More Than “Merry Christmas”: A Reflection on The War on Christmas

Every year around this time, there has been a raging debate over what many call the “war on Christmas”. For some, it’s about what they feel to be the increasing secularization of what to them should be a more religious celebration (ex. putting the Christ back in Christmas). For others its the blatant censorship and banning of anything Christmas-related, even more secular celebrations such as having a Christmas party, doing Christmas themed activities such as secret Santas, yankee swaps, putting up a public Christmas tree, and even going so far as to ban the colors red and green together in the month of December! Not to mention (heaven forbid!) saying the dreaded words: “Merry Christmas”…

To the Left, this battle is about a right-wing attempt to force Western values on everyone, exclude those who don’t celebrate Christmas/ aren’t Christian, and impose a Christian theocracy on a country with religious freedom. Christmas is now “politically incorrect”, not “woke” or “inclusive” enough. In fact, a recent Old Navy commercial not so subtly threw some shade on Christmas by saying the holidays are “too big for just red and green” and it’s now the “all-idays” in what I would argue is a leftist dog-whistle! Now, anyone who says “Merry Christmas” is labeled a right-wing militant even if they don’t feel strongly either way! What should be a family celebration has now become yet another highly politicized issue!

As for my own views, I think there’s a healthy middle ground. I’m not against acknowledging that there are some who don’t celebrate Christmas or want to celebrate it in a non-religious way. I’m not against the idea of stores wanting to be more generic to cater to a wider customer base, or a municipal building choosing more generic decorations over say, a Nativity scene, or a workplace or school having a “holiday party” to include employees or students of all faiths (or none). Many cultures historically have had holidays around this time, and many aspects of Christmas celebrations historically have come from a wide variety of cultural and religious traditions, for example Christmas trees, gift giving, even the date for Christmas. However, the zeal to which the Left takes this (and everything else) has gone far beyond what is reasonable! Banning Christmas music, generic Christmas trees, red and green colors, Santa, ornament crafts etc…etc… is going way too far! Pretending that the majority of America doesn’t celebrate or come from a Christian background and excluding them from openly celebrating their holiday alongside all the others that the Left says must be included and openly celebrated while banning any mention of Christmas is a clear double standard and blatant hypocrisy.

That said, I wanted to reflect not on my own personal views, but on why many fellow conservatives may feel even more strongly about the issue than what I described. Being non-religious and a fan of religious freedom, I didn’t feel I understood those who were so insistent on making Christmas over “the holidays” such a big issue. However looking at it more deeply the reason becomes clearer, and in fact, more relatable. This is not just about whether or not to say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy holidays”, or whether a Christmas tree or holiday tree gets put up in the town square. It’s about far more than just a greeting or what to call a decorated tree. It’s about the underlying issue:

The erasure of our values, our culture and our identity.

Think of it, the Left has wanted to “deconstruct” and dismantle anything related to traditional values of our country, and Western culture in general. Our history is bad and needs to be taught through a woke lens of “critical race theory”. Our culture is prejudiced, flawed, immoral and hateful while every other culture is beyond even the slightest scrutiny in fear of being called a bigot. Traditional values and an intact nuclear family of mom and a present father is devalued for “any family is a real family”. Values of hard work, perseverance and resilience are now “too white” and quote “don’t reflect black and brown peoples’ culture” for contributing to success and independence. If we don’t want our neighborhoods changed, our kids in school with thugs and gangbangers, our communities in shambles plagued with crime, illegals taking resources, jobs and imposing oppressive values of their own, schools brainwashing kids to deny reality, and double standards about who gets to criticize whom, then we’re now considered closeminded bigots! We now live in an era of PC tyranny, cancel culture and censorship if we stand up for the values we treasure and our cultural identity.

So what does the War on Christmas have to do with any of the above? More than many realize! In of itself, the squabble over whether you said one greeting or another, or what to call your celebrations this winter is fairly trivial. However it’s what it all represents that makes it important and worth the pushback. We may not be a Christian nation in that the United States is not a Christian theocracy where only Christianity can be acknowledged, however it is a plain fact that the country is majority Christian and celebrates Christian holidays, even if non-religiously. Much of Western culture has been directly influenced by Christianity and no matter what your personal views are or faith is, to deny that is to deny a huge factor in Western cultural history. Is it really a surprise then, that a major cultural tradition in America and in the Western world is Christmas celebrations? Think of it this way: In the Islamic world for example, is it all that surprising that there are open and public celebrations of holidays like Eid, or in countries such as India, Hindu celebrations such as Dwali day? Now turn the tables: Is anyone demanding those regions give up public celebrations of their major religious or cultural holidays simply because some there don’t celebrate them? How absurd is it that to be “inclusive”, one ends up excluding the majority of the population!

We see that. We pick up on the blatant double standards at work here and also not surprisingly, many resist those attempts to erase our culture while promoting every other one. We’re sick of every aspect of our identity and values being in need of “deconstruction” and labeled as exclusionary and oppressive. Yes, there are bigger issues at stake here than whether or not to put up the decorations around town, or the what the billboard in the mall says each December, but banning Christmas just adds yet another thing they’re trying to take from us. To borrow an analogy from the Left, think of it like a microaggression, but not in isolation, in an ocean of millions of other microaggressions that cumulatively pile up to be an unbearable weight of oppression. Why does literally every other holiday get to be shouted from the rooftops while Christmas is the black sheep of the season? What kind of message would it send to any other group if that treatment was given to any other holiday they celebrate?

What do people do when they’re sick of feeling censored, silenced and oppressed? They push back, even simply on principle. In fact, it’s very likely many would be far more moderate in their views on Christmas celebrations if there wasn’t such an extreme reaction to it! To many, saying “Merry Christmas” is really saying We won’t bow down and succumb to the attacks on our country, our culture and our values this season or any other time of year! Just as we say “Let’s go Brandon” to show solidarity with our fellow patriots, reclaiming Christmas is reclaiming another piece, no matter how small, of what the (not so silent anymore) majority feels about the Left’s plan to redesign our country and its values. To that I say:

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Fueling the hyper-sensitive sensationalism are we? 😉

    Happy Holidays LoR. 🎅 Hope your pagan/secular celebrations—of which these “traditions” originated anyway, having NOTHING at all to do with a Jewish Rabbi-reformer named Yeshua during other Jewish months barring the Greco-Roman “December” 😄—are fun, happy, warm, and most of all… SAFE! Safe from the never-ending biological fight against constantly morphing COVID-19 variants perpetuated by the UNvaccinated turning the war against this deadly pandemic—which has already claimed MORE American lives than the American Civil War: 830,309—into its THIRD unnecessary year. Ugh. But HEY! Let’s keep pretending things are hunky-dory about commercialized Xmas, which honestly is the most LEAST important concern for this nation. 🤣

    🎄 Compassion and Good Will & Tidings to all humans on Earth and to you LoR 🎄… from a Free-thinking Humanist and politically Independent Earthling first, ashamed embarrassed American 2nd or 3rd!!! 😉

    Hope you are well Ma’am.


  2. As usual, I am in agreement with the Lady of Reason that “Merry Christmas” has become an issue of group identity in the current culture conflicts. Critics come from both sides. Some very religious Christians complain of the secularization of a religious holiday, while many on the left decry the celebration of Christmas as an attempt to impose religion and western culture. I’m unimpressed by the concerns of either side.

    The Puritan prohibited Christmas as a pagan holiday saying that if God wanted them to celebrate the birth of Christ, he would have provided the date in the bible. The association with traditional winter solstice celebrations with the birth of Christ comes from an early church attempt to Christianize pagan traditions. The winter solstice holiday has evolved much over the centuries and I enjoy it the way it is. I don’t mind in the least that many celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday because their practices impose no burden on me.

    On the other hand, the goal of the SJW’s is to impose on the rest of us with the goal to destroy western culture and impose Marxism. As the Lady states, the SJWs push the generic “Happy Holidays” in place of “Merry Christmas” to browbeat us into treating Christmas as something akin to Harry Potter’s Lord Voldemort whose name must never be spoken. Unless one can name those other holidays celebrated with Christmas trees and such at the end of December, “Happy Holidays” is just another name for “Merry Christmas.” Everyone knows it. The use of the generic is just a matter of acceding to SJW control. Under the false flag of “Inclusiveness” the left wants to exclude anything that they disapprove of and require that we all parrot their leftist mantras. People appease the snowflakes in the mistaken belief that it will satisfy the PC crowd. I disagree and I enthusiastically join the Lady of Reason in the resistance.

    Theodore Dalrymple, in the quote, below states it better than I could:

    “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.” — Theodore Dalrymple

    And a defiant “Merry Christmas” to all and to all good night.

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  3. And, of course, if you point out these double standards or stand up to them, you get mocked or insulted for claiming persecution. Typical of psychologically abusive behaviour, on a much larger scale. Abusers get very upset when their targets stand up to them.

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  4. Where exactly are these bans? Do you have any links? Is it Canada? I just came back from a vacation from Paris and France is even more left leaning than the US in my opinion yet everything there is swathed in green and red right now. I used to think it was more of a push back against Christianity but to be honest, Christmas now a days is all about presents, lights, peppermint and conservatives (being majority Christian I think) wanted to put the “Christ” back in it.

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