Guest Post From Dems are Dumb: Another Take on “What Makes America Great?”

This originally was a comment to my post but it was detailed enough I thought it deserved its own guest post! Thank you Dems are Dumb for your wonderful insights! 🙂

Link to my original post: What Makes America Great?

You make some excellent points. The immigrants who face great hardship to get here, as they have throughout the history of the republic, are proof of the greatness of America. If the good old U.S. of A weren’t all that great, they wouldn’t leave their homes and brave all the hardships to travel to a strange land. Not all of them come here for the handouts that the so called “sanctuary cities” offer.

Most come for what political and economic freedom that still remains here. They come to be free of that dreaded knock on the door at the night from the dictator’s secret police. They come in search of a land where hard work, thrift and education will enable them to build a better life for themselves and their children without fear that a government cleptocracy will take it all away. They come to participate in the economic prosperity that those freedoms enable individuals to build.

Note that by 1900, not much more than a century after the declaration, the U.S. had far surpassed the mother country as well as the rest of Europe in industrial output. That was at a time when “the sun never set on the British Empire” so we can’t ascribe it to imperialism. I suggest it was the opportunity for individual initiative that America’s freedom provided and that America will continue to be great so long as it protects those freedoms. Prosperity is something that you build yourself rather than demand that the government provide for you.

If America doesn’t provide enough welfare and government assistance, you’re free to go someplace that does. I hear that Venezuela has a wonderful socialist system.

If America is deeply racist that doesn’t seem to stop people of color from coming here in great numbers.

If America is sexist and supports a rape culture, old Colonel Colt provided the means to deal with would be rapists.

If America oppressed the 3rd world with its imperialist policies, well I’m sorry that the U.S. built the Panama Canal.

If America owes reparations for slavery, check your history, we sorted that out in 1861-1865. Neither slaves nor slave owners are still around after all that time, so who owes what to whom and why? All the call for reparations does is look for another way to exploit taxpayers.

If you think that you can’t succeed unless you’re in the top 1% because America’s economy and job market is flawed, then you need to do your research. Check the IRS historical figures of movement of taxpayers from the bottom quintile through to the upper quintiles. That might disabuse you of your notion.

If America is too consumerist, no one is forcing you to go out and buy stuff. If you want to live in an impoverished society, then you might be happier in one of those oppressed 3rd world countries that so many others are fleeing. On your way out ask the incoming migrants if they are opposed to living in a consumerist society. Their answers might surprise you just as your views might surprise those mentioned above who bemoan the lack of ability to succeed in this country.

The First Amendment freedom of expression is essential to the greatness of the country and that includes and requires criticism of America. The country was founded on it. The revolution started with criticism of government and the signers of the Declaration of Independence wrote their names clearly so that all would know of their position. Indeed, John Hancock wrote his name especially large so that “Fat George in London (the king) could read it without using his spectacles.” That was at a time when the signers risked execution for treason had they been captured by the British. After signing, many went off to fight, carrying out their pledge of “our Lives, our Fortunes and our Sacred Honor.”

Of course freedom to criticize requires robust debate, so if you have the right to voice your opinion others do as well, including those who disagree with you. The left appears to have lost sight of that essential aspect of freedom when they call for government and institutional suppression of “hate speech” with its ever expanding definition, and allow Antifa thugs to assault any who disagree with them. I’m waiting (probably in vain) for the left to criticize Representative Frederica Wilson (D FL) for her recent call to shut down and prosecute those who mock members of Congress. Unless you believe that America should discard its greatness and imitate the countries from which our immigrants fled you should stand in opposition to Antifa, Wilson and their like. It’s not enough to talk the talk. If you believe in freedom, you must walk the walk as well.

A resounding “amen!” Dems are Dumb! You sum up my points exactly and add plenty of new points to consider 🙂 Thanks again for writing in!

17 thoughts on “Guest Post From Dems are Dumb: Another Take on “What Makes America Great?”

  1. I’m going to use the same logic that is used for racism/rape culture/sexism/etc among conservatives to look at this…”I’ve never been harrassed once, anywhere, by Antifa, therefore it does not exist.”


  2. I seem to have upset your friend Doug. Interesting that he hasn’t “heard one Liberal mumble” anything about socialism, opening the borders or confiscating weapons. Apparently as a “card-carrying” Republican he hasn’t paid much attention to the Democratic presidential candidates’ positions or what they said during the debates. As one NRA member to another, I suggest that Doug look at some of the legislative alerts we members receive from the NRA-ILA as well as the communications in the magazine and website about the Liberal politicians’ statements about gun confiscation. As I recall Eric Swalwell mentioned using nuclear weapons to enforce it, although he later claimed to be joking. I doubt that the left would be similarly sanguine about such a “joke” by Trump or one of his supporters.

    As for Doug’s claim that 70% of the recent mass shooters have been people with right wing tendencies, I am skeptical but open to persuasion by evidence. Perhaps Doug would be kind enough to provide the data behind that assertion. A list of the mass shooters in the past two years and evidence of their political tendencies would be interesting.

    I continually mention Antifa because their violence has liberal government acquiescence and support. A recent example is the beating of Andy Ngo in Portland, Oregon. The Portland PD union has publicly stated that they were given the order to stand down and not interfere with Antifa. The Portland mayor had issued similar orders to his PD on previous occasions as well. There have been similar occurrences in Berkeley and other locations. In January 2018, former DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison tweeted a photo of him holding the “Antifa Anti-Fascist Handbook” stating the he found a book that would strike fear in the heart of Trump.

    By comparison, I am aware of no support or acquiescence that conservative politicians give to neo-nazis or the klan. Trump was much maligned for his comment on the Charlottesville incident when he said that there were good people on both sides, but his critics omitted his specific exclusion of the neo-nazis and white supremacists. No cause, right or left is immune from attracting nut jobs so the real test is how the right and left treat those nut jobs. The concern about Antifa is that cities with leftist administrations such as Portland tolerate and by that tolerance support their violence. The situation reminds me of the history of the KKK. In the old south, blacks would be subject to criminal charges if they shot back at the clansmen attacking them. Law enforcement was blind to the actions of the KKK but vigilant lest someone should harm a klansman. Then again, the KKK was composed of Democrats such as Senator and KKK Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd so it’s in keeping with tradition.

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    • On my “70%” stat.. very good. I spun that number in there to get a knee jerk. Just goes to show you need a certain amount of critical thinking skills when people spew out numbers in political opinion. In fact.. with a lot of mass shooters it’s difficult to determine political affiliation or even just political leanings in general. Even at that, it’s even more difficult to determine if their crime was related to their political ideology given these kinds of crimes are perpetrated as a result of some form of mental illness… which, as I mentioned, is not limited to any one side or another in politics. This is not to mention that there are some real theories as it relates to the personal struggles people incur in life and their political ideologies being represented in some way between political leanings. This is more a social trend that varies with political changes over time than any sort of hard & fast proven rule of thumb.

      Beyond all that nonsense… I do get all the sickening party affiliated GOP “begging for money” junk mail and emails.. and even the NRA garbage. Why do I consider it “sick” and “garbage”? Well, both political parties play on the overall ignorance of the electorate and will try and sway thought to get a buck donation. The GOP and the NRA sells nothing but fear.. and not just “better be careful” caution… we are talking flat out incendiary end of the country fear. The kind of fear you promote when you want to incite some violence conflict.. yet they wrap that fear around the idea of “it’s real bad; it’s the end of the Constitution, the Second Amendment… but send us money and we can fix the fear with better people in power”. Truly.. it’s feeding the divisiveness of America to the max… at a time when we really need to take stock of what’s going on.
      Regarding the NRA.. my opinion is here.

      And this one might help…

      As for Antifa, neo-whatevers, and alleged political extremist groups.. not my thing for wasting time trying to assign which house has the most bad nasties carrying out their dirty work. If they break a law then they pay for the crime. More important issues on the docket than to have a pissing match to compare which side is more violent.

      Oh.. there’s a difference between promoting a socialist/social program and trying to impose a socialist government. Those 20+ candidates are not going to change your life or take your guns or just open up the border gates and let ’em all in. But if it helps your fear… go for it.

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  3. Continuing on with this “what’s wrong with America is Dems/Liberals” divisive them/us theme makes little sense when compared against the record of America. Where America is currently at is the result of 243 years of changing politics. It was all about the proverbial swings of the pendulum of change from Conservatism and Liberalism. This back and forth formed America. America is the here and now of 243 years of levels of compromise. So.. now there are 20+ Dem candidates running for the opportunity to serve as president and each has their own plan… which largely is all about getting Trump outta there. It’s interesting to note that neither you nor the author of this post mentioned once Trump’s name… and Trump has triggered all this divisiveness and is in the sights of all those candidates. Yet you both mentioned Antifa as if that alone was spreading across the land as the new Brown Shirts of the Left. I never even hear of that bunch of nuts. At best Antifa is no more or less effective than the Neo-Nazi nutjobs on the far Right.
    Then there’s this idea that the Left wants to rip up the Constitution and replace it with socialism… after of course, a socialist government confiscates all the weapons, flings open the borders. I’ve not heard one Liberal mumble any of this… much less it even being possible for “destroying the Constitution” to even happen.
    No.. I’m not a Liberal or a Dem. I’m a card-carrying member of the Republican party and a member of the NRA. But I am NOT a Trumpian Republican. Trump IS the problem. Trump sells fear… and sadly a large number of people (although nowhere near a majority) have opted to sign on to that fear.


    • You realize Antifa has been violent/harassing during their gatherings… Conservatives condemn violence from the alt right, why does the left keep downplaying and defending Antifa? They ARE proving to be an “alt left”…

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      • I’m not sure the Left has to downplay Antifa. I never hear about Antifa other than the mumblings of disgruntled Conservatives who find it convenient to deflect from right-wing neo-Nazism hate groups (which, by the way, it’s been right-wing nut jobs who have been the majority profile in mass shootings). I suppose that somehow you are a spokesperson for how Conservatives think/act is suggesting “Conservatives condemn violence”.. as if somehow Liberals do. Here is MY question.. why do Conservatives enjoy assigning broad, all-inclusive descriptions of Liberals/Dems… i.e., Liberals want to shred the Constitution… Liberals want to confiscate all our guns…. Liberals want open borders…. Liberals want to impose socialism on America…. Liberals want to indoctrinate our children with public education… Liberals are against religious expression… yada, yada. It’s all about spreading an unjustified fear rather than presenting facts…. assuming facts are available to present. But we don’t care these days because facts are optional in our thinking. Emotion reigns.


      • When there’s so many more important things “out there”, what’s your point here? Have you been a victim of Antifa violence? If so, you are certainly entitled to believe what you will because I’ve not walked a mile in your shoes of suffering to even relate to what you experienced. For that you have my respect if you’ve been made a victim of crime. But if you are just echoing some political expediency nonsense just to keep the agitation alive that anytime some “bad” happens to a Conservative by a Liberal that it’s a part of an organized Antifa attack… sorry.. that doesn’t sell on me.


      • Proof? In spite of the fact that the profiles of something like 70% of the recent mass shooters have been people with right-wing tendencies, I have enough common sense to think that very likely none of them were the result of some organized right-wing neo-whatever attack, and very likely it was all about mental health issues. And strangely… mental health problems exist within all political persuasions.

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