Several Reasons Why We “Resist” Political Correctness

Many on the Left are still puzzled as to why conservatives like myself and many others are so resistant to their new PC “innovations”. After all to them, being politically correct is simply common courtesy, or not being offensive or disrespectful. Why would people not care if they hurt others’ feelings or are callous and indifferent to people’s struggles? Are conservatives just a bunch of big bullies? Of course that isn’t true, and countless conservatives are just as kind and considerate as the rest of humanity! So why then, aren’t we just going along with every declaration the Left throws at us in terms of what’s socially acceptable?

Among several answers that come to mind, a major explanation is an inherent criticism into political correctness in itself as a “moral” thing to do. Political correctness asks us to be considerate of other’s feelings, and be conscientious of how our words and actions affect others. However, this lofty moral aim only applies to select groups which the Left chooses, and not everyone. Is it really just me, or does anyone else with some observational skills notice how it’s a-okay to mock, belittle, demonize and deride men, white people, and old people, especially if all three are combined into being an old white male in ways completely unacceptable to do so if the genders and races were reversed? Why is it acceptable to say there are too many white people or too many men, yet not for minorities or women? Why does no one bat an eye when people openly declare they feel threatened by white people yet a white person saying such a thing about a racial minority is a racist bigot? Why are men told to shut up about issues affecting women yet women face no such restrictions on issues pertaining to men? This hypocritical double standard of reverse discrimination chips away at any moral high ground political correctness presents itself as and many see it as dishonest and lacking integrity. 

Another reason also relates to practicality and safety. Many politically correct edicts are simply dangerous, to put it bluntly. The idea that cis-gendered male predators who will prey on women won’t take advantage of now transgender laws allowing trans women in bathrooms or locker rooms for women won’t happen is absurd. I’m not saying that genuine trans women committed to living as women are the threat, but regular men can pretend to identify as a woman merely to gain access to women and no one is allowed to question their true motives. Not acknowledging the risks to women and children in these spaces puts countless people at risk for being leered at and harassed, not to mention sexual predation and molestation! Another major example is how we treat rape prevention advice to women.

Any attempt at safety tips for women is construed as victim blaming, despite the fact the same tips generalized for other non-sexual crimes is something no one equates with victim blaming nor bats an eye about. The idea we can teach young women to brazenly and carelessly get completely wasted, walk alone in sketchy areas, wear revealing clothing and not be sending the wrong message if they don’t want sexual attention and live in the world as it should be rather than as it really is, no matter how unfair or unjust puts them at immense risk for victimization. Of course we shouldn’t live in a world of predatory men hurting women any chance they get, nor does a woman ever “deserve” to be assaulted, but the reality of the situation is there will always be rapists no matter how much “education” you give the male population, just as we teach our kids not to steal, and yet there are still thieves. “Just don’t rape” isn’t the one all encompassing answer to preventing women from becoming victims, and the idea that it’s now socially unacceptable to acknowlege that truth is a direct assault on women’s safety.

An additional reason relates to matters of identity and culture. I’ve heard it argued before by the Left that if something is fairly inconsequential to you, that is you personally have nothing to lose in changing something you do or say, and it matters a great deal more to someone else if you do, then why not just do it? For example, if changing a term you use is of no tangible consequence to you, but means the world to someone else for you to change, why not just do it rather than make a mountain out of a molehill? On it’s face that sounded fairly reasonable. It seems like, okay? Why not? Got to pick your battles sometimes…

The issue in this type of politically correct issue is based in more abstract ideas, so I’ll give a concrete example of a case. One such case was over the renaming of a place in Arizona called “Squaw Peak” to another name because some consider “squaw” to be offensive, thus politically incorrect. There was major push back against this however by the locals of the area, a they have always known it by its original name. Other similar examples involving re-naming include changing namesakes for colleges, buildings, streets etc… from historical figures now deemed “un-PC” for their historical views. Or going beyond places, what about those sports teams the Left decided needed a re-do? On its face, these name changes seem inconsequential. Admit it: What tangible harm will that do to you personally? Unlike many of the safety issues or moral hypocrisy targeting you personally, changing the name of something unrelated to your direct life is not the same as targeting you. Having the sign read “Piestewa Peak” instead of “Squaw Peak” is not the end of life as you know it. Thing is, maybe there are some more significant implications…

It’s really not so much that isolated incident in of itself, is it? It’s really about a much bigger idea: Changing the name changes some of the essence of that place, what its significance is, and part of that community’s identity. Places are meaningful. Imagine the name of your town were changed. Or this entire country for example! Does it matter to you if we change the name of your favorite spots, or places that signify a part of your community’s identity? What about your favorite sports team? Would you root for it under another name? Even if you did, would it feel exactly the same? If you’re honest with yourself, probably not. Changing the name of something significant to your life or your community changes the essence, the identity of that place or thing figuratively as well as literally, which in essence, changes the culture. Even speech is a huge example. The way we talk is a direct reflection of our culture, and in that light, changing one term to another speaks volumes. For many, a seemingly insignificant change implicitly sends the message, you need to change who you are as our culture is superior to yours… 

The last but certainly not the last example I want to bring up as to why conservatives are very critical and resist political correctness is obvious, but not as thought of: We’re simply tired of never being able to please you no matter what we do. Yep. Even if an issue truly is inconsequential in the truest sense of the word for us, maybe we’re just tired of being in a society constantly telling us everything we do is offending someone, and no matter what we may do to fix it, there’s always the next thing, and the next, and the next etc… We address one issue, it’s onto the next, or even if we come up with some solution, it in itself is considered offensive! For instance, people of color complain white people don’t give them a voice on racial matters. Then when white people ask them about a racial issue they are often met with the angry retort “I’m not the spokesperson for all people of color! I’m tired of everyone asking me this stuff…” But, wait a second! Isn’t the reason a white person asked you about your perspective on the issue because you’re a person of color, thus better suited to give an answer on racial issues as opposed to the white person just assuming what you might think??? In essence, you’re given a voice on an issue relating to your race, then get offended because someone asked you because of your race… This just highlights the catch 22 of the Left’s edicts, as well as that many are just plain ridiculous! Banning saying “holding down the fort” because it might be vaguely offensive to Indians is absurd, when there’s no definitive evidence it’s referring to Native Americans for just one example. You know, maybe if it were like one to two major issues that were declared solved and case closed once something was done, many conservatives would have been more willing to oblige the PC ideas. It’s when it’s complaint after complaint after complaint our ears get numb to it and our patience drains away completely.

Overall, an environment where breathing is probably offensive in some way, not being un-PC is an impossible challenge to anyone who has common sense, reason, and a sense of fairness! What’s not to “resist” about it? To leave you with one final thought: Is political correctness really about doing what the Left sincerely thinks is the right thing to do, or is it just yet another tool to push their agendas? 

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40 thoughts on “Several Reasons Why We “Resist” Political Correctness

  1. I agree with your statement that PC is common courtesy and I am for being polite and not hurting other’s feelings. I also agree that there’s a double standard- that only certain groups can say and feel certain things. But I also feel that PC is a tool by the Left to tell you what you ought to think and say- and how you’re “supposed” to feel. It’s a tool to control people and can be used as a tool for bullying certain groups and classes of people. And people resist PC because they just don’t want to be controlled.
    This was a wonderful and insightful read! Thank you for posting this.

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  2. A while ago I had a conversation with a couple of people from China who lived through Mao’s Cultural Revolution and they made an interesting point. The Antifa crowd reminded them very much of Mao’s Red Guard who enforced conformance with Mao’s political line. Like the Red Guard, the SJWs and their Antifa storm troopers are a mostly youth movement that uses force rather than persuasion. Political correctness is simply a way of controlling any debate and shutting down contrary opinions. I suspect that the ever changing rules of political correctness actually are about ensuring that the SJWs are in control.

    Although, as you point out, the left claims that political correctness is merely common courtesy and avoiding disrespect or offense, the left’s actions disprove their contention. They tolerate and support the Antifa’s thuggery and physical assaults which seems quite discourteous to me. Their favored debate tactic is ad hominem attacks calling any who disagree with them “Nazis; “Racists” etc. and they commonly block or disrupt speakers of whom they disapprove. Courtesy requires that you disagree without being disagreeable and that you engage in polite debate. Anyone who would lecture me on courtesy would do well to practice it if they expect me to take them seriously.

    One small point about the renaming of “Squaw Peak”, although I am in favor of honoring Specialist Lori Ann Piestewa who was killed fighting bravely in the first Gulf War, I question whether the renaming of the peak was really to honor her. It is uncommon to rename mountains or other geographical features after war heros. In addition, a quick google search indicates that many American Indians (I refuse to use the PC newspeak term “Native American.” ) received the Congressional Medal of Honor including WW 2 Ace “Pappy” Boyington who was Sioux and Ira Hayes, the Pima Indian who was one of those who raised the flag at Iwo Jima. I don’t see that anyone has named any mountains after them or the many other recipients of the Medal. Again, a quick Google search indicated that many American Indian women bravely engaged in combat on behalf of the U.S. as far back as the Iroquois women who fought in the War of 1812. One suspects that Janet Napolitano arbitrarily chose Specialist Piestewa not to honor her bravery but just to rename the mountain as a PC gesture.

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  3. “Politically correct” according to a CERTAIN set of political ideologies.
    So love your last point. I’m all for tolerance. But I’m won’t tiptoe around bitter people who refuse to be satisfied with anything except tearing down those unlike themselves.
    Great post!

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  4. Just read your blog article. It’s an outstanding critique. I especially liked the illustration using “Squaw Peak.” I was going to school in AZ at the time, and Janet Napolitano broke every rule, reg and law to rush through the re-naming to Piestewa Peak.

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  5. I’m not so sure political correctness is so much a means to an end for Liberals as much as it’s a cudgel they can use against anyone who say anything they disagree with. It doesn’t matter what you say or do in this day and age, Including Liberals, it’s bound to offend someone, yet only Liberals expect everyone else to pay for these “sins”. It’s an interesting dichotomy of psychosis when you find someone like an Antifa member who says they’re against fascism, yet uses fascism to shut up anyone who disagrees with their methodology. They claim Conservatives are evil and then go and beat them with steel bats and hit them with concrete milkshakes. Such love and acceptance!! Never mind that they’re basically George Soros’ private army of Doberman pinscher DOGS who obey his dog whistles through his dog trainers like Mad Maxine Waters and Hitlery Clinton. They’re just VICIOUS DOGS. And we all know what should be done with vicious dogs.

    Anyone who seeks to rewrite the past by erasing it in hopes of writing a new future is making a huge mistake. They’re just angering the people who have lived here the longest to please 20 year olds who are so infantilized to the point they need “safe spaces” to go hide in instead of facing their fears and conquering them. They’re going to be sorely disappointed to find out most places of work don’t have safe spaces to hide in when you’ve screwed up or can’t get any respect, and learn you’ll actually have to do your job correctly to earn any respect!!
    This PC Culture thing was always going to be a slippery slope. Once you start handing out undeserved rights and respect to people who haven’t earned them, or haven’t even asked for them, the more other groups were going to put up their hands and say “What about me!? My great-great uncle was once oppressed!” and demand their free respect without having deserved it. Respect is EARNED. If you want me to call you by whatever pronoun you want, sure it’s no hide offa my back to call you that, but I’m going to want to see some return respect for that consideration.
    As to the perverts taking advantage of laws meant to help transgenders, you need look no farther than north to British Columbia to see this is a reality. Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv is a pedophile pervert who has been pretending to be both trans AND handicapped to get him into women’s bathrooms and to cash in. His pretending to be handicapped to get free transport for BC Health is one thing altogether, and I encourage you to go look up any Rebel Media videos of him running full speed with his cane overhead ready to crack David Menzies over the head with it. But he deliberately set up appointments with recent immigrants to Canada for waxing services, then took them before the BC Human Rights Commission because they refused to wax his genitalia. First off, waxing men’s genitalia is a totally different prospect from women’s altogether, so he was never going to get service from these women once they figured out he wasn’t female. Secondly, some of these women are of religions that make it taboo for them to touch any other man than their husband. And third, he would use fake photos to set up these appointments if a service provider recognized he wasn’t female by birth and refused the appointment. Luckily the BCHRC saw through him and instead made him pay the women for harming their business. I won’t go into the grotesque things he said to the women, or the things he’s said to underage girls or his fetish for feminine hygiene products. His new complaint as of this week? To file against a women’s clinic because they won’t give him a gynaecological exam!!!! And on top of all this, he helped shut down a battered women’s shelter because they wouldn’t take pre-operative transgenders!! It is also suspected he helped vandalize the shelter. But because PC is a way of life for Canada, until the government stops him – which, he’s currently in a court case over pulling out a very illegal taser during a YouTube debate with Blair White. As it’s his first offence I’m sure he’ll walk but at least it will establish a pattern of criminality and disregard of laws with this guy. And yet, he’s still got more rights at the moment than any other straight white male simply because he claims he’s a female. I don’t believe him and until he goes on hormones and gets the snip, I will continue to call him “him”. It may not be PC, and I WILL NEVER CARE.

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  6. I feel this quote puts political correctness in perspective – especially considering whom it is attributed to.

    “Political correctness is a weapon used to silence people who tell the truth.”
    – Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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  7. The PC crowd has lost some of its bite since they started over using it. When even minor disagreements turn into calls for racism you know that you’ve lost. When you can be described as a bigot just for not agreeing with a certain policy you know that you’ve lost.

    Since the PC activist have overplayed their hand in so many areas, they have lost their bite. That’s why so many conservatives where the term racist and Nazi as a badge of honor. The terms are useless and don’t frighten people anymore.

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    • Good point mentioning that we are tending to ignore those who wear labels that once sent us fearing the results. I think much of that “ignoring” is simply more along the lines that there is so much chaos noise, especially fomented from the Oval Office and subsequently the media, on a daily basis that generally speaking the public is adapting to the chaos; what was so much shock & awe in behaviors and rhetoric three years ago has become a universal “surrender”, or adaptation, in order for society to survive the day-to-day. It’s become the so-called “new normal”.. for now.

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    • As someone that comes from a conservative circle, the good conservatives I know certainly do NOT consider being a racist as a badge of honor. Although I’ve noticed all too commonly people who often are okay with that term sympathize with the idea and use the left’s liberal use of the term racist as a way to mitigate their actually racist ideologies. Any “conservative” who would proudly call themselves a racist is no conservative.

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      • I may be wrong, but I think he means that he’s proud when the Left hurls “racist” as a hollow ad hominem, not that he literally is proud to be an actual racist with true racist beliefs. When someone has nothing better to say than “You’re a racist!” in response to an argument you know you got them beat 😉

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      • I think you missed my meaning and intention. The term “racist” has lost ALL meaning because it is thrown out for simple policy differences. Is opposing illegal immigration racist? Is support for voter identification racist? What about acculturation? None of those are inherently racist, but they often generate the label of racist.

        You failed to mention my Nazi reference. I assume your good conservatives would also not like being called Nazi or fascist. Were you aware that voting for the wrong candidate from a major political party could make you a Nazi or fascist? Again, the terms have lost all legitimate meaning.

        Now if we were talking about the real use of real words with real meanings, that is a different argument entirely.

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      • Any conservative I know that is intelligent enough to teach a leftist the true meaning of the words Nazi and Racist is does not wear those words as a badge of honor. Of course, I don’t know you and I don’t know every conservative out there. I do know it can definitely be a spectrum because I as a conservative, have never been called a Nazi nor a Racist and I would never consider a “badge of honor” but clearly some conservatives do. That’s not a conservative circle I wish to be a part of. Even if the most liberal 16 year old Huffpost Author called me a Nazi or a Facist or a racist would I ever consider those terms a badge of honor to me as a person nor to me as a conservative. People that do so feed that negative leftist made up stereotype to be true. Perhaps it may be true to some?


  8. Good comments and my only difference is that while you are trying to assign it all to the Left, very true the PC as some social “movement” had it’s roots in Liberal thought minority races, it’s across the board, regardless of race, religion, or party affiliation. I’m a senior white guy.. the “OK Boomer”, not-supposed-to-appreciate-attractive-women-regardless-of-age-anymore-just-respect-them-otherwise-I’m-a-perv, the omni-present gender race-villain of all history having oppressed nearly every living thing on the planet (including climate), yada, yada. Wait… doesn’t that describe the guy occupying the Oval Office that Republicans worship like a religious deity? One would think I would be “worshiped” like that in my own little social world as a facsimile of that male icon. We humans do manage to live very well inside the hypocrisies we create daily.

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  9. So on one hand I agree, on the other, no. There are plenty of changes that have been positive, like use of the word nigger, faggot, bull-dike, etc (was that too offensive) Was it wrong to eliminate these out of respect for those affected? And I get the double standard with these words, but everyone should agree this is a positive direction (I can mess with my people, but not an outsider) What I continue to find amazing so that with all the NE liberalism, we still have the Washington Redskins.
    My old high school, the Indians, changed to the eagles a few years back (Seattle Area) because of these perceptions and the potential for disrespect. I really don’t think anyone cared but some outside (non native)activists. Not changing the way you believe and it making you a bad person sounds more a religious core value than anyone else. They even threaten your eternal life over it. How many atheist have to be careful and hide it?

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    • I agree. Some political correctness is just common courtesy in my opinion. I’m a pediatrician and some of my older colleagues have had to have training on how some things cannot be said just because that’s how it was in “the good old days”. One thing I’ve noticed is the word “retard” used in any context that is not musical (ex: retardando) or medical (ex: retarded bone growth) should be done away with. A colleague actually once told an expectant couple “well, looks like your kid is gonma be riding the short bus”, when he was telling them their positive diagnosis for down’s syndrome.

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      • The phrase “mental retardation” in a sentence in a professional medical journal is not the same as saying “You’re a retard!”. Also, we shouldn’t be so quick to demonize someone and make assumptions about their intent over what may have been an acceptable term in the field for 20 years of someone’s career. Expecting anyone to stop using a common word they never had issues with using for decades and switch to some new word like a magical snap of the finger is unrealistic. People can change old habits, but it takes time for it to become natural, like muscle memory… Imagine a word you use everyday was deemed offensive, and one slip of the tongue labeled you some backwards bigot…

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      • Certainly more appropriate to address people with understanding and compassion. In many ways PC is simply forcing society to treat people the way they should be treating them anyway. PS also carries suppressed baggage and increases tension using societal coercion while many that use these term still have a rotten core. They just hide it.


      • Yes, Lady of Reason, that is why if one is in medicine, they must be aware that it is constantly changing and will not always be the same and they must be prepared for that if they wish to practice. Believe it or not, in medicine we’ve actually changed the phrase “mental retardation” with “intellectual development disorder”, or IDD. This is now what is starting to be published in medical journals because that is now the medical term for it. And before “mental retardation” the medical term was actually “mongoloid”. And yes, people with intellectual disabilities like down syndrome were referred to as mongoloids in the good ole days. The much older colleague is not a demon and no one is saying he is; please don’t rush into victimhood, I get enough if that from talking to leftists. He’s simply old and due to his old fashioned ways and others like him, is why physicians receive orientation on not referring to people with IDD in such ways if they are employed in a hospital that takes bedside manner into consideration. To think a grown adult cannot learn to not say things like “n*igger, retard, short bus kid” after an employer says not to when in uniform and representing the hospital is simply insulting their comprehensive skills. But again, that is why some political correctness is worth teaching and learning. Why anyone would oppose saving expectant parents from having to hear such a phrase about their child is beyond me.

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      • I know the history behind the terms… It’s on one constant euphemism treadmill from the even older “idiot”, “imbecile” and “moron” classification to the then PC at the time “mental retardation” to what we have now. When will we ever settle on a neutral medical term? Which speaks to a point in my post: The issues political correctness seeks to solve can never seem to be solved no matter how many times one tries to change.


      • Also, it’s a far far reach to say that “Well I guess your kid is gonna be riding the short bus!” Instead of “your child has downs syndrome” is a ‘slip of the tongue’.


      • I’m talking about the term mental retardation vs. intellectual disability … And I never said older people are incapable of changing what they say, just that after decades of saying one word that was not offensive for the majority of their lifetime, it’s not so easy to just turn on a magical switch where they NEVER say the old word again for the rest of their lives. So if someone said “The patient presents with mild mental retard- Oops! I mean intellectual disability…” then it’s an honest slip up, not an unwillingness or incapability to change. Common phrases we use are often like muscle memory, an old habit, and when people actively try to change it, they sometimes make the all too human mistake of slipping back to the older default before they catch themselves consciously until after the fact. We need to allow that patience and grace and take into account that an older obsolete word to them isn’t meant the same way it’s now been decided as derogatory. And I’m not just talking about the word “retardation” but obsolete terms now considered outdated in general. Words and their meanings change from generation to generation. If they are willing to work with us to change their ways to adapt to the new meaning, we in return need to give them the patience it takes to make that change and understand that a slip up does not mean an insult.

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  10. Politically correct is nothing more than an attempt by the left to nullify the 1st Ammendment.
    That is the answer to your question in the last paragraph of your post. The 2nd Ammendment is to protect the rest of the ammendments inluding the 1st. Which it may come to at some point the way the left, dims and rinos, are pushing on the rational thinking citizens of this nation.
    Frankly, we outnumber the leftists in this nation, they are just more vocal with the help of the MSM. They are not very smart. Keep poking the silent majority bear and, sooner or later, there will be hell to pay. Unfortunately, for them, it will not end well.
    Just sayin’.

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    • Why do I feel like this “short bus” argument is a complete and total fabrication??? What thinking and feeling human being on this earth would address two expectant parents and drop the bomb on them that their child is developmentally challenged in such a callous and unfeeling way? I’ve known some pretty harsh doctors in my time, and heard some pretty bad stories from the hospital in my town – like how one doctor used to deliver babies with a burning cigarette hanging from his mouth – and NEVER have I EVER heard of a doctor saying something he could so easily be sued for!! Or worse, that the HOSPITAL could get sued for!! I’m really tired of reading these letters and having my BS Metre go off full blast and having my eyes permanently roll up to the ceiling. 🙄

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  11. The key to understanding political correctness is in the context of its first appearance in the United States during the 1920s when American socialists argued vehemently that the Soviet Union’s Communist Party doctrine was the “correct position” in all matters of politics. The acorn never falls too far from the tree, does it? PC is but one more tool of the global communist movement to reorient the thinking of the masses so that the movement can (over time) achieve all of its Marxist goals and aspirations. Controlling how people think was the underlying warning of Orwell in his Ministry of Truth. Americans: beware. A society incapable of thinking for itself is a society without true freedom, which tells me that there is an awful lot at stake in such machinations.

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