Movie Night! A Review of Some Great Conservative Documentaries

The mainstream media and film industry is sadly overrun by far left-wing bias. Most films, TV shows, and yes, documentaries lean far left and push the Left’s agenda any chance they can get. You can find plenty of anti-Trump, BLM, anti-second amendment, gender ideology etc… related documentaries claiming to be “educational” and “informative” that teach you the country is racist, deeply flawed, and that there is injustice around every corner or that your kindergartener should be able to choose their gender and physically transition before puberty! Unfortunately for those of us who believe that this country is still great and a land of opportunity, Trump wasn’t the worst president in history, the second amendment matters, or that age five is too young to physically and emotionally transition to the opposite gender and that we’re not being told the truth about many issues in this country, there are few documentaries that can truly be informative. However, I’ve had the chance to see some great documentaries and recommend them to fellow patriots!

Capitol Punishment (2021)

This documentary directed by Christopher Burgard and hosted/ narrated by Nick Searcy explores the truth behind the January 6th “insurrection”. Was it really an uncontrolled riot? Were conservatives the ones being violent and causing mass chaos? Did the “punishment” meted out to participants at the capitol on January 6th fit the “crime”? Searcy conducted multiple interviews of people who were actually there as direct participants and eye witnesses as well as those who have faced intimidation by the Left for participating as extreme as an FBI raid on their house! Also explored is the tragedy of Ashli Babbitt’s death and the questions that raises. What he found was that there were all sorts of different people who attended to peacefully protest the rigged election that stole the win from Trump. A truly “diverse” crowd who sang songs, prayed, and made a stand for a fair election, not just white males!

He interviewed fathers who came to the protest who were arrested in the early morning in front of their terrified children by FBI agents and for all the neighbors to see in an intimidation campaign. Other guests invited for interviews to add their stories had their pictures up on billboards to encourage others to doxx their identities by the government as if they were on the top ten most wanted list. As for the rioters? There is compelling evidence that those were plants by the Left posing as Trump supporters.

The documentary even shows footage of the moments of the Ashli Babbitt tragedy, the hardest part to watch for me. An officer shoots at her when other officers are right behind her, narrowly missing killing one of them! The footage raises more questions than answers. Babbitt, who served in the air force for 12 years and was deployed to active war zones wanted to take a stand for the country she loyally served. After the tragedy, the Left has run a smear campaign to show her in the worst light possible. Searcy gives a voice to her family in this documentary to tell her side. Overall Capitol Punishment is a very informative and engaging documentary and Nick Searcy did an excellent job of keeping the viewer informed and entertained with his sense of humor yet treats the subject with the seriousness it deserves. Well worth the $10 price to watch it!

2000 Mules (2022)

Speaking of election fraud, 2000 Mules directed and hosted by Dinesh D’Souza and his wife Debbie, and featuring prominent conservatives such as Dennis Prager, Sebastien Gorka, Larry Elder, Charlie Kirk and others, goes into detail about how the fraud was carried out through mail in ballots. The left claimed that mail in ballots were perfectly fine, and safeguards such as voter IDs are “racist”, however this documentary proves the opposite is true! So how was this fraud carried out? Through the use of recruiting many people as “mules”, similar to drug mules that smuggle drugs into the country, the mules in this documentary smuggle fraudulent ballots using identities of deceased people, or people told how to vote (for Biden!) and drop them off en masse into ballot drop off boxes around the country. The ballots are real, but the votes on them are rigged as they all say Biden, and at $10 a pop per fraudulent ballot these mules drop off, those who do it can make a lot of money employed by the swamp for the Left’s agenda.

D’Souza’s investigation into how far widespread the fraud was uncovered over 2000 of these mules and millions of false ballots, enough to overturn the election. Evidence of cameras shut off just at the right moment, surviving footage of the act of dropping off these ballots at odd hours at night, and an anonymous whistleblower add intrigue to this mystery. It makes one wonder with all the evidence D’Sousa and his team were able to gather, if the Left was just cocky enough to figure it didn’t matter, they are above the law… Trouble is, the more people like us are made aware, the more it will matter! 2000 Mules is a great documentary, entertaining, informative and feels like a true crime episode. You can buy it on DVD or online, but be sure to watch it soon as it most likely will get censored. I highly recommend it!

The Treyvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America (2019)

The Treyvon Martin case, where George Zimmerman, a member of the neighborhood watch in Sanford, FL fatally shot Treyvon Martin after Martin attacked Zimmerman became a nationwide controversy about racial bias. The mainstream narrative was that because Martin was black, he looked suspicious and Zimmerman shot him due to his bias when Martin was only walking back to the house where he was visiting family in Sanford, having gone to get skittles and iced tea from a convenience store. What isn’t mentioned, is that Zimmerman was patrolling as there had been a string of recent burglaries in the neighborhood and Martin was not a familiar resident. When Zimmerman started to follow Martin and called the police to report him as a suspicious person, this ultimately led to the altercation where Martin brutally attacked Zimmerman who defended himself.

The narrative goes that Trayvon Martin is a victim of racial violence and his only crime was coming back from a convenience store. In The Treyvon Hoax directed and hosted by Joel Gilbert, Gilbert exposes a major fraud in the trial involving a key witness: Martin’s girlfriend, Diamond Eugene. She was allegedly on the phone with Treyvon during the pursuit with Zimmerman and on the phone for his last moments. The problem was, the woman testifying in court as Martin’s girlfriend wasn’t actually her, and Joel Gilbert sets out to prove that in this documentary. As no one else dared contradict the narrative, Gilbert does his own investigation into Martin’s background, his friends, and George Zimmerman. He interviews Zimmerman to get his side of events, and takes a deep dive into Treyvon Martin’s phone contacts, call history, social media and interviews those willing to talk.

The details start to unravel: Martin was not so innocent as it seemed. He had his own record of delinquent behavior, did drugs and had a shady friend circle. His handle on social media was “No Limit N-word” (The full word uncensored!). The skittles and iced tea are used to make a common street drug in his area. As for the search for the real girlfriend to get her take, Gilbert searched through several yearbooks from various high schools, looked at phone records and social media and traveled to try and retrace where she had last been. The imposter, a woman named Rachel Jeantel was mostly illiterate, yet Martin’s girlfriend had a note brought into evidence in the court case. How could she have written a note if she can’t even read? Footage of her admitting the fraud is also shown. These and other intriguing details are part of this engaging documentary. While lower budget than the other documentaries, it does not detract from its ability to hold your interest and pique your curiosity about this cover up! Best news is, it’s free on YouTube now, but don’t wait to see it, as YouTube is in with the Left!

What is a Woman? (2022)

What is A Woman? directed by Justin Folk and hosted by Matt Walsh takes a rigorous deep dive into the issues of the Left’s agenda regarding gender ideology and pushing transgenderism on impressionable youth. Walsh interviews multiple people on both sides of the issue including gender “affirming” surgeons, doctors, therapists, transgender people and a gender studies professor, while also interviewing a transgender man who regrets transitioning to a man and details his/her numerous surgery complications, a psychiatrist for adolescents who disagrees with the mainstream narrative, parents who were cut off from their children for not affirming their trans identity, and several female athletes who have been outcompeted by trans women athletes. It is truly eye opening how absurd many of the gender ideologues sound, claiming that one can have their own reality, that children under 10 can choose to medically transition, and that none could give an objective answer to what a woman is in reference to the titular question of this documentary.

What was very impressive to note was that Walsh allows them to speak and while the title is a bit tongue in cheek, he asks them his questions in a respectful way, and the overall documentary touches upon serious issues. Sadly many Leftist interviewers lower themselves to making a mockery of anyone they disagree with and won’t let them speak without constant interruptions. On the other side, Walsh sheds light and gives a voice to those who challenge the narrative. A mix of personal experiences such as with the athletes being unfairly sidelined, the transgender man who regrets transitioning and the parents who are being persecuted for not supporting their young child’s transition and scientific evidence brought to light by experts such as the psychiatrist that children are not developmentally able to make such a monumentous decision, puberty blockers do have long term effects and that the highest rates of suicides happen after transitioning make a strong case for the harm being done by the transgender movement.

A highlight that makes this documentary unique as well is that he goes to the Maasai in Africa to ask them their views on gender identity and if they have a concept of transgender or a gender spectrum. It turns out they do not, and gender roles are clearly defined in their culture. This gives one a reminder that these are Western cultural concepts and are not universal. The Maasai as well as many around the world have far more pressing matters to concern themselves with, such as meeting their basic needs and passing down their own cultural heritage. It also highlights our utter privilege living in a developed country where we can afford to entertain such bizarre notions as most of us aren’t in a constant state of subsistence. Does it matter whether or not you’re non-binary if you need to go hunt for your next meal? Overall this documentary was a brilliant piece of intellectual as well as personal evidence of the harm gender ideology has on society. You can find it on the Daily Wire!

In searching for conservative documentaries luckily more are out there as the backlash is only growing! Please share any others you watched and would recommend to fellow patriots!


  1. As always, the Lady’s post is very interesting. I have seen three of the four movies that she discussed. The exception is “What is a Woman” which I haven’t gotten to yet.

    The first film, “Capitol Punishment” provided considerable evidence of the Democrats’ mendacity regarding Jan 6 as well as facts pointing to their involvement in creating the situation in the first place. Especially convincing was the video footage of Antifa members pretending to be pro Trump protesters.

    Subsequent events support the film’s claims. For example, the lack of a thorough investigation into the shooting of Ashli Babbitt, Pelosi’s refusal to release all the security camera footage from that day, and, most recently, the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson.

    Although her testimony appears designed to damage Trump and support the Dem’s claims, it did more to undercut the committee’s credibility. First, her testimony was largely hearsay. She claimed that someone told her what someone else allegedly saw or allegedly was told by another person. Additionally, she was unable to recall exactly what she was told, instead, qualifying her testimony using the weasel words “words to the effect.” She identified the people whose statements she claimed to be recounting. If the committee was interested in getting to the truth, they would have called those people to testify as to their actual observations. In the legal world, they refer to that as “best evidence.” actual observations rather than vague third party accounts. It appears the committee was afraid that the facts would interfere with the narrative.

    Many of the claims are in and of themselves not credible. She claimed Trump was in the vehicle the press calls “The Beast.” According to former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, the Secret Service does not refer to the Presidential Limo by that name so it is highly unlikely that a Secret Service agent would have referred to it that way in the conversation Hutchinson claims been told about. Also, video of the day shows Trump getting into an SUV rather than the “Beast” limo.

    Regarding the claim that Trump tried to seize the steering wheel, I wonder whether Liz Cheney or any of the other fair minded statesmen on the committee questioned the feasibility of anyone grabbing the steering wheel from the back seat of an SUV. Can Trump elongate his arms in the manner of the Fantastic Four’s Mr. Fantastic? Had the committee been truly bipartisan, those sorts of questions would have been asked during the hearings.

    The committee met on an emergency basis to hear that testimony. Perhaps the only emergency was that the Dems needed to take attention away from some of the more insurrectionist like protests over the recent Supreme Court’s abortion ruling that were not helping their chances in November.

    The ancient Romans had a saying “Truth does not flee the light.” The committee’s actions to suppress the truth expose their mendacity.

    “2000 Mules” was another eye opener. D’Souza brought the evidence to support his claims. The major criticism of the film that I have heard is that the GPS data is not accurate enough to support D’Souza’s claims. However, he points out, the FBI used that data to identify and arrest Jan 6 protesters,
    courts use the data for ankle bracelet monitoring and the military uses it for targeting terrorists.

    Another criticism is that GPS data cannot distinguish between someone going to the ballot box or just passing by it for a reason unrelated to ballots or the election. D’Souza addresses that extensively in the film and I doubt those critics actually saw the film.

    He also has video of people stuffing multiple ballot boxes in a manner that belies any claims that they were just dropping off ballots for relatives. Critics also state that D’Souza didn’t have enough video of that, however that supports his claims rather than undercuts them. He would have had more video if, as required by law, there were cameras covering all the ballot boxes rather than just a few. Again, “truth does not flee the light.”

    One thing that I found very interesting that D’Souza mentioned but doesn’t seem to think especially important. was the number of ballot mules whose cell phone data also put them at the Antifa/BLM riots. That appears to show a connection between the Dems and the rioters and perhaps explains why the administration is embracing such a radical leftist agenda. The Dems need Antifa/BLM to steal elections or they can’t get elected.

    History shows that sort of thing happening before. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, New York’s Tammany Hall depended on the street gangs as a source of muscle and repeat voters to steal elections. For that reason the gangs received a degree of immunity from the Tammany run police and courts. (Incidentally, the New York gun law that the Supreme Court recently overturned was the 1908 Sullivan Law, named after it’s sponsor, Big Tim Sullivan, the Tammany Hall boss at the time. That law helped make sure that only friends of Tammany Hall had the wherewithal to protect themselves against the likes of Tammany supporters, the street gangs.”)

    “The Trayvon Martin Hoax” was another eye opener showing how badly the media reported the case and how dishonest the legal system can be. Of course since then, we have seen many other abuses of the system in the name of politics. Given the current administration’s Justice Department, the Trayvon film was just a preview of coming attractions.

    I haven’t seen :What is a Woman?” yet, but even if I had seen it, I’m not a biologist, so, in “words to the effect” from our new Supreme Court justice,
    I’m not qualified to answer that question.

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  2. “The fact that you can’t give me a straight answer about something as fundamental as what a woman is underscores the dangers of the kind of progressive education that we are hearing about,” Blackburn

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  3. Well, well,well, isn’t this interesting: It turns out that at least four days before January 6, TRUMP authorized the use of 20,000 National Guard troops to protect the Capitol but that Nancy Pelosi refused every request to use the troops even when the capitol police leadership requested the troops.

    John Solomon broke this blockbuster story this morning on Just the News. Tonight on Hannity he will discuss another newly obtained document that shows that Sen. Schumer’s staff received FBI intel that some of the protestors would storm the Capitol but failed to act on it.
    She had no problem having National Guard troops guard the Capitol for weeks after the riot SLEEPING ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR , even though there was no credible threat of trouble, but her supposed excuse for refusing requests to use NG troops was that it would be “bad optics.” “Bad optics”? Ensuring the safety of the Capitol would be “bad optics”? Why wasn’t it “bad optics” to keep National Guard troops around the Capitol for weeks after the riot when there was clearly no need for them?

    In MY humble opinion, It sure Looks Like Pelosi Wanted the January 6 Riot to Happen!

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  4. Are These Recent , and so called “Peaceful Protests” at the homes of the Supream Court Justices being done by Pro-abortion groups As they claim to be responsibility for recent attacks of these acts of Domestic Terrorism?
    Is our Attorney General Merrick Garland and his Department of Justice Pals are working non-stop to catch these people? NO THEY HAVE NOT! Has our Attorney General Merrick Garland even mentioned these Terroristic acts? Or is he still focused on arresting people who trespassed and/or paraded in the Capitol on January the 6th??

    Has Joe Biden openly condemned these Terroristic acts? No? Has he even spoken about this? No he has not! Has he or any other of those Democratic Elitist from the House, or from the Senate sais even ONE WORD Condemning, or Expressing their Disapproval with what Chuck Schumer said on the Steps of the Supreme Court? NO, NOT ONE!

    Especially after we heard about that group of pro-abortion extremists, who are apparently claiming responsibility for a recent string of the and Vandalizing of Anti-Abortion centers.
    The claim was made public Wednesday by a National Review reporter in which the group claims credit for fire-bombings in New York, Oregon and Wisconsin, along with more than TWO DOZEN other attacks and other acts of Vandalism.
    You didn’t hear about those? Maybe because the news report was hidden on page 101 of some unheard of newspaper!
    However these attacks have increased after the leak of a draft that suggested the Supreme Court’s ruling on a possibility of overturning Roe v. Wade, which has given women the right to have access to an abortion.
    There are people who actually call themselves “Pro-Abortion”, instead of “Pro-Choice”. Meaning you favor legal Abortion. Sorry for the the Nitpicking

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  5. China Joey is the only person in these United States who’s totally unaware of how much of a Failure he actually is.. By the way he speaks when you can understand him he actually believes he’s doing a great job. . .he doesn’t seem to even comprehend just how ridiculous he sounds, or how disastrous his policies actually are. , He is as bad, or worse than any other American “President” that we have ever seen, or had.

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  6. It’s encouraging to see these movies being made. I don’t even like to call them “conservative”, really. Their goal is to search out the actual facts and present the truth. These days, anyone who isn’t a leftist is derided as “alt-right”, “far right extremists”, conservative, etc. Which is really bizarre when you see someone who is actually liberal, not conservative, being attacked for being a “right wing extremist” if they don’t agree with the leftist narrative. When you have someone like Matt Walsh, who is unapologetically conservative, he’s viewed as evil incarnate. He’s gotten many threats of violence and death for making that movie. More than usual, that is.

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