The Land of The “Free”: The True Cost of Free Stuff

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs…”

Some of you may already know where this famous quote comes from and who wrote it, but for those who aren’t familiar with it and its context, I want you to ponder its meaning. It sounds pretty straightforward: Those who can contribute more resources should and the resources should be given to those most in need of them. On its face it sounds like a great way of running a community, however have you thought deeper into the implications and perhaps unintended consequences of such a policy? How much should people be obligated to contribute to wider society? What types of resources should be given to the collective whole? Labor? Materials? Food supplies? Healthcare? Shelter? Do those who give get compensation for their output or not and if so, how much is fair? Who gets to receive this bounty of whatever is given by those who are able to give? What exactly makes one eligible to receive it? Perhaps more importantly yet more abstractly, is it fair that some can get with little effort what others must work hard for? Just because someone has a harder time acquiring some resource for themselves, does it mean they shouldn’t have to put in equal effort into getting it as someone who puts in great effort and is able to obtain more of it?

If it hasn’t been clear by now, the person who this quote is attributed to none other than Karl Marx. Yes, the one and only communist “revolutionary”. In Marx’s vision, society would collectively provide for the needs of everyone and there wouldn’t be social inequalities. However, communism in practice rather than theory in countries such as Russia, Venezuela, Cuba etc… has only led to turmoil, unrest and drastic shortages of the very resources this ideology claims to distribute equitably so that there would be no shortages! People flee in droves from countries with Marxist policies including the quote above. A great case study being how badly East Germans wanted to go escape to West Germany. One country, yet divided with two different social policies and everyone wanted to go to the non-communist side! Countries with communist and socialist policies overall are plagued by shortages of resources such as food/water, clothes and other goods, materials, decent shelter, healthcare and more!

So what does this have to do with the United States since technically we aren’t a communist country? We have a capitalist system, yet this is often highly criticized as being too cut throat and sink or swim in nature to serve everyone. We also do in fact, collectively give to certain resources such as taxpayer money funding infrastructure such as roads and the upkeep of public spaces, public schools, emergency services as well as resources such as social security, welfare, food stamps etc. However there are privatized industries here too, including healthcare, private schools, housing, higher education, supermarket chains, and businesses that cater to one’s every need or whim. Some of these privatized industries many argue, ought to be collectively funded and given for free to everyone like in other countries. For example, Canada and many European countries have free healthcare paid for by everyone’s tax contributions. Same for higher education in many other countries. Many countries have paid maternity leave for far longer than America. People cite inequalities and obstacles to getting these resources here, and say we ought to be like those nations and all our problems would be solved. The grass may not be greener on the other side though…

Have you ever heard the phase “too good to be true”? Something sounds really cool and the best part is, there are no strings attached and yet, it would be incredibly naïve to think that there wasn’t a catch! When we think of the word free, we tend to think this means there is literally no cost involved in acquiring something. Free samples are just handed out at no charge to you in the supermarket. Free items like those dinky office supplies are given out at a career fair. You can just take whatever you find in the free box at a yard sale. So why not then, wouldn’t that apply to “free” healthcare, higher education, food, shelter etc? Well, doesn’t it still require labor and resources to make these a reality? Imagine how many moving parts and people it takes to smoothly run a large hospital, or University. How many hours of labor and manpower does it take to grow food then distribute it nationwide? How much do materials cost to build houses as well as hours of labor to build them? Should those who are able to work hard to give us these incredible resources do it with no compensation for themselves? Would it be remotely fair to ask people to do it for free? To give the raw materials for free? Their expertise they had to get at a cost to them? Case and point is, these so called free resources aren’t truly free! So then the question becomes, who’s paying?

Most often, it’s YOU! You’re paying for these free resources out of your own tax dollars. You might pay into a collective system that isn’t even relevant to your own needs while another benefits but doesn’t pay a cent for it! You may not ever need welfare, but have put your blood, sweat and tears figuratively or even literally, into providing a decent home for your family yet have to also foot the bill for another family’s home who hadn’t even put in a fraction of the effort you have to get it. While some people have a genuine need for resources such as welfare, or food stamps, and work hard to get off both, the system as it stands is ripe for abuse and freeloading. Why put in effort to have what is easily given to you for free? The Left’s perfect excuse for giving out these resources like candy is that since shelter is a basic need, it therefore must be an indisputable human right, justifying others footing the bill! Since it’s a human right to have a decent place to live, people are entitled to live in a neighborhood or a house you worked all your life to be able to barely afford. The homeless put in fancy hotels in some cities are living in suites you saved years to spend a night or two with your family for a luxury vacation. They may need shelter, but do they need the king sized bed, panoramic view, and the jacuzzi that goes with the room? People need food and water, yet is it fair you have to pay a large grocery bill each week and your water bill and some don’t? Some may argue that you have the privilege to afford these things so you shouldn’t be so selfish to think others who aren’t able should struggle. However, who said it was easy to budget to put food on your own table? Do these detractors look at your pay stubs and your grocery bills? What about the fact you hold down a job you may not like to afford these and the other guy is getting food stamps off welfare? Just because you can afford something doesn’t mean that was easy for you! Are equal outcomes fair when unequal effort was put into getting it?

The other possibility of who picks up the tab for all this free stuff is even scarier: The government. Our tax dollars go to certain things in our countries and locally, however the government then uses these funds in any way they see fit. Take the free healthcare systems of Canada and Europe for examples. Everyone can get medical care without having an astronomical hospital bill, or get a life saving medicine free of the sometimes outrageous prices in this country! Sounds great, right? Something many would be happy to contribute to as we all will need healthcare at some point in our lives. The catch is, he who pays, makes the rules! You need an important treatment or surgery? Make sure you’re eligible to meet the government’s criteria for a priority case such as your age, SES, race (yes, even if they’ll never admit it!) sex etc… Note I never mentioned anything about an actual clinical need for prioritizing your case! Heaven forbid you’re medically complex and old enough to just be quietly “ignored” and left to die! Your end of life care might come sooner than you wanted! If you’re a white middle aged male who needs a life saving bypass surgery don’t be surprised if your surgery is pushed out to squeeze in the “marginalized” patient with a similar issue but less medically urgent need. Free access to a limited resource will still produce unequal access, only difference is the buyer can pick and choose who gets it and who doesn’t according to any social agenda they choose! Maybe that hospital bill doesn’t look so bad if it means being able to choose the healthcare right for your needs over whether or not your case is politically favorable…

Another case is something we currently have now: Public schools. The government controls public schools and look where that leaves us: Brainwashing our kids with only one “desirable” view of the country, pitting one race against another, denying clear science over sex and gender, rewriting history to suit their narrative and teaching them to see their own parents as backwards if they don’t subscribe to what the school teaches them. Compared to private schools, public schools have lower test scores and less academic rigor overall. There are better student/teacher ratios, smaller class sizes, more individualized instruction, more resources for learning, a greater variety of class subjects offered, greater networking opportunities, and more. Not that some private schools aren’t teaching radical Left leaning propaganda too as many are sadly, but overall you will find a better environment for your children than public can offer. Sadly many families can’t afford private, and I myself went to public k-12, but the point is, the option is out there and one can see the sad state government run schools are in. If the point is equal access to a great education, why not put more effort into creating a better public system?

A final point to bring up aside from the strings that are indeed attached to the so called “free” resources is not only the financial cost of their upkeep, but also the ethical and moral costs. What is equitable is not always fair. As asked earlier, is it fair for someone to get easily what someone else worked several times harder to get? Is it fair another person can live in the same neighborhood on welfare you saved decades to be able to afford to live in due to some zoning law about subsidized housing requirements? Is it fair you work hard at a job you wish to leave but can’t to put cheaper groceries on your family’s table while someone on food stamps can cheat the system and buy luxury brands, or afford their booze and cigarettes but claim they can’t feed their children so they get on food stamps while an injured veteran and his family are pushed to the back of the line? Poverty may equalize, but not all circumstances that get one there are equal…

Also, much of it is subjective, there is no objective standard to differentiate true needs from wants. For example, take coverage of certain medications. Insulin, a lifesaving drug for those with diabetes is astronomically priced and for many, a matter of life and death to be able to afford and access. Rightfully, many are pushing back against the corrupt pharmaceutical industry that grossly inflates prices of many essential medicines. However, Narcan, used to stop opioid overdoses is given out for free at most pharmacies! While it can be considered lifesaving due to its function, is it in the same ethical category as access to insulin? Sure, addicts deserve a second chance to get clean, but those with diabetes never chose to put something in their bodies that would directly create the problem! Addiction may alter one’s brain chemistry, but it started with the choice to use drugs. So why then is a drug like insulin not free yet Narcan is handed out to anyone who asks?! Another example is many women now demand free birth control. While some use it for other conditions than contraception, if all you need it for is to not get pregnant then you’re using it for a lifestyle choice, not a medical need. If you want to have an active sex life that’s your business and no one else’s, but don’t expect me to subsidize your lifestyle by paying for an elective drug. Same goes for anything that there is no clinical need for, but one chooses to do for their own reasons. (The benefit of private healthcare is you CAN make those choices 😉 ) What about those with deeply held moral objections paying for things they find repugnant? Those who deeply oppose abortion and view it as the moral equivalent to infanticide don’t want to pay for what they see as funding murder. If people who deeply opposed war in the past called for being conscientious objectors to being drafted then is there a way to opt out of paying for something one finds morally objectionable?

Lastly, there are unintended consequences of some of these decisions to provide collective free things. Take the free COVID vaccine. The government paid for it and distributes it- to whoever they deem politically desirable! This meant it was given first in “marginalized” communities as a priority, yet it turned out many didn’t want it and didn’t show up to get one. The vaccines can only be out for so long before going bad so it meant thousands were wasted and unusable! If they were given to areas with higher demand for the vaccine they could have used those doses rather than wasted that resource. However, it was seen as more politically correct to give it to the inner city rather than suburbia yet demand might have been higher in the latter area. The result: Thousands of doses WASTED!!!

There’s another saying: Freedom isn’t free… Well neither is “free” stuff!

The Nanny Nation.  Can I have my allowance? And some lunch money? The car needs gas too.  My student loan payment is due.  Oh, and Im a little behind on my mortgage.

16 thoughts on “The Land of The “Free”: The True Cost of Free Stuff

  1. A remarkable, and extraordinary thing has happened in American politics this year. The The American people are on the verge of revolt, they have had more than they can bear of the Biden Presidency. And they looking for someone who will and can do what they have been wanted done for many years now.
    The Former President Trump speaks for the “silent majority” of Americans who are frustrated with the direction that the country is going in and want it stopped right now.
    Remember the speech that Richard Nixon gave when he gave reference to “The Silent Majority”? Well The Silent Majority” is back, and “we’re going to take the country back,” Trump said “We’re going to make America great again”..

    Sound cute and like a preacher? Well it may, but this guy really means what he says. This guy is not a typical lying politician, this guy has a proven record of doing what he says. And another thing, why aren’t the “Progressive” bloggers Blogging about their Democratic Buffoon Joey Biden? Instead are on the defensive calling The Donald all these stupid names lie a “Buffoon”, saying that “Trump is a lose cannon” ,and a “Clown” And blogging 3 times a day about how stupid his hair looks! I’ll tell you why, because they are shitting in their pants that’s why! Even the Democrats are starting to wonder why they voted for a Demented, Lying, Senil, Nincompoop like Joey Biden when the handwriting was already on the wall, right in front of their eyes! . .Because they wanted to replace the President who has done remarkable things for this country? Just because he wiped the floor with their Sweetheart, the Lying Thieving, Corrupt, Hillary Clinton!
    And yet they seemed surprised that Donald Trump had been surging in the polls! And getting TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE AT HIS RALLIES. I’m not surprised, and I’ll tell you something else, if he gets the nomination in 2024, I’ll vote for him again and in a flash!
    Trump said something about “SOME” illegal aliens being murderers and rapists, well that’s true, isn’t it. If you don’t believe that then you haven’t been reading the newspapers lately! The Politically Correct people sounds like a bunch of preachers . They still can’t believe he said it. But it’s the truth, and the truth is what the voters want to hear (for a change) .
    He has taken a lot of abuse because of that remark, NBC has ended its relationship with his Apprentice show, and his “Miss USA” and “Miss Universe” pageants for what they call “insulting Mexicans”.
    Despite all the attacks from the mainstream media, and the heard of 15 other Republican candidates, and the vicious attacks for the progressive lunatics, Donald Trump continued to surge in the polls, and continues to be the Front-Runner for 2014..
    None of that matters…his message of giving AMERICA BACK TO AMERICANS is exactly what the American voters both Right-winger and yes even Left-winger want to hear.
    And a final note to all you Liberals and “Progressives”, no one ever lost an election because of a Bad Hair-style!
    And now wile we STILL have HOSTAGES in Afghanistan, due to BIDEN’S Blunder the Democratic White House hopes that we American’s are SO Stupid that we can all forget Afghanistan… And The Press Will Help!
    Do they ACTUALLY believe that we will just forget about Biden’s horrific lie about not leaving until every American is evacuated, and just Forget about the hundreds of Americans that HE left behind?
    Well Joe Biden, his Administration, and the Progressive Media just might be able to pull it off for a little while…until ISISA beheads a couple of Americans on International TV.
    This Man has NO MORAL Compass. NONE! Throughout his entire 45 years in politics, he has NEVER contributed ONE SINGLE good idea or plan.
    And even today, there are HUNDREDS of people in Afghanistan being held Hostage because of HIM!
    Even t he Afghanistan interpreter who rescued Biden and several other Senators in 2008… Biden has left him and his family behind. He’s been BEGGING Biden to please help to rescue his family. And what do we hear? CRICKETS!
    The thing these idiot liberals don’t seem to understand, is that Biden left AMERICANS behind, way more than they are admitting to, and now the Taliban, ISIS-K, or whoever else is now dictates the news that the American press might try to ignore.
    And after 13 Marines, and Hundreds of Afghans were Murdered, Biden still is calling this a SUCCESS. Can you even imagine such insanity?

    They know, or at least they THINK that Americans have a short attention span, and a short memory, and easily distracted. All they have to do is ignore, deflect and wait for them to get bored of Afghanistan and eventually it will just disappear and they wont be held responsible for anything. And that all they need to do is to talk about the recent Hurricane, and the floods, and that we will forget about this MONSTROSITY. .

    And the whole time Main Stream media will do what they can to not report on anything bad or bring any attention to it for the administration.
    PS, and our Southern Border is still allowing Millions of ILLEGAL”S into the country even if they test Positive to Covid-19. But don’t you DARE to walk into a Restaurant without a Mask or without your Vaccination Papers, or the Restaurant will get Shut Down.
    Go to any hotel or restaurant and look around.
    I don’t know about you, but hear a outcry of a lot of people against these people working here but I hear people saying that they would be willing to pay more for the services LEGAL’S provide. AND NOT ILLEGAL’S .

    Also Statics show that Illegal aliens put American workers out of Jobs at a cost in excess of $133 BILLION DOLLARS last year, and high school kids cannot find summer jobs in Gardening, Service Jobs in Restaurants, Fast Food or other Service Jobs. Why? Because Illegal aliens work at a Third the Price and Often, Under The Table, without paying Taxes. .
    So, Not Only Do Your Kids Not Have Jobs; You’re Paying The Taxes for Illegal Aliens Who Are Not Paying Taxes. And think about the $56 billion in Pure Cash Illegal Migrants sent to Their Home Countries last year and every year? That’s after their kids enjoyed Free Education, Free Lunches and Free Medical, and Hospital Care Paid for by You.
    As Americans we must take action to Stop these Illegal’s and force our leaders to stop this illegal immigration madness.


  2. Was Trump thinking of Joe Biden when he called those
    Leaders” losers and sais that they didn’t know how to win anymore?
    Trump is usually correct on everything…….Bidumb is an idiot


  3. File this under “FREE STUFF”

    Mr. Liberal, will you still be laughing when your premature child is ruled not viable by the Government in order to save $ as they do in the UK? unlike the US right now.

    will you still be laughing when the Government tells you that the lifesaving drugs you need cost too much $ as they do in” enlightened”countries?

    will you still be laughing when your mom, dad, brother or sister dies waiting for necessary surgery? As happened to a friend 34 yr.old guy easy heart fix died waiting in Canada. .Widow and children left.

    will you still be laughing when the gov. takes more&more and there is no way out . YOU LOSE!

    The senators who are about to go against their constituents wishes and vote for this bill will be bribed not only with the publicly discoverable money to their states, but will be bribed with God knows what else.

    Does anyone actually think that they would give up a senate seat for less that vast riches and positions of power for themselves personally? Does anyone think that forces like Soros and internationalists who would profit personally to unimaginable depths by destroying our currency would hesitate to pony up hundreds of millions or more in bribe money for a handful of sleazy corruptible pols?

    Now that the criminals are in place from the top down in our government, there is unlimited opportunity for graft and no fear and therefore no resistance to taking the blood money.

    These traitorous pols are not uninformed and know these pieces of legislation will destroy America and will take them down our in the coming election. They know the consequences, they just know the payoff will be worth it for them and their families, forever. Our precious country is being sold for pieces of silver and don’t ever forget it.

    Character Matters! Sad but true. Our leaders don’t have character because those that elect them have no character and our leaders can’t develop character in the country because they don’t have any character and they don’t have character because those who elect them have no character..

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  4. The only thing free in this world is breathing air–and that in very small quantities. Any thing else I want, someone has to work for it regardless of whether he gives it to me gratis.

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  5. I’m glad that you now only allow comments that are on topic. You always bring up interesting points that are worthy of discussion and the off-topic comments detract from the focus on your subject.

    My comment to your most recent posting is an emphatic “YES” you’re right! The stated goals of both systems, socialism/communism and the free enterprise system are to bring the greatest material good to the most people.
    When we judge the two systems based on their actual performance rather than what their advocates promise, free enterprise wins hands down. Socialist utopias build walls to keep people from fleeing the poverty and dictatorship. Capitalist countries are where their destination. Someone once told Mark Twain that “Wagner’s music was better than it sounds.” Similarly, Marxism’s promises are a lot better than it’s performance.

    As you point out, the key is that in free enterprise, people reap the rewards of their labors. That gives them the incentive for the hard work and risk taking necessary to be a success. Additionally, in the free enterprise system, you only make money by providing a product or service that other people value enough that they willingly pay for. Thomas Sowell wrote of the person from India who told him that he wanted to visit America in order to see a country where the poor people are fat. That says a lot about the success of free enterprise.

    Conversely, Marxism requires a central planning authority to decide who produces what goods and services “according to his ability” and to whom those goods and services should go “according to their needs.” If that had provided better goods and services, Americans would be driving East German Trabant autos and wearing Bulgarian shoes. Not only does Marxism deprive producers of the benefit of their labors, it also requires a central authority that cannot possibly have all the information needed to run an economy efficiently. Economies and industries are too complex for that.

    We pay for “free stuff” with more than just taxes. For example, where the governments provide free or subsidized health care, patients also pay for it in the form of longer waiting periods and treatments that are unavailable.
    Although advocates of such arrangements might claim that they provide greater equality, they tend to distribute goods and services unequally according to political preference. That can range from politicians and bureaucrats giving themselves perks to using the system to control and punish people. The Chinese Communist Party’s “social credit” system is an example of the latter. In the U.S. Critical Race Theory is becoming an attempt to do that as well. Government inefficiency, lower quality and loss of freedom are all hidden costs of “free stuff.” As Simon Jester put it, TANSTAFL, “there ain’t no such think as a free lunch.”

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  6. Welcome to America the land of free Money!
    To those of you liberals on this board, who think that we’re not headed towards Socialism, and on the road to Communism have you been listening? Have you been hearing those Rocket Scientists from “The Squad”especially the Loud Mouthed Genius who wants tp De-Fund the police!
    While the government keeps giving out Free Money to people, having them rely solely on them, instead of getting a damn JOB and that’s exactly why so many businesses are shorthanded right now? I’m sure that you all can see all those “Help Wanted” signs allover the place. Why Work? When the government will pay you to stay home and smoke your Pot, and sing Kumbaya?

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  7. The Land of The “Free”: The True Cost of Free Stuff”
    No Lady, I am not familiar with that quote.

    And “ There is NO such thing as a free lunch” Because if it is FREE, then i’ts too good to be true..
    That famous phrase, suggests that things that appear to be free, then there is always some catch to it. A catch that will be some cost to someone, even if the cost is not to you, but to the person that is receiving some kind of a benefit from it.

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  8. I wonder if Karl cribbed that idea from the New Testament book of Acts:

    “And all that believed were together, and had all things common; And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need.”

    Either way, there’s a name for an organism that feeds off of others without providing any benefit in return: a parasite.

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  9. I agree with much of this, but do have to make corrections regarding the Canadian system.

    We are not “assigned” doctors, for starters. We can pick and choose our doctors and change them any time we wish. The only difficulty is whether or not there are any available in the areas we live in. Rural communities are often short on doctors, because most of them prefer to live and work in the cities. One of the solutions for that has been a requirement for immigrant doctors, after meeting Canadian qualifications to practice, to work in rural clinics for a certain number of years.

    Also, most of our doctors are not government employees. They are considered self employed entrepreneurs. They bill the government for their services, much the same way they would bill a private insurance company. In fact, the two systems often mesh. For example, in our province we have “pharmacare”. You have to apply for it, but once you’re in the system, the province covers drug costs after a deductible. The deductible is based on annual income. So for my husband’s many medications, his private insurance covers the cost (90% of it on his plan; we pay only 10%), but if it is a medication that is covered by the public, government, system, the insurance company covers it until the deductible is paid, then it automatically switches to the public system. We don’t have to do a thing. The billing software used by the pharmacies does it all.

    When it comes to specialist care, that is something a bit different. These are also almost always considered self-employed, unless they work for a university research lab or something like that. Getting a specialist is based on referrals from our primary care giver. This is mostly where the long waiting lists are. There just aren’t enough specialists, but if for some reason you don’t like the one you were referred to, you can ask for another referral. It’s different from province to province, too. Before we moved here, my husband was on a waiting list for the (privately run, publicly covered) pain clinic for a year, but only because his referral file somehow got lost. Twice. Once he was in, he had a primary caregiver at the pain clinic, plus two teams of specialists that worked together to try and help him. After the move, he waited 2 years before getting a call from the (also privately run, publicly covered) pain clinic. When we drove to the city for his appointment, he was seen by two practitioners for a total of about 20 minutes, and there was nothing they could offer at the clinic that he wasn’t already doing himself, or couldn’t get locally, so there was no reason to make him drive over an hour, in pain, to go to the pain clinic. The only other thing they could do was work with his regular doctor in regards to pain medication.

    While we have “free” healthcare, we also need private insurance. Most of our clinics are private clinics, and we have private hospitals, too. Most care is covered by the public system, but some of it is covered by private insurance. About 30% of our public health care is actually provided by private companies (labs, medical imaging, etc.), even if the public system pays for most procedures. We can pick and choose our own doctors. Our system has lots of problems, but it’s not as completely in government hands as in, say, the UK.

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  10. “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence — it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

    The quote is often attributed to George Washington, but there has been no historical proof that he said it or wrote it. It does sound like Washington, but who knows? Whether he said it or not, it’s a true statement, and we only have to look at this history of this country to note that it didn’t take long for the federal and state governments to demonstrate its worthiness.

    Nothing in life is free. Our freedom wasn’t (and isn’t) free. If one chooses to ignore the spilled blood to maintain independence, consider the cost of maintaining our military. We either paid for it, or we passed those costs along to our children. Hardly free.

    If it weren’t sad, it would be funny to note that in the European socialist countries, people proudly claim that they get free medical care and free college educations for their children. In some instances, elderly people get free access to public transportation. I can say with first-hand knowledge that while Britain’s healthcare system (NHS) does qualify as “healthcare,” it is not free. And despite the taxes people pay for this free stuff, no one can claim that the NHS provides quality healthcare. In fact, NHS is deadly because many people suffering from a severe illness must wait 18 to 24 months for specialized attention. For too many, by the time they would have seen a specialist, they’re already dead. If this is what people mean when they say, “free healthcare,” well … no thanks.

    So, your name is Pierre, and all your working life, you paid taxes so that your children could get a “free college/university” education. Suppose your children do not want to attend higher education? Do you get a refund? How did that “free education” work out for you? And, since you paid high taxes (reduced disposable income), it wasn’t free. Worse, because of the lack of jobs in many European countries, your well-educated child either remains unemployed after college or moves to another country where jobs do exist, such as in capitalist countries.

    In a wealthy nation such as ours, founded on religious principles, all of us should be willing to reach out to the unfortunate. I would prefer that these measures occur within our respective communities and states rather than costly and inefficient federal programs. For those who trust their national government to do the right thing for the American people, I would simply ask why we have hungry children, homeless citizens, and neglected seniors while sending billions to foreign countries billed as foreign aid? To me, this does not appear to reflect the policy of an enlightened government. Why do life-sustaining drugs cost Americans more than they do for citizens in other countries? This cost differential is no more than a “globalist” tax on so-called wealthy American society, but it is demonstrably unfair to Americans in distress.

    Two things we know for sure about Marx & Engels fanciful ideas. First, they look good on paper. Second, they don’t work — never have, and never will. As it happens, socialist Bernie Sanders advocates for more free stuff. Here is a man whose income throughout most of his adult life came from the public treasury. He owns two multi-million dollar homes. I don’t.

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  11. Hey, just letting everyone know upfront: From now on only on-topic comments will be allowed in the comment section due to a recent history of getting off topic consistently in comment threads. There are a lot of relevant issues facing us conservatives, however let’s engage in depth into each topic at hand… I want to hear your takes on what’s discussed in each post of the month 🙂

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