And Then They Came for You…

What happens when a nation deems a group within it as a scourge on its people? When that group is looked upon with suspicion of an ulterior motive? When a person is labeled as a danger to their neighbor? When the nation is told by their government, their media, their schools, and everyone else in positions of power and prestige that a certain group is out to oppress, silence and intimidate honest citizens? When millions of people are publicly declared as a threat to the very fabric of the nation by their leader? More importantly, just how far will a nation go to defend itself against this perceived “threat”?

If you think I’m referring to something from your history class think again: It’s happening right now as we speak. Here. In the United States of America. It’s no surprise to many Americans that the Left has gained an overwhelming control of the media, our school systems, the government, etc. and has consistently demonized conservatives, specifically white men as a threat to all minority groups! If you believe in merit based achievements, controlled borders and immigration, personal freedoms secured by the Constitution, unbiased elections, a strong military, family values, pride in the country, and many other common sense viewpoints, you are now labeled as bigoted, privileged, backward conspiracy theorists!

For the sheer audacity to want to put America first before foreign interests, you’re “selfish”. For wanting our own citizens to be looked after first before the influx of illegal immigrants clamoring for our resources, you’re “xenophobic”. For wanting to exercise your 2nd amendment rights apparently, that means you don’t care about gun violence are “baby killers”, yet it ought to be a “choice” whether or not to allow them to be born. For being skeptical that TODDLERS can change their gender you’re “transphobic”. Don’t you dare speak up when your child’s school pushes gender ideology or you’re a “domestic terrorist”! For standing up to reverse racism and resisting the label of privileged oppressor, you’re “white fragility” is showing. For calling out cheating in the 2020 election through peaceful protest you’re an “insurrectionist”. A traitor who must be locked up. I could go on and on…

However unsurprising this is to millions of fellow patriots, I will admit that “President” Biden’s speech addressing the “continued battle for the soul of the nation” was an eye-opener:

And here, in my view, is what is true: MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution. They do not believe in the rule of law. They do not recognize the will of the people.

They refuse to accept the results of a free election. And they’re working right now, as I speak, in state after state to give power to decide elections in America to partisans and cronies, empowering election deniers to undermine democracy itself.

MAGA forces are determined to take this country backwards — backwards to an America where there is no right to choose, no right to privacy, no right to contraception, no right to marry who you love.

They promote authoritarian leaders, and they fan the flames of political violence that are a threat to our personal rights, to the pursuit of justice, to the rule of law, to the very soul of this country.

“President” Joe Biden’s speech on “The Continued Battle for the Soul of the Nation” given September 1st, 2022

Given against an angry red backdrop, with Marines flanking each side, it looks as if he wanted to come off as a totalitarian dictator instead of the leader of the free world! Our current president made it loud and clear in case it was merely implied: Conservatives are the enemy, a threat to the nation’s very core.

The real question though, is what will they do with this view? As mentioned earlier, just how far would you go to vanquish a perceived enemy? We already have some answers; ostracizing conservatives personally and professionally. Labeling them racist bigots, transphobes, gun nuts, privileged, fragile, insurrectionists, domestic terrorists, traitors. If we’re in a “battle”, then we must be at war. An ideological war. If you read up on US military laws and history, then you know what happens to traitors in times of war. You may also find out just what incendiary speech such as our “president” gave recently can lead to. Here’s a hint: We fought several major wars over it, including one that nearly tore us apart, and one many of our grandparents were in…

In the wake of Biden’s speech, the fallout is no longer merely theoretical. The FBI recently came after Mike Lindell, the MyPillow founder to seize his cellphone as he tried to expose the voting fraud from the 2020 election. A woman named Lisa Gallagher was raided by the FBI literally the day after Biden’s incendiary speech for an anonymous tip saying she was involved in the January 6th “insurrection” terrifying her and her daughter. An open Trump supporter, she was just like millions of us. Just another neighbor. Another mom. Another wife. Another any one of us. The raid on Trump is predictable. Prominent conservatives sadly are harassed as par for the course. However Biden’s words are targeting YOU. You are the threat to the “soul of the nation” for not going woke, for wanting a fair election, for wanting common sense and reason to prevail over hypocritical whims. There are over 71 million of us now officially deemed enemies, to be intimidated, ostracized, even imprisoned.

I leave you with this: We do know just how far a nation can go when a group is deemed the enemy, and no one speaks out to stop it, or the leader spewing animosity and fear against a backdrop of angry red.


  1. President Biden WARNED that Saudi Arabia would face “consequences” after OPEC+ last week announced the biggest cut in oil production since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.
    As the Saudis laughed at Biden’s “WARNING” , it’s time to punish America and push the Saudis into an oil embargo on the US.

    Our “Dear Leader” Joe Biden did the same to the Ukraine. It is no secret that as vice president biden was not getting along with the Ukraine leadership, hence Biden allowed the Russians to invade the Ukraine.

    Now Biden is angry at Saudi Arabia so Biden will seek vengance.

    Is there any doubt that Democrats are unfit for leadership

    So folks Do ya Miss President Trump yet?
    We had good relations with the Saudis, we didn’t hace any new Middle Eastern wars, and Oil was cheap…. I’d say that we DO MISS TRUMP.


  2. The Leftwing, Progressive protesters of today think nothing of toppling statues, burning buildings, smashing windows, looting, attacking police and Trump supporters.That’s because these cowards generally only protest in cities with sympathetic, Democrat Mayors, and or Governors where they figure that can commit crime, and the police will be ordered to stand down, and leave them alone. Black Lives Matter blocked traffic in downtown Tampa, and many other cities endangering dozens of people in blocked cars.And the Worthless, Wimp, Democrat Mayors, and Governors let them get away with it, and even have bailed them out themselves just like our WORTHLESS Vice President Kamala Harris had done.


  3. Kamala Harris said the administration will be giving hurricane resources “based on equity” by directing funds to “Communities of Color.”

    I guess everyone else is just Screwed


  4. A note to all you Democratic-Socialists, and even you American Marxist’s, and Communists…,
    Let me help you wipe away your ignorance. You Sicko’s love to think that you hold the moral high ground on being the most Intelligent thinking, open minded and the most Unified, and non-discriminating people in the country, or perhaps even in the entire planet. With you Holier than Thou and your fraudulent feeling of diversity. You even label yourselves as “anti-racist”, and “United” But NOT so, in fact that is the farthest from the truth, in contrast if you look at history, you’ll find that the Left have a history of being Fascists, Lying, Racists.

    Your Phony President Biden would like us to believe as he had previously accused his predecessor Donald Trump of being a “fascist” who, if not actually another Hitler. However if you look at Biden’s last HORRIFIC, and DISGUSTING, ANIT-AMERICAN Speech you would easily see a likeness to Goebbels,” a Nazi Propaganda Minister, pounding his Fist on the podium, shouting, and slamming and spreading “Disinformation and Misinformation,”, and all that Disgusting Name Calling, Finger Pointing, with that Angry Face and Horrible Bloody Red Backdrop, with two Armed Soldiers on each side. While such Rhetoric was Outrageous, and should not be happening with ANY sitting American President, Biden’s words and policies reflected the view of the Violent left, which dominates today’s Democratic Party and the Gang of HOODLUMS that we all saw last Summer, the Summer of Hell, and Riots, Tearing Down our beloved Statues, and Looting, Burning Down Buildings, , Throwing Bricks, and Molotov Cocktails at the Police, and Burning their Patrol Cars. Even Taking Over American Cities, . One headline even agreed with Biden, stating that he was “NOT WRONG” to use the Fascist labels to describe his Opponent or Adversary. and his supporters.
    And those Cities that are run by Democratic Mayors, and Governors even agreed with Biden’s way of handling this Violence. We even saw the Vice President Kamala Harris Bailing Out those Hateful Distrustful Criminals that were Caught and Arrested. Letting the Guilty ones go absolutely FREE. Free to cause more Destruction and Hate Crimes. This must be the reason so many communities are plagued by this Domestic Violence, Crime, and even Poverty. In fact we are even seeing this happening today, with the MASS Looting in Cities like San Franco, Los Angles, Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, and New York.
    We can NOT allow these people to have lifestyle of crime, This is NOT they way to get out of poverty. So we must Arrest, and Prosecute Those That Are Guilty. And we MUST put the Politicians, and the District Attorney’s in office that will follow the Law, and give Due Punishment when it is warranted.


  5. I STILL can remember VERY CLEARLY when “President “Joe Biden stood in front of the U.S. Capitol just after the so called Januanry 6th riots and SCOLDED the Republicans, and the Trump Supporters calling them all those filthy, and disgusting names!
    What Happened To His Promise of “UNITY?
    Did it disappear just like all the other LIES that he told us?
    At that time we didn’t yet know that he was FULL of It! And that he was playing us like a Fiddle. But we shure as hell know it now. The only problem is that the Democrats, the BLIND Biden Supporters don’t want to admit it.
    When a Democratic Bill has a Title with the opposite meaning, and is LOADED with all kinds of Pork, and NON-MEANINGFUL content . Then we know, (or should Know) they the Democratic Bill is Full of CRAP!
    When you are told, and “Promised” by a Senile Old Fool who is Stuttering, and Fumbling with words written on a Teleprompter by someone who is likely Obama, you should know that you are probably being Played. .
    In fact, any time you are dealing with a Democrat, you are being played!
    Republicans may not have all the answers or repair things quickly, but it was likely the Democrats at the root of all our current problems.

    The Infrastructure Bill was a Prime Example of no attempt at Unity. From the start Biden and the Democrats stuffed it with all sorts of Progressive Liberal Stuff, to satisfy their Liberal Constituents . Biden could have passed a bill to fix Bridges and Roads, and even provide a improved Internet, with bipartisan support. Instead, he proposed a multi trillion-dollar spending plan filled with partisan, noninfrastructure goals. He’s used the infrastructure agenda, a left-wing agenda to get the bill passed.
    The sad part is that Biden never even gave Unity a chance. Our country needs the healing he promised, but Biden delivered the opposite, we got lip service instead. Biden and the Democrats were LYING …… All you Biden/Unity voters were …SUCKERS.
    His idea of Unity means getting it HIS WAY!
    And his way was getting Millions of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS a year, mostly from Third
    – World countries, into the country to vote Democratic, and by doing so Cause the Worst Chaos at Our Southern Border in Our Lifetimes as Biden Sends Them All over America.

    If you really believed that Biden, or Chuck Schumer is a “Unifier”. Not to mention the Senile Hag Nancy Pelosi, then you also must believe in the Tooth Fairy!
    His calls for “Unity” fell on deaf ears. As they say Forgetaboutit.
    And that the flooding of American towns and cities with Ten’s of Thousands of illegal’s who even if tested for COVID and tested positive are nonetheless allowed to travel and travel without ID. Without even knowing the backgrounds of them, or who they really are? Yes, that is surely spreading “Unity” and something to celebrate!
    In the meantime we are seeing the Politicians, the Hollywood crowd.
    Also Ron DeSantis’ administration sent the private flights to ,Martha’s Vineyard where the wealthy people are now building walls, and giant fences with barb-wire around their homes as the Nation Guard sent the 50 illegal’s to Arum Barracks.

    And all this time the Biden-Harris Administration Continues Ignoring and Denying the Crisis at our Southern Border, which has endangered and overwhelmed Texas communities for almost two years .Even Denying that there IS A CRISES!
    Governor Abbott said this week. “Our supposed Border Czar, Vice President Kamala Harris, has yet to even visit the border to see Firsthand the impact of the open border policies she has helped implement, even going so far as to claim the border is “Secure”.
    These Leftist Contemptuous Goons, are DESTROYING American Democracy and claiming that the Radicals are the White Supremacists while the Progressives are singing “Kumbayah”.


  6. Thanks to President Biden, and his WONDERFUL administration it Looks Like No Hurricanes will Hit The USA This Year. Hmm, Thanks to Biden’s War on Global Warming!
    (((( SARCASM))))


  7. There is no doubt in my mind that the climate control freaks, and the environmental movement has been thoroughly infiltrated by the Democrats, aka Communists who wish to destroy America from within. The movement not only funds our enemies using taxpayer funds but also allows the evildoers to use our laws against us to limit our economic growth and beneficial progress. When examined closely, these Climate Control NUTS, along with the environmentalists are not only de-growthers to implement wealth redistribution and control the levers of power within our government. A political agenda far outside the original goals of curtailing pollution and providing good stewardship for our natural resources.

    To this end, the Democratic Communists have assumed operational control over the Biden Democrat Party


  8. Democrats are trying to Undo the Best Part of Trump’s Legacy, His Many Accomplishments.
    Voters rejected his bad behavior, his manner of speaking and his NORMALCY . His policies on TAXES AND REGULATION were successful and truly an Accomplishment.

    During Donald Trump’s first three years in office, median household incomes grew, and the poverty rate among Black people fell below 20% for the first time in post-World War II records,”“The unemployment rate among Black people went under 6% for the first time in records going back to 1972.” Minorities weren’t the only beneficiaries of this time in office. Between 2017 and 2019, wages for the bottom 10% of earners grew at more than DOUBLE THE RATE THEY DID DURING PRESIDENT OBAMA’S SECOND TERM.

    But the Democrats will not tell you those things, they want you to think of the TWO PHONEY IMPEACHMENTS ! That was Pelosi’s work Her Back STABBING WORK. They were so afraid of Trump that they did everything they could to get rid of him, and they are continuing now.
    The Democrats want you to have the impression that Mr. Trump got the boot in 2020 because of his handling of the economy and that voters want his economic policies reversed. But the economy is one area where Mr. Trump consistently polled STRONGEST, and he was elected in 2016 in large part because of the sluggish growth under Mr. Obama
    Of course Democrats want people to forget how awesome and great Trump is, and they have a fake news media on their side to help them. That is also what these fake phone Nazi show trials are all about regarding the January 6th protest. Trump never incited violence. There is not a shred of proof that he did. In fact he did the opposite. Trump did so many great things, and the blind animal-like hate of the Left blinds them to it.

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  9. The roughly 50 migrants who were sent by plane to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts by Florida’s governor this week were taken to a military base Friday to receive shelter and humanitarian support, officials said.

    The migrants, after two days of uncertainty on the small island and a large local effort to provide for them, cheered Friday morning when they were told they’d be taken to Joint Base Cape Cod.

    At a church where they had been staying on Martha’s Vineyard, migrants cheered Friday morning when they heard the Massachusetts government would shelter them at the Cape Cod military base. They boarded government-arranged buses willingly, officials said, and they arrived at the military installation Friday afternoon

    Cape Cod? Are you kidding me? They are lucky they haven’t been sent to Jail for illegally invading into a foreign country. These people have been fed, clothed, cared for, given clean rest facilities, and free transportation when all they should have gotten is steel and the bite of some well-trained police dogs.

    And now they will get yet more services lavished on them at my expense.

    One of OUR Marines was locked away in a prison starved and tortured FOR A YEAR for just for accidentally crossing into Mexico by making a wrong turn along the border on his way to San Diego. And then president Obumma didn’t so much as raise a DAMB finger, or lift a pen or make a phone call to get him freed..

    Next time I hope DeSantis sends them 50,000 illegals and drops them by helicopter right on the front lawn of the White House, and let “The Big Guy” Biden take care of them, after all, he brought them here.

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    • Reports I am seeing is that none of the immigrants were here illegally.. they did the appropriate application for seeking sanctuary and most were awaiting trial dates.. ACCORDING TO LAW. In fact, if they were here illegally they would have been detained by Border Protection people and not allowed to travel the countryside, only to be unwittingly be involved in the political stunts of a couple state governors.

      As for that wrong-turn Marine back in 2014… Tahmooressi? He was arrested for bringing weapons into the country, while legally owned in the U.S., in Mexico it was not. He was released after 7 months, apparently from some result of Ex-Gov Bill Richardson. The Marine was severely affected with undiagnosed PTSD from his service in Afghanistan, which the Mexican authorities had little or no experience in treating, hence some of his restraints were in place to control his actions and reactions… not to intentionally torture. One could speculate the intent of Mexican authorities all day long. Regardless, he was released in apparently good condition.
      Let’s addresse the elephant in the room…. what’s a veteran with severe PTSD permitted in owning guns in the first place? Of course not illegal… but certainly a moral issue.

      Anyway… seems your arguments are motivated by emotion rather than facts.


  10. Dear Lady of Reason, I like your review of the sinister speech Biden made about the 1st of September, 2022, He evidently wanted to come across as a dictator of the style one sometimes sees in third world countries where the military keeps him in power. Our political trends and policies are mostly media-driven. The intelligentsia people in the media consider themselves as having a mission to fix all of this country’s problems and also all of the world’s problems. They have chosen to act through the Democrat Party. They are wild in their mania to spend money without restraint and transform this country and the world quickly. I’m saying a group of state governments must band together and resolutely resist the federal craziness. No other person or group has any clout to stem the unconstitutional actions going on all around us. Thanks for your work. Lewis Bishop

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  11. The Lady has posted an excellent description of our current, far from excellent circumstances. The government should represent the people and the media should inform them. Instead, they are trying, as the :Lady puts it, “to oppress, silence and intimidate honest citizens.”

    Their strongest weapon is the government/ leftist media combination’s ability to delude us into thinking that the majority is on their side. They want us to feel that we are a weak, isolated minority. They want us to feel intimidated so that we dare not protest out of fear that the FBI will raid our homes. That might have been one of the reasons for the raid on President Trump. If they can do that to a former president, they can do even worse to you.

    I think their actions show an inherent weakness though. Can a government that so fears its citizens win their support? By their actions, have they not admitted to themselves that they cannot? The media has lost their credibility with most people by acting as unabashed leftist propagandists. The Administration’s highhanded abuse of police powers and its blatant 2020 election fraud and expose the deep state for what it is.

    There is a saying that the devil’s greatest achievement was convincing people that he didn’t exist. Until recently, the deep state has remained largely an unseen power, below the surface., But, by their actions against Trump, they have exposed themselves to the public eye and to public outrage. That might be their undoing.

    One must ask, to whom is Biden speaking when he demonizes MAGA voters. As the Lady pointed out, they number 71 million or more. He’s not going to persuade them that they are evil. At best he can intimidate them and by that convince them of his hatred and contempt for them.. I doubt that will win many undecided voters either. All his intemperate rhetoric can do is rally his supporters and signal his administration lackeys that they can harass Trump supporters with impunity. .

    Demonizing your opponents can be risky. It can work if you have a clear majority,. On the other hand, if your opponents outnumber you, it’s unwise to do what amounts to a massive “get out the vote” campaign for the other side. Some have said that the Mar-A Lago raid was a massive, inadvertent contribution to the Trump campaign.

    Perhaps in November we will find out whether the left has “awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.”

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  12. It is sad when I once felt bad if someone called me the bad guy. Now, it is almost a certification.

    I don’t feel bad anymore. I disappoint rednecks, leftists, some religious types.

    I slowly became a more clean Razor Ramon. (Just kidding)

    “You know this, chica!”

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  13. Actually he said “MAGA Republicans”.. not “Conservatives”, and yes, there is quite a difference. I used to be a Republican and I refused to be anything to do with MAGA. You don’t like Biden’s speech? What about 4 years of Trump speeches? Having stated that, Yes, I thought the speech was a bit harsh, especially with that imagery. But the GOP says and implies far worse.


    • You’d have to be pretty obtuse to not know that “MAGA Republicans” is a label slapped on anyone that doesn’t slavishly go along with with they want. It’s no different than our Prime Dictator calling people who don’t agree with him, Nazi’s, white supremacists, misogynists, and people with “unacceptable opinions”, openly wondering if they should be put up with. This is an open propaganda war, and anyone who doesn’t totally and completely agree with their narrative is the enemy, and that includes a lot of genuine liberals, not just conservatives. It’s mass behavioural manipulation, and people are falling for it. Not just falling for it, but from what I’m reading on various social media, they are gleefully excited about the idea of the government hunting down and eliminating the “enemy”. And I don’t just mean metaphorically. If you don’t slavishly worship Biden, they want you dead.

      As for Trump’s speeches of the last for years, every time I’ve looked up and actually listened to his speeches (not just media manipulated clips), I found them to be inspiring, positive and funny. Which is bizarre, considering how they were constantly being trashed as full of hate. The only hate I’m seeing is from the anti-Trumpers and Biden supporters. A whole lot of confession through projection from that crowd.

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      • Well, your perception vs. mine.. hence the great divide. I recall you are Canadian? Just curious.. you have a similar divide going on up there? Sounds like this king of nationalism is flowing in many places.


      • Yes, the divide here in Canada is getting wider, and it’s being deliberately widened by our own Prime Dictator. He has been found guilty of numerous ethical violations, has a long history of racism and sexual assault, is a constant liar and slanderer, and a narcissist. He has done more to damage Canada than his father did, when he was PM, and that’s saying a lot. How you guys managed to elect so many worse than him really amazes me. At least you guys, as a republic, have options to reign in the tyrants, somewhat. We have virtually no legal or procedural options. On top of that, the NDP have joined forces with the Libs, creating a de facto coalition government, ensuring that even the few options available cannot succeed. And when we protested, legally and peacefully, our tyrannical leader illegally invoked the Emergency Act, violently subjugating the protests like something straight out of the old USSR – and our government is so corrupt, he’s getting away with it.

        I’m curious about your use of the term “king of nationalism”. You do know that being proud of one’s country, and trying to protect is, is a good thing, right? Nationalism is a synonym for patriotism – something else that has been redefined as a bad thing, in both our countries. Another example of the division created by the leftists. What’s good is now bad, what’s bad is now good. Left is right and up is down.

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      • Regarding the “king of nationalism” I realized after I had sent it.. I actually meant “kind of nationalism”.. although it doesn’t necessarily detract from the point made in your reply. I am a moderate (former Liberal Conservative) which means I am more motived by a given policy than the political party behind it. As for patriotism/nationalism.. two different birds. I’m as damn patriotic as the next guy… no more, no less (at least in the American sense.. which I would guess would be the same up there, just different symbols). Yet my sense of nationalism I keep very moderated when it comes to setting policy by it. Just look at history.. nationalist movements come and go… and in their extreme can become very nasty.
        Speaking of symbols.. my particular Trumpism “thing” is that “they” have “taken” our symbolic display of our flag. Of course it’s a symbolic thing and no one truly can do that in some moral sense… but nonetheless, you see someone displaying the American flag it’s a sure thing it’s a Trumper. Especially the one’s who have an oversize flag behind their pickup trucks. I’m reluctant to display the flag because I don’t want to draw attention that I could be a “Trumpian”. Pisses me off I can’t display my “patriotism”. Now.. is that one me? Of course it is. I fall into the current social perception of wanting to avoid unnecessary confrontation. Is it the fault of Trumpians? Of course not. Welcome to our current divide.

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      • Re: nationalism and patriotism

        From Merrium-Webster:
        nationalism noun
        na·​tion·​al·​ism | \ ˈna-sh(ə-)nə-ˌli-zəm \
        Definition of nationalism
        1: loyalty and devotion to a nation

        patriotism noun
        pa·​tri·​ot·​ism | \ ˈpā-trē-ə-ˌti-zəm , chiefly British ˈpa- \
        Definition of patriotism
        : love for or devotion to one’s country

        Two different words meaning the same thing. Like everything else, people can take something to an extreme, but that doesn’t change what the words mean. People can take love to the extreme, causing harm in the name of love, but that doesn’t make love a bad thing because of it.

        I find it hilarious that you are equating flying the US flag with “Trumpism” like that. This is a really good example of behavioural modification and media manipulation. We have the same thing here in Canada, though for a longer time, as we have never been particularly overt in our national pride – to our detriment, I believe. Lately, however, the association of flying the Canadian flag with being a “colonialist” or “white supremacist” has gone into overdrive, fed by our “liberal” government and the media. I find it very sad that anyone would allow these groups to control whether or not they show pride in their own country. Especially out of fear of confrontation. That fear is legitimate, given the violent reactions from lefts when seeing the flag, and it is absolutely created and fostered by the mass media and our governments.

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      • Not sure how the media here has even subliminally suggested that flag flying is synonymous with Trumpism. I can’t answer for Canadian media of course. In our case the MAGA term alone conjures up two alt-patriotic questions… 1) When did America lose its greatness that you feel you had to make a political movement about it, and, 2) At what point in our history do you want to return to when you thought America was at its pinnacle of greatness?
        The answers to those two questions can only be “presumed” given MAGA people themselves have no unified idea……
        1) America lost its greatness over the last few Democratic administrations, especially Obama (which kinda skips the point of the Republican administrations in between the Dem ones.)
        2) Most Boomers, like Trump, were raised in the 50’s… hence Trump is drawn to those “white dominated elitism” post WW2 days as a measure of a time of American “greatness”.
        (Let’s not forget that the white folk demographic here is going to be an ethnic minority in a few years and that means the “white European/American gene pool” passed on by the Founding Fathers is being “diluted” by all those “humbled masses urning to breath free”)
        But that’s all speculative.. . as each person has their own idea. It seems our respective national politics do spill back and forth from time to time.


      • “Make America great again” was a phrase repeatedly used by Dems for years. It only became a “bad” phrase when Trump started using it.

        The idea of Trump and “white dominated elitism” being connected is hilarious. If ever there was a white dominated elitist group, it’s the Dems. They make everything about race. All those non-white patriots and Trump supporters drive them bonkers. They make it very clear that non-white people belong only to them.

        Do you not recognize that you are parroting the leftist propaganda? I mean, you keep saying you’re not on one side or the other, but it’s clear which side you are going along with.

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      • I realize you enjoy a good cyber-scrap and you’re trying, but if you need to label me to focus disdain.. make it anti-Trump since the beginning. That by no means suggest I think the whataboutism comparison with Biden is anywhere near apples to apples. I am far “happier” with a Biden-type presidential “traditionalist” holding the office… than a renegade, self-indulgent rich elitist, parentally-abused, liar of a spoiled brat bully like Trump. He’s completely lied to his base incited a coup, and decided on his own to grab secret documents…. for reasons unknown. I wish the GOP actually had someone worthy to make the run. Unfortunately, any GOP Trump-haters are out to pasture. If disliking the Trump persona intensely is “leaning left” then that rather illustrates the devotion of Trump-lovers to choose to follow the Orange Dictator, and anyone who doesn’t is the “other” or the enemy.


      • Oh, Puhlease. You’re the one who started off sticking labels on people, right from the start.

        The fact that you actually believe Trump incited a “coup” shows me how wildly misinformed you are. Especially since the Dems were trying to incite a coup and overturn the election results the entire time he was in office. And those documents? He is completely entitled to them, just like ever president before him, and has the security clearance for them. He didn’t even pack them himself; a government department did it for him. He also had a lawyer dedicated to helping the archives access exactly which ones they wanted, unlike Obama, with his 33 million documents he refuses to allow access to.

        I am seeing an awful lot of confession through projection in your responses. What a joke!

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  14. Our government is now corrupt beyond repair, as the Democratic tyrants can do, and are doing whatever they please.
    Once again, we are finding that the PROGRESSIVE COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS, together with former intelligence and law enforcement agents at Facebook pose a clear and present to the United States Constitution.
    Yes!, Facebook spied on Private Messages of American Citizens that had questioned the 2020 Trump/Biden election


  15. Biden’s speech was just horrifying. Talk about confession through projection, lies and demonization.

    Of course, it’s happening here in Canada, too (and other countries). Our Opposition federal Conservative Party just elected a new leader. Our Prime Dictator, after “congratulating” him on his win, immediately dove into a similar hate filled, accusatory and divisive speech. But he’s the one that’s building this.

    They are coming for us, and they aren’t even trying to pretend they aren’t. They’re just accusing their targets of being what they, themselves, are in the process.

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