“Learned Victimhood”: A Consequence of The Left’s Indoctrination

The Left’s emphasis on constant, often ad nauseam discussions on race relations, racial bias and “systematic racism” have been only increasing in recent years, and especially in the wake of the recent turmoil this past summer. Their argument is that these frank, and often heated discussions while cringe worthy at times, are essential and long overdue for highlighting and hopefully addressing the issue of racial bias and prejudice in society. White people are often accused of being the ones who wish to silence such discussions, but I argue that is not the case. Rather, many don’t wish to be lectured and talked down to and labeled a racist and “speaking from privilege” if their views and lived experiences happen to differ and they bring a differing perspective. I wholeheartedly agree we need an open honest discussion on race relations, but one with cool heads and logical thoughts. Not a monologue on how whites are the supreme oppressors and that all views of people of color are to be declared infallible.

Never the less, the left pushes the narrative of the victim vs. oppressor instead of a cool headed rational debate. In doing so, they have set out to indoctrinate the next generation with messages that they are oppressed from birth onward and will never achieve what white people can without working extra-hard, or never even be able to attempt to reach their goals due to a myriad of systematic oppressive forces. Teachers, parents, authority figures, peers, news media, TV shows, movies, books etc… all send collective messages to youth of color that society was designed against them, to oppress and exploit them and that they are viewed as worthless in the eyes of white people who are “privileged”.

This is all under the guise of awareness and “education” and is supposed to affirm what they already know: They’re victims of systematic oppression. Studies the left cites argue they do know from a young age simply by being in society without overt messages, such as a famous doll study exploring children’s preferences for lighter or darker skinned dolls in the 1940’s. The obvious limitation now is race relations have changed drastically since the 1940’s! Even more recent replications of the study are prone to confirmation bias of the researchers and political pressures. Sadly even science is not immune from political correctness these days 😦 Other arguments the left gives for these trendy race education indoctrination sessions is to prepare children for future instances of encountering prejudice, like a birds and bees sort of talk.

At first glance, these reasons seem like reasonable ideas, but looking closer, they have a negative unintended consequence: Children can learn they are “oppressed” and victims of society not by lived experiences, but by external instruction. Basically, for some children, their encounter with a conscious sense of being marginalized is simply adults telling them they are or will be. It’s one thing to address an instance of prejudice or bias when it comes up in direct experience, it’s another thing to prime a child to actively look for signs of oppression, such as trying to figure out if the slightest thing might be a bias incident or not!

I propose we call this phenomenon learned victimhood. This is not the conventional experienced victimhood one might encounter through specific events, but learning to have a sense of victimhood even when nothing has actually happened yet to marginalize or oppress you, but others have told you you are in fact, on the outskirts of society so you must be a victim by default. You can be socially conditioned to believe what others tell you about yourself, even if you don’t experience or feel what they say is true. If everyone I trust and respect tells me something, I’m more likely than not to believe it!

A prime yet very sad example I recently saw was from a TV show: A mom explicitly telling her 5 to 6-ish year old daughter that because she is black, she will be seen as less than by white people, and will have to work 3 times as hard to only get half as far in life. Even if there is a grain of truth to it, to make such a negative blanket statement only primes the child to see her life prospects in a negative and pessimistic light. Rather than a message of empowerment and resilience in the face of adversities she may face, it was one teaching disempowerment and pessimism. Even more sad and disturbing to me was the child seemed to show no previous awareness of a sense of inferiority and oppression, and even didn’t really understand what mom was saying. She thought when mom said the word “disenfranchised” it meant she was a franchise like a business! In real life, this attitude breeds the resentment and divide in this country over race young… Obviously, this is fiction so of course it doesn’t have the same weight as a real life example, but it reflects what I’m sure many “woke” parents are teaching their kids, and the naivete of young children. Also, what about kids and parents who watched that TV show? They too absorb the message that that scenario is a normal and beneficial thing to reenact in real life! We often model what we observe…

This has tangible consequences: Those who believe themselves to be marginalized and an outsider often under perform on tasks such as academics or work. This is called stereotype threat, due to the feelings arising from perceived negative stereotypes and many studies show this is a real phenomenon going on. Now, the left cites systematic oppression from society as the main cause of this, and argues that stereotype threat is so insidious as it is often subconscious. However, could an explicitly taught sense of victimhood and marginalization also cause stereotype threat? I think the answer is an easy yes. Of course you’ll feel less confident and able to do well in school or on the job if you are constantly told people like you chronically underachieve due to forces (ex. white privilege) outside their control! A study by Walter and Cohen (2007, 2011) observed that:

“For instance, consider a Black freshman who had a bad day. Say his teacher criticized him in class or he was not invited to dinner by dorm mates. Already worried about his belonging, he is more likely than a White student to see it as proof that he does not belong.”

Why is he so worried about whether or not others see him as belonging? Yes, it could have been due to incidents where he was excluded. But could it also be because he is constantly reminded of his supposed victimhood and the idea that it is constantly ongoing and systemic by everyone all the time? What would have been isolated incidents of exclusion in his past then would be viewed as being generalized to every instance, not just a few negative experiences. Fortunately with Walter and Cohen’s interventions, in this case diary entries and other activities to counter these perceptions, these feelings decreased.

“Daily diary surveys completed in the week following the intervention showed that, in the control condition, Black students’ daily sense of belonging in school rose and fell with the level of adversity they experienced each day. To these students, negative social events seemed to convey that they did not belong in the school in general. The treatment cut off this relationship—here, Black students experienced similar levels of adversity, but adversity no longer led them to question their belonging.”

Sometimes, people just have an off day and might be short with you. A professor is simply a tough grader and it’s not about you personally at all. You may not always mesh in a particular friend group and be relegated to the outskirts as more of an acquaintance. A negative experience does not necessarily have to have anything to do with you personally, but if you are told to be on high alert for any bias incident or microaggression, or seek out evidence of this victimization others have insisted is true, then you will see it in everything you encounter! Confirmation bias is a thing, people…

I do not deny that there are some actual experiences of bias and prejudice, and even implicit bias, but I do strongly believe that actual prevalence of these incidents are fewer than what the left reports… Not every negative experience happened because of your race or any other identity! We need frank and candid discussions on race, including talking about negative experiences that people think have to do with race. However, telling our youth they are victims from the moment they’re born, unable to achieve in life due to a society stacked against them and a whole race that resents them only breeds a sense of learned victimhood, rather than affirming real victimhood.

At the very least, can we wait until someone experiences an actual incident of prejudice or bias before declaring them a victim for life?

Confirmation bias anyone???


  1. MY New Years Post Is to Wish All of You Guys, Friends, and Everyone else a Happy, Healthy, Safe, NEW YEAR . And May 2021 be much Happier, Healthier, and Kinder to us than 2020!
    May You and Your Family Find Peace, Love, and Good Health, in the New Year.

    The United States Constitution was created by some brilliant Men , Men with the for sight of what is happening to us today. WE THE PEOPLE do not work for the government, they work for us. do we really need representatives to pass along millions of Tax payers Dollars for Namcy Pelosi’s PORK to study if adults should eat more bugs or 1.2 billion to the Egyptian Army (which was not part of our defense program) so they could go and by Russian arms. We would be better off electing Monkeys. this is a PANDEMIC we are suppose to be dealing with but one side won’t acknowledge it came from China and all these Congressional Representatives care about is helping themselves and lobbyist. Does anyone know if WE THE PEOPLE can ( and they won’t like this) institute a law that would hold them accountable for what they do for WE THE PEOPLE or get their ass fired. WE THE PEOPLE can all vote for proposed articles in person and with proper ID we can’t keep acting like we hate one another .WE THE PEOPLE want what’s best for all of us. We are being driven and influenced by big money to control the media and members of OUR government with motives i don’t understand. As for Joe Biden becoming the new President of this GREAT Nation of ours, I am simply dumbfounded! How can a Nation of so many SMART people let this happen? Bottom line, they can’t and they didn’t … The Election was Rigged and that is the ONLY sensible answer. It’s not that Biden is suffering from “Dementia” it’s that Biden’s a Moron!
    He doesn’t even have enough sense to say what’s written down for him. He can barely even read without getting confused, much less come up with an original thought, however, we wouldn’t expect some of those brain-dead liberals to even notice wnen he says something stupid like “President -Elect Harris”
    The Guy can’t even complete a coherent sentence and you people call it “GAFFS”?
    I usually don’t even bother to listen to anything the Dufus has to say. However, today we turned on the TV to see what China Joe had to say… I have never heard such worthless dribble in my life. That Moron is barely coherent, I don’t think that anybody knew what the hell he was talking about!
    I did hear him say that he wanted to use our Tax dollars to bail out the incompetent Democrat run big city Shit-holes that the Black Lives Matter thugs burnt down. . I also heard him wanting to use our money to pay off the Teacher’s Union… I guess that Doctor Jill put him up to that one.
    I heard him spout his wacko BS about Climate Change, and the Environmental nonsense, maybe he should get his buddies in China to do the same? Yeah Right like that will ever happen.
    Of course he NEVER mentions that his friends in China released the virus. That gave the Democrats the opportunity to use their Dirty Tricks to steal the election by putting all the FRAUDULENT mail in ballots in the swing states.

    This clown is an embarrassment to our country and he will be a disaster as our President as will Camel-La when She takes over. . Anybody that voted for them is a idiot. A Useful Idiot.
    The dumbass said that it will take YEARS for everybody to get vaccinated. I think that it was a BIG mistake for his “Handlers” the men in the White jackets, to allow him to speak without reviewing what he says.
    But we can’t blame Biden, he was just reading what his Puttet Master had displayed on the screen of the Teleprompter.
    Do you remember Biden were Debating with President Trump all China Joe did was bitch and complain and say that Trump was LYING when he said that he would have a Vaccine before the end of the year, and NOW Biden wants to take rhe Credit for it!
    Biden’s a Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier.
    But hang in there Biden has a “PLAN” he’s gonna fix the entire thing in his first 100 days, it’s really simple, all we have to do is Lockdown our Businesses, and wear Masks! And POOF, that Lousy, Stinkin Virus will be GONE!

    The proof is right out there for everyone with open eyes to see. You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to see it.
    As for Biden, and his Gaffs, and his Leftist Puppet Masters, someone should do the “Poor Man” a favor and staple his tongue to the roof of his mouth. And while we are at it, someone should tell “Doctor Jill Biden the Shut the Hell Up and go back to where the hell she came from, Washington is Not for her. And it is Certainly NOT for Creepy, Gropin Joe either. And take Camel La with them!
    And MY bottom line for the New Year is that we the people need to get off our asses and finally do something to save this Great Country of ours. We have let it go on for far to long.
    And by the way, President-elect Joe Biden and wife “Doctor” Jill to appear on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rocking’ Eve” Party in Times Square tonight. I guess that they didn’t hear that Times Square is going to be completely empty tonight! Maybe Joe thought that tonight was going to be a Fourth of July Party. Maybe the news is a little slow down at Cheatin China Joe’s basement.

    And MY Bottom Line is that I Hope That this New Year Will Be the Best Year of Your Life. May All Your Hopes Are Fulfilled and All Your Dreams Come True. Happy New Year!
    Any input would be appreciated. HAPPY NEW YEAR. Be Safe, I’ll see you Next Year…..

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  2. Camal La Harris said that Biden will end the Trump tax cuts, then she said that Biden will not raise taxes. After Biden said that he WILL raise Taxes, So is Harris stupid or delusional, or just a liar ? All All Of The Above?

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  3. Make no mistake about it, Ms. Shaw and others who call themselves “progressive,” and they do so not just because it’s a nicer way of saying “liberal,” which has become a dirty word in the political sense, but they believe in the Socialist party which all of the progressives love and agreed with. The difference between progressivism and socialism is a very thin line. Both believe in the distribution of America’s wealth, as do the fascists and neo-fascists object to the term and . When you reduce and limit my rights and freedoms while increasing yours, or someone else’s , you are in fact using the Constitution for toilet paper.
    Bottom line: When we are up against some with people in a debate or better yet in a agreement who are so convinced of their own opinions and their moral superiority, and who want to change the world, and our way of life, we can’t help but to think of Adolf Hitler.
    As we NOW know Obama was a fraud, but for the wrong reasons. Republicans think he was a real radical leftist, when he was really a Radical Leftist American Hater.. Cornell West aptly described him, the Black Mascot for Wall Street.

    The point here is progressives need to realize Obama was awful, if their movement is ever to gain prominence. They’ve been duped by the Democratic Party. Or they need to abandon the Democratic Party altogether.

    Now I could be wrong but I don’t think I am. If I am, then please by all means enlighten me,

    Also, may I add that the Organization Black Lives Matter leaders, as well as the progressive groups and members of the House Democratic “Squad” are unveiling a 2021 agenda Thursday, laying down markers for how big a Joe Biden administration could go on coronavirus aid, economic relief and more next year

    – universal free health care
    – a jobs program employing 16 million people (shovel ready no doubt)
    – retroactive hazard pay for essential employees
    – reallocation of resources from policing toward education and other services
    – giving the public an ownership stake in firms that receive bailouts
    – buying out gas and oil companies

    With backing from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib what could possibly go wrong.
    .His regime will be loaded down with an army of Marxist tools, who will carry on as they normally would while Joe plays with his coloring books and eats pudding

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  4. This story is from Joe Biden’s new world…..where the left wing assholes destroy lives for the fun of it…….what vile people these democrats are….

    Four years ago, 15-year-old Mimi Groves, then a freshmen at Heritage High School in Virginia, was excited to get her learner’s permit. After receiving it, she sent her friend a 3-second Snapchat video in which she said: “I can drive, [n-word]!”

    Somehow, the video was circulated among a few students at school. It survived for years, and, last year, Jimmy Galligan, who was a senior along with Groves at Heritage, ended up seeing it. Galligan, whose mother is black and whose father is white, said he was offended by the video. Instead of explaining the issue with a white girl using the slur to Groves herself, Galligan held onto the video and waited until he could use it against Groves to destroy her.

    Typically, such an act would be seen as bullying, but in today’s pro-cancel-culture society, Galligan received a New York Times profile and the story presented from his point of view, along with a headline clearly favoring his actions. “A Racial Slur, a Viral Video, and a Reckoning,” reads the Times headline about Galligan’s act.

    The “reckoning” refers to what Groves endured at the hands of Galligan. Groves had been accepted to the University of Tennessee and was set to join the school’s cheer team, which at the time was the reigning national champion. When Galligan posted the video of Groves online and it went viral, she lost her position on the cheer team and was forced to withdraw from the university after facing pressure from admissions officials. The officials apparently told her they received “hundreds of emails and phone calls from outraged alumni, students and the public,” the Times reported.

    Groves told the Times that she didn’t “understand the severity of the word, or the history and context behind it because” she was so young. She told the outlet the slur was used in “all the songs we listened to, and I’m not using that as an excuse.”

    “It honestly disgusts me that those words would come out of my mouth,” Groves told the Times. “How can you convince somebody that has never met you and the only thing they’ve ever seen of you is that three-second clip?”

    Groves also said her parents didn’t allow such language and had taught her not to post anything online she wouldn’t say in person or want them to read. Of course, being a teenager, she still made a stupid decision.

    Here’s the thing. Groves had already privately atoned for the video years ago. One of Groves’ friends, a black woman, said the white cheerleader has privately apologized for the video years ago. The friend tried to defend Groves after the video went viral, but the mob attacked her as well.

    “We’re supposed to educate people,” the friend wrote on Snapchat, according to the Times, “not ruin their lives all because you want to feel a sense of empowerment.”

    Further, Groves had clearly become on the side of the mob after the police-involved death of George Floyd on May 25. She posted on Instagram at the time that people should “protest, donate, sign a petition, rally, do something” to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

    This was the same day Galligan struck.

    Someone responded to Groves’ Instagram post by saying, “You have the audacity to post this, after saying the N-word.” Friends started calling her and she learned that Galligan had posted the four-year-old Snapchat video that same day.

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  5. It is really strange how much time conservatives spend talking about black people. What black people might be thinking, how black people might be feeling, how they are certain that this problem or that problem is the result of this mentality and on and on and on. It is hilariously obvious from reading these blog posts and comments that most conservatives don’t actually know any black people. If you did actually know some black people well enough to ask them what they thought about anything of importance you’d realize how weird and silly these discussions are.


      • The progressive left is full of black people. Black people talking about their own issues with other progressives is fairly normal. White conservatives are weirdly obsessed with black people while knowing no black people and having no idea what they are talking about. Obviously people can talk about whatever they want, but it is strange and I am not sure why white conservatives insist on embarrassing themselves in this particular way.


      • There’s no argument that the progressive left attracts more black people than the conservative right. But conservative side has attracted a fair number of blacks, as well, including a good number of political scholars and commentators. And there are blacks on both sides of the aisle who maintain the race issues are overplayed. As actor Morgan Freeman told Mike Wallace in a “60 Minutes” interview: if you want to end racism, “stop talking about it.”

        Yet sadly, white progressives and BLM supporters have chosen to do the exact opposite.

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  6. Joe Biden did NOT allow any questions from journalists about Hunter Biden in its weekly briefing Friday, and it allowed only a limited number of reporters to speak..

    Biden’s officials called on only five reporters in Friday’s Zoom briefing, from the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, PBS and Politico, and ignored questions from Fox News and others.

    Toward the end of the brief questioning, other reporters grew frustrated and started using Zoom’s “chat” function to pressure Biden officials to provide more access.

    “I have, we have, great confidence in our son,” Biden told the CBS’ “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert in an interview that aired Thursday. “I am not concerned about any accusations being made against him. It’s used to get to me. I think it’s kind of foul play but look, it is what it is and he’s a grown man, he is the smartest man I know. I mean, from a pure intellectual capacity – and as long as he’s good, we’re good.”

    “HE IS THE SMARTEST MAN I KNOW”! If that Crack-Head Idiot is among “ people that Crooked Joe knows, THEN He must not know to many people!

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  7. One of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s former advisers on Sunday accused the New York Democrat of sexually harassing her “for years,” saying, “I *know* I am not the only woman.”

    “Yes, @NYGovCuomo sexually harassed me for years,” Lindsey Boylan tweeted Sunday morning. She did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s requests for comment.

    “Many saw it, and watched,” she tweeted. “I could never anticipate what to expect: would I be grilled on my work (which was very good) or harassed about my looks. Or would it be both in the same conversation?”

    “Not knowing what to expect what’s the most upsetting part aside from knowing that no one would do a damn thing even when they saw it,” she continued. “No one. And I *know* I am not the only woman.”

    Cuomo’s office did not immediately respond to requests for comment from the DCNF.

    Boylan worked for the Cuomo administration from March 2015 until October 2018, according to the New York Post. She is running for Manhattan borough president.

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  8. If the Wall Street Journal story is true and Attorney General Barr knew last spring about the Biden investigation and kept it quiet before the election — he should be fired by the end of today. We’ are witnessing the biggest power grab of our time, our election has been stolen from us and we can not do anything about it!

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  9. The only long-shots we have is to win the two Senate runoff races in Georgia and that some Representatives may feel vulnerable to a 2022 challenge and either switch parties (and that’s pretty unlikely) or elect Kevin McCarthy as the Speaker of the House (unlikely) as a stopgap measure to curtail further corruption and criminal behavior. The sole bright spot is that “We the People” may exert more influence on our Representatives in 2022. Possibly with cleaner elections.
    But with a majority in the House of Representatives and Representatives like yhat Creep Adam Schiff and and that traitor Eric Swalwell on the Intelligence Committee, and the Moron Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein in positions of authority, it is unlikely that anyone will be held accountable for their criminal activities

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  10. Many of us 75 Million Americans that voted for President Trump Are Bitter and Disillusioned. Regardless of what the Courts Judges have ruled, many Americans have seen the evidence that the Democrats seem to be too BLIND to see, and
    are not loyal or honest and cannot be trusted to conduct fair elections. Many of us now know that there is extensive fraud in American elections held in many states and we now lack confidence in American elections. The dishonesty of the Democrats has already cost them 15 seats in the House of Representatives, so the voters are aware of their lies, too. They wanted to see “Evidence” and they were shown PLENTY of it. More than they can reject!

    And now Biden calls for unity! What a joke that is.. His party has created millions of enemies among us Patriot American Trump supporters who will oppose most everything he tries to do from the White House in the next 4 years. Despite the results, millions of Americans still support Donald Trump. Wd can only hope that Donald Trump will stay active in politics. He has millions of supporters who know he got a raw deal. Maybe he has been defeated in the Courts, but not in reality, We need some one like Donald Trump, if not now, then hopefully in 2024.

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  11. “It began when I was in the fifth grade. I came home from school one day, and my mother said to me, ‘What did you do in school today—think or believe?'” ― Ralph Nader

    By design, modern schools are set up to be indoctrination centers. Their purpose is to make you weak, insecure, dependent, unthinking, obedient — and ultimately — subservient to those who want to control your behavior. To this end, they teach you that it’s preferable to:

    – obey authority rather than your own moral conscience;
    – recite what you’ve been told rather than engage in critical thought or analysis;
    – become a ‘good’ citizen rather than a principled human being;
    – follow the crowd rather than your own path;
    – become dependent on the state rather than practice self-reliance.

    They demoralize you by harping on your weaknesses rather than honing your strengths, and by pushing division (via identity politics) rather than unity. In this particular instance, whites are shamed for being white and non-whites are shamed for being non-white.

    The only solution is to remove your children from this toxic environment. That will require making personal sacrifices.

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  12. Very well said! Learned helplessness is a key feature and not a bug of all this brain washing. The more dependent people become on a “savior” to defend them against a perceived racist, misogynist society the easier it is to manipulate them to do what you want and for the left that means voting more progressives in to power. Always had, always will.

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  13. Excellent take. Between the black victimhood and the white guilt mantras, the liberals have themselves quite a one-two punch there. I doubt we will see the likes of a Trump again anytime soon. Promoting self-reliance and America’s greatness had the libs off balance for a while but they managed to muddy the message with investigations and impeachments, yet still Trump would have prevailed had not Covid arrived. I’m afraid they have set the stage for more dependence than ever now. Someone with Trump’s message, but less abrasive personality, might push through in the future. We’ll see.

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  14. The notion of learned victimhood is the key to the race issue. I do question whether that learned victimhood is a “negative, unintended consequence” of the victim/oppressor narrative or an essential, intended element.

    When you teach people that they are victims of a racist, oppressive society you teach them that they can’t make it on their own and that their efforts are doomed to failure. That means that they are dependent on race hustlers such as Al Sharpton to force the “racists” to provide for the “victimized” populace. Without those dependent “victims” the race hustlers would be out of business. There’s a lot of money in victimization and a disproportionate amount of it ends up in the hands of those very well paid race hustlers.

    I read today that Maxine Waters’ daughter received $250,000 from her mother’s campaign. Waters and her family have improved their standard of living considerably while the district that she claims to represent seems to have gone downhill. Then again, as her opponent in the recent election pointed out, Waters doesn’t live in that district. She is comfortably ensconced in a mansion in a far more upscale neighborhood.

    Learned victimhood actually is learned dependence because it is the belief that you can’t make it through your own efforts. You are dependent on what others give you and, with that state of mind, you will remain dependent. You may think that calling yourself a victim is an act of rebellion but it’s actually an act of submission.

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  15. Yup. These are important things to discuss, but they don’t want an actual discussion. They just want to push their ideology. And it *is* an ideology!

    Have you checked out Dr. Karlyn Boresenko? She’s an occupational psychologist, and has done many videos on the harm this ideology is doing. I highly recommend seeing her 2 part review of “White Fragility”. She’s hilarious! And that book is horrific.


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