In Times Like These, We Need Resilience, Not Fragility

I’ve covered the lunacy, double standards and childish reactions to this pandemic over several previous posts. However, another major point comes to mind that’s important: Life has to go on and we can’t stop our lives due to panic over this or any other crisis.

Covid-19 has affected much of what everyone does regardless of your political persuasions. The endless shutdowns destroying livelihoods, jobs and our economy cannot go on forever, or until zero cases! The double standards that allow rioters burn and loot businesses in the thousands, yet forbid others from attending worship services, funerals, visiting loved ones in hospitals, playing in the park, having friends over, etc… are enraging. A lot of our objections of Leftist restrictions are not even about the restrictions, but about the fact that the rules “apply to thee but not to me” so to speak. I’ve had to give up so many things due to these double standards, milestones in my education, missed job opportunities, missed time with friends and family for some. These pain me and make me feel stressed and angry just as much as I’m sure it does you. However, I can’t just stop what I need to do because of Covid related stress! We still must go on with our jobs, raising our families, and doing school work if you’re a student. I’m sick of all the meltdowns from people using the pandemic as an excuse not to do their school work or projects for jobs!

Yes, there is a definite need for more flexibility such as with technology and resource availability. More flexible deadlines and flexibility in getting work done is beneficial in times like these where we have to figure it out as we go. Thing is, that does not mean we should lower our standards of performance, or for example, cut out aspects of curriculum on a syllabus, or simply cancel all exams and projects because we’re stressed out! Admit it: We’re always stressed out, whether it be family matters, feeling swamped in projects, obligations and responsibilities to juggle, jobs etc. Covid is unprecedented, but if it weren’t here, another major life stressor would be. I’m not saying Covid is not worthy of any worry and some level of stress. I will dance for joy once this is over! What I am saying though is we must continue to function and do our best at our jobs, school and family obligations in spite of Covid. We can’t control much of what goes on around us, but we can control what we choose to do: Melt down and panic and demand “our feelings” take precedence over our obligations, or do what we’ve always done to function in our lives.

Covid is a disease and is more dangerous for some than others. Those who are more in danger naturally should be more concerned. However, does this mean you should never interact with another person again? What if you’re elderly or have conditions that in of themselves may not guarantee you ever will see your loved ones in person again? My 90+ year old grandmother is attending family holidays in person this year despite her increased risk because she knows every day is a gift at her age and wants to see her family even if it means she might catch it. She is not on some suicidal death mission: She wants to see her family for what may be her last times regardless of this pandemic. Obviously the choice is yours, I won’t tell you hers is the only right way to do things, but at least consider her perspective if you’re in advanced years or in poor health.

As for the strong and healthy among us, it is up to us to keep the world running so the more vulnerable can stay home and decide to self isolate! We still need teachers to teach in classes to develop young minds. We still need grocers, delivery people, janitors, healthcare workers, business men and women in this world for some examples. If you can work from home on zoom great, but we need people willing to do in person jobs without panicking. Also, for both remote and in person employees, Covid is not an excuse to do poorer work! You are adults, and adults work through adversity and stress, not break down like children who demand less work at the slightest hardship. Life is full of adversity and setbacks. Adults persevere in spite of that even in the midst of emotional turmoil.

For those who don’t want to do your jobs: Why are you so special you get to demand endless accommodations or your own safety is worth pausing the world, yet feel no moral qualms about “endangering” others, such as the grocers who have to work in person to get food on the shelves, the delivery people who bring it to your doorstep, the delivery guy from your favorite takeout place etc…? Even if you feel you’re being cognizant of their needs, you need others to help you maintain this lifestyle of never leaving your house thus the results are the same: Their lives are risked for your safety. Yet why are you more worthy of safety and less risk than them? And yes, I realize many can still work efficiently remotely, but some careers are just not the same without in person interaction.

Lastly, for college/grad students, I know intimately the life and challenges of a student in higher education. I know the stress of several term papers and presentations. The late nights. The studying. The professor who assigns way too much every week. The stress of getting a good GPA, good internships, good opportunities such as practical experiences to move on in academia and careers. I know how bad it stings to get one’s internship cancelled due to Covid, or what would have been my first academic conference to present my research and the realization that there wouldn’t be time for another one in my undergrad career. I have lost several academic and social milestones. Like each of you, I deeply hurt for these lost experiences and opportunities. I too, grieve.

However, that is NOT an excuse to let my GPA slide, or demand my professors not give me a normal workload, or omit curricula from their syllabi. I am an adult, who must learn that in the real world, my job won’t stop because my life is in turmoil. Deadlines will still exist even when I hurt inside. When my worries seem overwhelming. When I will have personal obligations other than my career. Does this mean there is no room for flexibility and understanding for others? NO! Self care including taking a breather is important, but part of self care is reaching out to others, even professionals in some cases to get you back on your feet, not hide in the darkness of your mind unable to function for weeks or months on end. A reasonable accommodation is modifying an assignment to adapt to a remote format, or in light of a roadblock one cannot control such as access to databases off campus. Maybe even a more flexible deadline/late work policy. It is not cancelling every single term paper and test and omitting key aspects of your chosen field in the syllabus! We can’t control much of how this pandemic plays out, but we can choose to push forward and excel in the pursuit of our aspirations in spite of that.

For EVERYONE: We need flexibility, understanding and creativity to get through these darker times. That includes accommodating reasonable changes in everyone’s lives. However, that does not mean we get to put the world on pause indefinitely and hide in our basements. We still must do our best every day, work just as hard as you would have, and choose resilience over fear and breakdowns. Imagine our lifetimes were shifted 100 years back: Think 2020’s bad? Try 1914-1918, 1918-1919, 1929-1939 and 1939-1945! (I guess public school didn’t teach you much history if you can’t figure out the significance of these dates 😉 ) Basically decades of war and instability, as well as a global pandemic! They got through their ordeal, we must get through ours. If this pandemic is like a war, the healthcare workers and scientists are like the soldiers at the front, and the rest of us are like the civilians maintaining the home-front to keep our country going!

(P.S. To the person who compared Covid with living through WWII, I dare you to say that to any elder who did live through it!)

The Fear Parade – Grrr Graphics

Biden said there will be a “dark winter” ahead, but through resilience and perseverance in the face of this adversity, rather than panic and fragility, we can still shine light this time of turmoil.

30 thoughts on “In Times Like These, We Need Resilience, Not Fragility

  1. Pedo Joe, the human gaffe machine couldn’t lead a pack of starving dogs to fresh meat with the blood of a fresh kill dripping from his sleeves. No sane person actually believes that Sniffin Joe inspired 80 million people to vote for him that couldn’t even muster up 80 people, let alone 80 Million to vote for him. He could hardly get8 people to show up at one of his sightings at the parking lot rallies no matter how hard Liberolls you were “routing” for him

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    • Here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth:

      “We’re in a situation where we have put together — and you guys did it for our adminis . . . the President Obama’s administration before this — we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” ~Joe Biden

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  2. Joe Biden is a Crook, a corrupted Cheater and a disgusting, inept politician. Those are all traits Trump does not have. Neither do the people who follow him. We need decency back in our government. We have sunk so low with people like Biden, Pelosi, Schiff,that dingbat AOC, and Nadler in the democratic Party

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    • Honestly, they’re both that exactly. I felt like I was choosing between Lucifer and Satan. The only thing is Trump stands for border security and the other one thinks my pockets should support any and everyone that jumps across our borders. Heck no!


  3. I often find myself having to teach or refresh many Americans on exactly what and how our Founding Principles & Virtues are/were for governing. These are high school curriculums that for many reasons over the last several decades have been disturbingly DE-emphasized in U.S. education… in the public schools districts as well as rampantly in charter and private school districts across the country. It’s frightening that we Americans are at this point! 😬 Therefore, I want to simply share two weblinks to these core founding principles and virtues of governing that must ALWAYS be reminded… to ALL Americans. Here’s one link in this comment, and then I’ll put the second one following this one. Thanks LoR. 🙂

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  4. Joe Biden has BRAGGED, and confessed on videotape to extorting the former Ukraine Prime Minister into firing the Ukraine’s top Prosecutor who was actively investigating the infamous criminal Ukrainian energy company owner, known for working with Putin, and Joe’s son Hunter – who worked for him – paid millions despite no experience or knowledge of the energy industry.

    Hunter Biden was being paid by the corrupt Ukraine energy company’s owner and the Chinese both to be on both the Ukrainian energy company’s Board of Directors and another of a company owned by the Chinese Communist Military. Joe Biden and his team denied ever meeting with the Ukraine company’s officials despite Whistle Blower and photographic evidence showing Biden DID meet with company board members. During the House’s Impeachment hearings against President Biden State Department Representatives testified under oath that they advised NOT to meet with the representatives, who showed up in Washington using Hunter’s name as leverage to get a meeting with Biden. The State Department members testified that they warned Biden that the meeting would be a Conflict of Interest, that the Impression such a meeting would give would be extremely negative, and that Biden ignored the warnings and met with them anyway.

    Both evidence and 1st-hand account Whistle-blower testimony exposed the fact that the Bidens took millions from the Russians and took One, and a half BILLION Dollars from the Chinese. The FBI had this Laptop for over 8 months yet with-held evidence in an attempt to protect both the Democrats and the FBI, admitted that it has been conducting an investigation into Hunter Biden’s financial crimes since 2019. The Treasury Department has also testified before Congress under oath that they have evidence of official financial documents and records proving that Hunter Biden was paid millions to launder money for a Russian widow, the wife of a former Moscow Mayor and the 3rd richest woman in the world at the time. Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s business partner has been interviewed by the FBI, during which time he provided documents and other evidence proving Joe Biden was involved with the China deal.

    And lets NOT forget all those Text’s, and Records, and those E-Mails that Mr. Tony Bobulinski showed on his phones that implicated Hunter Biden and Joe’s brother James Biden, and proved that they were involved in negotiations about a joint venture with a Chinese energy and finance company ..

    Tony Bobulinski’s records included contracts, business plan documents and photographs as well as messages.. Joe Biden himself, and his campaign did not even try to dispute that Hunter and Joe’s brother participated in negotiating the deal with the Chinese company.

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  5. A Violent Black Lives Matter Goon, who Brutally Beat an Innocent Trump Supporter Unconscious, and KICKED him in the face during the Pro President Trump March Washington DC last Saturday is Child registered Sex Offender!

    In another case a Trump supporter was just walking at the Trump March in DC Saturday when he was assaulted by a mob of Black Lives Matter thugs fot
    NO reason..
    Kenneth Wayne Deberry was later arrested by police for the brutal assault.

    What kind of Society have we become, when we can’t even take part in a “PEACEFUL” demonstration without the fear of Violence?
    And we praise these people by giving then Donations, and the NBA allows their players to wear Team Jerseys with the name of this VICIOUS Organization’s name on them.
    SHAME on EVERYONE that has ANY times to them.

    And our new So Called “Vice President ELECT” would rather fund them than the Police.

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  6. Your adversaries are not the politicians and bureaucrats — it is the people who granted them that power. To turn things around, you will first have to convince them to give up the mistaken notion that they possess the moral right to initiate force against others via proxy.

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  7. The title of your post says it all, resilience is the key. “Fragility” is just an excuse and as I learned as a boy, excuses don’t get the job done. Fragility is a product of learned helplessness. You can always find an excuse and it just means that you’re giving up and depending someone else do things for you. The excuse could be the coronavirus, some silly microagression or another imagined hardship. Considering that we all are descended from paleolithic hunter gatherers who survived, flourished and populated the globe by hunting dangerous animals using stone tipped spears, we must be quite grateful that our primitive ancestors weren’t as fragile as their modern and sophisticated snowflake descendants. As you point out, history is largely the story of people overcoming adversity. We’re lucky that our predecessors were just too dumb and unsophisticated to realize how fragile they were and give up.

    Resilience is the refusal to give in to fear and that is the prerequisite for freedom. History tells us that if a people can be coerced, they will be coerced. Fear is a tool to manipulate people. H.L. Mencken wrote: ” The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” Government and the media have an incentive to magnify the risk of the coronavirus to keep us in fear. Although mandatory masks originally were a temporary measure to contain the virus, government, with the support of a blatantly partisan media, seeks to extend the requirement indefinitely. It is disputed just how effective masks are in preventing the spread of the virus, but there is no doubt that they create an atmosphere of crisis. They signal that we need to be afraid. Fear is contagious and perhaps the true purpose of the mask mandate is to spread alarm so that we are “clamorous to be led to safety.”

    Government and the media use that fear to prevent public gatherings other than the riots of their shock troops Antifa and BLM. Although Trump rallies, birthday parties and family gatherings at Thanksgiving are prohibited, we are told that Antifa riots are safe from contagion. Democratic government officials and their media allies are trying to steal the election and thereby the country. They need to keep the opposition from gathering in protest. Rule by emergency decree is the dictator’s time honored tool of repression. The virus is just another pretext.

    A resilient, self reliant people are not fearful and are not easily cowed by would be dictators. History tells us that when people are fragile they become dependent and they end up as slaves. Only resilient, self reliant people are free people.

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    • While I don’t necessarily disagree with what you wrote, the problem is that public education has conditioned at least four generations to cotton to the idea that self-reliance is less preferable than surrendering your liberties in exchange for promises of security in government institutions.

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  8. Ok, Here is my personal analyst of what has happened in the past few weeks and why I have just about have had enough of this Bull-Crap to last for a while!

    First of all, lets face it Joe Biden ran a campaign like someone who was only going through the motions because he already KNEW that his being elected was IN THE BAG. He knew that he was going to win. And if that wasn’t sickening enough
    The events that happened last Saturday Night at the Washington DC march by the radical Left was absolutely disgusting!… Antifa, and Black Lives Matters Interfered with every move that the Trump Protesters tried to do.
    They harassed,, attacked, threatened and did anything, and everything that remotely was connected with President Trump
    And Now, after the fact Uncle Joe is telling everyone that WE MUST ALL UNITE, and that HE is going to represent ALL of us, “Not Just The Red States, But ALL of America”– — after telling the President of the United States of America to “SHUT UP” at the 1st Debate and calling us Trump supporters “CHUMPS”! And Chuck Schumer saying President Trump’s Decision to Fight the Results in Court, Calling it “Dangerous.”

    Since when doesn’t the President of the United States of America have the RIGHT to challenge the results of the Election??? I guess that the LEFT conveniently forgot that Hillary Clinton said very recently that BIDEN SHOULD HOT CONCEDE THE ELECTION UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES”

    And Joe Biden and the STILL tells us to UNITE and to HEAL– — as their Poster Child Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls for making a lists of people they intend to destroy, treating Trump and his supporters as if they were Domestic Terrorists and wishing death to all his family. And calling us Republicans “Sycophants”…
    This is exactly what was done in the 20th century in the United States it was called a BLACKLIST denying employment to professionals believed to be Communists sympathizers. They were also denied employment because of their beliefs.

    So let me tell you now, NOW that our current President t is trying to exercise his right to question a RIGGED election, If anyone thinks with Biden’s winning that the Left intend to forgive and forget, to heal and unite, they are a fool—- people forget why they voted for Trump four years ago, and with Biden and Harris, they think that all of a sudden their going to Change the way that those animals in the streets were beating up old ladies and destroying, and upsetting a peaceful demonstration!. The Only Healing and Uniting the Left intend is for you to accept Biden’s winning and MOVE ON, forget any hope of living without them running your life, and that even if you WANTED to Unite and Heal, THEY WON’T LET YOU “UNITE” they want these riots, and Protests. They want the economy to tank .And they want you to believe that it all Trump’s fault.
    I was glued to to the TV the other night. Why? Not because I wanted to watch Dancing with the Stars, or some stupid “Funny Video” about Cats, and people falling…. No, but because of all the violence I saw in DC when the Sun when down, and Night fell that night. I saw almost every video that was posted, whether of couples and parents with children or of minorities and elderly people being attacked, and Sucker Punched, by JOE BIDEN’S SUPPORTERS. All innocent people who came to protest a Stolen Election. I watched as nobody on the left condemned this behavior. I watched as law enforcement did literally nothing to stop the violence, instead, the Mayor’s, and Governors of these States let their States, and our nation’s capital become a hellhole.
    With Antifa, marching around Shouting that “America was NEVER Great”!

    So I have came to this conclusion:
    Trump should NOT concede, and hand this country over to people who stand by and allow this kind of violence to continue against innocent people with different viewpoints. If that sentiment scares you, sorry but it wasn’t the Republican Trump Supporters the was responsibe for this…. . This may amount to calling for a coup, but I know of no other peaceful way to solve America’s issues (if you have any peaceful ways to bridge our seemingly hopeless divide, I’m all ears). The time for being nice and diplomatic has passed a long time ago. If people like me, who believe what we believe, are going to be engaged in this kind of violent manner, then we should respond in kind. Words have failed. Actions have consequences. These are the sort of things that drive good men to do bad things, and if that’s what it takes, then So Be It. .

    I myself wanted this vile hatred that these extremism groups brought, I wanted to be tolerant and understanding, yes of course I want Trump to win, I have tried my damndest to remain calm, and if Biden won (and won Fairly, and squarely) I would have accepted it and “moved on”. But I cannot stand idly by any longer. I cannot watch as people who hold one particular point of view are attacked and mercilessly destroyed for doing exactly that. No matter how vehemently I try to stand back, BUT I WILL NOT just turn the other cheek. I don’t give a RAT’S ASS what Whoopie Goldberg says or what Andrew Cuomo that little Mussolini, or Soup Nazi says, those acts of violence posted I mentioned earlier, makes my blood boil. And that CRAP that Andrew Cuomo has been saying about the Vaccine is a DISGUSTING lie. He IS The Soup Nazi.

    I don’t want to be your enemy. But if you insist on treating me as one, I will be the worst enemy you can possibly imagine. I come from an era where respect is earned, not given. Don’t mistake my understanding for weakness. I don’t care about what any of those over-rated Hollywood “Celebrities” say.
    I have enough trouble dealing with these people, even if some of them are my Friends, and even Family. . I am not incapable of just standing by and watching, and listening without retaliation. . Do not try me. Do not give me an excuse to be nasty, because I can be if it’s called for..

    I am happy to be your friend. But I will not be disrespected or maligned. My ideas and opinions are my own. I have a right to believe what I believe. But know this: my friendship for anyone will stop the moment you attempt to deprive me of MY RIGHTS, or if you try to dehumanize me for having them. My faith in humanity at this point is gone. Gone. I have had enough, I don’t need another reason to justify my feelings..

    My perception has changed. I will not acknowledge Joe Biden as our president, nore will I accept the rest of the filthy democrat scum doing those disgusting things to MY President that they have been getting away with for the past 4 years. Not only because I think that Biden stole the election, but because he will be allowing the same violent behavior we saw the other night in Washington DC to spread throughout this country, while he calls for “UNITY” and “HEALING.” His condemnations of the violence will ultimately be heard by empty ears!.

    I will not fooled. I will defy this fraud. I will stand up for what I believe in. And I DO NOT Believe that Joe Biden WON this Election Fairly.

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      • LoR,

        With all due respect—and I really, REALLY do respect your intelligence on religion, particularly the many falsehoods of Christianity—I must ask, question if you listen to or read ALL reputable news sources about politics. Would it be possible for you to temporarily suspend your Right-leaning biases and equitably HEAR, digest, thoroughly understand other POV’s different than yours?

        I try to do this, even when it seems intolerable. HAH! That’s one reason why I sometimes visit your blog here. 😉 I really dislike, loathe how polarized, bipartisan, exclusive American politics has gotten over the last 2-3 decades. I do. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 5-plus decades of life and living on 4 of the 6 inhabitable continents on this beautiful planet… it is that Moderation,, balances, finding compromises, collaboration, and implementing the humble Golden Rule for others UNLIKE me, really does have many benefits for the Greater Good… that is, the ENTIRE Greater Good, not just majorities. 🙂 ❤️

        Regarding recounts or any suspicions of election fraud is a well-known tactic of both our political parties. However, what IS INDEED fair, just, and part of our Constitutional democracy is that if a political party has proof of these cases, then file them in court! It is very simple. Going by ANY news media or biased for-profit news corporations blather is just a practice in propaganda and sensationalism—which for better or for worse IS part of Freedom of the Press in a democracy. 😄 We all have to put up with the many nut-cases! 😉

        All the best to you LoR. I hope you have a safe and COVID-19 free Thanksgiving Ma’am. 🙂

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    • Trump barely won the 2016 election and he lost the popular vote by a lot. Lots of people who didn’t bother to vote or who voted third party in 2016 because they thought that Hilary had it in the bag voted this time. I doubt strongly that Democrats cheated, unless black people voting in large numbers is your definition of cheating. If there is evidence of voter fraud then the Trump attorneys need to bring it forth immediately. So far it just them getting laughed out of court and asking for more donations. Refusing to concede seems more like a grift to raise money than anything else.

      Joe Biden supporters aren’t fighting anyone in the street. Anarchists don’t usually vote and they’ve been giving Democrats a very hard time as well. Notice that no one is out there waving a Biden flag and causing trouble. He’s been pretty consistent about discouraging violence and is unpopular on the far left. The far right however seems to love Trump.

      Maybe watching all of those videos of people fighting is making the problem seem bigger than it actually is? Millions of people voted and there are only a few people fighting in the street over not getting their way.


      • Has Mr. Biden ever denounced the Antifa/BLM riots? Because he declined to do so and insisted that “Antifa is an idea — not an organization” when Mr. Trump asked him to do that during the first debate,

        Moreover, his running mate — Kamala Harris — is firmly on record showing support for the rioters.

        “If you’re able to, chip in now to the @MNFreedomFund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.”

        –Kamala Harris, June 1, 2020 tweet

        “But they’re not gonna stop. They’re not gonna stop. And that’s . . . they’re not . . . this is a movement — I’m telling you — they’re not gonna stop. And . . . and everyone beware, because they’re not gonna stop. It is gonna . . . they’re not gonna stop before election day November and they’re not gonna stop after election day. And that should be — everyone should take note of that on both levels — that isn’t . . . they’re not gonna let up and they should not. And we should not.”

        Kamala Harris on Antifa/BLM riots (Late Show with Stephen Colbert, June 17, 2020)

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      • I am fine with people protesting and with
        protestors being bailed out of jail by people who support their cause or the right to protest in general. People were arrested for violating curfews while holding signs and chanting. It was wrong. BLM protests police brutality. There is no such thing as a “BLM riot”.


  9. “My 90+ year old grandmother is attending family holidays in person this year despite her increased risk because she knows every day is a gift at her age and wants to see her family even if it means she might catch it. She is not on some suicidal death mission: She wants to see her family for what may be her last times regardless of this pandemic. ”

    And she should have that choice! But that choice is being taken away. We absolutely need to target those we know are most vulnerable for extra protective measures, but that doesn’t mean imprisoning them and denying them contact with their loved ones! People are not being allowed to be at the bedside of their dying loved ones in nursing homes. They’re already dying. Why keep family away? It really doesn’t take much to make sure the family members don’t come in contact with others in the facility, and take protective measures.

    Our province never had a “first wave” in the spring. The numbers we are having now (for actual cases, not test positivity, which I haven’t calculated recently) are average for the annual winter increases in respiratory viruses (AKA “flu season”). Our province is running PCR tests at 40 amplification cycles, when it’s well known that anything over 30 is useless, and 20-25 is enough. Our all count death rate is slightly higher than last year; a number that has been slowly increasing as our population increases. We don’t even have 1.5 million people in our entire province, and the hospitalization rates are still below half a percent. Yet we’re under “code red”, and they’re talking about “cancelling Christmas” (we already had our Thanksgiving last month). The problem we are having with crowded ICU space, plus some hospitals in the city, is because we don’t have enough units for our population, low as it is. It’s a problem we have every year. But people would rather blame others for a virus doing what viruses do.

    I was going through my personal Facebook feed this morning, and one of the local news media had posted an article with our daily test positivity and newest deaths attributed to Covid. Right now, a particular town that has been more open to giving people choices and freedom is being highlighted for suddenly having sooo many more cases (I certainly question those claims). The hate fast in the comments is mind blowing. People are attacking the entire town for the province’s increases (even though the increases almost all in nursing homes and in the capitol city) and overrun hospitals (only 6% of which are due to Covid cases) and blaming in on the town being a “faith community” (read: Christians). There is an “anti-mask” rally planned this weekend (it is not “anti-mask”), and people are demanding that everyone who shows up be fined excessively, arrested, denied all health care, forever, and even simply shot. Yup. People are demanding that “anti-mask” protestors be mass slaughtered, on sight.

    It’s insane.

    “For those who don’t want to do your jobs: Why are you so special you get to demand endless accommodations or your own safety is worth pausing the world, yet feel no moral qualms about “endangering” others, such as the grocers who have to work in person to get food on the shelves, the delivery people who bring it to your doorstep, the delivery guy from your favorite takeout place etc…?”


    Lately, there have been a lot more posts being passed around, supposedly being written by nurses (usually with no way to confirm them) talking about how terrible conditions are. I don’t doubt that they are going through a lot right now, but to use that to demand the rest of the world put their lives on hold because they’re tired is too much. What we need are more resources on hand in the winter, because this happens every year. The same complaints are made every flu season, but this time, they can invoke Covid. They are demanding everyone “care” about them, but they clearly don’t “care” about anyone else!

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