration officials, or the rare occasions Biden appears, I am appalled at the outright lies & misinformation & spin by these officials.
    They never answer the question or refer you to some other government agency.
    The previous press secretary,Jen Psaki, was always ” circling back ” but never really doing so, and this new one is always saying how aware & concerned the president is about every calamity that he has caused but blames others ! For her, he is simply the best president ever & how dare you think otherwise.
    the other embarrassment are the other reporters & journalist there, other than Peter Doocy. He really asks real & hard questions & follows up strongly. The others ask the most unimportant & irrelevant questions ever. There could not be a more boring, passive, unaware, unworthy group of “journalists” in the world.
    They just ask questions that have no quality, importance or urgency. I don’t know why they are journalists or reporters because almost no one could care less about their questions.
    Half of them are democrat plants & propagandists asking previously determined questions.
    During Trump’s presidency there were numerous “attack dogs” as reporters casting accusations rather than questions at Trump !
    Now, during Biden’s presidency, they are almost all lap dogs of the democrats or democrat activists & plants with an agenda to further their liberal ideology & fake news.


  16. Hunter Listed $49,910 Monthly Rent Payments While Living at Joe Biden’s Residence — Did Joe Show Rental Income On His Taxes?
    Or Was This the way that he Laundered the money given to him by the Chinese Communist Party!


  17. My thoughts are that they will be DUMPING Joey Biden even sooner than we thought, and definitely before the 2024 elections I also think they’ll run Michelle Obama, and that they will get some more Black voters that way, they will get more women voters as well. , But they may lose a lot of White Male Voters…and probably in all likelihood some Smart Women as well. …

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  18. There are so many unanswered questions about the disclosure of the classified documents in Biden’s garage and other home.
    Why was it disclosed ? who disclosed it ? They say the lawyers for Biden disclosed them ! Why & what about the timing. I personally think this is a distraction from some other major corrupt news about the Bidens.
    The Biden attorneys could have easily ignored the existence of the materials or could have easily thrown them away ! If they were discovered on November 2 2022 & no one knew till a couple of days ago, what was the need to bring it to light so much later ! If they were found by an FBI raid or some hostile Biden foe , I could understand, but by Biden’s lawyers !!!
    The corrupt & fake news media are already making false comparisons by making light of the Biden documents versus the Trump documents.
    President Trump had the power & the right to declassify all documents, whereas as Vice President Biden did not !
    And WHY was Biden’s Attorney the one that was “Cleaning” out his Office, and his “Garage”? Is your Attorney the person that you call to Clean Out any place? I think Not!
    Are you going to tell me that BIDEN DIDNT KNOW HE HAD THEM, WHILE TRUMP DID KNOW AND HE STILL REFUSED TO GIVE THEM UP.? Come On Man that’s not only Ridiculous, but it’s Ludicrous, and Laughable!
    Biden’s document scandal was hidden for 2 months. It was hidden right before the Midterm Elections in fact. I think we can all agree that there isn’t a chance in hell that Biden’s homes will ever get raided by the FBI, unlike Trump. And lets not forget that Hillary’s home didn’t get raided either, nor did Bill Clinton.
    You would have to be a fool to think that Biden didn’t know. Ain’t no one gonna believe that horses crap!. Biden also didn’t have Declassification powers as a Vice President. Trump can declassify at will.

    The New York Times & The Washington Post and even the fake news MSM make no mention of that.
    Biden has been a lifetime politician living off of taxpayers, corrupt to the core, but Trump was a first time politician with no dirty political tricks or know how & he was a very successful & wealthy business tycoon.
    The corrupt double standard by the FBI and the DOJ is so obvious and very disturbing ! Also I am extremely skeptical about the special counsel, Robert Hur, selected to run the Biden classified inquiry.
    In fact I am VERY skeptical about ANY special counsel picked by Merrick Garland.
    I am sure that someone or something forced the disclosure & existence of the classified documents & the selection of a special counsel by the DOJ.
    The ” appearance & finding” of these documents & the ensuing DOJ action by electing a special counsel are not out of the goodness of the hearts of the Biden lawyers or the DOJ attorney general, Merrick Garland.


  19. Jim Jordan Launches First Investigation Into Biden Classified Documents now Known as GARAGE-GATE
    The new House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan has already launched the first congressional investigation into Classified Documents stored at Joe Biden’s private office and home.

    It was revealed this week that Joe Biden improperly stored STOLEN CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS at his private office and in his Garage next to his Corvette that wasn’t parked in the Street.
    The Main, and Important part of the NO-NO is that VICE PRESIDENTS CANNOT HAVE CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS……PERIOD!. That is one of the fundamental facts of this case, but Liberals of course never deal in facts, Not When the Facts Are Against Them


  20. The Very First Order of the New Republican House iof the New Year will be to reverse the IDIOTIC order of hiring 87,000 IRS agents to go after small business owners and the hard-working American People., that the Moronic, Shameful, Democrats along with their Idiotic, Delusional, Crooked, Senile, Boss Joey Biden had proposed

    The new year has come. May 2023 be a year of health, happiness, joy & prosperity for all good people. God bless America & all mankind with peace & harmony !
    The republic still stands, despite the incompetence & failures caused by the worst president in American history. Most of his actions are deliberate & strictly politically motivated. The rest are from pure ignorance & stupidity. The “woke agenda” , the “gender conflict” energy dependence & high gas prices are all intentional.
    The weaponization of government agencies which started under Obama, continued even more under Biden. That includes the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA , the Pentagon, the State Department, Homeland Security & the IRS, & more. They have become tools of disinformation, intimidation & propaganda for the democrats. Add to that the MSM which has been a democrat tool for decades & the social media tech giants.
    The border crisis is deliberate & meant to buy votes from new illegal immigrants. We have thousands of poor homeless people, drug addicts & veterans sleeping on the streets & yet we let in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants which will add to this catastrophe.
    Biden & the democrats could care less as long as they stay in power.
    The news media giants & tech companies are the enablers of these corrupt politicians. They either censor the truth, or create misinformation as the truth. They repeat the same lies so frequently that it brainwashes the unaware & the naive & uninformed.
    They always accuse the other side of that which they malpractice & lie about.
    We saw Pete Buttigieg who is another one of Biden’s incompetent. clowns become the Presidential appointee for Secretary of Transportation, a job that his Nitwit know absolutely NOTHING about. , It’s because he fits right in with ALL the other incompetent. CLOWNS of that party.
    The only reason this Goofball has any such position is he’s an out-of-the-closet homosexual with a husband (or is it a wife?), whatever who was a crappy Mayor of a small city and the blithering idiots overwhelmingly approved his nomination just like the other ones of Biden inept nominations. .Biden needs to REMOVE this Idiot Buttigieg from Secretary of Transportation and replaced with someone who doesn’t have someone else’s head up his dumb Ass. Buttigieg don’t give a damn about anything except Social Agendas and Taking Vacations to Pretend to Breast Feed His Adopted Baby .
    The FACT that Biden’s Crackhead Son was doing shaky business with the Chinese didn’t seem to matter with the Democrats . And the FACT that his Crackhead Son was “supposedly” selling his stupid “ART” work to anonymous buyers didn’t seem to be a problem, but it sure does now. This is never covered by the MSM. Hunter Biden’s corruption is never covered by the news media. Did anyone ever think that selling those stupid “paintings” anonymously were a way of paying Hunter for his Cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party? It’s called Money Laundering.
    And then there was the Paul Pelosi “incident” that was completely abandoned by the Leftist Media, and left to be forgotten. The truth in these cases would be damaging to the Democrats and the left leaning media.
    The MSM has been trying to find something incriminating on President Trump’s tax returns. This is still after almost 6 years of harassment, lies and repeat Witch Hunts against him.
    Now that they set this precedent I would like to see Biden’s tax returns, Pelosi as well as other high ranking democrat politician tax returns.
    And for the THIRD DAY in a row they Mysteriously found Classified Documents all over Biden’s Homes, his Garage, next to his Corvette, and now his Library! WHAT? And why? And how did that happen? As we know, or SHOULD know that a Vice President is NOT allowed to see, or handle ANY Classified Documents! Unlike Donald Trump who was and did DE-CLASSIFY the Documents. And was 100 percent allowed to do so. Yet the Liberal Press wants to equate the two!
    But have NO worries, Biden Keeps his Corvette in a “Locked Garage, and not on the Street.
    Despite all of the above, I am still optimistic that the country will change course and hopefully its people will see to it that we get back on the right track At least now we OWN the House of Representatives. That’s at least one change for the best and unity is necessary & it requires all of us to participate and make it happen. That is a worthy New Year resolution to uphold.
    So, Happy New Year America ! Lets Hang in There, and Hope for the Best.


  21. Aides to U.S. President Joe Biden, Aides? Iare those “Aides” the same as the Clueless FBI that have discovered at least one additional batch of classified documents in a location separate from the Washington, D.C., office he used after Old Joey was serving as vice president, NBC News reported on Wednesday, citing an unnamed source.
    One needs to wonder what other newswill come out in the next couple of months! ..
    Biden aides have been searching for additional classified materials that might be in other locations after a set of classified documents were found in November at a Washington think tank, according to NBC News..

    The BIG difference between Biden’s SCREW -UP, and Trumps Documents at Mari Lago. Is that the Documents at Mari Lago were under Lock and Key and the property had secrete service and other security, also a President has the right, and the Authority to take and even Declassify the Documents. A VICE PRESIDENT does not even have the right to SEE or Handle them. .. Bidens documents were in a closet at a university the Chicoms donate millions to. In fact anyone could have seen these Biden Documents, even the Crack head Hunter! And not a peep from the left.
    Lets see how they try to spin this. And how many more stashes of classified documents does Biden have hidden?


  22. So Joey Biden makes his FIRST trip to the Border !
    This is the ” the BIG News of the day” . Well, I guess that it is, the whole country has been waiting for 2 YEARS for this to happen.
    As we all know the “First Female Black Vice President “ made that PHONEY trip there and saw “Nothing” So with his advance crew going down there to CLEAN IT UP, and practically Sanitize it. What would he be expected to see. We see it every day on TV , so what’s the Revelation?
    Like does this clown not know how bad the situation is at the border & how many millions of illegal’s have ALREADY crossed the border? And where are they now? I’ll tell yoy where they are, they are all over the country spreading Chaos, Crime, and spreading Death with th Drugs that they have brought into the country, and KILLING our youth in record numbers.
    And NOTHING is being donee about it. NOTHING!
    Does the visit clarify it for him ? And what about that liar, Mayorkas, the LYING head of Homeland Security ? Has he not told the Delusional Clown, his Boss, Biden, how bad it is there at the border?
    What a charade, what a joke, what a stunt ! This is really Unbelievable.
    They “ cleaned up” the place before his visit, and these dumb Democrats believe this stunt!!
    I’m surprised, they didn’t force the locals to stand on both sides of the streets, like they do in visits of dictators in third world countries & clap & cheer & wave at him.
    The news media is talking about this visit
    As though it is “ real news “ & is going to reveal something new to the imposter Biden !
    It’s as though he will have a revelation when he is there because up to now, he had no clue.
    No President has been so shallow, so careless, so partisan, so inept & so callous & unqualified as this incompetent man who the swamp & the deep state helped place in office !
    Under his presidency nothing is going right for America nor the world !
    Insanity rules ! Sanity & common sense have no place under this administration.

    Now go check your gender & that of your children & family, because you might not be male or female.
    If you find the answer, please let us & all the illegal border crosser’s know !
    That might be one of the reasons they’re coming here, for the enlightened woke to tell them their gender.
    Someone tell Kamala Harris that might be the “Root Cause” that she is looking for is RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER EYES, If She Is Still Looking for the Answer.


  23. As the Democratic Socialist shouted, “THE PRESIDENT INHERITED THIS MESS AT THE BORDER, FROM TRUMP” …………………….
    And the So-called “MESS” was CLEANED UP for Biden’s visit yesterday…………DID the Leftwing Media Cover That? Did they mention that Garbage Trucks came the day before the President’s Visit and Dumped EVERYTHING into the Garbage, completely Satirizing the entire area where Biden was going to be.
    Also Joey Biden was NOT THERE TO FIX the problem, he was only there to DISPUTE the claims about there being a Massive Crisis there.
    C’mon Man, I didn’t see no Stinken “Crisis”! Of course not … because the Progressives and the other low-lives didn’t want anyone to see a Unites States Sitting President having to lower himself to walking through the Piles of Crap that he created. And besides, that the illegals that are just standing, and hanging around doing nothing could use the exercise.
    What a Charade, What a Joke, What a Scam !

    And that Dummy Jean-Pierre keeps on repeating the Lies~ as does Alejandro Mayorkas our WORTHLESS Secretary of Homeland Security
    And every loyal Liberal/Progressive just buys into these Lies, nobody seems to care but the Republican/Conservatives who know the Truth!!
    So Tell Me, My Friends, What the Heck Is Going On?


  24. Give the Republicans a big hand will you please, because they WILL NOT just elect a Speaker because they have spent 3 days trying to do so.
    They are being CERTAIN that the person that they do elect will be Strong, and not a wimp like McCarthy and fold to the Democrats and their NONSENSE, every time they want to spend another Trillion dollars on the typical CRAP that they always seem to do, and that they will NOT get away with the Crap that Joe Biden is doing to this Country. So I fully support what the resistance the Republicans are doing to the RINOS and the Progressive enables!
    Why should they just blindly vote for someone? America can’t be in the business of just blindly going along with the rest of the Sheep. These so called “Leaders”have already lost mush of the Pride that America has had.
    If we just elect another wimp that kowtows to the Democrats , then what was the point of Winning the House?


  25. “Never understood the uproar over the “mostly peaceful” protests of Jan 6th. 2021 given that the existance of the current establishment weas predicated on When in the Course of human events…”

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  26. How many times have I said this Jan 6th debacle was totally preventable. The Capital police, the DC police and the leadership of congress had plenty of advanced notice to prepare for this demonstration and failed to act. No responsible police agency wouldn’t have been prepared unless they were told to stand down. The United States is facing the biggest crisis that it has ever experienced right now, and it just keeps getting worse every time we have a Democratic President.
    And ass I have said so many times before, if we continue to go down this road there is no future for our country. The choice is ours, we either stay a Free country, with the Freedoms that come with a free country or we become another Third World Nation as this administration is surely taking us.


  27. Finally, the NEW YEAR has come! And Good Ridance to the old one!
    The republic still stands, despite the incompetence & failures caused by the worst president in American history. Most of his actions are deliberate & strictly politically motivated. The rest are from pure ignorance & stupidity. The “woke agenda” , the “gender conflict” energy dependence & high gas prices are all intentional.
    Today marks the First business day for the new House of representatives, and it’s being run by the Republicans . The very first thing that needs to be corrected is the reverseal of the Idiotic order of hiring 87,000 IRS agents to go after small business owners and hard-working moderate earners. It’s shameful that the Democrats..
    It can only be looked at as being shameful that the Democrats would want to develop an army to intimidate and harass American citizens , while they allocate funding for a measly 300 border agents to prevent the invasion from the southern border.
    The SHAMEFUL Democrats have treated foreigners here illegally better than honest Americans. That begins to change tomorrow when Republicans take over.
    The weaponization of government agencies which started under Obama, continued even more under Biden. That includes the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA , the Pentagon, the State Department, Homeland Security & the IRS, & more. They have become tools of disinformation, intimidation & propaganda for the democrats. Add to that the MSM which has been a democrat tool for decades & the social media tech giants.
    The border crisis is deliberate & meant to buy votes from new illegal immigrants. We have thousands of poor homeless people, drug addicts & veterans sleeping on the streets & yet we let in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants which will add to this catastrophe.
    Biden & the democrats could care less as long as they stay in power.
    The news media giants & tech companies are the enablers of these corrupt politicians. They either censor the truth, or create misinformation as the truth. They repeat the same lies so frequently that it brainwashes the unaware & the naive & uninformed.
    They always accuse the other side of that which they malpractice & lie about.
    Just in 2022 Sam Bankman Fried met with White House officials 4 times. This is never covered by the MSM. Hunter Biden’s corruption is never covered by the news media.
    The Paul Pelosi “incident” was completely abandoned & left to be forgotten. The truth in these cases would be damaging to the democrats & the left leaning media.
    Delusional Joe Biden has been Cheering his Historic Year, whil we have a : record Crime rate,, Record Inflation, a Record amount of Illegal Immigration, a Record Gas price year, the very worst Stock/and Bond Losses since 1871…Think about it (SINCE 1871)! And he calls this an “Historic Year!
    The MSM is trying to find something incriminating on President Trump’s tax returns. This after almost 6 years of harassment, lies & repeat witch hunts against him.
    Now that they set this precedent I would like to see Biden’s tax returns, Pelosi & other high ranking democrat politician tax returns.
    Despite all of the above, I am optimistic that the country will change course & its people will see to it that we get back on the right track
    Change for the best & unity is necessary & it requires all of us to participate & make it happen. That is a worthy new year resolution to uphold.
    Happy New Year America !


  28. As usual, I agree with the Lady. That, in 2022, government and the media have been able to foist such bizarre nonsense on the country is astounding. Each day brings something new and outrageous.

    It is unconscionable that the government treats as dangerous terrorists those who complain of such things as schools grooming children; cheating on elections; leftist violence; and a blatantly corrupt and politicized federal justice department.

    Emboldened by their success, the left pushes ever more oppressive absurdities on the country undeterred by law or sense of decency.

    Cicero’s speech against a traitor of Ancient Rome best reflects my thoughts on the current administration:

    When, O Catiline, do you mean to cease abusing our patience? How long is that madness of yours still to mock us? When is there to be an end of that unbridled audacity of yours, swaggering about as it does now?

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  29. Good thing to be aware of the Leftists’ foolish and/or evil things foisted upon the citizenry. thanks, Lewis


  30. A good list – and you probably could have found many more examples!

    Of course, Canada has it’s own list. We’re throwing money at Ukraine, too (my family is from the region, and given the history, I don’t see it as “good guy v bad guy” but rather, “bad guy v bad guy”). Our health ministers are every bit as corrupt as Fauci, etc. Top of the list was our Prime Dictator invoking the Emergency Measures Act against a legal, peaceful protest – and he even admitted in an interview that he did it because he didn’t like what they were saying. A reporter got shot almost point blank with a rubber bullet, and and old FN woman with a walker was trampled by an RCMP horse. She broke her collar bone and is still in pain from the damage done to her. The RCMP that were brought in were put up in the Chateau Laurier – an extremely expensive hotel frequented by ambassadors and the like, and where the one Nazi flag waver was traced to – laughed about the incident and sending each other texts about how much they were looking forward to putting the jackboots to the Convoy protestors. We still have political prisoners from that. The mandatory committee investigation to invoking the EMA was done, where it became clear there was no just cause for invoking the Act, and our PM lied through his teeth under oath. But to you think anything will come of it? The final decision is supposed to come out this February, and I would not be at all surprised if our Prime Dictator gets away with his tyranny, yet again.

    I can’t remember if your comments lets links through, but I thought you might find this interesting.


    In a nutshell, leftism is about power. Not truth or logic or evidence, honestly or integrity, though they will certainly lay claim to all the virtues, while accusing everyone they don’t agree with, with the very things they are guilty of themselves.

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  31. I am no fan of Russia…or Putin for that matter but, he warned NATO about moving too close to the Russian border. Ukraine is nothing more than a money-laundering operation by our CIA with illegal biolabs all over the place. I am sorry for the people there but, the real prez of Ukraine, Yanukovych, was removed from office in a coup, as he was pro-Russian.

    I do not think that Americans would like Russia, or even China, coming to Mexico and placing missiles, pointing at strategic points within the US. That is, effectively, what NATO (read US CIA/UK MI6) has done to Russia. Again. I am no Putin fan but, he was told by Yeltsin to “protect Russia.” Our intel people will not leave Russia alone. One of the key points of the illegal biolabs in Ukraine was to do research into DNA-based ethnic cleansing. Have you listened to any talks from Dr. Lee Merritt where she points out that the convid bioweapon has affected non-elite whites in higher numbers than even blacks, hispanics or asians? So called “royal lines” are also largely unaffected.

    That Zelenskyy character is a NATO installed puppet and he helped FTX funnel/launder money to the Dems to affect “another” election. I don’t blame Russia one bit for defending itself. It is not the Soviet Union, anymore.

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