A Tale of Two Protests…

A rally that was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration for patriots to stand up for Trump on January 6th disappointingly turned into a chaotic event. Scores of people occupied the Capitol building and some stepped over the line into fear tactics, and even violence. When the dust finally settled, 4 died, the National Guard had to be called, a curfew enforced in DC, and several arrests. I think we can all agree this violent mob chaos was a disgrace and does not represent the real patriot or mainstream Trump supporter. Indeed, many prominent conservatives, including our President openly decried and denounced the violence and chaos, reminding every fellow American that no matter what the cause, violence and fear is never the answer to create change in a democracy. Despite the widespread condemnation of the rotten apples who only hurt Trump’s cause and the conservative community, the liberal media is swarming over this as proof of “right wing” domestic terrorism and proof we are dangerous insurrectionists who need to be censored and banned. The left even went as far as to give Trump a permanent ban on Twitter, a heavily left leaning platform! In some ways not surprising, as they were looking for any excuse, and this seems to be the perfect one.

Now contrast the widespread (and justified) condemnation for the behavior shown at the Capitol Building with the BLM riots and “autonomous zones” from this past summer. Violent insurrection? Check. Calling the National Guard? Check. Curfews? Check. Destruction of property? Check. Making people fear for their safety? Check. Arrests? Check. We can go on and on… Yes, the cause may be different, the side may be different, even the scale and duration of events is different. But the chaos? The violence and fear? Nope! Those riots caused for more destruction and went on for longer and with more people in several cities across the country. Did their behavior honestly reflect the simple idea that black lives matter as much as any other life? Were their actions reflective of a movement who only wants equality and justice? No matter what your opinion is of BLM, violent riots, chaos and looting harms volumes more than it ever would help actual black lives.

Yet, there was no widespread condemnation from BLM leaders. They encouraged the riots in the name of “reparations”! The left did nothing to condemn and stop the chaos, and called anyone a racist for criticizing them. Despite it being also within a raging pandemic no one even blinked at the thought of thousands packed in the streets like sardines. As businesses shut down, they were broken into and looted while the business owners could only stand by and watch or face arrest. The famous “autonomous zone” CHAD, CHAZ, or CHOP or whatever else, stood for a whole month before being cleared out! Name a prominent left leaning politician or celebrity or any public figure who condemned the behavior shown over the past summer. Name anyone on the left who said the rioter’s behavior dishonored, not honored, the lives lost to alleged police brutality.

Now going back to the recent events on the Capitol: President Trump decried the violence. Several conservative politicians decried the violence. Fellow conservatives on social media all decried the violence. Even though we all dislike, even hate, the policies of many who work in the Capitol, we never said they deserve violence and to fear for their lives. True conservatives know a democracy and the rights we all have as Americans applies to all, not merely those who we agree with. We are deeply embarrassed and disgusted our peaceful event was corrupted into what it was. Thing is, new evidence is coming to light, (despite being suppressed by the leftist mainstream) that many of the actual rioters and violent agitators were Antifa and other far left groups disguised as Trump supporters to sabotage our peaceful event. Yes, every group has its wing-nuts and we’re no different, but the wing-nuts don’t represent the other 99%. At every other Trump inspired event, thousands of fellow patriots gathered together without incident. This is out of character with the other events led by conservatives for Trump and should have raised suspicions from the start.

Before all this, I watched a video by Vox, a heavily left leaning news site geared towards college age millennials and teenagers that argued that the news coverage of the violence in many cities over the past summer mischaracterized a vast majority peaceful movement. They argued that news often focuses on the outliers, the more extreme ends to sell a more interesting story, violence is more eye catching, and also because it can be hard to capture all nuances of the complex subjects protests can cover whereas focusing in on an extreme helps simplify it for outsiders. It wrapped up by saying not to buy into the media’s mischaracterization and oversimplification of their chosen movements by the actions of a few bad apples. Now, compare that attitude towards how the leftist media has covered this event! The left is blatantly turning a blind eye to violence from their own chosen causes, yet is quick to condemn the actions of a tiny minority within the 75 or so million who voted Trump in this past election. In contrast, as stated before, numerous conservatives including President Trump swiftly condemned the violet actions allegedly done in the name of conservatives and Trump. You can see the hypocrisy in black and white.

No one has the right to use violence and terror to get their way in this country or in any democratic society. This applies to any political party, religion, race, ethnic group, special interest groups etc… I and fellow conservatives have always upheld the rule of law for everyone, including ourselves. We aren’t justifying the violence that happened at the Capitol when we call out the utter hypocrisy of how it’s been covered compared to left leaning insurrectionists and their violence. I don’t care about your opinion on whether the election was stolen, or if BLM is a worthy movement reflective of the inherent value of black lives when you cross that line. Violence is violence no matter who it comes from, so why is one group’s violence covered up en masse, while another’s is characterized as representative of 75 million people of whom 99% are peaceful law abiding citizens? Why are our leaders condemning the bad apples in our barrel while theirs cover up, deny and then attack you for calling out their silence about theirs? Saying we condemn violence done in our name, yet we also condemn the double standards being applied to how it’s perceived compared to the left’s own share of violence and chaos is not mutually exclusive!

Patriots, we must show the country that those who took part in this disgrace were not us. This was never us. And most likely were literally not us!


  1. More Bus loads of National Guardsmen are still arriving in Washington DC. Why?

    More than 20,000, and perhaps 25,000 National Guard troops were called in to Washington DC to protect Joe Biden’s sham inauguration after the Democrats stole the 2020 election with voter fraud.
    The Democrats used Our Troops as props then tossed them into a Cold Parking Garage in the dead of winter to sleep on the Cold Concrete. .
    And Thousands of the National Guard will remain in DC until March as the Democrats persecute Donald Trump with a second impeachment Senate trial.
    What else is the Washington swamp planning that they have to protect themselves with Military Troops?

    And Why aren’t the Governors questioning the need for this Military Occupation of D.C.? Exactly what are they hiding?

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  2. Let’s take a look at what the Biden/Harris administration has done for us So Far.. —

    – A loss of 57,000 jobs in oil.

    – Ended energy independence for the United States.

    – Canada and Texas are suing Biden.

    – Antifa (just an idea right), continue to riot and burn down Portland and Seattle.

    – Sent our troops that were in DC to sleep on the floor of a parking garage, in freezing temps, with cars parked there ?? and one bathroom. But the White House made them cookies ??????? (actually only enough cookies were made for the photo op) ??

    – Created a new glass ceiling for girls to hurdle, ruining so many chances for scholarships with his “progressive” transgender programs allowing boys to compete against girls.

    – Created a new federal property mask mandate, which he broke countless times already.

    – Is now allowing illegal immigrants to be counted for representation in congress.

    – A complete halt on student loan forgiveness that he promised.

    – A complete halt on the $2000 stimulus program he promised.

    – He shot down a Trump admin order to lower the cost of insulin.

    – He shot down a Trump admin order to lower the cost of epinephrine.

    – Rescinds Trump order banning Chinese Communist involvement in US power grid

    – $1.6 billion in gross wages lost.

    And Where is the Outcry for Biden’s Killing the Keystone pipeline= costing American 8000 jobs & raised gas prices!

    And JUST TODAY – 8 Chinese bombers, 4 fighters, and 1 sub-hunter just breached Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone, crossing the Taiwan Strait

    Everything they’ve done in THREE DAYS has benefited other countries and hurt Americans.

    But hey, at least Biden hasn’t Tweeted mean words. And, we have a “Woman of Color” for our Vice President.

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    • Awww…., Waaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaa! Maybe if some of those things were true you’d have an argument, but of course, like your “dear leader” it’s just all bullshit. The man is in office for ONE WEEK and the mindless minions are already going berserk!

      Of course you didn’t list all the things The Orange Dump did to America, did you? Oh, you probably didn’t have enough ink or something.


      • Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock, all of the above things are true. And Mr. Trump is no longer in office, so let’s forgo the “whataboutism” and focus on what the current kiddie-groper-in-chief is up to.

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      • Sorry, Ron, but no. I haven’t been living under a rock but I do stay abreast of the news every day, and you guys are completely full of shit:

        The Keystone XL pipeline is an atrocious project that never should have been started by any president. It’s not 57,000 jobs, it’s more like 10,000 during construction only; after that it’s more like 800 jobs. Like the Alaska pipeline, it doesn’t require very much labor. It’s a bunch of bullshit sold by the oil and energy industry that’s been polluting our planet for decades. Oh, and, there’s no backlash because the majority of Americans support moving away from fossil fuels so we can, you know, breathe and stuff.

        Antifa, I keep reminding people, isn’t a group or a formal anything. People rioting have nothing to do with Biden, they’d been rioting for months and months and will continue to as long as white police officers continue shooting innocent unarmed back people.

        Troops sleeping in the parking garage also had nothing to do with Biden. It was unnamed members of the Senate that made that call, and the same that reversed it.

        “Illegal immigrants” have been getting counted in the US census since the country began – as specified by the Constitution – ALL residents of the US get counted. Orange Orangutang wanted to leave them out so they can cut representation and federal funding in the heavily populated metro areas where they primarily live.

        The $2,000 stimulus checks have been reduced to $1,400 now since they just approved a $600 check and, guess what? Try and stick with me on this; $600 + $1,400 = ? (See if you can do the math!) Try and remember that it was the REPUGNANTCANS that continue to kill off any federal help for individuals. Of course, they have no problem with socialism when it comes to giving our tax dollars to the super-wealthy or corporations. That’s all fine. People? I’m afraid they’re on their own.

        We surrendered energy independence? Really? Energy independence was achieved by the Obama administration where the US began to produce more oil than we use resulting in our becoming an oil exporter as opposed to importer. We haven’t lost that status as yet but the goal would be to stop using oil at all if or where possible so that we could, you know, live on the planet a little while longer and, you know, breathe.

        You guys have got to stop making up all your own shit and start dealing with facts. As I said, I love a good argument but making up your own facts is not a good argument.

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      • Not sure where you got that 57k job loss for Keystone XL pipeline cancelation because Political Chick wrote, “Where is the Outcry for Biden’s Killing the Keystone pipeline= costing American 8000 jobs & raised gas prices!” — which is actually 2k lower than the 10k figure you cited later. But regardless of the number, who deigned Joseph Biden as God and Emperor over what jobs are important and which ones are not?

        In fact, I’ll leave you with the same challenge I gave Doug by directing you to the same Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution outlining the powers of the President of the United States of America challenge I left for Doug:


        Please identify which specific clause grants the POTUS the power to issue executive orders on matters concerning economic policy, energy policy, environmental policy, climate policy, health policy, immigration policy, etc.

        And there’d be no need for talk of “stimulus checks” if state and local government had respected their constitutional oaths to uphold everyone’s civil liberties instead of implementing immoral and draconian lockdowns for a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate that kills mostly LTC residents over 80 with two or more comorbidities.

        As for Antifa, just because it’s not a “formal” group doesn’t change the fact that people declaring themselves part of that movement aren’t causing billions of dollars in property destruction and visiting misery upon others, or that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (“But they’re not gonna stop. They’re not gonna stop, and this is a movement, I’m telling you. They’re not gonna stop, and everyone beware, because they’re not gonna stop. They’re not gonna stop before Election Day in November, and they’re not gonna stop after Election Day. Everyone should take note of that, on both levels, that they’re not going to let up — and they should not. And we should not.”) and CNN (“Please, show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful.” — Chris Cuomo) and the rest of the MSM dismissed it as “peaceful protests” while buildings burned in the background. Nor does it explain how burning down the property of civilians rights the wrongs of police brutality (which cuts across racial lines, btw).


    • As with most everything… there’s context. Duh. If you are just list-making to cast blame, which you are, I suppose leaving out reasons and context doesn’t matter to you. I’m not going down that list.. anyone with basic critical thinking skills can add all that nonsense up themselves. But i will mention a couple just to illustrate.

      The 57,000 jobs lost in oil… AND the ending of domestic independence on foreign oil dunno where the number comes from, but the Keystone pipeline was temporary jobs anyway.. and Biden’s greater goal is reducing fossil fuels over the next decade, in a shift toward other energy alternative currently employing more people that the fossil fuel industry currently employs. In other words, what you call “an elimination of oil independency” is more like a slow shift from oil to alternative fuels.. which serves more to eliminate.. or more called a reduction.. of fossil fuels altogether. That being said.. natural gas, a fossil fuel, is not suffering at all. Any changes in jobs that would be “losses” would simply be assimilated to the alternative industries.


      Let’s try another one on your “bad Biden” list….
      This Antifa thing in Portland more recently… seems the anti-Fascist movements demonstrations of late have nothing to do with siding with Liberals or progressives or Democrats or even Biden. It’s an anti-Biden movement. Duh. “About 100” hardly suggests a great populist upheaval.


      That’s just a sample of the context you conveniently left out.


      • I don’t believe in God, and so far as I can ascertain, all political institutions to date have been decreed into existence by fallible men with aspirations for power over others. And despite their best intentions, even the framers of the Constitution granted themselves powers they did not morally possess as individuals — by fiat.

        Moreover, it’s plain to see that the POUS does not have the power to make any decisions outside of the ones granted within the section cited above. And the fact that every president has done so and that the SCOTUS has not declared it unconstitutional doesn’t change the fact that they’ve all violated their oaths to office and deserve to be turfed for having done so.

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      • Sounds like you just plain resent government in general. A lot of Trump people do as well… unless of course the government included Trump, as if he was someone who exhibited wisdom over power. Ha.


      • As Robert Heinlein noted:

        “The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.”

        I belong to the latter group. How about you?

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      • Anarchy means absence of political authority — nothing more, nothing less. Consider this: you already spend the majority of your life interacting with others in a series of voluntary exchanges without need of an outside arbitrator. And in those rare instances where the intervention of a “higher authority” might actually be warranted they turn out to be completely useless — as the law-abiding citizens of Seattle and Portland discovered when the police services they thought they’d paid for were summarily withdrawn during the BLM riots. Those mass exoduses from democratically-controlled states and cities (like CA and NYC) aren’t because people are tired of the weather and scenery — it’s because they’re tired of living in an authoritarian political climate.


  3. What Happened to Beijing Biden’s “PLAN” to end the pandemic?
    Now he’s say that “There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months”

    So after months of being told President Trump isn’t handling this correctly Biden comes out and says there’s nothing we can do. How did this man con 80 million (if you believe that) people to vote for him???
    The horrible truth is that HE NEVER HAD A “PLAN” if he did what didn’t he say so moths ago and save Thousands of lives?
    Any one that drinks Xiden’s KoolAde, is as Demented as he is.
    The good news is thanks to President Trump’s being in office and bringing us the Vaccine so fast.

    Gropin Joe Biden is clueless , he never has aplan to combat the pandemic and there never was any such “Plan”. I always thought that he was full of crap. And that this was going to happen. I knew that on inauguration day you Kool-aide drinkers may wake up. And that you would suddenly start caring about Americans dying. Well we are siing that now. Lets all hope that those thousands National Guard troops that Biden PACKED in the Parking Garage, AND WITHOUT THE MASKS, that he was preaching about, and over one hundred of them tested positive for Corona will be alright.

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    • Listen to Biden’s comments in context please. There is nothing that can be done to change the number of people who will die or need to go to the hospital over the next several months because those people already have Covid 19 and hospitalizations and deaths come 4 to 8 weeks after catching it. I appreciate that he was honest about that fact instead of claiming that “almost nobody is effected” and “it will be gone by Easter.”

      Trump didn’t handle Covid correctly and people died because they believed his lies. He should’ve been honest instead of downplaying the pandemic, encouraged everyone to wear masks and had his people come up with a decent vaccine distribution plan. He also should’ve shaken hands with Biden after the electoral college voted and moved on instead of encouraging his supporters to try and overthrow the government and install him as perma-president.

      Good judgment obviously isn’t Trump’s thing and at this point I am questioning the judgment of anyone who voted for him. It was always obvious that Trump wouldn’t be capable of managing a crisis. He ran every business that he ever owned into the ground and was known as a grifter and conman before he ever ran for office.

      Trump voters seem to be living in an alternate reality created by Fox News, OANN and Q. If they don’t start caring about facts, honesty and logic instead of being so easily conned and falling crazy conspiracy theories then America is in serious trouble.


      • Yes, if only DJT had told those octo- and nona-genarians in long-term care facilities to heed Dr. Faux-Chi’s advice not to wear masks and Bill De Blasio’s advice to “go on with your lives and get out on the town despite Coronavirus” all this senseless tragedy could have been avoided.

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      • Why is it that Trump supporters can only defend Trump by using creative little labels, name calling, and cutesy derogatory memes to demean on a personal level? I am guessing.. it makes Trump people feel better about what they believe in lieu of having anything substantial?


      • Oh yeah.. forgot. You dislike any form of government. perhaps more to the point, you dislike people in general running government.


      • Is it written somewhere that only the crème-de-la-crème of society are capable of leading? Very true, the last one we had was pretty much racler les fonds de tiroir, but that’s the strength of our Constitution… once in a while an inept clod will sneak through. To preserve our freedoms I’d have it no other way.


      • Let’s put it this way: if you think a senile old man who confused his wife with his sister and thought he was running for the U.S. Senate), and a “low energy” candidate who dropped out of the presidential race with 3% support amid internal strife with her own campaign staff, are the best qualified applicants to do the job, you’re definitely setting the bar too low.


      • Um.. Trump was never, and still isn’t, a career politician. If anything he was a “career’ real estate speculator who grew into being good at branding himself, who just stumbled into the presidency because of his social bias and arbitrary behavior, who managed to attract the disenfranchised and those mistrusting government in general. Can we say “cult hero”?


      • I was referring to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. So per your own criteria, Mr. Trump was/is actually the “different” candidate you’re looking for because he was a political outsider.

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      • lol

        “Secondly, we’re in a situation where we have put together — and you’d [sic] guys, did it for our, the president Obama’s administration, before this — we have put together, I think, the most extensive and and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. ” –Joe Biden, Oct. 24, 2020

        “Things that [you] can’t do by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need consensus.” — Joe Biden, Oct. 14, 2020, ABC 20/20 Town Hall

        First week in office: Joe Biden proceeds to sign over 30 executive orders, including one’s that kill thousands of American jobs.

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      • You must be bored… and I must be as well to even bother replying.
        While Biden’s quote is oft tried to prove some sort of smoking gun by the election naysayers to election fraud.. it’s be widely acknowledged to be a (typical?) Biden flub.. meaning, he meant to say “voter protection”. But if you wanna believe Freudian slip, feel free. Still have to prove it.

        His executive orders breaking a record or two.. when he earlier stated “consensus”? Again.. context. Seems 13 of those things were reversals of Trump idiocy. And 15 seem to be Covid-related… kinda makes sense since Trump did nothing and we are in the middle of a pandemic emergency. There’s a few regarding the economy.. since it’s tanking because of said emergency.
        Ahh.. but you wanna echo the unfounded idea that “thousands will go jobless” because of his environmental actions… specifically in stopping the Keystone pipeline. No.. at best that was a few hundred to one thousand temporary jobs. Those jobs were never “ongoing”. Coal is tanking on it’s own due to market conditions over natural gas power generation being cheaper and alternative sources. Only 23% of domestic power is coal. You might want to re-learn economics. GM and two others from off shore are not building intern combustion engine vehicles anymore after 2035.. just 14 years away. Lots of new jobs employing far more than being lost. But not to worry. Fossil is not going to vanish anytime soon.
        Oh.. to your suggestion that somehow Biden was “lying” when he implied that thing about “consensus vs the dictatorship of executive actions”… well, for one thing, he gave no number of actions that might cross some dictatorship line.. and… anybody can challenge his actions through the courts for remedy…. and…. given the emergency dimension of the bulk his actions I would say to you.. get over it.


      • A flub, eh? Well, the fact remains that he said it and issued no retraction or clarification, so I’ll take it at face value — especially in light of the WikiLeaks release of DNC emails showing the DNC had fixed the nomination of Hillary and Donna Brazile’s revelations that she leaked the debate questions from CNN to the Clinton campaign.

        And whether or not the coal and fossil fuel industry is in decline, or the pipeline would have only provided “x” number of temporary jobs, or GM is transitioning away from ICE automobiles — is beside the point. The fact remains that Joe Biden has no constitutional authority to interfere in the economy or issue health orders.

        So ultimately, excusing Joe Biden’s unconstitutional actions stands in stark contradiction to your belief in the Constitution.

        As Ayn Rand aptly noted:

        “To love the ideal and also those who betray it, is to betray the ideal.”

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      • Thanks. And as we an see, they all violate the powers granted to the executive office in Article 2, Section 2 of the Constitution you claim to believe in.

        When can we expect to see you take up arms to defend us against this tyrant?

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      • I see. Everything’s hunky dory so long as it’s your guy that’s trampling the Constitution.

        Seems that saying about the left — “If they didn’t have double standards they’d have no standards at all” — is true. 🙂

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      • Let’s entertain you for the moment and presume the current fellow is “trampling” anything. His alleged trampling is far less trampling than the last guy’s trampling. In fact, this guy is cleaning up the footprints made by the last guy’s trampling.


      • You seem to be missing the point. Just like murder is a felony whether you’ve committed one or a dozen, violating your oath of office is unconstitutional, whether you signed one executive order or four hundred.

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      • By design, the Supreme Court is the weakest of the three branches of government and can only adjudicate on cases that are brought before it. That is to say, it does not review or strike down legislation until someone actually challenges the law at the Supreme Court level, which is a long and arduous process. It took 19 years before the Supreme Court ruled Section 2 of DOMA was unconstitutional and rendered it unenforceable.

        But that aside, the issue as it pertains to this discussion isn’t how the SCOTUS could/would/should handle an abuse of power, but why you — a believer in the Constitution — excuse Joe Biden’s abuse of power.

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      • The fact that SCOTUS, or any other court, may take time to accept a case and/or render a decision is irrelevant. Biden’s decisions can be challenged. As for Biden’s alleged “abuse” of power (or any other president in the past being accused of abuse of power from the naysayers of their day) is entirely a judgement call. I explained all this already in breaking down Biden’s directives as to levels of importance and priority based on national emergency. On the whole I don’t find a thing out of line… particularly when compared to the Trump nonsense directives…. which I didn’t find out of line as it relates to his power, just stupid and impulsive.


      • And round and round we go. The trouble with your explanations is that they comport with neither the letter nor the spirit of the supreme law of the land, which you claim to uphold as sacrosanct.

        So in the words of Anton Chigurh from No Country For Old Men):

        “You should admit your situation. There would be more dignity in it.”

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      • Apparently unlike you.. I don’t see any of this as a “me” situation, but rather an “us” American situation. When I start my day I see America. Seems when you start your day you see anything but. Such is the variety of our “mixing bowl” diversity.


      • The only one whose credibility is at stake here is the person who champions belief in the Constitution while downplaying the seriousness of those who abuse their powers under the Constitution.

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      • How many different ways do I need to comment that I do not believe there have been any Biden abuses of power? Apparently you do. No one here cares for either of our opinions on the subject.

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      • Your non-belief doesn’t matter, because the fact remains that:

        – Joe Biden’s executive orders fall outside his constitutionally-permitted powers

        – a Texas judge has already struck down his executive order halting the deportation of illegal immigrants

        – a major lawsuits has been launched against his executive order that bans oil and gas leasing on federal lands and waters

        – six state attorney generals have given warnings that Joe Biden is issuing unconstitutional orders

        – Joe Biden himself admitted that issuing executive orders was unconstitutional.

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      • “– Joe Biden’s executive orders fall outside his constitutionally-permitted powers”
        Subjective opinion.. nothing more. Executive orders are permitted under the Constitution. But you knew that already.

        “– a Texas judge has already struck down his executive order halting the deportation of illegal immigrants”
        “– a major lawsuits has been launched against his executive order that bans oil and gas leasing on federal lands and waters”
        These two illustrate the point I made to you previously.. someone doesn’t like an executive order then take it to court. Keeping in mind that just taking it to court doesn’t make the order “incorrect”. “bad”, or “illegal”.

        “– six state attorney generals have given warnings that Joe Biden is issuing unconstitutional orders”
        Ok.. so what? I am sure all them are likely in Republican administrations… even if not, again.. who cares?

        “– Joe Biden himself admitted that issuing executive orders was unconstitutional.”
        As usual there’s context.
        What the takeaway here is that Biden himself indicated during the campaign what he would be ordering/rescinding and apparently voters didn’t mind.


      • There is nothing subjective about Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution. It clearly outlines the powers of the executive office, and anything not specifically mentioned is explicitly prohibited, because the document only grants limited powers — and no more.

        And just because voters “didn’t mind” or perhaps even demand these things of him in no way detracts from the fact that he has violated his oath of office by overstepping the powers granted to him within the Constitution.

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      • Tell me about it. Following the crowd and choosing the path of least resistance is easy. Forging your own path and standing up for your own principles — not so much.

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  4. Joe Biden claims to be a Catholic yet he supports abortion…doesn’t that tell you what a two faces Hypocritical Son of a Bitch he is


      • Point One… I do not agree, as do many Americans, that the Second’s wording (and historical background of the day the Founding Fathers enacted that right) support an individual’s right to bear arms outside a militia.. BUT…
        Point Two… SCOTUS interpreted the words to mean just that and I abide by it. So just tossing out the wording doesn’t really mean anything when it’s the SCOTUS decision we uphold because our Constitution dictates that of every American.

        Point Three… traitor how? Is he taking away any guns? Is he defying SCOTUS? In fact.. everything stated on that link is “proposal” until he might get it done.. and every step of the way will be challenged in the courts and very likely some may not go through. So.. just suggesting here… ease up on your fear until you get something to worry about. Elect officials to support your views.


      • How SCOTUS “interprets” it is irrelevant. The personal writings of the founders made one thing crystal clear: the only way to secure liberty against tyranny was to ensure that the populace remained well-armed. So any man or woman who betrays his/her oath to uphold the Constitution by proposing policies that would infringe upon that right becomes a traitor by default — no waiting required.

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      • I refer you to my reply just made in here regarding the ridiculousness of using opinions of the day to support Constitutional precepts.


      • Oh.. and decisions of SCOTUS is irrelevant when compared to opinions written in the day? I dunno about you, but I pledge my loyalty to the Constitution.. not 18th century opinion.


      • You guys are great, really. I love how all you gun lovers only recite the SECOND HALF of the 2nd amendment and leave out the first half. That really buttresses your argument I guess. This was the tact used by the gun industry and lobby back in the nineties.

        “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

        It has to do with fielding a militia, being able to defend the states and defending the people against an oppressive government. It has nothing to do with handing out weapons to every shit-kicker that can spell his/her name. Furthermore, the Founding Fathers could never imagine a day when guns could be manufactured by the millions each year and could fire dozens of not hundreds of rounds per minute. I’m fairly sure they would have taken that into consideration.


      • Here’s what one of the founding fathers that to say about who could/should own guns:

        “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.” – Richard Henry Lee, Federal Farmer No. 18, January 25, 1788


        And the founders most definitely could and would have been able to imagine the mass manufacture of more advanced weapons because British patents for multi-shot weapons had already filed prior to the time they were formulating the Constitution.

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      • I think it’s nonsense to consistently bring forth Constitutional arguments using pre-opinionated resources from the day.. like correspondence from the founding Fathers, or The Federalist Papers, etc. as they do not form any sort of final authority for what ended up in the Constitution. They do, in fact, provide a very valuable resource into the THINKING of the day that resulted in the formative debates that did find their way into the Constitution. They are also a colorful history that defines the times. But they are NOT legal precedent in which to argue what’s literal in the Constitutional. In fact, James Madison himself cautioned his contemporaries into applying his opinions as any sort of matter-of-fact regarding Constitutional interpretation.


      • To the contrary. It would be nonsensical to ignore the opinions expressed by those who helped draft the document, because they constitute an appendix documenting “the making of the Constitution” that helps clarify the meaning and intent behind the words we now see penned to paper in its final form.

        As for legal authority, the Constitution was only binding upon the 39 men who signed it and those who now wish to grant it such authority.

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      • Ron- Everyone sane thinks that the right to own weapons should have limitations. Most of us don’t want random folks to own rocket launchers, tanks and weapons of mass destruction. There is some debate about where to draw the line. A difference of opinion on where to draw that line does not make someone a “traitor to the constitution.” You are being dramatic and silly.


      • You claim that most of us don’t want random people to own rocket launchers, tanks and weapons of mass destruction. But your claim is refuted by the fact that most of us (myself not included) are quite content to do just that when the random people owning them wear uniforms and call themselves the U.S. military (i.e., a standing army), which is also unconstitutional.

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      • I see no conundrum here. I see a lot of floundering in a sea of fear, perhaps. Can I toss you a rope? (of course, not to hang yourself)


    • No, not really. Like my wife and I, abortion was not an option for us personally. (And we’re atheists, by the way.) We agreed before we even got married however it is simply no one else’s business – especially the government – what a woman or a couple choose to do with their own lives. I notice that these same anti-abortion hypocrites are constantly spouting off about getting government off their backs, etc., etc., then invite the government into their most personal decisions like having a child. Talk about hypocrisy! Additionally, they also are anti-social programs that help mothers support children. So they would force you to have an unwanted or unhealthy child, and then leave you on your own to raise it.

      And, by the way, lots of Catholics support choice. There are no Biblical arguments against it in either the New or Old Testaments. Of course you can go with the “6th Commandment” argument however that gets dicey also. The original text – still found in the Hebrew Bible – does NOT say “Thou Shall Not Kill.” After all, that would make zero sense in light of how much killing there is in the Hebrew Bible much of which is either ordered by or sanctioned by “God.” It says “Thou Shall Not Murder” – big difference. In addition, a pregnancy was not considered a living person until the birth took place. Before that it wasn’t considered a living being so there would be no retribution at all for the termination of a pregnancy.


  5. Hi LoR. 🙂 Thought I would stop by, see what was being blogged in your part of the U.S. 😉

    As we both probably and wisely decided these last 2-3 weeks we have both been totally silent with each other on each other’s blogs in the aftermath of Jan. 6, 2021. And now with the complete failure of and gross lack of transparency on the true status of “Operation Warp Speed” and the disgraceful broken promises from Trump & Azar on Dec. 14, 2020 which said:

    By the end of this year [2020], 20-million Americans could be vaccinated…

    By the end of January [2021], 50-million Americans could have had a first vaccination.

    Source — https://www.politico.com/news/2021/01/17/crash-landing-of-operation-warp-speed-459892

    And to say those delusional heady estimates were a little off would be the same as Greek theater’s Alazṓn or Miles Gloriosus and Senex iratus, or more noteably Shakespeare’s character “Ancient Pistol” in Henry IV, Part 2, The Merry Wives of Windsor and Henry V. The supposed error is SO FAR OFF that it begs the question, “Were the original estimates blantant lies?” Which brings up the next mystery,Where did the millions of promised second doses on paper disappear to!?” Hmmmm. “A Tale of Two Cognitive Universes,” not protests, indeed! 😉

    I found this beginning of your blog-post to be mostly true with one inaccuracy…

    A rally that was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration for patriots to stand up for Trump on January 6th disappointingly turned into a chaotic event. Scores of people occupied the Capitol building and some stepped over the line into fear tactics, and even violence. When the dust finally settled, 4 died, the National Guard had to be called, a curfew enforced in DC, and several arrests. I think we can all agree this violent mob chaos was a disgrace and does not represent the real patriot or mainstream Trump supporter.

    The inaccuracy? There were 5 deaths (five too many!) in the Capitol insurrection, not four (also too many!).

    And your last sentence is misleading or ambiguous, this part: “…does not represent the real patriot or mainstream Trump supporter.” And yet, the man of whom is the #1 leader of “Trump-supporters” explicitly said this about those “supporters” who killed/murdered a Capitol Police Officer and vandalized one of our nation’s citadels of democracy and legitimate transparent elections legally verified numerous times…

    “If you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.”


    “We love you. You’re very special.”

    Also, reading carefully an exhaustive minute-by-minute and hour-by-hour timeline of events of that Wednesday, INCLUDING that of the Defense Department’s two differently entitled and differently dated memorandums: 1)January 6, 2021 First Amendment Protests in Washington, DC” dated Jan. 8 and then 2)January 6, 2021 Violent Attack at the U.S. Capitol.” dated Jan. 11… reveals a very different “Tale” than you present here in this blog-post. Fyi. 😉

    Nevertheless, as Americans LoR, I really do hope this nation (and you and I) heal quickly, we properly confront, manage, and defeat this deadly pandemic which has needlessly taken over 400,000 American lives PREMATURELY and wreaked havoc and chaos on our economy and millions upon millions of American jobs—mostly because way too many refused to wear masks and social-distance—and finally that the U.S. returns to the same reality the rest of the world lives in and collaborates together. Never before have I said and wanted so badly to “return to normalcy and sanity”! 😄 I mean, I do love never-ending diversity, new and different expectations and events, exploration of unknowns, and non-stop bold (scientific) learning, but JEBUS H. CHRISTMAS… I did not sign-up and never would’ve signed-up for 1,460 straight days of non-stop, White House schizophrenic Keystone Kops in D.C.!!! 😵🥴

    Let’s hope, for the sake of what’s left of America’s global reputation, that tomorrow afternoon’s Presidential Inauguration ends with absolutely no more crazy circus acts or worse… more Americans dead.

    Happier and a Healthier 2021 to you LoR! ❤️

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  6. For the next year the Democratic Socialist’s will be blaming Donald Trump for ALL of Biden’s Mistakes, and Screw-Ups.
    And then they will do the same for Kamal’s mistakes for the remaining 3 years.

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    • “Good political chick” (although, I don’t see the handle since you don’t seem to know anything about politics) however, Democrats are not socialists, (I’m also guessing you don’t know you’re ass from a hole in the ground about either) but your GOP leaders seem to LOVE socialism when it comes to giving money to the super-wealthy and Corporate America. But you either don’t know that or don’t what, consider it the same thing? Try reading something that isn’t OAN or Faux News. But then you might learn something. (Doubtful, I guess.)

      And, lastly, You missed must have all of the Obese Orange Orangutang’s accusations about Obama? Seems EVERY SINGLE TIME something went wrong we had to listen to the Traitor Trump blame Obama even on things Obama had absolutely nothing to do with.

      Finally, I am so sick & tired of you empty-headed, conservative, know-nothings talking shit about stuff you seem to know absolutely nothing about and I am going to call you out over and over again for the airheads you are. You’ve watched this traitorous asshole turn over every rule, every law, screw-up everything he’s touched for four years and your still hypnotized by his lies and deceit and now cause an act of insurrection in plain site, on TV for all to see, and you still have your heads up your asses.

      Stop talking, please. Do us all a favor, open a book, a real newspaper maybe, try a socially-acceptable news venue – any one – and try learning something. Or better yet take a Xanax, have a glass of wine and sleep it off. Less people will know what an imbecile you are and think more highly of you.

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  7. Kamala said “They should not Stop” when referring to BLM/Antifa destruction through out country over the summer. Also promoted bailing out the Anarchist. That is clear incitement of violence.!

    If you were awake and noticed that the media, or for that matter NOT ONE SINGLE DEMOCRATIC POLITICIAN had ever to this very day condemned Antifa/BlM riots where more ppl were killed and cities Burnt. The FBI moving fast on arrest. John Sullivan was arrested & the one inside filming capital. Also big influencer of Antifa / BLM. In addition NYS Supreme Court Judge, Son arrested for capital riot and him and his father are registered Democrats. So this is classic false flag. Real supporters were still with the POTUS while the capital police let ppl in.

    I encourage all Trump Supporters to hold your heads up high, and be proud of what President Trump ha accomplished over the past four years, for the American People. While cancel culture kicks into high gear, and blacklisting of our names for future employment is underway, stay strong, and we will all prevail! A great Republican Senator messaged me tonight—I wanted to share, because it holds true for each and everyone of you in the Trump Administration, and at agencies across the entire federal government: “I appreciate your service over four long, tough years. Hold your head high for what you accomplished during a very consequential time.” Agreed, so true! Each and everyone of you have made a significant difference—and history along the way

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  8. You (misguided) Trump people are certainly gonna enjoy what’s coming!
    Rest assured… any upcoming “peaceful” demonstrations will include guns.. people pulling the triggers on those guns.. and people dying. And we can all stay home and watch it all live on TV, praising the Second Amendment and the right of Americans to depose what they see as a “belligerent” government… sucking down a beer and screaming our affirmation with every explosion as if this all were Monday Night Football.

    Just a casual observation… after all this nonsense occurs you might consider second thoughts on wearing a MAGA hat in public… unless you want confrontations. There are loons on both sides of this thing.

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  9. Very good post. I see that it has elicited quite a few comments including the predictable leftist Trump hatred and attempts to defend, deny or minimize Antifa/BLM violence.
    The left has been supporting violence since Trump took office and they just look silly when they complain about Jan. 6. That’s especially the case when a number of Antifa activists have
    been identified among the crowd. In addition, unlike what we’ve seen from the left, Trump supporters haven’t been burning any cities in protest over the murder of Ashli Babbit. That fact alone provides ample illustration of the difference between Trump supporters and BLM thugs.

    The aftermath of January 6 has been just as interesting. Twitter banned Trump and the Tech Tyrants shut down Parler because they wouldn’t ban him. The Parler shut down shows the power of the Tech Tyrants and the deep state. On the same day, every one of Parler’s vendors including Amazon’s servers and Parler’s lawyers stopped doing business with them. That sort of coordination requires significant collusion and calls into question the legal ethics of the law firm that participated in the scheme. It’s one thing to decide to end your representation of someone, but quite another to participate in a coordinated effort to harm a client. Sadly, it appears that lack of legal ethics is no longer unusual given the performance of Gen. Mike Flynn’s legal representation before Sydney Powell took his case.

    By their blatant election fraud and their heavy handed shut down of the opposition, the deep state and the Tech Tyrants they expose themselves for what they are. I’m not sure whether are doing so are out of arrogance or fear.
    Churchill once said that dictators are so afraid of freedom that “a little mouse of thought appears in a room and even the mightiest of potentates are thrown into a panic.”

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    • You see the craziness here? While I agree, Dems ARE Dumb, you have no apparent connection to reality. I am not a Dem or a Repugnantcan, or anything else for that matter (although I was a Repugnantcan for most of my adult life) so I couldn’t give a crap about their political affiliations. However I can SEE, and I can REASON, which I understand from some of the comments here that many simply refuse to which I find pathetic and repulsive. Please, take off your DJT underwear for just a minute and see if you can follow.

      If you don’t see a difference between what the left has done and what the Obese Orange Orangutan just did on 1/6, well then this country really is cooked. Maybe you’re not just delirious, maybe you really are just ignorant? I’ll have to dwell on that. In the mean time, maybe you can take up my request and watch the event unfold on TV – whatever crazy, lunatic channel you watch – with the sound off and see if you find ANY parallels between the Irrational Right and the BLM protests.

      In meantime I’ll continue to ask myself why I even try to rationalize with a crowd that simply doesn’t have the ability to reason or view anything objectively. The puppets, if you will, of the conservative sound machine.


  10. Your words are falling on deaf ears, or no ears or ears connected to mindless minions of their “Dear leader.” They’re still trying to draw equivalency with BLM matter protests where, yes, there was some destruction and damage done, etc., looting s, etc., however ALL of those actions were repudiated by the Demo’s and the left in general. THe BLM were not scouring the halls of Congress looking for Reps and staff members to kill as they were from Trumps Mindless Minions.

    These people don’t have enough brains between them to discern the difference between a protest – regardless of any lines crossed – and actual SEDITION! The Traitorous Trumps (all!) needs to be arrested, tried and, if convicted, sent back to Russia where they belong with their Boss Vlad. Maybe now he’ll let them build a new hotel in Moscow!


  11. These people are borderline paranoid schizo’s, all of the Trump and the mindless Minions. All they have to do to see insurrection is watch the TV. Just turn the volume off and watch what you see. But they can’t even do that!

    Mass delusion or something to that effect is evidently alive and well on the Ridiculous Right.

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  12. We see plenty of short shots and video… which we know Media will edit for the most dramatic. They didn’t seem to focus on the literal hundreds of people who were peacefully protesting. The Dems gave a big yawn when their cities were being torn up by rioters. For 4 years, Trump supporters were lied about, vilified, insulted, called names.. antiTrumpers were so desperate to make him look bad they even made stuff up. Keep kicking a dog, don’t get mad when it finally fights back. I don’t condone the violence and am really disgusted with the behavior of all concerned. I also don’t for a minute believe that instigators would miss this opportunity to start trouble just like at the BLM and other protests. Rs and Ds, you have been running government and abusing taxpayers and the American Peoples’ trust for decades. Time to back off and let some alternate parties try their hand at it.

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    • Uh……… better to storm the Capitol building in the middle of vote counting and threaten the lives of our elected officials than to let all these “alt-parties” follow the Constitutional way to get change done?

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      • The people inside the building haven’t followed the Constitution for well over a hundred years; and most likely much longer. By all rights, they should be tarred and feathered and driven out of town with pitch forks.

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  13. You are delusional, really. You need to see someone. There are some really good therapists out there. Oh, and don’t forget the optometrists visit since you apparently can’t see either.

    Here’s a suggestion: shut the sound off of the TV and watch the maelstrom. Look at the people in the crowd. Proud Boys, people dressed up like, what, druid shaman? Vikings? I’m really not sure. Look at the Confederate Flags flying.

    Now, who was misstating the events? Can you spell C-O-G-N-I-T-I-V-E D-I-S-S-O-N-A-N-C-E?

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  14. I heard Pea-Brain Pelosi screeching about how President Trump is a threat to the country and must be impeached immediately.
    Trump has had them Craping in their pants for four years, and they are as scared of him as they can be.
    The Socialist’s are scared to death that Trump will run again, and possibly win the 2024 election. So they are desperately trying anything to disqualify him from being able to ever run for president again. Stooping to Censorship is cowardice and is stupid and it shouldn’t be allowed.
    But with Beijing Joe in the Oval Office, who really know if the USA will even exist by 2024!
    Because after 4 long miserable years of the Biden/Harris Commie Style Administration, bringing in huge tax increases, allowing millions of illegal’s flooding across our border, and bowing to the will of China, and seeing our economy down the toilet.
    The majority of American citizens will be BEGGING Trump to run again, and lead the Nation back to sanity, and having our economy back to where he put it.
    We have a Speaker of the House from the Democratic party, that won the election, that wants to Impeach the President of the other party when he’ll be gone from office in less than 10 days….. All the actions of this WACKO Speaker will do is further divide the nation and be seen as piling on when they are asking for “Unity” How does that work?.

    But let’s not give up about now and 2021. This fight is not over, not by a long shot, not with .Beijing Joe at the helm, and Camala Harris on his lap, and lets not forget about Sonny Boy Hunter. No, it’s not over yet!
    I think that Nancy and the rest of those Wacky Progressives in the House are clearly scared, and wasting time with this “Impeachment” bullshit, it’s obvious that they are doing it just to damage Trump politically for any possible chance of Trump returning . It does nothing to help this Nation’s chance of “Unity”

    I still think that it’s not over yet, and that Beijing Biden the Pedo idiot , who stole this election will NEVER BE PRESIDENT. NEVER!

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  15. Trump has always appealed to the far Right… and the social media is exploding with violent talk.. about the recent rally and about the upcoming inauguration. Trump has been passive to those people because “he loves them all”. So are they part of “you”? Well.. they are certainly part of who Trump is.. no question. But not a lot of the folks interviewed on the street had any concern for the imagery of Americans invading the Capitol with the intent to disrupt Congress.. which they did for a while. You are embarrassed? As an American you should be partriotically appalled. But I realize today’s “patriotism” is just as divisive as the politics.
    He’s got 11 more days. He ain’t done yet. More “embarrassment” to come.

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  16. I was off my computer for most of that day, and off social media completely, so it wasn’t until that night and the next morning that I started hearing about it. Of course, knowing the media as I do, I waited to hear more. What I started hearing (and seeing videos of) from people who were there was wildly different from how the talking heads and media portrayed events.
    The response from the Dems and their supporters was no surprise, of course. It was typical of bullies and psychological manipulators. Their own behaviour is always justified or denied, but the moment their victims stand up, they accuse their victims of what they, themselves, have done. I well remember Tea Party demonstrations, which were cheerful, peaceful, and often left the grounds behind cleaner than when they arrived, but they were portrayed as violent, white supremacist (never mind the numbers of POCs that also attended) and hateful. The same thing is happening again, but in overdrive. This time, however, there has been 4 years of leftist violence, racism and hate that the talking heads supported, defending and encouraged.
    They do not get to claim any moral high ground now. Whatever side of the political spectrum a person is on, if they didn’t call out the violence of the past 4 years, they don’t get to do so now, and if they try, they need to be called out on their hypocrisy. And that includes the media and social media platforms.
    MeWe and Parler have had so many people signing on, their servers can barely handle the deluge. I don’t think the talking heads realize just how badly they’ve hung themselves from their own petard.

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      • Just a heads up that Amazon has pulled hosting services for Parler effective 0800 GMT (3 am EST) tomorrow morning, so that platform will be down until they find another home.

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      • Lady of Reason, I’m commenting more to see if all is well since I haven’t seen comments from for for a long time on Lori’s site. I was sitting here this morning trying to remember your user name and I found you. Anyway, I’m glad to see you are okay.
        Now regarding the topic, I knew right off the bat there were rioters pretending to be President Trump supporters because the timing was just too weird.
        Anyway, stay healthy and safe!

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    • The violence was condemned by the left. BLM organizers were especially loud about condemning it because they knew that the kind of people who march with neo-nazis and are fine with the police abuse of black citizens would use the violence as an excuse to dismiss their completely valid cause.


      • Very few on the left. Personally, I didn’t see any leftists condemning it. I saw many, many more encouraging it, defending it, demanding more of it. I saw calls for mass arrests and mass murder of anyone they deemed “right wing”, because to them, anyone “right wing” was a Nazi. “Punch a Nazi” was a favourite phrase from leftists. Which is ironic, since real Nazi’s were leftists. A slap in the face of people who survived facing real Nazi’s, like my parents and grandparents, and the many who didn’t survive facing real Nazi’s.

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      • You may not have seen it, but it happened. I saw Democrats and leftists condemn the violence and I saw conservative media claiming that they didn’t.

        The Nazi Party was nationalist, racist, anti-Marxist and populist. They were also Catholics and Evangelical Christians. I think that we call people Nazis too easily, but there are certainly some parallels that can be drawn. Republicans might want to stop marching around the street with Neo-Nazis and racists and white nationalists while trying to overthrow the government if they don’t like being associated with that kind of thing.


      • I did not say it didn’t happen. I’m saying it was in the minority. I make a point of following people and resources from a wide range of ideological perspectives. I saw otherwise temperate, intelligent, calm people suddenly transform into the most vile, hate filled bigots. The vitriol was a constant stream. Here in Canada, it crossed the line of sanity when PM Harper was elected. When Trump was elected the same people went ballistic. As a student of psychology and of history, it was a horrifying thing to witness. They didn’t even bother mouthing platitudes of condemnation of violence anymore. They felt the violence was justified, and called for worse.

        And no. The Nazi’s were not Catholics or Evangelical Christians. Though they certainly made use of the image, they hated Christianity and wanted to wipe it out, to return to a pre-Christian, pagan utopia that never existed. In reality, those that were Christian escaped Germany when they saw the writing on the wall, if they could (like my former Pastor’s family), tried to fight it (often paying with their lives) or stayed out of it as much as they could (which was fortunate for my father, when he was slaved out to work on farms in Bavaria).

        You’re painting 50,000 people, most of whom were peaceful, many of whom didn’t know about what happened until they saw it in the news when they got home, and other who actively tried to stop people from smashing windows, as neo-Nazis, white supremacists and racists. That is exactly the narrative that leftist propagandists have been pushing, and it is nothing more than projection. Dems spent the last 4 years trying to overthrow the government.

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      • The Democrats put on pink hats and marched around and then investigated Trump’s ties to Russia. None of them ended up on the terrorist watch list or the no fly list because it was a protest not a coup.

        Every single person at that Capitol “protest” knew that the goal was throw out the electoral votes and install Trump as president instead with violence of necessary. QAnon and the Stop the Steal loons told them. They were there for a coup. They stood there by open Neo-nazis to try and throw out of the votes of other citizens.

        Polls of Republicans show that 45% of them support the Capitol siege and think that they should use violence to get their way. These are not fringe people or fringe views in the Republican Party. This is the base.

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      • The President of the United States and his supporters made an attempt to have other politicians kidnapped and murdered in order to overturn an election that he lost and you are posting a video of some journalists probably taken out of context. Conservatives have gone off the deep end and when they start treating Republicans like they treat Muslim extremists then this kind of thing will be why. If you really don’t get the difference between looting TVs at Target and an attempt to violently overthrow the US government then there’s no help for you. Sane people understand the difference and I’m not interested in crazy talk.

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      • If your claim is true, then you should have no problems linking to some of those denunciations from any of the major left-leaning networks (ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC) and news outlets (The Atlantic, Bloomberg, Buzzfeed, Daily Beast, Democracy Now, HuffPost, Mother Jones, Newsweek, The New York Times, NPR, Politico, Slate, Time, The Washington Post, Vox) along with video footage of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris denouncing same. Then present evidence of Mr. Trump inciting his supporters to kidnap and murder other politicians.

        And in what universe does a protest against police brutality grant someone moral justification to run around burning and looting private businesses, many of which were minority-owned? How would you feel if groups of marauding thugs came and destroyed your business or home?

        Nor were the losses a trifling amount. The insurance costs alone (which don’t cover full damages) are now hovering around $2 billion — an amount that will be passed on in the form of higher premiums for everyone who takes out insurance. Moreover, many insurers have now red-zoned the riot-prone sections, making it impossible to obtain insurance there at any price; which means that cities will have to tap all ratepayers to recoup the revenue shortfalls from all the closed businesses.

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      • Wait.. let me get this straight… you love Trump SO much that you are somehow equating the BLM nonsense to an attack/insurrection attempt on our national Capitol by MAGA loons as some attempt to deflect his responsibility? Yeah.. you’re a real “patriot” there. Why is it always Conservatives have to justify what Trump as President does to some other events that have zero to do with anything at the same level?


      • Then you haven’t been paying attention. Because I neither love nor loathe the man, and find this whole pro- and anti-Trump battle royale rather farcical. He’s not the Messiah; nor is he the anti-Christ. To me, he’s just a populist blow-hard who appeals to disenfranchised rural and middle-class voters — the one’s the left once courted but summarily abandoned and now looks down upon with deep disdain.

        Simply put, the regressive left has lost its collective mind and gone into a state of uncontrollable apoplexy ever since he snatched Madame Hillary’s ‘precious’ away from her in 2016. And in revenge for denying her the presidency, the MSM has stoked those flames of anger 24/7/365 for the last four years. Does he lie? Like a rug. But they’re no better; and in many ways, they’re much worse — because they’ve sold their souls to exact revenge.

        There is zero evidence to suggest he incited an insurrection and plenty to show he asked to leave in peace. You can’t blame the man if a certain number of people in a peaceful protest of thousands become unruly. And it’s sheer hypocrisy to state this was any worse than the BLM/Antifa looting and rioting that took place throughout 2020 — especially in light of the fact that the MSM turned a blind eye and/or made excuses for that mayhem.

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      • Absolutely no comparison between the two events. Apparently a fair number of Trumpian GOP are favoring impeachment. It might be your perceptions are incorrect.


      • There’s absolutely no comparison because in one instance the anger was directed towards innocent business owners and caused billions in damage, whereas the other was directed towards conniving politicians. I don’t support team red or team blue because to me they represent two wings of the same bird of prey, and it should be fairly obvious by now that neither side cares about its constituents or its oath to uphold the Constitution; and neither side particularly likes DJT because he refused to join in any of their globalist games.

        But don’t worry — in a week from now career politicians will take over and things will quickly return to business as usual. The only wild card is the radical progressive movement that’s standing in the wings ready to pounce into action as soon s the inauguration, and with no ‘Orange Man Bad’ around to deflect all the blame, the left will quickly begin eat and cancel itself into oblivion. 🙂

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      • lol.

        The greatest parting gift that Monsieur Trump could leave the swamp is an executive order pardoning Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden; an executive order declassifying everything up to January 20, 2021; and an executive order stating the U.S. recognizes Tibet, Taiwan and Hong Kong as sovereign states. The new guy/gal may be able to issue an executive order reversing the first one, but would not be able to cancel the second and would have one hell of a time backing out of the third..

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      • You bring up a good point I’ve been pondering. All this talk of punishing Herr Trump by taking away his post-Presidential bennies like Secret Service protection bring to mind him still knowing certain bits of classified information (yeah.. that’s a stretch him having ever paid attention to all that classified stuff at the time) he could literally sell to Putin, et al… or someone could kidnap him (please) and force him to reveal the contents of the Book of Secrets. If the Secret Service were protecting him.. presumably they would be the ever watchful eye looking over his shoulder as well.


      • Well, as far as I know, he already maintains his own private security force in addition to the Secret Service detail, so loss of the latter would be purely ceremonial. Plus you have to consider that his immediate family members are probably privy to much of the same information, as well. So I think it’s an idle threat and would set a dangerous precedent for future presidents lacking the means to protect themselves at their own expense.

        As to intelligence, I think many people underestimate the man. What he lacks in “book smarts” he compensates for in “street smarts” and “business smarts”. He doesn’t need to remember anything because he hires people to do that for him. Why waste time memorizing facts when you can spend it concentrating on how to put those facts to use?

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      • Hi, Ron. Apologies! I’m still laughing at your characterization of The Obese Orange Orangutang as having “street smarts” and “business smarts!” I’m wondering where you get your information from then I realized, “Hey, that’s right! Trump’s Mindless Minions don’t need facts! Facts are for pussies!” Or, something to that affect, I think.

        Maybe you didn’t realize that Trumps has gone bankrupt 4 SEPARATE times? That most – and I mean, MOST – of the businesses he has started are all defunct; Trump Vodka, Trump University (a particular hoot, I’d say), GoTrump.com, a travel website, Trump Drinks, Trump Signature Clothes, Trump Ties, Trump Success (fragrance), Trump Ice (bottled water), Trump Chocolate,Trump Home (home furnishings) the listing goes on and on……

        Furthermore, Trump lost his casino businesses in Atlantic City largely due to his own major incompetence. He continued to buy competitive casinos and cannibalizing his own revenue stream, as he was warned by his advisors. However, since he’s so “smart” (and has such a “big brain” and “knows all the best words” – those are HIS quotes, not mine) he chose to ignore their warnings and, finally, went out of business. (I know Cub Scout troops that could run a casino successfully.)

        He claims he’s worth over $10B dollars and Fortune magazine says approx $2.1B. And even that is a stretch because the OOO always overstates his valuations for the magazines but then understates them for tax purposes. Why do you think he fights tooth & nail NOT to have to release his taxes, because he’s being audited? Audits don’t mean jack-shit to the IRS and the OOO is always being audited because he cheats on everything he does, everything. He could releases his taxes anytime – AND HE WOULD – if, and it a big “if” – they substantiated his claims about his wealth. They don’t and, therefore, they will NEVER get released.

        And now Deutsche Bank – the ONLY bank in America that would do business with him (gee, how did that happen? When I was in business I had banks calling me monthly to lend us money, but no one will lend the OOO any dough? I don’t get it!) has now canceled his accounts, all of them. And so has Signature Bank, his personal bank. Really? Mr Street & Business Smarts doesn’t have a single American bank he can access for the desperately needed cash he going to need to payoff his upcoming loans? Why, Ron. How can this be?

        Lastly, your comment about there being ZERO evidence that he incited an insurrection is just mind bogglingly stupid. As I’ve said in the past, delusion is one thing, blind iOS something else again. His CONSTANT ranting that the election was fixed sand he actually won was the beginning of the rioting. His Mindless Minions really do believe (and this is borne out from a survey by Axios/Ipsos released just yesterday) the election was fixed and he really won. (Ya get it? In other words, they believed his constant lies which made them reality.) Keep in mind that he had already started that line of complete bullshit before he ran against Hillary, remember? “If I don’t win it’s because the election is fixed.” Even the fact that he lost the popular vote to her by almost 3,000,000 votes didn’t’ sit well with him and set him off. That was because there were MILLIONS of illegal voters voting for Hillary, a charge that still reminds unsubstantial to this day. In fact, he said there were buses of people coming into NH from MA in order to vote twice for Hillary. Again, an outlandish and unsubstantiated allegation believed only by the most mindless among us. NH has voting laws and you have to prove your residence in order to vote here.

        Trump is a con man. That’s it in a nutshell, a con man. He was born wealthy (all his Dad’s doing) thus his claim of “borrowing a million dollars from his father that he had to pay back with interest” is a complete bullshit story. He inherited over $450 MILLION from his Dad and STILL went bankrupt 4 separate times. In fact, his Dad singlehanded bailed him out of bankruptcy at the casinos TWICE. He’s already said he’s not paying Rudy Giuliani his legal fees which surprises NO ONE that knows him. Only the ignorami (people who go into the voting booth and pull the level for someone they know absolutely nothing about or, perhaps, can recognize an “R” next to the name and so pull the level.) That’s how get creeps and conmen like OOO into elected office, an ignorant electorate.

        He is a dirtbag of the absolute highest order. We should throw him in the can and toss the key. Undoubtedly he’ll be at Putin’s doorstep shortly for a loan, possibly as payback for all they underhanded shit he’s done since winning the election. Keep your eyes and ears open. Shit’s going to get crazy!

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      • “He who never makes an effort, never risks a failure.” (Anonymous)

        Some businesses are successful, while others fail. And AFIK, Mr. Trump has never filed for personal bankrupcy. (That’s where the “business smarts” comes into play: he leveraged other people’s money to finance his businesses, not his own.) But even if he had, he’d be in the same company as Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, William McKinley, Mark Twain, Henry Ford, P.T. Barnum, Walt Disney, and many others.

        As for all those banks now virtue signalling that they will no longer conduct business with him: if that’s the case, why didn’t they cut their ties with him decades ago? Moreover, Deutsche Bank isn’t exactly a paragon of sound business ethics themselves. (https://www.dw.com/en/deutsche-bank-handed-124-million-in-bribery-fines-by-us-court/a-56176485) Nor is it a sound business decision to call in a long-term loan prior to its due date during an economic downturn.

        And in regards to the assertion that he incited a riot, the onus is on the person making the claim. Either provide evidence of same, or concede that you have none.


      • You guys CAN really rationalize anything! I’ve known that already but watching it in action is just confirmation.
        ALL US banks have dropped Trump years ago, many more than a decade, so you’re right. Deutsche Bank is, again, correctly a slimy business, ergo their association with Trump. As far as the insurrection goes, you need only open your eyes, turn your brain into the “on” position and watch it on TV. He had been telling people for 2 months that the election was stolen, it wasn’t. They have been unable to provide even a scintilla of evidence in over 60 courts and over 90 decisions. He inflamed the Crazy Right Wing Nuts and they “heard” him telling them to “take their country back.” The rest is now history.

        Now watch what happens to the Obese Orange Orangutang, in the state courts, and in the federal courts. Watch what they disclose ab out this film-flam man and his spawn. As the OOO once said “It’s going to be wild!”


      • What exactly am I attempting to rationalize? Because I never rendered an opinion on Mr. Trump’s business ethics, one way or the other. I’m simply pointing out that none of this mattered until he ran for office and won the 2016 election; and that the hypocrisy is rife on both sides of the aisle, because prior to that the same religious conservatives who now hold him up as the Messiah previously would have denounced him for being an immoral, adulterous hedonist, while the same Hollywood elites who once feted him now treat him like toxic waste.

        And saying the election was stolen — whether it be true or not — does not equate to inciting a riot. For that you would need to provide actual evidence of Mr. Trump commanding his followers to go in and storm the Capitol. So once again, can you provide any evidence of that occuring?

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      • Your implication that Trump is in “good company” as a business failure is pure nonsense. Apparently some of the founding fathers weren’t either, but they certainly were good at something. We’ve yet to figure out what that is in the OOO’s case. A track record of his number of business failures stands for itself, especially his failure of the casino which was entirely due to his incompetence.

        As far as his inciting the INSURRECTION is concerned (storming our capital building looking for politicians to murder is not a riot, as you characterize it) it came about as a result of his constant lies and misrepresentations that the election was stolen from THEM, and continued to drum that beat for two months!

        Watch the impeachment trial in the Senate. It’s should be an eye opening.


      • “If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell” ― Carl Sandburg

        I see you’ve brought zero evidence to the table to back up your claims, so you’re left with no other option but to pound the table and yell. 🙂

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      • I am neither yelling nor pounding the table.

        The evidence, Ron, is all around you. All you need do is open your eyes. No need to restate the obvious. As I asked earlier, just turn on your TV, (or, by this time, YouTube?) turn off the sound and see for yourself.

        I’m going to sit down a watch a “real” president getting inaugurated.


      • LOL

        The evidence you can’t produce is all around me. But you’re right: it doesn’t matter anymore, because Mr. Trump has left the building and the senile kiddy groper’s handlers will now be dissecting and dismantling what little is left of the American republic. Enjoy your bread and circuses.

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    • I’m sorry.. what liberty have they lost? What in their lives has changed to presume something in their lives is now threatened? What about their apparent disgruntled sorry lot in life am I supposed to feel sorry about.. and be convinced to join their ranks?


    • A few hundred people looting Target after a BLM rally is not quite as serious an attempt to overthrow the United States government and kidnap or murder members of Congress with the encouragement of the lame duck President. Equating the two things is kind of crazy.

      Whatever you think about BLM there is no doubt that they have a legitimate grievance. There is a long and ugly history of murders and other mistreatment of black people by police officers and what happened to George Floyd was awful. Still the violence was condemned by Democrats, Biden especially. BLM didn’t want President Biden. That was Black church ladies in the South.

      There’s no evidence of fraud that would change the outcome of the election and when the Trump administration went to court they admitted as much. They wanted to throw out the votes of honest citizens who voted in accordance with the laws at the time. The people who attacked the Capitol did so based on a lie and a desire to overturn the will of the voters. They knew, or should’ve known that it was lie, as the proof was available and widely reported. Still the President repeated the lies and members of Republican members of Congress with law degrees who knew that it was a lie repeated it. This should disgust everyone no matter who they voted for.

      Trump supporters literally marched beside open Neo-Nazis and white supremacists. A man in a “Camp Auschwitz” shirt would be excluded from of all but the trashiest company, but Trump supporters proudly marched with him. He wore that because he knew that MAGA people would be fine with it and that he wouldn’t be shunned for being a Neo-Nazi. Now you are complaining about being judged by the company that they keep and the behavior that you defend.

      The best thing that conservatives could do right now would be to avoid defensiveness and drawing false equivalences between BLM and insurrection, sedition and domestic terrorism. This mealy mouthed defense is not helping the conservative cause. There’s nothing conservative about a coup, but conservatives attempted one anyway.

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