We Need to “Stand up” for America…

It has been a growing trend in recent years, especially after the 2016 election to find any way possible to disparage the country. This isn’t the usual healthy criticism America needs to hear to improve itself, but has become an increasingly one sided partisan attack! A wider trend can be seen in criticizing Western culture and civilization in general, but as far as America goes, it’s only been heating up and we seem to be at the pinnacle of it. Most reasonable Americans can see it happen pretty obviously, but for the truly uninformed, I provide some major examples:

Behind every great country is its history, both good and bad. America like everywhere else has had its good and not so good chapters and will continue to do so. No one denies that racism, sexism, discrimination etc… has made dark stains on our past in a variety of ways, but now it’s trendy to forget all the great strides we made to rectify those past mistakes and create a much better future for all Americans. In our schools, we now spend more time criticizing the Founding Fathers for views we find outdated by 21st century standards rather than focus on the enlightenment ideals of freedom and a democratic society that make up an integral part of our national identity today: A nation founded on the principles of freedom. Of course many of their views are rightfully outdated, such as slave ownership or women’s roles, but we have to remember they lived in a different time and culture and we’d be delusional to think we are at the moral zenith whereas our ancestors were backwards bigots with no gray area in between. Point is, we are ALL products of our time whether we realize it or not.

What makes a country great is not necessarily how few mistakes it makes, but how it chooses to address them and improve, and we have made immense strides in our development. I’m not old by any stretch of the imagination, yet I’m old enough to remember learning about America in a positive light in addition to not sugarcoating over the bad parts of its history. Now however, schools are teaching US history through the “woke” lens of seeing the country as a continuing cesspit of systemic and structural racism, sexism, and discrimination. Instead of focusing on the great strides made in the Civil Rights Movement, the emphasis now is on how bad Jim Crow was and white people are. Instead of focusing on the drafting and signing of the Declaration of Independence and the importance of the Constitution, we now have to focus on all the un-woke skeletons in the Founding Fathers’ closets then “cancel” them for being bigots! Not to mention, history is full of nuance and gray areas, and people make choices that in hindsight was the wrong choice yet if one looks, one can understand why they made that choice in the heat of the moment. Some of our less than stellar moments also arose in those circumstances, yet instead of trying to see ourselves in their shoes, we are now taught to condemn America for making hard calls that we can conveniently criticize having information they lacked at the time. It’s one thing to recognize when our country was not so great, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t done some extraordinarily great things that we can all be proud of.

Coming around to the present, is it just me, or have you also noticed that almost any expression of patriotism is twisted into unhealthy nationalism and even a “dog whistle for white supremacy” by the Left? Sounds crazy? Apparently not for those like MSNBC contributor Mara Gay who was triggered by sight of pickup trucks sporting American flags which according to her, sent the message that the country belongs to white conservatives and no one else! Sadly she’s not the only one with those views, as the mere sight of our country’s flag is enough for the woke among us to scream “white supremacy!”. Even the word “patriot” is now a code word for the alt-right according to the Leftist media. Showing pride in our country, and also those who defend it is now distorted into something ugly by the Left, who only wish to “deconstruct” everything foundational to our national identity. Even something as simple as standing for the National Anthem is now politically charged! In light of that, it’s no wonder many on the far Left even call for cancelling the 4th of July as a “white supremacist, sexist, racist etc…. nation is nothing to celebrate!” and America is only great for white men. All American apple pie apparently is also racist and nationalist now! If this sounds like a stretch, I invite you to read Left leaning opinion pieces and scroll through social media! Rightfully defending our country is seen as unjust, and some even go so far as to say we deserved 9/11! This clearly goes beyond valid criticisms of our country, instead being a one sided attack that only seeks to tear down our national pride and identity, deconstructing rather than constructively improving our remaining faults.

Perhaps even more concerning than a movement to suppress expressions of patriotism like the 4th of July, the National Anthem, displaying American Flags and such, is the Left’s various social agendas dismantling our core values. Our country was and still is known around the world as the place where you can work hard and achieve your dreams. People flock to the USA from poorer countries, war-torn countries and regimes where that simply isn’t the case. No, life is still hard and full of obstacles here too, but the opportunity to better yourself and the resources to do it are still second to none! However now to even acknowlege that is deemed un-woke as of course, we’re steeped in systemic racism and structural inequalities that make it literally impossible to overcome your odds. Yet, try telling that to the many disadvantaged people born here and abroad who came here and beat the odds! No one denies they have had to face far more obstacles, including poverty, bias and discrimination, but never the less they made it and are proud of the country that helped them succeed. The defeatist attitude that you can’t only leads to a society of people who have no motivation to better themselves and blame the system for all their obstacles rather than actively try to overcome them. Relatedly, values such as personal accountability are also under attack. If you can simply blame systemic racism, sexism, or the “cisheteropatriarchy” for all your mistakes such as your unwanted pregnancies, broken homes, unemployment, financial struggles, the fact you didn’t get the job or admission to college etc… then that absolves you of your own personal choices you could control despite other circumstances you couldn’t! Shifting the blame onto excuses of unsurmountable oppression has chipped away at our moral fiber as a nation has enabled a chronic welfare state, broken families and homes, cycles of violence and abuse and poverty, poorer health outcomes, learned helplessness, underachievement and untapped potential. NONE of which helps our country!

Of course, it can’t go without mention that the Left seeks to put America last instead of first! America first has been mischaracterized as militant nationalism and even white supremacy, when in fact, it’s the right of all nations to put their own interests ahead of other countries or groups. We let in thousands of illegals and refugees while our own citizens struggle. We ignore the dangers of rising crime rates and backwards values that actually ARE racist and sexist brought over by many who want to take advantage of our bounty yet don’t appreciate our country in return. I don’t blame people who are only here for a better life, and I welcome those who come with an open mind and grateful attitude to share the American Dream like many of our own ancestors. However, along with the good ones, come criminals trafficking drugs or fellow human beings, gangs, and those who resent us and want to undermine Western values. Sounds paranoid and extreme, but those so called sanctuary cities have skyrocketing crime rates, and an overflowing welfare state. Even if only productive families came who would help the country, we can only take so many and must look after those already here as legal citizens. No one has the right to just enter any country and demand its resources. There are ways to officially become citizens and many immigrants honor this and it’s unfair to them to just jump the line! Imagine if I randomly decided to go to Canada and demand they give me all their resources without becoming a Canadian citizen! If that sounds ridiculous then why isn’t it for America? Don’t even get me started on how we’re treated internationally by other countries and how we let them step all over us…

Most appalling of all though, is the trend of utterly dividing the country along identity lines. Conservative vs. Liberal. White vs. Black. Men vs. women. Gay vs. straight. EVERYONE vs. white men! In a nation whose motto is “out of many, one”, the surest way to utterly destroy America is to divide us against each other! We did that once, and the results ended in 600,000 Americans dead, more than WWI and WWII combined! While there haven’t been calls of a literal second civil war yet, the violence this division is stoking is an all too real threat. With racial tension at an all time high, and BLM and Antifa around there has been an increase in violent protests, looting and overall lawlessness. Even more frightening, they get a free pass to do all of the above as it’s politically undesirable to hold them accountable to the law. Looting hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise is now okay in the name of reparations! If that doesn’t sound like insanity I don’t know what is… Now, the latest attempt at utterly dividing America comes from Critical Race Theory. This is the worldview that everything can be seen through the lens of racial injustice and oppression at the hands of white people, and that our country is inherently racist at its core. White people must renounce their “privilege” and people of color are inherently oppressed. This is being taught in schools across the country to our children as well as in higher learning to brainwash the next generation and divide them. Is this healthy for anyone? To tell white children they’re oppressors? To tell children of color they’re inherently oppressed and cant go as far as their white peers? If you ask me, it’s a fertile field for resentment to grow on both sides! Instead of being one nation, we now have two separate national anthems and “activist athletes” who instead of thanking America for the opportunity to have achieved so much and come so far and represent America at the Olympics of all places, decide to protest it in defiance of what we stand for. Segregation may have ended physically, but it seems to be very much alive psychologically in the form of two separate Americas! Families are divided over politics, children estranged from parents, siblings on opposite sides, tensions in relationships, friends “unfriending” over a political debate, this division is tearing us apart at the most personal levels. Politics is no longer about ideals, but identity, and every little thing you do now puts you on one side or the other regardless of your own complex opinions! It’s a surprise we aren’t in another civil war!

In light of all this, what can we do? Our history, our values, our identity, our unity, it’s all being “deconstructed”! Reasonable Americans everywhere regardless of politics want a more unified country and less of the increasing polarization going on. I think it’s going to be unpopular with the woke crowd, but the solution is worth it: We need to take more of a hardline stance on standing up for our country. It means putting our collective foot down and saying NO to open borders, (Un)Critical Race Theory, defunding our police, sanctuary cities, welfare cradle to grave, the deconstruction of our values and culture, being pushed around internationally, seeing our country as a cesspit of racism and discrimination, presenting our history in a biased and partisan way, being afraid to fly our flag, stand for our anthem, celebrate our freedom and do all things American! Luckily some states are starting to do that, such as several banning Critical Race Theory from the school curriculum and “sanctuary” cities for 2nd amendment rights. We as citizens can do our part too; voting for candidates who are pro-America, passing laws that put America first, building communities with values that lift up, not keep us down, treating others with true equality, not being afraid to express our patriotism among countless ways to support our country. There is a growing backlash against the anti-American lunacy and we can all take a stand!

Instead of “kneeling” to the Left’s pressure to deconstruct and undermine America, let’s stand up for America, not just during the Anthem, but always!

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  1. The Asian mass shooting, the awful VIOLENCE and Riots breaking out across the country because of Joe Biden’s Stealing and Relocating Classified Documents, The likelihood of Evidence of Hunter Biden’s Influence-peddling Schemes ‘Everywhere,!, The Illegally possession of classified documents shows Joey, and his Crackhead Son to be Crooks and Stupid.The Major Crime rising in big cities?

    Of course all this is to focus on white supremacists and as absurd as all the other BS that is going around about Whites being blamed for everything that BiDumb does. Don’t even think of Blaming Bidumbs Pot Head Son Hunter! . Torch property in Atlanta media yawn. Put your feet on Pelosis desk or Wear a water buffalo lodge hat in public get crushed in the media and years in jail


  2. BREAKING NEWS NOW! This Just In: After a 13 hour FBI RAID at Biden’s Wilmington Home, Six More Classified Documents Found In Biden’s Wilmington Home….. Joe Biden’s response was ” But I didn’t pull the Trigger”


  3. As we already know, Joe Biden is controlled by the democrat party. The only REAL Joe Biden thatyou see is when he goes off script and when tehy come on to the platform where he is speaking from and they pull him off the stage to stop him from saying the WRONG thing and guide him to the exit… . In short, speeches and actions are all controlled by the Democrat party. It is the democrat party which has done nothing for America since they got into power in and have done everything to hurt this country.

    Climate Control, Homos, Transvestites, the War on Women, White this, White that, Race, Crime, and a thousand other things that are a distraction from the real problems, and hundreds of other meaningless problems, without any solutions to our country’s problems.
    We have a moron leading our country, with his Crack-head Son making him a very wealthy man…all this while he counts on the FBI and our Liberal media covering up for him. Like they say, When a Clown Moves into a Palace He Does Not Become King, the Palace Becomes a Circus.


  4. The Moron in chief just bestowed one of the highest civilian awards a president can bestow on someone to that American hating Lesbian Soccer player because the shitbags pulling this puppets strings hate True American loving citizens so they must shove this hateful creature Megan Rapinoe to flaunt their disdain for us and the real women who love our country!!
    I say ……She is just a chick who kicks a ball around a field of grass she just happens to do so in-between strapping on her rubber penis because what else can a man hating female do but utilize the phallic symbol of the being she despises more than her own self loathing sorry ass, because girls licking p— is fashionably in style with the woke Virtue signaling
    ‘look what I do in the bedroom desperate for attention anti American Liberal twat waffle brigade…..
    Eff All Democrats


  5. There’s way too many strange things going on in this blog lately. Why does it say there are 89 responses.. where did they all go? Where’s all those “Russian posts? Why when I reply to Political Chick” it shows I am replying to “Anonymous”? Not only that… I an email notification of Political Chick’s “offense” to me… yet it’s not posted on the blog itself?
    Wait… my original response “why you still here in America”.. it’s telling me I replied that to lady of Reason blog lady. I never meant that for her!
    You’re right. I’m outta here.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Things That Make Me Say WHAT?

    People who claim to Hate Trump, yet think that Joe Biden is a Wonderful Alternative
    People who would elect Pelosi to another terms in Congress, brcause they think that she is doing a “GREAT” Job!
    People that watch CNN, and Rachel Maddow all day and really think that they are getting the “News”. media outlets
    People who believe what politicians tell them!
    Senior Citizen who have been around the block a few times yet vote to re-elect these political prostitutes
    Anyone who sell out their country because the opposing part won the election.
    Teachers who destroy the minds of children entrusted into their care, yet poison the minds of the Children who are trusted to educate them.
    Long term Legislatures and Governors who transform their states into Marxist, and Socialist cesspools
    Why someone hasn’t taken out a contract on Cuomo and his phoney brother long ago.
    Why Maxine Waters body hasn’t been discovered in a ditch somewher along side of a road.
    How Joe Biden was ever “Elected”?
    Why so many Blacks continue to Vote for Democrat politicians
    Why Governor Abbott doesn’t arrest every federal officer connected with the illegal immigration scam.
    Why the American people tolerate this out of control political corruption, and the abserb President, and Vice President.


  7. The Mayor of New York City t just gave all employers the reason and the ability to force their employees to be vaccinated, or else!
    Bill Di Blasio just mandated that employers not only have the right to force vaccinations, but the MUST screen everyone that wants to enter the premises of All bars, and restaurants to screen each person who wishes to enter the premises. I don’t know if the owners will want to get themselves involved with this order, but it seems as if they are going to have to.

    If I know New York, You can bet that this will start a new wave of selling fake vax cards.
    The State, or the Government knows if you’ve been vaccinated and you can bet that digital passport from some database will be on the way shortly. .The truly Religious, or People with some Health Condition will be fighting this and I can not see any way that they could be pressured into taking the vaccination if they don’t want to. But who knows with this administration they are liable to say “FIND A NEW JOB OR GET THE VACCINE .”. And if the Government ( Biden) will pay people NOT TO WORK, the entire workforce should, and might very well just quit!. Or you could go home and collect money from Sleepy Joe for not working..
    Like They Said, Elections Have Consequences.


  8. Sadly the people that are pushing the NONSENSICAL things called Cancel Culture. Are the Progressives, who are strongly for Cancel Culture.
    So if If you want us to stop pointing out the fact that you people acting like disgusting human beings, then you have to stop acting like disgusting human beings that you are!
    It’s that simple, and it’s not negotiable. The problem is you. The people pointing it out are not the problem.
    And there’s No need to beat around the bush with these Cancel Culture Idiotic people. There is No argument needed to be made, tell them simply that Many Americans greater than you died for protecting our American right to tell you to go fly a kite and take your Socialist friends with you.
    What those Brave Americans were fighting for in essence, was exactly what these Cancel idiots are trying to promote. It’s known as Fascism! They are trying their best to take away ou Rights as Americans. Like taking Rosanne Barr removed from her own show!. As Celebrity Chef Paula Deen was. And so many others are now gone, and disappeared off of TV, and Facebook, and Twitter. Like our own President. This is much more dangerous than Aunt Jemima, or Dr. Seuss. And we’re supposed to just “Deal with it”?
    They’re “canceling” TV, Sports Team’s names, and Pancake Syrup now, but who know what they’ll be doing in five or ten years from now if they aren’t stopped now.
    The only way that I think you can deal with it now is by Electing Strong Leaders in our Governments who aren’t afraid to upset a few people and ride out the heat that is thrown at them.
    And STOP making Heros out of people like George Floyd, and Colin Kaepernick..
    They don’t want the Freedoms that we now have and are fighting to keep. Such as the FACT that those Idiotic Morons BANNED our President from Social Media. The one place where he was able to commutate with ALL Americans.
    Yes this is EXACTLY what the Biden/Harris administration is doing. The are now TELLING us that for us to go into a Restaurant, a Store, a Ballgame, we MUST show our “Papers” and proove that we were Vaccinated. When these same people are allowing Ten’s of Thousands of ILLEGAL’S into the Country showing NOTHING! , and putting them on Busses with, or without testing POSITIVE for COVID 19, and then spreading their vermin all over the United States. HOW STUPID, CAN THESE IDIOTIC PEOPLE BE?
    This is exactly what our Troop are fighting, exactly what these Cancel idiots are promoting!
    And all this ic coming from the group of pussies that created “Sanctuary cCties” and then denying the existence of ANTIFA, and calling Black Lives Matter “Peaceful Protesters”.

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  9. Good Friday Morning to you all. Today I’d like to write in My New Favorite Blog “The Lady Of Reason”, my thoughts about the DREADED “Cancel Culture”!
    Cancel Culture is the latest Idiotic thought that has been promoted by Leftists, it has entered the Extreme. Cancel Culture, in Gender Inequality, Racism, in the names of Sports Teams, Foods that we loved to eat, and even it the Children’s Books, t our Countries History, and mostly in the Discrimination against both Women and Men.
    Now PLEASE don’t get me wrong, I am NOT talking about that CREEP in Albany aka the Governor of New York, who I DESPISE, and who I can’t wait for them to not only Get RID of him, but to Prosecute him Criminally. .
    Today, any man is likely to lose his career for saying anything even slightly offensive to women. Now don’t get me wrong, in many cases some Men do deserve a harsh penalty for their actions. But in many the Left has just gone TOO FAR. Now they are even inventing Sexual Assaults. It’ has become the easy way to get rid of someone the the Marxist Left just doesn’t like, or is threatened by them. Much like the Parade of “Pussy Hats” when Donald Trump was first elected.
    Cancel Culture was thought up, and is being promoted by the Progressives who want to destroy lives by waging a war on their Foes as a excuse to abuse people who don’t conform to the Leftist Police State.
    By now pretty much everyone has heard of the term “cancel culture”. From your favorite stores, restaurants, movies, books, public figures, and even famous historical figures, no one is immune! One misstep or slip dredged up from your past, one “wrong” idea, that stupid thing you did you have a pic of from literally decades ago, and boom! you’ve been cancelled by the mob! “Off, off with his/her/their head!” is the new rallying cry in the Left’s woke cultural revolution. Some prominent examples include cancelling various books by beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss, cancelling public figures because they wore an ill thought out costume decades ago as a young and dumb college student, tearing down statues and erasing history out of school curriculum, deciding that classic literature and movies aren’t woke enough for not holding contemporary woke ideas, boycotting various businesses and brands and essentially wanting to eliminate anything one can possibly think of that isn’t woke enough for the Left.
    It’s one thing to think of a well thought out boycott for an actually relevant issue or to choose not to be consumers of products that will directly go against your values, but the thing that defines this new cancel culture craze is just how insane and insignificant the reasons for these boycotts are.
    Another dimension of cancel culture involves businesses and products. I personally prefer businesses trying to sell us stuff be politically and ideologically neutral, but in this increasingly polarized country, some feel there are profits to be made by catering to a specific ideological group. I also feel that it is okay to choose which companies you buy from and support and choose ones that don’t do something that offends your values. However, the Left takes this to an unhealthy extreme, where even the slightest provocation to them calls for a boycott! A prime example is the Left’s smear campaign against Chick-Fil-A due to the owner being a traditional Christian and alleged anti-LGBTQ stances. I personally am not against same sex relationships or marriage, and disagree with religious reasoning behind their objections, but am not about to throw a fit that some people disagree with it on religious grounds. If you personally don’t want to eat there because you feel strongly about LGBTQ issues that’s fine, but when entire cities try to ban Chick-Fil-A.
    And believe it or not, Liberals want to BAN the term Vanilla, when referring to Ice Cream, as it can be interpreted to ” White Privilege. No wonder Liberalism is considered a Mental Disorder..
    When I was first in the Army and people were protesting the the leftist Jane “Hanoi Jane” Fonda was the BIG thing to BAN cancelled. We couldn’t see her movies or buy her exercise tapes. Many people today still have strong feelings about her.
    But now to protest and to want to “DE-Fund” the police, is Crazy In my humble opinion
    the Police officers are hard-working middle-class government employees yet there wasn’t a single middle class white male much less a middle-class white male of Chauvins age on the jury!! Why not? But then again, for what I know everything Chauvins did was completely legitimate, and within the law, and George Floyd would have died no matter how he held him down but I really don’t know if would have voted him to be guilty like that the angry lynch-mob so easily did.
    I watched Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer, and the rest Democratic leaders of Congress kneel down on one knee in the halls of Congress for about 10 minutes, for the death of a black man named George Floyd. Ive never seen them kneel down for a fallen Police Officer in my life! Have you?
    And now the Dr. Seuss publisher stopped printing some books that weren’t selling well anyway, probably because they were inappropriate for the classroom. Every elementary school in the country is still reading the Cat in the Hat. The pearl clutching that conservatives are doing over this is very silly and it makes it hard to take them seriously. With a party full of racists, nuts and other dysfunctional weirdos that these leftists who are BANNING everything that we loved and cherished in our childhoods. God Forbid we should get caught asking for Aunt Jemima Pancakes in the local Diner. We would get thrown out of town on a rail.
    The George Floyd’s family opened a Go Fund Me account to “help the family”? It has already raised $14,455,100.00 (Not the mention the $27 Million that they were given . from the City of Minneapolis)
    And still counting from donations as of June 22, 2020. Yes, almost $14 1/2 MILLION. This is for a guy who was arrested NINE times; was a convicted drug dealer (and at a drug deal the day he died); held a gun to the stomach of a pregnant lady while his five buddies robbed her home; did prison time three different times totaling about eight years, and obviously didn’t learn from our penal system. And America is memorializing him by painting murals of the guy on the sides of buildings like he’s a hero? Unbelievable!!
    You got to be kidding me. I guess that Crime DOES pay!
    And to pour Salt on the wound, Nancy Pelosi praised the guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial and offered THANKS to George Floyd for “Sacrificing” his life for the Pursuit of Justice in Policing, Is That What He Did? “Sacrificed His Life”?.
    Forget ALL the intimidation, the riots, the threats and the interference by politicians, the VICIOUS Speech given by Maxine Waters, and Nancy calls it “Sacrificing” his life”
    This verdict was a result of intimidation the jury did not want to have rioters coming to their homes burning them down. Yes, I do think that all the Police the officers that were there may well have been guilty of excessive force or something along those lines. But I do NOT think that they deserve the excessive verdict that the jury came up with. The Floyd family did deserve compensation but not anywhere near 27 million dollars. No decent defense lawyer would agree with that decision. . But this is how the left operates these days.


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