Freedom is More Than Just Physical: What We Can Learn from The Ukraine

The latest major news is sadly the ongoing invasion of the Ukraine by Putin and his army. Horrific details of families, like yours and mine, being forced to flee their homes and camp out in subway stations wondering if they will survive the next day or if they will ever go home again ought to jolt us out of our usual stupor as we go about the mundaneness of our lives. Scenes that belong in World War II might now be the beginnings of World War III. One might no longer be surprised at the ongoing violence in the third world, where violence and turmoil is endemic, however this hits closer to home. Why? The Ukrainian people may speak a different language, have a different alphabet and some different customs from us, but this was a nation of people whose lives were just like ours: They went to school and work, they have social media, they watch many of the same shows and movies as we do etc… Imagine one day going about your life then the next having to dodge bombs and flee your home trying to survive day by day.

Even so, the Ukraine seems so far away for many here in the US, and we are fortunate to not have a hostile nation right on our border. Their strife is still another news story for us, so why should it matter so much to us as Americans? The answer however, should be obvious: An industrialized nation that was free is now under the very real threat of takeover. People just like us, who have similar values and lifestyles to us are now in the same situation as those in third world “you know the things”. We think it could never be us. Until it is. By the luck of our geography America is harder to invade with an ocean between us and our potential foes, but don’t be so naïve! This is the 21st century, and we are only a day’s flight away from any hostile power, not to mention smart missiles and satellites. One blow to a powerplant could cripple us, think mass cyber attacks on virtual infrastructure. We always say our freedom isn’t free, but it’s times like this it really should sink in. We certainly have many enemies who would be more than willing to pounce the moment they smell weakness. Our reputation as being a major world power has aided us, but without action, reputations can change.

The concern here is what I’ve been talking about all along: all this woke nonsense has real consequences. One of which is appearing an utter fool in the eyes of the world. While Russia and China train their troops to kill without mercy, annihilate their foes and praise their countries to a frenzied degree, we’re training our troops to be more “sensitive” and “antiracist”. We’re lowering the bar to admit women into roles that the majority of men don’t make the cut! We complain about toxic masculinity, any rough and tumble boy is deemed a danger to society, an upholder of the patriarchy. The woke have become so obsessed with being triggered over microaggressions and needing safe spaces from an opposing viewpoint.

What does this mean for the safety of our nation? What does it mean for how other nations look at us? Under the “adults in charge” currently, other nations are walking all over us, giving us the lion’s share of holding up the deals we made with them as they take advantage of us. We have a weaker economy, and a weaker sway over international affairs. Afghanistan has fallen into the hand of terrorists, while Americans were left behind as we welcomed in Afghan “refugees”. Is it really such a surprise Putin, who wanted to annex the Ukraine before, saw his chance and took it? Did we see this global unrest when Trump was in office? The man who could sit down as an equal and talk business with Putin and even North Korea? What has our current “leader” done other than cave in to the Taliban and now Russia? Can we honestly expect any formidable enemy seeking to take advantage of us to take us seriously as an equal when the half the nation including our leaders are embracing woke insanity?

On a more inspirational note, perhaps we can learn from the Ukrainians in how they are handling their plight. Citizens willing to fight to the death for their families and their nation. People actively resisting, blocking tanks, sacrificing themselves to blow up bridges, waving their flag proudly under threat of death. Their leader refused to flee, and has stayed to fight like the common and man and woman. Could we say many of us would be so brave in the face of the unthinkable? Those woke young men who break down over an unpopular opinion in college? Who honestly believe that you’re any gender you say you are, and biological and physiological differences no longer matter? Who deem traditional masculinity as toxic? I’d bet you my life savings Biden would be fleeing to another ultra-woke nation the second any invader merely threatened to come over here! Can you honestly have full confidence in our ability to defend our families and communities when the mere sight of an American flag is threatening to the woke elitists, our anthem is deemed “racist” and our children are being taught that our country was founded on oppression and bondage rather than freedom? Is that the sort of country you would defend if you believed those things? It’s scary to think half the nation would rather punish than praise a young man for stepping up to defend his community against similar unrest.

We already are facing a cultural invasion by those wanting to dismantle and “deconstruct” our values of patriotism, hard work, freethought, the nuclear family, traditional virtues in men and women, even obvious logic to the common man and woman. Western values are deemed “colonialist” and “racist”, our cultural heritage is intolerant while we are ordered to tolerate everyone else’s. We’re constantly bombarded with the message that anyone is entitled to come in here and impose their ways on us, yet when we do it, it’s imperialism. If we let those who want to deconstruct our cultural heritage and our distinctly American character succeed, we don’t need to fear a physical invasion: They already won.

What do you think propaganda is all about? You can nuke a country all you like, bomb them, kill millions of its citizens, starve them out, do unspeakable atrocities to the innocent, etc…etc… but if that country stands strong in holding fast to its values and national identity, they will never truly be conquered. However, if you can eliminate in their minds why they fight so hard, at the ultimate cost, they’ll capitulate in the most important sense; in their hearts and minds. Does one really have a country to fight for if every principle you fought for no longer matters to you? The Ukraine may not ultimately be able to beat the Russians, but they will be Ukrainian for as long as they fight for and uphold what makes them matter in this world. What cultural legacy do we leave on the world, and why is it worth fighting for? That’s what we need to ask ourselves if we’re to last as a nation. When we fly our flag, stand for our anthem and fight like hell to preserve our cultural values and legacy, it’s moments like this, seeing what can happen if we don’t, that makes us so “deplorable” about it.

Our freedom isn’t free, and we can never take it for granted and think it could never be us. The Ukrainians probably didn’t think it could be them either. Until now. Everything you know and cherish could be gone in an instant if we let it. Will you stand by until it’s too late? When it’s our hour of truth, perhaps the most important question we will need to ask ourselves is:

What exactly are we fighting for?


  1. Someone here should complain about the Nurse that takes care of the CURRENT President, and who has to lead him with a short Leash so that he won’t get lost walking around the White House.
    OH, That’s “Dr” Jill, please excuse me.

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  2. Does Anyone think that there is a chance of Joe Biden giving up Ice Cream for Lent ?

    I myself doubt it very much, as something like Ice Cream seems to be one of the MOST important things in this man’s empty life.

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  3. My parents grew up in Eastern Poland, in one of the two provinces that was signed over to Russia at the end of WWII. They are now part of Ukraine. My mother’s village was just a few kilometers from the Russian border, and what was Russian at the time had been part of Poland before. The borders moved so often in the area, most villages had a a mix of people who identified by their ethnicity, not which country happened to hold power over the land at the time. They’ve spent the last thousand years or so, either trying to kill each other, or marrying each other.

    Where my parents lived, it wasn’t the Nazis they had to worry about too much. Not the Russians, either. It was the local Ukrainians. They weren’t even soldiers, but the regular village folk – or the ones that had become bandits, hiding out in the forests. Those were the ones that murdered my mother’s childhood friend, along with two other young girls and the old man that was driving the cart as they tried to go to another village for supplies. It wasn’t the Russians or the Nazi’s that left the heads of my father’s friends on fence posts, or committed even worse atrocities. The local Ukrainians sided with the Nazis, and they didn’t target soldiers. The local adult men had all been shipped off to fight in the war, leaving women like my grandmother unprotected in their homes, where she was gang raped in front of my mother.

    So with all this going on right now, two things come to mind. 1) this is not a new thing. They’ve been trying to kill each other for centuries. 2) I have no clue who is the “good guy” or the “bad guy” in this scenario. Knowing the relatively recent history of the region, I’m inclined to think it’s “bad guy” vs “bad guy.

    About the only thing I can be sure of is that the legacy media is lying to us. Knowing how blatantly they lied about SARS-Cov2 for the past 2 years, the elections in both the US and Canada, about the trucker convoy, and so many other things, I don’t think the media is even capable of telling the truth anymore.

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      • Thanks. It is what it is.

        I sometimes hesitate to talk about it so bluntly, be we are in a culture that is so sheltered from true horrors. I think it’s important for people to know just how easily people can turn to evil. They talk about thing done by the police or armies and the leaders giving them orders, but they forget that sometimes, the ones they need to worry about are our next door neighbours, or even family members. I think the lockdowns and restrictions have really showed that. The ones turning on their friends and family for not obeying government dictates don’t get a pass, just because it involves “health” or “safety”, and doesn’t involve actual war.

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  4. True indeed, all this woke nonsense has real consequences. The president is a corrupt, demented fool and, whenever she speaks, the vice president demonstrates that she is just as bad, without the excuse of senility. The deep state, a cabal of palace intriguers, are the ones who actually run the country. History shows that such ruling cabals lead to disaster because the intriguers focus on palace politics at the expense of the welfare of the country.

    The “woke” military is an example of placing Washington D.C. palace politics ahead of the nation. The military is there to provide the ability to hurt people and to break things when needed for the country’s defense. That is hard, dangerous and difficult work and you need well trained hard and dangerous people for it. As George Orwell is said to have put it “People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence in their behalf.” Instead, the cabal weakens the military to satisfy the social justice warriors who, as the Lady points out, seem to take defense of the country for granted.

    Another way that Biden’s palace before country politics enabled Russia to attack the Ukraine was his ending of America’s energy independence and status as an energy exporter. The ensuing rise in price enabled Russia’s oil exports to fund their military adventurism. In addition, it further weakened America by making it dependent again on the middle east as well as Russia and possibly Iran for oil.

    Weakness invites aggression and strength deters would be attackers. The juxtaposition between the positive results of the Trump’s presidency with the disasters of Biden’s administration demonstrate that quite clearly. In just one year, Biden and his deep state cronies have reversed the accomplishments of the Trump administration. Indeed, they seem to be well on their way to reversing the Reagan administration’s greatest accomplishment of ending the cold war. Palace intriguers are self seekers without vision and, throughout history, they destroy the peace and prosperity of the countries they rule.

    By the way, Ukraine produces about 25% of the world’s wheat. I suspect the harvest might not be all that great this year and the ensuing rise in world food prices will hit the most vulnerable as usual. They will have Biden, his cronies and the Democrats in general to thank for that as well as for the global unrest that likely will ensue.

    On another topic, I am slow to rely on any news coming out of the Ukraine because of the old adage that “truth is the first casualty in war.” Both side have an incentive to exaggerate and fabricate the misdeeds of the other side and to do the same with their own successes. True, Putin is ruthless and his forces are capable of the worst of atrocities and history tells us that both sides in time of war are capable of horrific acts. Sometimes the tales of war crimes are all too true and sometimes they are part of the propaganda war that all sides wage. It probably will take a while to get reliable reports of what happened.

    Some commenters mentioned the biochemical lab story which does seem to have some truth to it. Although self serving claims may be more a matter of expedience than fact, damaging admissions tend to be reliable. There is no benefit in fabricating a claim that hurts one’s own cause. In the case of the bio labs, Biden State Department official Victoria Nuland appears to have made one such damaging admission when she indicated that the U.S. government was concerned about the bio labs falling into Russian hands. I find it curious that one would express such a concern about a benign research facility. It’s hard to see how research into the prevention and curing of diseases would constitute a military secret. Then again, at least one of the facilities in question was a Soviet bio weapons facility during the cold war, according to the linked article in the National Pulse.

    Taken together with the fact that the controversial U.S. funded research at the Wuhan Institute involved the PRC’s armed forces, one has to wonder. Sadly, while we can place some confidence when they make an admission against their own interest, it’s difficult to place much trust in anything the deep state, palace cabal wants us to believe given that their record of mendacity is egregious even by government standards.

    I join the Lady of Reason in my sympathy with and hope for the people of the Ukraine. I believe the best thing for all parties would be for the fighting to stop to give the world a chance to sort out how best to return peace and security to the region.
    Just as, as the Lady indicated in a previous column, the best thing for America would be a conservative backlash. That might just be coming. Alabama just became the 22nd state to enact constitutional carry. That’s a good sign.

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  5. Check your sources. The Ukrainian are being attacked by the Ukrainian government and Putin is taking out Biochemical labs funded by the U.S, or should I say certain U.S. divisions without the knowledge or approval of the U.S. taxpayers. We outlawed such biochemical research in the U.S. so the “powers that be” funded that research in many other countries including the Ukraine and China. The evidence is out there on their own websites, hint, the U.S. Dept of defense had their hand in funding some of the biochemical labs in other countries.
    Another tidbit; after stopping Ukrainian tanks from attacking their own population, Russian humanitarian relief convoyed in with supplies to aid and soldiers to protect the Ukrainian people. As reported by dozens of Ukrainian citizens.

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      • A s*** ton of info on Telegram…videos of the area from people there, independent media doing interviews on the ground… You won’t see the truth from the MSM or our gov. Ukraine has a Nazi problem, a corruption problem & a US problem. Victoria Nuland just admitted that the US has bioweapons labs all over Ukraine. I’m no Putin fan or Zelensky fan. There is a plethora of history in that region that will have to be worked out…and the US is determined to keep its nose in it.


      • EVERYTHING is “laden with propaganda.” We are swimming in it. One must be discerning… It also helps to have friends in Ukraine.

        I have several baskets.

        Before attempting to arrogantly insult someone, learn how to spell.


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