You Do Have a Point, But….

It’s no surprise to many conservatives that the Left likes to attack us with ad hominems, smear us, attack our character, ruin our reputations and chalk us up to being closed minded bigots. Standing by our convictions and being apart from what’s the popular attitude of the moment has cost us friends, networking, even jobs and family connections! Despite being the silent majority, we certainly don’t feel like it! I of course, have had my fair share of observing this too, as I am putting my views out there online in an open forum. And contrary to what many on the Left believe about fellow conservatives and myself, we can attest to not being simply “closed minded bigots” in our motivations for taking a seemingly harsher view on certain issues.

See, what may surprise many liberals who automatically dismiss everything I have to say simply because I support Trump as president, or consider myself a conservative is that my views are actually more nuanced than your cherry picking of them are. Why would that be? Well here’s the surprise:

I think you have valid points too in many of your positions which I do have to acknowlege and take into consideration when I argue my own viewpoint. 

It’s not always a cake walk rebutting every point you make, albeit I will say many are easily refutable too! The reason why we end up on opposite sides of the debate though is because while I do think your basic premise sounds valid on its face, there are nuances that I add that lead me to the conclusion that premise does not extend that far, or there are caveats you need to understand, or maybe, there’s a middle ground between either extreme, and guess what? I DO make these caveats in my articles about various issues, but thus far, I’ve observed very few of my critics directly address them, instead choosing to ignore those for my more extreme views only as if I never made a nuance in my argument. So here are some examples of places where I can see your point too, but why I end up disagreeing with your overall position and the nuances you overlooked when you rebutted me:

I understand the need to keep our leaders accountable and within the law, including Trump. However, making baseless accusations not backed up by facts then never admitting what he does right reflects far more on you than him. Also, why turn a blind eye to accountability within your own party leaders?

I understand the idea of being able to step out of an uncomfortable situation that would bringing up uncomfortable feelings and past trauma. I’ve done it too. However, safe spaces in college for example, only hinder your own personal growth as I realized as I matured, I needed to challenge myself to feel uncomfortable at times to grow intellectually.

I understand that we are a nation of immigrants and others should get the chance our ancestors did too. However I also know that we need to put our current citizens’ needs first before we can extend the hand to others.

On a related note, I really don’t mind immigrants keeping their own cultural heritage, traditions, language, dress, food, music, faith, holidays, etc… in America anymore than I mind Germans hosting Oktoberfest, or the Italian community having Fiesta. However, there’s a difference between being proud of your heritage and keeping cultural traditions alive, and imposing them on others and demanding to be accommodated instead of adapting also to our culture too such as also learning our language and embracing our values of hard work, democracy and equality. It’s NOT an either or choice! You can do BOTH.

I understand the world is not perfect and not every child can be wanted or born into a good situation financially, emotionally and physically. I realize part of respecting the sanctity of life also means the quality of that life matters more than simply being biologically alive. I also realize the mother has rights too including her own right to live. However, the idea that the child has no rights at all and abortion is simply a healthcare choice for the mother’s convenience instead of the weighty ethical decision involving the  termination of a human life is not something I will accept.

I understand we cannot live in fear and paranoia just because of some bad apples out there and forget to be kind and accepting and see the good in people, but we also cannot let our guard down and let a bad apple hurt our country and its citizens.

I understand some have more “privilege” than others they were lucky to be born with, but they cannot control their gender or skin color anymore than you can control your race or gender that may disadvantage you. Making people feel guilty and putting the onus on them to solve your problems is as unfair as asking you to change something you cannot simply because you were born a certain way. Also note, race and gender are not the only things that make someone have “privilege”. A good socioeconomic status and strong support network work wonders…

I understand many transgender people are not bad people, nor do they want to go out and victimize others, but simply want to live how they wish. However, my issue is not with legitimate trans women but those who will use that as an excuse to prey on women in women’s spaces and dominate women’s sports unfairly due to physical strength and endurance exceeding women’s, or my issue is with trans men who insist they are capable of the physical strength of a man but are biological women weakening our defenses such as the armed forces. I don’t wish ill will on those who suffer greatly in a body they feel is not their own, but I also cannot accept that their needs outweigh the other 99%’s needs.

I understand we need to treat everyone of all colors fairly and equally, and make sure they are not being discriminated against. However that also extends to the majority too as true equality is not what you take away from someone who already is on top, and giving it to the bottom, but giving the bottom what the top already has so EVERYONE has the same rights and privileges. Shutting down white people’s opinions or not hiring someone because they’re white citing past inequality only creates reverse discrimination.

I understand that we should be aware of what we say so we don’t hurt someone, but they should be aware not everything people say that sounds hurtful was meant to be and that maybe it was you who misinterpreted what they really meant. Also, I understand we should not be going out of our way to be “offensive” and rude, but not everything needs to be taken so gravely nor is it meant to genuinely offend. Also, sometimes, the truth hurts but needs to be acknowledged despite offending people.

As a woman, I understand that women have not always had ideal treatment by society. However, women have more power and greater freedom than countless other places in the world here in America. Whining about a tampon tax or pink razors for women or the fact a guy told you to smile once does not compare to having acid thrown in your face for not hiding it and being sold as a “wife”, (a.k.a sex slave) by your father to a man at age 12. Nor do we need to be like men and take on traditional men’s roles to be “empowered” and autonomous human beings.

Among other examples!

And to make one final important point, why can’t we just talk? Why can’t instead of dismissing me as a closed minded bigot who is all wrong, actually tell me why I’m wrong and give me specific examples? Now, I do acknowlege the few who do make more nuanced arguments against my arguments and I commend them. I’m talking to those who just want to endlessly rant about me being wrong and a bigot without giving any substantive counter arguments of their own, or simply showing me where I messed up. I’m not allergic to facts and figures. I’m not dismissive if someone makes the effort to try and educate me on a topic in a scholarly manner coming from a desire to help. What I do shut down though, are the ranters and ravers who only want to be a troll. I honestly would love to know why you didn’t vote Trump without going into an unhinged tirade of accusations without telling me why you think they’re true. Or more specifically why you might feel it’s unjustified to say Western Culture is beneficial compared to the 3rd world, or why you want more illegals in the country, or more gun control, or less strict abortion laws, why you believe white privilege is a thing, or why you think we need safe spaces etc…etc…

One critic of mine claimed they were a cultural anthropologist. Well guess what? I’m very interested in anyone who’s an academic in a scientific field and what they have to say and why. Instead of ranting and raving about me being wrong based off you being a cultural anthropologist, why not actually take the time to educate me, one lover of anthropology to another and not righteous SJW to some bigot, why my arguments about Western Culture are wrong beyond simply crying “past oppression!” Side note to all the scholars out there who disagree with me, I want to learn from your expertise and find out why you think I’m wrong. However I learn nothing from you just flaunting your credentials at me then proceeding to simply state I’m wrong. Unlike your stereotypes of conservatives, I do not embrace pseudo-scientific bunk and hate intellectuals! You may be shocked to find out I have a deep passion for topics such as the natural and social sciences.

Overall, if you simply critique my views from a desire to educate me and help, I’m not offended nor dismissive of you. I will listen, even if we end up not agreeing after the fact. I can respect a well made argument against me and maybe even modify my own views. Just stop the ranting, raving and personal attacks. And next time you criticize my position, please take the time to read the caveats and acknowlege them!

40 thoughts on “You Do Have a Point, But….

  1. You are amazing in the clear way you state your views! Thank you for expressing what many of us feel frustrated by – those people who try to bully, yes bully, conservatives into shutting up or backing down on their views. Keep up the good work!!

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  2. It can be annoying when people try to shut you down without actually wanting to discuss an issue. People really hate it when you undermine one of their core beliefs, and if they don’t have any arguments of their own then they’ll try to shut down

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  3. Lady, my apologies. I know I can be vehement about my opinions and, agreed, perhaps (?) I could be more civil but it’s difficult when you espouse the virtues of Comrade Trump in the Oval Office! Not sure where the “reason” part comes in there. Born and raised in NY, I’ve been living with the Orange Man since the 70’s and he’s never accomplished a thing in his life his Daddy didn’t bail him out of; he’s not what you would call a “successful business” person. He literally failed at a casino!! I know Cub Scout troops that could run a casino at a profit. And the cheating, lying, tax cheating, etc. that all the “conservatives” are suddenly ok with? 147 contacts between his campaign officials and Russian “contacts” – government & Russian mob – and suddenly both are ok with the Conservs. Really? Ask yourself in all truth if you would have been ok with Obama or Hillary doing the same. Please, try and be truthful, at least with yourself. Ok, my turn: Nonsense! The Repugnantcans impeached Clinton for lying about an affair they had no right to ask about to begin with (and Clinton was stupid enough to lie about!) And Trump who has lied over 9,000 times is perfectly ok, no worries, he’s our fearless leader. Please? Come on. How do you expect anyone to take you seriously?

    But contacts with Russia? That’s still ok? The Saudi’s murdering an American journalists? That’s ok too? Trump wanting to do away with NATO? Still ok? Trump taking the word of Putin (our NUMBER 1 ADVERSARY for oh, say the last 80 years!) over our intelligence communities (all 17 of them?) Still ok? Tariffis? Now, tariffs, which have always been absolutely out of the question, are in play and all is well? We call that elastic principles, Lady, stretch them as far as you must.

    Honestly, the problem is that everyone in the WORLD knows you wouldn’t be ok with that from a Dumocrat or Independent, but somehow now you are absolutely fine. You have managed to rationalize that which can not be rationalized. So, talk to me after you openly and objectively (yeah, right!) scrutinized the Orangutan in the Oval Office, then let’s talk about “civility.” I promise, I’ll listen.


    • I have to agree.. but then again, my contention has been against Trump the man… as you seem to suggest is also your dispute. Yet it seems certain varieties of Conservatives will reply about all the “good” things he has accomplished, as if the end justifies the means… or that looking at the alternative.. Clinton, as somehow being a worse choice. Would be a good discussion to have… civilly, of course.


  4. You make an excellent point that if someone wishes to voice their disagreement with you they should do so using facts and logic to explain why they disagree. It is important to distinguish between normative and positive arguments. A positive argument is one that uses verifiable facts while a normative argument is an appeal to subjective values. For example, an argument using verifiable data demonstrating that a tax on soft drinks is likely to produce x$ in revenue and will reduce demand by y amount is a positive argument while an argument claiming that soft drinks should be taxed because they are evil is a normative argument. Those of us who like to look at the facts and make up our own minds will listen to positive arguments but we’ll dismiss normative arguments as attempts at emotional manipulation.

    Because of that, I agree with the Lady of Reason. If you disagree with me and wish to persuade me that my argument is in error, show me where my facts are mistaken or where my logic is flawed. I might still disagree with you based on other facts or if I see a flaw in your logic. But if your argument consists of nonsense about white privilege or calling me a Nazi etc, then I’ll dismiss you and your opinions with contempt. I’ve heard too many normative arguments to have any interest in those attempting to foist such hogwash on me.

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    • I’ve been trying to convey this same message. I might be inclined to suggest that it’s less about convincing someone they are in error with their opinion, and rather more about submitting an alternative reasoning from which anyone who wishes can adjust/fine tune their opinion. I’m anti-Trump.. but I am following this Conservative blog to stay current on alternative opinion and try and understand reasoning being used… not to call people names or do the “blog” thing of showing others how well I might be able to use the English language to belittle other opinions and not say nasty words. That’s a waste of time.. unless, of course, the blog owner encourages that kind of prose.


  5. Conservatives will also want to make the world better too. But to many Conservatives we have a skepticism regarding government even ones that lean to the right.

    To many Conservatives if your neighbour is hungry get food and give it to them. Cut out government bureaucracy that consumes 80 percent on the dollar of tax money received, on salaries and buildings and projects with little reaching those in need.

    Taxing people more to get more wealth to people is in effective due to how government always leads to taking care of an elite group of overlords first and then the remainder is trickled out to the masses

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  6. They DO have a point BUT it gets lost to invisible in their divisive rants and ravings to the point of biased opinions which are the very thing they accuse us of! smh We’re deplorable because we don’t agree with them and because we’re not them.
    I go thru this on a daily basis in my own home because of culture clash simply by nature of being born in a town of 8 million, living in a town of 2000 even tho I live among white conservatives like myself. Who are NOTHING like myself.
    Whether someone is a PhD scholar X 10, or a down home blue collar country guy; if you’re going to state your case based on personal bias and limited perspective rather than exploration, enlightenment, and mutual understanding; I too would shut down and even become dismissive. I won’t be cornered and held hostage to anyone’s values when I am happily a prisoner of my own values rooted in my own deep culture as well as Divine absolutes.

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    • So it’s an interesting observation that Conservatives are now lamenting about being victims of Liberal rants… and can’t understand why. I personally don’t see it.. but maybe it’s a regional thing, and then between family members. Over the past couple weeks someone put up a few folding tables at a well-traveled traffic intersection here in our very rural town; an empty area seemingly unclaimed and often used for sign-carrying folks expressing their thoughts on abortion, gun control and other issues, and started selling Trump election paraphernalia.. with all the attention-grabbing U.S. flags and red-white-blue banners fluttering in the wind. In my drive-by’s while living life’s errands I’ve seen no one at his/her stand. I’ve wondered how this person(s) might be experiencing all the color of our divisive politics since it’s located at a stoplight… how many insults or praises might be hurling their way. I just may stop and ask out of “human compassion” (but then again.. do I want me and my vehicle being seen parked there)?
      As the fellow once said and I paraphrase, we live in interesting times.
      So.. I ask you, Mr. Gutterratt… how do we rectify this situation?


    • No! That is not true! You are not wring because of biased opinions, I’ve never asserted that. I’m suggesting that what you believe is incorrect factually. However, you’ve made my point yourself with “I am happily a prisoner of my own values…..etc.” Yes, I get it. I have spent a good portion of my life trying to do just the opposite; recognize those “values” (opinions, prejudices, fears, etc.) and determine whether they are real, or true, or they’ve just been there so long I can’t tell anymore. Catholicism is a perfect example, and then religion overall was equally challenging.


  7. I am a Canadian so I really care less about your president than you do of course.

    But I have never had a high opinion of many political, and I tend to assume they are somewhat corrupt or willing to play the game to raise to a high level of politics.

    As a result personal nature of a politician is one thing I have never cared about. The leader can be a completely horrible person but if they are effective at the job I will not complain about the good things they do.

    Even leaders I have mostly liked I would point out when I believed they made wrong choices.

    As to other points many Conservatives tend to believe that evil acts are going to happen. The further left you go they tend to believe more in the category of id you just stop oppressing or hug your enemy they will want to work with you.

    It isn’t that a conservative doesn’t want to take the soft left approach when possible. But if someone keeps attacking or stealing from me I am not going to take the soft let’s work it out approach

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  8. Spot on, once again!

    What I find is that, no matter how well you explain your position, and the nuances of it, the less likely your detractors will even read it, never mind acknowledge it. It’s like, they’ve already decided what your position is, and why it is, and have no interest in what you actually say. They’re too busy coming up with long, rambling strawman rebuttals, flailing their red herrings, and so on. Then you read their “rebuttals” and think… did you even read what I just wrote?

    No. No they didn’t. Words passed in front of their eyes, but couldn’t get past their blinders.

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  9. My parents were Republicans. My dad had a civilian job with the Department of Defense. He believed the Republican party was more friendly to the interests of his job and the Department of Defense.
    I stayed Republican for a long time. I now consider myself left of center but don’t really identify with any particular party.
    My dad was a veteran who had served in the Navy, like John McCain. I’m sure my dad was rolling in his grave as Trump made his repeated attacks against John McCain, including saying he was not a war hero. I may have never served my country but my dad taught me that our veterans deserved a minimum of respect for his service to our country. Even many Democrats got that. Trump has no dignity as far as I am concerned.
    Both parties made a big mistake by advancing subpar candidates in 2016.


    • Kudos on your father’s service to the country, Kate. I was in the Air Force during the Nam years (although never went to Vietnam). I also came from a Republican family… and during my early college years I was a total “my country right or wrong” hippie-hater. 🙂 Being young and foolish is not just limited to the young. 🙂
      I, too, have been appalled at Trump and his treatment of McCain… and other veterans. I wince in pain each and every time I visit my local VA facility and see Trump’s photo on the wall (as current sitting president) looking down on all these guys in the lobby with me that gave far more sacrifice than he ever gave to his country. Honestly, I served but I feel guilty being there knowing these guys likely did far more than even I did.
      I’m still a Republican.. but old school. Mr. Guidvce4 mumbled something about not knowing what an “old school” Republican means. Apparently he’s forgotten. For sake of a proper label, I’d call it more a Reagan Republicanism.

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  10. I’ve mentioned it before (in here)… pretty much the entire “they vs us” is centered around the difference with liking Trump for his policies, or his “campaign promises”, and liking Trump personally. Trump Conservatives dislike the non-FOX media because all they do is report bad things about Trump.. so FOX becomes the news source because FOX is pretty much Trump’s “Ministry of Propaganda”. One of the craziest replies I get from Conservatives through blogs or real life is, even today, they will ask frustratingly… “Just what has Trump done that’s been so bad?” I mean.. the only reply to that anyone can make is, “Where have you been for the last 2+ years?”. But here’s one possibility…. Trump supporters are so fed up with the mainstream media that all they listen to is sources like FOX or Conservative conspiracy blogs.. and honestly have no idea what’s going on in the real world. But wait… is there even a REAL world? Isn’t that not the whole argument as well… duplicity of facts and truth?

    Trump’s policies.. ok, those campaign promises… are worth debate and discussion, and likely a lot of compromise. That’s our process. For me.. it’s all about Trump-the-person.

    You said this in your above post…
    “And to make one final important point, why can’t we just talk? Why can’t instead of dismissing me as a closed minded bigot who is all wrong, actually tell me why I’m wrong and give me specific examples?”

    Well, maybe spend some time watching other than FOX. I’m an admitted cable news wonk and that includes some time spent watching FOX. My issues with Trump are MY issues.. not echos of Liberalism or brainwashing by CNN. I’m fully capable of making up my own mind on issues. You want to talk? Then maybe start asking the questions in your blog here that represent some substantive issues. I guarantee you will get a bevy of replies… likely most universal dismissive dissent coming from conspiracy theorists who like to assign Trump a victim of deep state Liberals and Clinton and Obama nonsense. You want to discuss particular issues and accusations, great. I’ll even offer my email addy if you want… although there’s some value getting a broader range of opinion if you post in here. But you have to be aware that a lot of replies will be “tribal opinion” and you’ll have to separate emotion to find substance. I don’t have all the answers nor for sure do I have the only “correct” opinion. Just the fact I am anti-Trump yet I follow your blog should illustrate I am open-minded. You will have to decide what’s correct for you. I’ll never pick on you or call you a racist. In fact, I am an old school Conservative… so we are not far apart. I’m all for talking.. let’s talk.

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    • I’d certainly prefer to have a POTUS who is perfect. No baggage to drag into the fray from his past.
      “Trump-the-person” is your standard, from what you say. Then it stands to reason that the only person capable of meeting your standard would not have had a life prior to taking office. Which is not possible.
      That the deep state does exist does not depend on whether you believe it to or not. The evidence that it exists is begining to surface and made public. And will probably result in shaking up the nation for decades to come. Trust for the feds is low, this will not improve that for most folks. Unfortunately.
      If you can point to how it is all a conspiracy theory, I’d love to hear it. Or see your sources disproving the theory. Trump is not the perfect person, just the perfect person for the job at the moment. His policies speak to his love of country and his fellow citizens. If he were to pussyfoot around the leftists, nothing would be accomplished. The attempted coup would not have been exposed, nor the blatant corruption of the pols presently occuping federal positions.
      One thing I have learned in my long life is that when someone declares their position on a subject, there are little to no chances they can be persuaded by any facts to the contrary. That you have declared your anti Trumpness due to some personal evaluation criteria based on his past, tells me that you are not going to allow his current policies nor actions to color that perception. Like me, I won’t change my opinion of Trump until such a time as he exhibits behavior which attempts to “fundamentally change” this nation. As the previous occupier of the oval office said he would do. And the left is trying to do at present.
      I’m not sure what an “old school conservative” is. I’m more of a constitutional conservative myself.

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      • Well, friend, regarding all the deep state nonsense… the issue is for someone to prove that it exists.. not that it doesn’t. It’s an accusation. Now.. if the two “investigate the investigators” investigations reveals a deep state anything thing fine that the investigators will expose it. I’m an American first and corruption is wrong, wherever it falls…. which pretty much makes me want to see action regarding the Mueller report. I will venture a guess that the most that these two investigations might reveal are maybe some process violations and some administrative questions. But let’s presume the investigations reveal a complete conspiracy…. how does that change anything the Mueller investigation has found, and all the indictments? Unless of course you want to presume all the Mueller “evidence” is contrived… which means the Russians never tried to toy with our election and we can all sleep easy tonight and dream about the joy in voting Trump in for a second triumphant term.

        I tend to check things a little deeper.. just my own preference and critical thinking process, everyone is different. I clicked on your icon simply to see if you had a blog.. and perhaps get a broader concept of the “who” and “why” you might be. I am sure few if anyone really does that on my icon… but if anyone did they would find I am far more than just “another anti-Trump clown” that my reply words might suggest. Given that, I might suggest you read this post that fully describes my anti-Trump direction. On the other hand.. just shrug off what I say as having nothing to say and move on secure in the idea that there’s no threat to your opinion.


  11. “Patrick” is spot on. I spent a portion of my “ungolden years” dealing with those who thought they were “victims”. Very few times did I actually experience the folks in front of me as what they claimed to be. Usually, their situation was due to their poor life choices. Clearly their personal responsibility. And not being happy with the consequences, they attempt to blame any one and everyone else for their problems in life.
    And, like you, when I expressed my perspective on their situation, I was met with total disbelief that I could actually have such a viewpoint. Sometimes it resulted in a conference with my supervisor due to a complaint being filed cuz the “victim” saw me as being rude and uncaring of their “feelings”. Pfffttt. I was not popular with some of my fellow employees and the supervisors. I was often accused of having an attitude problem. My attitude was one of don’t expect me to believe bs is truth if I can verify its bs. Very few of the folks I dealt with could offer actual facts of what they told me as truth.
    And, when it comes to dealing with the plethora of info put out by the MSM, especially in regards to my favorite President, Donald J. Trump, I always attempt to verify what the faux news is spouting. I have yet to find any negative news that has not been twisted to appear that way by the dishonest press and pols. “Trust, but verify”. Simple.

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  12. I’d say Rapar, Doug and Adriana may be the 3 whose comments make me go insane, lolol. A few observations…..Hey Adriana, how many kids by different fathers do you have to have before you learn some responsibility? I’m certainly pissed if my taxes are helping to raise 3 illegitimate kids, when it hers and their Dad’s responsibility. That’s just for starters. Doug is a Rino (really a Democrat) and Rapar, well completely misguided by some of his comments.

    As I was writing this I saw you had a new post this morning which I stopped to read. Again, you are spot on. Here’s a few things I try and remind some of my more “reasonable” Liberal friends.

    Impress me with your intelligence, not your education. Education does not equal intelligence
    You do have a right to health insurance, you just have to pay for it like any other product
    Abortion is NOT a constitutional right
    If you believe you’re a victim, you are
    Learn about life, by putting personal feelings aside
    Lastly, don’t believe everything you hear, go check it out for yourself

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    • Ok, and I can agree with you on some of your points above, and disagree on others. Abortion is not a constitutional right per se, it is a right by natural law. It is simply no one else’s business what a woman or a woman and a man, decide to do with their bodies. As a “conservative” I would think you’d agree that it certainly isn’t – or at least shouldn’t be – under the purview of the government. And I never go into a discussion talking about anything that I haven’t researched or at least read about. I never promoted “free” health insurance ever in my life having spent the last 19 years building a national healthcare staffing business. However I do not believe that health insurance shot,d be profit motivated. It should be a national program run by same people that run Medicare and everyone pays intro the system. Everyone. Take some of your own advice and check it out for yourself. And I don’t mean on Fox or Sean Hannity. It works all over the world, and Medicare is the highest rated medical service in existence.


    • “Doug is a Rino (really a Democrat)”
      To be accurate… “Rino” is a good term to describe traditional Republicans.. not this Trumpian bastardization. I am a card-carrying Republican.

      “Impress me with your intelligence, not your education. Education does not equal intelligence.”
      I realize that condescending quip was for our young topic poster. You’ve inspired me to reply… intelligence does not equal common sense. Is it important to you for people to want to favorably impress you? Just curious.

      “Learn about life, by putting feelings aside.”
      Sad you’ve reached that cynical conclusion. I don’t one bit agree with that remark.. but, I acknowledge I’ve not walked the proverbial mile in your shoes to know where it comes from.

      “if you believe you are a victim, you are.”
      I am so deeply tempted to submit… “if you believe you are a victim then vote for Trump. If you believe in America, then don’t.” But I won’t submit that. Ooops. Just saw my mistake. Trump himself IS the victim.. therefore his supporters can’t claim that status.

      I rather agree with Mr. Greg in a previous reply. This constant verbal posturing goes nowhere other than for people to show off what they don’t know.


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