We (Literally) Can’t Afford to Be Silent Anymore

Ever since Joe Biden took office as President of the United States, the country has gone on a downward spiral of swamp induced corruption, censorship of fellow conservatives, lunacy being taught to the next generation, weakness in the eyes of our opponents, not to mention the economic crash, supply shortages and massive inflation! In a season where we ought to reflect upon being thankful for what we have, many fellow Americans are struggling to afford basic necessities at reasonable prices. Forget a large holiday dinner to feed everyone around your table, the food shortages and astronomical prices mean many struggle or simply cannot afford to carry on their family traditions. Many struggle to even buy enough groceries to last the week. Want to travel to family out of state? That family road trip may cost double or triple the price than it did before 2021 with gas as it is! Zoom gatherings, anyone? That is, if you can still afford the electric bill, or are not under rolling blackouts! For many this Christmas, the tree will look barer than in past years and even Santa may have a tighter budget for the children. This will be the reality for many middle class families, not just who we usually think of as poor or needy. Families who have been smart, saved money for rainy days have found under Biden, the storm outlasted their savings.

Of course, many are okay with being more frugal around holidays. People, not things are truly what makes this season special. That’s not the point however: When you work hard, save more than you spend, make wise decisions for your future and frankly, live in a first world country envied by the world, you ought to have a comfortable standard of living. You may not need a palace or a fancy yacht or luxury vacation every year, but most will agree they need a roof over their head, electricity, heating in the winter, groceries in their pantry, gas in the tank, etc. at affordable prices. Under Biden’s economy, prices have doubled, tripled, even are expected to quadruple in some cases! The rich and upper class elites who are often radical liberal won’t be affected. Pelosi can fill her luxury fridge full of the finest brands of ice cream. Those on welfare cradle to grave or are here illegally will be provided everything they need free of charge so they’ll vote Democrat. Who loses out? Fellow patriots who have worked all their lives and supported themselves and their families. Even after the devastation the Covid fear mongering has wrought on small business owners, people fired for not getting the Covid vaccine, employees laid off, hiring freezes, lost opportunities, supply shortages etc., the economy has not bounced back. Putting restriction after restriction on the trucking industry, shutting down domestically sourced pipelines, inflating prices on everything, all trickles down to how we can afford to live the lives we want, and frankly, have earned through our labors. Funny thing how under “America’s worst president” we had one of the best economies!

The Left would blame conservatives for ruining the economy and keeping people at poverty level. They offer handouts like Covid relief, student loan cancellation, welfare checks, and argue that we need socialized healthcare and that a larger minimum wage would help the middle class. Trouble is, it’s all a scam; encouraging dependency on the government makes us puddy in their hands. Just vote how the Left tells you too no matter how damaging it is in the long run since we’re footing the bill! Their “solutions” are merely bribery, and a band aid over a gaping wound without solving what’s really driving prices sky high. The elites tell us to adjust our standard of living. Settle for less while still working just as hard if not harder to get less than what you could get two years ago. Pay more for your electric bill while having to endure blackouts every week. Pay more to get less gas in your car. Pay more to buy half of what you need to feed your family. Your retirement has been pushed back ten years or is now only a pipe dream. Sending the kids to college? Beg the government to cancel their debt or go without. That vacation you saved for 10 years to celebrate your 35th anniversary? Not happening now! Is this acceptable to you? To see the sacrifices you’ve made towards your future fall short of what’s needed? To realize in a country the world envies for its wealth and standards of living you find yourself perilously close to the edge of poverty on a middle class salary? How does it feel as the main provider for your family to struggle to provide basic necessities, never mind any wants?

If the midterms were a predictor of what’s to come, I’d argue we seriously fell short of the mark. Fellow patriots, we took it for granted how much we were being heard and that red wave fizzled out. While we had some big wins, and the backlash against much of the lunacy in our country is promising, we have a lot more work to do to truly be heard. There are still too many people who believe the propaganda and deflecting from the Left about excuses for this terrible economy. The Biden Administration dances around the subject and went so far as to tell us to vote for the Left based on what they might do, and ignore what is unfolding before our very eyes! Ignore the rising costs of gas, utilities, housing, food, energy etc… Believe that you’re privileged and entitled for daring to want better for yourself and your family in one of the richest nations on Earth. All while the elites in the swamp haven’t once had to make any sacrifices themselves, and those on welfare or aren’t even a citizen of this country get handout after handout.

Yes, many conservatives did step up and vote against Biden and his cronies including myself and my family. The Left I’m sure cheated many of their candidates in office despite our voter turnout. However, we need to speak up when we see the cheating. See something, say something. Spread the world on how they do it. Question all the “recounts” and “broken ballot counting machines”. Call out when you’re ordered to deliver thousands of prefilled ballots to the polls. Ask grandma if she actually filled out her ballot herself when the Left canvasses her nursing home. Let others know about it when you’re told you already voted in your district when you have the ballot right in your hand. We have had great wins and amassed amazing pushback, however I fear it may have distorted our perception of how successful we truly were in changing the country, and the midterm results were like that test we didn’t study enough and were ill prepared to take.

The good news is, this wasn’t our last chance: Trump is running for 2024! We had two years to see what a wreck Biden made of the country, and two more to follow. If the hardships under Biden now aren’t enough to persuade people, how far will it have to be until it does? When breadlines come back? When we cant even afford to drive ourselves to work? When we’re told to make do without power or heating? Now do you want 4 more years of the same or worse? We saw what Trump accomplished, we see what Biden fails to. If we simply do what we are now, Trump will likely be cheated out a second time. I don’t know about you, but I (literally) can’t afford to stay silent this time around!

How has the “Bidas Touch” affected you and your family? Share in the comments below!


  1. Reading the first part reminded me of when we lost power in Texas, lives were lost, state of emergency declared and…Ted Cruz went to Cancun to keep warm. And Greg Abbott blamed green energy even tho what we had was a failure in our natural gas system and power grid. Have they done anything about it? Nope. They’re focused on abortion.

    If anyone is wondering why the Red Wave was more of a red trickle.

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  2. For example, due to their INSANE MORONIC leftist policy the police forces in America’s Democratic Cities are losing their Police Officers due to their “No Bail” and release policy as the Criminals are not being held for bail and, or being Prosecuted. You can thank Andrew Cuomo, and Alvin Bragg Manhattan’s District Attorney, along with New York’s Governor of New York State. Governor Kathy “ Crime is only a Perception” Hochul, who’s only thing she seems to be Proud of is that she’s New York’s First Female Governor. Kind of reminds me of Joe Biden’s Pick for his Vice President. I don’t know of any other reason why she was elected!
    And “Out of Touch” Kathy Hochul wants to know Why Crime Issues Are So Important. As People Are Getting Thrown on to the Subway Tracks almost on a daily basis.
    Please forgive me, but I’m trying not to laugh as I type this


  3. As usual, the Lady of Reason is right. We can’t afford to be silent. Wiser men than I have said “all that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to remain silent.” By coincidence, I just read a piece by Mark Levin in which points out that common thread to the outrages perpetrated by those intent on imposing their progressive dystopia on us. Their goal is to undo the principle of individuality that was the basis for the American Revolution and the Bill of Rights, because only then can they gain total control.

    The left must destroy our notions of self sufficiency, family and free thought. The state must be all powerful and the Orwellian decider of what is “truth” and what should be forbidden as “misinformation.”

    If we fail to oppose statist impositions, we risk normalizing them. The leftist outrages such as the declining standard of living, the loss of freedom and the destruction of family, if unopposed, will be accepted as the status quo by the next generation. We will have lost our collective sense of outrage. Then, what makes America great, will be lost, perhaps forever.

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  4. It’s been painful to watch the level of fraud that’s so very obvious, even from here in Canada. At least you guys had some respite with the Trump years, but my goodness, the damage Biden’s administration has done is such a short time has eclipsed the damage our own Prime Dictator has done here. What happens to us guys affects us, and yeah, even Trump’s time in office helped buffer the damage being done here. There are a lot of Canadians watching closely, and rooting for things to get better for you in the US. We’ve got our own problems with election fraud, too, and our “leader” doesn’t have the integrity to resign, as he should have done, years ago. The levels of corruption in our two countries is staggering – and really obvious! Which is why it always amazes me when I still see things like Tweets saying people will literally die because Trump’s Twitter account is back. Or the conversation I had with someone I know in California that is a hard leftist, that truly believes Republicans are all white supremacists that hate women, with a special hate on for Florida and Texas – states she truly believes are doing badly, while California is doing great. It’s, like, what alternative universe do you live in?

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      • Trudeau is a vacuous, empty headed shell. A narcissist and a pathological liar. But he has pretty hair and is apparently good looking (frankly, seeing his face makes me want to puke), and says all the right words and, unfortunately, that’s good enough for people to keep voting for him. Especially the “imports” he’s been bringing in. More votes, bought and paid for.

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    • Whoops. A kitten just stepped on my keyboard and posted my comment before I finished! LOL

      In my view, what we need to do is not just speak out. We need to reclaim our cultures. Leftists believe what they do, because left wing propaganda is so successful in playing with people’s emotions. Conservatives tend to believe that as long as you tell the truth and present hard evidence, people will see the logic and understand. They don’t. Logic is what people use to justify their emotional responses. That, in itself, is not a bad thing. Logic and emotion temper each other, but emotion is far more powerful. That’s why leftists have been so successful in capturing our culture and get away with so much. That has to be stopped in its tracks. Conservatives in both our countries didn’t take the culture war seriously, and that was a big mistake. We need to reclaim the arts and music, and use them every bit as much as the leftists do. Only we won’t be using it to lie and control people, but rather to build them up and improve their lives. Something the leftists claim they are doing, but always make things worse, instead.

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  5. Personally, I don’t really give a damn about the Democratic Party, or Joe Biden,or about Nancy Pelosi, or Kamala Harris either. In fact I don’t give a Flying Fig about any of the Creeps in that miserable Party.
    All of them are in it for the power and not for serving the people and they’re willing to make any excuses to justify their Lies for the. They are even Willing to and hide the truth, and their bullshit, all in the name of winning. All I can say is Screw them all, especially Biden, and his Crack-Head Son.
    And personally I feel that America is in decline, and fast, now that this delusional fool Joe Biden is our Commander in Chief, and I just can’t sit around and keep silent about it. I am passionate about all things in life, especially things that hurt my country, and my lifestyle choices and as I said, I cannot sit idly around when I see the destruction of the greatest country in human civilization! Is America perfect ? No, it is not, because I know that it can be better, but it is still the best country and form of government ever established, if The Constitution is observed as we know it..
    The genius is in the separation of the the three branches of government, Executive, Legislative & Judicial & the freedoms spelled out in The Constitution.
    The News Media was, until this crooked administration was put in power , the watch guard of these three branches & all government institutions. The MSM was the fourth pillar of this Republic. But it isn’t any longer, not with Biden Banning, and Changing everything we loved since this country was born. He is destroying our country fast! AND IT MUST STOP

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  6. Bravo and I heartily agree on all points. The ‘middle class’ is under attack. After the mid-term, for the first time I wondered if there are too few of us left. The media machine is enabling all of this.
    It’s no time to remain silent!

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