The Left’s Annual Thanksgiving Guilt Trip: A Guest Post by Time Foolery

Every year for awhile now, instead of thoughts of delicious food and giving thanks for our blessings, Thanksgiving brings up the usual standard SJW arguments about the persecution of First Nations tribes and before you know it, your happy annual dinner has devolved into a verbal fight, and worse, possibly a food fight!

It’s understandable for those who aren’t fully educated in the history of Thanksgiving to completely misunderstand the holiday and what it commemorates. They’ve been taught that the landing of the Pilgrims on Plymouth Rock was the beginning of 400 years of native oppression. But with a bit of education about the holiday and what it actually stands for, it suddenly becomes clear what they’re sorely missing.

I have the good fortune of being a direct descendant of Governor William Bradford, the first Guest of Honor at the first Thanksgiving, so the history of the Pilgrims is also my family history. My 11th great grandfather was the man who led the Pilgrims from England in search of a land where they would be free to practice their Puritan religion, which was frowned upon in England. Plus, they sought a place where they could live free of the decadent influences of their homeland. After trying out life in Amsterdam first, a lack of money led to the Pilgrims taking an offer of free transport and funding if they’d come to the New World and begin taming the wild land that would become the United States of America.

Unused to roughing it and trying to scrabble a living from virgin land, and supply missions from England being subject to delays, they found a friend in the Wampanoag Indians, who taught them what crops they could grow in the New England soil and helped them to hunt for food. In recognition of the great cooperation that had begun between the two cultures, they held a great feast of Thanksgiving for all the blessings they’d found, including their new allies. They even struck a treaty to protect each other against other raiding tribes!

So, how did a holiday built upon the cooperation of two cultures become the symbol of genocide? Especially after the colonies relied on some native tribes for their assistance in the Revolutionary War, and even more so after settlers began intermarrying with Indians! For all intents and purposes, the two cultures seemed destined to continue this great relationship.

For that answer, we need to fast forward a few centuries till we get to the first ostensibly Democrat president named Andrew Jackson. He and his party, the Democrat-Republicans (which became just Democrats after the Civil War), created the Indian Removal Act of 1830 that began forcing Native Tribes off their ancestral lands and onto reservations. This was done in an effort to give the government more land they could sell to settlers, and there was nothing they wouldn’t do to make a buck, including doing such dirty, underhanded tricks as giving tribes blankets that carried the smallpox virus. So not only did the Democrat Party start the genocide against First Nations peoples, but they did it for MONEY.

In light of the actual history of America’s treatment of Native Tribes, it is clear that the people who established the holiday of Thanksgiving had no responsibility for the choices our government made two centuries AFTER the inaugurating event. The first Thanksgiving was exactly what it was called, a day of giving thanks for your blessings, which the Pilgrims considered the Wampanoag to be one of their greatest gifts from God and thus honoured them by having them be full participants in the day. It was an event that never would’ve happened that first year without their help.

Thanksgiving was established as a national holiday by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863 following the pivotal, and very bloody, Battle of Gettysburg. He wanted to give America a day in which they could join with their families and give thanks to Providence for all their blessings. It was an chance for the country to heal following the end of the war, not to mention the former slaves who had been freed from bondage. Ultimately, Thanksgiving was created as an equal opportunity holiday that was built upon the idea of different peoples coming together to create this great country. It was intended to not just bring families together, but to bring the entire country together after so much strife.

It is easy to blame the past for not being more “woke”, and to load up all national events with sinister intentions based on the cumulative outcome of another generation’s actions, but the new relationship that had begun between the two cultures that gathered to give thanks that original day in 1631 had nothing to do with what happened later on. Anyone who assigns such evil portents on a day when we, too, might show our appreciation to Providence for all we have received, is merely looking to destroy the most positive of holidays that actually highlights the spirit of cooperation between two 17th Century cultures, not the eventual result of 19th Century Democrat expansion.

Excellent points Time Foolery! I’ve mentioned time and time again how it’s not really about getting some form of restorative justice, but merely push an agenda using cherry picked history as an excuse. They do that with Columbus Day too, despite Columbus never having any direct contact with any Native Americans in the present day US! Then again, the Left is often the epitome of ingratitude when it comes to appreciating America and its values…

Image result for thanksgiving conservative cartoon

(I’m 99.9% sure this is what went down 😉 )


  1. Honestly haven’t heard anyone upset about Thanksgiving…I mean, Columbus Day sure, along with the dumb “Merry Christmas vs Holidays” but thus far I haven’t heard anyone bad mouth Thanksgiving.

    No one. Literally no one: …

    Trump: NoW tHe LeFt WaNtS tO cHaNge ThAnkSgiViNgggg

    Everyone: Literally no one has said that…


  2. Thanks for the insightful post.

    Most of my relatives fled war-torn Europe ahead of the communists to get here and have had firsthand experience of what it’s like to go hungry and homeless. My mother calls this the land of milk and honey, and frequently reminds me of how fortunate she is to live here.

    Needless to say, it saddens me to hear that the very day set aside to show gratitude and appreciation for what we have is besmirched by those whose only joy in life is to gripe and complain about the things they’re still missing. For everyone’s sake, I hope they snap out of it soon.

    “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”― Joni Mitchell

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    • I wonder… is it that the “things” have gone, or that they are still there but hidden in the static of life, or within the apprehensions of our own self-expression? Maybe it’s all about giving thanks for… existence.

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      • That’s a good question. For me it’s more about being thankful for the things in life we often take completely for granted: health, freedom, friends and family, food, shelter, heat and air conditioning, clothing, water, hospitals, medicine, electricity, plumbing, roads, transportation, sanitation and emergency services, etc.

        And yes, even existence itself. I wake up every morning grateful to experience another sunrise and retire at night grateful to have lived through another day.

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  3. I see you’ve typed words but all I’m reading is “WAAH WAAH WAAH!” I didn’t even bother with reading all that SJW Crybaby crap, RaPar aka Annie. You kinda let your disguise slip in your fury to prove me wrong there, Sweetie. I NEVER ONCE SAID THE WHITE MAN WERE THE SAVIORS OF NATIVE AMERICANS. I addressed the facts concerning THE PILGRIMS, who treated them with mutual respect, and pointed out what the Democrat Party did to destroy tribes in the interest of Western expansion. If you want to point fingers, point it at the people who have consistently treated people unlike them like trash, whether they were Native or Black or brown – the DNC. When you’re ready to affix the blame where it belongs on the Demonrats, we’ll talk again, but until then I’m not interested in reading more crybaby rhetoric. I can just see you, ensconced in your broken chair pounding furiously at your keyboard, gnashing your teeth and growling, “I’ll show that evil Conservative!!!” All you showed me was how easily you were duped by people who have a vested interest in overthrowing our government in favor of Socialism through any means possible, and that includes assassination of any holiday or historic statue or whatever supports our national identity. SOCIALISM IS A ONE-WAY TICKET TO DESTRUCTION. if it was so damn awesome, EVERYONE WOULD BE DOING IT.

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  4. Excellent!

    It was inevitable, with European migration to the new world, that there would be clashes with its indigenous people; such has been the case through out history during periods of large-scale movements. And, it would have made perfect sense for the new-comers and resident bands to make treaties with one another, particularly in their common defense in 1621. Anyone who thinks of the Amerind as a pacifist, or that they simply lived their lives in peaceful commune with nature is seriously undereducated in this area.

    Decades later, between 1675-78, conflict developed between competing tribes, some of whom used the expansion of English settlements as justification for committing hostilities on neighboring tribes. It evolved in history as King Phillip’s War. It was as much an Indian war as it was an Indian-English confrontation. Similarly, a few decades later, the Creek War was as much a civil disturbance between the tribal confederation as it was a conflict involving white settlers. And it is absolutely true that the Democrat Andrew Jackson forcibly relocated the Cherokee off their traditional lands, and did so to facilitate one of the great land frauds of the early United States. It was a shameful event and a telling sign of what the Democratic Party would come to represent in our history.

    In revisionist history (Zinn, and others like him), not much is spoken about the long-term western migration of Amerinds and the bloody havoc it caused among native Americans, from the foothills of Appalachian Mountains into the middle plains region of the present-day United States. People who view history through the lenses of the twenty-first century never do “get it.” What has been written in this post is what did happen, and I am glad to see it printed here; well done, Timefoolery.

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  5. Funny, as always, LOR. First we were not “taught” the leftist version of anything at all. I’m n art sure where you went to school but my school taught us the same nonsense you’re now trying to sell us here; everything was just honky dory between the native Americans and the newly arrived Europeans. It took years for many people to sort out the truth which, of course, does not comport with your white-washed (literally!) version of things – as usual.

    Please, there are many excellent books out there now specifically about this topic. Please, choose one, I’ll actually buy it for you, how’s that? Also the NYT’s (I know, contraband, I’m sure) excellent special report, “1619” is very historical and comports nicely with actual history. Believe it or not, there really are “facts” out there. You should try them sometime.

    Stop peddling the nonsense, please. I think after 300 years we can finally take the truth!

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    • I’m sorry but I’m not inclined to believe the ugly “history” that you obviously enjoy delving into – a history that makes everyone a victim except the people who actively attempted to develop this country. It is hardly our fault that Native Americans lived here forever without advancing their culture beyond what was essentially a barbaric way of life. They fought bloody battles of conquest against each other long before the white man ever arrived on these shores, and it continued even after this country was well on its way to being settled. They had ample opportunity to catch up with the rest of civilization and rejected it despite the obvious that they should. It is actually the Natives who started most of the fights between new Americans and themselves, when they knew they were outmanned and outgunned in most cases. It’s easy to claim the White Man did all the bad deeds, but that’s disingenuous on your part and shows a completely SJW frame of mind where “White Man Bad” is all you can regurgitate. Stop trying to lay all the evils of the world at the White Man’s feet. If you’re so concerned with them, why don’t you go back to Europe where your people originated and stop being a part of something you have been brainwashed into believing is “evil”. If you want to blame someone, blame the DEMONRATS who started the real genocide. It sure as hell didn’t start on Thanksgiving.

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    • Honestly, yes. What I was taught in school since Kindergarten was that the pilgrims and Native Americans all gathered round the table, sang kumbaya all the while the savage Native Americans graciously (haha) accepted the kindness and generosity of the invaders-uh settlers, and WILLINGLY took upon their customs and Christianity. Imagine my shock when I had to find out for myself how things really went down lol


      • Wow, I think YOU were the one taught revisionist history. If it wasn’t for the Indians help, they wouldn’t be able to honor them at a dinner thrown to show their thanks for all they did for them. That treaty they struck lasted FIFTY YEARS. And the Pilgrims didn’t steal anybody’s land – the tribe that had lived there and cleared the land had died out four years before they arrived. And the last member of that tribe, Squanto, gave them permission to live there. Not did they force any of them to convert against their will because the Protestant religion doesn’t demand conversion like Catholicism. Now, let’s also consider that Native Tribes were fighting bloody wars and wiping each other out over resources regularly. The white man didn’t seek to harm natives deliberately till Jacksonian Democrats wanted to open the west for expansion. You’ve been fed a revisionist history that basically says “White Man Bad“ and makes about as much sense. I’ll bet you were also taught that Republicans were responsible. 🙄

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      • Oh yes, by all means, keep using the “White men were the saviors of those savages” rhetoric. Revisionist history is EXACTLY what I was taught. That the Native Americans came and happily gave them help, taught them how to plant corn and boom! They were more than happy to step aside and willingly give them all the land they need. Or someone we always magically obtained it without the need of force or loss of lives. We were the gentle men, the civilized higher thinking white settlers after all. “White man good”, “White man savior”, “white man conquered the savages”, and “white man is right” was what we learned. I’m just thankful I thought outside the box enough to do my own research on it rather than just take “white man good” as dogma. Interestingly enough, I don’t think it’s a race issue, but you seem really hung up on “white men”. I understand they were from a different era and in those days women were property and so were African Americans so I don’t judge the “white men” as “bad” due to their misguided 1600s thinking. I really suggest you educate yourself further if you honestly believe relations between settlers and Native Americans were as peaceful as you describe. Were there peaceful tribes and more understanding settlers? Absolutely. But to think Every tribe was happy with the settlers and that every settler respected the Native Americans is short sighted at best. As far as I’m concerned Protestants/Catholic = Christianity. They have been just as peaceful with their evangelization as their Muslim counterparts. Thankfully now though, Christianity does not rule the government as with Islam and their theocracy. And well, I don’t know if you heard, but I don’t think there were Republicans during the early colonialism period so no, no educated teacher taught that Republicans were responsible for Native American/Settler conflicts. What a silly idea. Republicans weren’t even a thought at that point in time.


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