“Then They Came for You…”

Have you ever noticed that people on the Left love to spout declarations that seem not only absurd, and against common sense, but are actually harming their own self interests? One would not be surprised by people trying to push agendas on others, but I am surprised by those who virtue signal statements that actually go against their own self interests! An example to illustrate this is when in college, a number of white students declared that there were “too many whites” at the college! It’s so common place now to see these white virtue signaling Lefties say things like that and declare they’re guilty of their inherited white privilege and cry for reparations for people of color we no longer bat an eye. However really step back and look at it: If anyone actually calls their bluff and institutes these sentiments in practice, not just virtue signaling theory, it hurts the very people espousing these views! Seems illogical doesn’t it?

But then I realized something else: They DON’T think it affects them personally so they feel safe to say whatever they please! Yep. Those white college kids who cried for less white people at my college won’t be removed at all. They got accepted, paid tuition and won’t get their acceptance rescinded because they’re “too white”. They basically can shout “no more whites!” from the rooftops and have absolutely zero consequences as nothing will actually be done to them. It will be the next incoming class who’s affected if the college takes them seriously. But key point here is it won’t be them 😉 This translates into many the issues the Left virtue signals about too. Women getting defensive and enraged at the idea of safety tips to lessen risk of sexual assault? Another example!

These women who want to shut down discussions of watching how much you drink, not dressing provocatively and acting like you want sexual attention, going alone and such probably haven’t had a close call or been assaulted. All the young women saying “just teach men not to rape” have most likely never been raped. To them, actually being the victim they theorize about isn’t all that real of a possibility. Until it’s too late. After all, what woman would rather put herself in real danger of being assaulted as opposed to spreading safety tips that may sound un-PC and anti-feminist but lessen her risk of an actual assault? They can spout anything they want about how the world should be, then declare they will live as it should be, not as it is because they don’t really see sexual assault as something they’re in danger of. To the Left who virtue signals some issue, it’s merely a theoretical exercise. They don’t see how the real life implications and unintended consequences will affect them if their bluff is called.

Funny thing though is, when an issue did affect the Lefties at my school, they jumped on the other side! Many have said they’d support all gender or transgender bathroom bills allowing biological men to use their bathrooms. However, when it came up in my suite one year at college they all said NO to male guests, many who were well known boyfriends and would never hurt a fly, from using our bathroom and made them go all the way down the hall to a men’s room. Why? Because they felt uncomfortable and even scared by seeing a man in their bathroom! So basically they were perfectly fine with complete male strangers coming into the ladies room at the mall whom they had zero clue what he intended, but were okay with not allowing someone’s boyfriend we all knew well from using a bathroom for 20 seconds to pee under the supervision of his girlfriend (male guests also were to be accompanied at all times so we knew who they were with). Yeah, that makes sense…. Or think on this: Girls who spout messages of “I don’t have to do anything to prevent assault, it’s all on men not to rape!” still watch their drinks like a hawk so they don’t get roofied, or don’t walk alone, or may think twice about how they act despite virtue signaling for their peers. When an issue becomes all that more real and personal, they act very differently from what they will say.

It’s just like that poem about when you don’t speak up for anyone else, and then they came for you and no one’s there to protect you! It’s never real until you’re on the other end of it. However like that poem, it will be you one day. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, or next week. But it’s only a matter of time before:

That girl “theoretically” in danger in the trans-friendly bathroom is your daughter.

The school your children attend with zero protection against intruders is the next tragedy in the news.

The house Antifa decides to stand outside and harass has your own family inside it.

The neighborhood that was always safe now run over by MS-13 becomes yours.

The girl at the party drunk in the mini dress is your best friend.

The flight you decided to take is the one the terrorists decide to hijack because security has become lessened as to not offend the Muslim community.

The global warming activism you take on means you can’t drive a car, or take a flight, or even turn your lights on when you need to.

That boy accused of sexual assault on shaky grounds and moral panic is your son.

The criminal benefiting from “justice reforms” and gets off with a light or no sentence had your purse or broke into your business.

That guy laid off due to poor economic sanctions and struggles to support his family becomes you.

When you have to pay the tab for the welfare state, not just your parents.

The baby whose fate is a “choice” making those little kicks you find so miraculous is in your abdomen.

The park overrun by the unstable homeless leaving drug paraphernalia and feces is now the park your children play in.

When your “white privilege” you sincerely believe in causes you to be denied that job, or promotion, or getting into that school or even makes you pay for the mistakes of another all because of the color of your skin.

And that’s by no means an exhaustive list of examples! Who will stand up for your community, your friends, your family, yourself, when those policies you virtue signal to others become the reality and not just a classroom discussion? Who will be there to stand up for your rights and safety when they come for you

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  1. It seems to me you treated leftists in an optimistic way.
    For what I saw so far, no matter what happens, it is conservatives’ fault.


  2. Man or women one should follow the traffic rules otherwise both of them will be in danger. Womens naturally they are dependent on others. if they want to be independent their biological nature doesn’t allow them. Womens are biologically inferior to men’s nature and they are not equal.

    For eg: If a women is raped by a man it’s the women falls a victim. Similarly where there is attraction naturally there is a tendency to possess. . A gold or diamond is kep in a safe and not in the streets. A real religion teaches sense control to man and women. It also teaches us to show our inherent love towards eternal GOD where HE is the center of attraction for every living entity.

    At present the society is becoming more and more Godless therefore temporary attraction between man and women is becoming predominant. A women wants to show herself attractive by exposing her body and a man wants to show himself attractive by his speech, body and dress. So women’s responsibility is not to intentionally or accidently agitate the mind of a man. A man must respect women’s nature and women must respect man’s nature and act according to the situations as both of them should mutually respect each other and bear the responsibility inorder to prevent social disruption of the society. if the women thinks I am also equal like a man and tries to act independently then she is the cause of begetting fatherless children in the society and such childrens are more exposed to criminal activities creating a hellish condition in the society.

    This is only possible only when we understand our eternal position and our eternal relationship with GOD and act in such a platform. Unrestricted material enjoyment is the cause of our miseries.


    • When. I arrive at a high school for a basketball game (I’m a high school varsity referee) I’m shocked when a janitor opening the door speaks English.

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      • There are so many examples, in so many communities. Which is why there are so many walkaways from the dem party, and why the GOP has a big tent and keeps growing.

        Gay women were fine with MTF trans folk until trans started to expand the definition of bigotry and inequality to include gay women who declined to date men who dressed as women. Jews were fine with intersectionality until they were called white supremists and shoved across the line with the deplorables. Feminists were ready to get out their pink hats for another march, then found out it’s cancelled because there’s too many white people marching.

        Some are so far gone though, that it would take something more than self preservation. It will take another generation to break free of the programming. And you best believe that generation is coming.

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  3. Excellent post as usual. People have a natural tendency to be more circumspect when they perceive a cost to themselves then when they bear no risk or cost for a decision.
    I agree with you completely that the SJWs are so cavalier about the cost others might incur for their PC demands because they don’t realize that they themselves might have to live in the dystopia that they seek to create.

    To add to the examples that you provided; it’s easy for celebrities such as former mayor and current democratic presidential candidate Bloomberg, who are surrounded by armed security, to say that people shouldn’t be armed and able to defend themselves as they did in the recent active shooter incident at the White Settlement, Texas church. To the celebrities, the risk that others must incur is secondary to political correctness. One need only look at their armed guards to know how they feel about their own security.

    The issue of sexual assault seems to be the hottest topic among the comments and, at the risk of controversy, I will venture to add my thoughts. The comments seem to center on the notion of causation and there we need to distinguish fault versus risk. Rape is the fault of the rapist regardless of how negligent the victim is. That said, those who would prevent rape would be more effective if they focused on what works and what doesn’t. From the point of view of the victim, fault is secondary to preventing the attack in the first place. Although you have a perfect right to drink as much as you want and to walk alone at night in a dangerous area, assailants are uninterested in your rights and you are unlikely to find it comforting that it wasn’t your “fault” that you were attacked.

    Over the years, it has been my privilege to have known and studied under some high level self defense teachers, including firearms instructors and Asian martial artists of some renown. I even learned a bit from them. Human predators are like their wild animal counterparts, they look for vulnerable prey. As one of my teachers put it, “If you look like food, you’ll be eaten.” Someone walking alone at night in a dangerous area looks vulnerable especially if he or she appears intoxicated or otherwise unaware of his or her surroundings. Wolves don’t charge into the center of the herd to pull down a bull buffalo, they go for a weaker animal that has wandered away from the rest.

    You have the right to walk wherever you want, however you want and to drink as much as you want and, if you are attacked, it won’t be your fault. That said, an assailant will be as undeterred by that notion as would an active shooter be deterred by a “Gun Free Zone” sign. To them it’s just a sign of easy pickin’s.

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  4. Someone provided me with this reply when I asked why feminists were at war with transgenders. I’m posting here just for your edification. Sometimes everyone doesn’t really know what the words mean or what we are talking about.

    Nikola’s Notion
    That’s because transgenders deny that sexes (male and female) exists and therefore deny that there is such a thing as heterosexuality or homosexuality.

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    • I don’t think that’s why feminism clashes with transgenderism, but rather why the LGBT (at least the LGB part) is at war with transgenderism. Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals do not share comradeship with transgender people due to the denial of homosexuality.

      I consider myself a feminist and I have the logic to know that there are only 2 sexes/genders. I support women in business and leadership, women making their own choices, and being given the same opportunities as everyone else. As a feminist, my issue is when transgender woman (a biological man) want to infiltrate into places where frankly, only females belong. I will address a transgender persom by their chosen pronouns and names but I feel that entertainment has a stopping point. Just a few weeks ago there was an article about a transgender woman appalled that a gynecologist would not see her. And that a bikini wax salon would not wax her male genitalia. To me, that’s nothing short of mental illness. And as a feminist, no woman should shoild be forced to see or touch any man’s hairy balls, even if said man claims she identifies as a woman. It’s absolute lunacy.

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  5. You can’t fix stupid.

    “Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder” book by Michael Savage

    First they came… poem by Martin Niemöller

    Nothing good happens after midnight.

    The best way to not be a victim of a crime or accident is to never be alone. (I’m still researching statistics, but my gut tells me that other than slipping in the bathtub this may hold true.)

    Olde Wisdom from Thee Frugal Curmudgeon

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  6. It might be instructive to ask progressives what it is about America that drives them to so passionately hate our country and its enlightened foundations —to explain how their view of the world would improve our country over its previous 244 years.

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  7. I am surprised by those who virtue signal statements that actually go against their own self interests!
    Have you read “What’s the Matter with Kansas,”? It is about people virtue signaling and fighting pointless culture wars with their votes, to their financial detriment.

    You know I have never heard anyone objecting to reasonable safety tips. After all, the rapist is there and trying to rape someone so don’t be an easy victim. The same women who say “teach men not to rape” also talk about rape culture and feeling unsafe around creepy men.They tend to overestimate how often sexual assault occurs and see rapists around every corner.

    The problem that the “teach men not to rape” ladies have is with the implication that the sexual assault is the fault of the victim because of her location, outfit, drinking ect. Giving the victim of sexual assault a lecture about her short skirt, or solo walk through the parking garage is inappropriate. Most of the women engaging in very risky behavior aren’t raped either and as we can see from the number of people who have been sexually assaulted while not doing anything particularly risky, it isn’t the victim’s behavior that causes the assault. This is an important distinction. There is, quite reasonably in my opinion, pushback when people don’t make this distinction. A lot of the pushback is from women who have been sexually assaulted.


    • The victim’s behavior can put her at an increased risk of assault even if it doesn’t cause it to happen per se…. Having your valuables unattended doesn’t cause them to be stolen as someone has to steal them, but leaving them out makes it easier for those to carry out the crime.


  8. To the Left (those) who virtue signal some issue, it’s merely a theoretical exercise ”. This is like describing Christianity. They have never field tested any of it—they only know the words. Both sides have their virtue signals going strong. I wouldn’t say it’s only the left by a long shot.

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      • No Jim, they are not like me because their positions are based on making people feel guilty and not reason or common sense. But thank you for trying.

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      • That sounds exactly like you (and them btw) The divisions are calculated to continue as long as we keep believing the bogey man. Like Eric Hoffer said, mass movements don’t require a god or religion, but they do require a devil. If you want to see what real America is like go talk to your neighbors in person. There’s little problem here.


      • Sorry for the delay in responding, Jim.

        Perhaps in my next life I will be blessed with a small percentage of the philosophical understanding that you enjoy. How nice that it keeps you above the fray. As for me, in this life I am accursed with a sense of pragmatism. I believe what I learn from past events and I believe people when they tell me on a daily basis who they are.

        To me, loss of rights and freedom are always incremental. A little bit now, a little bit later and then voila. The left’s march toward socialism is an example of this is in real time. Like the man said, “pay me now or pay me later.” I for one, prefer to tackle it now rather than be a bystander later who says “how did this happen?”

        Let’s not hijack Lady’s blog. You live in your perceived utopia and I’ll wallow in the state of reality. In the meantime, if you really want to pursue this senseless he said/he said dialogue you are welcome to comment on my blog, where I don’t mind getting hits from whatever source.

        Having said all this, I do want to say I read many of your blog posts and as a fellow atheist, found them extreme informative and sound, although written in a style a bit above my level of intellect. I look forward to reading more.

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      • Thanks Al. Personally I’d love to blow up her blog with about a thousand comments. Haha. She deserves it. Thanks for the thoughtful reply. As far as the style of my blog, this is my own, expert free work since losing faith. I’ve avoided the professional opinions like the plague on every level because I see them as a big part of the mess we’re in. I’ll check out your site.

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      • You rock sista! Either way. I was really bored today in the snowstorm and though I’d spice up my day here. I was wrong. Hahah. Kidding. Always good to see your blinkered political spins.

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