Classism: The Left’s Less Talked About Hypocrisy…

The Left often purports to be the party of egalitarianism… Anti-racist, anti sexist, the party of “tolerance” etc… etc… and yet, they have been proven time and time again to show they themselves display some of the most blatantly racist, sexist and intolerant ways of thought and action to groups they deem “less than”. However a less talked about aspect of this lies in another domain: prejudice and stereotyping based on socioeconomic status, in other words, classism.

You probably hear the Left saying how they want to dismantle social and economic inequality such as lessening the poverty gap and stopping rich elites from getting their privileges at the expense of everyone else. They may even talk about doing away with capitalism which to them, is the “enemy”! They say they are for the common man and woman, and yet, their true actions like much of what they do show through the facade of their utopic plans…

I would argue that on many counts, they are actually quite classist and demean the common man and woman and especially blue collar families. They say they want all these benefits to blue collar workers such as higher wages, more worker’s rights, more opportunities to advance, and yet, characterize them as these stupid ignoramuses! The Leftist politicians who come from wealth and privilege talk about how billionaires shouldn’t exist while raking in millions of dollars and living a lifestyle of gated communities, private jets, designer clothes, etc… and saying how they came from humble roots when in fact, they have always known privileges the common man and woman have not. Apparently this blatant hypocrisy is supposed to have gone over our heads and lead us to believe they were just like us! They treat us like low information voters, “sheeple” if you will, who will vote however they ideologically herd us.

Not to mention, they only care about the poor and blue collar they pick and choose, like the cradle to grave welfare leech who won’t work and lives off what others work to earn all their lives, or the illegal coming into the country to get those illicit votes. The Left “cares” about them, yet tells the blue collar worker earning his own wage he’s a “racist” for daring to ask why he has to earn his living and support his family when others who can work are supported through his salary. Regular blue collar folks, especially white families who are working poor or blue collar, and even middle class in some cases are seen as invisible to the supposed “benefits” the Left wants to hand out.

However the greatest example of the Left’s classist attitudes comes out when stereotyping who a conservative is. The stereotype of the average conservative in the Left’s mind is a white blue collar or middle class family. The people in what they call “Middle America” especially. Basically characterized as ignorant, backwards, uneducated hicks! Blind to their “white privilege” despite the fact they’re struggling to make ends meet, pay their bills, support their families, send their kids to college for a leg up in life etc… and dare to then question why these families are bitter over the cradle to grave welfare recipients and illegals who are getting free or subsidized healthcare, college, food, and such while they must earn everything they ever have.

There is also the incredibly insulting classist stereotype as well that these “deplorables” as Hillary called them, that can only be explained as the poorer and blue collar people having this mindset of anti-intellectualism or not wanting to better themselves socially and economically. This idea that while these families may come off as “upright” and have wholesome family values, that is rich in morals but little else, they have settled into their lot in life as lower wage workers without thinking of advancing themselves up the social ladder. While being seen as having wholesome values is a positive thing in itself, like the black people as athletic stereotype, it implies negatively that they are not smart or educated so while not directly negative, has a negative insinuation inherent in the stereotype. Using the language from a class I took once, the Left stereotypes the common man and woman as high in warmth but low in competence. Whereas I think why not see them as both? Related to the “wholesome values” stereotype, an extra-negative spin on this is that their values are actually very narrow minded and excludes others whereas the Left of course, has more tolerant and “inclusive” value systems. In essence, these common men and women are actually very narrow minded and excluding of those unlike them as well rejecting more “enlightened” values and goals of advancement.

The most stinging and hurtful stereotype to me personally at least is the one relating to anti-intellectualism. My family background is mainly blue collar. My grandparents on both sides came from poor immigrant families with nothing, who worked their way up to gain whatever social and economic capital my family has today. My grandpa was a factory worker and my grandma was a house cleaner who dropped out of high school. My other grandma was raised in the Mid West in a farming family who had to grow everything they had in the depression. However due to their sacrifices and saving, both of my parents had the chance to go to college and one to go even further to earn a master’s degree. I have been able to have an easy path to college and higher education and a comfortable middle class lifestyle because of their hard work. My family prized education and sought after it themselves. My maternal great-grandpa fought to keep my grandmother in school after 8th grade even though they told her to drop out as “she’d marry anyways”. My paternal grandpa got his college degree in his 70’s as he never had the chance in his youth but he believed it was never too late to better oneself. I have always been encouraged to prize academics and college was the default plan for me since infancy. I personally always identified as an intellectual who loves to think deeply and critically and pursue a love of the sciences from a young age of my own volition. I look up to the high powered professionals; scholars, scientists, doctors, professors,  researchers etc… I hope to be among their circles in a professional career where I use my mind everyday.

So you can guess why then it is a very personal thing to me to be stereotyped as seen as an anti-intellectual or of some mindset to not go above my social class because of my family’s middle class and blue collar roots and especially as a conservative. My family is made up of common men and women who are not rich elitists and value common sense and street smarts as well as prize education and opportunity for advancement up the social ladder. And they also are conservative. The most shocking thing is though, even more middle class intellectuals and people with higher degrees from a more humble background are starting to think of people from similar backgrounds with that snobbery and disdain as well! For example a professor I once had came from a blue collar working conservative family but had nothing but disdain for Trump supporting conservatives and his blue collar gun-owning father once he got a PhD and entered academic circles. Maybe it’s like the Left’s internalized prejudice concept where the oppressed group internalizes the message they’re inferior.

It’s incredibly alienating to feel that my future colleagues if they knew I’m conservative would characterize me as some backwards anti-intellectual ignoramus! Or to think if I chose a career in the sciences they would think me anti-science because they also stereotype conservatives as anti-science. Or because of the fact I embrace reality instead of “your reality” that means I’d be cold and insensitive as a psychologist. Or because I do think some cultures have more backward values that I believe ours should not embrace or let in the country I’d make a lousy anthropologist. Or because some conservatives don’t accept the theory of evolution they think I wouldn’t either. Or even in the intellectual secular community them not able to reconcile the fact I can indeed be a conservative without religion.

Many conservatives are great academics, smart, intellectual and critical thinkers, they just don’t get the chance to shine among their radical Leftist colleagues. Many are from blue collar working class backgrounds but are far from anti-intellectual ignorant hicks or of a closed mindset in terms of bettering themselves and their children. Intellect can be made of many dimensions, book smart being just one. Common sense goes a long way too and you don’t need letters after your name to:

Want your country and its people to be put first by its leader.

Want your children to be in safe neighborhoods instead of sanctuary cities overrun by criminals and leeches.

Want to raise your daughter to be a lady and son to be a traditional man.

Want to be proactive about the dangers in life, and live in the world as it is, not just what it should be like.

Want real protection in the hands of the common man and woman to protect against the next mass tragedy.

Want to stand up for your heritage and culture and not let everyone else erase and smother the values that give the country its reputation in the free world.

Want your hard work rewarded and others to earn their way as you had to.

Want the truth, not “fake news” and propaganda and lies assuming you are a low information voter.

Want to be known as something more than a “deplorable”.

Amazing it took what many would consider a rich elitist to keep the promises America wanted, really speak to the common man and woman, and help make the country great again…

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  1. Democrats Are Dumb, make NO mistake about that! , YOU PEOPLE elected the Vegetable that we currently have in the Whit House but NOT because of his policies but ONLY to vote against Donald Trump! Why? Because his policies were so Bad? NO, that can’t be the real reason, because he actually has done more good for American than any other President in Modern Times.
    But you put a Delusional, Senile, Walking Vegetable into the White House to cause Chaos, to defy our American traditions, to defy our Constitutional, to do away with Donald Trumps MANY achievements with only a stroke of his Pen ..and sent the country back to the miserable days of Jimmy Carter, that threatened the security of the country? That Killed our Economy, that Divided the people, and that put our safety in Jeopardy. And I didn’t even get to mention the Chaos at our Southern Border .
    This administration is a slap in the face to every Patriot that has ever fought and died for this country. And this President should be ASHAMED of himself for all the harm, and destruction that he is responsible for. .
    How truly patriotic of you American Socialists!


  2. As Long as our news media has been alive, it has been corrupt. Even Thomas Jefferson commented on it. I took a tour through the Hearst mansions while back, even the partisan guide, this guy had nothing but love for Wm R Hearst, said he was called the King Maker. If you wanted to be President, you had to kiss his ring first. Things haven’t changed , nor w8ll they if left alone. I, for one, believe that they wield too much power and need to be regulated. I know, 1st amendment. That doesn’t mean the number of newspapers and or tv/radio stations can’t be limited. The 2nd amendment is much more restrictive in wording, “shall not be infringed “, yet still has legal limitations. Unfortunately, any politician that tries to enact such legislation will get smeared by the press and crucified by these King Makers.

    Who knew that this electronic marvel, internet, would provide the vehicle by which we the people would and could unseat the Kings of media! I have turned off tv news in favor of performing my own research into topics of interest. I can go directly to the source, CDC for instance, and get the unspun truth. I also believe, politicians, should publish in-depth reports and background information supporting their positions, instead those 10 second tv sound clips.

    Sorry for the long post here’s a potato.


    • It’s far less about the mainstream press. They do have a basic incentive to try and get it right because if they repeatedly do not.. then they lose audience share, hence money. I do not one single bit believe in all this media conspiracy hogwash in the mainstream media (including mainstream press). Do they occasionally reflect the media owner’s bias? Of course… but even that is guarded… and also not on each and every news event. There are professional journalists.. many of them.. that try and do credible work. It’s not always about “if they don’t report it this way they get fired” nonsense. Any “fake” news is mainly on the Internet. “Fake news” has become way too generic a term… usually meaning “they only report the negative”. But reporting “negative” does NOT mean it’s fake one bit. Of course they can screw up… humans that they are.. and the credible sources will correct themselves.
      All that being said… the vast majority of Americans are gullible.. and not in the derogatory sense at all. People are all different and many are consumed with living lives their own way with occupations, family, friends, etc. and have little or no use for diving into deep politics like all us Boomer old farts meandering through retirement looking for relevancy by blogging. So people will believe who they tend to favor that reports the news… and people just love to be with others who share their own opinions on how life should be governed. Now with the proliferation with talking head opinions intermixed with the news, Americans are getting confused between the reporting of news and the commentary to follow. On the long term what we need to do as a society is begin teaching critical thinking skills in our schools… more than just the usual “problem solving” benign exercises. but solid real-world skills to create a personal filter to assess what being presented to them. But even at that.. not everyone cares to jump into politics and use their heads.. they prefer to let others think for them. Again, that’s not a negative.. just the variety of humanity.


  3. Hey you moron. do you think that you are an angel that you jumped from the heaven?. you are making one sided comments that is totally unfair.

    do you want to know the cause of your position? it is because you blaspheme GOD annd don’t follow the ten commandments. you want to live a life like dogs and hogs and you speak of women’s freedom you fool.

    Hey dumb lady, this word “freedom” itself is mischievous by nature and speaks about selfish enjoyment without any restrictions. unrestricted sex enjoyment is forbidden in an cultured society.

    atheists people are the most dumbest people in the world and their intelligence is crippled due too their sinful desires to enjoy.

    you can block me but you can’ hide the absolute truth you fool.


  4. For my opinion, the root of the problem reaches much deeper and thorough the whole world. I’m from germany and our most important part of economy has always been blue collar.
    But nowadays people tend to belittle those people who buld the base of our stable economy with their craftsmanship.
    This craftsmanship is valuable. In the long term it is more valuable for actual economy than intellectual work. You need much more workers in economy to have it work out than you need intelectuals. That means, while it is neccessary to give access to higher education to all kinds of people, just because if you don’t you will miss the best talents, every single academic should realize that although his work is important, it is possible only because there are workers out there who keep the ball rolling.
    In a world where everypne got a degree workers would still be needed. So the leftists would do good to appreciate and welcome everyone who works blue collar because if they wouldn’t exist, day to day neccessities would still need to be done. Without bakers, cleaningpeople, factoryworkers, salesmen and so on a professor would not find much time to study and work out innovation, they would spend their time cleaning, getting food done, sewing clothes and so on. So the people who prefer manual labour over an intellectual career ain’t the problem. The problem are those people who look down on them and lack gratefulness and appreciation for their work. Unless people don’t learn again that everyone is important as long as they work and do their part, the world will crash sooner or later. But it will hit the intellectuals first. Because after any disruption in the past, might it be a war or a depression or a catastrophe whatever. Intellectuals won’t be in high demand anymore. The workers are the people who will build up agai as they’be always did.
    Intellectuals are needed…when everything works and we have capacity for growth. They should be grateful that we (still) have times like this. If it comes to sheer survival we can do fine without the booksmart people, universities will be closed till the crisis is over. They won’t be the first thing to build up again. Never have been. Especially if the people remember how they’ve been treated by those who came from them.
    Our CEO has an important position. We need him to get contracts and have work. But he always says, he’s not the one who fulfills the contract. That’s our workforce. The labourers who do the actual work. They rake the money in which pays our wages as well. So we, HR, Training, Leadership, should always treat them with respect. And I think, that’s the proplem: Leftists wsnd to tale from them. They only want and want and want. Acknowledgement of tjeir importance, their talents and their work would make it harder to tax their income away. So they belittle them and create reasons and ressentiments so no one dares to question their greed. For them it’s for the greater good after all and the greater good, that’s them!

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  5. I was out of the country when Trump won the election, so I didn’t vote. It was at a time when I felt that there are more important things in life than being driven into the dirt by American politics, and to be honest, I didn’t expect Trump to win that election.

    As to Trump’s overall personality, he’s not someone I would prefer spending an evening with over cocktails, but then I’m not someone who is looking for a saint to serve in the White House. Like most Americans, I am tired of politicians; people who you know are lying to you because their lips are moving.

    The quest by the left for political supremacy in this country has so thoroughly divided us that I seriously doubt that we can ever put the Republic together again. This situation didn’t develop in a fortnight. The path to where we are today is a long one, beginning probably around 1828, picking up steam with the Wilson administration, and going into bonkers mode when Soros began infusing our politics with massive amounts of money and anti-American organizations.

    So, here’s where we are now: there are two camps.

    In one of these, there is a gargantuan effort to demoralize American society by convincing us that none of our republic’s institutions are trustworthy: courts, law enforcement, legislative, and executive branches. Divide and conquer is their modus operandi: rich vs. poor, black vs. white, smart vs. dumb, etc. Their underlying narratives are false because they embrace a detestable foreign ideology that we have repudiated and expended tens of thousands of lives to defeat on too many battlefields. These were young men and women of all persuasions who were loved by their parents, their siblings, their spouses and sweethearts, and by their children, who never had the chance to see them grow old. These sacrifices are today disclaimed by virulent Marxists who are more interested in hateful tweets than in learning important lessons from history. These leftists are the antithesis of our “greatest generation.”

    In the other, we find people who genuinely want to feel proud to be American, who recognize that nationalism is a good thing when put to upright purposes, who believe that American exceptionalism is illustrated by our history of doing good in the world even when mistakes have been made along the way. They are people who want the government out of their lives, who want to make their own decisions in life no matter what their outcome, who wish to pursue liberty as our founding fathers envisioned it. They want to believe and see evidence that we are a nation of laws applied to everyone equally, fairly, without exception. They want less government because less authoritarianism means more individual liberty. They believe that political power belongs to the people, not political parties, and they are not buying into nor accepting of the Marxist antics of the opposition.

    It isn’t about Trump. It’s about resurrecting and maintaining the proud traditions of our American Republic. To accomplish this, we need to find ways to reconcile our varying opinions and attitudes. We can never solve problems from outside the circle; we can only solve problems through a good-faith, respectful dialogue and a willingness to find common ground. No shouting. We will never agree on everything, and as with most families, there will always be squabbles. But if we continue to hate one another (and hate is the right word, which appears to be the primary strategy of the Marxist left), then there is no chance at all of preserving the Republic. IMO, people who cannot see this should do themselves and everyone else a favor by staying home on Election Day.

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  6. Another dead-on post exquisitely written. The left’s three-fold formula is pretty simple and obvious for all to see. Declare something a “crisis”, tell the masses it’s their fault because they’re racist or sexist , convince them you are the Messiah who will right the wrong. Voila, all your guilt will be assuaged. What a crock!

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  7. In my observations over the decades, I’ve found…

    There are none more intolerant, than those who demand tolerance.

    There are none more racist, than those who are quickest to accuse others of racism.

    There are none more closed minded than those who demand everyone else be open minded.

    There are none more hateful than those who accuse others of hate.

    There are none more uncivil than those who demand civility from others.

    From a psychological point of view, it’s like the chronic liar who is so quick to accuse everyone else around them of lying, because 1) they assume everyone else lies like they do so it must be true and 2) by accusing others of lying first, it puts people on the defensive and distracts away from their own lies. I have been seeing this time and again with all the accusations Dems made against Trump since the day he won the election that turned around and bit them on the butt, when the evidence kept leading to their own side. So they’d drop one thing like a hot potato and move on to another accusation, only for that one to lead to their own side, yet again. They accuse Trump, conservatives or just anyone that disagrees with them of what they, themselves, are. It’s not just hypocrisy. They actually believe that, if the accusations are made and investigated, something will be found, because they are already doing these things and can’t imagine a world where people *aren’t* doing these things.

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  8. As usual, you make important points. Also, I love the cartoon. It sums up my feelings and it serves as an excellent answer in advance to fellow who responded with the anti-Trump diatribe. Now he knows how we felt when we had to put up with 8 years of Obama. That Trump causes his critics so much anguish demonstrates that he’s doing the job we elected him to do.

    I quite agree that the left purports to want to benefit average people while, at the same time, denigrating them as uneducated hicks who don’t know what’s good for them. To the left, we poor dumb folks in flyover country need the lefties’ wise guidance and any resistance that we offer just proves our ignorance. After all, if we were smart, we’d agree with them.

    They demonize capitalism and call for a centrally planned economy (socialism) regardless of the pain and poverty that has resulted where it was adopted, such as the USSR and Venezuela. Of course the administrators, the Nomenklatura, in those countries do quite well while everyone else goes hungry. You are quite correct that the left wants to be the upper class in a so-called egalitarian society. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

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    • “That Trump causes his critics so much anguish demonstrates that he’s doing the job we elected him to do.”
      So, Dems Are Dumb, you elected Trump not on his policies but as an agent to cause chaos, defy traditions, defy Constitutional norms, flip the finger to at least 55% or the country, and send the country into a political divide that threatens the security of the country? How truly patriotic of you.


  9. That’s all wonderful and you got it off your chest. It seems Conservatives are feeling the pressure from those “wascally” Liberals. But you left out likely the most important aspect affecting all this… Trump’s behavior and persona. Republicanism=Trump, racism=Trump, divisiveness=Trump, non-traditional presidential behavior=Trump, lies and untruths=Trump, turning the presidency into a reality show=Trump, unrestrained vindictiveness=Trump, combative nature=Trump, the theme of MAGA=Trump (America was already great), threats of retribution=Trump…. I’m sure you get the idea.

    Your “funny” illustration… leaves out a big difference in the previous 8 years before Trump to now… the demeanor, persona, intellectual and articulate, not knee jerk emotional, Obama was a far better human being in general than Trump… whether you find everything he did as policy objectionable or not. Personality and integrity mean something to many people… and many are like myself… non-Trumpian Republicans.


  10. Thanks for this… Awesome as always. It really strikes a tone with me as all you have to do is read Twitter to see first hand a lot of what you’re writing about here. I’m a non-college educated blue collar guy. Followed in my father’s footsteps and became an electrician. I am 64 YO and am a critical facility director for the largest FinTech company in the world and earn $200k+ a year, so haven’t done bad for a low life electrician… :). I am a member of the trade union and voted the way they told me. I educated myself about politics around 1990 and haven’t looked back. As may Americans, Rush Limbaugh taught me a lot. Going back to my Twitter comment, it’s funny how the left seems to always spew how smart they are because they are educated. I just shake my head when I read some of it. I have stopped reading the replies to the Trump tweets. They are just too full of hatred for me. All people in the right aren’t perfect either, but for the most part we just want everyone to be lifted and have a great life. I am thankful for my parents, and grandparents who were, for the most part, poor as dirt, but didn’t know it. We had everything we needed. We raised 3 boys and they are all grown successful men that have made us proud. I see their lives are better than mine when I was their age and that makes me very happy. I never taught them politics, but they are all conservatives, Thank God! I appreciate you and enjoy your “reason”!

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