Leftist Lunacy 2020!

It feels like a century ago, but 2019 was only a year ago! For those who remembered, I did a post recalling the lunacy of 2019 and closed with “here’s to an even loonier 2020…” Little did I know I ought to have been more careful for what I wished for 😉 The Left had a field day last year, but this year was their time to really let loose the lunacy…

A Lady of Reason presents: Leftist Lunacy 2020!

Ringing in The New Fear

Early into 2020 more information on the new Wuhan Coronavirus, or COVID-19 as it was named, came out. President Trump recommended shutting down travel from China to the US to get ahead of stopping potential spread before it gets too out of hand, but one can guess how that was received: Accusations of racism and xenophobia by many Leftist leaders, including Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, NY Mayor Bill de Blasio, and even Anthony Fauci, the “top authority” on Covid-19 among many others. Basically, their reasoning could be distilled into “Trump’s a racist!” for taking early precautions. Apparently early on into the Covid craziness, the real fear wasn’t about an unknown virus and a potential pandemic on our hands, but making sure no one associated the new virus with their best buddy, China… On a related note, naming the virus was an almost equally loony task for the powers that be! Unlike the Spanish Flu, Ebola, Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, German Measels etc… Calling COVID-19 the Wuhan or China virus was “racist”, “Xenophobic” and “inciting violence” against Asian Americans. That makes sense: Just like how we scapegoat everyone from Lyme, Connecticut for why we must check ourselves for ticks every summer…

Comically Incorrect: Coronavirus Fiddle : exploreVenango.com

Flattening our Freedoms

Who can forget early March when “flattening the curve” was all the rage? The idea was to take 2 weeks to self isolate so less people get sick and overwhelm the healthcare system. Instead of creating a sharp spike in cases, we would create a broader flatter distribution. Good idea right? Until one realized that 1. Until herd immunity is achieved we’re all still vulnerable, and 2. Broadening the curve only prolongs the outbreak and self isolating will not achieve herd immunity, and 3. We can’t wait years for some miracle cure stuck in our houses unable to function and support ourselves. Speaking of being unable to do anything during this period, many states imposed shut downs and mandatory isolation on their citizens. Visiting family and friends? Nope! Shopping? Nope! Travel? Nope! Playing in a secluded park with your own kids with no one else around? Nope! Paddleboarding on a beach in total isolation? Nope to that as well…

Tyrants Gone Wild! : TheRightCantMeme

Closed for Business

But, what if I own a business or need to go to work? Sorry! From the spring into late summer, stores, restaurants, recreational centers, museums, places of worship, etc… were all closed down. Only essential businesses were to be open, which apparently included the liquor stores and abortion clinics… It was okay to buy liquor but not some grass seed at Walmart (a “lived experience” of mine). Can’t work on Zoom? Sorry! You’re not elite enough for the powers that be to care. There were some relief packages, but much of it was given to the Left’s favorite businesses and not small businesses, and had many strings attached such as setting up sanctuary cities and open borders… In 2020, an unprecedented number of families struggled with unemployment and financial hardship due to arbitrary and hypocritical shutdowns.

Coronavirus cartoons: Senate OKs small-business stimulus bill

Who Killed Grandma?

Tragically, many did die from Covid, but the vast majority were the already vulnerable elderly. In most outbreaks, the very young and very old are most susceptible and make up most casualties and severe cases. Not just for COVID-19. However, many of these deaths could have been preventable, not by more shut downs for the healthy, who were needed to help the country stay afloat so the vulnerable could stay home, but isolation of the vulnerable from the outside. So why then, did governors such as Cuomo order NY to put Covid positive patients in nursing homes with vulnerable and sickly elderly people??? Wasn’t that the exact opposite of the idea to protect the elderly from catching Covid? As families were literally forbidden to be in the room as their loved ones died in hospitals and nursing homes, Covid positive patients were being shipped to nursing homes en masse.

Editorial cartoons for June 7, 2020 - oregonlive.com

Fudging the Numbers

If it’s any consolation however for some, there’s also evidence that the numbers of direct Covid casualties may have been shall we say, “inflated”. Grandpa has a heart attack and the body tests positive for Covid at the autopsy? Covid death! Someone fell off his motorcycle but tested positive? Covid death! Patient had flu like symptoms and pneumonia but it’s ambiguous? Covid! Now this may seem absurd to some, but what gets tallied for their stats and what’s on the death certificate may be entirely different things… I wouldn’t put it past them to get results they want to justify their lunacy.

Comically Incorrect: D is for Disease : exploreVenango.com

1,2,3,4… Covid Don’t Apply No More!

By the summertime, even some on the Left were getting bored of Covid news non-stop, 24/7. So when a “certain someone” had a confrontation with police and resisted arrest, and had a heart attack while being restrained, the Left had their new cause to rally around. Murder! Outrage! White supremacist tyranny! Defund the police! The claim was that the police abused their power and refused to let the man breathe, asphyxiating him and causing his death. George Floyd became the Left’s new martyr, killed due to white supremacy. Autopsy findings made no mention of asphyxiation saying it was a heart attack and there were no physical indications the specific cause of death was due to his airway being blocked. One can argue the method the police used to restrain was completely wrong in of itself, but would the same reaction have happened had Floyd been white? I think we all know the answer to that! “Inconsequential facts” aside, this sparked BLM and Antifa riots where they looted already struggling businesses, set fires and had violent riots in which a black police officer, Officer David Dorn was killed by a looter. Yet no one even blinked an eye at his death. There was no golden casket or state funeral, or international outrage. Apparently not all Black lives matter. Thousands of rioters filled the streets in cities like Minnesota, New York, Minneapolis, Chicago, etc… Wait a second! Did Covid magically go away? What about all the lock downs and social distancing? When I thought of “herd immunity”, I didn’t think it meant herd everyone within sneezing distance of each other!

Baltimore Riots

The Great Republic of CHAZ

Did you know in the year 2020 a brand new Nation sprung up? You didn’t? Well one did, and it was called CHOP, or CHAZ, or…. I can’t keep track! This new sovereign nation professed values of Leftist “tolerance” and “inclusion” for all, by demanding photo ID’s, setting up their own de-facto police force (in the no “racist”-cop zone), and terrorizing local businesses and inhabitants of Seattle, WA. They also had a “booming” economy which required supplies from the outside world and even grew their own mini “gardens”. Despite a less than stable government, including 4 shootings and shooting deaths of those as young as 16, CHAZ lived on: For all of 1 month…

It takes a Village | 2020 June | Cartoons | A.F.Branco | AAEC

Cutting Class for Covid

Everyone hated when summer vacation ended and school began again, but as adults, one would think that it wasn’t such a big deal to go back to your job! Cue hysterical teachers and teacher’s unions: No in person school until Covid is gone! Despite children not being a significant factor in transmission, and in-person learning being essential for the educational needs, and even social/emotional needs of many children, teachers called for schools to be shut down for everyone. Not just older more susceptible teachers, but young healthy ones too cried for no in person school. The fruits of this lunacy? A spike in D’s and F’s, students being grades behind, un-equal access to learning online, at risk youth slipping through the cracks and diminished mental health for all! What a wonderful start to the school year… Unlike all the grocery store workers, restaurant workers, postal workers, janitors, etc… who also “didn’t sign up” for battling a pandemic on the job yet keep the country running, teachers, apparently are more worthy of less risk than the rest.

Teachers don't want to go to school too | School humor, Teacher comics,  Teacher humor

“You Know The Thing…”

If 2020 couldn’t be made more nutty, 2020 was also the pivotal year for the anti-Trumpers to try and get Trump out! In addition to Covid fear, the Left also stoked everyone’s anxiety over Trump possibly winning again. And their fears may have been founded: 71 million people voted Trump again. However, Biden was declared the winner, along with his diversity-pick Kamala Harris for Vice President. Trouble is, were they really??? It sounds like a conspiracy theory, but there’s evidence the election counters were rigged. Mail-in ballots sent out for this election, using Covid as an excuse are far more susceptible to fraud. Why were mail carriers told to not deliver ballots? What about the missing ballots? More ballots than voters? Thousands of “lost” ballots all for Biden and none for Trump? The fact that Facebook and Twitter censor and block comments and likes on posts disputing their claim to victory? Hmmm…. The ultimate irony: The Left, of all people, declares we can’t get past losing the election!

Ben Towle on Twitter: "On a scale of 1-10 how thirsty is Ben Garrison for  Kamala Harris? (Spoiler: 10)… "

Do as I Say, Not As I Do…

Who’s ready for round II…… of more shut downs?! Due to claims of increasing numbers of Covid cases, some places are re-shutting down again and instituting more lock downs and stay at home orders. However, apparently, these don’t apply to everyone. Governor Gavin Newsom and several top health officials dined at an upscale restaurant called the French Laundry, indoors, and not socially distant despite telling Californians to stay at home! Another case involved the hypocrisy of small businesses such as a woman’s restaurant getting shut down as Newsom forbid outdoor dining yet a few yards away was a tent with outdoor dining for actors on a movie set! So much for fearing Covid…

Thumbs down: Newsom undercuts his own credibility by attending French  Laundry dinner party

I’ll Be (Forced to Stay) Home for The Holidays

Last year, could anyone have guessed that deciding to celebrate the holidays with your family would be seen as controversial or some ethical controversy? In 2020, the “War on Christmas” turned into biological warfare according to the Left! Whatever your family celebrated this holiday season, for many it was pressured into being smaller to non-existent! Yes, some people may have legitimate reasons to avoid gatherings this year, but for most, the hype is well… a hype. For those like my grandma who is taking more risk, she chose to host our annual celebration with her as at her age, every day is a gift and the next is certainly not guaranteed with any more certainty than her catching Covid. For some people who chose to celebrate in person this past year, there may not be a next year to look forward to getting back to normal. Think on that before you judge any family’s decision to have celebrated in person. Social and governmental pressure to cancel plans with family in my mind at least, cross the line. My family my choice 😉

Ben garrison wrote an anti-mask anti-vaccine poem! He's insane! | COVID-19  Pandemic | Know Your Meme

Have You Seen The Vaccine?

On a positive note to wrap up 2020, some long awaited vaccines came out in record time! The coveted Holy Grail for the Covid panickers has arrived! Rejoice O Lefties! Now, I’m hesitant to just dive right in and be their first guinea pig, and some adverse reactions are being reported already so this may not be the miracle cure. I also think that the most vulnerable, such as the elderly and those with health issues, then healthcare workers need it first. Not young healthy individuals! At this point, I see no reason for me, for instance, to get it but the choice is yours. Some fellow conservatives have even stronger reservations, and see this as yet another way for Leftist government control and even possible coercion to get the vaccine impinging on individual freedoms. While I’m not dead set against the vaccine, I wouldn’t put anything past the Left at this point! We need cautious optimism about this vaccine and 2021. The real question in my mind is, the Left has said they’d restrict things “until there’s a vaccine”, yet their shut downs continue. So what’s their next excuse, and how long will We The People put up with this?

Dick Polman: Who's Jonesing to inject President Trump's miracle vaccine?

Here’s to a Less Loony 2021!

34 thoughts on “Leftist Lunacy 2020!

      • It looks like the FBI saw insurrectionists and criminals. I guess they have better vision than you. LOL. I am so glad that Trump signed that executive order with 10 year mandatory minimums for people who attack federal property.

        LAW AND ORDER!


      • What the FBI deems “crime and insurrection” the protesters deem “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”.

        Liked by 1 person

      • That’s correct.

        The America revolutionaries deemed themselves as the champions of liberty.

        But from King George’s and the British loyalists’ perspective, they were traitors to God, King and country. Had they failed, they would have been tried and executed as criminals.

        Liked by 1 person

      • So.. the Right, radical or otherwise, can see themselves as patriots all they want. But they are far less about American patriotism if “they” gaze upon the events at the Capitol as a patriotic event, because MY patriotism is grossly offended at seeing fellow Americans, driven by the fear presented by demagogue and his elected minions, abusing our flag and using it as a prop while declaring their allegiance to the flag of MAGA. That’s MY patriotism. So what is the origin of the patriotism in your wallet?


      • To me the word “patriot” is an amorphous term because it seems rather vague. What exactly does it mean to “love one’s country”? Are we talking about the geographic location? The political authority exercising control over that geographic location? The people that live within that geographic location? Or some combination of the previous three?

        If anything, I’m patriotic to the ideal of upholding individual liberty, regardless of where in the world it is upheld.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Democracy can come in many forms.. as does liberty, however you might define it. From what you are implying.. you have no love for America as a whole, meaning the culture, people, way of life, traditions, political processes, scientific accomplishments, demonstrative free market capitalism, institutions based on law & order, purveyor of promoting human rights, …. etc., and only the love of the liberty it represents as guaranteed by the Constitution. Would I be correct?


      • I define liberty as an absence of undue interference from other individuals. That is to say, it’s a society in which individuals respect each other’s personal autonomy by acknowledging that they do not possess the moral right to initiate force against another unless it is done in self defense.

        Which means that any social arrangement or political undertaking or document that grants any individual or group of individuals the legal right to do things that would be morally impermissible if they were done by an individual in the absence of said legal privilege undermines the concept of individual liberty. So in essence, I’m an anarchist (in accordance with the original meaning of that word — i.e., without government).

        And the DOI and U.S. Constitution are little more than two pieces of parchment from the 18th century. By themselves, they have no power or authority to defend you against tyranny. To do that, you must take up arms.

        As to the rest (culture, people, way of life, traditions, political processes, etc.) — it’s all just glittering generalities, because the U.S. has now pretty much devolved into subsets of competing tribalist factions. What uniquely defining value can you really point to and say “that’s what I love about America”? The antifa/BLM riots? The mass shootings? Roque cops? Government overreach? Tyrannical lock-downs? U.S. foreign meddling? The steady, ever-expanding legislative creep that erodes your civil rights? The inept/corrupt politicians?

        Or does it just some trifling sentiment about beer, BBQs, football, fireworks and apple pie?

        Liked by 1 person

      • And if they’d done that without breaking into the Capitol, killing and injuring cops and looting and trashing the place then I would approve. Their cause was stupid and based on looney conspiracy theories and they were already heard in court many times, but a peaceful protest is fine even if the cause is dumb. Erecting gallows to hang Mike Pence and forcing Congress to flee from nut jobs trying to spill blood and take hostages in order to overturn an election that they lost is not ok. I’m not sure why conservatives are trying to pretend that it is. It is crazy and embarrassing. I don’t know if you understand how completely nuts this and the defense of this looks to normal people.

        I am not a Biden fan at all and I suspect that there will be a bunch of policies that I don’t care for enacted soon. However I am pretty sure that Biden people aren’t lunatics and won’t be putting his name on a flags and trying to overthrow the government if he loses in 2024.

        Did you see that these Trump people literally smeared their own poop on the walls of the Capitol? Disagreement is one thing, but I know crazy when I see it.


      • As for me, you make good points… but folks in here are a bit blind to all that moral interpretude. In here the end seems to justify the Trumpian means.


      • “Please, show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful.” ~CNN’s Chris Cuomo (June 2, 2020)

        It’s a little late to complain about public decorum during protests after the MSM pooh-poohed 4+ years of left-wing riots, looting, arson and murder — don’t ya think?

        Liked by 1 person

      • One might think an assault on OUR Capitol by peaceful demonstrators with the intent on harming and killing and placing in jeopardy the proper order of presidential succession, elected members of Congress in session, not to mention human lives in general… simply to disrupt a democratic process, might be a tad different than the usual “loot-and-burn–the-neighborhood peaceful demonstration… doncha think?
        Don’t worry.. Trump can pardon all those arrested and save the day.


      • So it’s “rules for thee but not for me” — is that it?

        Have you forgotten the anti-Trump riots in Washington on the eve of his inauguration on Jan 20 2017?

        While I don’t condone any of this, the left forfeits any right to complain about destruction of public buildings when disgruntled rightwing supporters steal a page from their playbook.

        Liked by 1 person

      • LOL. Ok dude. Go smear your feces on the walls of government buildings with rest of your people then. I mean if Chris Cuomo said that protests don’t have to be polite and peaceful then obviously murder and playing in poop are the way to go. MAGA!


      • I don’t need to smear excrement on the walls of government buildings. The stench emanating from the people who inhabit the District of Criminals is already overpowering enough to keep me away. 🙂

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  1. “We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us”
    Full disclosure: I am somewhere in-between a optimist, an a pessimist. In other words, would like VERY much be hopeful and confident about the future of our country, but at this point I DO have lots of doubts.
    I see no way to reverse the evil, the election of the inept Joe Biden bought and paid for by Communist China, and no way to head off the destruction and oppression that is to follow. Or even slow its advance. But I do know that in many ways, and I’m speaking of being GOOD fir our country, Joe Biden is NOT a Donald Trump
    Joe Biden, and the people that surround him INCLUDING, and ESPECIALLY Kamala Harris do NOT have the qualifications to do job of President. You Nay – Sayers can say what you will, but the past four years of Trump as president has shown us, and brought us back from where Obama put us. Obama put us in the position where we had lost the respect that we had as being the Greatest, and the most powerful Nation in the world.
    Now with these two as our “leaders’, I am very doubtful about our future, and how we will be able to face the possible troubles that may face us.
    Joe Biden, has been in the position of Senator, and for Eight Years the Vice President and I’m sorry to say that he has NOT been able to grown into the job as a “Leader”, not at all. In fact, as had been predicted he has shown us that he stands for a partisan, , schoolyard name calling bully, that can not make a decision on his own, and who lacks the leadership of the position that he is going to need.
    In fact he won’t even say that he will keep the promises that he made as a candidate. He even denies that he made them. But you folks out there Voted for him, and now we ALL have him. The American Dream is gone
    The Democrat Party is now running on full-blown steam, we can kiss the Good times Good-Bye, and say Hello to Anti-White Racism, Socialism, Opposition to Free Speech Illegal Alien Voters, Open Boarders, the Support for Rioters, Arsonists, Murderers, and Anarchists, No Bail for Criminals, Accepting Communist China, Stacking the Courts, The New Green Deal, and Yes, Even Anti-Semitism from the Squad!
    And let me remind you that it was the Biden Family that Sold Their Soul, along with Our Country to the Communist Chinese Party. That is more that Corrupt That Is Treasonous, and that’s who YOU elected as our President. Shame on You who did.
    That said, it is my opinion, that evil wins in the end, and the reason is the old adage, “We Have Met The Enemy, And It Is Us”.

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  2. Your observations of the 2020 Annus Horribilis are spot on, unfortunately. Last year’s developments were nothing less than a march towards dystopia.

    As you point out, the lunatic leftist measures taken, ostensibly against the virus, have done far more damage to the country than the virus itself. They served more as obedience training than health measures. Even worse, people have been distressingly compliant with the impositions. I would have thought their tolerance of that nonsense would have been exhausted by mid-summer at the latest.

    I also expected the Republicans to have been better able to prevent the Dems from stealing the election. The Dems could only have done it with the connivance of the Never-Trumpers, in a surprisingly suicidal move by the RINO wing of the party. I fail to see how selling out to the opposition and to their PRC backers helps the Republicans.

    Having been wrong about those two, I won’t make any predictions for the coming year. However, just as, after all the evils were loosed on the world, the last item set free from Pandora’s Box was Hope, so too, I see some hope for 2021. There is belated but growing push-back against the draconian virus lockdowns imposed by blue city and state governments whose support for Antifa/BLM mob lawlessness already has cost them much credibility. That, combined with the increasing awareness of what a shameless fraud the presidential election was, might get people angry enough to take their government back from the leftist deep state.

    I hope that an aroused public will sound a political El Deguello, reverse the disaster that was 2020 and continue to Make America Great Again.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. There is currently a popular meme on the Internet. It suggests that KGB experiments in the 60s proved that you could change people’s psyches by bombarding them with messages of fear. After only a couple of months they completely embrace the false messages. No amount of factual information will persuade them to abandon their beliefs after that point. I did a little research and found that both the CIA and KGB experimented with brainwashing. While the meme oversimplifies the experiments it certainly includes elements of truth. There is certainly a huge percentage of our population that is very comfortable wallowing in their fear and are completely immune to rational discussion. Two perfect examples are attitudes toward the use of COVID non-medical interventions (NMI) such as masks and lockdowns. Literally (an overused word yet totally appropriate in this case) 100% of actual science demonstrates that masks are useless against flu-like respiratory viruses and that lockdowns do more harm than good. I can produce study after study which proves my assertion to be true, including the CDC master-study of mask usage which was released in May of 2020. Despite those facts, almost half the Country embrace both of these NMI’s with religious zeal. I have always found it frightening that folks could embrace self-destructive ideologies with wild enthusiasm. Still, my fear has never been greater that so many people have equal enthusiasm for “facts” that are provably untrue. I hope that we can turn this around.

    Thank you for your summary of 2020.

    Liked by 4 people

    • I haven’t seen any memes about it myself, but “appeal to fear” is something that has been studied since the 70s. What they found is that people are far more easily – and more quickly – controlled through “appeal to fear” than anything else.

      The “beauty” of it is that a person doesn’t actually have to feel the emotion of fear for it to work. All you have to do is convince a person that A is a threat, and propose action B to address that threat. Using appeal to fear in marketing is pretty standard, though not always successful. Anyone else remember those commercial for anti-bacterial soap pumps for homes that were motion activated? The premise was that, while the soap might kill the bacteria, you had to touch the pump, first, leaving it covered in icky bacteria that the next person using it would get. That product disappeared fast! LOL

      There is *so* much psychological manipulation happening in the response to this virus. Every time you see “stay home, stay safe” or “stay home, save lives”, that’s appeal to fear. Every time you hear someone saying, “we wear masks to protect others, not ourselves” it is both appeal to fear and gaslighting. Without appeal to fear, none of the restrictions and mandates would have succeeded. It’s been tried before (anyone else old enough to remember H1N1, MERS and the last SARS epidemics?), but it didn’t work. People just got on with their lives.

      Something has changed in our culture this time, for the appeal to fear to work so amazingly well. No doubt, it took years for that cultural shift to happen, and we now have mass hysteria.

      Liked by 2 people

      • How exactly does someone “make” someone else look one way or the other? Oh sure.. we all use the term to try and explain off what we don’t like about ourselves, “John made me look bad in front of the boss.” kinda thing. Or… “I think it also had to do with the fact it happened under Trump’s presidency so they can do the overkill to make Trump look bad…”.
        Yet, in fact, do we not make ourselves look bad, or good, to others? Or are we suggesting that some action we may or may not do needs “interpretation”, singularly biased of course, in order for others to accept it the way we want it accepted? Is not how you “look” to others entirely dependent on you? If so, Trump, as with any of us, does a good job making himself look bad to some, and look good to others. We tend to leave out.. do we look good to ourselves? And with that, I leave the spiritual up to you.


  4. That leftists did all this is not surprising. What is surprising to me is how many people not only don’t see it, or don’t see the problem with it, but people who enthusiastically take part in it. Especially when it comes to the craziness of masking. If anyone wondered how ordinary people would turn over their neighbours to the Nazis or the KGB in the past, or to modern incarnations of them today, we are now seeing it first hand.

    As for the Wuhan virus, it made sense at the beginning to err on the side of caution. While Trump was being blasted as racist for trying to, our PM refused to do it and called anyone who suggested it a racist. Even now, we’ve still got international flights coming in from hot spots – but he shut down travel from the UK pretty much instantly, when the latest mutation showed up.

    Now that we know the viral strain is nowhere near as deadly as feared (even the high risk have a 94% chance of survival), and evidence shows it spreads through sustained contact, not casual contact, and the there is up to a 99.9% survival rate, and several drugs have been found to provide excellent treatment, you’d think people would be happy with this good news. Instead, if you point any of that out, people become enraged. It’s like they *want* the virus to be super deadly, and to be killing as many people as possible.

    My inner psychologist is having a field day with this.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Good recap. Who could have predicated that 2020 would become a dystopian nightmare in which the masses willfully surrender their liberties for spurious promises of safety and gleefully adopt “1984”, “Brave New World” and “Fahrenheit 451” as their official guidebooks?

    Happy New Year! Here’s hoping that 2021 reverses the march towards madness.

    Liked by 1 person

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