The “Lived Experience” of The Ideological Minority…

The Left loves to talk about the idea of the “lived experience” of their chosen special interest groups. As you might guess, one’s “lived experience” is just that: life experience. Specifically though for the Left, one’s oppressed experience! To bring up your lived experience is to recount the ways in which you feel you were microaggressed, or worse. For an example, someone in a minority group saying they feel alienated and isolated and that no one around them can relate to their life struggles in a majority-group environment.

Of course, from a Leftist view, this feeling of alienation and isolation in one’s lived experience is due to white people, and white males more specifically! However, believe it or not, any minority group can feel somewhat alone when others take for granted that not everyone feels and thinks as they do. This especially is true for one of the most overlooked types of minority groups: Ideological minorities. An incident from my college days resonated deeply for me as it made my ideological minority status stand out like a sore thumb.

Like many colleges, the one I went to has new “woke” diversity goals and training for students and faculty. There were complaints at my comparatively moderate school about a lack of diversity as well as feelings of being in the out-group by students and faculty of color. This surprised me in that I always felt my school to be a welcoming and inclusive environment, and was not the exclusionary hot spot it was accused of being. Never the less, the school took these allegations seriously and instituted even more aggressive diversity reforms as they genuinely did not want anyone to feel left out. Of course, the limitations of the new woke diversity agendas in general, are that they bring a substantial risk of stifling free academic speech and can come off as infallible edicts handed down from above, not to be questioned or critiqued. To my even greater surprise, a few faculty members and students wrote their own letter critiquing the college’s diversity plans. This letter merely said that those who wrote it were in favor of increasing diversity at the school, but felt the way it was being done was problematic in that it stifled free academic speech and forbid ideas against their narrative. I can’t show you the one I reference, as I don’t want to reveal specific identities of those involved on either side, but I’m sure others have written similar statements and got denounced just as much.

For this ideological heresy, many faculty and students reacted as if the letter’s contents were arguing for a whites only campus and KKK rallies! Calls for solidarity and emotional support as well as a space to “debrief” from the letter were emailed out to students. To many Left leaning students and professors, the letter critiquing the college’s position on their diversity initiatives was deeply upsetting, even traumatic. Honestly, I bet most never even read the letter in its entirety and only skimmed it before joining the chorus of outrage. They seemed to make a straw-man argument claiming those who wrote the letter were against diversity as a whole, not merely the approach to which it is done.

This story is old news of course, for many who have been in academia and experienced similar instances of collective outrage, but the magnitude of the outrage and grief was a bit of a shock coming from a more moderate school. So why was this mainly typical college experience so resonating for me? Let’s start with the e-mail sent out to all of campus and alumni. In it, it said that people were there for emotional support and that you (as in the reader) probably had a lot of feelings of outrage, hurt, anger and shock for some choice words. It also said resources were available for anyone needing to “debrief” after reading the letter. For those on the Left, this probably came as a welcoming reassurance, but they assumed everyone felt as they did.

When I read that e-mail, I too felt a sense of shock and confusion, but for opposite reasons. The “enemies” of this incident were the ones I cheered on, not denounced as the rest presumably did. I admired the courage it took for those who signed their names to that letter, as each risked their personal and professional reputations and the reaction from the rest of campus confirmed that. In reading the “official” reaction to the letter, I felt isolated, alienated and in the out-group. The inclusivity my school purported to foster did not reach me and anyone else who agreed with the points contained within the letter, or maybe simply could tolerate reading a view different from their own. The implicit message in all this: If you don’t denounce the views in that letter, you don’t belong in our “diverse” community.

If your opinions align with the majority opinion, it is easy to take for granted what it is like to feel accepted and affirmed. To get a sense of how isolating this can be, imagine yourself in a position where you admire a person everyone else denounces. What others are lamenting about as an issue you see as a solution. Not only that, those who think like you are not only wrong, but immoral! Imagine also, that you felt there was no one “safe” to open up to in expressing your views. How do you react when what supposedly makes everyone else feel self righteous “hurt, anger and grief” is what makes you feel relieved that others do think like you?

I don’t understand how so many honestly felt threatened by the mere statement of another perspective on an issue. The letter never argued for abolishing diversity, or claiming it to be non-important. It suggested that diversity initiatives could be done better another way than the current way. How is this different from the diversity committee having members who agree on the overall goals but quibble over how to best implement them? Even so, just because some people wrote a letter to the school doesn’t mean they’ll get their way! So what was so traumatic about it that it required “debriefing”? To me, it seems far more problematic to assume minority students and faculty are so fragile, so vulnerable that the mere critique of a viewpoint is enough to be considered emotionally traumatizing. Talk about condescension and infantilization!

A professional way to have handled a proposal they disagreed with would be to have simply said something along the lines of “we carefully considered your points and value your input, however we decided to move forward with our own plans as we feel they best suit our needs due to A, B and C, etc…”. I guess I can understand why they didn’t though: That would make them have to actually craft arguments to support their agendas and not just throw around buzz words and slogans.

I know by choosing to not think in lock step with the Left, I’ll experience many more instances like these where I am ideologically on the outs, but sometimes specific events stand out and make the sting of isolation feel fresh again. I don’t regret choosing to become an ideological minority in an increasingly Leftist society, as a mind free to think wherever reason leads it is a far greater reward than superficial acceptance. However I am also human, and sometimes, I need to be reassured that I’m not alone in being an ideological minority. That is my “lived experience”.

What’s been your “lived experience” in having a minority viewpoint? Please share in the comments!

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  1. So, what happened to Delusional Uncle Joey’s call for “Unity”?

    It was kess than three months ago when ILLEGAL President Joe Biden stood in front of the US. Capitol and delivered his inaugural address from his “Flash Cards”, that was all about his calling for “Unity”, and many Americans who saw a politically fractured, and divided country welcomed it. He then put together an agenda that would have accomplished many of his goals while also helping heal the country. On COVID-19, on Infrastructure, on “Boarder Control”, Climate Control, and several other matters, there was a glimmer of hope for bipartisan support. But very soon after, the load of disagreements followed.
    Oddly, after dedicating his inauguration to national “Unity”, Biden has abandoned his pursuit of “Unity” entirely. In fact we saw exactly the opposite. We saw the “Blame Game”.. And we saw the finger pointing,. The pursuit for “Unity” was long GONE!

    And Delusional Joey pushed through the biggest, and the fast CRAP LOAD of Executive Orders ever seen before, ALL of them were designed to WIPE OUT just about every thing that President Trump had accomplished. It didn’t matter if the EO wiped out Good, or Bad policies, but all that mattered was the fact that they were President Trumps!.. , A thoroughly partisan COVID-19 bill. The lockdowns all but destroyed the livelihoods of many Americans. There was broad bipartisan consensus to provide further relief to small businesses and individual Americans. There was also support for further funding to speed vaccine deployment. By focusing on these core COVID-19-related areas, Biden could have achieved the first major bipartisan success in many years. And as predicted Uncle Joey took all the credit for obtaining the “Chinese Flu” Vaccine himself. It didn’t matter if Biden himself took the Vaccine while Trump was still in office, as long as he (Biden) sid it was his was all that counted.
    A group of 10 influential Republicans approached him with a COVID-19 bill. package. Biden rejected them and instead signed THE MOST EXPENSIVE SPENDING BILL IN U.S. HISTORY, without one single Republican vote. This $1.9 TRILLION MONSTROSITY delayed relief for average Americans by weeks in order to include about Seventy Five percent of non-COVID-19 related pork. It even changed the formula for aid to state and local governments to favor larger blue states over smaller red states. This “Bill” included such CRAP as $500$35 billion to subsidies to defray Obamacare premiums million to fund the arts, Humanities, Libraries, and Museums, $1.5 billion to Amtrak, and so on… And silly me,I thought we are talking about COVID relief for the people, and not for Pelosi’s pay backs.

    Furthermore, Biden’s positions on voting and elections are not only partisan but corrosive. Biden, like all Democrats and Republicans, believes that looser voting rules help Democrats. Democrats and their media allies therefore scream about disenfranchisement, racism and voter suppression in the face of even the most reasonable proposals.


  2. Joe Concha is Outraged on the media’s disregard of the Former President Obama’s ethics chief’s plan around the sale of Hunter Biden’s artwork!
    And called out the former Ethics chief on Hunter Biden’s plans to sell his paintings to anonymous buyers at highly ‘inflated’ prices

    The White House announced its ethics plan surrounding the sale of the presidential son’s pieces , saying Hunter Biden would not be allowed to hold back on who is buying his artwork to try to avoid ethical pitfalls, according to a report by the Washington Post.

    Walter Shaub, Obama’s former ethics chief, said the White House is trying to make sure that no one will never know who the buyers are..
    Can you imagine how annoyed the Russian and Chinese billionaires must be to have to pretend to like this crackhead’s “art”, and pay outrageous sums of money for it, just so they can get a meeting with “the big guy”?

    So, who just paid $500,000 to buy a painting from novice artist like that sleez-bag Hunter Biden? W don’t know.

    Art dealer Georges Berges says the names of various buyers will be kept confidential. But Hunter’s art is being priced between $75,000 and a half a million dollars, is an impressive sum for a Crack-head painter with no formal training, what-so-ever. .

    But before anyone gets too impressed, let’s think for a minute how convenient this arrangement might be for anyone wanting to buy access to the president of the United States. Actually, who is to say just how much anyone of his pieces are worth? The purchases are confidential. Who is to know if it’s a foreign government, a drug cartel, or a Ukrainian group of people having control of some, organization,. buying access to the president’s son or his family?
    This guy is an opportunistic sleaze-bag. You can say what you want about the Trump kids, but they would never sunk this low, that’s for SURE! There isn’t any level of LOW that this Crack-head wouldn’t sink to.


  3. WHY isn’t Black Lives Matter doing ANYTHING about the Black on Black Shootings?

    It’s the Question of the Centry! from Facebook to Cable Networks to Comments on the Internet The same question is being asked, But there never seems to be any answer,=. Why isn’t Black Lives Matter concerned about the loss of Black lives when they are taken by other Blacks, instead of ONLY by the Police?
    Black Americans find more violence within the bBack community, then from the Police, or from Whites.

    And the Funny thing is that Liberal Progressives question everything. But NEVER themselves, why don’t they use that same logic on themselves. Did you ever notice that the Left constantly talk about “Police Bruality, but never about Black on Black violence, and Killings?

    To Black Lives Matter, , black lives do not appear to matter when it is Black people killing Black people, even when it’s a 10 year old child. .They seem to pretend Black on Black Crime doesn’t really happen.

    Apparently they are willing to overlook it a unimportant deaths, as if Blacks killed by other Blacks, just don’t matter!.

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  4. Somehow when you use a Flag OTHER than the American flag you are making an indicator of your personal allegiance, or even person’s political affiliations. You are making a statement. A statement that your TRUE allegiance is NOT to America, but to the county to whatever Flag it is that you are flying. .
    Think about what you are doing when you fly a Flag OTHER that the American Flag. Is that a divisive action? I personally think that it is….
    When you fly the flag of another foreign nation, you are probably indicating your allegiance is first and foremost to a foreign Nation.
    And when you fly the communist flag, you are probably indicating your allegiance is first and foremost to a political statement that is for oppressive, and brings death, suffering, and misery to all but the ruling nation to the Nation that the Flag represents.
    In fact “ you are probably indicating that your allegiance is first and foremost to your sexual organs rather than to the Country who gives you the Freedom to do so.

    Flying a Flag, ANY Flag other than the American Flag It divides those of us who HONOR OUR COUNTRY, WHO FOUGHT, AND WHO MAY EVEN GAVE THEIR LIVES TO THIS COUNTRY, its Constitution, and its Exceptionalism from those who hate their country and believe America is an oppressor, who is systematically racist, and needs to be fundamentally transformed into a socialist, or, and communist paradise, that consists of of unicorns, rainbows, roses, and lollipops.

    But most of all, it divides us from us real patriots, and the garbage people. The rest of us Patriotic Americans don’t do that,
    There is nothing like flying the Flag to remind everyone you who you are. I hope you are think about that at your Forth of July barbeque.
    There is not Two Americas as some will tell you.
    But there is the America for the people who love America and work to support their families, and themselves, , and the America that doesn’t, but depends on the Country to support them, and prefers to Get, and not give back, and who just sits back to collect Government checks. .Those who want to divide us, do so for their own personal gain
    So if you think of America being TWO America’s , Yes there is the America that contributes, and the America that doesn’t.!
    It’s not the haves and the have nots, it’s the dos and the don’ts. Some people do their duty as Americans, to obey the law and support themselves and contribute to society, and others don’t. That’s the America that divides us
    You can’t expect someone who drops out of school and works for McDonald’s flipping Hamburgers to make the same as someone who graduated College with a degree and works for a Fortune 500 company. And works hard to build a good life for his family.

    It’s not about income inequality, it’s about irresponsibility. It’s about a group that preaches hatred, greed and victimization in order to win . It’s about a political party that loves power more than it loves its Country. About a party who loves their Gourmet Ice-Cream, more that the Law.
    But in the end, it is STILL a wonderful, and a Free, and a magnificent Country, and the best Country in the world; let us hope it remains that way in the future. And it’s our duty to keep it that way. .

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  5. There’s Great News, In The News Today! Delusional Joey Says That 4th of July Cookouts Are 16 Cents Cheaper This Year, Over Last Year!
    Wow, that really PROVES that Joey is a Much Better President Than Trump Was.

    Wow, I Tell Ya That You Just Can’t Make this Stuff Up. When this Admin creates a problem that it is too inept to fix, they resort to the standard tactic of lying about it even existing.

    Everyone knows inflation has skyrocketed and prices of almost everything is increasing, including Food, Lumber, Paper Products, Gas, and Fuel, New Homes, and the list goes on, and on..

    And the Rocket Scientist, Jen Psaki is now claiming it’s Republicans who want to Defund the Police…. WHAT?. This ignoramus idea was, and IS only hpaaening in Democratic run Cities, and States.
    And the other Rocket Scientist Kamals Harris says that t here’s no border crisis; we’re fixing it. And that “we” the Biden administration inherited it from Trump. Trump gave us a broken system, and they ar “Fixing”it. .Are these people for REAL?, Or are they living in a Fantasy World?
    On 6/23, Biden told us, “The Second Amendment, from the day it was passed, limited the type of people who could own a gun and what type of weapon you could own”
    Now, despite another crisis is in the midst of hitting us a little problem aka “CRIME” they created in just five short months with their failed policies, they’re doing it letting ALL the THUGS that Rioted, Looted, and Burned the city stores, and buildings down , were let off the hook by being SET FREE, without ANY punishment! NONE!
    Aon top of the Idiot Governor of New York, setting a new policy of letting the Loer Grade Criminals completely go without ANY bail what-so-ever. And they are claiming that it was us Republicans that want to De-Fund the Police? The Democratic States, and Cities are going wild in the streets now with out the Police on the Beat. Shootings, and Murders are a record high ..BUT…July Cookouts are 16 Cents Cheaper This Year. This senile old FOOL is not fit for walking by himself in the Cities Streets, let alone be the Head of the Free World.
    But AH, have no fears, Kamala Harris is waiting in the wings to take over.
    In the meantime, think about what your going to do with the 16 Cents your saving be The “July Cookouts being 16 Cents Cheaper This Year”


  6. The New York City Mayoral race was thrown into disarray after the ‘test’ ballots were counted along with the REAL ballots… “FOOLISHNESS”’ was blamed on election board…. But have NO fears, It was JUST a simple clerical error?

    Just like the 2020 Election, There Is No Evidence of Fraud, Delusional Joe Biden Was A Clear Winner. Except For One Thing….. Even HE Doesn’t Know What He Won!


  7. I am just wondering if the Socialist Democrats actually think we are stupid enough to ever accept the results of that fraudulent election? Do they actually think any of us that are dumb enough to see what happened, what has been happening, and what is happening on behalf of us ever accepting it?

    We fully understand exactly what we are dealing with. Only useful idiots under the spell of Hypnotism and think that we will just accept it Period… Maybe the Leftist’s in the Entertainment industry and Marxist’s in the Media, and the Education system will accept it.. But not us in the “Silent Majority”, we fully understand exactly what we are dealing with..


  8. The Investigation, of the :Pandemic, and what the House of Lunitics Part of it was!

    There is no doubt in my mind, and many others mind that the Communist Chinese Virus
    that caused an extremely large loss of life, as well as an extreme damage to our, and the rest of the world’s economies, as well as impacting so much Hardship on individuals all over the world. worldwid. But now that this HORROR has finally slowed down to a crawl, the question is….was this horrible hardship, falsely portrayed by anybody, including China, and the World Health Organization? Was the Communist China Party involved with a conflicts of interest;
    Was there, and “IS” there any truth in these conspiracy theories?
    Did Dr. Fauci, or/and the U.S. contribute anything to this Chinese research?
    Was the lab leak accidental,? Or was it possibly due to sloppy laboratory procedures?
    We All know that China’s lies about everything. But did they also LIE about the origination the Virus and it’s ability to deal with it, and with the spreading of it?
    China reported just a handful of New Cases happening every day. Can that be believed? Of course not! Not when it’s known that people who were infected had spread it all over the world.
    And most of all, Why did it happen just prior to OUR eelection, and help to Trump’s Loss, and the Democrats Win?
    I for one would certainly like to know the truth, and I’m sure that you would as well.


  9. If the 2020 Election wasn’t Rigged
    Then I Guess that 8 Million Voters are responsible for putting a Lunatic in the White House! Because there is NO other way to make any sense out of it.
    This country has already passed the point of no return. The damage has already been done
    This was easily predictable even before the election. Trump got tens of thousands showing up at each of his rallies, while Biden couldn’t fill up a small parking lot. He had what was supposed to be an important rally in Arizona (first one with Kamala Harris), and NOBODY showed up
    And these Trump Haters took Rudy Giuliani’s Law license away because he dared to say that the election was “Rigged”? And over false Trump election claims.. Are You Kidding?
    This “SHAFT” was a one-sided decision and not based on any evidence. Only because of the fact that Rudy was Donald Trump’s Lawer, and they wanted to get Something, Anything on Donald Trump because they are as SCARED AS HELL that he will come back and win again.
    The leftist are DERANGED, they tried everything to get rid of Trump, with Hoax’s, Lies, Fake Dossiers, Hollywood “Washed Up” Celebrities calling him Dirty, Filthy Names, and ever TWO Impeachments, and nothing worked. So the Gestapo Rigged the election.
    We had a President that had More Achievements in his first term, then anyother President EVER had in twice the tim, and all while his Opposition threw everything they had to get him out of office.
    EARTH TO THE UNITED STATES PUBLIC…: No president in US history has accomplished more good things for the country than Donald Trump accomplished .

    1. RECORD positive numbers on the economy, record highs in stock market even right now, despite Covid shutdowns
    2. stopped the absurd practice of giving China unrestricted access to our valuable market, and reduced the amount of imports coming from China.
    3. holding China accountable for cyber theft,
    4. taking Mexico and Central American countries to task for illegal immigration,
    5. created 10 million jobs in 4 months, created over 400,000 manufacturing jobs,
    6. unemployment claims hit 50 year low,
    7. lowest unemployment for blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and disabled in US history, 8.lowest unemployment for women in over 70 years,
    9. lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for Americans without a high school diploma,
    10. 4 million Americans off food stamps,
    11. vocational training topped 4 million – highest ever,
    12. highest median wage in US history .
    13. Obamacare individual mandate penalty GONE,
    14. FDA approved more affordable generic drugs than ever before in history. > drug companies are freezing or reversing planned price increases,
    15. reformed the Medicare program to stop hospitals from overcharging low-income seniors on their drugs—saving seniors hundreds of millions of dollars,
    16. Signed Right-To-Try legislation,
    17. $6 billion in NEW funding to fight the opioid epidemic (the most ever),
    18. Signed VA Choice Act and VA Accountability Act,
    19. expanded VA telehealth services, walk-in-clinics, and same-day urgent primary and mental health care (I got surgeries and benefits from this myself),
    20. United States is a net natural gas exporter for the first time since 1957,
    21. withdrew the United States from the job-killing Paris Climate Accord,
    22. pressured NATO allies, and they’re spending $69 billion more on defense since 2016,
    23. made the Space Force the 6th branch of the Armed Forces,
    24. withdrew from the horrible, one-sided Iran Deal, 25. moved U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem,
    25. protected Americans from terrorists with the Travel Ban, upheld by Supreme Court, 26. issued Executive Order to keep open Guantanamo Bay,
    27. MCA deal,
    28. reached a breakthrough agreement with the E.U. to increase U.S. exports
    29. pressured NATO allies, and they’re spending $69 billion more on defense since 2016,
    30. net exports increased $59 Billion in 2018,
    31. improved vetting and screening for refugees, and switched focus to overseas resettlement,
    32. we are BUILDING THE WALL.
    33. provided quality detention centers for migrant children in Southwest Key Programs
    34. created 8,700 Opportunity Zones with investment incentives for companies to invest in distressed communities
    35. Got Israel/UAE/Bahrain aggreement (the Abraham Accord), establishing Middle East peace
    36. Defeated ISIS and killed their leaders incl. # 1 al Baghdadi.
    37. Killed Iranian terrorist leader Sulemani.
    38. Stopped domestic terrorist mobs by sending federal troops & National Guard
    39. record of number of regulations cut, further boosting the economy
    40. opened ANWR and approved Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines thereby making America # 1 energy producer in the world (no other president ever did that),
    41. rebuilt the US military to a $721 Billion/yr budget
    42. increased wages for military personnel
    43. We found out when we expected President Trump to lead us through a COVID pandemic, as our Covid mortality rate was REDUCED from over 17,000/week in April. to about 2000/week in October/November, as a result of the many smart things that the president has done. 90% reduction> it’s a HUGE SUCCESS.
    44. Massive production of Ventilators – These were left in short supply after the Obama/Biden admin (we now have so many we’re exporting them),
    45. the Navy hospital ships sent to New York,
    46. the stimulus checks,
    47. The Task Force advice (ex. social distancing),
    48. opposition/criticism of New York’s dumb nursing home policies,
    49. federal aid to hospitals, rapidly expanding production & distribution of medical supplies
    50. travel bans (which Democrats called Trump a “racist’ for),
    51. Trump’s advocacy of Hydroxychloriquin (now proven to be effective, despite criticism from Democrats), and Regeneron.
    52. fast, continual development of a vaccine, Operation Warp Speed.
    53. Created & signed the MISSION ACT, replacing the failed Obama Choice Act
    54. Presided over the largest increase (33.1%) if GDP growth in US history. (3rd quarter of 2020).

    Sorry to have confused you with the FACTS


  10. A Spectator Editorial
    Joe Biden has spent his first couple of months in office enjoying what his predecessor never had: a presidential honeymoon. Americans have rewarded Biden with early approval ratings of 60 percent or higher. He may be benefiting from the inevitable diminishing of the coronavirus as cases decline and more states reopen. Or the public may simply be relieved to have a president who isn’t perpetually in the spotlight, even if he doesn’t always seem aware of the fact he is president.

    But no honeymoon can last too long, and Biden’s is coming to an end at America’s southern border, where a crisis is escalating. Eighty thousand people tried illegally to cross the border in January, double the figure of a year ago. In February, nearly 100,000 did the same. At current rates, the spring and summer may bring hundreds of thousands more. Caught off-guard, the Biden administration has scrambled to reopen ‘facilities for migrant children’. Just weeks earlier, Democrats had called such facilities American ‘concentration camps’.

    America’s border has become the first serious failure of the Biden presidency. Texas congressman Vicente Gonzalez has warned that the rate new arrivals are being admitted at will invite thousands more to make the journey north, and will be ‘catastrophic’ for his district and the country. Gonzalez isn’t a white nationalist; he is a Hispanic Democrat.

    In Tijuana, and at othe points at the boarder, migrants have been seen wearing Biden’s welcoming t-shirts and printed signs begging “Biden, Please Let Us In!” And why shouldn’t they? It is exactly that kind of sentimentalism that the Biden administration wanted.
    President Trump had by 2020 stabilized the situation with his ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy. Without the promise of easy entry to America, new arrivals at the border dried up.

    Throughout 2020, Joe Biden openly campaigned to throw out everything Trump had done and start over. He didn’t just promise to halt construction on Trump’s wall and junk the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy. He also promised to reverse Trump’s public charge rule, which blocked immigrants from instantly claiming public benefits. Biden promised a path to citizenship not just for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, but every illegal immigrant in the US. Throwing the Good out with the Bad he did exactly as he promised. Even though most of what he had done was not exactly a good thing.

    Most memorably of all, Biden promised that in his administration, ICE would only arrest immigrants suspected of felonies, and in his book drunk driving wasn’t a felony. Biden described his plans as ‘reform’. But to millions abroad who wish to come to America, Biden was promising something more: if they arrive at America’s doorstep, they’ll never have to leave. For purely political reasons, Biden took a manageable situation and broke it. And thanks to the nature of the modern Democratic party, he will find it difficult to fix a second time. While the American proletariat has gradually grown addicted to pain pills and antidepressants, Washington is addicted to an even more pernicious drug: sentimentality. Leaders increasingly believe there is no difference between the best policy and the most superficially feel-good one. All the difficulties of governing throughout human history, apparently, are the work of masochistic minds eager to choose an inferior and painful policy over the correct and easier one.
    President Biden will have to find the courage to resist his own party’s new ideology, or the border crisis of his first months could turn into a disastrous problem for his entire presidency.

    This article was originally published in The Spectator’s April 2021 US edition.


  11. Did Joe Biden Actually Buy Russian Hookers for Hunter?

    Are you Liberals still suffering from TDS that you don’t even care about this?….Your “President” has a drug addicted Douchebag for a Son….and you libs say nothing…..what if it were Trump Jr?…Or is your hypocritical eyes, and mind that far gone that you can’t even see what is happening to our Country!
    And why is this not the Headlines of every Newspaper in America? Is this story too Hot for the Bigoted Media to tell?
    Doesn’t the fact the Russians may of had access to the President’s credit card mean anything to you? …this is no little thing but you watch the MSM bury it and hide it from us or tell you it was an accident….you just couldn’t make this up…
    Well here it is, and let it sink in, and show you WHAT we have in Our White House is a Delusional Old Fool , who allows his Crackhead Son get into One Mess, after another with Zero reprisals. .
    Here is the story about how ex-Secret Service agents swooped in on Hunter after he “accidentally” paid a Russian prostitute $25 Thousand Dollars after night at Los Angeles Hotel using an account ‘linked to Daddy Joe , That was revealed on HIS laptop that Sonny Boy don’t even remember anything about.

    Several Text messages and Receipts show that Hunter Biden accidentally, or not spent his father’s money on a Prostitute in 2018, according to a report by the New York Post.
    The woman’s name was Yanna, that worked for an “Escort Service” from the Emerald FANTASY GIRLS Company.
    He had spent a number of nights in May, 2018 with the woman at Hollywood Hotel called “The Jeremy” and owed her $8,000, according to the report
    Receipts on his laptop obtained by the Post show, however, that transactions he thought had failed started going through, leading to overcharges of $25,000
    Hunter would later get most of the money back, but he is soon contacted by someone identified as Robert Savage III, a former Secret Service agent
    Texts between the two indicate that Robert Savage is concerned about an account related to “Celtic’” which is a code name for Joe Biden when he was Vice President.

    This happened in May 2018 the year when Hunter Biden ordered Yanna, an escort, who called herself as “Russian, Green Eyes, a Thin Brunette”, an elite Pro from his favorite site, “Emerald Fantasy Girls”, according to the files obtained by the New York Post from his 2017 Macbook Pro Laptop.

    ‘Hi, My name is Rob. I’m staying at Chateau Marmont,’ he texts the woman on May 7, 2018, using his first name, Robert. ‘Are you available now?

    During her visit to the hotel, the two of them had sex, drank vodka and watched Films of porn while he smoked “Crack”, according to the Post. At one point balances a line of M&Ms on his erect penis – all of this was documented in files stored on the laptop.

    Hotel bills show Hunter then moved into a $470-per-night room at The Jeremy in West Hollywood later that month, where he hired another escort while under the protection of two recently retired Secret Service agents.

    And messages saved on the laptop show Joe Biden might have inadvertently been the person actually paying the bill for the wild week, according to the messages obtained by the Post.

    The also has reported separately on secrets that Hunter chose not to divulge in a recent memoir after it obtained contents of his abandoned laptop and had them verified by top forensics experts


  12. Delusional Joe Biden does not come across as Presidential. He looks like a frail, old man who doesn’t belong amongst other leaders. Notice the PM waving his hand to silence the US President as if he were a child? Nicely done, liberals.

    The Hate for former President Trump is blinding their eyes from the truth. It has been and is obvious, it happened in front of everyone’s eyes who watched on the November 3rd election… . It doesn’t matter if you can prove it, it will not be believed. Even after all of this is said and done and the evidence is submitted and lawsuits are won to prove voter fraud and the presidency is overturned, the left side will not believe it. They are covered in hate and their eyes have been blinded. It is so sad

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  13. Happy Juneteenth folks, it’s the day when Blacks in Texas learned that they were free, June 19, 1865 in Galveston.
    But what does today mean?
    It’s the day when Blacks found out that the first Republican President had signed the Emancipation Proclamation freeing them from the physical bondage of the Democrat Party. It was two years later, on July 4th 1867, that 150 of those same Black men met in Houston and established the Republican Party of Texas. The Democrats, in response, established the Ku Klux Klan.
    Today, the Democrats are economically enslaving Blacks and have turned inner city communities into modern plantations of welfare and economic dependence.
    Juneteenth is a celebration of why the Republican Party was established in 1854, the abolition of slavery. Only a flaming incompetent, delusional, walking Vegetable, and a WORLD KNOWN IDIOT would give the party of the Jack Asses any credit for Juneteenth .

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  14. The fall of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc countries did not spell the end of Communism. It clings on in Cuba, North Vietnam and in Venezuela.

    However, the true threat comes from within the United States. In the United States, Communists have infiltrated and now control a large percentage of our institutions, and they are a dangerous threat in our Election Process. As shown in the stolen election of 2020 that was most definitely a Communist takeover. For the first time in American history, we do not have a democratically elected government. We are ruled by Communists who will do whatever it takes to ensure that a fair election is never again held in the United States
    And if you deny it, you have sided with the Communists. Think about it, over the past year they stole an election and stomped out the voices of anyone who complained about it. So you would have to say that our Freedom of Speech is definitely in Jeopardy.

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  15. Reminds me of Demi Lovato and some of the Hollyweird crew that use the term “living my truth”.

    (My lived experience gives me an excuse to mouth off and treat other people like crap? )(Perpetual victims trying to get an angle on someone?)

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  16. As always, Lady of Reason, you have raised important points. Your timing is excellent as well because just a few days ago Yahoo News had a column, linked below, about a North Korean defector who found the ideological propaganda in American universities to be even more bizarre in some cases than what she found in North Korea.

    As you point out, the leftists in our colleges suppress dissenting viewpoints to make those who disagree feel isolated, vulnerable and thereby controllable. One of the greatest benefits that I got from college, back in the middle ages, was the many different viewpoints that I encountered. That forced me to examine my own beliefs. The challenge to defend one’s opinions or adopt different viewpoints is fundamental to education. If you aren’t doing that at college, you’re attending what amounts to a secular seminary learning orthodox political correctness as a quasi religion. George Patton put it well when he said that if everyone is thinking alike then no one is thinking.

    The left started peddling “diversity” after “affirmative action” began to get a bad reputation. The SJWs claimed that ethnic diversity was important because it provided a variety of viewpoints not found in homogenous groups. That they now demand conformity in place of diversity of viewpoint demonstrates their intellectual dishonesty. SJWs want one thing above all, control. All that they do is aimed at that. They will resort to anything to get it and try to crush any who challenge them. The snowflake “crybullies” whine that dissenting views make them feel unsafe to pressure college administrators to shut down contrary opinions. If that doesn’t work they put on their Antifa masks and do it themselves with clubs and Molotov cocktails. The same thugs just with different tactics, but it’s always the argumentum ad baculum

    Churchill put it best:
    “You see these dictators on their pedestals, surrounded by the bayonets of their soldiers and the truncheons of their police … yet in their hearts there is unspoken fear. They are afraid of words and thoughts: words spoken abroad, thoughts stirring at home — all the more powerful because forbidden — terrify them. A little mouse of thought appears in the room, and even the mightiest potentates are thrown into panic.”

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  17. Good Article! Our hope is to impress upon the state governments their responsibility to resist the unconstitutional actions of the federal government. We can’t seem to get that effort going, and propaganda is why we can’t do that. Read the Constitution. There is to be NO national voting on the president or any other thing at all.

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  18. Frankly, I for one am Sick, and Tired of this illegitimate President Playing The Race Card, and In Such a Hypocritical Way!
    Especially after Biden’s condemnation of the Republican’s lack of “Unity” charges.
    When just about EVERYTHING Biden says has “Race” included. It’s “.Jim Crow” this, and People of Color” that, he can never make of of his Stuttering speeches without mentioning the words “Jim Crow”.

    For heavens sake, It was Jim Biden that promised to nominate a “Women of Color” no one else!
    It was also Joe Biden who said that “integrating schools will create a racial jungle’ and that he did not want his children to grow up in a Racial Jungle”
    It was Biden who said “ They gonna put you in Chains”
    It was Biden who said, “I mean, you’ve got the first sort of mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. When talking about Obama.
    And as for Playing the Race Card, lets face it, the Black have made more advances in the Job World in the past few decades then ever before in American History.
    We”ve had a Black President for 8 years!
    We have more Blacks in the Medical Field today than any other race .
    More Black Attorneys, more Black School Teachers, More Black Government workers, More Black Politicians, More Blacks owning their Businesses. .
    So what’s wrong? I don’t see any problems, whey is Biden always playing the Race Card?
    The left can’t help but play the racist card. They love spreading fear, and division, and then preaching about “Unity”.

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  19. One is always an Ideological Minority. Each person is unique; therefore, society must accommodate ME as a protected minority.
    How about we start from there?
    As I recall, there is a word for a person with that attitude: spoiled brat. And they don’t even deserve capital letters.

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    • I forgot to add: Reject the premise. A concept that has fallen into disuse since you can no longer jokingly ask: When did you stop beating your wife?


      • I am not, but you are correct.
        Question: If YOU have a right, why don’t I?
        Aren’t rights generally supposed to be universal and equally applied?


      • I think people confuse different types of rights – perhaps deliberately so. Human rights are few, and are inherent. The right to life. The rights of free thought, free speech and association. The right to worship – or not. These rights can be forfeited through an individual’s actions (e.g. if I attack someone, and they kill me in self defence, I forfeited my right to life through my actions), but they are not granted. Civil rights, on the other hand, are granted. They are earned or qualified for. (e.g. I have the right to vote, but I must qualify by being or age and a citizen.)

        Human rights are universal and should be equally applied. Civil rights, not necessarily.

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      • Civil rights are not rights but privileges.
        And there is the problem. People think those words are synonymous. They are not.
        I was asking the question knowing that.

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  20. Ah, the irony of all those efforts to be “inclusive” and “tolerant”. They tend to instead create division and intolerance, and open hatred of anyone who isn’t in lockstep with the efforts. It’s a topsy turvy world right now!

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  21. Delusional Joe “stuttering” Biden always was an embarrassment, now he is demented also . And “Doctor” Jill his “Handler” is just as asinine as he is… You know, the same Jill who went stockingless at the G7 showing off the veins in her legs with a Band-Aid on, as if a “Band-aid was making a fashion statement. They both are too Stupid to even know how ridiculous they looked.


  22. When I was driving over the Martin Luther King bridge, in Newark, NJ yesterday I saw a couple teenagers pull a dead dog out of the middle of the road. I thought to myself, those Kid are really a couple of good, and kind-hearted citizens.

    Then a few hours later when I was driving back I saw that same dead dog was on the head of a Statue of George Floyd like some kind of grotesque thing with its guts hanging all over the face. Well needlesss to say that my first impression of those Kids changed very quickly.
    But I had to wonder , why was a statue for George Flowed be put up for him in the first place?? This was the guy that held a gun to a pregnant womans belly as he robbed her! Is that who they call a “Hero”?

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  23. So Our Dear Leader Mr. Delusional Joe Biden Says ” There Will Be ‘ Dangerous, and Disastrous Consequences’ Should the Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny Die in the Russian Prison.”
    Why? What Business Is it of Ours?
    Should America Put Itself in a War Because of Him? Seems to Me We Should Be a Bit More Concerned with Legitimate Problems that Effect us here in the United States If We’re Going to Use Disastrous Consequences for Anything.

    I Would thing that Biden Should be more concerned about OUR homeless Americans, who are living, and dying under bridges. And the Price of Gas, and Protecting OUR Freedom of Speech that is dwindling down to being NON-EXISTENT!
    Lets just Hope that Biden Doesn’t Threaten to Take Putin Behind the Barn and Beat Him Up!

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