A PSA from A Lady of Reason: The Conservative Movement Goes Beyond One President…

Obviously the election has gotten everyone on both sides riled up over whose side wins. For months now, we have been standing by Trump, supporting him and showing our country that despite the Left’s influence, there are still thousands of us who stand up for traditional virtues and pride in our great nation and want a president who reflects those values. Accordingly, we have fought long and hard for him to get in in 2016 and have been for 2020. However, it is also important to realize that Trump won’t last forever as our leader. Doesn’t matter if he’s out in January or is in for the next four years. Another president will eventually take his place. So the question becomes: Where will we go from that point on?

The first thing in my mind at least is to find candidates like Trump who will share his courage and vision for our future. Someone who isn’t afraid to stand up to the Left, isn’t afraid of coming off as more blunt when needed, tells it like it is and doesn’t bow down to the ever changing standards of political correctness. Someone who takes true pride in the country and wants to see it shine as a light in the world, not someone who sees our country as a great evil full of flaws. We need someone who cares more about their talent and capability to be the president over any identity they can check off for virtue signaling points. Someone who is fair but stands firm in dealing with other nations. Someone who can follow their conscience and principles even when it may not be politically favorable. Someone who is a president, not just “presidential”. Most importantly, someone who will put America first and keep America great! I hope one day one of Trump’s children may run for office. Maybe Baron in a few decades πŸ˜‰ However, more realistically for the near future we most likely will have to find another equally inspired and capable person. This is where you come in: You can shine the spotlight on promising young conservatives ready to enter politics and run for office. Maybe you might be inspired to be that person. Bring to light conservative candidates for 2024 and beyond. Either way, we must pass the torch to the next great leader once Trump has done his work. They will stand on the shoulders of a giant…

Another important point is perhaps even more crucial in the coming days: What are YOU doing to better your community? As many have said before, ultimately, it is We The People are the ones who make our country what it is on the front lines. Not those in Washington. Yes, they make policy, but we make attitudes. And attitudes are harder to change. Trump ultimately represents our hopes and dreams for what our country should be like. That’s why he won in 2016. The “silent” majority no longer remained silent. So how can you “do your bit” to make this country better? Here are some ways big and small, and by no means an exhaustive list!

  • Stand up for your constitutional rights, whether it be 1st amendment, 2nd amendment or any other amendment that’s important to you!
  • Have the courage to find your voice as a conservative and express your opinion.
  • Organize community watches to protect your neighborhood, set up town meetings to address issues on the local level. Make sure conservatives, as well as liberals are represented and heard.
  • Advocate for academic freedom and intellectual diversity in schools and on campus. Teach your children about bias in education and how to think critically. Challenge bias in your child’s schools. Challenge it in your classes.
  • Run for a local office, or help someone’s campaign that holds conservative platforms. Even if you or your candidate doesn’t win, the representation it gives for conservatives speaks volumes, and may inspire even more the next time around!
  • Let other conservatives know they’re not alone. Whether it be supporting them anonymously, online, or in person, we all must support each other, especially those who feel isolated in heavily Left leaning environments where they may be suppressed.
  • Advocate for more representation of conservative voices in the media, at work, in academia, and in mainstream society at large.
  • Join or even create conservative clubs and groups to make change in your communities.
  • Don’t stand for intrusions on your freedoms. Attacks on your values. Discord and chaos in your communities. Don’t just turn a blind eye when your neighbor’s business is looted, or if it becomes unsafe for your children to play outside. Don’t wait until your town is a hotbed for crime. Do something before it gets out of hand! Raise awareness. Lobby for your rights. Rally. And yes, in some circumstances: Resist. Resist when your safety is at stake.

Lastly, put it all in perspective. We will not always get our way. We will have some losses. We certainly did for 8 years of Obama! And yet, we still remained. We persisted. We voted. We elected who we wanted as our leader. We are not snowflakes who crumble and turn into a mess when we lose in a fit or rage or panic. We are balanced people who realize that we’re in it for the long haul, and no one term in office, election or set back defines the conservative movement. We will persist as long as we have passionate people willing to stand up for traditional values, pride in our country and fair and equitable societies. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Conservatism transcends any one individual, any one leader or movement. We cannot sink into the fallacy of believing that conservative ideas and values die or cease to remain important when one person leaves an office or a movement loses some steam. Persistence and perseverance is what will ensure our values are taught and our voices continue to he heard. If we have “lost” this November, it’s actually a win in that it should make us all the more motivated to step up and do the heavy lifting of upholding our great nation and our communities. Note too how close the race was: About half of the country voted Trump! The number is not just an abstract statistic. These people are your friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers etc… They too are with you, and together, we all can make America what we want!

Trump made America great again, but what we do as conservatives in our own communities and for our country is what keeps America great!

Not just this election, but every election πŸ™‚

26 thoughts on “A PSA from A Lady of Reason: The Conservative Movement Goes Beyond One President…

  1. Bravo to a Lady of Reason for your undiminished, wonderful energy and, for defining how in ways both large and small, we that our proud of our nation, can defend our fare minded, logical and reasoned conservative values.

    Taking on “The Ruling Class”:

    With the election of Donald Trump, very much a non-politician, we that have never been politically minded, learned a great deal over the past four years. This outsider had no need to “go along to get along” with the controlling political establishment.

    Where he saw that everyday middle class working Americans were receiving the short end on bad policies made by our elected officials, he would step up and make every effort to withdraw us from these domestic and international agreements. This caused Washington- both democrats and republicans ,and the parties that control them extensively to engage in every effort to remove him.
    As I observed this sustained, all out attack process, I came to realize just how rare his election to the Presidency really was.

    I’m grateful for Trump bringing it all out in the open. Now that so many of us have made these realizations, we won’t ever return to being blind to Washington’s smoke screen propaganda. From here on out, the truth has been made evident to anyone who is willing to work around the fake news media, bought and paid for online social platforms and of course, our educational institutions who have worked tirelessly to indoctrinate our youth while they are still young enough to be impressionable and so, quite malleable.

    Donald Trump will fight it out against the mass voting fraud that surrounds this presidential election but whether he gets four more years or not, he has done every one of use an incredible turn in exposing the truth. This lesson will last a lifetime and certainly fuel conservatives now and in the future with a strong will to push back . That’s half of our population , possibly more united . No small concern for the politicians and bureaucrats of “The Ruling Class”.

    The Common Man

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  2. My Message to Joe Biden:

    Dear Vice President Biden,
    Although I refused to listen to it, I understand that during your presidential acceptance speech, you were calling for the unity of Trump supporters. I remember four years ago my President Trump also called for unity. I remember how Congressional members of your Democratic Party responded by boycotting his inauguration. I remember how you and your Democratic party cheated and used the greatest law enforcement institution of this country to spy on my President Trumps campaign. I remember how you and your Democratic Party created a fake Russian dossier to try and impeach my President Trump. I remember how your speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi ripped up my President Trumps beautiful State of the Union speach on National TV. I remember how you and your Democratic Party tried to impeach my President Trump over a Ukraine phone call. You accused my President Trump of pay to play. Come to find out Joe, it was really you and your son Hunter. I remember how you and your Democratic Party blamed my President Trump over a pandemic that he had nothing to do with. I remember how you and your Democratic Party encouraged rioting and looting of my great United States of America. I remember how you and your Democratic Party used the media to spread lie after lie about my President Trump. I remember how you and your Democratic Party stole the election from my President Trump. This Trump supporter remembers all that Joe and will NOT be unifying with your Democratic Party. This Trump supporter will be giving you the same respect you gave my President Trump

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  3. I agree with you. It is important that we don’t let it discourage us. No matter what, the fight continues. As I write this, the Trump campaign is suing to prevent the Dems from stealing the election with their blatant electoral fraud in Penn. and several other swing states. It will be great if justice is done. If not, the Republicans have the inside track in the two Georgia Senate runoffs and, hopefully, will retain control of the Senate. That will help limit the damage that a Biden/Harris presidency would do.

    The first priority is the issue of electoral fraud. The Dems cheated with practices that would have embarrassed some third world dictators. Whether or not we prevail in the courts with this election, it is critical to address that before the Dems can steal the 2022 and 2024 elections. More is at issue than who wins elections, widespread electoral fraud calls into question the integrity of the electoral process itself and, ultimately, the legitimacy of the state.

    In addition, you are quite right that there is much that we must do locally. The Dem’s ability to steal elections comes from their control over local politics because they supervise the elections. State, county and local races are important. Free speech also is critical. Many are migrating from Facebook to Parler and MeWe, and from Youtube to Rumble to avoid the leftist monopoly’s censorship.

    As you put it, this is a marathon rather than a sprint and we need to be in it for the long haul. The left looks at it that way and we must as well. To quote Joe Hill’s last words: “Don’t mourn, organize!”

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  4. Trump won’t last forever?! Lol Dear god I hope not! I’m a Texas Republican through and through and there are other picks that can easily and gracefully get the job done. To paint Trump like he’s some Republican savior is just laughable. I personally hope Mit Romney runs again.

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  5. LoR. Too early for a post on reconciliation. The press doesn’t get to declare the winner and this is not over. Legendary fraud must be exposed or nobody will ever trust an election again.

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  6. All of your points are valid. As in some of the other replies, after being called a racist through the Bush younger years, the Obama years, and now four years of Trump, that makes 20 years of the left playing the race card every single time you try to debate the issues. Now with Harris as the VP and pretty soon the president, I can only imagine it will be four more years of throwing the racist and misogynist labels every time a conservative attempts to debate the issues. During the campaign, I asked on my Facebook page for someone on the left to try and convince me to vote for Biden. The only catch was, you couldn’t mention Trump one time. Not one person even tried,. I even started the thread by listing concrete reasons as to why I would NOT be voting for Biden. Our nation does need healing but after watching the last nine months of rioting, I’m not so sure that they left has any moral authority to try and initiate this.

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  7. Today when I went to visit my dear close friend of 23+ years—an African-American man, graduate of Penn State University with a Masters in Education, with diabetes and heart disease struggling to keep employment in (white) suburbia public school districts where by far THE BEST WAGES are earned, and hence, PAY for his life-or-death meds he needs—asked me… when I told him “Man, it is a GREAT DAY in America! We can now return to the real world!” …he looked at me unmoved and asked “Great for who?”

    HAH!!! His point was well made and as a privileged white man in this country, it hit home. That even everything thing he and my ancestors fought for in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s, segregation in the 1970’s, etc, etc, right up to TODAY… is unbelievably STILL a god dayum fight today!!!! I could not argue his valid point. In many ways, the USA is still fighting problems born before the Civil War, socio-economic inequality, HORRIBLE minimum wages across the entire nation, still fighting for basic healthcare, all the while the U.S. remains as the world’s wealthiest nation, with by far the most superior medical research facilities & universities for the globe’s health… and remarkably is ranked #25 by the EIU’s Democracy Index… having fallen to “Flawed Democracy” back in Jan. 2017.

    Think it is time for Americans to wake up and see the reality… YES LoR, our major problems do indeed go beyond one effed-up President. We have a long established history “beyond one President.” It is time we change that embarrassing trend. πŸ˜‰ Don’t you agree… my fellow American? πŸ™‚ ❀


    • P.S. Btw LoR, I sure wish you’d say something over on my blog, to initiate dialogue… that this nation desperately needs so badly. πŸ˜‰ I hope you do more than just simply “Click” the Like button. That’s what I try to do hear at your blog. πŸ™‚

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      • As long as it is scientifically and medically based (soundly) according to the real experts… epidemiologists, virologists, and all doctors relevant to disease management… then you and I will not have any issues whatsoever!!! πŸ˜‰

        Now… WHY on Earth would I leave an angry rant? That’s an interesting presupposition LoR. Hmmmm. πŸ€” ❀

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      • If I judge by some of your previous comments, I will imagine the steam coming out of your ears as you read it… I’ll leave the rest as a surprise so there’s no spoilers for my other readers. πŸ˜‰ If I’m proven wrong, apologies in advance…

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      • Also LoR, if you are able to include many interviews with the family members of dead-by-COVID-19-infections—some 245,000 PLUS American families—and what it was like for their loved one to needlessly die by coronavirus, what they are now struggling through, how that family member contracted the deadly virus, and what surviving family members say now what MUST be done…

        …then that factual information would be GREAT to include in your “Covid-related hysteria” that crushes so many dead Americans and their families would be exceptional. πŸ˜‰ Let’s not lose our respect for all those suffering Americans from needless premature deaths. If you can provide say 20-100 of those highly personal stories, then that would be appreciated. THEY are those Americans that way too many brush over, marginalize, and minimize their suffering.

        Thank you Ma’am. 😁


  8. I heartily agree with 95%+ of the post.

    The only thing I’d quibble on is needing candidates like Trump. I have admired his willingness to fight back against the constant attacks and corrupt media. At the same time though, if he were more Reagan-esque in how he handled it all, his enemies would have had a much harder time constantly smearing him. What we need in candidates are people with his fight, but who can handle the fight with good oratory and decorum.

    Since I won’t be returning to respond to the attacks from liberals (I learned my lesson on talking to walls during the gun control post here)… First, if the media isn’t biased or corrupt, show me ONE thing positive any of the mainstream media has said about Trump.

    Second, you folks SHOULD take ownership of the monster YOU created. What got Trump elected was people like me who are sick and tired of constantly being called racist, fascist, homophobic, sexist, supporting school shootings, klan members, etc… We elected a reflection of the hate you’ve been directing at us for over a decade. You want to win elections without stuffing ballot boxes? Try practicing the unity and tolerance you preach, instead of meeting any difference of opinion with a closed fist and closed mind.

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    • I agree and good point about Trump. I would still argue that sometimes calling a spade a spade is what it takes for our most crucial, but heated issues sadly. We can’t constantly dance around them even if it is more diplomatic… And I say this as a non confrontational person offline!

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      • There’s a fine line there, I’d agree.

        Like Trump being elected, that directness is something the extreme left brings on themselves too by labeling and refusing to hear any opinions beyond their own. That gun debate was a great example. All they’d do is parrot if you own a gun, you want to kill people, esp school children. 120 Million gun owners in this country. Why aren’t there 120 million shootings a day if we’re all evil? If they’d taken the time to get to know me, they’d have found out that I actually lean a little Left on most social issues even though I’m a fiscal conservative. I’m pretty much do what you want so long as it doesn’t infringe on others’ rights or you expect them to pay for it.

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      • I understand what you mean… but you won’t find me dancing in the streets, real or metaphorically, IB. Some Conservative blogs I follow are suggesting a far more.. violent.. “acceptance” than you have done here. The celebrations are more about the relief of Trump, the Persona.. and far less about Conservative values or policies. There might be 75 Million that voted for Biden, but my concern more than anything is the 70 million fellow Americans that did not. Consider that a 50/50 divide to the 60/40 from 2016. The nation has a lot of issues to resolve. There’s no room to gloat, no time to gloat. Sigh of relief… yeah, for me given the 4 years of character chaos. But that’s not in the least regarding policy. You did make a good post here in that you have presented a call to utilize and encourage personal efforts to afford change, especially locally.
        Imagine what you and others could do in the spirit of your post without having to defend Trump’s chaos constantly. My reply wasn’t from a “grateful winner”…

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