We May Live in Scary Times, but We Can’t Succumb to Fear

The spooky season is upon us yet again, and like last year, the Left has caused much to fear from censoring the media, open borders, corruption, witch hunts, politically correct censorship of basic facts, and indoctrinating a generation to carry on the torch of divisiveness in the country. Parents are worried about what their kids are learning in school as new “woke” issues are being taught that families should decide when and how to teach, not the school board and its agenda. Men are worried about a climate where one allegation spells the end of his reputation. Women worry about predators masquerading as women in their private spaces all in the name of transgenderism.

People worry about getting shot down as they live their lives but will have no means to fight back. Communities worry about an infiltration of illegals committing crimes, a justice system that lets criminals off the hook if they’re one of the Left’s protected groups they deem “oppressed”, not to mention Antifa rioters the police are told to turn a blind eye to. Police are worried about having their whole life ruined making that split second call whether or not to pull the trigger. Fathers worry about what society deems allowable to tell his daughters about protecting themselves when out for the night lest they be branded a “rape apologist”, or his sons about what real manhood is. Academics worry about what they dare research as an unfavorable conclusion could cost them their career. The silent majority in America worry about a climate were they feel compelled to be silent at all. And I could go on and on and on…

It’s always been a scary world out there, but the decisiveness and polarization of the country had only made it worse. We are becoming a country run on fear more than unity the more and more we are divided over every issue known to man. In fact, many fear even opening their mouths to speak in case some word has been deemed not-woke or politically incorrect as of one minute before it was uttered! Common sense conclusions are now intolerant bigotry. Stating the facts gets you branded a heretic. Even having a personal opinion that you agree others don’t need to have necessarily, but is unpopular makes you an immoral tyrant.

And there is indeed much to fear if you dare speak up: Losing your job, getting demoted, social ostracism, labeled bigot, racist, misogynist, homophobe, xenophobe, ignorant, and yes, outright cruel if you dared to vote for Trump in the 2016 election. Now be honest: When was the last time saying anything deemed “woke” and Left-leaning brought down such harsh condemnation on your head? When did those opinions get you ostracized at work, school and among your friends and family? When have you seen any prominent figures in the news or TV fired and have their shows cancelled becuase they said a Left- leaning slogan? Anyone in Academia censored for publishing a paper concluding a Liberal policy was effective? The Left says they have much to fear from us, but just look around and you’ll see they have the reins on society.

Does that mean we have to curl up in a ball like Snowflakes and crawl into our safe spaces? Does this give us an excuse to duck our heads in the sand and be a sell-out? NO. We can’t afford to if we want a more balanced country. I’m not saying “let’s take over and only allow conservative ideas and censor theirs”, but the Left can’t have their way 100% of the time and their voice be the only voice heard anymore than we are entitled to such an outlandish claim. We can’t afford to have a generation brainwashed to take our country for granted, deny facts for the sake of feelings, pick and choose who has special rights and who is to be reviled on a whim, think convenience is more important than inconvenient integrity and morals, fall apart at any hint of adversity, demand what others needed to work for and hate, revile and condemn anyone who are thinks different than them.

We, as a society and as Americans need to be courageous. We need to have the courage to speak out when things are wrong and misguided, even if it means being “unpopular” and “politically incorrect”.  However, courage does not mean you have to save the world and be Superman. In a society where what you think is condemned and derided, sticking to your principles is a great act of courage! There are other ways though, one can show the small acts of courage that while seemingly insignificant in the bigger picture, collectively speak volumes. Among them:

Being a white male. Period.

A woman saying “#NotMe” and rejecting man-hating culture.

A father daring to protect his daughters in the era of radical feminism.

Teaching your kid the other side of the issue the school’s agenda is pushing.

Coming out as a conservative of color only to be told they are a race traitor.

Presenting the other side of an unpopular argument in class.

Publishing research with that contradictory conclusion even at the risk of being ostracized by your colleagues.

Buying conservative supporting “boycotted” brands, shopping at “boycotted” stores or eating out at “boycotted” restaurants.

Believing that whether or not a life is worthy should be more than a “choice”.

Concluding biology trumps ideology and facts over feelings.

Voting for a conservative President.

We may live in an increasingly scary world to be out as conservative, but we won’t be run by fear!

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  1. What I find absolutely amazing from conservatives today there is little pushback when their leaders slander a man like Alex Vindman, a man who has made a great effort to serve his country. Trump has ushered in a whole new brand of conservatism. Republicans won’t offer dissenting opinions for fear Trump will bully them. The two Republican senators from my state are complete cowards. Shame on the man who wanted to take away from the military for the joke of a wall.


    • When we’ve been sickened by corrupt gov’t for so long & when we finally get a “HERO”, Corrupt DEMS spew DAILY every-absurd-thing AT POTUS in their attempts to avoid arrest for their crimes against us.
      Truth Of Trump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=305-erOr3jk
      Watch whole videos of THE CLIPS shared by DEMS/MSM to SEE THEIR LIES.
      – DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT POLITICIANS SAY WITHOUT RESEARCHING FOR YOURSELF (& just hearing or seeing it repeated by DEMS, IS NOT EVIDENCE, as DEMS seem to have proclaimed).
      Watch a few EX-DEMS #WalkAway videos @youtube, to understand what is really happening.
      The Republicans are NOT anything that the Corrupt Ones accuse of us. We are not racist. We are free-thinkers, not simply believing political rhetoric because they say so. We are educated, just like your DEMS, of factory workers to lawyers and teachers, etc. We are caring people. MOST PEOPLE ARE GOOD & WILL HELP ANYONE IN A BIND. The Corrupt DEMS have spun an evil thing to divide us. Have you heard their hate and simply accepted it as gospel? The DEMS in gov’t are corrupt, and we can prove it. Unlike them, DEMS have never filed ANY evidence in ANY court against Trump. Never, have they made this claim. They speak in circles, and they speak a lot to keep your mind from working as it should.
      It’s NOT JUST that DEMS investigate “us” WITHOUT JUST CAUSE
      DEMS spent $40 MILLION on TOP Investigators, black/whitehats, lawyers, etc, – worldwide – TO FIND ANY THING TO IMPEACH TRUMP. #NADA = WE PAID FOR A 3 YEAR FISHING EXPEDITION
      SEE EVIDENCE from lawyers, witnesses, NEW News Reporters @youtube.com …
      Black Conservative Patriot
      Greg Hunter
      JustInformed Talk
      The Next News Network
      Tru Reporting
      #TheGreatAwakening #WakeUP #WalkAway


  2. Very interesting point, as usual. In many way, the leftist censorship has become so ubiquitous that many people accept it as normal. Halloween is a time when the SJW censorship becomes especially obvious with the rules about what costumes are and are not acceptable.

    The problem is that the SJWs have control over many of the levers of power in society. School officials prohibiting certain Halloween costumes and students punished for wearing shirts with slogans such as “It’s OK to be White” while leftist slogans are allowed are examples of so called “educators” acting as Orwellian thought police.

    Google, Youtube, Facebook and other social media companies have been exposed censoring conservative opinions under the guise of preventing “hate speech” while giving free reign to the most vile leftist exhortations.

    One commenter pointed out that there is one news channel that is somewhat un-PC. That leaves most of the rest of the main stream media solidly on the other side. From them, we hear such things as the Washington Post’s characterization of the head of ISIS as “an austere religious scholar” while printing scurrilous lies about a Covington Catholic school student who wore a MAGA hat while peacefully enduring harassment from drum beating leftist thug.

    Worst of all is the use of state power against conservatives. The Obama administration weaponized the Exempt Organizations division of the IRS to harass tea party 501C3’s and obtain lists of their donors to mark them for harassment as well. On the local level, several cities have targeted Chick-fil-a because of it’s founder’s conservative views. Most recent examples of that are the attempts to keep the company from the San Antonio and Buffalo airports. The city of San Francisco illegally attempted to sanction the NRA branding it as a terrorist organization. We’ve all seen videos of Antifa thugs attacking conservatives in Portland, Oregon and Minneapolis among other places while the police were ordered to stand by and permit the abuse.

    The contempt that the left has for conservatives and for freedom of speech tells us that the more power that they get the more abuses we can expect from them. No one but evil doers should have to live in fear in a civil society. The best response to SJW bullying is to do that which they fear most, persevere, refuse to be intimidated and support Trump. He might not be everything that we want, but the extreme response from the left indicates that he is the best instrument that we have at the moment to fight back.

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  3. The “men and climate allegations” might be a ‘good’ type of fear, in my opinion. Perhaps this will help boys and young men think twice about premarital sex. Pregnancy has always been the young women’s burden so the fear of that was a good incentive to stop and think before sex. Boys never really had a ‘fear’ so to speak and “bad boy/player” culture flourished a little too long since young men have been given the green pass by society to “score”. Any fear that keeps people from premarital sex is a good thing in my opinion! Just add to the long list of STDs, possible babies, heartbreal etc.

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      • Absolutley. I feel no sympathy whatsoever for people that get themselves into a rut after premarital sex. “Oh, you want sympathy for having sex with an underage girl?! Oh you poor poor sweet suburban boy, you must have had no choice in the matter, huh? The mean 16 year old must have forced you into intercourse!” Puh-lease! They need to get over themselves and realize and accept their risks.

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  4. I had an interesting conversation with one of my daughters, the other day, that ties in with this. She (and most of her generation) is a Tumblr girl, and doesn’t do Facebook, so we see some wildly different stuff online.

    We found ourselves discussing how social media is used by people as a weapon. In the Tumblr-verse, at least in the communities she sees, it’s very “left” leaning (a term I don’t like to use, because left and right have become so meaningless, but it’s largely how they see themselves, so I’ll use it). There is no question that they get attacked a lot, too, and it’s very insidious. As bad as it is, though, it’s nowhere near as bad as what I’m seeing against anyone even slightly to the right of Karl Marx. It’s particularly brutal when they turn on their own.

    The problem with online attacks like this is, no one quite knows how to deal with it. You can’t ignore it; it doesn’t stop. You can’t fight it, because it gets worse. You can’t “unplug”, because for a lot of people, the internet is necessary to their livelihood. The internet is a cesspool that seems to bring out the worst in people, and some people revel in it. But how do you know if this person is just being an a**hole, but that other one is a genuine threat? And it’s not like the police are doing to do anything about it.

    And that doesn’t even touch the damage done to reputations. As one woman who has been a target for many years has found, even after something seems to have gone away and been dealt with, months later someone will show up out of the blue and bring it back again. So when she’s networking and talking to people, potentially forming a business relationship with them, she is constantly asking herself, what do they know? What have they heard? What will happen? Some of the trouble she is dealing with stems from a sarcastic comment she made in response to someone who accused her of calling for white genocide (she is white, herself, and while I’m not a fan of hers and disagree with many of her points of view, the idea of her calling for white genocide is ludicrous). As my daughter pointed out, these people (the ones who do this s***) don’t get jokes. They don’t understand sarcasm. They will take anything said, out of context, and use it as a weapon. And there is no real defense against it.

    The thing is; for the people who use social media as a weapon, it’s not enough for them to just go after the one person they disagree with. They go after their jobs and businesses, their spouse’s jobs and businesses, their kids and their kids’ schools, their homes and their neighbours. They’ll even hunt down siblings, parents and other relatives for attack. It’s not enough to attack them for the position they hold. They must be utterly destroyed, and so must everyone connected to them.

    Then, when the targets try to point out what is being done to them, shine a light on it, expose what is being done to them as the persecution it is, they get mocked, the damage done is dismissed, their feelings invalidated. The irony is when the people doing it – at this level, it’s almost exclusively far-leftists, with their meltdowns, triggers and constant victimhood mentality – turn around and call their targets “snowflakes”, when really, they’re doing the opposite of melting down. Or, as Nonya has done here, try to invalidate the persecution, because they, themselves, went through “real” persecution. Like it’s some kind of contest.

    For myself, I’m seeing this at a very different level, in action, right now. Since our federal elections, just a couple of weeks ago, saw our corrupt PM re-elected by Eastern Canada – a PM that has been methodically destroying Western Canadian provinces, continuing the job his father started – there has been a huge upsurge in Western separatism. It’s been there, simmering, for decades, but I have seen so many people, so disgusted by the West being screwed over by the East, yet again, they’ve finally given up. It’s basically become a matter of survival. It’s separate, or lose everything.

    Yet, as people voice these frustrations and openly talk about why they want to separate, they are being attacked and derided as “snowflakes” and “crying victim”, when in reality they are standing their ground and refusing to be a victim. It’s very much like some domestic abuse relationships I’ve seen, where it’s the wife who is the abuser. The husband has spent his life trying to support her and give her the lifestyle she expects (along with her friends and neighbours, too, because of her habit of taking from him and giving it to her cronies), sacrificing his own needs in the process, but it’s never good enough and she constantly belittles and badmouths him, gossiping about what a loser he is to her friends, and holds him in contempt. Finally, he’s had enough. He stands up against the abuse, demands a divorce, and everyone is all shocked, because how can he possibly be the victim? He’s the *man*, the strong one, the provider. He must be the bad guy, because women can’t be abusers, right?

    I see that a lot. The persecutors claim to be victims of their victims, and when their targets dare to stand up for themselves, they double down on the attacks. It’s not enough to devalue their positions. They must dehumanize them entirely.

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      • Funny you should mention it, because it reminds me of this fiasco:

        They’re triggered by chattering, heckling, gendered language, clapping, loud bursts of noise, hissing, waving banners, strong scents, the press, cops, MAGA protesters and many other “hidden” disabilities, but . . . they’re safe and they’re strong and they’re ready to defeat capitalism.

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    • I recall it making the news, not long ago, about posters saying something benign like that around Toronto. The headlines were all about the “anti-immigration” posters that had been hung up, and how they were racist.


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      • Yes. The poster campaign was orchestrated by a politically incorrect group on 4chan to demonstrate just how unhinged the MSM would become over seeing a harmless message. And it worked.

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  5. Maybe it is become I am a member of a group that has actually been persecuted in America, but when I read these kinds of posts I am amazed by how victimized Conservatives seem to feel. There is a whole news channel that spends 24/7 broadcasting rightwing views including the unPC opinions that you claim are censored. Social media is full of people on the Right expressing their opinions. There are countless national publications, podcasts and blogs that the views you express could’ve been lifted from. The idea that the Left is the only voice that is heard is quite obviously untrue.

    Conservatives are not actually the majority, silent or otherwise. Most of America is a bit left of center overall, but conservative about some things and liberal about others .

    The “woke” and PC views that many seem to think are brand new have always been there. The difference is that, thanks to social media, when someone says something offensive the people who disapprove can actually respond and be heard. For example, that is why Trump’s tweet about being lynched got massive pushback while Joe Biden got away with making a similar remark decades ago. However, I remember my parents expressing disgust at Clarence Thomas when he claimed that he was being lynched by the political process. They made sure that I knew history well enough to understand the connotation of what he said and why it was tactless and inappropriate.

    Anyway, my people survived and overcame actual persecution and violence. I am not even the slightest bit afraid because others don’t agree with my every opinion.

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    • Asinine comment. One marginally left of center news channel doesn’t obviate an entire apparatus of progressive orthodoxy, that people have been fired for showing heterodox views (see Amazon, etcetra). Progressives requires a ridiculous conceit that they are the plucky underdogs when they are in fact the curriculum writers, corporate boards, HR teams of institutions of massive power.

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  6. If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress and tension. And if you didn’t ask me, I’d still have to say it.”
    – George Burns

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