I Don’t Need “Black Lives Matter” to Tell Me That Black Lives Matter….

The month long unrest that BLM has stirred up over the death of George Floyd and others has made the Left’s true agenda stand out crystal clear: It’s never really about what the Left tells us it is, from the BLM movement to the recent COVID-19 hysteria for instance. Conservatives condemned Floyd’s death just as liberals have, but don’t cover up and pretend that he was a saint when he had a lengthy criminal record including assaulting a pregnant woman. We can acknowlege the misconduct and abuse of power that officer who knelt on him had and condemn it without making him into a martyr with a state funeral. We can support black lives without twisting facts to suit a narrative rather than focusing on real instances of police misconduct and brutality or any number of substantive issues facing the black community. We can stand against racial bias and injustice without demonizing all white people, which in itself is a racist act. We can say the names of victims of black on black crime, and fallen black police officers such as David Dorn whose name was barely even mentioned when he died during the BLM riots, bleeding to death on a sidewalk as people filmed that too. We can stand with black conservatives and listen to their voices. We can learn from the wisdom of black intellectual leaders such as Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams.

The Left argues that they’re saying “black lives matter”, but actions speak louder than words, and what exactly are they doing? Burning down black communities. Looting businesses that keep the economies going in poorer neighborhoods including black owned businesses. Dismantling and demonizing the police force that keeps communities safe from criminals who tear down their prosperity. Silencing anyone who dares to ask for dialogue and debate, even to the point of violence. Shutting down major cities and terrorizing those living in them. Creating more racial tension and division by pitting whites vs. people of color rather than promoting mutual understanding and respect. Censoring anyone who dares contradict their “facts” and with it, actual ways to help the black community prosper. Calling people of color race traitors for daring to go against the Left’s ideology. Looking the other way at issues that hurt far more people of color than so called “white privilege”. Worst of all, cherry picking which black lives did matter. Are all these actions really saying “black lives matter to us”?

The Left is flat out lying to say conservatives don’t care about black lives, when many stand with people of color who want to better themselves and avail themselves of the opportunities America has to offer. Not to mention many black conservatives such as Candace Owens out there who are saying the exact same quote on quote “racist” things like personal accountability, the importance of education, the intact family etc… as non-black and brown conservatives. While the Left has been rioting and looting all in the name of BLM, black conservatives like CJ Pearson have raised thousands of dollars to rebuild and support black businesses.

You want to be a real ally to black communities? Why not volunteer to mentor an underprivileged youth? Why not support black businesses regardless of how “woke” they may be or not? Why not give hand ups rather than supporting handouts? Why not hold students of color to the exact same standards as everyone else so they can learn they can succeed despite the obstacles they may face? Or hire a person of color for their skill set and not just to fill a diversity quota? Why not teach the message to the next generation that you are more than just a victim, helplessly battered by a society working against you? Why not see the people of color in your life as more than just some underprivileged victim you need to be “woke” enough to help? As they say, the soft bigotry of low expectations is often the most damaging.

I don’t need to loot a store to realize black lives matter.

I don’t need to burn down my community to realize black lives matter.

I don’t need to demonize another race to realize black lives matter.

I don’t need to idolize someone with a violent past to realize black lives matter.

I don’t need to condemn the police (including the many police officers of color the Left has overlooked) to realize black lives matter.

I don’t need to support white guilt to realize black lives matter.

I don’t need to disrespect the flag and those who served to realize black lives matter.

I don’t need to hate the country to realize black lives matter.

I don’t need to choose between blue lives and black lives especially when many are one and the same.

And I certainly don’t need the Left dictating to me what I’ve always been raised to believe: ALL lives matter. Including black lives.

One other major point in all this: Whatever happened to COVID-19??? You know? The no large gatherings? Social distancing? Curfews? etc… Businesses can’t reopen or even defend themselves from looters using COVID-19 as an excuse, but “protesters” can come together in the thousands? President Trump can’t have a rally as he might spread the disease, but woke SJW’s are magically immune? Medical professionals who were stressing the importance of social distancing now say covid is no excuse to stay home from protesting? Is it just me, or does it reek of hypocrisy to you too?

Don’t believe me? Educate yourself with these resources I compiled in my previous post

Baltimore Riots

5 thoughts on “I Don’t Need “Black Lives Matter” to Tell Me That Black Lives Matter….

  1. Another excellent post, Lady of Reason. As usual, you make important points.

    “Black Lives Matter” is a simplistic slogan rather than a coherent policy proposal. The word “slogan” comes from a Scots Gaelic word for “battle cry” and the Black Lives Matter and Antifa
    movements use of slogans retains much of that sense of the word. Hawk Newsome, the president of Greater New York Black Lives Matter said in a recent interview “If the country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it.” The arson, looting and mob violence we continue to see give credence to Mr. Newsome’s threats and demonstrate the intent of the movement. We’ve all seen video of reporters broadcasting from in front of burning buildings while telling us that the protests were largely peaceful. We’ve even heard them say that while they themselves were being assaulted. Their absurd assurances sound like the old Chico Marx line “Who are you going to believe, me or your own lying eyes?”

    Focusing on the issue of race with slogans such as “Black Lives Matter” and denigrating anyone who dares say “All Lives Matter” shows that it’s just another race hustle that weakens rather than furthers the cause of police reform. BLM fails to distinguish between justified use of force such as the case of Michael Brown who was shot while attacking a police officer in Ferguson Missouri on one hand, and the completely unjustified murder of Philando Castile who was shot by a panicky police officer during a traffic stop. All BLM seems to care about is the race of the person killed regardless of the circumstances.

    Because it detracted from the BLM narrative that police use of force is a racial issue, Stephen Hsu recently was forced to resign his position from Michigan State University for his heretical study that showed police are not more likely to shoot black people. Also, BLM ignores such cases as black Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor’s murder of Justine Ruszczyk as well as shootings where race wasn’t a factor. I suggest that interested readers look up the Mesa Arizona shooting of Daniel Shaver as an example of the latter. If Shavers had been black, his death would have become a national issue. The body camera video of the incident is available on the Internet and it is appalling. I would urge people to view the videos of both the Castile and Shavers shootings and dump the politically correct race hustle in favor of actual police reform.

    If you want the police to behave responsibly rather than just further the race hustle, you need to support them when they are in the right and hold them accountable when they are wrong. Otherwise you send the message to them that, in minority neighborhoods, they are going to be blamed whether or not they are at fault. That fosters the “Ferguson Effect” where the police back off and ignore crime in black neighborhoods. The recently increased murder rates in several cities seems to be the result of that and the bulk of that crime is in the poorer sections. As the Lady of Reason points out, mob violence and the “Ferguson Effect” disproportionately injure those whom the movement purports to represent.

    The municipal governments that prevented the police from stopping the arson and looting are sowing the seeds of even greater problems. For some time now, the city government in Portland, Oregon among others refrained from arresting Antifa rioters allowing them to accost and assault people with near impunity. We see that even more now that Antifa and BLM seem to be joining forces. An example is the attached link to the tape of a terrified women being refused help by a 911 dispatcher https://www.fredericksburg.com/watch-now-911-call-during-protest-reverberates-in-fredericksburg/article_f3b9488f-e726-56ff-95ea-cb1373c1cc4e.html

    The basic purpose of government is protection. If people feel that they and their property are not protected by the government, the state loses legitimacy in the eyes of the citizenry. That easily could turn into a crisis and if, as Hawk Newsome seems to want, the system burns down, I doubt anyone, including Mr. Newsome, would really like the result.

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  2. Police reform is needed in many areas. I hope that it happens. Very few people burned and looted, but it doesn’t take many to cause huge problems for a community. It also doesn’t take many bad cops to cause huge problems for a community. The looters that can be identified will be arrested and brought to justice. The police that abuse their power and the public also need to be arrested and brought to justice.


  3. Well said!

    What I don’t understand is, if this is supposedly because of how terrible the US is for black people, why are there protests happening around the world? Did you know that there’s a group in Toronto trying to create their own CHAS? Why?? At this point, I think whites are a minority in most of Toronto. What are they protesting?

    I read an article a week or two ago, where the writer was asking much the same question. The writer was Kenyan. People were protesting police brutality in the US after Floyd’s murder, and he just didn’t get it. Police brutality is a huge problem in Kenya. The writer said that there isn’t a person in Kenya that hasn’t either experienced it themselves, or had family members brutalized or murdered by the police. But they were protesting something that happened in the US?

    It is so illogical.

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  4. History keeps repeating:

    “I am afraid that there is a certain class of race problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.”
    ~Booker T Washington (“The Intellectuals.” My Larger Education, Doubleday, Page & Co.,1911, pp. 119-120)


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